Gas lawsDalton’s Law - Ptotal = Pa + Pb + Pc P=pressure

Boyle’s Law - P1 V1 = P2V2 P=pressure V=volume Charles’ Law - K=V/T K=temperature in Kelvin, V=volume, T=temperature

Ideal Gas Law - P1V1 = P2V2 T1 T2 CONVERSION CHART

Convert psig to psia Convert psia to psig Convert psig to inches of H20 Convert psig to inches of Hg Convert inches of H20 to psig Convert inches of Hg to psig

Psig + 14.7 Psig - 14.7 Psig X 27.7 Psig X 2.04 Height of liquid 27.7 Height of liquid 2.04 K= oC + 273
o o o

Convert Celsius to Kelvin Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius Convert Fahrenheit to Rankine

F= 1.8 X oC + 32 C = (oF – 32) / 1.8 R = oF = 460

Velocity and Flow Rate w= p . v . a w = weight flow rate of fluid in lb/sec p = fluid density in lb/ft3 v = average fluid velocity in ft/sec a = the cross sectional area of the pipe carrying the fluid

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