FACTS 1. Cikgu Ali normally taught at the Physics lab.

IDEAS 1. Rules and regulations are important in Physics lab. 2. Disturb the duration of the experiment. 3. Students lack of exposure from teacher. 4. Students not focus doing the experiments. 5. It could be important for students to know criteria of a good lab report. 6. Students come late to Physics lab even though the lab is conducive and safe.

LEARNING ISSUES 1. What are the rules and regulations in lab? 2. Why they come late from class? 3. What are the experiments skills they should know? 4. Why they did not focus during the experiments session? 5. What are the criteria to write a good lab report? 6. What are the criteria safe lab?

ACTION PLAN 1. Find the information at the library. 2. Seek information through internet. 3. Observe the UPSI’s science labs.

2. He faced various problems teaching:

Students do not always follow rules and regulation. Students come late from class.

Students lack of skills to do experiment and handle equipments. Students unable to write good lab report.

3. He still wants students to come to a conducive and safe lab.

Problem Based Learning (PBL) Thinking Tool: FILA Chart

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