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Published by: ianecunar on Jul 04, 2009
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Brand name: Bisacodyl Generic name: Dulcolax Indication: constipation Drug classification: laxative Mechanism of action: alters fluid

and electrolyte transport, producing fluid accumulation in the colon Dosage: constipation 1-2 tablets at night or 1 supp/ infant supp in the morning. For complete bowel clearance 2 tabs at night followed by 1 supp in the morning Special precaution: children, pregnancy Pregnancy risk category: NA Adverse reactions: rarely, abdominal discomfort and diearrhea Contraindications: ileus, intestinal obstruction, acute surgical abdominal consitions, severe dehydration Form: sugar coated tab 5mg x 100s. adult supp 10mg x 50s infant supp 5mg x 50s Nursing responsibilities:  Assess patient for abdominal distension, presence of bowel sounds, and usual pattern of bowel function.  Assess color, consistency and amount of stool produced.

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