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Hospitality has been an inherent part of Maldivian culture and a part of island life. where people are ready to share. For cen­ tu­ ries our shores have been a haven of peace and tranquility for travelers. Today we share our immense wealth of natural beauty and cultural di­ versity with the rest of the world. Welcome to Maldives! 07 . be it to a visitor or friend. it de­ notes the Islamic culture of the people and comes with a fervent wish for peace. It has always been a land where visitors are welcomed with open arms.Welcome to Maldives Assalaam Alaikum! The time-honored Maldivian greeting.

08 . pristine coral reefs and some of the most in­ Rising from the deep blue of the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean are more than a thousand islands and thousands more reefs that form the Maldives. tall palms lean on to­ wards the sea. white powdery beaches. crys­ talline white sands giving way to crys­ tal clear waters. The Sunny Side of Life Specks of emerald green en­ vel­ oped by dazzling tur­ quoise waters like scattered beads in the ocean. shades of tur­ quoise blend flawlessly with deeper hues of blue.Maldives credible underwater life on our planet.

m.m.30 p.m.968 Tourism & Fisheries Rufiyaa 240 AC Gov­ ernment: 7. to 2. to 1.000 sq.00 p. km straddling the equator be­ tween latitudes 7°6” north and 0°42” south and longitudes 72°32” and 73°46” east.m.190 200 91 298. Sun to Thu Private Sector: 8.00 a. of Islands Inhabited Islands Resorts Population (2006) Major Industries Currency Electricity Working Hours: Banks: + 5 hrs GMT Male’ 1.Maldives at a glance Time Capital No.m.m.00 a. Sun to Thu Location The Maldives consists of 1190 is­ lands grouped into 26 natural atolls scattered over an area of 90. (Varies) Sat to Thu 8.30 p.30 a. 09 . to 5.

The islands are low lying with the highest point at approximately eight feet above sea level. Ring-shaped reef struc­ tures form the atolls and these reefs provide the natural defense against wind and wave action on these delicate islands. which stretches over 2000 kilometers.Geography The atolls of the Maldives are formed from coral structures. The atolls are part of a greater structure known as the Laccadives-Chagos Ridge. 10 09 .

C. Ar­ cheo­ logical records indicate that the first visitors to the Maldives stepped ashore over 5000 years ago. beginning of the second Republic Development of the first island resort Arrival of first tourists to island resorts 11 . Maldives convert to Islam Portuguese invade Maldives Mohamed Thakurufaanu liberates Maldives from the Portuguese The Malabars invade and rule for 3 months Protectorate agreement with Great Britain First constitution enacted The first Republic Failure of the first Republic Independence from the British End of the monarchy. 1st Century AD 2nd Century AD 362 AD 662 AD 1153 1558 1573 1752 1887 1932 1953 1954 1965 1968 1972 1972 Roman manual of navigation Periplus Mari Erithraei mentions islands assumed to be Maldives Ptolemy refers to Maldives in his geography. Historical Chinese document records the King of Maldives sent gifts to Chinese Emperor Kao-Tsung of Tang Dynasty.History The early history of the Maldives is enshrined in myth and legend. According to folklore the Maldives was first colonized by an Indo-Aryan race between the fourth and fifth cen­ tu­ ries B. Roman historian records visit of delegation to Rome bearing gifts to Emperor Julian.

the Southwest monsoon from May to November and the Northeast monsoon from December to April.9 °C Minimum Temperature : 25. Humidity %: 79 % To get more information on weather http://www. The warm tropical climate results in relatively minor variations in daily temperature throughout the year.meteorology.6 hrs Maximum Temperature :30.mv Weather Stats 2007 Annual Rainfall: 2053 mm Average Daily Sunshine: 7. December.Weather and Climate The Maldives has a tropical climate with warm temperatures year round and a great deal of sunshine. The weather is determined largely by the monsoons. The Maldives is in the equatorial belt and therefore severe storms are rare. The hottest month on average is April and the coolest.2°C 12 12 . February is the driest with December to April being relatively dry.gov.

Divers may. Dive Sites There are thousands of dive sites. Dive Facilities The dive centre is one of the most important facilities in any resort. Even in Malé there are some dive centres. Tens of thousands of reefs. There are two de­ com­ pression chambers in the Maldives lo­ cated in Kaafu Atoll and Ari Atoll. At resorts diving is conducted daily all year round. fauna and flora. bring along their own dive gear. no wonder many see this as one of the greatest dive destinations on earth. however the centre carry a wide range of rental equipment. over two hundred species of coral and hundreds more species of other marine life. if they wish. the currents and other elements that shape and mould them. so nu­ merous that you can literally swim over from one to the other.Diving Maldives is home to some of the most diverse marine fauna and flora in the world. Each dive site has its unique characteristics in form. while cruise boats cover more ocean and therefore a greater variety of sites. a thousand recorded species of fish. 13 13 . Resorts concentrate on dive sites within a one or two-hour radius. Each resort has a dive centre and are staffed by qualified dive in­ structors. mainly serving the residents of Malé. Only a small per­ centage of the Maldives reefs have ever been dived.

Water Sports All resorts without exception have wa­ ter sports centres that provide a range of water sports and fun activities. The water sports centres are equipped with boards and sails of different sizes and some offer courses for beginners and advanced windsurfers and sailors. Among other popular water sports ac­ tivities are parasailing. that give you the opportunity to test some of the less known surf breaks in the atolls further away from Male’ Atoll. Surfing Today surfing is the fastest growing water sport in the country. Surfers are most likely to enjoy the biggest swells from June to Sep­ tem­ ber. kayaking. Surfing Season The best season to surf in the Maldives is the South­ west Monsoon from April to October. water-skiing and jet skiing. . The most popular among these are snor­ keling. kite-surfing. with sev­ eral surf breaks that are docu­ mented and well-known by surf enthusiasts. The most im­ por­ tant surf event is the annual international surf event which has placed Maldives firmly on the world’s surf map. Surfing Breaks The best known surf breaks are in the North and South Male’ Atoll and most surfers stay in resorts close to these breaks. The surf generally ranges in size from 3-8 feet. However cruise operators offer spe­ cialized surfing cruises. windsurfing and catamaran sailing. Some re­ sorts even offer you the oppor­ tu­ nity to try out your sailing skills on a local dhoni.

unique terms for a unique des­ ti­ nation. Night Fishing Night fishing is a special Maldivian form of evening entertainment in which you could enjoy the peace and stillness of the night under starry skies while you fish for snapper or grouper. Male’ Excursion Male’ Excursions are organized regularly by resorts in Male’ Atoll. Island Hopping An ‘island-hopping’ excursion would take you to another re­ sort. however some resorts in other atolls also offer you the opportunity to visit the capital during your stay. Male’ is the political and commercial hub of the country. you have the option of arranging your own aerial expedition as well. Some of these programs are scheduled while others are tailor-made to suit individual needs. and end the evening with a barbecue prepared with your very own catch. While some resorts offer organized photo flights by seaplane.Excursions Almost all resorts offer an excursion program. (see section on Male’) 15 . an uninhabited island and an inhabited island all in a day-tour designed to give you a taste of the country. You would also get the opportunity to snorkel in the clear waters of a desert island and experience a barbecue on the beach. Some resorts take this a step further by conducting the excursion by sea plane. The sched­ uled programs often include is­ landhopping and night-fishing. Photo Flights Resorts also offer you the opportunity to savor the beauty of the Maldives from the air.

While some resorts own and operate their own spas. . health and beauty ex­ pe­ riences and sensory stimulation complemented by the tran­ quil surrounding and blissful tropical beauty. many of the resort spas are operated by spa chains. However many resorts have tennis courts of exceptional quality and fully equipped gymnasiums complete with in­ structors. Some resorts include traditional dance and music in their entertainment programs. Badminton and squash courts are quite common in the resorts as well. Some resorts provide a more club-like atmosphere.Spas The Maldives’ spas are in a world of their own. They may have a weekly program of animation with pro­ fessional entertainers. massage to jacuzzis and saunas. pool and a variety of board games are offered on most resorts. Spas offer a large number of therapies and facilities ranging from aromatherapy. among which beach volleyball is the most obvious. Sports & Rec­ re­ ation Sports in Resorts Resorts offer a variety of sports for the en­ joyment of their guests. Billiards. Many of the treatments combine traditional Asian thera­ pies with classic European spa techniques. Resort En­ ter­ tainment Entertainment in the evenings differs widely from resort to resort. Almost all resorts offer disco and live music either with their in-house DJs and bands or visiting bands from Male’. It is the perfect blend of luxurious therapies.


Located at the crossways of the Indian Ocean shipping lanes on the main seaway around the Indian subcontinent, the Maldives has long been a meeting point for African, Arab, Malay and Indonesian mariners. Throughout the cen­ tu­ ries these influences have shaped the Maldivian way of life. This can be seen from the many facets of Maldivian lifestyle such as dining, music, art and craft.

Bodu Beru is the most popular form of music and dance in the country, believed to have been introduced in the early 19th cen­ tury by African slaves. Historians believe that Thaara, which also holds a special place in local en­ ter­ tainment, have been in­ tro­ duced from the Middle East in the seventeenth century. Other forms of dance such as Bandiya Jehun have a strong South Asian flavor. Today west­ ern pop and Indian music is popular with the young and old.

Art & Craft
The Maldivians are skilled craftsmen. This can be seen in several of Maldivian arts and craft; the deft coral stone carvings at Hukuru Miskiiy, the intricate lacquer art, the fine mats woven by the women of Fioari in the south and the work of skilled calligraphers whose works old and new that can be viewed in mosques around the country.


National Holidays and Festivals 2009
1-Jan 26-Feb 9-Mar 29-Mar 26-Jul 27-Jul 22-Aug 20-Sep 21-Sep 22-Sep 3-Nov 11-Nov 26-Nov 27-Nov 28-Nov 29-Nov 30-Nov 18-Dec Thursday Thursday Monday Sunday Sunday Monday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Friday New Year Holiday National Day Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday The Day Maldives Embraced Islam Independence Day On the Occasion of Independence Day Beginning of Ramadan Fit’r Eid Day On the Occasion of Fit’r Eid Day On the Occasion of Fit’r Eid Day Victory Day Republic Day Haj Day Al’h’aa Eid Day On the Occasion of Al’h’aa Eid Day On the Occasion of Al’h’aa Eid Day On the Occasion of Al’h’aa Eid Day Islamic New Year Holiday

Travel to Maldives
Although geographically isolated the Maldives is easily accessible by air from anywhere in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe. Co­ lombo is an hour’s journey away by air, from Singapore and Dubai it takes about four hours and from Europe it takes nine to eleven hours to reach Male’. (see section on Airlines under Need to Know)


Malé In­ ter­ na­ tional Airport
Male’ International Airport is on an island that only houses the airport and related facilities. The airport located on Hulhule Is­ land is a modern well-equipped airport with all the facilities and services one would expect from an international airport. The air­ port complex houses terminals for arrivals and de­ par­ tures, landside shops and airside duty free shops, restaurants, medical facilities, bank, post office and other services. The is­ land also houses the airport hotel.

What to pack
The Maldives is warm throughout the year. Light, cotton and linen wear is ideal. Pack lots of tee shirts, beachwear, and wrap­ around skirts, cotton shirts and shorts. For visits to inhabited islands, where most of the streets are of compact sand, or Malé where the streets are paved, sandals are easy to walk on. Some essential items include swimwear, sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat or a cap. If your travel plan includes traveling to many is­ lands, a mosquito repellent may become handy.

Tourists are issued a maximum of 30-day tourist visa on arrival. A valid travel document is necessary. Visa extensions are granted by the De­ partment of Immigration and Emigration in Malé.

The import of firearms, drugs, pornography and idols of worship are prohibited. Dogs, pigs, and pork products are also prohibited for import by tourists. Alcohol imported under a spe­ cial license is available in all the resorts. Similarly pork products are available at most of the resorts as well. Prohibited products such as alcohol brought in by passengers are bonded and re­ leased at departure.

Health Requirements
An international certificate of inoculation against yellow fever and cholera is required by visitors arriving from infected coun­ tries.

MTPB at the airport
The Maldives Tourism Promotion Board has a counter at the air­ port arrival terminal to provide information and assistance to tourists arriving in the country and provide a variety of brochures in different languages for guests.


Duty Free Shopping Duty Free Shopping is only available at the departure terminal at Malé International Airport. The lounge has specialized shops with a wide variety of international brands selling well known products at competitive prices. For transfer to resorts close to the airport. jew­ ellery. 20 24 . The low altitude seaplane journey offers you the additional opportunity to experience a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the country. transfer is usually arranged prior to your arrival. The options of speedboat or seaplane trans­ fer where available is for you to choose from. The duty free lounge has shops for toys. electronics. motorboat or dhoni transfer is quite convenient. The Maldives has one of the largest seaplane fleets in the world. perfume. fashion accessories.00 is usually included when you purchase your airline ticket.Resort Transfer If you have a booking with a resort. tobacco and confectionery. souvenirs. transfer arrangements are often made by the resort. not surprising for a country with 99% ocean and more than a thousand islands. Departure Tax The airport departure tax which is US$ 12. liquor. watches. Even if you make a resort booking while in Malé.

banks. 21 . a sixth on Hulhumale’ which is 20 minutes away by boat.Male’ the Capital Malé with a population of about 100. the island to west of Male’ just 10 minutes away by boat. four on the island of Male’. commu­ ni­ cations and the key institutions that control the nation’s eco­ nomic and social life. Malé consists of five districts or wards.000 is the commercial and political hub of the Maldives. The Male’ International Airport is on Hulhule Island. all of the larger companies. a couple of miles to the north east of Malé. A fifth on Villingili . It is home to all government min­ is­ tries and departments.




The minaret of the Hukuru Miskiiy was built in 1667. The Presidential Palace The Presidential Palace. The design and architecture of the palace combines the grandeur of local tradition with modernity. Theemuge is one of the most important attractions for those visiting Malé and is on the itinerary of any tour in Malé. Inside the mosque are intricate wooden engravings. The palace is on Orchid Magu west of the main shopping area. 25 29 . The walls are built with finely fluted coral blocks with elaborate coral carvings.Sights of Male’ Hukuru Miskiiy The Hukuru Miskiiy or Friday Mosque built in 1656 during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar contains some of the finest samples of Maldivian workmanship.

to whom the nation pays its respects for bringing to our shores the enlightenment of Islam in 1153.Mulee-aage Mulee-aage was built just before the First World War by Sultan Shamsuddeen III for his son. during the First Republic Muleeaage was designated as the Presidential Palace and was the official residence of the president until the new Presidential Palace was built. how­ ever it is true that the residents of Malé get to enjoy an artificial beach built on the eastern side of the island. The Museum opened in 1952 and displays a large variety of objects and artifacts from times gone by.m. except Fridays and public holidays. The Museum is open from 9 a. There are food outlets and benches in the area where one can sit down and enjoy the scenery.000 people. 26 30 . to 3 p. Masjidul Sultan Mohammad Thakurufaanu al A’zam which holds up to 5. the Islamic Centre houses a conference hall. an Islamic library and classrooms. The Sultan was deposed and his son never took office. Sultan Park & Museum The Sultan Park and the National Museum are part of the old Sultan’s Palace and Palace grounds during the time of the mon­ ar­ chy. The collection comprises of relics from the pre-Islamic times to royal antiquities belonging to different monarchs. The ‘Artificial Beach’ It may sound strange in a country renowned for its beaches. In 1953. Medhuziyaaraiy Just opposite the small park adjoining the Hukuru Miskiiy. In addition to the Grand Mosque.m. The Centre’s most important feature is the grand mosque. is the tomb of Abu-al Barakaat. Islamic Centre The Islamic Centre opened in 1984. is located between Meduziyaaraiy Magu and Ameeru Ahmed Magu. The beach is ideal for swimmers and those who cannot go to the nearby islands to enjoy the beach.

m. All restaurants close at 1. If you are in a hurry this is the ideal place as they serve the local version of ‘fast food’. ‘Local Market’ A little further to the west of the fish market is the aptly named Local Market. Here you get to enjoy local foods and are some­ times noisy with lots of activity. There are several teashops scattered around the island. Each type offers a different type of food and social ex­ pe­ rience.m.m. Some are open from breakfast. or an eating establishment of some sort near you. and close at 1. Maldivians buy fresh fish for their homes every day and a visit to the fish market is part of the day’s program for many. Eating Out Wherever you are in Malé. some of which are air-con­ di­ tioned and others providing a more relaxed open-air concept.00 a. a ‘coffeeshop’. The market really comes to life in the afternoon when dhonis. while others are open from lunchtime. ‘Tea Shops’ The traditional Malé ‘teashop’ is still the most popular amongst the locals. in the morning. 27 .00 a. The market consists of a series of stalls that stock the produce of islands from all over the Maldives. Teashops open early in the morning some as early as 5. or the local fishing boats start arriving with their catch.00 a. Restaurants There are several restaurants. Res­ tau­ rants range from those offering sophisticated in­ ter­ na­ tional menus to those serving more localized Asian and Eu­ ro­ pean dishes. or a ‘teashop’. This is the place to be if you wish to sample some of the local fruits or preserves.Markets Fish Market One of the most exciting places to visit in Malé is the Fish Market. there is a restaurant.





000 residents of the city and the thousands of shoppers who come to Malé from the is­ lands.00 or 7. Surfing is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. badminton and tennis tournaments are sig­ nifi­ cant events in the national sports calendar.m and remain open until 1. All shops close at 11. Shops are closed for 15 minutes for prayer times. with professional equipment and trainers. Facilities in Male’ There are several gyms.00 a.00 or 10. Volleyball. Mostly small and cozy. south east of Malé. serving the needs of the 80.00.m and 9. shops in the main streets open around 9.00 a.00 in the morning. is popular with local surfers.00 p. athletics.Coffee Shops The coffee shop is the modern version of the teashop. Coffee shops open in the morning between 8. they offer good meals at lower prices compared to restaurants. cricket.m. Maldives is known for its diving and spas. Malé Point. Football is the most popular sport in the country and there are several tournaments of different levels held throughout the country each year. Sport & Rec­ re­ ation Maldivians are avid sports fans and enjoy playing and watching a wide range of sports and games. Billiards and pool are increasing in popularity and there are a few snooker and pool centres in Malé.m in the night. and Malé is no ex­ ception. swimming. Shopping Malé is the commercial hub of the Maldives and there are a variety of shops. Coffee shops serve a variety of snack and quick meals such as noodles and fried rice. 32 . a recognized surf break. Although few in numbers. bas­ ket­ ball. fitness clubs and aerobic centres in Malé. While the neigh­ borhood convenient stores may be open at 6. there are diving centres and spas right here in the capital.00 a.

clothing and lifestyle products. however there are few other good souvenir shops located elsewhere in the city. shoes and a variety of other products. Majeedhee Magu Majeedee Magu and other main streets are lined with shops selling clothing. Post & Communications Telephone Services Telephone and mobile phone services in the country are pro­ vided by Dhiraagu. GSM Mobile phone services are also provided by Dhiraagu and Wataniyya Telecoms.Souvenir Shops The northern end of Chaandhanee Magu is famed for its souvenir shops.00 p. fiction and nonfiction and children’s books from well-known in­ ter­ na­ tional publishers. Bookshops There are several bookshops and stationery shops in Malé. Some shops specialize in internationally renowned brands of sports goods. Souvenir shops offer a variety of souvenirs. and electronics. Postage & Courier Service The Maldives Post Limited provides postal services in addition to their express courier service EMS. Most of the international cou­ rier services are also represented in Malé. Online There are several cyber cafés located in different areas of Malé. Shops are open from morning till 11. Roaming arrangements are available for customers of ma­ jor mobile op­ erators in the world. the Maldives telecommunications company. local handicraft. The main bookshops stock a variety of educational books for students.m. batiks and a variety of books on the Maldives in different languages. tee shirts. Internet services in the Maldives are provided by two ISPs li­ censed by the government. post and prepaid services are available. 33 .

Bank of Ceylon and Habib Bank. 1 and 2 Rufiya coins and 50. 5. 100. Haa Dhaalu Atoll Kulhudhufushi and Lhaviyani Atoll Naifaru. 10 and 5 Rufiyaa notes. hotels. Other banks include HSBC. Although taxis can be hailed on the street. The Rufiyaa is in denominations of 500. Banks The Bank of Maldives is the national bank and has several branches in Male’. Getting Around Taxis Although Malé is relatively small you may need the services of a taxi especially if it is raining. which offer regular ATM services as well as credit card services for some major credit cards. A Rufiyaa is 100 Laari. All resorts.Money Matters Currency/Money Changers The local currency is the Rufiyaa. In Malé taxis charge between Rf. banks would be the most convenient choice. the norm in Malé is to call one of the many taxi centres that operate in the city. There are several Bank of Maldives ATMs and ATMs of other banks conveniently located at several key points in Malé.00 .00 for luggage carried. If you are in need of Rufiyaa while in Malé.25. There is also a branch of the bank at Malé International Air­ port. 20. The exchange rate as of December 2004 is MRf. 10. 50.75 against the United States Dollar. 20. ATMs Most of the banks represented in Malé provide automatic teller machine (ATM) services. with an extra charge of Rf. The Bank of Maldives Airport Branch located at the arrivals ter­ mi­ nal also offers money changing services. 2 and 1 Laari coins. 5. The Bank also has branches in some of the other major population centers such as Seenu Atoll Hithadhoo. 12.00 per stop. 34 37 . State Bank of India. most major shops and restaurants are authorized money changers and can accept payment in most major currencies and by credit card. 25.

The price for chartering a ferry is Rf 250. There are several companies providing speed­ boat and dhoni charter services in Malé. is located in Boduthakurufaanu Magu. however many travel between Malé and the atolls on a regular basis.9. Island Aviation operates regular scheduled flights to Gan in Seenu Atoll. There are no scheduled domestic passenger and cargo ships. Kaadedhdhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll and Hanimaadhoo in Haa Dhaalu Atoll from Malé International Air­ port. Henveiru. Kadhdhoo in Laamu Atoll. In­ ter Atoll Air and Sea Trans­ port There are four regional airports in the country.00 after sunset. The airport ferry jetty. close to Nasandhura Palace Hotel. jetty no. Speedboat and Dhoni Services Dhonis are convenient only to travel to short distances mainly because of their slow speed.Airport Ferries Ferries to the airport charge Rf 10. from the airport or from the resorts. If you are in a large group it may be more convenient and economical to charter one. Seaplane Ser­ vices Bookings for seats or for private charters of seaplane can be organized from Malé.00 before sunset and Rf 350.00 after midnight. Dhonis are especially convenient for diving and excursions.00 per person before midnight and Rf 20. 35 .

Useful Contacts Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) 3rd Floor.mv. Male’ Tel: +960 3315201 Fax: +960 3315203 E-mail: sales@mat.com Need to Know Emergency / Useful Numbers Fire: Police: Ambulance: Electricity: Water: Telephone: Airport Flight Information: Telephone Directory Inquiries Dhiraagu: Wataniyya: Hospitals Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) Kanbaa Aisa Rani Higun. Maaram Tel: +9603344909 Fax: +9603344929 Email: info@matato. Aage. Box 2023.mv Maldives Association of Travel Agents & Tour Operators (MATATO) 3rd Floor.mtdc. 20402 .de Inter-Resort Seaplane Transport Companies Trans Maldivian Airways Male’ International Airport. Gadhamoo Bld.mati.visitmaldives.com. O Box 2079 Tel: +960 3325708 Fax: +960 3323161 E-mail: mail@tma.mvm mat@mat. M.com.com.com Maldivian Air Taxi (PTE) LTD Male’ International Airport.K Hospital Sosun Magu. 20040 . H.mv Website: www. P.D. H.com.mv LiveBoard Association Maldives (LAM) M.mv Website: www. Male’ Tel: +960 3316647 110 120 118 119 102 104 105 123 3322211 A.240V AC using round and square pin plugs 3323132 3322122 3325656 3325757 3321919 3321313 3321414 3329292 36 40 .matato. Boduthakurufaanu Magu. Asuruma Goalhi Tel: +960 3300640 Fax: +960 3300360 E-mail: info@liveaboardassociation.de Website: www. Male’ Tel: +960 3326640 Fax: +960 3326641 E-mail: mati@dhivehinet.mataxi.mv Website: www. Boduthakurufaanu Magu.R Taxi Regal Taxi Fine Taxi Rasal Taxi Service Voltage & Electricity 220V . marketing@tma.net.transmaldivian.org Website: www. P. 96g 63500 Seligenstadt Tel: +49 6182 9 934 857 Fax: +49 6182 9 934 858 Email: info@visitmaldives. H.mv Website: www.O.com.mv Website: www. Male’ Tel: +960 3313553 Taxi Centres in Male’ Dial Cab Transport Services Kulee Dhuveli Loyal Taxi Services New Taxi Service J.liveaboardassociation.mv Maldives Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) 4th Floor.Meynaage Hulhanguge.com. Male’ Tel: +960 3347766 Fax: +960 3347733 E-mail: info@mtdc.org Maldives Government Tourist Information Office (MGTIO) Aschaffenburger Str.com.

3323617 334004 3333883 3315435 3323069 3334004 3327737. 3323617 3326143 3327737. 3323617 3324881 3326309 GSA PSA & GSA 3 PSA PSA & GSA GSA PSA & GSA GSA PSA 3327737. 3323617 3310111 Domestic Airlines Maldivian Maldivian Air Taxi (Pte) Ltd Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) 3335544 3315201 3325708 37 41 . 3323617 3330088 3326309 3326143 3327737. 3323617 3326143 3330088 3327737.Airlines (Scheduled Flights) Bangkok Airways Sky Tours GSA Condor Universal Enterprises GSA Emirates Universal Enterprises PSA Indian Airlines Villa Travel and Tours GSA Indian Airlines Cyprea PSA LTU International Universal Enterprises GSA Malaysian Airlines Villa Travels and Tours PSA Qatar Airways Cyprea GSA & PSA Singapore Airlines Sunland PSA Galaxy Enterprises / Inner Maldives Holidays GSA Srilankan Airlines Air Seychelles Universal Enterprises GSA Charter Flights Air Tours Crown Tours Austrian Airlines Universal Enterprises Belair Voyages Maldives Blue Panaroma Villa Travels & Tours Britannia Inner Maldives Czech Airlines Villa Travels & Tours Edelweiss Air Voyages Maldives Eurofly Villa Travels & Tours First Choice Voyages Maldives Hungarian Airlines Villa Travels & Tours Kuwait Airways Villa Travels and Tours Monarch Airlines Voyages Maldives Neos Spa Sky Tours Transaero Airlines Sky Tours Offline Carriers British Airways Voyages Maldives Cathay Pacific Universal Enterprises Ethihad Airways Air Travels Maldives Pvt Ltd Gulf Air Expo Investments KLM Royal Speed Travels Dutch Airlines Lufthansa Universal Enterprises Swiss Air Voyages Maldives Thai Airways Cyprea 3317117 3334004 3315466 3330099 3310111 3334004 3332555 3334777 3310031 3320002 3334004 Local Agent GSA Local Agent Local Agent Local Agent Local Agent Local Agent Local Agent Local Agent Local Agent PSA Local Agent Local Agent Local Agent 3329889 3334004 3327737.

Both tourism and fisheries follow strict environment friendly methods and guide­ lines either through tradition or rules and regulations. 38 42 . 3315273 3326006 3310808. hence the policies and practices fo­ cus on safeguarding the beautiful but fragile environment of the Maldives. The Government of the Maldives and the Ministry of Tourism un­ der­ stand the importance of protecting and preserving the en­ vi­ ronment for sustainable tourism. 3326006 6520023 6800522 6840012 Sustaining the Environment Maldivians live close to the elements and therefore have a deep rooted respect for the environment around them. 3330589 3325621.Cargo Flights Aeroflot Expo Aviation Srilankan Airways Living Stone 3317243 3328880 3315681 3317243 Courier Agents DHL International Express Needs Federal Express F&C Speed Services Maldives Post Limited Oriental Express Pvt Ltd The Silver Company TNT International Transmal International Domestic Airports Haa Dhaal Hanimaadhoo Laamu Kadhdhoo Gaafu Dhaalu Kaadedhdhoo 3326688 3333536 3332244 3333536 3321558 3328880.

Black Coral Triton Shell (Conch Shell) Giant Clam Berried and Small Lobsters Turtles Napoleon Wrasse Dolphins Whale Shark Whales 21 Felidhu Atoll 23 Mulaku Atoll 24 North Nilandhe Atoll 25 South Nilandhe Atoll 39 .Protected Marine Ar­ eas The 25 marine protected areas un­ d er the Law on Protection and Pres­ er­ vation of the Environment are: 1 North Maalhosmadulu 2 South Maalhosmadulu 3 Faadhippolhu 4 5 Male’ Atoll 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Ari Atoll 16 17 18 19 20 22 Vilingili Thila Dhigali Haa / Horubadhoo Thila Fusheevaru Thila Kureddhoo Kandu Olhi Makunudhoo Kandu Olhi Rasfaree and the enclosed reef Thamburudhoo Thila Gaathugiri / Ad’dhashugiri Giraavaru Kuda Haa Dhekunu Thilafalhuge Miyaruvani Kollavaanee in the centre of Gulhifalhu Emboodhoo Kandu Olhi Guraidhoo Kandu Olhi Lankan Thila Maayaa Thila Orimas Thila Mushimasmigili Thila Kudarah Thila Karibeyru Thila Faruhuruvalhibeyru Miyaru Kandu Vattaru Kandu Lhazikuraadi Filitheyo Kandu Fushi Kandu Protected Marine Life Fishing or collection of these species is prohibited.

5’ E73 28’ 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Male’ Atoll Male’ Atoll Ari Atoll Ari Atoll Ari Atoll Ari Atoll Vaavu Atoll Lhaviyani Atoll Emboodhoo Channel Guraidhoo Channel Maayaa Thila Orimas Thila Fish Head Pink Shark Thila Miyaru Kandu Fushifaru Kandu Emboodhoo Kandu Olhi Guraidhoo Kandu Olhi Maaya Thila Magau Thila Mushimasmigili Thila Kuda Rah Thila Dhevana Kandu Fushifaru Kandu N04 05’ N03 54’ N04 05’ N03 59’ N03 57.P Reef Banana Reef Giravaru Kuda Haa Lions Head Hans Hass Place.5’ Male’ Atoll N04 10. Anchoring.5’ E72 57’ E72 55’ E72 55’ E73 30’ E73 31’ 40 44 .5’ E73 25. Kikki Reef.5’ E73 32’ E73 24.Protection of Areas & Species in the Maldives Protected Dive Sites 15 important marine dive sites were es­ tab­ lished as marine pro­ tected areas in 1996.5’ N04 13’ N04 11’ E73 22’ E73 20’ E73 34. Protected Dive Sites in the Tourism Zone since June 1995 No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Atoll Male’ Atoll Male’ Atoll Male’ Atoll Male’ Atoll Male’ Atoll Male’ Atoll Dive Site Makunudhoo Channel Rasfari island and the outside reef H. and fishing ex­ cept for traditional bait-fishing and destructive activities are strictly prohibited in these sites. In 1999 additional 10 dive sites were declared as protected ar­ eas es­ tab­ lished in the Ministry of Home Affairs. Dragons Mouth Local Name Makunudhoo kandu Olhi Rasfaree aai vashaigenvaa faru Thanburudhoo Thila Gaathu Giri nuvatha Adhdhashu Giri Giravaru Kuda Haa Dhekunu Thila Falhuge Miyaruvani Gulhi falhuge medhugai onna kollavaani GPS location N 04 33’ N 04 24’ N 04 19’ N04 14. reg­ is­ tered in the Ministry of Environment.5’ N03 34’ N03 35’ N05 29’ E73 32’ E73 28’ E72 51. Energy and Water and managed by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation.

5 Other Pro­ tected Areas Apart from the designated marine pro­ tected areas. Energy and Water.Protected Dive Sites in the Tourism zone since October 1999 No 1 2 3 4 5 6 Atoll Baa Dhaalu Faafu Lhaviyani Meemu North Ari Dive Site Dhigali Haa or Horubadhoo Thila Fushi Kandu Filitheyo Kandu Kuredhu Express Hakura Thila Kari Beyru Thila Nasimo Thila/ Paradise Rock Blue Caves / Virgin Reef / Blue Shadow Anemone City Madivaru Vattaru Kandu Local Name Dhigali Haa Fushi Kandu Filitheyo Kandu Kuredhu Kanduolhi/Kuru Kanduolhi Lhazikuraadi Kari Beyru Thila Lankan Thila / Kalhi Bodu Thila GPS location N05’08. 22 bird species are protected in the Maldives. Since 15 July 1999. http://www.5 E72’ 58.gov.133 E73’ 32.30 N05’ 33.2 7 North Male’ N04’ 17.5 N02 56’ N04’ 05. MHHE Circular 10-C/99/24 (11 July 1999) For more information on the bird species please visit the following website.environment.43.6 E73’02.4 E72.0 E73’ 29. 2000.180 8 9 10 Raa South Ari Vaavu Vilingili Thila Faruhuravalhi Beyru Vattaru Kandu N05’ 32.0 E073 32’ E73’ 57.5 N03 13. removal of eggs and de­ struction of nesting grounds of these birds were banned effective from January 01. • Hurasdhoo in North Ari Atoll • Hithaadhoo in Gaaf Alif Atoll • Rasfari in Kaafu Atoll Protected Birds White Tern (Gygyis alba monte). the following islands are conserved and pro­ tected from exploitation.0 N03. MHHE Circular 1/96/34 (02 June 1996).htm 41 45 . maltreating.5 E73 25. trading and keeping in captivity.mv/index2. Catching. bird commonly found in Addu Atoll and southern atolls was declared as a protected species in June 1996 by the Ministry of Environment.430 E72 55.842 N03 00’ N03 2.9’ E73 13.35.

Vaavu Atoll The following de­ structive fishing meth­ ods are also banned: • Use of dynamite or explosives. Notice No: FA-A1/29/93/14 (15-05-1993)} • Whales {since 15 May 1993. Notice No: FA-A1/29/93/14 (15-05-1993)} • Triton Shells {since 15 May 1993. No­ tice No: FA-A1/29/93/14 (15-05-1993)} • Giant Clams {since 15 May 1993. Notice No: FA-A1/29/95/39 (24-06-1995)} • Turtles {for 10 years since 24 June 1995 .Baa Atoll 3. Notice No: FA-A1/29/95/39 (24-06-1995)} • Whale Shark {since 24 June 1995. in September 1998 MoFA banned fishing of sharks for a period of 10 years within a 12 mile distance from the following atolls. Notice No: FA-A1/29/93/14 (15-05-1993)} • Berried female lobsters and those less than 25cm in total length {since 15 May 1993. 1. Notice No: FA-A1/29/93/14 (15-05-1993)} • Black Coral {since 01 January 1995. 42 46 .North Ari Atoll 6. • Use of guns or any other such devises to catch fish.Marine species banned from export (as of De­ cem­ ber 1996) in the Maldives include: • Black Corals • Pearl Oysters • Whales • Parrot Fish • All types of Bait Fish • Eels • Trochus Shells • Skates and Rays • Lobsters and lobster meat • Bigeye scad under 6” • Triton shells • Dolphins • Turtles • Puffer Fish • All types of corals (except organ pipe coral) Marine species prohibited from killing. • Use of scuba gear to collect sea cu­ cum­ ber and lobsters. catching and collection or extraction in the Maldivian waters include: • Dolphins {since 15 May 1993.Seenu Atoll 2.South Ari Atoll 7. • Use of chemicals to collect or catch fish.Lhaviyani Atoll 4.Malé Atoll 5. Notice No: FA-A1/29/95/39 (24-06-1995)} Sharks Under Fisheries Law 5/87. Notice No: FA-A1/29/95/01 (01-01-1995)} • Napoleon Wrasse {since 24 June 1995.

Protected Marine Species Local Name: Ihi Common Name: Lob­ ster Scientific Name: Leucaena Leucocephala Local Name: Sangu Common Name: Triton Scientific Name: Terminalia Cattapa Local Name: Maahulhubu Landaa Common Name: Napoleon Wrasse Scientific Name: Cheilinus Undulatus Local Name: Koamas Common Name: Dolphin Scientific Name: Premna Obtusifolia Local Name: Fehurihi Common Name: Whale Shark Scientific Name: Hibiscus Tiliaceous Local Name: Bodumas Common Name: Whale Scientific Name: Guettarda Speciosa Local Name: Vela / Kahanbu Common Name: Hawksbill and Green Turtle Scientific Name: Morinda Citrifolia Local Name: Endheri Common Name: Black Coral Scientific Name: Pandanus Odoratissimus 43 47 .

If you wish to follow the local tradition keep in mind that it is considered unhygienic to touch food with the left hand. While swimming trunks.Do’s and Don’ts Cover yourself properly when visiting inhabited islands and Male’. Do not touch or pick corals when diving or snorkeling. For men shorts and a shirt are acceptable. Women are expected to cover their bodies and thighs. 44 48 . bikinis and other beachwear is the norm on the resort. The Maldivians use the Islamic greeting “Assalaam Alaikum” to greet friends and strangers alike. “Shukuriyya” means thank you. Traditionally Maldivians eat with their fingers. Be conscious of the delicate local environment. Remember that nudism in public places is prohibited. they are not acceptable on inhabited islands. If in doubt use a spoon.

Useful Dhivehi Words & Phrases Pro­ nun­ ciation a as in but aa as in market i as in big ee as in leek u as in put oo as in moon e as in red ey as in bay o as in pot oa as in boat ai as in eye Numbers One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Twenty Thirty Forty Fifty Sixty Seventy Eighty Ninety Hundred Greetings Hello How are you? Good I am going Small Talk Where? Kobaa? As-salaam Alaikum Haalu Kihineh? Raganlhu Aharen dhanee Ekeh Dheyh Thineh Hathareh Faheh Haeh Hatheh Asheh Nuvaeh Dhihaeh Vihi Thirees Saalhees Fansaas Fasdholhas Haiydhiha Addiha Nuvadhiha Satheyhka Why? When? Who? Thank you Whose? What? Wait Come Yes No Don’t know Who is that? Them Whose is this? I Me Him/Her Male Female Time What time is it? Clock /watch Dawn Morning Noon Afternoon Evening Night Keevve? Kon iraku? Kaaku? Shukuriyyaa Kaakuge? Kon echcheh? / keekay? Madu kurey Aadhey Aan Noon Neynge E ee Kaaku? E meehun Mee kaakuge? Aharen Ma Eyna Firihen Anhen Today Tomorrow Yesterday Now Later At the Market How much is this? Cheap Expensive Fruit Banana Mango Papaya Fish Reef Fish Dried Fish Vegetables In the Restaurant Miadhu Maadhan Iyye Mihaaru Fahun Kihaa Varakah? Agu heyo Agu bodu Meyvaa Dhonkeyo Anbu Falhoa Mas Faru mas Hiki mas Tharukaaree Gandin kihaaireh? Gadi Fathis Hedhunu Mendhuru Mendhurufas Haveeru Reygandu Tea Short eats/savories Rice Curry Fish curry Chicken Beef Water Milk Sugar Sai Hedhika Baiy Riha Mas riha Kukulhu Gerimas Fen Kiru Hakuru 45 .

P. Madhoo. Fax: 960-332 3523 Email: cyprea@dhivehinet. Male’. Maldives Tel: 960-332 2719. Maldives Tel: 960-3322971.332 5174. Ibrahim Mohamed Didi Honorary Council of Iceland in the Republic of Maldives Consulate of the Republic of Iceland G.O. Abdullah Saeed Honorary Consul of Norway in the Republic of Maldives Royal Norwegian Consulate 25 Boduthakurufaanu Magu Male’ 20-05 Tel: 960-331 5176.com NEW ZELAND Mr.mv GERMANY Dr. Sanjay Bansal Consular Correspondent of the Kingdom of Netherlands in the Republic of Maldives. Fasmeeru Building. H.net. Ahmed Mahir Didi Honorary Counsul of Russia in the Republic of Maldives Cosulate of the Russian Federation Universal Enterprises Private Limited 39 Orchid Magu. Abdullah Saeed Honorary Consul of Finland in the Republic of Maldives Consulate of Finland 25 Boduthakurufaanu Magu Male’. Fax: 960-332 3523 Email: cyprea@dhivehinet. Ismail Hilmy Honorary Consul General of Turkey in the Republic of Maldives Consulate General of Turkey 2nd Floor. Ali Noordeen Honorary Consul of Austria in the Republic of Maldives Consulate of the Republic of Australia Universal Enterprises Private Limited 39 Orchid Magu. Maldives Tel: 960-332 3609. STO Aifaanu Building. 332-0850 Fax: 960-3323463 NETHERLANDS Mr. Chaandhanee Magu Tel : +960 3342071.mv RUSSIA Mr.com.mv DENMARK Mr.Box 20-15. Maldives Tel: 960-3317255.mv TURKEY Mr. Fax: 960-332 3523 Email: cyprea@dhivehinet.O. Fax: 960-3322678 E-mail: andeen@unient.Box 20-15. Male’.com.mv FRANCE Mr. P.net. Fax: 960-3317254 E-mail: info@frconsuate. Male’. Boduthakurufaanu Magu. Male’ Tel: 960-3322432 Fax: 960-332 4009 E-mail:saleem@crowncompany. Boduthakurufaanu Magu. Opera Building. Ismail Wafir Honorary Consul of France in the Republic of Maldives Consulate of the Republic of France H. Maldives Tel: 960-3332254.mv FINLAND Mr.com. Maldives Tel: 960-331 5175. Maldives Tel: 960-332 323080 Fax: 960-332 2678. 2nd Floor.com NORWAY Mr.Box 20-15. Ahmed Saleem Honorary Consul of New Zealand in the Republic of Maldives 6th Floor. Maldives Tel: 960-331 5176.mv ICE LAND Mr. Fax: 960-332 2380 Email: dutchcon@klm. 2/1 Neeloafaru Magu Tel: 960 3334400. Fax: 960-332 3523 Email: cyprea@dhivehinet.net. +9607786773 Fax: 960 3342071 Email: honoconsital@dhivehinet. Fax: 960-3322678 ITALY Ms.Manam Building. 332 0274 SWEDEN Mr.net. Fax: 960 3334446 Email: secretary@simdi. Abdullah Saeed Honorary Consul of Denmark in the Republic of Maldives Royal Danish Consulate 25 Boduthakurufaanu Magu Male’.net. 3rd Floor. P.Honorary Consular Corps in the Maldives AUSTRIA Mr. Giorgia Marazzi Honorary Council of Italy in the Republic of Maldives 4th Floor.O. Boduthakurufaanu Magu. Ibrahim Maniku Honorary Consul of Germany in the Republic of Maldives Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany Universal Enterprises Private Limited 39 Orchid Magu. Male’. Abdullah Saeed Honorary Consul of Sweden in the Republic of Maldives Royal Swidish Consulate 25 Boduthakurufaanu Magu Male’ 20-05 Tel: 960.mv 46 50 . Male’. Aage. Male’.

ch www. Fax: 32 2256 7569 Email: info@maldivesmission. Fax: 65 6720 9015 E-mail:info@maldiveshighcommission.jp MALAYSIA High Commission of Maldives in Malaysia Suite 07 .Maldives Diplomatic Missions and Representative Offices Abroad CHINA Embassy of Republic of Maldives in China Building 1-5-31.lk www.maldiveshighcom.org www.cn Website: www. Sudi Arabia Tel: +966 14643725 Email : adhanu@gmail. 5996194 Fax: 1-212-661-6405. London WIU 5NJ. Jianguomenwai Diplomatic Compound. Fax: +86 10 8532 3746 Email: admin@maldivesembassy.maldivesmission.cn INDIA High Commission of Maldives in India B2 Anand Niketan New Delhi .maldivesmission. Switzerland Tel: +41 22 732 63 37 Fax: +41 22 732 63 39 Email: info@maldivesmission. Thomson Road 30-01A.maldiveshighcommission. Fax: +603 2164 7244 Email: mail@maildives.maldiveshighcom. Bangladesh Tel: 92512651179 Email:drsamad2006@hotmail. N.in JAPAN Embassy of Republic of Maldives in Japan 8F. Suite 400-E New York. DC 20036.Y. 10017.com 47 51 .01. Beijing 100600 Tel: +86 10 8532 3454. 106-0041 Tel: +81 3 6234 4215 Fax:+81 3 6234 4316 Email: admin@maldivesembassy. Nottingham Place.co.20 7224 2157 E-mail: info@maldiveshighcommission. United Kingdom Tel: 44 .eu BANGLADHESH High Commission of Maldives in Dhaka House 45. Belgium Tel: 32 2256 7567. Suite 211 Washington. Sri Lanka Tel: 94-11-5516302 -3 Fax: 94-11-2581200 E-mail: info@maldiveshighcom.com abdullatheefgasim@hotmail.ch UNITED NATIONS Permanent Mission of the Maldives to the United Nations Embassy of the Maldives of United States of America 800 Second Avenue. Menara See Hoy Chan 374 Jalan Tun Razak.org.mTokyo.sq SAUDI ARABIA Emabssy of the Republic of Maldives in Saudi Arabia 8 Abu El Izzu El Kharasaani Lane El Jauf street .mv www.maldivesembassy.lk UNITED NATIONS Permanent Mission of the Maldives to the United Nations Office in Geneva Rue de Lausanne 45-47 (3rd Floor). Mina-toku. USA Tel: 01 202 507 8934 Fax: 01 202 507 8935 Email: info@maldivesembassy. Baridhara Dhaka 1212. No:1 Jianwai Xiushui Street. 50400 Kuala Lumpur Tel: +603 2163 7244. NW.m Singapore 307591 Tel: 65 6720 9012.110021. E-mail: maldives@un. United States of America Tel: 1-212-599-6195. Ikura Mint Building 1-9-10-Azabudai. United Square.int/maldives UNITED KINGDOM High Commission of Maldives in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland 22.sq Website: www.El Sulaimaniyya District Riyadh.my SINGAPORE High Commission of Maldives 101.org UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Embassy of the Republic of Maldives 1111 19th Street.int www.un.maldiveshighcommission. India Tel: +91 11 41435701 Fax: +91 1141435709 Email: admin@maldiveshighcom.jp info@maldivesembassy.eu Website: www.com SRI LANKA High Commission of Maldives in Sri Lanka 25 Melbourne Avenue. Fax: 44 .in www. UN Road.maldives.20 7224 2135. 1201 Geneva. Colombo 4.maldivesembassy.co. Chaoyang District.us EUROPEAN UNION Mission of the Republic of Maldives to the European Union Rond Point Schuman 11 B-1040 Brussels.org.us Website: www.

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Dhooriha. Male’ Tel: 6606688. Male’ Tel: 6660505.mv Website: www.com FULL MOON MALDIVES Universal Enterprises Pvt. 3318422 Fax: 6644818. PO Box 2017.mv GASFINOLHU ISLAND RESORT Valtur Maldives Pvt Ltd. 3-06STO Trade Centre P.com IRUFUSHI BEACH & SPA RESORT H.com/maldiveskh FOUR SEASONS RESORT MALDIVES AT LANDAA GIRAAVARU Bandos Male’ Office. H Maaram Bldg.net HOLIDAY ISLAND (DHIFFUSHI) Villa Hotels. 3326545 Fax: 6620332.giravaru.mv Website: www.it KOMANDOO ISLAND RESORT Champa Tours & Travel. 331 4585 Fax: 6501616. 3325529 Fax: 6640515. 3318992 Email: concierge. 3318505 Email: giravaru@dhivehinet. Male’ Tel: 6501515. 3322678 Email: sales@fullmoon.com. 3325529 Fax: 6644800. Male’ Tel: 6620337.com Website: www.com Website: www. Opera Building.mv Website: www. Male’. H. 3316161 Fax: 6640044.net. H.com HELENGELI ISLAND RESORT C/O crown company. Ltd. Jazeera. Kalaafaanu Higun. 3322432 Fax: 6642881. 3337988 Email: respfoff. Male. Champa Building. 3316454 Fax: 6680550.it GIRAVARU TOURIST RESORT TBI Maldives.helengeli. Bodhuthakurufaanu Magu.com Website: www. 3326544 Email: info@kuredu.it Website: www. Champa Building.com. 30. 3313937 Fax: 6660506. 3325529 Fax: 6600800. Boduthakurufaanu Magu. Boduthakurufaanu Magu.. Chandhanee Magu. Male’ Tel: 6660527. Tel: 6644888.com Website: www. 3325301 Email: resvsn@kuramathi. 3314565 Email: reservations@fun-island.mahureva@valtur.mv Website: www. 3322964 Email: respgest.island-hideaway. Dhooriha. 3337987 Fax: 6606633. P. H.it Website: www.fourseasons. Bodhuthakurufaanu Magu.com Website: www. 3315016 Fax: 6644333. 5th Flr. 3326545 Fax: 6621011. 4th Floor. Male’.net Website: www. 3318992 Email: reservations.yachttoursmaldives. 3317529 Email: gateway@dhivehinet.O Box 2073.com Website: www.com.com KIHAADHUFFARU RESORT Valtur Maldives Pvt Ltd.com Website: www.com ISLAND HIDEAWAY AT DHONAKULHI MALDIVES. 3313939 Email: gangehi@holidayclub. 3rd Floor.O.Boduthakurufaanu.fullmoonmaldives. 39 Orchid Magu.kuramathi.maldiveskh@fourseasons. 4th Floor. 3310206 Email: sales@yachttoursmaldives.maldives@fourseasons. 3323080 Fax: 6641979. Tel: 6600888.com.com KURAMATHI MALDIVES Universal Enterprises Pvt. Male’ Tel: 6644222.com KUDARAH ISLAND RESORT Yacht Tours Maldives Pvt Ltd. Male’ Tel: 6680011.villahotels.mv Website: www.com ISLAND OF BOLIFUSHI Gateway Maldives. 3323441 Fax: 6645941.fourseasons.Male’ Tel: 6640033. P. 5th Flr.Box 2034 Tel: 6644615. Male’ Tel: 6642078. 331 7466 Email: sales@island-hideaway. Filaa Building. Ltd. Male’ Tel: 6680610.com HANDHUFUSHI J Hotels & Resorts Tel: +9603316454 Fax:+9603310206 Email: sales @yachttoursmaldives.com. Male’ Tel: 6621010.com GANGEHI ISLAND RESORT Holiday Club Maldives.com 50 54 .O Box 2073.villahotels. SPA RESORT & MARINA 2nd Floor H.. 3314875 Email: info@huvafenfushi.com Website: www.jhotelsandresorts. 6560591 Fax: 3318273. Male. Male’ Tel: 332 5977. Filaa Building. Tel: 6643157.komandoo.com HUVAFENFUSHI 1st Floor. 3317256 Fax: 6645924.kandooma-maldives. Male’ Tel: 6642010.FOUR SEASONS RESORT MALDIVES AT KUDA HURAA Male’ Office.holidayclub. 3316161 Fax: 6680022.bolifushi.valtur.irufushi.net. Kalaafaanu Higun.kuredu. 39 Orchid Magu. 6560592 Email: info@irufushi.com FUN ISLAND RESORT Villa Hotels.com.mv Website: www.com/village KUREDU ISLAND RESORT & SPA Champa Trade and Travels. 3318992 Email: info@kandooma-maldives.mahureva@valtur. Meheligolhi.com Website: www.huvafenfushi. Male Thila.com KANDOOMA TOURIST RESORT Gateway Maldives. Kasthoori Villa. Vilares. H. Male’ Tel: 6640440.valtur. 3326544 Email: info@komandoo. Male’.mv Website: www.com Website: www. 3312832 Email: info@helengeli. Tel: 6640511. 3323080 Fax: 6660556. 3314565 Email: reservations@holiday-island. Fasmeeru.

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Meheli Goalhi. Villashabnamy.MALDIVES ADK Tower 5th Fl. Dhonbulhaage. Male’ Tel: +960 3320611 Fax: +960 3320614 MARBLE HOTEL M. Male’ Tel: +960 3317766 Fax: +960 3315383 CITY PALACE H.com WATER GARDEN ISLAND SPA Platinum Capital Holding . Filigas Magu Tel: +960 3326237 Fax: +960 3310972 MOOKAI HOTEL H. Male’ Tel: +960 3348833 Fax: +960 3348822 KAM HOTEL H. 3329045 Fax: 6662200. Male’ Tel: +960 3309911 Fax: +960 3309922 NALAHIYAA HOTEL M. 334 3840 Fax: 6740557.com Some of the Picnic Islands in the Maldives DHONI MIGHILI P O Box 2017. Nalahiyaage. Male’ Tel: +960 3341002 Fax: +960 3322154 EQUATOR VILLAGE / GAN Kaimoo Travels & Hotel.O. Haveeree Higun.com Some of the Hotels in the Maldives BAANI HOTEL Filigas Magu.wmaldives@whotels. Marvel. 334 3841 Email: sales@raniaexperience. Sanoraage.com Website: www. Male’ Tel: +960 3314531 Fax: +960 3331453 HULHULE ISLAND HOTEL P. Handhuvarudhey Higun. 6562020 Email: sales@zitahlikudafunafaru. 1st floor.Shady Palm. Maagala.W RETREAT & SPA . Male’ Tel: 6662222.com Website: www.com Website: www. Male’ Tel: +960 3346633 Fax: +960 3345533 53 57 . Meheli Goalhi. Male’ Tel: +960 3303550 Fax: +960 3303505 CENTRAL HOTEL G.raniaexperience.whotels. Hithafinivaa Magu. Male’ Tel: +960 6898721 Fax: +960 6898020 HOTEL RELAX INN Ameeru Ahmed Magu.Box 2118.com Website: www. Filigas Magu. H. Ameeru Ahmed Magu. Male’ Tel: +960 3338811 Fax: +960 3338822 MOOKAI SUITES H. 3341646 Email: welcome. 65610101 Fax: 3341885 .Hiriyadhoo. Male’ Tel: +960 3312152 Fax: +960 3312154 DHONVELI INN G. Roanuge.dhonimighili.zitahliresorts. Male’ Tel: 6644222 Fax: 6646202 Email: reservations@huvafenfushi. Male’ Tel: +960 3330888 Fax: +960 3330777 HOTEL FRESCO M.com ZITAHLI RESORTS & SPA KUDAFUNAFARU AAA & Trading Company Tel: 3316131 . Male Tel: 6740555. Meheli Goalhi. Flat 2. Jawaahiru Magu.

Male’ Tel: +960 3334042 Fax: +960 3334045 CANDIES H. Champa Magu Tel: +960 3322220 Fax: +960 3318632 MAAGIRI LODGE Bodhuthakurufaanu Magu. Buruzu Magu. Izzudhdheen Magu Tel: +960 3320573 Fax: +960 3320108 SKAI LODGE H.Dhivehi Atha. Male’ Tel: +960 3318189 Fax: +960 3318455 FARIVA INN H. Munik. Majeedhee Magu. Buruneege. Male’ Tel: +960 3317152 Fax: +960 3325123 54 58 . Violet Magu. Candies. Male’ Tel: +960 3309898 Fax: +960 3009596 TRANSIT INN Ma. Male’ Tel: +960 336980 Fax: +960 3313538 REAL INN H. Male’ Tel: +960 3330011 Fax: +960 3330022 CHAMPA MOON GUEST HOUSE G. Maafaru. Ameenee Magu. Majeedhee Magu Tel: +960 3322824 Fax: +960 3322597 MAAFARU GUEST HOUSE M. Raaverige. Deefuram Golhi. Shahu Abad. East wood. Rihifaiy. Ameer Ahmed Magu Tel: +960 3312790 Fax: +960 3316796 ROYAL INN M.Honey Dew. Mandhuedhuruge.Dheyliaage. Male’ Tel: +960 3313118 Fax: +960 3328828 BURUNEEGE RESIDENCE H. Male’ Tel: +960 3321406 Fax: +960 3323010 MAADHUNI INN H. Male’ Tel: +960 3327784 Fax: +960 3327785 ATHAMA PALACE G. Male’ Tel: +960 3337098 Fax: +960 3320407 SEAWORLD INN Orchid Magu. Hithaffinivaa Magu. Male’ Tel: +960 3327453 Fax: +960 3325362 FASFINN LODGE G. Male’ Tel: +960 3328815 Fax: +960 3321429 EXTRA HAVEN H. Majeedhee Magu Tel: +960 3321135 Fax: +960 3325213 WEST INN M. Halaveligasdhoshuge. Male’ Tel: +960 3337611 Fax: +960 3315413 HOST INN Anona Golhi.Landhooge. Male’ Tel: +960 3322576 Fax: +960 3328787 MALE’ INN H. Maaveyo Magu Tel: +960 3320420 Fax: +960 3313174 VILLINGILI VIEW INN M.Some of the Guest Houses in the Maldives ABALONE TOURIST INN M. Male’ Tel: +960 3310220 Fax: +960 3310330 CITY HIDE AWAY H. Holheege. Maahiya. Champa Moon.

com Website: www. Champa Building .atolldiscovery. Fax: +9603313996 Email : nazeeahmal@gmail.com. Male’ Tel: +960 334 3508. G.com. Magu.Lilies. Happy Luck Tel: +960 332 6734. nooreefehi 2 Tel: +9603300811 Email: sales@islandvoyagemaldives. Fax: +960 33331554 E-mail: cruise@ensistravel.Viligili Palace.atollsrising. H.com.mv FOURTHTOUR MALDIVES Orchid Magu 38.A Seylum. Fax: +960 333 9995 E-mail: info@intourist-maldives. Male’ Tel: +9603323080 Website: www.com AQUA MALDIVES Baadee Villa .mv ISLAND VOYAGE 3rd Floor. 20004 . 2/7 Boduthakurufaanu Magu Tel: +9603318172.maldivesdiving.com CANOPUS MALDIVES 2nd Floor.com ISLAND PEARL HOLIDAYS 06th Floor. M. Handhuvaree Higun.com.com 55 59 .crowntoursmaldives.mv Website: www.com IN MALDIVES PVT LTD M.islandvoyagemaldives. Jamburoaluge Tel: +9603301777.com INTOURIST MALDIVES 1st Floor. Faalandhoshugeaage.com Website: www.com Website: www. Faalandhoshugeaage. Fax: +960 3330884 E-mail: intermal@dhivehinet.mv Website: www. Ghandhakoalhi Magu Tel:+960 3325386.innermaldives.com Website: www.mv Website: www. Fax: +960 3317840 E-mail: travel@islandpearl.atollhideaway. Buruzu Magu Tel: +9603321079. 06th. Male’ Tel: +960 333 9994. Fax:+9603325397 Email: afrah@canopusmaldives.+960 7734989 Fax. Fax: +960 3332263 E-mail: mle@fourthtour. Tel: +960 3331559.com DESIRE MALDIVES TRAVELS & TOURS Orchid.com DOLPHIN HOLIDAYS PVT LTD M. Fax: +9603318978 Email: nazeer@ethosmaldives. Rome.com.com ABSOLUTE HIDEAWAYS PVT LTD 39 Orchid Magu. Majeedhee Magu. Maldives Tel: 960 3331811. Feylige/ Iskandharu Magu / Male’.com Website: www.com CRUISE MALDIVES Oceanic Building.com CAPITAL TRAVEL & TOURS M.dolphin-holidays. Male’ Tel: +960 3329141. Maavehi. Fax: +960 3312832 E-mail: sales@crowntoursmaldives.com CROWN TOURS (MALDIVES) 6Th Floor.capitaltravel.com DIVING ADVENTURE MALDIVES PVT LTD 3rd Floor. Tel: +960 3315089. Orchid Magu Tel: +960 3325994.net. Fax: +960 3320381 E-mail: info@yesasiamaldives. Hiyaleegoalhi .aquamaldives. G.com ATOLL HIDEAWAY HOLIDAYS V. Male’ Tel: +960 3343091 Fax:+960 3343092 E-mail:  info@aquamaldives.ethosmaldives. M. Ameer Ahmed Magu. M.com INNER MALDIVES HOLIDAYS H. Male’ Tel.mv Website: www.universalresorts. Henveiru. Viligili-Male’ Tel: +9603333556 Email: inan@atollhideaway.ensiscruise.yesasiamaldives. FaX: Email: sales@holidaysmaldives.mv Website: www.com ATOLL DISCOVERY PVT LTD M.com ETHOS MALDIVES 3rd Floor.com ACE TRAVELS MALDIVES PVT LTD H. Fax: Email: info@atollsrising. Fax: +960 3320336 E-mail: capital@dhivehinet. Gloryge.maldivestraveldeals.com Website: www.+960 3317239 E-mail: info@dolphin-holidays.com ENSIS CRUISE 5TH Floor. M.mv Website: www. Fasmeeru Bldg.mv Website: www.com Website: www.Some of the Travel Agents in the Maldives ATOLLS RISING PVT LTD 1st Floor.4.intourist-maldives. Muskaan Tel: +9603327172. Boduthakurufaanu Magu Tel: +960 3329889. Fax: 960 3318815 E-mail: info@desire-maldives.com Website: www.net.islandpearl. Westend. Fax: +9603343511 Email: suranga@acetravelmaldives.Floor. Haveeree Higun Tel: +9603340800 Email: nafiz@atolldiscovery.com Website: www. Fax: Tel: info@maldivesdiving.com HOLIDAY LAND MALDIVES M. Amee Ahmed Magu Tel: +9603343510. Fareedhee Magu.com. Kukunmaage.com.desire-maldives. Tel: +960 3315499.com Website: www.

com Website: www.mv Website: www. Medhufalhu.com. Buruzu Magu.stargroup. M. Male’ Tel / Fax: +960 3341860 Mobile +960 7792014 E-mail: info@sunprincess. Fax: +960 329014 E-mail: info@sunoceanmaldives.mv Website: www. Hadheedhee/ Male’ Tel: +960 3325634.de Website: www.silversandstravel. Fax: +9603332512 Email : dive@meridis. Fax: +9603320577 Email: sales@silversands.travel SKORPION TRAVEL MALDIVES H. Tel: + 960 3347755. Fathihuge Ali. H.mv Wesbite: www. Fax: Email: info@albatrostopboat. Anona Goalhi Tel: +960334 5767.sunnymaldives.mv Website: www.com Website: www.mv STAR GROUP MALDIVES PVT LTD Ground Floor.com.mv Website: www.com Website: www.sunoceanmaldives. Filaa Building Tel : +9603330678. Fax: +960 3314038 E-mail: info@leisure. Karankaa Magu.com Website: www. MTCC Building. Melaim Building.com. Tharijehige.com.mv RESORT LIFE MALDIVES PVT LTD Ma. M.mv SILVER SANDS PVT LTD 7th Floor. Male’ Tel: +9603346717.manthiri. Hulhugalhi. Ranribidhoo. Elaa. Gloryge.com JOURNEY MALDIVES HOLIDAYS G. Fax: +9603345717 Email: abdulla@journeymaldives. Kaaminee Irumatheege No.net.reollo.com. Boaddu Male’ 20-016. Male’ Tel: +960 3327443. Boduthakurufaanu Magu. South Reef. Nooranmaage aage Tel :+9603320684 Email: info@stargroup. H. 2nd Floor.mv ODISON HOLIDAYS Ma.com.com MALDIVIANA GROUP PVT.com L’ALBATROS INTERNATIONAL H. Male’ Tel: 960 3338621. Beach Tower Tel: +9603346004. Male’ Tel: +960 3340555 Fax: +960 3340566 E-mail: ibrahim@maldiviana.com Website: www.2 Tel: +9603340070.com Website: www. Male’ Tel: +960 333 9994. Daisy Villa.mv LETS GO MALDIVES PVT.journeymaldives.seansunmaldives. Fax: + 960 3307755 Email: info@letsgomaldives.letsgomaldives.com SUN PRINCESS M.intourmaldives.maldivesshallowlagoon.com.net. G. Tel:+9603342737.maldivesresortlife.com Website: www.mv Website: www.mv MERIDIS MALDIVES PVT LTD 6th Floor. Fax: +960 3342594 E-mail: sales@seansunmaldives. H.com.com SKYTOURS MALDIVES Ground Flr. Male’ Tel: +960 3334881.pentatravels.mv Website: www.parahol. Male’ Tel: +960 3314037.msc. Fax: +960 3327442 E-mail: skorpion@dhivehinet.com SUNNY MALDIVES H. Kaani Goalhi Tel: +960 3338527 Fax: +960 3338528 E-mail: sales@sunnymaldives. LTD.com LEISURE MALDIVES 6th Fl/Sto Aifaanu Building. H. Fax: Email: afsal@pentatravels.com SEA N SUN MALDIVES M.mv Website: www.skytoursmaldives. Gulisthaanu Goalhi Tel: +9603321837. Lets Go Tower.albatrostopboat.com PENTA OCEAN TRAVELS & TOURS 2/44 Orchid Magu.com PARADISE HOLIDAYS 1st Floor.odisonholidays. Hollywood. Fax: +9603338622 E-mail: sales@roomallot.INTOUR MALDIVES PVT LTD 1st Floor. 3rd Floor.mv MALDIVES SHALLOW LAGOON PVT LTD 2nd Floor.com ROOMALLOT Ma. Fareedhee Magu.O.roomallot.skorpion-maldives. LTD.com.Box 20111. Kendhifashuige. Kigali Tel : +9603300654 Email : info@maldivesshallowlagoon. Male’ Tel: +960 3321747. Fax: +960 3325633 E-mail: seansee@dhivehinet.com.mv website: www. Boduthakurufaanu Magu Tel: +960 3343869. E-mail:travel@odison.leisure.com SUN OCEAN Ma. P.com Website: www. Fax: Email: direct@dhivehinet.com Website: www. Tel: +960 3346074. Kamini Magu.net.mtcctravels.maldiviana.com MALDIVES TRANSPORT & CONTRACTING CO. 5th floor.com. Burevi Magu. Fax: +960 3334880 E-mail: sales@skytoursmaldives.com SEA N SEE G.com REOLLO TRAVELS 3rd Floor.mv Website: www. Fax: +960 3312087 E-mail:info@parahol.com. Oakum Bldg . 1st Floor. Kamini hiya. Fax: +9603332751 Email: info@reollo.com. Fax: +960 333 9995 E-mail: info@intourmaldives. Flat 3B. 5th Floor. H.com Website: www.com. 3/9 Star Building. Fax: Email: athif@mtcc.com Website: www. Kurukeela Magu Tel: +960 329013. Fareedee Magu Tel: +960 3312090.com Website: www. ADK Tower.com 56 60 .

com 57 61 . 1st Floor. Redleaf Tel: +9603335882.mv Website: www.com Some of the Dive Operators in the Maldives DELPHIS DIVING CENTRE Paradise Island Resort & Spa Tel: +960 6640011 Fax: +960 6640022 TOURIST SUBMARINE MALDIVES H.com Website: www. Sheeshavehi Tel: +9603345566.com.seekmaldives. Fax: +960 3342644 E-mail: info@floatingmaldives.submarinesmaldives.net. Handhuvarudhey Higun Tel: +9603340592 Email: sales@wbmaldives.voyagesmaldives. FaX: +9603333897 Email : info@sunholidays. Fax: +9603325336 Email: info@voyagesmaldives. Maarana. Sunset Tel : +9603325977.com.com Website : www.com.com 100 PERCENT MALDIVES PVT LTD 01st Floor. Malé Tel: (960) 3334630. Fax: +960 3318035 E-mail: vista@dhivehinet. Chaandhanee Magu.com SEAWORLD MALDIVES PVT LTD H. Fax: Email: ali@wedomaldives. Block No 4.com Website: www. Alikilegefaanu Magu Tel: +960 3340405. H.mv Website: www.mv Tourism Related Publishers in the Maldives FLOATING MALDIVES 3rd Floor. Bageechaa Villaa. Fax: (960) 3334631 E-mail: info@vermillionmaldives. Male’ Tel: +960 3333939 Fax: +960 3333838 E-mail: tsub@dhivehinet. Male’ Tel: +960 3316454.Faamudheyri Magu Tel: +960 3320952.sunland.com Website : www. Thoddooge.com YACHT TOURS MALDIVES H.com Website: www. Male’ Tel: +9603340970. Fax: Email: resort@rainbow.com Wesbite: www.com SUNLAND TRAVELS PVT LTD #04-01 STO Trade Centre.mv THE GRAND HOLIDAYS 1st Floor.tropicaldestiantionmaldives. Fax: +9603340971 Email: sales@thegrandholidays. 20-05. Tearsjoy.com VERMILLION INTERNATIONAL Ma.sunshinemaldives.mv VISTA COMPANY TRAVEL SERVICES 4/3 Faamudheyrige. Siffa. Finihiyaa Goalhi. Male’ Tel: +9603342650. Vilares Building.mv SUN SPA RESORTS PVT LTD G.sunholidays.thegrandholidays.mv Website: www.mv SEEK MALDIVES PVT LTD M. Fax: +960 330 3519 Email: sales@tropicaldestiantionmaldives.com SUNSHINE EXPRESS MALDIVES PVT LTD 01-10 1st Floor.com ZERO LINE MALDIVES M.100percentmaldives. Hulhumale’ Ferry Terminal Building Tel: +960 330 1515.com Website: www. Orchid Magu Tel: +9603324658.com.sunholidays. Male’ Tel: +960 3330088. Orchid Magu Tel: +960 3312383.com.maldives-traveller. Fax: +9603331537 Email:info@employment. Haivakaruge. Male’ Tel: +960 3337588 .com Website: www.floatingmaldives. Male’ Tel: +9603323617.com TROPICAL DESTINATION MALDIVES G. Bodhuthakurufaanu Magu. Dhanburuh Magu.com Website: www. 2nd Floor Tel: +960 330 0760.villatravels.SUN TRAVEL & TOURS PVT LTD G.com Website: www. Fax: +9603331877 Email: marketing@100percentmaldives.com. Fax: +960 3322437 E-mail: info@tropicalparadise. Abadhahfehi Magu. Thiyaramaage TeL +9603300040. FaX: +9603333897 Email : info@sunholidays.com.Hilhugali.mv Website: www. STO Trade Centre. Fax: Email: info@sunshinemaldives. Fax: +9603325543 Email: sunland@dhivehinet. Sunset Tel : +9603325977.wedomaldives.com Website: www. Fax: +960 3310206 E-mail: info@yachttoursmaldives. Fax: Email: iumaz@zerolinemaldives. M. Fax: Email: suja@seekmaldives.mv TROPICAL PARADISE H.com VOYAGES MALDIVES Narugis.com WE DO MALDIVES H.com THE REGENT MALDVIES G.Dhaasthaan.com Wesbite: www.com WHITE ON BLUE MALDIVES PVT LTD G.com VILLA TRAVEL& TOURS H. Hakageli. Fax: +960 3332777 E-mail: info@villatravels.net.wbmaldives. Abadha ufaa Higun Tel: +960 334644.net. Chaandhanee Magu.vermillionmaldives. Karankaamagu.




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