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MVP Types of Learners

MVP Types of Learners

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Published by: Tim Antric on Jul 05, 2009
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The Millennium Volunteer Project Alperton Community School

31 July 2001

Types of Learner
There are four main types of learner:     reflectors theorists pragmatists activists

  You should:    Allow them time to think Let them watch and take a back seat in group activity Use video materials and texts Learn through watching and thinking Don’t like to rush or take short cuts

  You should:    Let them figure out associations Give them the opportunity to question assumptions Structure sessions well Need to understand concepts and explore implications Like structured sessions

  You should:  
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Like to link learning to real problems Prefer practical outcomes to theoretical sessions

Make clear the link between subject matter and the job Let them try out techniques immediately
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The Millennium Volunteer Project Alperton Community School

31 July 2001

    Like to take an active role in learning Value a hands on approach Let them get their hands on as soon as possible Pitch them into the implementation of ideas as soon as possible

You should:

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