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Vw0904 Control Kci

Vw0904 Control Kci

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Control valves a
Valve World gives you an upd of the global cont
Mayor order for Fisher Valves
Emerson has been awarded an order for the installation of technologically-advanced Fisher® control valves at the Saudi Kayan petrochemical complex in Al Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia. For the project, Emerson will supply 780 Fisher digital control valves including the largest 42-inch Fisher antisurge valve ever to be built. Scheduled for operation in 2010, and with an annual production capacity exceeding 6 million metric tons of (petro) chemical products, the Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company, an affiliate of the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), is one of the major suppliers in the petrochemical industry.The use of high performance valves in critical applications is of significant importance to the profitability of a plant. Fisher digital valves will enable predictive monitoring of the processes and digital valve performance, supporting proactive maintenance that addresses problems before they become issues that affect plant performance.The dynamic performance of the 5-meter, 11,000-kilogram large valve with Fisher optimized technology will help ensure a smooth start-up for the plant in 2010.

Valves for pumps
Valve Manufacturer Dorot installed recently a number of 24" (600 mm) pump Control valves in Monterrey, Mexico, which is Mexico's largest industrial city.The new valves were needed to prevent water hammer during pump startup, shutoff, and to prevent returning flow (non-slam check feature) in case of power failure.The pumping system

requirements, which Dorot had to face were replacing old, bulky piston actuated pump control valves at the site, thus reducing the operational costs and improving the performance of the system. In addition to this protection against water hammer during start-up and shutoff procedures had to be provided, prevention of plug slamming while performing fast emergency closure in case of power failure, and achieving fast and slam free closure, in a low pressure-loss control valve. In order to solve Monterrey’s challenges, Dorot installed 24" ( 600 mm), hydraulically operated, booster pump control valves, on 4 of the supply pumps to the municipal reservoirs in 2 different pump stations.

(Bechtel), which holds the engineering, procurement and construction contract for the onshore portion of the project. Dresser Masoneilan will provide general service control valves, including 21000 Series and 41005 Series reciprocating globe valves and 35002 Series Camflex® II rotary globe valves, for use in a variety of applications throughout the plant.The first valves are expected to be delivered starting the summer of 2009. Located near Soyo, a coastal community north of Luanda in Angola’s Zaire Province, the single LNG train will produce LNG; LPGs, such as propane and butane; condensate, and domestic pipeline gas. It will have an annual production capacity of 6.8 billion cum. Construction began earlier this year, and production is expected to begin in early 2012.

Valves for Angola
Dresser Masoneilan®’s control valves have been selected for the Angola LNG Project. The contract was awarded by Bechtel’s Oil, Gas & Chemicals global business unit

New facility in the USA
Tyco Flow Control, a business segment of Tyco International Ltd has purchased an 118,000sq/ft facility in Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA.The purchase is part of a more than USD 20 million investment plan to

Dorot series 300 valves in Monterrey, Mexico 46 April 2009

including main steam safety valves. Building on existing joint ventures with the Flowserve Pump and Seal divisions.The new Mansfield site. preventing leaks and the extra cost of fittings. Gauze filter on valve inlet.CONTROL & SMART VALVES ll over the world ate on the latest developments rol valves industry relocate its existing operations in Wrentham. ball valves. A new facility capable of manufacturing the full line of valve products is planned to be constructed in Dammam in 2009. vacuum breakers and instrumentation valves and manifolds. which are part of the main body. 24VAC and 230VAC. construction. a leading provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets. where a brass body would normally be damaged due to corrosion. Ltd. and lightweight and cost effective design.. trading. has signed a joint venture agreement with S&A Abahsain Co. design. scheduled to be producing in fourth quarter of 2009. butterfly valves and control valves. spanning industry. a diverse Saudi Arabian business entity. www. Standard voltages are 24VDC.The operation will include engineering. quality. check valves and strainers used in a wide range of ship system applications for the U. Massachusetts.S.net New control valve series Due to customer requests. An added feature are the 6mm hose tails. including both engineering professionals and manufacturing positions. unsed body mounting with 2x self tapping screws.VITON seals close over the internal 2. Abahsain and Flowserve have expanded their relationship to include the manufacturing of control valves. and is expected to be operational by January 2010. power and water industries. The joint venture. In detail the SX 70 consists of a plastic body with integral 6mm hose tail ends. called Flowserve/Abahsain Flow Control Company Ltd. April 2009 47 . Pressure range is 0-5 Bar for AC or DC power supplies.The Plastic body is ideal for controlling chemicals. will begin initial manufacturing from a temporary facility in Al Khobar. real estate and services. Navy. pressurized safety valves. Saudi Arabia. inspection. and electric and pneumatic actuators for the oil and gas.2mm orifice.Tyco will employ approximately 80 full-time employees at its relocated facility and anticipates creating additional positions in future years. plug valves. modern facility in support of its Valves & Controls nuclear power generation business strategy. VITON seals. machining. Dedicated engineering and technical staff will continue to provide a full range of design control and in-house and onsite technical support and services for both new and existing American Society of Mechanical Engineers valve applications for commercial nuclear power generation plants as well as MIL-SPEC relief valves. butterfly valves. Joint venture in Saudi Arabia Flowserve Corporation. petrochemical.valve-world.. Red Dragon has added the SX70 series Chemical Control Solenoid Valve. assembly and testing. to a new. will provide a full range of critical flow control safety related services and products.

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