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ENG1D1 Course of Study 2013/2014 Teachers:

B. Andriopoulos L. Bazett-Jones G. Davis E. Doucet M. Kazman J. McNaughton Introductory Unit: Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Unit 1: Short Story Evaluation: Listening Test Short Story Tests (includes questions on the elements of a short story) Monologue, including an Introduction with a Rationale Text Unit(s): Language and Writing 9, Units 1 & 2 Course Texts: A variety of short stories from Literature and Media 9 Terms: Narrative Terminology Narrative Arc Protagonist Antagonist Internal Conflict Theme Symbol Narrative Characterization Perspective Narrative Techniques Irony Suspense Foreshadowing Descriptive Language Modifier Concrete Noun Vivid Verb Figurative Language Simile Metaphor Alliteration Onomatopoeia Grammar Concepts Parts of speech Sentence Comma Splice Run-on Variety Clause Phrase Punctuation Quotation Usage

External Conflict Setting

Personification Fragments Transition Words

Unit 2: Literary Analysis Evaluation: Analytical Paragraph Grammar Test Analytical Paragraph Topic sentence Proof 1,2,3 Grammar Concepts Ellipsis Square Brackets Concluding Sentence, Extension 1 Quotation marks Connectors & Transitions Colon and Semicolon Explanation 1,2,3

Unit 3: Independent Reading Evaluation: Verbal-visual collage & presentation Course Text: Resourcelines 9/10, Chapter 5 (Principles of Design) Principles of Design Layout Balance Unity Consistency Focal Point Contrast Proportion Font White space Colour

December Exam Evaluation: Sight short story Short answer questions and analytical paragraph Unit 4: Poetry and Independent Poetry Project Evaluation: Poetry Connections Poetry analysis/use of poetic devices Text Unit: Language & Writing 9, Unit 4 Course Texts: Selected poems from Literature & Media 9 Terms: Poetic Forms Lyric Sonnet Structural Elements Stanza Line Breaks Poetic Devices Simile Metaphor Personification Imagery

Free Verse Punctuation Alliteration Allusion

Concrete Verse Onomatopoeia Symbol

Blank Verse

Oxymoron Rhyme Scheme

Unit 5: Drama Evaluation: Original, Group Drama Script and Individual Character Sketches Dramatic Performance Listening Test Drama Test Text Unit(s): Language & Writing 9, Unit 3 Course Texts: Selected plays from Literature and Media 9 Terms: Costume Prop Set Piece Neutral Tableau Monologue Non-verbal Gestures Flow

Blocking Dialogue Suspension of

Levels In Character Voice

communication Unit 6: Information Text


Evaluation: Hard News Story Researched, Opinion Essay (with a focus on research and citations) Grammar Test Listening Test Text Unit: Language & Writing 9, Unit 9 Course Texts: Selected newspaper articles and essays Information Text Hard News Editorials Essay Structure Hook and Thesis and transitional Preview sentences statement Clinching Transitions & statement Connectors Primary Paraphrasing sources and (MLA) Summarizing Grammar Concepts Active voice Passive voice Headline Topic Sentence In-text citations (MLA) Direct Quotation Parallel Structure Opinion vs Bias Proof (1-3) and Explanation Fact Concluding Paragraph

Footnotes/Endnotes Secondary Sources (MLA) (MLA) Research and note- Works cited list taking Dangling Modifier Misplaced Modifier

Summative Unit: Novel Study & Exam Evaluation: Oral Presentation & Media Display Course Text: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

June Exam
Evaluation: One, opinion essay

Proposed 1D Evaluations 2013/2014

Course weighting: Reading & Literature (30%), Writing (20%: includes Structure/Logical Development of Arguments), Language (20%: includes Style and Grammar), & Communication (30%: includes Speaking, Listening, & Media) Final Report: Term Work (70%) and Summatives (30%: Oral and Written) (the assignments/due dates may be subject to change, including quizzes)

Assignment Diagnostic Letter to the Editor Unit 1: Short Stories 1. Short Story Test 2. Monologue Incl. Intro with Rationale Listening Test Unit 2: Analytical Paragraph Analytical Paragraph: Short story analysis Grammar Test Unit 3: Independent Reading Verbal-Visual Collage (Independent novel) Presentations after the Break December Exam Analytical Paragraphs Unit 4: Poetry Connections 1. Media Piece/Textual Piece 2. Analytical paragraph and connection paragraphs Unit 5: Drama History of Drama Test Character Sketch/ Original Script Performance (includes costumes, set pieces and props) Unit 5: Information Texts Hard News Story Researched Opinion Essay (use of primary and secondary sources and MLA referencing) Grammar Test Listening Test Summative Unit Oral Presentation

Tentative Due Date Sept. 18 Oct 26

Actual Due Date

Category Reading Writing Reading Language Reading Writing Language Comm.(L) Writing Language Reading Language Comm. (M) Reading Comm. (S) Reading Writing Language Comm.(M) Reading Language

Weight Per Report 1 2 3 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 10 5 10 5 10 5 10 15 15 15 10 5 5

My Mark

Oct 28 Nov 20 Nov 18 Dec 10 Jan10-17 Dec 12

Feb 11

Feb 11 Mar 6 Mar 17-24 Apr 10 May 4 Apr 30 May 2 May 26June 8

Comm.(L) Writing Comm. (S) Comm. (M) Writing Reading Writing Language Language Comm.(L) Summative

5 5 15 15 5 15 15 10 5 5 15

Exam (One, Opinion Essay)

June 14