Take it by Force Part II

Paul and Adele

• We as a church are getting ready to go into something big!!!!! So we need BULL DOG FAITH!!!!!

• Numbers chapter 13 and 14 tells the story of Joshua and Caleb. You might say well what in the world does this have to do with us?

Romans 15:4 nkj
• 4 For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.

• So here's what we can learn from those. 12 spies. There's two kinds of attitudes. • 1st. Negativism ~ the ten spies didn't see any good thing they saw gloom doom and despair. They (only saw giants and defeat!! • 2nd. Faith-- god said Caleb has a different spirit (Numbers 14:24) they saw one of hope of possibilities not the problems. They saw God not the giants.

What is it that you see???
• Here are some traits we need to watch out for. • 1st-- doubt-- doubt causes us to question our abilities as well as our leaders and also God. (Mark 5:39-42 nkj) ( Matt 14:23:32) ( mark 11:22). • 2nd. Lack of self esteem--(1st john 4:4 nkj. Romans 8:35-37 nkj) • 3rd fear (11 Tim. 1:7 nkj mark 4:35-41 nkj).

• • • •

4th critical--(psalm 1:1-3 nkj) 5th. Rebellion-( Luke 10:2 nkj Phil's. 3:13 nkj. ) 6th unthankful 7th unbelief-( heb. 3:18 nkj. ).

We need these things working in us
• 1st faith numbers 13:30nkj. • 2nd confidence num. 14:9 nkj.

We need these things working in us
• 3rd. Courage- Joshua said fear them not he wasn't afraid of the giants or the walled cities or the strength of the people. • 4th-action- Caleb said let us go up at once and possess it num. 13:30 positive people say lets do this !!!!! • 5th- thankfulness - they knew that land was theirs a blessing from God. Appreciation for ones blessings will lead to action and obedience.

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