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Lesson Plan Computer Repair

Lesson Plan Computer Repair

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Published by: samuthnhem on Jul 04, 2009
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Windows 2000/XP and OS Troubleshooting

Product Code: apls09 Time: 3.0 hour(s) CEUs: Available

Summary: This course shows learners the process for installing and starting Windows 2000 and XP Professional as as how to troubleshoot software and hardware problems learners may encounter with an operating syste Objectives: • • • • • • •
Install Windows 2000 Setup and start Windows 2000 Manage Windows 2000 Install Windows XP Troubleshoot Windows XP Determine system problems Troubleshoot PC and printer problems

Topics: • • • • • • • • • • •
Windows 2000 basics Installing Windows 2000 Windows 2000 setup and startup Handling startup problems Managing Windows 2000 Windows 2000 ERD and startup disks Windows XP basics Installing Windows XP Troubleshooting Windows XP Determining system problems Handling PC and printer problems

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