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Brand Name: Vastarel MR

Generic Name: Trimetazidine

Indication: Long treatment of coronary insufficiency, angina pectoris.
Drug Classification: Anti-Anginal Drugs
Mechanism of Action: acts by directly counteracting all the major metabolic disorders occurring
within the ischemic cell. The actions of trimetazidine include limitation of intracellular
acidosis, correction of disturbances of transmembrane ion exchanges, and prevention of
excessive production of free radicals.decrease myocardial oxygen requirement by
decreasing the heart rate, ventricular volume, blood pressure and contractility. In
some cases, myocardial oxygen delivery is increased thru reversing coronary
arterial spasm.
Dosage: 1 tab morning and evening
Special Precaution: Pregnancy and Lactation
Pregnancy Risk Category:
Adverse Reaction: Rare cases of GI disorders.
Contraindications: MAOI’s (monoamine oxidase inhibitors)
Form: 35 mg tablets
Nursing Responsibility:
 use cautiously in patients with heart failure or hypertension and in elderly