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in the intersections of'Abner" and "Gunter," and "Abner" and

If you've never solved a logic puzzle before, this introduction
wiil show you how. We'll take you step by step through two "King cobra."
simple logic puzzles, and give you some solving tips along the
i logic p,.,zrl" is a test ofyour abihLy to think clearly You
Irlolelrl-r r3r I
don'r need dictionaries or other reference books to solve a logic rHr#r;Erglilel5l
just a pencil and plenty of common sense'
Usualiy, a logic puzzle asks you to match up sets of things'
For exanple. you might be told lhat four men each own an
lAb*, Txl-lTiITTTiT-]

exotic pet, and to solve the puzzle you'd -match up each man's
first nime \ /ith his last name and his kind of pet. You figrrr:e
out how to mat h them up by studying a list ofclues, like
*Ihe En fri-rtt+t
llama doesnt belong to Duane."
In order to make solving fa-ster and easier, experienced logic
puzzlers use a solving grid to record the information they've
deduced. They've found that seeing the inforrnation in black and Ifyou
FFTffi i
werc care)ess. you mighl witho'.rt *rinking put an X into !-
white, neatly organized, helps them make furiher deductions. the intersection of 'Gunted and fiing cobra' Does Mr. Gunter{
lhere are two kinds of solving grids you'll find most often: own the king cobra? Well, maybe he dnes and maybe he doeso't. i
the "crosshatch" grid and the "fiIl-in" grid. Sometimes you can't bul clue 5 really doesnt say anl'thing about it. Read each cluef,
tell.which kind will work best until you've spent a lot of time carefirlly and think about what it's really saying; if you jump to I
trying to solve the puzzle with the wrong ki^d. In Dell logia a wrong conclusion now, you'lJ be confilsed later on. 1
Puzzles, we figure out which kind of grid is the most useful Now we can se€ at a glance lhat Abner isn't Mr. Engels, Mr. I
for each puzzle, and we print it on the same page. Sometimes Foster, or Mr. Cunl,er. We can make a deduction: Abner must t
we'll even give you both kinds if we think it will help. Let's be Mr. Halew. We'tl pr-rt a large dot (meaning :yes') in the I
look at a typical puzzle that works best with a crosshatch grid. intersection of 'Abner" and -Halera." And that meals we can -l
put )Cs in rhe intarsecl ions of fialeqa and "Bruce." 'Chuck," ll
also -'Duare."
PET OWNERS ar|d \^/henever you add a dot to lhe grid, be sure ln',
add any Ks you can: Lhej,4l ofien lead to more dedtrctions
Each of four men owns a different species of exotic pet. .F rom
the following clues, can you frgure out each man's full name I I
and what kind of pet he owns? |$fam '6

ffi lnls l( -(9

1, Mr..Engels (whose pet is named Sparky), Abner, and Mr.
Foster all belong to a club for owners of unusual pets. X x
2. The iguana i6n't owrred by either Chuck or Duane. Bruce
3. Neither the jackal nor the king cobra is owned by Mr. Foster.
4. The llama doesn't belong to Duane (whose pet is named

5: Abner, who doesn't own the king cobra, isn't Mr. Grint€r. That was a fairlv simple deduction, but in order to solve this
6. Bruce and Mr. Foster are neighbors. puzzle you'll need to make some deductions that are a little
7. Mr. Halera is afraid of iguanas. i.i"ti... Go through the rest of the clues,and. pu-t Xs into ihe
And heret the crosshatch grid: grid wherever you can. You'll end up with this:

Sometimes, with a very easy puzzle. just putting the informaQori

I4t's look first at clue 1. From it we can see that !{bner isrit srid is enough
in the grid enoush to make ttre solurion fall
the solution lall out lhts
oul- to you This ..

Mr. Engels or Mr. Foster. We record this information in the putzle'i a bit harder, though, and at first glance th9r9 dTsn't
solving grid by pr-rtting an X rmeaning -no", in the square at seem to be enoueh inforrn;tion to mal<e any more deduclions'
the intersection of "Abner" and "Engels," anil another X at the But the information is there; yotr just have to work witb it a
intersection of "Abner- and 'Foster." little- Take a pencil and fill in the rest of the gnd yourself as
Now let's look at clue 5. From it we learn that Abner doesn't you reail on.
ovfir the king cobra, and that Alner isn't Mr. Gunt€r..Put Xs Mr. Haleqr doesrft own thd iguana. Since Abner is Mr'

,6 DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995

Halevy, that meansAbner doesn,t own the iguana either, right?
Here's a hot_tip: Very often, the way to break into a puzzle
Put an X in the int€rsection of ,,Abner, ana ;tglru"u. u"j yo?i"
ready to make another deduction: the iguina i"
that has a fill-in grid is to find a list ofall the people invotved-
There s one in clue I. so we start by put[ing each woman named
Brrce. Add the appropriate dot and X's t;he "*"""a-tu
erid. 0.;;"f; rn clue I into a different column ofthe srid:
ring infornation from one section of the grid'to anotherl as
jl"l 919: is an imporranr srep in solving, ald ir's an
one ro overtook,) "asy
isn't Mr. Foster, so Mr_ Foster doesn't own the iguana.
Voih! Another deduction: Mr. Foster owns the llama_
Mr. Foster is either Chuck or Duane, while the llamat owner First name A[ice
is either Abner or Chuck. Since both ar" tfr"
be Chuck who is Mr. Foster and owns the.llama. ""-" -".r,
ifrr,,.,"i Last name 'Espinq ffoin
Now Abner Haler,l s per can only be rhejackal, and Duane.s Pet i6"X
pel. by eliminaLion, must be the ldng cobra. Don.t for8ct
to add
a dot at the intersection of "Halely; and ,,Jackal," aia tfr"
that go rvith it.
now you seem to be stuck. Fill in of the grid yourself as you read on. Ttre jaguar
-Ald owns the, but Bruce
owns the iguana, and
you can.t tell f; ;;;; doesn't belong to Alice (clue B) or Ms. Efping (ctue O)i s"o by is Mr. Engels and which one is Mr. Gunter. ls th"ere looking at ou.€rid we can see it must leilonito U". fio"i"."
anlanrng ln the clues you ve missed? Why, yes: Mr. is neither Ms. f'lorin nor the ibex's owner (clue 5), so
rs-named Sparky fclue l/, while Duaoe's pel is narned -Bette
she must be Ms. Espin!.
{clue 4). so Duane canr be Mr. Engels. As you solve i6gic
puzzles, you'll learn that you often ne;d to combi"" f;;; . The leopard doesn t belong ro Betle Esping {clue 2), so it be-
i*; longb to Alice, and by elimiration Lhe kangaroo beiongs to Bette
two or more clues to mal<e a deduction. Esping.
_So here's your final solution: Bruce Engels owns thc isuana. .Alice, -
ns rhe leopard, isn'L Ms. Glover {clue 4}, so
Chuck Foster owns the llama, Duane Glunter o*"" tf,? U"? shp is Ms. Hanker. and Ms. Clover is the ibex.s o*n"r. M".
cobra, and Abner Haler.y owns the jackcl. Glover isn't Chloe (clue 4), so she is Doris, and Chloe is Ms.
. At rhis point you know enough to solve Eost of rhe puzzles Florin
m thls magazine that have crosshatch grids. you may wanl to your answer: Bette. Esping owns thc kangaroo,
plunge into solving now, and come back to the .""t
oi tti" ^l..nd Ill..:k
lorln owns the jagrrar, Dorjs Glover owns the ibex, and
introduclion when you're ready to t_ackle rt purrf". *irf, nti_in Alice Hairl€r owns the leoDard.
gnds. lt you do, be aure !o stan with the easier puzzles at the
beginning ofthe magazine. Don,t try l,o swan_dive bpfore you,ve Before.we 6nish up our inlroduction, here are a few more
learned to swlm sor!,1n9llps:
let's,look at a.similar puzzle where a crosshatrh grid Read a puzzle's introduction carefully, and make sure you
,Nowt work
ctoesn very wcli. understand what you're trying to figure out. If each person Las
/rro pets, for example. and yolr assumrr each person has onlv
one, youll end up with your solving grid in a muddte!
Doris and three other women each own a different species of A puzzles introduoion somelimeJhas a piece of information
exotic pel,. From the following clues, can you figure out cach you'll need to solve the puzzle. For example, the introduction
woman s tuU name lonp is Ms. Hankerr and what kind of pel to.a puzzle about the seating chart al a dinner party might
she owns rone owns a kangaroor? tell you thar no husband was seated next to his own wiie. Oirl
1, All four-Alice, Ms- Eiping, Ms, Florin, and the ibels miss lhosc important clues.
gvne;-belgng to a clutr for owners of unusual pets. lfyoure stuck. go over the ciues agajn, one at a lime. Have
" The leopard dioesn,t belone to Beite.
2. you really used every bit of informal_ion thal_ can be soueezed
3. The jaguar doesn't belong to Alice. out of each one?
4. Ms. btiuer, *ft" a""*i
5*rr iil" f*o*a, jives noxr door to Another way to get unstuck-though it,s more wo.k_is to
Chloe. make an asshmption. A.ssume, say, ttat Alfred is Mr. Greene,
5. Bette, who isn't Ms. Florin, doesn.r, own the ibex. and see where that leads. (MaJ<e up a second solving grid on
6. Ms. Esping doesn't own r_he iazuat. a piecc.ofscratch paper for this. Thcn ifyour assumption turns
And here's the fill-in gr-id: out lo be urong, you can go back to your original grid.) lfyou
end up with a contradiction. yorj know Alfred isn.t"Mr. Greene
First name
aller all. And if you end up w.ith a complete answer with no
Last name contradidions. you've jusl solved the puzzlei Somelimes rhe
on[! way to solve a tough five-star puzzle is by ndking and
Pal qlspro!1ng assumpl,ions.
It doesn't look as helpful as the crosshatch grid, docs it? And But experienced solvers know that the most effective way b I
yell,e lt.Eee^thal the puzzlc practically solves itselfon a fill_in get unstuck is to put the puzi,le aside for a while. Go on to tned lo use a crosshatch grid for this puzzle, olber puzzles. and come back to rhe sticky one an hour, a day.
youd Just get tfus lar and no further: or a wcek farer. When you try the puzzle again with a cleir
mind. youll probably see things you didnl no-ce th9 first rime.
6 E ll you need a hint, turn to the solution and read il one line
-9 I at a time, just until you reach a deduction you didn't think J ii
(9 I Then 6top r"ading, go back to lhe puzzle. and conlinue solving
AIice X lrom thal, point. Since Del/ lngic ptuzl*s gives complcrc steD-_ 1-
Bette by-step solulions for each puzzle, you can get as
X h.lp a" f
Chlo€ you neFd tnts way. at any staqe in your solyine. ^uih
Doris lf yotr think you've found , sol"ton to a puzz]o lhat doesn.r
mal,ch ours, carefully check it against each clue in the puzzle.
Jaguar Almost always, you'll find lhat you've overlookcd a subtle
conlradiction. Ifyour solurion still holds up, please let us krowl I
Enough introducrions -it's time to start s;lving! And we sin_
Leopard X
cerely hope you enjoy this issuc of Dp11 Logic puzzles.

"Brain Pickers" is an annual quiz tournament for high school dall and Thomas. Their last nuures are Brennan, Garcra'
teams from around the state. This year's winning team was Hardy, and McKay, and ea-ch has a differelt academic spe-
from Mark Twain High School, and consisted of two young cialty (fine arts, history, literature, or science). Can you
women-Andrea and Monica-and two young men-Ran- march each teammate's full name with his or her specialty?
Solution ts on page 5 ).

Y .g
l. Monica and McKay are seniors, the science expert is a
(! junior, and Andrea is a soPhomore.
Andrea 2. Randall (who isn't Brennan) isn't strong in history.

Monica 3. Ms. Garcia isn't a senior.

The young wordpn specialize in fine ans and
Fine arts 5. The literature €xpert isn't Brennan.


This morning's mail brought four bills, three for utilities- bered 604 though 607. Can you reconstruct 'my
electricity, telephone, and water-and one for my account at register by matching each check number with the amount
Frack's department stoie. Each was for a different amount- the check and which bill I paid with it'l
Solution is on page
$2!, $30, $40, or $6G-and I paid them with checks num-

1. Check #605 isn't for $60.

(s 2. The checR to Frack's is for more money than checki

#604, which in tum is for. more than the check to the'
telephone company I .

#605 3. The check for the electric bill is for twice as much as

#606 check #60?.

#607 1 The $40 check has a higher number than the check for
the water bill.


Two men (Damon and Harry) and two women (E<lith and taloupes, limes, or nectarines) and a different kind of vese-
Molly) met yesterday afternoon at the local produce inarket. table t broccoli. green pepper'. spinach. or zucchini t. Can y-ou
Each was buying a different kind of fruit (apricots, can- find each one's purchases? Solution is on page 51 .

l. No one bought both nectarines ana ipinach.'

2. Neither Damon nor Molly bought eirher zucchini


3. Harry didn't buy limes or nectannes. .

A man bought both cantaloupes and green peppers.

5. No one bought both apricots and zucchini.


While rushing to get ready for the first day ofschool, the four was found in a different spot in the kitchen (behind the bar,
Holsum childreu (Karen, Larry, Molly, and Norman) each in the cupboard, in the refrigerator, and ulder the table). Can
lost a different necessary item (a box of cray,ons, a pencil, a you link each child with the item he or she lost, and where
ruler, and a pair of scissors). After a frantic search, each item gach item was found? Solution is on page 5l .

l. The box of crayons (which isn't Karen's item) wasn't

found under the table.

2. The ruler (which doesn't belong to Molly) didn'r tum

up behind the bar.

3. The four children are: Molly, Norman. rhe child who

lost the box of crayons, and the child who found his or
her ilem behind lhe bar.

4. The item found in the cupboard (which doesn't belong

lo Larry) wasn't the ruler or the scissors.

.DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995 9


Five co-workers were discussing their favorite types of music in a different way (on CDs, LPs, or tapes, on the radio, or
over lunch recently. It tumed out that each ofthe three women live). lnst names are Dryer, F4nshaw, Nevins, Quigley, and
(Agnes, Gayle, and Linda) and two men (Brian and Jef|) has Willis. Can you match each person's full name with his or her
a different favorite kind of music (classical, country western, musical preferences?
rap, rock and roll, or show music), aod each prefers to hea[ it Solution ts on page 51.

l. Jeff (who isn't Quigley) likes rap music best.

2. The two who prefer their music live and on tape are
Agnes and Ms. Nevins in some order.

3. Quigley never listens to tapes or CDs.

Neither Gayle Willis nor the man who loves classical

music owns a radio.

5. Agnes (who isn't Dryer) favors country westem music,

6. Linda doesn't own any kpes.

'7. The one who prefers rock and roll never lislens to it live,


[,ast spring, the councils of the neightroring towns Stabney promotion gimmick (a camera raffle, free film
and Ofwell began promoting the Stabney and Ofwell Friend- motel discount coupons, free postcards, or ftee sunblock)
ly Tourism Extravaganza. Each of the five Stabney council thejoint council meeting. Can you matcheach pair of
lnembers (Abner, Betty, Carla, Devin, and Ellie) teamed up rirembers with their idea, and find the order in which the
with one of the Ofwell council members (Lana, Mavis, Nor- teams made their presentations?
ton, Osgood, and Paddy) to present a different idea for a Solution is on page 5

1. Devin and Norton were paircd; they didn't give the


2. Paddy and his partner were fourth to present an

3. Ellie's team spoke immediately after Lana's, but

time before the pair that proposed motel

I-ana (whose team didn't come up with the idea
having free raffles for caineras) spoke sometlme
than Osgood and his partner.

5. Carla was on the second team to speak.

6. Free sunblock wasn't the first idea presented-'

Presented immediately before Abner and his pal
spoke, which was sometime bdfore one team
mended giving free postcards of the cities'


The Snoobville Community Theater is presenting that classic working backstage to assist the performers in getting ready.
1920s drawing room comedy Poor ButtedT:t, each Friday and Each performer has been assigned one ten-minute time slot
Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. The cast includes three women- with the wig stylisr and another ten-minute time slor with the
Belle, Diane, and Hillary-and two men-{laude and Fritz makeup artist. The time slots begin at 7:20,'1:3O,7:40,7:50,
--'each ofwhom must be wigged and made up before the play and 8:00. Can you reconstruct the wig arld makeup schedule?
begins. The theater has a wig stylist and a makeup artist Solution is on page 5l .

l. No performer, of course, is assigned to be wigged and

. made up at the same time. wig Makeup

2. Since Belle, Fritz, and Hillary are olr stage as the curtain
rises, they must & ready by the 8:00 curtain. (Claude 7:20
and Diane, who don't appear until about a halfhour into
the play, needn't be ready by 8:0O.)

3. Belle gets made up before she gets wigged, and the same 7:30
is true of at least one man.

4. Only one of the five performers, a man, doesn't haye to 7:40

wait at all between his time slots.

5. Hillary is finished with her wig and makeup before any 7:50
of the others.

6. No one has to wait longer than 20 minutes from the end

of his or her first time slot to rhe beginning of the 8:00


Two men-Julius and Toby-and two women-Dixie and east, south, or west) in order to get natural wonder
Mercedes-hiked together to the top ofPanorama peak. Once (Goblin Grove, Hedgerow Hill, Robinet River, or Vista Vale)
al the summil. each brought out his or her camera and took a into the shot. Can you match each hiker with the direction he
photo of the view. The four friends took their photos at the
sam€ time, but each was facing in a different direction (north,

J. Hedgerow Hill isn't to the north of Panorama peak.

2. Toby, and the hiker photographing Vista Vale faced

nonh and east in some order.

3. Mercbdes and the hiker photographing Goblin Grove

faced south and west in some order.

4. Julius stood wirh his back ro Robinel River.

5. Dixie and one of the men faced rn opposite directions.

Direction Sight '


DELL LOGIC P UZZLES February 1995 ll


Two men-Len and Ozzie-and two women-Magnolia and one ordered a glass of wine). Can you match each person's
Nell-went out for pizza last night. They ordered a pizz^ to full name (last names are Piney, Quilteq Rogers, and Sloane)
share, and among them they ate all eight slices. Each ordered with the number of slices he or she ate and the drink he or she
something to drink (two ordered colas, one ordered milk, and ordered? Solution is on page 52.

l. Everyone had at least one slice.

2. The two cola drinkers ate lgss than half the pizza b€-
tween them. I "-r

I 3. Magnolia had exactly two more slices than Rogers did.

4. l€n had exactly one more slice than Piney did.

5. Mr. Sloane had at least as many slices as the wine

drinker did.


Ms. Rhodes decided last year to begin investing in the stock $40, and $50). After owning them for a year, she
market. After doing some research and seeking advice from what she had. Thre€ stocks had increased in value (bv
herfriends, she decided that the bestway to leam was tojump 25/o, and 454o), and two had decreased (by 157o and 35
right in and buy a few shares. She purchased one hundred Can you find out how much each stock was worth when
shares in five different companies (BMS, JEP. LKB, VlP, and Rhodes purchased it, and lhe percentage by which each
XYZ), each at a different purchaSing price ($10, $20, $.30, changed over the course of the year?Solution is on page

:The C\J
o dtil s
1. stock that Ms. Rhodes purchased for $10 isn't the $lc! tr)
qne that lost 157o.
2. XYZ (which she didn't purchase for $30) and the $50 JEP
stock both lost money. ]LKB

3. JEP increased by 57o. VIP

4. The $20 stock (which wasn't LKB) increased by 4sEo.
5. Ms. Rhodes purchased VIP at $40. 25Y" up
5% up
15% down

.12 DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995

Five people (Adrienne, David, Glen, Lianna, and Steve) were Can you find out the full name o-f each customer (last names
already in line at 7 a.m. when The Holesome Bagel Shop are Bogard. Karros. Marciulionis. Niles, and Zezel). lhe rype
opened its doors. Each ordered a differenl rype of bagel (egg, of bagel each ordered, and the order in which they were
onion, pumpemickel, raisin cinnamon, and whole wheat). served? Solution is on page 53.

Lianna was served just before the person who ordered o. Niles was served sometime before either Glen or the
the egg bagel, and just after Z€zel. person who ordered pump€rnickel, but not both of them,

Karros didn't order the pumpemickel bagel.

Order First name Last name Bagel
t. One customer was servedjust before andjust after Glen
and Steve, in some order.

The person who ordered the whote wheat bagel was

servedjust before Adrienne (who isn't Bogard), andjust
after Marciulionis.

5. The person who ordered the raisin cinnamon bagel was

served sometime before the one who ordered the onion

(U (tr
.2 o
o c
c '6 3
(d Y
d o c4) c o)
o) s(g o) (')
.s _qt
'6 o
(g 3
o c')
b, (n )< N ul E 3
): First
le' Second
3. Third

Whole wheat

DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995 r3

The Federation Starship Boobyprize iE approaching a new ter hait (impud€nce, laziness, orneriness, Prsnicketiness, or
star that is orbited by five planets: Arrth, Kudo, Ort, Ranus, sullenness). The relative masses of the five planets' in some
and Velcron. Each planet is inhabited by a different species order, are l, 3, 5, 7, and I l. Can you put the planets in order
of life (the Coneheads-, Gnatites, Pachydermi, Slimese, and from first (nearest the star) to fifth (farthest from the star)'
Turtillians). each of which has a differcnt distinctive charac- and match each with its relative mass, species, and trait?
Solution is on page 53.

l. Amh (which isn't thd smatlest of the planets) is less than half the size of Ranus'

2. Velcron (which isn't inhabited by Gnatites) is farther from the star than the impudent
planet, but nearer to the star than the Turtillians' planet i

3. The founh planet is smalle r than Orl.

4. The Tunillians are never sullen.

5. The Coneheads live on the fiflh planel.

6. Ranus's orbit is just inside Arrth's, and just outside that of the largest planet'

7. Ranus, which is the omery planet, is smaller than Velcron.

8. The residents of Kudo (which isn'l the first planet) aren'l lazy.

9. The Pachydermi are neither from Arrth (which is the sulten planet) norfrom Velcron'

o .q
E d) o)
= c
.E E
(U o (, l
1l3l5l7 6
. First

, Lazy




I-ong agqin the country of Islypt, pyramids were the only pyramids, each made of a different material (bronze, ebony,
socially acceptable burial places for thc leaders of the five gold. marble. rnd silverr. Though the leaders have been
major peoples-the Fakiris, Grinjas, Hulagos, Ifendus, and forgotten for centuries, the pyramids remain popular tourist
Kuzois. In the yea$ 279, 280, 281, 283, and 284 of the attractions. Can you find the leader who was entomb€d in
Islyptian calendal five leaders (Abdul, Baba Roi, Cleon, eaah year, the people he led, and the material his pyramid was
Dobal, and Emut), one from each group, were laid to rest in made from? Solution is on page 54.

l. The leader of the Grinjas was entombed in 283, not in 7. Baba Roi and the leader for whom the bronze pyramid
the silver pyramid. was built were entombed two years apart from each
other, in some order.
2. Dobal (who didn't lead the Ifendus) was enrombed in
. 281.
Year Leader People Pyramid
3. Emut was laid to rest in a pyramid ofgold.

4. The ebony pyranid was built by the Hulagos, not for

Baba Roi.

5. lhe Kuzois' leader was entombcd in an even -numbered


6. The leader entombed in the marble pyramid in 280

wasn't Abdul.

tfo - o
(u '- N
E p o
(5 -o
o (tt co) I
(n o LL (t m (5 a






DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995 t5


The Tri-County Golf Association hosted a toumament for names are Baxter, Chappell, Fox, Ramsey, and Young)' score
local amateur gotfers, The five finalists (Donald, Gordon, (six betow par, one below par, par, two over par, and three
tee. Marvin, and Warren each represenled a different golf over par), and the club he represented? No/e.- In golf, a lower
' score is better than a higher one.
club (Arlington, Meadowbrook, Rivercrest. Springtown. and
Solution is on page 54.
Trophy). Can you figure oul each finalist's full name tlast

l. The Rivercrest gotfer finished three strokes ahead of

Score First name Last name Club
2. The Trophy Club golfer finished next ahead of Lee, and
next behind Mr. Baxter.

3. The golfer from Meadowbrook finished next ahead of

Mr. Chappell, and riext behind Mr. Young.

Mr, Baxter finished three staokes ahead of the man who

golfs at Arlington.

5. Marvin finished someplace ahead of Warren, and some-

olace behind Mr. Fox.

o C
o 3
co 3
c cc) 6 o o
lC g 6,
6 E E f d o .g
o (D
o (5 o (! GI (E (6 o q) o-
) d) LL U)
Six below
One below
Two over
Three over


ore Four couples (the Adamses, the Bartons, the Grimleys, and, different tourist site (the Grand Canyon, Mammoth Cave, Old
re0 the Serapiglias) went camping on their vacations last year. Faithful, and the Painted Desert) in a differeht season of the
I,Ver Each couple is from a different home state (Catifomia, Mas- year. Can you find the season in which each couple took their
sachusetts, New Jersey, and Vemont), and each went to a vacation, their home state, and their camp site?
54. Solution is on page 54.

The couple from Vermont went camping sometime later 7. The couple from Massachusetts sent a postcard to the
in the year than the couple who went to the Painted Serapiglias.

The Serapiglias sent a posrcard to the couple that visited

Mammoth Cave. Season Couple State Site

3. The couple from New Jersey took their vacation be-

tween Christmas and New Year's Eve.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Adams, who didn't visit the Grand

Canyon, didn't send or receive any postcards all year.

5. The Banons didn t camp in spring or winter.

6. The California couple received a videotape of Old

Faithful from the couple who took their spring vacation

f"r ,,

co c c (d
6 E IL
(g E D


Grand Canyon
Mammoth Cave
Old Faithful


DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995 t7


Unbeknownst to Jenny Tetra, her anatomy was an accom- known "geographic" location. Can you determile the day on to the four members of the Germano family which each Germano went on tour, his or her relation to the
last week. On each day from Wednesday through Saturday, a family, and the site visited?
different family member was given a guided tour of a well- Solution is on page 54.

1. Serrata's tour either took place on Wednesday or was of 6. The tour ofthe Hyaloid Canal wasn't on Friday.
the Islet of Langerhans, or both.

2. Cfuoma's tour and the father's tour took place either on Day Name Relation Site
Wednesday and Thursday respectively, or on Thursday
and Saturday respectively.

3. The mother is either Vermis or the one who toured the

Mediastinum Isthmus. but nol bolh.

n The sister's tour and the tour of Lake l-acrimal were

either on Wednesday and Thursday respectively, or on
Thursday and Saturday respectively.

5. The- brother's tour occur€d at least two days after

Fossa's tour.

r8 DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995

on Baby Gina has a brand-new set of bright yellow atphabet every letter but Q and X. By arranging the blocks in various
he blocks. Each of the four blocks has a single letter of the ways, Gina can spell all of the'words listed below- Can vou
alphabet on each ofits six sides. In all, the six blocks conrain figure out how rhe letrers are arranged on the four block;?
t4. Solutioh is on page 54.





The dominoes of an ordinary double-six set have been removed. Can you deduce where each domino is, and draw
scrambled and arranged into the pattem shown below. Each in the lines to show how they are arranged? As a help, the 28
number shows the numb€r irf pips in that square, from zero dominoes.,pre listed with the diagram; remember that each
to six, but the boundaries between the dominoes have all been domino is used exactly once. Solution is on page 55.

33 226354
14 | 3 4 0 22
50 ltt06l
52 603665 lo ll E
oo o35432 lo-T|
62 o64'437
65 5124 5 4 I'EEEIZEtr3

DELL LOGI:C PUZZLES Februrary 1995 19

This Sunday, four couples staying at the Luxury Hotel (the moon, on vacation, and visiting relatives). Each couple had
Johnsons, the [.opezes, rhe Mileses, and the Sullivans) shared arrived on a different day fmm W.ednesday through Saturday.
a brunch table for eight. During the course of the meal, the Can you determine each couple's full names, day of arrival,
men (Doug, Jesse, Rex, and Scott) and women (Colleen, room number {103,212,319, or 406; the firsr digit is the
Emily, Hanna, and Maureen) discussed their reasons for number of the floor). and reason for their sray?
staying in the hotel (they were on business, on their honey- Solution is on page 55.

l. Thc Johnsons arrived the day before the couple in room 5. The Mileses arrived the day before the couple who were
212, and the day after Emily and herhusband (who isn't on vacation, and th€ day after the couple in room 319.

The four couples are: Hanna and her husband, the Day
couple visiting relatives, the couple who arrived Wed-
nesday, and the couple in room 40b.

3. Scott (who isn'r Mr. Mites) arrived sometime before Wife

Last name
The room in which Doug and his wife stayed is one floor
higher than that of the Lopezes (who arrived sometime Room #
after Hanna and her husband), and one floor lower than
thal o[ the couple who were on business. Reason

co co q) c
o N o (v c) .o
c o q)
5 c
E ,6 6o
-c g o
-9 c
E (!
o (o ot (v (.)
s o
o (l)
') J
a (D
-1 (r a uJ r (n (L ot






d Like most nonprofit agencies, Grove Street City Services has executive director, funding, directol and volunteer coordina_
ay. neyer bebn overfunded. Nevertheless, the five dedicated staff tor), and each picked a diffefent color for his or her office
AI, members (Golda, Kent, Steve, Ursula, and Wally) recently (beige, deep blue, ivory, tight blue, and tan). Can you find the
:he received a little money to give each of their offices a fresh full name of each staff memb€r (last names are palmer,
coat of paint- Each person holds a different position at the
Queen, Ramsay, Yonkowski, and Zyp), the position each
t5. agency (administrative coordinator, clinical services director. holds, and the color of paint each chose?
Solution is on page 55.

l. Golda and Zyp are in some order the executive director 6, The five staff members are: Ursula, Wally, yonkowski,
and the one who chose beige. the administrative coordinator, and th€ one who chose
tan for the office color.
2. Palmer didn't choose ivory.

First name- Last name Position Color
3 Neither of the women (one of whom is clinical services
director) chose a shade of blue.

4. Neither the one who chose ivory (who isn't yonkowski)

nor Kent Ramsay is the executive direcbr or the ad_
ministratiye coordinator.

5. The funding director chose deep blue.


o o o
6 o (E 3 .9 C')
o (g
c o €
E (|) E c c
o)b =
(r a (r
I rlJ LL (n
: ,(g


Deep blue
Light blue




Sidney Schopenhauer writcs enormously popular romance heroine (Annemarie, Beatrice, Celeste, Janell, Shanna, and
novels under the pen name ofRosamonde LaSalle. He cranks Suzanne), and exciting location (Greece, New York City,
out more or less the same story over and oYer, chahging little Portugal, Scotland, Spain, and Wales). Can you find the order
morc than the chatacters' names and th€ settings. So far he's in which he wrote his six books, and match each with its hero,
written six books, each one featuring a different virile hero heroine, and setting?
(Adolfo, Damien, Jeff, Kyle, Pierre, and Ricardo)' spunky Solution is on page 55.

l. Sidney's first book, which is set in Portugal, features Kyle but not Shaana'

2. Janell is the heroine of Sweet Rendezvous.

3. Annemarie finds romance in Sidney's sixth book.

As soon as Sidney iinished writing about Jeff's advenrures in Wales, he began

Damien's story in Scotland.

Srleet Pdssion was written sometime before the book featuring Beatrice, which was
written sometime before the book set in Greece, which was written sometime before
the book featuring Suzanne.

o. Sidney's second book is Sweet Desire-

7. Ricardo finds his trudlove in Sweet Surrender.

8. New York City is the setting for Sw,eet Nothings.

9. The two novels that feature Celeste arld Jeff weren't written consecutiv€ly in either

10. The heroine of Swe et Goodbye isn't Stianne-

11. The man Suzanne falls for is neither Adolfo nor Jeff.

Order Book Hero Heroine Setting

February 1995

nd Five students at Ridgewood Junior High (Anne, David, EUen, berry ice cream, and vanillapudding). Each of the five friends
ty, lnuis, and Maftha) eat lunch together every day. Each day brought lunch from home on :r different day, and the rest of
ler last week, the cafeteria sei'ved a different entr6e (chicken, the week bought his or her lunch at school. Can you figure
fo, fish, meat loaf, pasta salad, and tacos) and a different dessert out on which day each student chose to brown-bag it, and
(blueberry pie, gingerbread cake, oatmeal cookies, shaw- which entr€e and dessert was served on each ofthe five days?
t5. Solution is on page 55.

1. Anne brought her lunch to school sometime before the 5. The oatrneal cookies were served sometime before the
day or days on which fish and bluebeny pie were day David brought his lunch, and sometime after the
served. day meat loaf was served.

2. Chicken (which wasn't served the same day as ginger- Day Student Entr6e Dessert
bread cake) was served sometime after the day Ellen
brtiught her lunch, and sometime b€fore the day Louis
brought his.

3. Atl ofthe gills ate both the meat loafand thepastasalad.

4. Vanilla pudding and tacos were served either two or

three davs aDart.

(o (d E
(E q) o o
qt ! .q. _c ;(s (g
o o 6 t=
(t c) :t E
(d -9
! (E o (I) .ol5
in Jo
.9 o) (g
o L! (L ,(E ILI(L


Meat loaf
Pasta salad



Prince Folderol hired five new acts last week for appearances amne, and Solange. Each pair performed upon musical instru-
at banquets. At dinner each night from Monday though ments (drums, flutes, harps, lutes, or mandolins) and had
Friday, different act appeared to entertain Folderol's guests.
a some non-instrumental tale;t as well (aciobatics, dancing,
Each act consisted of two performers, one male and one juggling, magic, or singing). Can you find eachday's pair and
female. The five men were Chester, Fester, Lester, Nester, and discover their instrumental and non-instrumental talents?
Tester; the frve women were Ariane, Dionne, Katrinka, Mari- Solution is on page 56.

1. The magicians don't play lutes. 7. Katrinka, the magicians, and Fester performedon three
consecutive days in that order.
2. Mariamne ( who wasn't in Thursday's act) i sn't an acrobat.
8. The five pairs are Solange and her panner, Nesler and
3. Fesler can't dance, and Tesler can't sing. his paFn€r, the lutists, the singers, and Friday's act.

Friday's act didn't involve any mandolins- 9. The flautists performed earlier in the week than the
5. Irster (who isn't Katinka's partner) didn't perform on
Monday. 10. The dancers performed the day after Tester and the day
before Dionne.
The haryists (who don't include Ariane) don't juggle.

(g co
o 6 o o c q) o E 6 .g .g
o '- E Io c(5 o,
(') E o o- o c
! q) o .o .(6 (! (o (g (g (5
z 6 Y o o tr -






ru- It's back-to-school time, and Mrs. Calautti has just retumed item is sold in four colors (trlue, green, red, and yellow). Can
nd from shopping for the items her children have reouested you decide which three items e?rch child received, and the
Irg' (calculalors, lunchboxes, notebooks, and pencil cases). Each
color of each? Solution is on page 56.

l. In all, Mrs. Calautti bought three of each item, in thee different colors, and she
bought three items of each color

2. Each child received three different types of items, in three different colors.

3. Joshua received an item in red which one of the othcr children received
in sreen.
4. Adrienne gor a yellow pencilcase.

5. Joshua's lunchbox and Morgan's pencil case are the same color

6. Adrienne's calculator and Tony's lunchbox are the same color.

7. Morgan and Tony both received notebooks.

8. Tony didn'r get a red item.

9. Joshua got a green calculator.

Calculator Lunchbox Notebook Pencil case





DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995 25
Katie iS one of the busiest nine-year-olds around. Every day different number of years (one through five). Can you deter-
after school, Monday through Friday, she has a different mine the day on which Katie goes to each activity, the full
activity (baseball, dance, karate, piano, and scouts). Each name ofeach instructor (last-names are Bach, Collins, Graves,
activity is taught or coached by a different adult (Barbara, Hare, and Wood), and the numb€r of years she has known
David, Susan, Ted, and Vicki) whom Katie has known for a each of them? Solution is on page 56.

l. David is either the first or the last instructor of the week.

2. Katie has known Susan one year longer than hef baseball coach, and one year less
than her piano teacher.

3. Graves has known Katie for five years- r

Piano and ka&te are both taught by men.

5. Katie has krown Wood one year less than Barbara, and one year more than herscout
troop leader,

6. The instructor who has known Katie for thfee years sees her each week the day
before Mr. Hare and the day after the other male instructor.

7. Katie has her weekly piano lesson the day before she sees Collins, and the day after
she sees Graves.

e ag
G q) o o E (6
(l, :l 't o o

(t (5 -(I' o (U (! T' o
=o g IE(d o o
(|) o
dl o v lr U) (I) o U) .o slE o ,= o iE
ter- fast season was the most popular ever for the soap opera Moroccan prison, at one of the family's oil well sites, or at a
tuu "Lighthouse Love"-thanks, no doubt, to rhe writers who press conference. The fifth wa's proven to be the guilty party.
/es, introduced into an already complex plot the mysterious shoot- (At the beginning of next season, of cou$e, Mitten will
lwn ing of Millen, the show's notorious villain, Boss Nailer. the somehow retum from the dead when the actor who plays his
s6. show's dedicated district atrorney. had ro son out rhe evi- part retums from shooting a moyie in Hollywood.) Can you
dence against the five women (Contessa, Di, Gretyl, Lily, and figure out each woman's fuu name (last names are Bridge,
Maybetline) who had well-known motives to kill Millen. By Fox, Moss, Roko, and White). her husband's first name
the season.'s end, four of them had produced iron-clad alibis: ' (Angelo, Fuzz, Hatcher, Quinn, or Xavier), and her alibi, if
at the time of the murder they were at the country club, in a any? Solution is on ospe 56.

l. The women who were at the couutry club and the oil 8. Fuzz aryl Quinn were relieved when their wives were
well are, in some order, Mrs. Roko and Angelo's wife. proven innocent of the shooling.

Quinn and his wife don't own any oil wells.

First name Last name Husband Atibi
Angelo (who isn't Mr Moss) isn't Lily's husband.

Mrs. Moss, who was innocent herself, stispecred that

either Di or Lity was guilty.

Contessa Bridge (who isn't married to Angelo) had an

alibi, which did not involye a press conference.

Di and Gretyl are married toXavierand Mr. Fox in some


Mrs. White had an alibi which didn'tinvolve an oil well.

o 'c
.9 q)
6" 6
cCg c
o q)
c (J 6
.E !, o N
N .E .9 -o o 3
o 0 (! (5 6 q)
c0 t! tf tr- I X 6 o

Oil well
Press conference


DELL LOGIC PIJZZLES February 1995 27


The Oak Hills Country Club features five golfcourses, called lunch. Inst names are Morley, Norton, Parker, Sherman, and
the Green, Orange, Red, White, and Yellow Courses. Five Thompson. Can you match golferls full name with the
friends-Anne, Barry, Carla, Denis, and Eunice-played course he or she played, and tell in what order they arrived
gotf last Saturday, each on a different course, and they agreed in the clubhouse afterward?
to me€t in the clubhouse afterward to comDare scores over Solution is on page 56.

l. Carla (who didn't play the Yellow Course) arrived im- 8. Thompson arived immediately after the one who played
mediately before the one who played the White Course. the Red Course.

Barry arrived immediately after the one who played the

Green Course. Order First name Last name Course

3. Sherman arrived immediately before Denis, whose last

name is either Parker or Thompson.

Norton arrived immediately before Eunice.

5. Morley arived sometime after the one who played the

White Course.

Norlon (who isn't Barry ) played either the Green or the

Yellow Course-

7. Parker arrived imrnediately after Anne.

c(d o
o 6 E co o 3
f (I, o E
.9. .=
EIFI* oo o
c o -9
<lcolo f
Lu z a 6

White t:

Sherman h-

I 1..

28 DELL LOG|C ?UZZLES Fehrunrv taas

Every year iri November, Sylvia hosts parties at which a Violet, and Xenia) gave Sylvia a different amount of credit
saleswoman comes to show-and hopefully to sell-mer- ($50, $100, $150, $200, and $250), which Syliia then used
chandise. This year Sylvia held them on five consecutive to purchase Christmas gifts. Can you discover the full name
Friday nights (on the lst, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29rh). Each ofeach saleswoman (last names are Berger, Davis, Hayward,
party featured a different type ofmerchandise (art, cosmetics, Kent, and Simms), the evening her party at Sylvia's home
food containers, lingerie, and toys). All ofthe parties were so took place, the merchandise she sells, and the amount of
successful that each saleswoman (Gretchen, Marissa, Rose, credit that she gave to Sylvia? Solution is on page 57.

The cosmetics party was sometime later in the month 5. Marissa's party wasn't the first or last of the five.
than Violet's, but sometime earlier than Ms. Hayward's.
6. Gretchenb party was sometime after the one tiatearned
Sylvia eamed the most credit at the last party of the' Sylvia $100 in credit, and sometime before Ms. Kent's
month; the merchandise sold that night wasn't art or pary.
7. The first party, which earned Sylvia $150 in credit,
Ms. Davis's party eamed Sylvia more in credit than wasn't given by Rose.
Violet's, but less than the one held on the l5th.

4, The pany ar which toys were sold was sometime before

the one that earned Sylvia $50 in credit, and sometirhe
after the one by Ms. Simms (who doesn't sell art).

o (! o
Io o E E
|r, o
o o o .E E o (o
November 1

November B
November '15

November 22
November 29

Davis {


Notan Spahn, pitcherofthe Smashers in the Summerset
Coed are four irlfielders-first baseman, second baseman,
Soflball teague. called a timeour in the third innins for a short_
stop, and third baseman--:and four outfielders_left fielder,
the mound- and proposed ro carcher iammy lefr cenrer fielder, righr cenrer fielder. anO riehr nelOer. Th;
Banks. After she had had time to thint it over- she callei
eight tearnrnates are four women--Carmen, Gah, Susan, and
ano{her timeout in lhe sixth inning and acceDted.
Tammy and Yvette-and four men
Nolan decided ro have their wedding at hlme ptare of tne -Chad, Dwight, Joe, and Ramon; lasr
names are Berra, Clemente, Drysdale, Ford, Maris, Mays,
softball field, and to have their eight teammates act as their
Reese, and Snider. Can you find each player.s full name,
wedding party: maid of honor, best man, three bridesmaids_
playing position, and rol€ in the wedding party, and discover
and three groomsmen. In slow pitch soflbali, there are ten
the order in which the eight walked up the first baie line after
players on a team; in addition to the pitcher and catcher,
there the vows were exchanged? Solution is on page 57.

l. After the ceremony, the bride and groom were followed

Mr. Snider (who isn't Dwight) didn't escort either yvette
rn order by the maid of honor escorted by the best
or Susan.
man, and then by three bridesmaids, each escorted by
gfoomsman.. 9. The right center fielder is a woman.

2. Ms. Berra and Joe were immediately fo[owed by the 10. Chad esconed Ms. Reese.
second baseman and Mr. Clemente.
ll. The second baseman isn't Ms. Mays.
3. The three groomsmen (in no particular order) were
Ramon, Mr. Maris, and the third baseman. 12. Carmen and the female right fielder helped select rhe
striped dresses for the women in the wedding party,
4. The three bridesmaids (in no particular order) were
Leah, Ms. Mays, and the first baseman 13. Ms. Drydale's escort doesn't piay left center field.

5. Yvette and Ms. Reese arranged a bridal shower for t4. If was Joe, one of the infielders, whojokingly suggested
Tammy after a game. at the reception thatwedding guests should have thrown
softballs instead of rice.
6. The third baseman (who isn't Chad) and Mr.
organized Nolan's bachelor party at the Summerset 15. Mr. Ford wasn't part of the last couple in line.
Sports Bar.

7. Ms. Berra doesn't play first base,


First name

c Last name
3 Position


First name

Last name



30 DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February tg95

oll- Five customers stood in line at the Your Store Convenience Ms. Fugate, Mr. Grimes, Mr. Hebel, Mr. Jacksol, and Mr.
Cer, Mart last Sunday moming. Each spent a different amount on l-ang. Can you find the order in *hich they stood in line, and
Ihe gas, each amount being a whole number of dollars from $l match each with the amount of money he or she spent on gas
clq to $10- And each also bought another item as well (bread, a and the second item he or she bought?
last candy bar, milk, a newspaper, or soda). The customers were Solution is on page 57.
l. The five c\tomers were.the first in line, the one who 5. The one who bought milk spent twice as much on gas
fter candnbarl Mr Grimes, the one who spent $8
bought a cand4barl as the first person in line.
57. Ms.lFugate (who didn't buy milk).
on gas, and Ms.l

2. The person in line next after",,,

Mr. Jackson was a man who
Order Customer Amount ltem
bought anewspaperandspentaneven numberof dollars
for gas --one dollar less. as it happened. than Jackson
himself spent on gas.

3. The person who bought soda was rwo places in line

behind Mr. Hebet, who spent $5.

4. The third customer in line spent one dollar more on gas

than some other customer.

o C i

6o) (o o
o a-
l o (d o
- -) (6 lt
c(d - (E

z (to
u; o) q)
m I


Candy bar l

Mitk l

Newspaper I





A potluck picnic is held annually for families with adopted of thes€ children was born in a different country (China,
children from other countries. This year, the firstfive families Ethiopia, India, Korea, and Peru), and each is a different age
tq arrive (surnamed Baker, Metzger, Oates, Schroeder, and (in whole numbers of years). Can you determine the order in
Trevino) each had one adopted child (two girls---Carly and which the families arrived at the picnic, and identify each
Marissa-and three boys-Jared, Kevin, and Nathan). Each child's full name, country of origin, and age?
Solution is on page 57.

l. The five children are Nathan (who isn't from China), the Schoeder boy, the oldest
of the five, the chitd from India, and the child whose family arrived second.

2. Marissa is older than the Baker child, but one year younger than thc child whose
family arrived last.

3. The Trevinos arrived sometime after the family whose child is from China.

4. Carly Metzger, thd two-year-old, is the youngest of the five children.

5. The Oates family (which didn't arrive third) arrived immediately after Marissa's

6. The six-year-old (who isn't Kevin) quickly made friends with the Trevino child.

7. The child from Ethiopia is one year younger than the one from Korea, but somewhat
older than the child from Peru.

8. Marissa and the five-year-old played together in the playgrouod.

I .;
E (l)
o o

cl;lelElx a F c :<



32 DELL LOGIC P UZZLES February 1995


Every spring the Alexander brothers are eager to visit their found each of the five (Blagden, Glendon, Kingsden,
wedkend retreats to see how they fared over the winter, and Langdon, and Ogden) adding a different amenity to his
to begin various improvements. Each retreat is a different hideaway---either a barbecue pit, boat dock, porch, satellite
kind of stnrcn[e (an A-frame cotlage, dome, landbound house- dish, or sauna. Can you match each brothe with his retreat,
boat, log cabin, or trailer) near a different town (Kiva, improvement, and nearest town?
Naubinway, Point Abbaye, Toivola, or Traunik). This spring Solution is on page 58.

l. Langdon owns neither the A=frame nor the retreat near 10. Neith€r Ogden's camp nor the Traunik property has the
Toivola. new porch.

2. The Naubinway property (which isn't the hailer) isn't ll. Neither the Toivola hideaway nor the A-frame was
Glendon's. improved with a boat dock.

3- Neither the log cabin nor the Toivola proprty is owned 12. The Traunik property remains unequipped with a sauna.
by Blagddn.
13. . Blagden (who didn't build the new porch) doesn't own
The porch wasn't added to the Point Abbaye structure- the houseboat.

5. One man has towed an old houseboat into the woods for 14. The A-frame isn't near Kiva.
his getaway; it doesn'tsport the new sauna.
Brother Retreat lmprovement Town
6. Kingsden (who helped build his brother's A-frame)
added neither a porch nor a sauna to his own property.

7. The brick barbecue pit wasn't added to either the dom€

or the Traunik property.

8. Blagden owns neither the A-ftame nor th€ PointAbbaye ---


9. Neither the dome nor Ogden's property is near either

Kiva or Naubinway.

34 DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995


Five new prime-time cartoon series haye been scheduled on mouse, opossum, parrot, pig, and rooster, as well as a punt-
various cable networks for the upcoming season. Each series rocker cat. Names are Binky, Bombel Fen, Jojo, Lu, Matt,
features a pair of animal caricatures who have some very Mugsy. Red. Skimpy. and Yu. Can you find the names and
human traits; they include a bear, dog, fox, groundhog, species of each pair? Solution is on page 58.

l. Fen, Mugsy, and the bear who's allergic to honey are featured in three different

2. One show features a big-eared mouse and a long-nosed dog.

3. The slow-witted fox (who isn't Bomber) isn't paired with the soflspoken rooster.

Yu's cartoon cohort is neither the hyperactive opossum who never plays dead nor
the fastidious pig.

5. Binky (who isn't the bear) isn't on the same show as Mugsy.

tt. Fen (\&ho isn't Lu's pall isn't the roosrer.

'1. Malt (who isn't the dog) isn't paired with Fen.

8. Skimpy, who is the shadow-boxing goundhog, isn't?artner to the fox

9. The series featuring Binky and the rooster will be shown on a different night from
the one starring Lu and the politically coffect parrot.

10. Red's television buddy isn't the opossum.

I i. TheinagazineTV Tal,t recently devoted a feature article to the new "Bomber & Jojo

Neither Mugsy nor Red is the speechifying parrot.

Lu is neither the bear nor the fox.

14. Malt (who isn't the rooster) isn't paired wi{h Lu.

Name Animal Name Animal






DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995 35


Eleven women (Heidi, Ivy, Joanne, Kiandra, Lyn, Mabel, random. Can you decide the full name of each womat (last
Nona, Olivia, Patti, Qula, and Ruth) gathered for a discussion names are Ayers, Blaine, Colby, Dobson, Effingham, Fox,
group, sitting in a circle on two couches and five chairs, as Glass, Stone,Townsend, Volpone, and Zapata), where she sat,
shown below. They b€gan the session by introducing them- and what order she spoke in?
selves in clockwise order, beginning with one woman at Solution is on page 58.

l. The first to introduce hcrself was Joanne, who sat in a chair'

2. The second was Kiandra, who is married.

3. The fourth was Mabel and the fifth was Nona; their last names are, in some order,
Blaine and Effingham.

The sixth was neither Ms. Fox (who sat in a chair) nor Ms' Volpone.

5. The seventh and eighth were, in some order, Ruth and Ms. Townsend; at least one
of them is married.

6. The ninth and tenth were Ms. Ayers and Ms. Glass, in that order; they share the same
marilal stalus.

7. The eleventh was Ms- Stone, who is married.

8. Olivia and Qula are sisters-in-law

9. Lyn and Ms. Dobson sat adjacent to each other on one of the sofas.

10. Ms. ( olby sat belween lwo married women.

11. Heidi and Ms. Zapata are siste$-in-law

12. Ms. Blaine didn't sit between two single women.

13. Olivia and Patti didn't sit adjacent to each other; they both sat on the same kind of
seat (either chair or sofa).

14. Of the four married women, only Ivy sat on a sofa rather than in a chair'


36 DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995

(last It was a busy week for the members of the Random Access chased on a different day, Monday through Friday. Can you
Fox, Computer Users Club. Five members (Alberto, Glenda. find the full name of each club member (last names are Eng,
e sat, Lawrence, Selena, and Zeke) each purchased a different new Jipescu, Knowles, Pascayo, and Thornton), the day he or she
item for his or her system (a disk drive, a graphics monitor, went shopping, and what he or she purchased?
e 58. a keyboard, a modem, and a printer). Each item was pur- Solution is on page 58.

l. The Thursday purchase was either the one made by Eng 8. Zeke is Knowles.
or the printer.
9. The graphics monitor wasn't purchased by Selena,
2. f,awrence made his purchase sometime after the one and wasn't purchased the day before Selena made her
who bought the graphics monitor, and sometime before purchase"

1. The keyboard wasn'r purchased on Wednesday. Day First name Last name ltem

1. Glenda and Pascayo made their purchases on consecu-

tive days, in some order.

i . Selena mide her purchase the day before the person who
bought the disk drive.

6. Jipescu shopped the day before the person who bought

the modem.

Thornton didn't go shopping on Monday.

(lJ o E
(! (tr E
o o
-g to _9
o o .9

J a N o TL



DELL LOGIC PUZZLES Februan 1995 37


Arbuckl€, Babette, Clive, Dahlia, Esmeralda, and Florian sat room as a solution to th€ mystery; after such a suggestion,
down last night for a game of Clue. In Clue, a deck of cards each player to the left in tunreither passes (indicating that he
represents the possible suspects (Mr. Green, Colonel Mus- or she doesz', hold any of th€ three cards in thc suggestion)
tard, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlett, and Mrs. or disproves the suggestion (indicating. that he or she does
White), weapons (candlestick, knife, lead pipe, revolyer, hold at least one of thg three cards); as soon as someone has
rope, and wrench) and rooms (ballroom, billiard room, con- disproved the suggestion, the tum is over.
servatory, dining room, hall, kitchen, library, lounge, and After 16 suggestions had been made and disproved, the
study) in a murder mystery; each suspect, weapon, and room players (who were not very good at logical thinking) didn't
is represented on one card. realize that there was enough information to solye the mys-
Florian divided the cards into three piles and.picked one tery. Can you do better than they did, by identifying the three
suspct, one weapon, and one room at random; these cards cards in each player's hand, and determining which suspect,
were the solution to the mystery, and they were set aside sight weapon, and room were not held by anyone-and were
unseen. Florian then shuffled the remaining l8 cards and therefore th'e solution to themystery?Nate. Itis possible that,
dealt three to each player, At various times in the game, a for deceptive purposeS, a player might hold one or more of
player may suggest a combination of susp€ct, weapon, and the cards in his or her own suggestion.
Solution is on page 59.

1. WhenArbuckle suggested that the crime was committed l0: When Arbuckle suggested that the crime was com-
by Mr. Green with the candlestick in the lounge, Babette mitted by Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the
(haying none of those three cards) passed, and Ctive billiard room, Babette disproved it,
(having at least one of those three cards) disproved it.
ll. When Babette suggested that the crirrie was committed
2. When Babette suggested that the crime was committed by byProfessorPlum with therevolver in the lounge, Clive
Mr. Green with the lead pipe in the library, Clive and passed, and Dahlia disproved it.
Dahlia passed. Then, before Esmeralda could say any-
thing, Florian passed. Esmeralda scolded Florian for When Cliie suggested that th€ crime was committed by
spdaking out of tum, and said she could disprove the Professor Plum with the rope in the study, Dahlia,
suggestion herself, but it didn't occur to any ofthe plalers Esmeralda. Florian. and Arbuckle passed, and Babetl,e
to make use of the information Florian had glven away. disproved it.

3. When Esmeralda suggested that the crime was com- 13. When Dahlia suggested that the crime was committed
mitted by Mrs. Peacock with the candlestick in the by Mr. Green with the wrench in the lounge, Esmeralda
dining room. Florian passed. and Arbuckle disproved i1. and Florian passed, and Arbuckle disproved it.

4. when F'lorian suggested that the crime was committed t4.. When Florian suggested that the crime was committed
by Professor Plum with the wrench in the kitchen, by Miss Scarlett with the revolver in the dining room.
Arbuckle disproved it. Arbuckle disproved it.

5. When Arbuckle suggested that the crime was committed 15. When Arbuckle sugg€sted that the crime was com-
by Miss Scarlett with th€ lead pipe in the hall, Babette mitted by Mrsr White with the revolver in the ballroom,
passed. and Clive disproved it. Babette disproved it.

6. When Babetre suggested that the crime was committed 16. When Batiette suggeited that the crime wds committed
by Mrs. Peacock with the knife in the hall. Clive, Dah- by Mrs. White with the knife in the conservatory, Clive
lia, and Esmeralda passed, and Florian.disproved it. . disproved it.

?. When Clive suggested that the crime was committed by 17. Th€ playeis followed the curious house rule that if
Colonel Mustard with the wrench in the study, Dahlia, anyone was dealt a hand of three cards of the samelype
Esmeralda, and Florian passed, and Arbuckle disproveil it. (three suspe€ts, three weapons, or tfuee rooms) at the
' beginning of the game, he or she had to announce it, and
8. When Dahlia suggested thal the crime was committed the cards would all be remixed and redealt.
by Miss Scarlett with the rope in the conservatory,
Esrneralda disproved it.

9. When Esmeralda suggested that the crime was com-

mitted by Mr. Green with the lead pipe in the kitchen,
Florian passed, and Arbuckle disproved it. See grid on thefacing page.
stion, Five married couples (surnamed Krebs, Lopez, Mincus, Nye, Can you determine each player's full name. position on the
lat he and Ong) play softball as a team. These women (Anna, Barb, team (there are one catcher, four infielders, four outfielders,
ihon) Chloe, Diana, and Ebony) and men (Frank, Gus, Hal, Ian, and and one pitcher), and the order in which they bat?
does Jack) have played together for so many years that they have Note: The order repeats, with the first batter irnmediately
& has an agreed-upon batting order, with only an occasional sub- following the tenth.
stitution due to injury, advanced pregnancy; or vacation trips. Solution is on page 59.
I, the
mys- l. kague rules require altemating male and female batters. Order First name Last name Position
ipect, 2. Spouses never bat consecutively.
) that,
3- The four outfield positions are played by Ebony, Ian,
ne of Mr.Iopez, and theplayer who bats fifth;no two ofthese
four ever bat consecutively.
ie Jy,
4. Jack takes his first at-bat sometlme betbre Chloe and
sometime after Ms. Mincus.
n the 5. The fow infield positions are played by Diana, Ms. Min-
cus, Barb's husband, and the player who bats fourth.

Gus's wife (who isn't Ms. Krebs) bats just after Frank.

Anria bats just before Gus and just after Mr. Ong.

The pitcher bats third.

Ian bats seventh, immediately before Ha1's wife.



p(! o I co)
o -9
.:o p
c) 6 g
E .c,
nt if J oo (g =c
o (!
) t)rPe
(L (L O l< J E I )<
rt the Arbuckle
t, and Babette


In his latest film, Tft e U nforgot ten, action star Flint Westwood in a different town (Booty Hill, Crumpet Creek, Dog City, El
plays aging gunfighter Brandy Alexander, who reluctantly Peso, and Silver Town). The-showdowns take place on five
leayes peaceful retirement as a mushroom farmer to rid the
consecutive days, Monday though Friday, of a truly hard
territory of five very bad hombres. In the movie. Brandv faces work week. Can you find each day's villain, his nickname
each of the viltains (Bitly Bonner, Moondance Cassidv. Doc ('Deadeye," "Full House," "Snake," "Two Bits," ard ,,Widow-
Easler. Wyan Urp. and John Hardly Westem) in a sho*down maker'), and the town in which Brandy challenges him?
Solution is on page 59.
l. "Two Bits" doesn't meet Brandy in El peso. 9. On three consecutive days, Brandy meets up with Wyatt
Urp, "Widowmaker," and a villain in El peso. in that
2. Brandy finishes with Billy Bonnet sometime earlier in
the film than his showdown in Crumpet Creek (which
isn't on Friday). 10. When Brandy gallops into SilverTown, the bandit who
is hiding in an alley, planning to ambush our hero, isn,t
3. Brandy's battle with Wyatt Urp doesn't take place in
hardscrabble Booty Hill.

4. "Deadeye," "Widowmaker," and Doc Easter are all

three bitter enemies of Brandy because he had stolen Day Nickname NAme Town
their shares of the money from a bank robbery the four
had pulled together many years earlier

5- Booty Hill isn't the site ofBrandy,s run-in with,.Deadeye.,'

6. The shootout with,'Full House', doesn't take Dlace on

Monday or Friday.

7. Brandy confronts John Hardty Western the day before

he meets with the notorious ,.Two Bits" (which isn't on

8. Neither Doc Easter nor Moondance Cassidy is nick-

named "Snake."

& DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995

y, El The Elkinds invited fourcouples (the Fischers, Glasses, Mar- list, hardware store owner, jeweler, optometrist, private de-
five quezes, and Zigmonds) to dinner recently- The five men tective, sociology professor, fiix attomey, and video pro-
hard @ave, Irwin, Quenrin. Richard, and Witliam.; and five women ducer). Can you find the full name and occupation of the
lame (Judith, Nancy, Olga, Ursula, and Yetta) sat inchairs arranged person in each chair? Note.. Seats are considered to be
low- around the table as shown below. Each person at the table has to" each other even around corners: thus seat 2 is next to and
a different occupation (an aerobics inirructor, botanist, cel- immediately between seats I and,3. Solution is on page 60.
e 59.

0att 1 . Mr. and Mrs. Elkind sai respectively at the east and west Seat Firsl name Last name Occupation
that ends ofthe table.

2. No husband saton the same side ofthe table as his wife.

The jeweler-who is of the same sex as the yideo
producer-sat directly across from Yetta.
The botanist sat on the north side of the table, to the
immediate teft of Mrs. Zigmond; each of these two sat
next to at least one marl.

5. William didnt sit next to Olga.

Judith sat immediately between Mrs. Marquez and the

priYate detective.

One woman sat immedialely between Mr. GIass and Mr.


8. Dave sat direcily across from Mi. Fischer.

9. Ir,lrs. Zigmond is either the tax attorrey or Richard's

wife, bur not both.

I0. The hard ware store owner sat nexl lo Ursula, and d irect -
ly across from the optomertrist.

11. Nancy sat next to Quentin, and directly across froni the
sociology professor

12, Mrs. Fischer and Mrs, Glass are, in some order, lhe
aerobics instructor and the botanist.

.13. Richard, Mr. Marquez, and the cellist all sat on the same
side of the table.

trtrtrtr N




t7 l

tl |
DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995 4t
On the occasion of Fenetville's centennial, The Dailt Blab on a blanket, on a rocking horse, on a rug, on a hicycle, or in
published a series ofbaby pictures of town notables-the fire a wading pool). The six subjects were identified only by their
chief, mayor, police chief, and school superintendent, as well first n4mes (Cherise, Clifton, Deborah, Gregory, Jessica, and
as a famous docror and a best-selling writer Each picture Mitchell). Can you find the first name, adult occupation, and
appeared on a different day from Monday through Satufday, pose of each day's photo subject?
and each tyke was posed in a different setting (in a bathtub,
Solution is on page 60.

l. The fire chief appeared one day before the infant in a bathtub, who appeared one
day before Clifton.

2. The toddter riding a tocking horse appeared one day after the mayor, but one day
before Gregory.

3. Clifton wasn't shown on a blanket.

4. The police chief (who didn't appearon Wednesday) isn't Deborah.

5. Gregory wasn't shown splashing in a bathtub.

6. The school superintendent and the tot on the tricycle appeared on consecutive days,
in one order or t_he other

/. The doctor is reirher Clifton nor Jessica.

8. Cherise (who was posed neither on the rug no-r on the rocking horse) didn,t grow up
lo become rhe mayor.

9. Jessica appeared one day after the child on the blanket, who appeared one day after
the police chief.

10. The mayor (who wasn't shown in a bathtub) isn't Clifton

u. Jessica (who isn't the fire chief or the writer) wasn't photographed on a rocking

Day Pose

.42 DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995


or rn Five young women who shared a dormitory in their freshman heart. One said she hated her boyfriend's obsession with
their year at college had one thing in common: before leaving for baseball, one objected to long-distance romances, one ad-
t, and college, each had sworn undying devotion to her high school mitted to having met a new boyfriend, one said she was acting
r, and boyfriend who was attending a different college far away. on a psychic's advice, and one claimed she was taking religious
Much to tho young women's own surprise (though not, per- vows. As it happened, each young man's youthful ardor had
haps, to the surprise of older and wiser hearts), after a month cooled as well, so no heart was seriously injured. Can you
at college each found herself writins a "Dear John" letter to match each woman with her boyfriend, her excuse, and the
herboyfriend explaining why her feelings had changed. Each number of months (a whole number in each case) th€ir
of the women (Alicia, Barb, Jessica, Julie, and Winona) gave romance had lasted? Note.' Solvers who wish to skip much of
her boyfriend (John Johnson, John Jones, John Roberts, John the arithmetic needed to solve this puzzle may fiad an extra
Smith, or John Williams) a differentexcuse for her change of clue on page 63. Solution is on page 60-

l. John Johnson's romance had lasted twice as long as 8. John Roberts's rofirance lasted longer than John Smith's.
Alicia's, which had endured twice as long as th€ ro-
marce terminated on the adyice of a.psychic. 9. One woman broke off a romance that had begun over
the summer, just thrQe months Previously.
Julie (whose boyfriend wasn't John Johnson) had been
in her relationship one third as many inonths as Winona
had been in hers. Woman Man Reason Months

Neither John Roberts nor John Williams was the base-

ball fanatic.

4. Exactly two of the women had first initials that matched

their boyfriend's last initials.

5. The shortest rorirance of the five was Jessica's; the

longest lasted 24 monGs.

6. John Robens didn't believe his girlfriend's insistence

thal she hadn't met anyone new.

?. The woman who said she was taking religious vows had
been in her relationship exactly half as long as John
Jones had been in his.

DELL LOGIC PU?ZLES Februory 1995 /|:l

Each oftheeight teams in therookie North Atlantic L€ague- league teams they aro afhliated witl are the Baltimore Orioles,
which features newly signed professional players-is a farm Colorado Rockies, Houston AstrOs, New York Yankees, Pitts-
for a different major league team. The eight teams are based burgh Pirates, San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners, and
in the towns of Cold Harbor, Gravesend, New Chartres, Texas Rangers. Can you find each minor league team'$ city,
Ocean City, St. Bamaby, Summerset, West Ham, and Winter- name, and major league affiliation, and discover how the
gle$ thek team names are the Admirals, Dukes, Meteors, teams ranked in last yea.r's season?
Mountaineers, Parrots, Sharks, Suns, and Waves; the major Solution is on page 61.

The top four teams ilr the ranking are, in no particular The Summerset Suns finished one place ahead of the
order, New Chartres, the San Francisco Giants farm Pittsburgh Pirates farm team and two places ahead of
team (which finished second), the Meteors, and the the Mountaineers.
9. The Winterglen team isn't named the Sharks or the
fie New York YanJcees affiliate finished immediately Meteors.
ahead of Ocean City.
10. The Parrots aren'l from Ocean City.
St. Bamaby isn't the Pittsburgh Pirates farm team.
ll. The'New Chartres team isn't named the Admirals or the
The Waves finished immediately ahead of West Ham, Mountaineers.
which finished immediately ahead of the Seattle
Mariners farm t€am. 12. Cold Harbor finished one place behind the Meteors.

The Baltimore Orioles affrliate finished one place be- 13. The Sharks linished somewhere ahead of the Texas
hind Winterglen, which finished one place behind the Rangers farm team (which isn't in Wintergten).
14. The Houston Astros farm team isn't the Mountaineers.
The Seattle Mariners farm team isn't in New Chartres.

The Dukes (who aren't the San Francisco Gian* af-

filiate) didn't finish last.

City Team Afiiliated with




DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995 4,lt


Alba Armskong is a real estate agent with a prosperous Georgian, and Victorian) and located in five different
business in Snoore County- Looking over her record of 1994 (Kentfield, Lanhamton, I',lew Durham, Oak Creek, and
sales, she noted that her frve most lucrative sales of the year er Village). Can you discover the month in which each
(to couples named Quinn, Uknalis, Weyrick, Yardley, and purchased their new home, the style ofeach house, the
Zubin) took place in five consecutive montlts. These houses in which each is located, and the number of bedrooms
were in five different styles (art nouveau, Bauhaus, colonial, each has? Solution is on page 6

l. The house in New Durham has exactly three fewer bedrooms than one of the others.

2. Alba's first sale was lhe colonial.

3. The Weyricks (who didn't buy the Bauhaus) purchaqed theirhouse the month after
the Quinns; one of these couples bought the house in Palmer Village.

The Uknalises purchased a house in April that had two fewer bedrooms than the
house in Kentfield.

5. Alba sold the house in Lanhamton sometime after the Georgian.

b- The two houses that have four bedrooms were purchased exactly two months aPan;
the Zubins bought one of them.

at. Alba sold the Victorian the month before the house in Oak Creek, and the month
after'she sold a house to the Yardleys.

8. The art nouveau house has exactly twice as many bedrooms as one of the other

9. A five-bedroom house was purchased in March.

Couple Style lown . Bedrooms

& DELL LOGIC PAZZLES February 1995


accepted quickly when his old college roommate. adifferent bedroom each night from Monday to Sunday. Thus
Dotv. invited him to visit for a week. Since their between them Barnaby and Dorabella stayed in all.14 of the
days. Ralph had become fabulously wealthy heading guestbedrooms during the week. Unfortunately, Bamaby and
small company that produced computer software so ad- Dorabella took their meals at different hours, and absent'
that no one tlut Ralph himself quite understood what minded Ralph never thought to introduce them or €ven men-
did. Now Ralph lived in a lavish mansion in which an entire tion the presenca of one to the other, so that Bamaby and
in the form of a five-srory tower as shown below, was Dorabella spentseven days under that enormous roofwithout
just to bedrooms-Ralph's own bedroom and 14 actually meeting. Can you find the two colors each loom is
bedrooms. Because Ralph had trouble keeping the decorated in, discover which room is Ralph's, and discover
straight, he had numbered them from 1 to 15 as shown. when and by whom each of the guest rooms was occupied?
addition, each bedroom was decorated in two colors. Ralph Note.'Solvers who want to skip rdost ofthe arithmetic needed
invited another friend ofhis, a woman named Dorabella, to solve this puzzle-can find an extra clue on page 63.
stay the week, and he invited each of his guests to stay in Solution is on page 62.

Only ten colors were used in this wing of the house: 9. Bamaby stayed in atmostone room (andpossibly none)
amber, burgundy, crimson, emerald, gold, ivory, jet, decorated in ivory.
peach, silver, and turquoise. Each room was decorated
in two of these colors, and each color was used in 10. Three days after Dorabella stayed in the crimson and
exacdy three rooms. gold room, Bamaby stayed in the emerald ard peach
No two rooms were decorated in the same pair ofcolors.
11. No room was decorated in both silver and turquoise.
No color was used more than once on any floor or in
any vertical column of rooms. 12. Barnaby never had a room that was bdth in the same
vertical column as Dorabella's and on a lower floor.
On each night, Barnaby and Dorabella slept in bed-
rooms that were on different floors and which had no 13. Someone slept one night in a room decorated in amber,
colors in common. and moved to the burgundy and ivory room on the same
floor the following night. i
Each night after the first, the sum of Bamaby's and
Dorabella's room numbers was greater than the night 14. Barnaby's rgom on Tuesday night wasn't decorated in
before. emerald.

Ralph's bedroom was decorated in gold and turquoise. 15. Barnaby's room number on Monday night was three
times Dorabella's room number on Sunday night.
The jet and silver room was never occupied by Barnaby.

stayed in at least one room decorated in

q o

7 I 10

tl 12 13 l+,t
14 lrc
IJ | .i
t'- |
|tttl | | _.

Mon. Tues. Wed.
j\ -j:- -:-- -""- :

DELL LOGIC PIJZZLES February 1995 47 i

The opera world raised a collective eyebrow when reclusive taught eight stUdents that month; they were three
soprano Signora Algelica di Tempeste----on the advice of her (Deena, Jill, and Lilliae) and five men (Adam,
most frusted numerologist {ame out of retirement for just Harold, Matt, and Xavier); tieir last names are B
one month to give voice lessons. From Wednesday, January Fitzpatrick, Grauer, Kleiner, Stuart, Ventura, Wolf,
I, through Wednesday, January 29, she scheduled one lesson Zaines. Can you match each student's full name with his
each Wednesday and two lessons each Saturday and Sunday. her lesson or lessons?
(No student ever took two lessirns in one day.) In alt, she Solution is on page 6

l. Harold and Fitzpatrick never had lessons on the same Saturday.

2. Stuart had at least one lesson on an earlier day than at least one of Xavier's.

3. Adam had more lessons rhan anyone else.

4. Ventura's three lessons were on three consecutive woiking days for the Signora.

5. Lillian aad Kleiner had two lessons each; each of Lillian's was exactly four days
after one of Kleiner's.

6. Matt's thee lessons were all on Sundays.

7. Jill and Bradley had the lessons on the eighth and the 22nd in some order.

8. Tvoof Edward's three lessons were the Signora's first and last lessons of the month,

9. Any day that Deena had a lesson, Grauer had one, too.

10. All of Mr. Wolf's lessons were on later days than all of Jil['s.

11. Of Bradley, Fitzpatrick, and Kleiner, the two men had no lessons on any of the first
three Wednesdays,

12. Mr. Zaines (who isn't Adam) had lessons on the fourth and fifth ofthe month-



rlf, a

h his

taSe I




DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995 41,
$trIL€# TftWffiffi
PAGE 8 (clue l), so it was found in the refrigerator, and by elimination
Garcia is female, but she's not a senior (clue 3), so she's not Norman's ruler was found under the table. In summary:
Monica (clue 1); she must be Andrea. Randall's specialty isn't Karen, scissors, bar
history {clue 2). nor fine arts or lirerature (clue 4), so jt s Larry. box of crayons. refrigeraror
science. Randall. then, isn'r McKay rwho isn't r}|e science Molly, pencil, cupboard
expert clue l) or Brennan (clue 2), so Randall is Hardy. Norman, ruler, table
Monica isn't McKay (clue 1), so she's Brennan, and by elimi-
nation McKay is Thomas. Thomas McKay's specialty isn't fine
arts or literature (clue 4), so it's history. Monica Brennan's THE EAB OF THE BEHOLDEB PAGE 10
specialty isn't literature (clue 5), so it's fine ans, and by Gayle is Willis (clue 4). Nevins is a woman, but she isn't Agnes
elimination the literature expert is Andrea Garcia. In summary: (che 2), so she's Linda. Linda Nevins doesn't listen to tapes
Andrea Garcia, literature (clue 6), so she likes her music live, and Agnes listens to tapes
Monica Brennan, fine arts (clue 2). Agqes, then, isn't Quigley (clue 3) or Dryer (clue 5),
Randall Hardy, science so she's Fanshaw. Jeff isn't Quigley (clue 1), so Jeff is Dryer,
Thomas McKay, history and by elimination Quigley is Brian. Jeff Dryer likeslap (clue
tn 1), and Agnes Fanshaw likes country western (clue 5). The one
{- who likes qlassical music is a man (clue 4), so he's Brian
JUST MY BILLS PAGE 8 Quigley. Linda Nevins doesn't prefer rock and roll (clue 7), so
g Check #(04 isn't for $20 or $60 (it can't have the greatest or she likes show music, and by elimination Gayle Willis likes
smallest amount of ths four checks--clue 2), nor is it for $40 rock and roll. The radio listener isn't Gayle Willis or Brian
ly (the $40 check can'r have the smallest number-{lue 4). so
,s Quigley (clue 4), so this is Jeff Dryer. The CD listener isn't
ln check #604 is for $30. Check #607 isn't for $40 or $60 (clue Brian Quigley (clue 3), so this is Gayle Willis, and by elimi-
3), so it's for $20. Check #605 isn't for $60 (clue 1), so ir's for nation Brian Quigle) lislens lo LPs. ln surnmary:
$40, and by elimination check #606 is for $60. The $40 check Agnes Fanshaw, country westem, tapes
e is for the electric bill (clue 3). Check #604 is for the water bill Brian Quigley, classical, LPs
(clue 4). The check to the telephone company is for $20, and Gayle Willis, rock and rotl, CDs
the $60 check is to Frack's (clue 2). In summary: Jeff Dryer. rap. radio
Check #604. $30. water Linda Nevins, show music, live
I Check #605, $40, electricity
Check #606, $60, Frack's department srore
Check #607, $20, telephone PAGE 10
; The second team included Carla (clue 5), and the fourth team
1 inchided Paddy (clue 2). Lana and Ellie were on consecutive
I teams in that order (clue 3), which can only have been either I
I Molly didn't buy broccoli or zucchini {clue 2 ) or green peppers second and third or else third and fourth; in any case, the third
I (clue 4). so she bought spinach. Damon didn't buy broccolior team included either Ellie or Lana, so Deyin and Norton, who
zuccbini (clue 2). so he boughr green peppers. Damon also . were a team (clue 1), weren't third; they also weren'tfifth (clue
bought cantaloupes (clue 4). Harry didn't buy limes or nectarines- l), so they were first. Lana's team, then, didn't speak second
(clue 3), so he bought apricots; hedidn't buy zucchini (clue 5), (since Osgood's didn't speak first--{lue 4), so Lana was on the
so he bought broccoli. Molly didn't buy neclarines {clue l). so third team, Ellie was on the fourth, and the fifth team proposed tf
she bought limes. By eliminarion, Edilh bought necrarines and motel discount coupons (clue 3). Osgood was on the second
zucchini. In summar': team (clue 4), so by elimination Mavis was on the fifth. Abner
Damon, cantaloupes. green peppers wasn't on the fifth team (clue 6), so he was on the tlrird, and by
Edith, nectarines. zucchini elimination Betty was on the fifrh. Carta and Osgood suggested
I the free sunblock, and Ellie and.Paddy suggested the free l
I Harry, apricots, broccoli
Molly, limes, spinach postcards (clue 6). Abner and Lana didn't propose the camera
I raffle (clue 4t. so Devin and Nonon did. and by elimination li
I Abner and Lana propord lhc free film dereloping. ln summary;
First. Devin. Norton. camera raffle
The box of crayons doesn't belong to Karen (clue l), nor to Second, Carla, Osgood, free sunblock I

Molly or Norman (clue 3), so it's Larry's. The item tbund Third, Abner, Lana, free filr.n developing
behind the bar isn't Lany's box of crayons (clue 3), nor does Fourth. Eltie. Paddy. free postcards
it belong to Molly or Norman (clue 3), so it's Karen's. The ruler Fifth, Bett)a, Mavis, motel discount coupons
doesn't belong to Karen or Molly (clue 2), so it's Norman's.
The item found in the cupboard isn't Larry's box of crayons, WIGS AND MAKEUP PAGE 11
th6 ruler, or the scissors (clue 4), so it's thepencil; therefore it. No one is assigned simultaneous slots with the wig stylist and
can only belong to Molly, and by elimination the scissors are the makeup artist (clue 1). The two 8:00 time slots must be
Karen's. Larry's box of crayons wasn't found under the table assigned to Claude and Diane in some order (as the others must

DELL LOCrc PUZZLES Februory 1995 5l

be ready by 8:00---<lue 2). Hillary's second slot can't be 7:50
(or she'd be finished earlier than only two of the four----clue 5),
but her two slots'aren't consecutive (the only performer with
consecutive slots is a man----clue 4), so her slots are at 7:20 and
7:40. Belle and Fritz both have their second slots after Hillary
(clue 5), so they have the two 7:50 slots. The man whose slots
ale consecutive (clue 4), then, can't be Claude, so he's Fritz,
and therefore Fritz's first slot is al 7:40. Claude and Diane must
have the two 7:30 slots (clue 6), and by elimination tlle other
7:20 slot is Belle's. Belle is made up at 7:20 and wigged at 7:50
(clue 3), so Hillary's 7:20 slot must be for a wig, and Fritz's
7:50 slot must be for his makeup; at 7:40, then, Hillary gets
made up and Fritz gets his wig. The man who gets made up
before he gets wigged (clue 3) must be Claude, so Claude is
made up at 7:J0 and wigged ar 8:00: by elimination. Diane is
wigged at 7:J0 and made up ar 8:00. In summary:
Wigs:7:20.Hillary Mal<eup:7:20,Belle
7:30, Diane 7:30, Claude
7:4O, Fritz 7:40, Hillary
7:50, Belle 7:50, Fritz
8:00, Ctaude 8:00, Diane


Mercedes and Toby photographed Robinet River and Hedge-
row Hil[ ir1 some order, and Dixie and Julius photographed
Goblin Grove and Vista Vale in some order (clues 2 and 3).
Dixie didn't face in fte opposite direction from Mercedes (clue
5) or Julius (or she'd have photographed Robinet River---=clue
zl-which she didn't--clues 2 and 3), so Dixie faced in the
opposite direction from Toby, and lherefore Julius and Mer-
cides also faced in opposite directions. Dixie, then, didnt
photograph Vista Vale {since she and Toby faced in opposile
direclions----clue 2), so she photographed Goblin Grove, and
Julius phoographed Msra Vale. Mercedes photographed Robinet
River (clqe 4), so by elimination Toby phorographed Hedgerow
Hill. Toby didn't face north (clue J), so he faced east (clue 2),
and Dixie, who faced in the olposite direction, faced w€st.
Mercedes faced south (clue 3 ), and by elimination Julius faced
north. In surnmary:
Dixie, west, Goblin Grove
Julius, north, Vista Vale
Mercedes, south, Robinet River
Toby, east, Hedgerow Hill


There were eight stices eaten in all (introduction), and every-
one had at least one slice (clue l).Therearefivewayslodivide
eight slices among four people so that each gels at least one:
5-l:l-1, 4-2-l-1,3-3-1-1, 3-2-2-l, ar.d 2-2-2-7. Btlt 5-1-1-1,
3-3-l-l and 2-2-2-2 are impossible (clue 4). [f rhe slices were
divided, 3-2-2-l, then Magnolia would have had three slices
and Rogers would have had one (clue 3), and clue 4 would be
impossible. So the.slices can only have been divided 4-2-1-1.
Magnolia had four slices and Rogers had two (clue 3). ten had
two slices and is Rogers, and Piney had one slice lclue 4).
Magnolia isn't Sloane (Sloane is male----clue 5), io she's
Quilter, and by elimination Sloane is the other person besides
Piney who had one slice. Since Sloane is malei(clue 5), he must
be Ozzie, and by elimination Piney is Nell. Nell Piney is the
only one who could have ordered wine (clue 5). kn Rogers
and Ozzie Sloane ordered cola (clue 2), and by elimination
Magnolia Quilter ordered milk. In summary:
lxn Rogers. two slices. cola
Magnolia Quilter, four slices, milk
NellPiney- one slice, wine
Ozzie Sloane, one slice, cola

52 DELL LOGIC PUZ?LES February 1995

Ernpourer Yourself With |our JEP increased by 57o (clue 3), and the $20 stock by 4570 (clue
astrology Fo"ecctsts 4). VIP was purchased for $40 (clue 5), so it isn't either of the
ctr|d larrot lteatalings- two that decreascd in value (clue.2); therefore it increased by
254a. XYZ wasn't purchased for $30 or $50 (clue 2), nor for
$20 (clues 2 and 4), so ir was purbhased for $lO; it didn't lose
T[:ir 'ssr6q.i3g,:, 6g5r r*c""t is t*rai9y l5Vo (clue l), so it tost 3570 (clue 2). The $50 stock lost 1570
(clue 2), so by etimination JEP was purchased for $30. LKB
di$$r*nel*lt €a'*m *n3u funrer*e*p* y&s.*t"€s* wasn't purchased for $20 (clue 4), so it was purchased for $50,
and by elimination BMS was purchased for $20. In summary:
BMS, $20. 45qa increase
JEP. $30- 57o increase
e\rc3fl h##i'd {ir}d [s €?1* ifi{#$S *i39at88}g;{, LKB. $50. 15olo decrease
VIP, $40, 257o increase
att*ef u*aliqi,r* $a*r-*c*st <xw*i8*b*e ky XYZ, $10,35Vo decrease


Clues I and 4 each mention three consecutive people; since
pk*r:**i #*i* ir:ciglt* isr?s *#SS,
there werejust five people in all, there must be overlap b€tween
eg$8,:KV, tr{fl&LY?{, \Sf#{aK" *alr {nftlitlvg clues I and 4. The only two ways these two clues can overlap
is ifAdrienne is Zezel or if Marciullonis ordered the egg bagel.

ST'TLLER'S But ifAdrienne were Zezel, then she wouldbe third and Lianna
would be fourth (clues I and 4), and there would be no way
Glen and Steve could be two places apart in line (clue 3), so
**nef re***i*gs vr'ilt #ft'*cssa y$ar ff$d acsrl
this is impossible. Thus the five people in order were Zeze\
r€irs*6 wif$* #fi{{s{!N'ry {${€LKru${y y*wr Lianna, Marciulionis (who ordered the egg bagel), the one who
ordered the whole wheat bagel., and Adrienne (clues I and 4).

ASTROLTI'|E Glen and Steye were first and third in some order (clue 3), so.
by elimination David was fourth. Adrienne isn't Bogard (clue
4) or Niles (clue 6), so she's Karros: Her bagel wasn't pumper-
n. nickel (clue 2) or raisin cinnamon (clue 5), so it was onign.
David isn't Niles (btue 6), so Lianna is Niles, and David is
asf *h*se c8*sv* ?a* y*r*, Bogard. Glen is Marciulionis (clue 6), so Steve is Zezel. Lianna
Niles didn't have the pumpemickel tragel (clue 6), so:she had
Dorr't aet Todcryrs the raisin cinnamon'bagel, and by elimination Steye Zezel had
er Olrlrortul|ities Pcrss YoU Bt/! the pumpernickel bagel. In summary:
First, Steve Zezel, pumpernickel bagql
,cctll No||rf ernd Find out Second, Lianna Niles, raisin cinnamoh bagel
s. WhGtt the Stors Herrre in Third, Glen Marciulioris, egg bagel
Store for You! Fourth, David Bogard, whole wheat bagel
Fifth, Adrienne Karros, onion bagel
Amh isn't rhe smallest plane{. but is less than half the size of
d Ranus (clue 1), which is smaller than Velcron (clue 7); the only
tr possibility is that their relative masses are 3, 7, and 1l respec-
tively. Orl isn't lhe smallest planet (clue 3), so Ort's relative
mass is 5. and by eliminarion Kudo's relative mass is l. Three
consecutive planets, from innermost orbit to outermost, are
Velcron, Ranus, and A[th (clue 6Xthey aren'tthe first, sccond,
and third planets (Velcron isn't hrst----clue 2), nor the third,
founh, ar)d'fifth (Ranus isn't fourlh---<tue J), so they're second.
third, and founh respectively. The first planet isn't Kudo (clue
a 8,1, so it's Ort. and by elimination Kudo is the fifth planet. On
is the impudenl planel (clue 2). Ranus is lhe omery planet (clue
7). Amh is lhe sullen planet (clue 9). Kudo isn't the lazy planet
(clue 8), so Velcron is, and by elimination Kudo is the peanickefy
planet. Kudo's species is the Coneheads (clue 5). The Tutillians
aren't from Arrth (clue 4), so they're from Ranus (clue 2). The
Pachydermi are from Ort (clue 9). The Gnatites ar€n't froin , "
Velcron (clue 2), so theyrre from Arrth, and by elimination the '
Slimese are from Velcron. In sumrnary:
l-$00-903-?000 * IRR0T RERillt0
First; Ort, 5, Pachydermi, impudent
Second, Velcron, I I, Slimese. lazy
0nlq ISC tor The firslt'lin., $1.50 For Eoch Rdd'l.l'lin. Third, Ranus, 7, Turtillians, ornety
flvuaqe knqtil 0f CdllS llin. Fourth, Arrth, 3; Gnatites, sulle4
Coll 24 hours o dov, 7 doys o week. Yoo rnust be I8 veors or older
Fifth, Kudo, 1, Coneheads, persnickety
collond hove c touch tone Dhone. Astol Morketina 1'702251 1415.
DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995 53
PYRAMIOS PAGE 15 Cave (clue 2), so they camped at the Grund Canyon, and by
The two leaders in clue 7, entombed two years apart, can only elimination the Badons camped at Mammoth Cave. In summary:
have been entombed either in 279 and 281, or in 281 and 283; Spring, Grimley, Massachusetts, Old Faithful
in either case, one was entombed in 281; this leader was Dobal Summer. Adams. Califomia, Painted Desert
(clue 2), so his pyramid was bronze (clue 7). The Grinja leader Fall, Banon, Vermont, Mammoth Cave
was entombed in 283 (clue 1). Dobal didn't lead the Ifendus Winter, Serapiglia, New Jersey, Grand Canyon
(clue 2), Hulagos (whose pyramid wasn't bronze - {lue 4), or
Kuzois (clue 5), so Dobal led the Fakiris. The pyramid used in
280 was marble (clue 6); this wasn't for Emut (clue 3), Abdul
(clue 6), or Batra Roi (clue 7), so it was for Cleon. The pyramid Chroma's tour was eitherWednesday orThursday (clue 2), and
so was Fossa's (clue 5), so Serrata and vermis toured on Friday
used in 283 by the Grinjas wasn't made of silver (clue l) or
and Saturday, in som€ order. Serata toured the Islet ofI:ngerhans
ebony (clue 4), so it was gold, and thus it was for Emut (clue
(clue l). The Mediastinum Isthmus wasn't toured by Vermis
3). Baba Roi was entombed in 279 (clue 7), and by elimination
(clue 3), so it wasn't toured Friday or Saturday. The Friday tour
Abdul was entombed in 284. The Hulagos used the'ebony
pyramid, but not in 279 (clue 4), so they used it ir 284. By also wasn't of Lake Lacrimal (clue 4) or the Hyaloid Canal
(clue 6), so it was of the Islet of Langerhaos, Serrata's tour.
elimination, Baba Roi's pyramid was silver. The Kuzois' leader
wasn't Baba Roi (clue 5), so this was Cleon, and by elimination
Therefore Vermis toured on Saturday. Serrata isn't the father
(clue 2), mother (clue 3), or sister (clue 4), so he's the brother.
Baba Roi led the lfendus. In summary:
Fossa's tour ivas on Wednesday (clue 5), and by elimination
279, Baba Roi. Ifendus. silver
Chroma's was on Thursday. Vermis is the father (clue 2). The
280, Cleon. Kuzois, marble
mother toured the Mediastinum Isthmus (clue 3). The sister's
281, Dobal, Fakiris, bronze
tour wasn'ton Wednesday (sinie in that case the Lake Lacrimal
283. Emut. Crinjas. gold
tour would have been on Thursday--clue 4-and the mother's
284, Abdul, Hulagos, ebony
tour would be impossible), so it was Thursday, and by
elimination the mother's tour was on Wednesday. The l-ake
Lacrinial tour was Saturday (clue 4), and by elimination the.
Hyaloid Canal tour was Thursday. In summary:
TEE UP PAGE 16 Wednesday, Fossa, mother. Mediasrinum Isthmus
The man who scored six below par-the best of the six scores Thursday, Chroma, sister, Hyaloid Canal '
from the Rivercrest (since no one finished thrce b€low Friday, Serrata, brother, Islet of Langerhans
par---due l), Trophy (clue 2), Meadowbrook (clue 3), or Arlington . Saturday, Vermis, father, Lake I-acrimal
Club (clue 4), so he's.from Springtown. The man who scored
(h-ree over par-the worsl score isn't from the Rivercrest
(clue 1), Trophy (clue 2), or Meadowbrook Club (clue 3), so BUILDING BLOCKS PAGE 19
From the introduction, the four blocks contain all the letters of
he's from Arlington. Baxter scored par (clue 4), the golfer from
the alphabel except Q and X, so each of the 24 sides shows a
the Trophy Club scored two overpar, and Ire scored three over
par (clue 2). The Rivercrest golfer and Gordon can only have
different letter. The letters of GLIB must be on four different
blocks. We'll call lhe block with G "block 1," the block with L
scored one b€low par and twir over par respectively (clue l),
"block 2," the block wirh t "block 3." and the block wilh B
so by elimination Baxter is from the Meadowbrook Club.
"block 4." (These numbers are arbitrary and only used to make
Chappell and Young scored two over par and one below par
the solution easier to follow.) The letter A doesn't appear on
respectively (clue 3). Fox, Marvin, and Warren can only have
scored six below par, one below par, and par respeciively (clue
block 2 (or it would be impossible to spell SLAV), block 3
(IOWA), or block 4 (BANK), so A m.ust be on block l. The
5). By elimination, Fox is Donald, and Lee is Ramsey. In
letter S doesn't appeiu on block I or 2 (SLAV), or block 3
(SUFI), so S must be on block 4. Then V must be on block 3
Six below par, Donald Fox, Springtown Club
(SLAV). The letter N doesn't appear on btock I or 4 (BANK),
One below par, Marvin Young, Rivercrest Club
orblock 3 (ZINC), so N must tre on block 2. Then K is on block
Par, Warren Baxter, Meadowbrook Cluti
J (BANK). Block I can't conlain H (HARD) or O (IOWA), so
Two over par, Gordon Chappell, Trophy Club
Three over par, [,ee Ramsey, Arlington Club
it contains either M or T (MOTH), and in either case block I
doesn't contain U (JUMP and'IUTE). The letter U also can't
be on block 3 or 4 (SUFI), so U is on block 2. The letter 4 then,
is on block 1 (SUFI). Block 2 can't contain E or T (JUTE), M
(ruMP). or Z (ZINC). so it must contain eilher H or O (from
HAPPY CAMPERS PAGE 17 MOTH) and either D or O (from DOZE): therefore if block 2
The couple from New Jersey camped in winter and were the didn't contain O, it would have to contain bo& D and H, which
last couple to take their vacation that year (clue 3), so the is impossible lHARD); so block 2 must contain O. The lener
couple who visited Otd Faithful in spring were the first (clue W is on block 4 (IOWA.). One of the le$ers 'of HARD must
6). The couple who visited the Painted Desert camped in appear on block 2: this can't be H (MOTH) or D (DOZE), so
summer and the couple from Vermont camped in fall (clue 1). it must be R. We've found dree of the six letters on block 4 (8,
The couple from California didn't camp in spring (clue 6), so S, and W ): a fourth must be either D or H THARD), a fifth must
they camped in summec and by €limination the couple from be either J, M, 6r P (JUMP), and a sixth must be either C or Z
Massachusetts camped ih spring. The Adamses didn't camp at (ZINC); but block 4 muSt also contain a letter from JUTE,,,
the Grand Canyon (clue 4), Mammoth Cave (clues 2 and 4), or which now can only be J. Block 4 must also contain a lettsf
OId Faithful 1as they aren't from Massachusetts--<lues 4 and from MOTH, which now.iari't be M (JUMP), so it's H. Then,
7), so they camped in summer at the Painted Desert. The block 4 must contain a letter from DOZE, which can only be
Bartons didn't camp in spring or winter (clue 5), so they Z. Bl<tck 3 must contain D (HARD), so block I must contain
camped in fall. The Serapiglias didn't camp in spring (clue 7), E (DO7F) as well as C (ZINC). Block 3 contains T (J[.IIE), so
so they camped in winter, and by elimination the Grimleys block 1 contains. M (MOTH). Finally, block 3 contains P
camped in spring. The Serapiglias didn't camp at Mammoth (JUMP), so by elimination the letter Y must be on the only

54 DELL LOGIC PUZZLES Februdry 1995

by block for which we haven't found all six letters, namely block dtector (a woman is----clue 3), executiv€ director (clue 4), or
ry: 2. In summary: funding director (clue 5), so he's volunteer coordinator. Wally
One block contains A, C, E, 4 G, and M isn't clinical services director (clue 3), so he's either executive
Another block contains L, N, O, R, U, and Y director or funding director; in either case he didn't choose
A third block contains D, I, K, P, T, and V ivory (clues 4 and 5), nor did Yonkowski or the administrative
A fourth block contains B, H, J, S, W, and Z coordinator (clue 4), so the one wlo chose ivory is Ursula.
Ursula isn't executive director (clue 4) or funding director (clue
5), so she's clinical services director. Golda didn't choose deep
blue or light blue (clue 3), so she chose beige. Zyp is executive
nd The 5 at e5 must be part ofthe 3-5 or 4-5 domino, and the same
xy is true of the 5 at g7, so these two 5's belong to the 3-5 and 4-5
director (clue l), so he's Wally, and by elimination Yonkowski
uls is funding director. The funding director chose deep blue (clue
dominoes in some order. The 5 at g1, then, can't b€long to the
ris 3-5 or 4-5 domino, so it's part of the 2-5 domino, which forces
5), so Golda, who chose beige, is administrative coordinator.
ur By elimination, Steve is funding director, and Wally Zyp chose
the 2'4 domino to its right. Now the 2 at e7 can only be pail of
ral light blue. Ursula isn't Palmer (clue 2), so she's Queen, and by
the l-2 domino (as we've aheady found the 2-4 elsewhere).
ur. elimination Golda is Palmer. In summary:
Similarly, the 2 at h5 can only be part of the 2-3 domino. Now
ter Golda Palmer, administrative coordinator, beige
there is only one spot for the 2-2 and 3-3 dominoes, along the
Kent Ramsay, volunteer coordinatot tan
top edge. Neither of the 4's at e6 and f5 can be connected to
on Steve Yonkow'ski, funding director, deeD blue
the 4 at f6 (which would leave an area of five squares in the
he Ursula Queen, clinical services director, ivory
lower right comer which could never be evenly divided into
r's 'domino€s), and these two 4's can't both be linked to 6's, so one Wally Zyp, executive director, light blue
la! or tho other must be linked to the 5 at e5. Then the 5 atgT can't
rs be pah ofthe 4-5 domino, so it's part of the 3-5 domino, which
oy The second book is Sweer Desire (clue 6). The sixth book
forces the 1-4 and 4-4 dominoes to its sides. Now there is only
ke features Annemarie (clue J), Since Suzanne, lhen. can appear
one spot for the 3-4 (at d2-e2), forcing the 3-6 and 0-0 nearby.
hi in the fifth book at the latest, Sweet Passio, can only be the
With these in place, there is only one 33 22 63 5
first book (clue 5). The first book is set in Portugal, its hero is
spot for each of the 1-3 and 0-4
34 0 2 2 Kyle, and its heroine isn't Shann4 (clue l), Janetl (clue 2), or
dominoes (at e3-e4 and b3-b2), the 1

61 Beatrice or Suzanne (clue 5), so she's Celeste. The secondbook

latter forcing the 1-5 to its left and the 5 0 1 T 0
l-l and 0-l to its righl. With these in isn't set in Scotland (clue 4), Wales (clues 4 and 9), Greece
5 26 0 3 6 65 (clue 5), or New York City (clue 8), so it's set in Spain.
place, there is only one spot for the 0 03
0 5 4 Suzanne's hero isn't Jeff (clue l1) or Damien (Suzanne isn't in
0-3, 1-6, and 5'5 dominoes, and this
forces the locations of all the 6 2 06 4 3 1 Sweet Rendezvous-clue 2---or Sweet Desire or Sweet
19 Pqssion- -{lri,e 5--ar Sweet Goodbye----clue 10-And Damien
of remaining dominoes. In summary: 6 5 4
isn't in Sweet Surrender- .lue 1-ar Sweet Nothings----clues
;a 4 and 8-so there's no book they can both be in); Jeff and
,nt Damienappearin consecutive books, set in Wales and Scotland
LL respectively (clue 4); these can't be the third and fourth books
(either the third or fourth book is set in Greece----clue 5), nor
The ctruple tttat arrived Wednesday weren't the Johnsons (clue
ke the fourth and fifth books (either th€ fourth or fifth book
on 1), the I-opezes (clue 4), or the Mileses (clue 5), so they were
features Suzanne-"-clue 5), so they're the fifth and sixth books.
the Sullivans. The couple that arrived Saturday weren't the
3 Suzanne isn't in the fifth book (clue 11), so she's in the fourth
he Johnsons (clue l) or the Mileses (clue 5), so they were the
book, the third book is set in Greece, and Beatrice is in the
Lopezes. The l-opezes don't include Hanna and didn't stay in
3 second book (clue 5). By elimination, the fourth book is set in
:J room 406 (clue 4). so they were visiling relalives (clue 2). The
New York City, so it's Sweet Nothings (clue 8). Ricardo is the
i), couple on vacation didn't arrive Wednesday or Thursday (clue
hero of Sweet Surrender (cltte 7), which therefore can only be
ck 5), so they arived Friday. The Mileses arrived Thursday (clue
the third book. Janell is the heroine of Sw eet Rendezvous (clne 2) ,
so 5), and by elimination the Johnsons arrived Fiiday. The which lherefore can only be the fifth book. The hero of Sweet
:l Lopezes stayed in room 212 (clue 1), aild the Sullivans in room
319 (clue 5). The couple on business stayed in room 406 (clue
Nothings isn't Adolfo (ctue 11), so he's Pierre. By elimination,
r't the second book features Adolfo, the third book features Shanna
in, 4), so they were the Mileses. Byelimination, the Sullivans were.
and the sixft book is Swcct Coodbye.ln sumnraryi
M on their honeymoon, and the Johnsons stayed in room 103.
First, Sweet Passion, Kyle, Celeste, Portugal
tm Emily is Ms. Miles (clue 1), so Hanna is Ms. Johnson (clue2).
Second, Sweet Desire, Adolfo, Beatrice, Spain
Colleen isn't Ms. Sullivan (clue 3), so she's Ms. Lopez, and by
Third, Sweet Surrender, Ricardo, Shanna, Greece
ch elimination Maureen is Ms. Sullivan..Doug is Mr. Sullivan
Four'th, Sv,eet Nothizgs, Piene, Suzame, New York City
(clue 4). Scott isn't Mr. Miles or Mr. Lopez (clue 3), so he's
Fifth, Sweet Rendezyard, Jeff, Janell, Wales
rst Mr. Johnson. Jesse isn't Mr. Mites (clue 1), so he's Mr Lopez,
Sixth, Sweet Goodbye, Damien, Annemarie, Scotland
so and by elimination Rex is Mr. Miles. In summary:
B, Wednesday, Doug and Maureen Sullivan,3l9,
rst honeymoon
The student who ilidn't eat meat loaf was a boy (clue 3), but
'z Thursday; Rex and Emily Miles, 406, business
not David (clue 5), so he was Louis. Therefore Ellen brought
E, Friday, Scott and Hanna Johnson, 103, vacation
her lunch Monday. chicken was served Tuesday, Louis brought
€r Saturday, Jesse and Colleen [,opez. 212, relatives
his lunch Wednesday, oatmeal cookies were served Thursday,
)o, and David brougl.rt his lunch Friday (clues 2 and 5). The student
DE OFFICE REDECORATION PAGE 21 who didn't eat pas&i salad wasn't a girl (clue 3), so this was
iin The five staff iremben are Ursula, Walty, Yonkowski, the David. Anne brought her lunch Tuesday and fish was served
so administrative coordinator, and the one who chose tan (clue 6). Thursday (clue 1), so by elimination tacos were served Monday
P 'K€nt Ramsay isn't administratiye coordinator (clue 4), so of and Martha brought her lunch Thursday; Vanilla pudding was
dy these five- he's the onc who chose tan. He isn't clinical services sewed Wednesday (clue 4), so blueberry pie was served Friday

DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995 55

(clue l). Gingerbread cake wasn't served Tuesday (clue 2), so KATIE'S BUSY SCHEDULE PAGE 26
it was served Monday, and by elimination shawberry ice cream Katie has known Graves for five years (clue 3), and she sees
was Tuesday. In summary; him or her one day before the piano teacher (clue 7), who is a
Monday, Ellen, Tacos', gingerbread cake man (clue 4). The piano teacher, however, can't be Mr, Hare,
Tuesday, Anne, chicken, strawberry ice cream who teaches the diy after the one who's known Katie tbree
Wednesday, Louis, meat loaf, vanilla pudding years, so the piano teacher is the other male instructor (clue 6),
Thursday, Martha, fish, oatmeal cookies
Fridav' David' pasta sarad' brueberry pt Thus four consecutive teachers are Graves (who has known

m;^tli,['lili];']i#i]:J.'",]? Ex::?,S'JtT,!-i:.H:
tN FOLDEFOL'S COURT pAGE piano teacher can't b€ David (clue 1), so he's Ted, and Mr. Hare
As there are only five acts in all, the three consecutive actsln must be David' David Hare, then, teaches K?tie on Fridays
clue 7 and the three in ctue tO musio""ii"". a, F"r,"l {clue 1), and he's the karate teach€r (clue 4). Katie has knowd
dancer (clue 3), there is ;;i-,h;y :; ou".fup,-i*. the so piano teacher_ longer_than at least two other teachers (clue
acrs are Tester uni ttii'o*ni,"-r"t.l"r" i"o n",
2.), she hasn't known him one or two year^s; by elimination
partner (the dancers), Dionne anJnei partner (ttre magiciairl snet known him four' Then she's known Susan three years
ind FestLr and his p;;;i;i;;|il t-;;..;;;s;""i,
i6j. !l"Ii'g her C.ollins), and the baseball coach two years (clue
coach, then, canonly be Monday's teacher, and
then, wasn't on nriauy; iti."r"t in-r"" rut", l"r,t" ii-5o zt:
oi tne uaseball
by€liTinatiorvKatie has known karate teacher David Hare one
the acts in clue 8, it can onty Ue ttre one *lttr N"ri.i.k"t lntu;,
partner isn't Lesrer (clue 5j, so he;s Ctr"rt i. f.rt*,if*., i irn t""1. Katie. has_known Barbara longer than at least two other
leachers (clue 5). so Barbara isn't lhe baseball coach (whom
in any of rhe four conseculive ac,r *.'u. la.nrin.a: il;;;;';
\3'i9 has only known-two
years.); Barbara is Graves, and by
befoie them all 1or he'd have performed Vr"auy --.;". Sf,';;
the four consecutive acts weri on Monauv tt .o'ief, Thurrf,fl dimination the baseball coach is vicki. Since Katie has known
and Lester's act was on Friday. The ti;t;ir;J;i ;;;;;;; Barbara Graves five years. she's known-wood.tou.t y.g: *9
Monday (ctue 31 or Friday i.r". Sl. i, ;h.y ,;;;;;;';; her sco_ul hoop leader three years (clue 5), so they're Ted and
Susan Collins respectively.By elimination. Barbara Graves is the
Thursday- Solange didn'l i.rforr on ffr"rii"i rin" .i*." teacher' and vicki's last name is Bach. In summary:
did---<tue 8 r or iiday rclul 81. so she perfo;;;t ;;M;;e;y. danceMonday, baseball, Vicki Bach, two years
The lutisra, then, periormed on Tuesaiy (clue 8). Mariamrie Tuesday, dancti, Barbata Graves, five years
didnit perform Thursday (clue i),io she performei Friday, and Wednesday, piano, Ted wood. four years
by elimination Ariane pekormeA Tlursaay. 6ster and Mariamne '['hursday, scour Foop, Susan Collins, three years
aren't the acrobats (ilue 2), so they,re the jugglers, and by Friday, karate, David Hare, one year
elimination the acrobats are.Tester ina Sotansi. tl* hamisti
didn't perform on Monday tclue 9), Thursdai lwhen Ariane
did----clue 6), or Friday (when the jugglers did,---cl[e 6), so they WHO SHOT MTLLEN? PAGE 27
performed on Wednesday. The flautists performed on Monday The guilty woman isn't Roko lctue l), Moss (clue 4), Bridge
(ctue 9). The mandolinists didn't perform on Friday (clue 4), (clue 5), or White (clue 7), so she's Fox. Angelo's wife isn't
so they played on Thursday, and by elimination Friday:s pair Fox (because Angelo's wif.e has some kind oi alibi, ctue 1), -
were- the drummers. ln summary: nor is she Roko (clue l), Moss (clue 3), or Bridge (clue 5), so
Monday, Tester and Solange, acrobats, flautists she's White. White's, alibi isn't the oil well (clu;7), so it's the
Tuesday, Chester and Katrini{a, dancers, lutists country club (clue l). Roko's alitri is the oil well (clue l).
Wednesday, Nester and Dionne, magicians, harpists Bridge's alibi isn't the press conference (clue 5), so it's the
Thursday, Fester and Ariane, singers, mandolinists priso-n, and by eliminarion Moss's alibi is the presi conference.
Fridav' Lester and Mariamne' juggrers' drummers
)ff{r;,,; .liJi:Til'#::}Illl;,x.T,]il#iiilr*fii,13:
TTEMS FOR SCHOOL plOe ZS Di or Lit (clue.4). so ste's Gretyl. Fox, then, is Di
Adrienne got a yellow pencit case {clue 4,1, and Joshua gor 6), and by eliminalion Rbko is Lily.. Gretyl Moss is
green calcularoi (clue 9 r. Adrienneli ."riirr"i"r ,"a manied to xavier (clue 6 ). Di Fox, the. guilty. wom_an, isn't
iunchbox are lhe same co lor l clue 6). but ttrev're n or Uotfr gie'en manied to Fuzz or Quinn (clue 8). so she s married to Hatcher.
a;i""; r;;;;;; ;;i;;t";; i; ;;";;
,.irii,"tii"i. Lily Roko. whose alibi was the oil well, isn't married to Quinn
Adrienne's pe*ir l"ti t| ;;;.'Ji;l;. bJ;';;
ii"*Jt"; (clue 2),.so she's married to Fuzz, and by elimination Quinn is
they're blue, Joshua's lunchbox and Morgan's pencil case are maflleo to Lonlessa nnoge' rn-summary:
rhe same cotor (ctue 5), but rhey're nor bo;h blul, ye ow :glf*i,l:gq:'aYinn, Moroccan prison
I ), or green (clue 2). so lhey're rcd. Tony didn't get a red ul fox, nalcner' gullry
*u*. if,"
(clue E), so Adrienne did (clues I and'2), andit Gr€tl Moss, Xavier, press conference
Adrienne ljil }ll:tf:=: "lly:11
lunchbox (clue t). so ir was the no(ebook (ctue 2).
Maybeltine white' Angelo, country- club
didn't get a lunchbox (clue 2), so Morgan <iia lctrie t;, anO
was green {clue J.1. Morgan and Tony both got norebooks (clue
7),soJoshuadidn't(clue | ): therefore he got a blue pencil case OAK HILLS
(clues I and_2t.Tonydidn'lgetapencilcase(clue l).sohego{ Norton didn't play rhe Green Course
1or the next lo arrive
ayellow calculalor and a green notebook (clues l. 2, and would be bolh Barry and Eunice---+lues 2 and 4), so Norton
Morgan didnt get a calculator (ctue t), so she got a yellow played the Yellow Course (clue 6). Thus, Norton isn't Carla
notebook (clues 1 and 2). In (clue l), Denis (clue 3), Eunice (clue 4), or Barry (clue 6), soc
Adrienne, blue calculator, red notebook, yellow
- Norton is Anne. Eunice, then, is Parker (clues 4 and 7). Denis is
case Thompson (clue 3). Carla isnt Morley lclues I and 5i, so Carla
Joshua, g reen calculator. red lunch box, blue pencil is Sheiman, and Barrv is Morley. Carla Sherman played the Red
Morgan, green lunchbox, yellow nolebook, red : Course (clues ana 8). Denis Thompson playeA me Wtite
case Course (clues I and 3). Barry Morley didn't play the Green
Tony, yellow calculator, blue lunchbox, green notebook Course (clue 2), so he playid the Orange Course, and by

56 DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995

26 elimination Eunice Parker olaved the Green Course. The last (clue 4). The right center fielder is Camen Berra (clue 9). Joe
ees to arrive wasn't Carla Sherman (clue 1), Eunice Parker (clue Snider is an infielder (clue 14), so he's the shortstqp. The left
LSa 2), Anne Norton (clue 4), or Denis Thompson (clue 5), so Barry center fielder isn't Ramon Clemente (clue l3), so he's Chad
tf9, Morley was last. Eunica Parker was fourth (clue 2). Anne Maris, and by elimination Ramon Clemente is the left fielder.
ree Norton was third (clue 4). Finally, Carla Sherman and Denis ln summary:
6). Thompson were first and second respectively (clue 1). In First, Carmen Berra, right centdr fielder, maid of honor,
wn surnmary: escorted by Joe Snider, shortstop, best man
ms First; Carla Sherman. Red Coursc Second, Leah Drysdale, second baseman, bridesmaid,
:he Second, Denis Thompson, White Course escorted by Ramon Clemente, left fielder, groomsman
are Third, Anne Norton, Yellow Course Third, Yverre Mays, right fielder, bridesmaid, escorted
lys Fourth, Eunice Parker, Green Course by Dwight Ford, third baseman, groomsman
lln Fifth, Barry Morley, Orange Course Fourth, Susan Reese, first baseman, bridesmaid,
lue escorted by Chad Maris, left center fielder,
ion sroomsmaq
The party on the first earned Sylvia $ 150 (clue 7), and the party
on the 29th eamed her $250 (clue 2). The party on the 15th
eamed her more than at least two other parties (clue 3), so it
didn't earn her $50 or $100; it must have earned her $200. The
[er party that eamed her $ 100 was before at least two others (clue The five customers were the first in line, the one who bought
0m candy, Mr. Grimes, the one who spent $8 on gas, and Ms.
6), so it wasn't on the 22nd; it was on the eighth, and by
by Fugate (clue I ). The first in line didn't buy the newspaper (clue
elimination the party on the 22nd was the one that eamed
wn 2), soda (clue 3), or milk (clue 5), so he bought bread. Ms.
Sylvia $50. Violet's party earned Sylvia at most $10O (clue 3),
nd Fugate didn't buy milk (clue 1) or the newspaper (a man
but Violet wasn't at the party on the 22nd (since it was before
nd did----clue 2), so she bought soda. The one who spent $8 on gas
at least two others----clue 1), so she was at the. party on the
ihe wasn't Mr. Jackson (who spent an odd number of dollars----clue
eighth. Davis, then, was at the party on the first (as that one
eamed Sylvia $ 150-"-clue 3). Simms was at the party on the 2) or Mr. Hebel (clue 3), so this was Mr. Lang. By elimination,
eighth, and toys were sold on the 15th (clue 4). Cosmetics, then, the first person in line was eitherMr. Hebel or Mr. Jackson, and
were sold on the 22nd, and Hayward was at the party on the in either case he spent 4n'odd number of dollars (clues 2 and
29th (clue 1). Gretchen and Kent were at the parties on the l5th 3). Mr. l,ang, then, didn't buy rnilk (or olse the first in line
22nd lgspecuyery
amd zz,no
zuro (clue oJ,
respectively (crue 6), ano Dy elimination
and by elrmlnauon berger
Berger was
would have spent $4 on gas-<lue 5-when we know the first
at the pany on the l5th. Marissa's parly was on the 22nd (clue in line spent an odd number ofdollars), so Mr. Lang bought the
5). Rose's party was on the 29th (alue ?), and by elimination newspaper, and by elimination Mr. Grimes bought milk. Mr.
27 the party on the first was Xenia's. Jackson spent $9 on gas (since Mr. Lang bought the newspaper
Rose Hayward didn't sell art
s. Rose
lge or lingerie (clue 2), so she sold food cc and spent $8 on gas- --clue 2), so Mr. Jackson wasn't first in
containers. Violet Simms
n't didn't sell art (clue 4), so she sold lingerie, and by elimination line (or the man who bought milk would haye spent $18 on
l), Xenia Davis sold art. In summary: gas---tlue 5-but no one spent more than $10-introduction);
so November I, Xenia Davis, art, $150 Mr. Jackson, then, was the one who bought the candy bar, and
:he the first in line was Mr. Hebet. Mr. Hebel spent$5 on gas (clue
November 8, Violet Simms, tingerie, $100
1). November 15, Gretchen Berger, toys, $200 3), so Mr. Grimes spent $10 (clue 5). Ms. Fugate was third in
-he November 22, Marissa Kent, cosmetics, $50 line (as she bought soda - clue 3), so she can only have spent
ce. November 29, Rose Hayward, food containers, $250 $6 on gas (since she didrr't spend.the same as anyone else, and
lo, no more than $ l0-introduction and clue 4). Mr. Jackson and
Mr. Lang were fourth and fifth respectively (clue 2), so by
Di THE BRIDE WORE SHINPADS PAGE 30 elimination Mr Grimes was second. In summary:
is The three groomsmen were Ramon, Mr. Maris, and the third First, Mr. Hebel, $5, bread
n't baseman (clue 3). Mr. Clemente wasn't the best man (clues I Second, Mr. Grimes, $10, milk t
and 2), so he was a groomsman:'he isn't the third baseman (clue Third. Ms. Fugate, $6, soda l)
IM 6), so he is Ramon. Ramon Clemente escorted the second Fourrh, Mr. Jackson, $9, candy bar il
ris baseman (clue 2), who was therefore a bridesmaid; she isn't Fifth, Mr. Lang, $8, newspaper i1\r

Ms. Mays (clue 11), so she must be Irah (clue 4)r Ms. Berra ii
isn't second baseman t-eah (clue 2) or the first baseman (clue ii
7), so she wasn't a bridesmaid (clue 4); she was maid of.honor,
and therefore Leah and Ramon Clemente were the Sdcond Dair INTERNATIONAL PICNIC PAGE 32
(clue 2). Joe was best man (clue 2). Chad isn't the third The five children are Nathan, the Schroeder boy, the oldest '!i
basem:rn (clue 6), so he's. Mr. Maris; and by elimination the child, the child from India, and the child who arrived second i1;
third baseman is Duighr. Mr. Snider isn'( Dwight (clue 8), so (clue 1). Of these five, Marissa isn't the oldest (clue 2), and she lir
he's Joe. and by eliminalion Mr. Ford (clue 15) is Dwighr. didn't arrive second (clue 5), so she's fiom India- Carly Metzger .il
28 Dwight Ford wasn't part of the fourth pair (c!ue l5), so he was is two yoars old and the ygungest (clue 4), so she's the child il
in the third pair. and by elimination Chad Maris was in the who arrived second. Marissa isn't Baker (clue 2) orOates (clue i1
on fourth pair Ms. Berra-who was escorted by Joe Snider-isnlt 5), so she's Trevino. Baker'isn't the oldest (clue 2) so hgls
rla ,Susan or Yvette (clue 8), so she's Carmen. ChadMaris escorted Nathan, and by elimination Oates is the oldest. Oates arrived ,11
so Ms. Reese (clue 10). The right fielder is a womar, but not maid after Marissa Trevino (clue 5), so he isn't from China (clue 3), ? t:
iis of honor Carmen Berra (clue 12), so she's a bridesmaid; we and because he's the oldest he isn't from Ethiopia or Peru (clue ij,
rla know l,eah is the second baseman, so the right fielder can only 7), so he's from Korea. The children's ages include two (clue
ll l
ed be Ms. Mays (clue 4), and therefore she can only have been 4), five (clue 8), and six (clue 6), so at most or y two children
ite rl
escorted by Dwight Ford. Ms. Drysdale (clue l3) can only be can be older than six-namely the two oldest, the Oafes child .,i
en Leah. Ms. Reese isn't Yyette (clue 5), so she's Susan, and by from Korea being the oldest, and the child from Ethiopia being
by elimination Yvette is Mays. Susan Reese is the first baseman second-oldest (clue 7). Since Marissa Trevino isn'tfrom Korea
DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995 57 l:
or Ethiopia, she can't be older than six. She isn't one or two The bear, then, is Bomber (clue l), and by elimination Fen is b(
(clue 4), three (clues 2 and 4), five (clue 8), or six (clue 6), so the opossum. In sumrnary. th
she's four. Nathan Baker is three (clues 2 and 4). The six- and Binky the pig and Red the rooster th
five-year-olds must be Oates and Schroeder respectively (clue Bomber the bear and Jojo the fox e)
l). Kevin isn't Oates (clue 6), so he's Schrbeder, and by Fen the opossum and Skimpy the groundhog M
elimination Jared is Oates. Kevin Schroeder is from Ethiopia Lu lhe cal and Yu the oarroi al
(clue 7). Narhan Baker isn't from China lclue 1,, so he's from Malt the mouse and Mugsy the dog m
Peru, and by elimination Carly Metzger is from China. Kevin T
Schroeder arrived fifth (clue 2), Jared Oates fourth and Marissa in
Trevino third (clue 5), and by elimination Nathan Baker first. CIRCLE OFWOMEN PAGE 36
The first two women to introduce themselves were Joanne ald
rn summary: L
First, Nathan Baker. Peru. rhrec Kiandra respectively, who both sat in chairs (clues l, 2, and N
Second, Carly Metzger, China, two l4). No matter which two consecutive chairs they sat in, one tt
Third, Marissa Trevino, lndia, four sofa was occupied by either the third-fou h-fifth women or the
Fourth, Jared Oates. Korea. six fourth-fifth-sixth women, and the other was occuoied bv either al
the eighti-ninth-tenth women orthe ninth-tenth-ele;enft women;
Fifth, Kevin Schroeder, Ethiopia, five b,
in any case, the fourth, fifth, ninth, and tenth women to speak oi
sat on sofas. TlJe fourth and fifth women were Mabel and Nona
CABIN FEVER respectively, and their last names are Blaine and Effingham in (
The A-frame isn't near Toivola (clue l), Point Abbaye (clue 8), some order (clue 3). The ninth and tenth women were Ayers
or Kiva (clue l4), so it's near either Naubinway or Traunik. In and Glass respectively (clue 6). Lyn and Dobson sat,side by
either case it can't be owned by Ogden (clues 9 and l0), nor is side on one sofa (clue 9); this wasn't the sofa that Mabel and
the A-frame owned by Langdon (clue 1), Kingsden (clue 6), or Nona sat on (since neither can be Dobson), so it was the sofa
Blagden (clue 8), so Glendon owru it. Thus it isn't near Naubinway that Ayers and Glass sat on, and Dobson was eighth oreleventh
(clue 2), so it's near TrauniL. lt doesn't have rhe new barbecui to speak. But eleventh was Stone (clue 7), so Dobson was
pit (clue 7), porch (clue 10), dock (clue 11), or sauna (clue 12), eighth. Lyn, then, is Ayers (clue 9). Since one sofa held the
so it has the satellite dish. Blagden's property isn't near Toivola eighth-linth-tenth women, and the first and second women
(clue 3) or Point Abbaye (ctue 8), so it's near either Kiva or wgre in chabs, the other sofa can only have held the third-fourth-fifth
Naubinway; in either case it isn't the dome (clue 9), nqr does women. Thus the fi-rst woman to speak-Joanne-sat in seat #5.
Blagden own the log cabin (clue 3) or the houseboat (clue 13), The seventh woman was Townsend and the eighth was Ruth (clue
so he owns the trailer. It isn't near Naubinway (clue 2), so it's 5). The four maried women (clue 14) include Kiandra (clue 2)
near Kiya. The new porch isn't Kingsden's (ilue 6), bgden,s and Stone (clue 7); Ruth Dobson and Lyn Ayers are both single
(clue i0), or Blagden's (clue 13), so it's Inngdon's. Langdon's (since they sat on a sofa-{lue 14), so Townsend is married
property isn't near Toivola (clue 1) or Point Atlbaye (clue 4), (clue 5) and Glass is single (clue 6): the remaining married
so it's near Naubiriway. The dome isn't Langdon's or Ogden's woman is Ivy, who sat on a sofa (clue 14) and therefore can
(clue 9); so it's Kingsden's. It doesn't have the new sauna (clue only be the woman in seal #?, the third to speak. Colby can
6) or barbecue pit (clue 7), so it has the bouit dock. It isn't near only be Joanne in seat #5 (clue l0). Blaine isn't Nona in seat
Toivola (clue 11), so it's near Point Atbaye. By elimination, #9 (ctues 3 and l2), so she's Mabel, and Nona is Effingham.
Ogden's property is near Toivola. The log cabin isn't Ogden's The woman in seat #10, sixth to speak, wasn't Fox or Volpone
(clue 3). so it's Langdon's, and by eliminarion Ogden owns rhe (ctue 4), so she was Zapata. Ivy, in seat #7 on a sofa, isn't Fox
houseboat. Ogden didn't build the sauna (clue 5), so Blagden
(clue 4), so she's Volpone, and by elimination Kiandra is Fox.
did, and by elimination Ogden built the barbecue pit. In sumrnary: There are now four women whose first names we haven't
Blagden, trailer, sauna, Kiva identified: Zapata in seaa #10, Townsend in #11, Gtass in #3,
and Stone in #4; they are Heidi, Olivia, Patti, and Qula in some
. Glendon, A,frame, satellite dish, Traunik
' Kingsden, dome, boat dock, Point Abbaye order. Of these four, Zapata, Townsend, and Stone sat in chain,
Langdon. log cabin, porch. Naubinway while Glass sat dn a sofa, so neither Olivia nor Patti can be
Ogden, houseboat, barbecue pit, Toivola Glass (clue l3). Zapatais single, so Heidi must be married (clue
I l): therefore Class. who is single, can't be Heidi either; so
Glass can only by Qula. Qula Glass is single, so Olivia must
CARTOON CRITTERS also be married (clue 8). Thus Zapara. who is single, can't be
One pair are Lu and the panot (clue 9). The parrotrs name isn't either Heidi or Otivia. who are marriat Zapata can only be Patti.
Fen (clue 6), Skimpy (clue 8), Binky (clue 9), Bomber or Jojo Olivia isn't Townsend (who sat nexl ro Patri Zapara* clue l3;,
(clue 11), Mugsy or Red (clue 12), or Malt (clue 14), so this is soOlivia is Stone, and Heidi is To'*,rxend. In summary:
Yu. Lu isn't the mouse or dog (clue 2), opossum of pig (clue First. #5 tchair). Joanne Colby
4), groundhog (clue 8), rooster (clue 9), bear or fox (clue 13), Second, #6 (chair), Kiandra Fox (married)
so Lu is the cat. Another pair are Binky and the rooster (clue Third, #7 (sofa), Ivy Voipone (married)
9). The rooster isn't Mugsy (clue 5), Fen (clue 6), Skimpy (clue Fourth, #8 (sofa), Mabel Blaine
8), Bomber or Jojo (clue 11), or Malt (clue l4), so this is Red. Fifth, #9 (sofa), Nona Effingham
Binky isn't the mouse or dog (clue 2), fox (clue 3), bear (clue Sixth, #10 (chair), Pati Zapata
5), groundhog (clue 8), or opossum (clue 10), so Binky is.,the Seventlr, fl [ (chair). Heidi Townsend lmarried.l
pig. Anothgr pair are Bomber and Jojo (ilue l1). Fen isn't Eighth, #1 (sofa), Ruth Dobson
teamed with Mugsy (clue 1) or Malt (clue 7), so Fen is teamed
. Ninth, #2 (sofa). Lyn Ayers ?.
with Skimpy, and by elimination lhe remaining pair are Malt Tenth. #3 (sofa). Qula Glass
and Mugsy. Skimpy is the groundhog (clue 8), and the bear is Eleventh, #4 (chair), Olivia Stone (married)
either Bomber or Jojo (clue l), so the mouse and dog, who are
tea4ed (clue 2), can only be Malt and Mugsy; Malt isn't the FEPLACEMENT WEEK PAGE 37
dog (clue 7), so Malt is the mouse, and Mugsy is the dog. The The graphics monitor was bought before Lawrence's item,
fox isn't Bomber (clue 3) or Fen (clue 8), so the fox is Jojo. which was bought before Jipescu's item (clue 2), which was

58 DELL LOGIC PLIZZLES February 1995

bought the day before the modem (clue 6). The graphics monitog it, and it was the scene ofthecrime. The lounge wasn'theldby
the[, was bought Monday or Tuesday. Selena didn't shop on Esmeralda or Florian (clue 13), and it wasn't the scene of the
the day the graphics monitor was bought, northe day after (clue crime (the study was), so Dahlia must have held it. Neither
9), nor the day before (clue 5), so she can't have shopped Dahlia nor Esmeralda held the hall (clue 6), so Florian held it.
Monday or Tuesday. Thus she shopped Wednesday or Thursday, Neither Dahlia nor Florian held fte library (clue 2), so Esmeralda
and the disk drive was bought Thursday or Friday (clue 5). The held it, and we know all thee ofhercards. Florian didn't hold
modem was also bought Thursday or Friday (clues 2 and 6), so the kitchen (clue 9), so Dahlia held it, accounting for all three
Thursday's and Friday's items were the disk drive and modem of her cards. By elimination, Florian's third card was the
in some order Thursday's purchase, then, was made by Eng billiard room. In summary:
36 (clue 1). Jipescu's purchasecanonly have been made Wednesday, Arbuckle: Mr. Green, wrench, dining room
urd l,awrence's was made Tuesday, the graphics monitor was bought Babette; Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, ballroom
md Monday, and the modem was bought Thursday (clues 2 and 6); Ctive: Miss Scarlett, Mrs. White, candlestick
)n€ the disk drive, then, was boughf Friday, and Selena is Eng Dahlia: revolver, kitchen, lounge
the (clues 5 and 9). The keyboard was T[esday's purchase (clue 3), Esmeralda: lead pipe, conservatory, library
her and by elimination the printer was Wednesday's. Pascayo can't Florian: knife, billiard room, hall
be Monday's or Friday's purchaser (clue 4), so Pascayo shopped The murder was committed by Mrs. Peacock with the rope in
)ak on Tuesday. Thomton shopped on Friday (clue 7), and by the study.
)na elimination Knowles shopped on Monday. Knowles is Zeke
tln (clue 8), so Glenda is Jipescu (clue 4), and by elimination
ers Albeno is Thornton. ln summary:
by Monday, Zeke Knowles, graphics monitor BATTER UP! PAGE 39
md Tuesday, Lawrence Pascayo, keyboard Ian bats seventh (clue 9), so men bat first, third, fifth, seventh,
cfa Wednesday, Glenda Jipescu, printer and ninth, and women bat second, fourth, sixth, eighth, and
ffh Thursday, Selena Eng, modem tenth (clue l). The pitcher bats third (clue 8). Two of the
Friday, Alberto Thomton, disk drive outfielders are th€ man who bats fifth and lan (clue 3)' The
lhe other two outflelders are Ebony and Mr. Lopez (clue 3); Ebony
ten can only bat second or tenth (or else she'd be bonsecutive with
rftfl PAGE 38 another outfielder----clue 3), so Mr Lnpez can't bat ffust (or
#5. he'd be consecutive with Ebony in either case----clue 3); Mr
Each player held exactly three cards (introduction). Clive didn't
lue Lopez can only bat ninth. Ebony, then, can't bat tenth (orshe'd
hold the lead pipe (clue 2) or the hall (clue 6), so he held
2) be consecutive with Mr. I-opez (clue 3)), so she bats second.
Scarlett (clue 5); he didn't hold Green (clue 2) or the lounge
9le (clue 1l), so he held the candlestick (clue i). Esmeralda didn't Ms. Mincus plays infield, but she doesn't bat fourth (clue 5) or
hold the rope (clue 12), so she held the conservatory (clue 8). tenth (clue 4),.io she bats sixth or eighth; in either case Jack
ted can only bat ninth, and Chloe bats tenth (clue 4). Mr. Ong,
Clive didn't hold the knife (clue 6), so his third card was White
an (clue 16), and he held no other ca.rds but these. One of Arbuckle's Anna, and Gus cah only bat third, fourth, and fifth respectiYely
cards was either Peacock or the dining room (clue 3); another (clue 7). Frank doesn't bat third (or Anna would be Gus's
?at wife----clue 6 - which she can't b€----{lue 2.1, so FranJ< bats first.
was eithii Mustard, the wrench, or the study (clue 7); and a
m. and by elimination Hal bats third and is M-r. Ong. Ms. Ong bats
third was either Green, the lead pipe, or the kitchen (clue 9);
he had no other cards but these, so he must have had the dining eighth (clue 9), so Ms. Mincus (whom we already krow must
bx bai sixth or eighth----clues 4 and 5) bats sixth. Diana isn't Ms.
room (clue 14). If Arbuckle didn't havE the wrench, he would
have had both the kitchen (clue 4) andCreen (clue 13), and his Mincus (clue 5), so she can only bat eighth, and by elimiuation
n't three cards would be Green, the dining room, and the kitchen, Barb bats sixth and is Ms. Mincub. Three of the four infielders are
which is impossible (he must also have had one card from clue Diana Ong, Barb Mincus, and Anna; the fourth is Barb i

ne Mincus's husband (clue 5), who can only be Frank (as we know
7): so Arbuckle had the wrench. Thus two ofhis cards were the
$, the positions of the other four men), so Frank is Mr Mincus.
wrench and the dining room, and the third was either Green,
be By;limination, Chloe is the catcher. Gus and Ebony are
the lead pipe, or the kitchen (clue 9). One of Babette's cards
uo mafiied, but their last name isn't Krebs (clue 6), so it can only
was either Mustard or the billiard room (clue 10); another was
so be Nye. Ms. lopez isn't Chloe (clue 2), so she's Anna. By
either Plum, the rope, or the study (clue 12); and a third was
.lst elimination, the Krebses are Ian and Chloe. In summary:
either the revolver or the balhoom (clue 15); so she had no
be First. Frank Mincus. infielder
other cards but tirese. Peacock wasn't held by Florian (clue 3),
ni. Second. Ebony Nye. outfielder
Dahlia, or Esmeralda (clue 6); one had Peacock, this
3), Third, Hal Ong, pitcher
card represented the murderer. Green wasn't hetd by Dahlia
(clue 2), Esmeralda, or Florian (clue l3), and Green wasn:t the Fourth, Anna lrpez, infielder
murderer (Peacock was), so Green was Arbuckle's third card. Fifth; Gus Nye, outfielder
Nbither Mustard nor Plum was held by Dahlia, Esmeralda, or Sixth, Barb Mincus, infielder
Florian (clues 7 and l2), so Babette must have held both cards, Seventh, Ian Krebs, outfielder
and her third card was eithe,r the revolver or the ballroom (clue Eighth, Diana Ong. infielder
15), The rope wasn't held by Dahlia, Esmeralda, or Florian Ninth, Jack Lopez. outfielder
(clue 12), so no one held it, and it was the murder weapon. The Tenth, Chloe Krebs, catcher
leadpipe wasn't held by Dahlia (clue 2) or Florian (clue 9), and
it wasn'tthe murder weapon (the rope was), so Esmeralda must
have held it. The knife wasn't held by Dahlia or Esmeralda
(ctue 6), so Florian must have held it. We knqw Dahlia held no THE UNFORGOTTEN PAGE 40
suspects, so she must haye held at least one weapon (or she Thursday's and Friday's villains don't include Billy Bonnet
would have held three rooms, which is impossible-'--clue 17)l (clue 2);John Hardly Westem (clue 7), or Wyatt Urp (clu€ 9),
97 therefore Dahlia held the revolver, the only weapon unaccounted so they are Moondance Cassidy and Doc Easter in some order.
m, for. Babette, then, held the ballroom (clue l5). Th€ study wasn't In either case, Friday's villain can't be nicknamed 'Snake"
:ls held by Dahlia, Esmeralda, or Florian (clue 7), so no one held (clue 8), nor is he "Full House" (clue 6), "Two Bits" (clue 7);

DELL LOGIC PUZZLES Februarv 1995 59

or "Widowmaker" (clue 9), so he's "Deadeye." "Deadeye" Olga was in seat 4, so William wasn't in seat 3 (clue 5);
isn't Doc Easter (clue 4), so he's Moondance Cassidy, and Doc William, then, was in seat 10, and by elimination Irwin was in
Ea5ter is Thusday's villain. Monday's villain isn't "Full House" seat 3. The video producer is Ursula Marquez (clue 3), so by
(clue 6), "Two Bits" (clue 7), or "Widowmaker" (clue 9), so elimination Irwin Fischer is the tax attomey. Olga Zigmond is
he's "Snake." The El Peso villain isn't "Two Bits" (clue 1), Richard's wife (clue 9), so Richard is, Zigmond, and by
"Deadeye" Moondance Cassidy (orelse "Widowmaker" would elimination Dave is Glass. Insummary:
be Doc Easter---clue 9-which is impossible-clue 4). "Snake" Seat 1. Judith Elkind, hardware store owner
(since the El Peso showdown isn't Mondav's--clue 9), or Seat 2, Unula Marquez, video producer
"Widowmaker" (clue 9); so fie El Peso villainis "Full House." Seat 3, Irwin Fischer, tax attomey
"Widowmaker" isn't Doc Easter (clue 4), Joh-tr Hardly Westem Seat 4, Olga Zigmond. jeweler
(or else the El Peso villain would be "Two Bits----{lues 7 and Seat 5, Nancy Glass, botanist
9-which we know is not the case), or Wyatt Urp (cluo 9), so Seat 6, Quentin Elkind, optometrist
"Widowmaker" is Bitly BonneL Thre€ consecutive showdowns, Seat 7, Richard Zigmond, sociology professor
then, a-re the one with Wyatt Urp, the ond with "Widowmaker" Seat 8. Yetta Fischer. aerobics instructor
Billy Bonnet, and the one with "Full House" in E[ Peso, in that Seat 9, Dave Glass, cellist
order (clue 9); but these thee can't b€ on Tuesday-Wednesday- Seat 10, William Maiquez, private detective.
Thusday (if the showdown with Billy Bonnet were on Wednesday
and the Et Peso showdown on Thursdan clue 2 would be
impossitrle), so these can only be on Monday-Tuesday- YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY PAGE 42
Wednesday. By elimination, "Two tsits" is Thursday's villain, There are three consecutive photos mentioned in clue 1, and
and John Hardty Westem is Wednesday's. The Crumpet Creek another three mentioned in clue 2; either these two groups are
showdown is Thursday's (clue 2). The Booty Hill showdown entilely separate, or they overlap. If they don't overlap, then
isn't Monday's (clue 3) or Friday's (clue 5), so it's Tuesday's. one group appeared Monday through Wednesday and the other
The Silver Town showdown isn't Monday's (clue 10), so it's group appeared Thursday through Saturday. Ifthe three in clue
Friday's, and by elimination the Monday showdown is in Dog I appeared Monday lhrough Wednesday, then Cliflon's pholo
City. In summary: would have appeared Wednesday (clue 1) and the mayor's on
Monday, "Snake" Wyatt Urp, Dog City Thursday (clue 2); Clifton wouldn't be the police chief (clue
Tuesday, "Widowmaker" Billy Bonnet, Booty Hill 4) and wasn't shown on a blanket (clue 3), so clue 9 woqld be
Wednesday, "Full House" John Hardly Westem, El Peso impossible. If the th-ree in clue 2 appeared Monday through
Thursday, "Two Bits" Doc Easter, Crumpet Creek Wednesday, then Gregory's photo would have appeared Wednesday
Friday, "Deadeye" Moondance Cassidy, Silver Town (ctue 2) and the fire chief's on Thursday (clue 1); Gregory
wouldn't be the police chief (clue 4) and the fire chief isn't
Jessica (clue 1l ), so again clue 9 would be impossible. Therefore
DINNER PARTY PAGE 41 the two groups in clues I and 2 must overlap. Gregory isn't the
Mr. and Mrs. Elkind sat in seats 6 and I respectively (clue l). child posed in the bathtub (clue 5), and the mayor is neithei
The cellist isn't Mis. Elkind (clues I and 13), Mrs. Zigmond Clifton nor the child in the bathtub (clue 10) so the only way
(whether she is the tax attorney or Richard's wife, she can'tbe the two groups in clues 1 ar.d 2 car. overlap is if on five
the cellist---+lues 2, 9, and 13), Mrs. Fischer or Mrs. Glass (clue consecutive days photos appeared of the mayor, the child on
l2), or Mrs. Marquez (clues 2 and l3), so the cellist must be a the rocking horse, fiie chief Gregory, the child in the bathtub,
man. Thus one side of the table included at least three men (clue and Clifton. The child on the rocking horse isn't Jessica (clue
l3): this can't be the north side (at leasr two women. the 11), and Clifton wasn't posed on th€ blanket (clue 3), so the
bcttanist and Mrs. Zigmond, sat on the north side---clues 4 and only way the three photos mentioned in clue 9 can overlap th€se
l2), so it's the south side. The botanist and Mrs. Zigmond oo fiye is if the child on the rocking horse is the police chief,
the north side ofthe table each satnext to at leastone man (clue Gregory was posed on tlrc blanket, and the ctlild in the trathtub is
4)i since at most one man sat on the north side, one of these Jessica. These five photos didn't app€ar Tuesday tfuough Sanfday
lwo men musr have been Mr Elkind in seat 6; thus a man sat (since the police chief's didn't app€ar on Wednesday---clue 4), so
in seat 3, Mrs. Zigrdond sat in seat 4, and the female botanist they appeared Monday thiough Friday. Cherise isn't the mayor
(clue 12) sat in seat 5 (clue 4). By elimination, a woman sat in and didn't appear on the rocking horse (clue 8), so she didn't
' seat 2, and seats 7 thfough 10 contained three men and a woman appear Monday or Tuesday; she appeared Saturday. Deborah
in some order. The woman on the south side didn't sit in seat 9 isn't the police chief (clue 4), so she appeared Monday, and by
(or no two men would have sat across from each other, which elimiiration Mitchell appeared Tuesday.'The doctor is Cherise
is impossible---clue 8), so she must have sat in seat 8, and Mr. (elue 7). The writer isn't Jessica (clue 11), so this is Clifton,
Glass and Mr. Zigmond sat in seats 7 and 9 in some order (clue and by elimination Jessica is the school superintendent. The
7); by elimination a man sat in seat 10. The man in seat 9 (either child on the tricycle was Clifton (clue 6), and the child on the
Mr. Glass or Mr. Zigmond----clue 7) must be Dave, and the man rug isn't Cherise (clue 8) but Deborah, so by elimination
in seat 3 is Mr. Fischer (ctue 8). Mrs. Fischer, then, sat on thq Cherise posed in the wading pool. In stmmary:
south side (clue 2), so she was the woman in seat 8. Mrs. Monday. Deborah. rug, mayor
Fischer isn't the botanist (who was in seat 5), so Mrs. Fischer Tuesday, Mitchell, rocking horse, police chief
is the aerobics instructor, and the botanist is Mrs. Glass (clue Wednesday' Gregory, blanket, fire chief
12). By elimination, the man in seat 10 and the woman in seat Thursday, Jessica, bathtub, school superintendent
2 are Ihe Marquezes. Judith, then. is Mrs. Elkind. and Mr Friday, Clifton, tricycle, writer ..:
Marquez is the private de(ec(ive (clue 6). Richard is the man Saturday, Cherise, wading pool, doctor z|
in seat 7. and lhen the cellist can only be Dave in seat 9 lclue
l3). Now Nancy, Quentin, and ltre sociology professor can only
be the ones in seats 5, 6, and 7 respectively (clue I l). Yetta and DEAB JOHN PAGE 43
the jeweler can only be the onos in seats 8 and 4 respectively The two women whose first initials matched their boyfri€ndi'
(clue 3). The hardware store owner, Ursula, and the irptometrist last initials (clue 4) can't include Alicia and Barb (since no
sat in seats l,2, and 6 respectively (clue 10). By elimination, man's last name begins with A or B), or Jessica (her relationship

6 DELL LOGIC PUZZLES February 1995

was the shortest---{lue 5-so it wasn't with John Johnson- were the Dukes, Meteors, and Sharks in some order---<lue 1),
$ln c_lue l---or John Jones---{lue 7), so they were Julie and Winona, so they finished second. The West Ham team finished third, and
)by Winona's boyfriend, then, was John Williams. Julie's wasn't the Mariners farm team finished fourth (clue 4). The New
rd is John Johnson (clue 2), so he was John Jones. Jessica's boy- Chartres Dukes didn't finish fourth (clue 6), so they finished
lbv friend wasn't John Johnson (clues I and 5) or John Roberts first. The Meteors didn'tfinish founh (since Sum-rnenet finished
(clues 5 and 8), so he was John Smith. Alicia's wasn't John flrfth----clue l2), so they finished third, and the Sharks finished
Johnson (clue l), so he was John Robens, and John Johnson fourth (clue l). By elimination, the Parrots finished eighth. The
was Barb's boyfriend. The relationship that lasted three months Sharks are from Cold Harbor (clue l2). The Rangers farm team
tclue a) wasnl Alicia's wirh John Robens or Barb's with John finished fifth (clue 13). The Yankees farm team and the Ocean
Johnson (clue 1), Julie's with John Jones (clue 7), or Winona's City team finished first and second (clues 2 and 10). The St.
with John Williams (clues 2 and 7), as all four of these romances Bamaby team didn't finish sixth (clue 3), so they finished
lasted evennumbers ofmonths: so the tfuee-month relationshiD eighth, and by elimination the Gravesend leam finished si\rh.
was Jessica's. lrr r equal lhe length in monrhs of the romalci The Houston Astros farm leam isn't rhe Mounraineers (clue
of the woman who claimed to be taking religious vows, and p l4), so it's the Meteors, and by elimination the Mountaineers
equal the lengrh in months of the romance of the woman whb are affiliated with the Colorado Rockies. In summary:
claimed to have taken a psychic's advice. ThenJulie's romance First, New Chartres Dukes, New York Yankees
with John Jones lasted 2r" months (clue 7) and Winona's with Second, Ocean City Waves, San Francisco Giants
John Williams lasted 6r months (clue 2); Alicia's with John Third. West Ham Meteors. Houston Astros
Roberts lasted 2p months, and Barb's with John Jdhnson lasted Fourth, Cold Harbor Sharks, Seattle Mariners
4p months (clue l). If lhe woman taking a psychic's advice Fifth, Summerset Suns, Texas Rangers
are were Jessica. then Alicia's and Barb's romances woJld have Sixth, Gravesend Admirals, Pittsburgh Pirates
hen lasted six alld 12 months respectively; the 24-month romance Seventh, Winterglen Mountaineers, Colorado Rockies 1

thgr (clue 5) could only be Winona's, and Julie's would have lasted Eighth, St. Bamaby Parrots, Baltimore Orioles
)lue €ight months; but then the value of r would be four, and yet
roto none of the five romances would have lasted four months:-so
ton this is impossible. lf the woman la-k ing a psychic's advice were
)lue Winona, thenp would equal 6r, so Barb's romance would have ALBASABODES PAGE 46
lbe lasted 24r months; thert / would have to equal one (or Barb's The five houses were purchased in five consecutive months
ugh romance would have lasted more than 24 months--clue 5), during the same calendar year (introduction). A five-bedroom
day which is impossible (since we know the shonest romance was house was.purchased in March (clue 9), and the Ifknalises
iory three months long). So the woman taking a psychic's advice bought a house in April (clue 4)" so the fiye months were either
sn't can.only be Jdlie, and therefore p equals 2r. So Alicia's and January-February-March-April-May, February-March-April-
fore Barb's romances lasted 4r and 8r months respectively; and by May-June, or March-April-May-June-July. The March house
the elimination the woman who claimed to be taking religious vows wasn't bought by the Quinns (clue 3) or the Zubins (who didn't
lher can only be Jessica. Thus Julie's, Alicia's,- Winona's, and buy a five-bedroom house----clue 6). Ifthe W€yricks hadbought
vay Barb's romances lasted six, 12, 18, and 24 months respectively. the March house. then the Quinns would have boughl lheir
frve The woman citing her boyfriend's obsession with baseball was house in February lclue 31: the Yardleys couldn't have bought
ion Barb (clue 3), and the woman claiming to have found someon€ their house after the Quinns-Weyricks-IJknalises (or they'd be
hrb, new wasn't Alicia (ilue 6), so she was Winona. By elimimtion, the fourth or fifth to buy, which is impossible--,+lue 7), so
rlue Alicia claimed an objection to long-distance romances. In they'd have bought theirs in January; and by elimination the
the summary: May house would be the Zubins'; but this is impossible (since
ESe Alicia, John Roberts, long-distance romance,.l2 months the March house had five bedrooms, not four----clue 6), so the
iet Barti, John Johnson, obsession with baseball, 24 months March house wasn't bought by the Weyricks; it can only have
bis Jessicb, John Smith, religious vows, three months been bought by the Yardleys. Thp Uknalises'house is the
day Julie, John Jones, psychic's advice, six months Victorian, and the May house was in Oak Creek (clue 7). The
rSo Winona, John Williams, nbw boyfriend, 18 months Quinns didn't buy in February (clue 3), and neither did the
ryor Weyricks (or else the Quinns would have bought theirs in
Jnt January-clue 3-and the Zubins could then have only bought
'rah theirs in May, but as the March house had five bedrooms, not
lbv MINOR LEAGUE PAGE 45 four, this is impossible ---clue 6). Ifthe Zdbins had boughtthoir
nse The Giants farm team finished second, and New Cha-rtres, tle house in February, then the Quinns and Weyricks could only
on, Sha*s, and the Meteors finished hrst, third, and fourth in some have.bought in May and June respectively (clue 3); the Weydcks
lhe order (clue l). Winterglen didn't finish first, third, or fourth would have bought in Palmer Village (clue 3); the Zubins and
the (clues 1 and 9), and neither did the Admirals (ctues I and I l), Uknalises would have both bought four-bedroom houses (clue
ion so the Adminls, Winterglen, and the Orioles farm team finished 6); and the Kentfield house would have six bedrooms (clue 4),
either fifth:sixth-seventh or sixth-seventh-eighth (clue 5). The which would be impossible {by elimination the Kentfield house
Summerset Suns ilidn't finish first, third, or fourth (clues 1 and could only be one of the four- or five-bedroom houses). So
8), and neither did the Mountaineers (clues 1 and 11), so the none of tie five couples can have bought a house in February
Surnmerset Suns, the Pirates farm team, aqd the Mountaineers and therefore the houses were bought in March,April-May- I
fi nished either fi fth-sixth-seventh or sixth-seventh-eighth (clue June-July. The Yardleys bought the colonial (clue 2). The
8). The only way the two groups in clues 5 and 8 can overlap, Quinns and Weyricks boughr in csnsecutive months (clue 3). i
then, is that the Summerset Suns finished fifth; the Admirals, either May-June or June-July, so by elimination the Zubins ?
which is the Pirates farm team, finished sixth; the Winterglen boughl in either May or July; in either case the May and July
Mountaineers fiirished seventh; and the Orioles farn team finish€d houses both have four bedrooms (clue 6). The Uknalises didn't
/$ eighth. The Dukes didn'r finish second or lasr (clue 7), so rhey buy in Palmer \4llage (clue 3), Kentfield (clge 4), or Lanh4mton
di' {inished first, rhird. or fourth, and in any case they must be the (clue 5), so they bought in New Durham. The Yardleys didn't
no New Chartros team (clue l). The Waves didn't finish last (clue buy in Patmer Village (clue 3) or t anhamton (clue 5), so they
hip 4), and they didn't finish first, third, or fourth (those three teams bought in Kentfield. The flknalises' house, then, has three

DELL LOGIC PUZZLES Februarl 1995 6l

bedrooms (clue 4). Some house has six bedrooms (clue 1); this the same floor, first in a room with amber and next in the
can only be the June house. The art nouveau house can't have burgundy and ivory room (clue l3); the only possibility is that
four bedrooms (since no house has two {lue 8), so it can only Dorabella moved from room l4 (containing amber) to room l1
. be the June house. The Georgian isn't the July house (clue 5), (the burgundy and ivory room) between Friday and Saturday
so it's the May house, and by elimination the July house is the nights: Bamaby. then. slept in room 7 on Saturday. Thg five
Bauhaus. The Quinns and Weyricks, then, bought in May and rooms on the eround floor musl contain all len coiors bet{veen
June respectively, and the Weyricks bought in Palmer Village them (clue 3), so one contains gold; this can't be 13 or 14 (clue
(clue 3). By etimination the Zubins bought a house in Lanhamton 3 ), so it's 12. S imilarly, one of the ground floor rooms contains
in July. In summary: turquoise; this can't be 12 (clue 2) or 13 (clue 3), so it's room
March, the Yardleys, colonial, Kentheld, five bedrooms 14. One of the ground floor rooms contains crimson; this can't
April, the Uknalises, Victorian, New Durham, be 12 (clue 2), so it's 13. By elimination, the other colors in
three bedrooms rooms 12 and 13 arejet and silver in some order There is ajet
May, the Quinns, Georgian, Oak Creek, four bedrooms and silver room, which can't be 3 or 10 (which Bamaby
June, the Weyricks, art nouveau, Palmer Village, visited-{lue 7), nor any room in the same column as either
six bedrooms room 12 or l3 (which containjet and silver in some order----clue
July, the Zubins, Bauhaus, Lanhamton, four bedrooms 3);thejetand silverroom can only be room 9. Dorabella visited
room 9 on Tuesday (clue 7), and Bamaby's Tuesday room was
by eliminati6n room 5. The third room containing turquoise
(besides rooms 8 and 14) can only be room 4 (clue 3). If room
13 contained silver, then the third room containing silver
BEDROOM FARCE PAGE 47 (besides rooms 9 and 13) could only be room 4 (clue 3), which
Between them, Barnaby and Dorabella stayed in all but one of is impossible (clue l1); so room 12 contains silver and room
the 15 rooms (introduction). From each night to the next, the 13 contains jet. Then the third room containing jet (besides
sum of their room numbers increased (clug 5). The sum of all rooms 9 and 13) can only be room 4 (clue 3). The third room
15 room numbers is 120, and the sum of the 14 room numbers containing crimson (besides rooms 6 and 13) can't be l0 (since
Bamaby dnd Dorabella visited is between 105 and 119 (120 room 6 contains crimson --clue 4), sq it can only b€ 7 (clue 3).
minus Ralph's room number, which may be anywhere from 1 Rooms l, 2, and 5 must contain amber, burgundy, emerald,
to l5). If Monday's sum were 15 or more, the lowest Possible ivory, peach, and silver in some order (clue 3). Silver can't be
sum of all seven days' totals would be 15 + 16 + 17 + 18 + 19 in room I or 5 (as rooms 12 and 9 both contain silver-'-clue 4),
+20 + 21= 126, which is impossible. If Sunday's sumwere 17 so silver is in room 2. Peach must be in room I (we know the
or less, the greatest possible sum of all seven days' totals would colors of all of Dorabellars other rooms, and peach isn't amolg
be 11 + 12 + 13 + 14 + 15 + 16 + 1'7 = 98, which is also them---{lue 8). Emeratd isn't in room 1 (room 15 is emerald
impossible. So Monday's sum was 14 or less; and Sunday's sum and peach----clue 2) or 5 (clue 14), so it's in room 2. The third
was 18 or more. Therefore Bamaby's Monday room number was room containing emerald (besides roomp 2 and 15) can only be
at most 13, and Dorabella's Sunday room number was at least 7 (clue 3). Then the third roon containing peach (besides
3. Bamaby's Monday and Dorabella's Sunday numbers, then, rooms 1 and 1J) can only be 3 (clue 3). All the colors have been
must be 12 and 4, or 9 and 3, respectively (clue 15)' If the latter, used three times now but amber, burgundy, and ivory, and
then Sunday's total couldn't be greater than 18 (if Barnaby had neither room 5 nor room 10 can contain both burgundy and
room 15 that day), so that the greatest possible total for the '
ivory (as that's room 1l's color scheme----clue 2), so rooms 5
weekwould be 12 + 13 + 14 + 15 + 16 + 17 + 18 = 105-bitt and 10 are, in some order, the amber and burgundy room and
as Bamaby would have used room 15, Ralphts room number the amber and ivory room; the three rooms containing amber
could be at the most 14, matring the maximum total ofthe 15 room are thus 5, 10, and 14. If room 5 contained amber and iYory, then
numbers only 119-an impossibility. So Bamaby slept in room . room I would contain burgundy and peach (clue 3), and room
12 on Monday, and Dorabella in room 4 on Sunday. Thus 3's other color ftelides.peach) couldn't be either burgundy
Monday's total is at least 13, and Sunday's total is at most (clue 2) or ivory (as Barnaby stayed in roorhs 3 and 5
lg-and then the only possible totals for the seven days are both-"-clue 9), which is impossible. So room 5 contains amber
13-14-15-16-17-18-19. Since these seven totals add up to and burgundy, and room 10 contains amber and ivory. Room 1
1.12, Ralph's bedroom must be ropm 8. Dorabella must have containi ivory and peach (clue 3). By elimination, room 3's
slept in room 1 on Monday, and Bamaby in room 15 on Sundayr other color is burgundy. In summary:
Room 7 wasn't oicupied on Tuesday thmugh Friday (or that Ropm 1, ivory and peach Room 9,jet.and silver
day's total would be between 14 and 17, making the other room Robm 2, emerald and silver Room 10, amber3nd ivory
number between 7 and 10, and the two looms would be on the Room 3, burgundy and peach Room 11, burgundy and ivory
same floor, which is impossibte---clue 4), so room 7 was Room 4,je( and lurquoise Room 12. gold and silver
occupied on Saturday, and the other room occupied that day Room 5, amber and burgundy Room 13, crimson andjet
was room 11. Then the only possible pair of rooms for Friday, Room 6, crimson and gold Room 14, amber and turquoise
with a total of l?, is room 3 and room 14; Bamaby had room Room 7, crimson and emerald Room 15, emerald andpeach
3 and Dorabella had room 14 (clue l2). The only possible pair Room 8. gold and turquoisc
of rooms for Thursday' with a total of 16, is room 6 and room Ralph's bedroom was room 8.
10. The only possible pairofrooms for Wednesday, with a total
Bamaby slept in b€drooms 12 5-2-10 3-7-15
of 15, is room 2 and room 13; Barnaby had room 2 and Dorabella slept in bedrooms l-9-13-6-14-11 4
Dorabella had room 13 (clue 12). By elimination, Bamaby and
Dorabella had rooms 5 and 9 in some order on Tuesday. Room
8 was gold and turquoise (clue 6). Dorabella stayed in the TTLLTHE FAT LADrf STNGS PAGE 48
crimson and gold room between Monday and Thursday (clue Four ofthe.five menare Wolf (clue 10), Zaines (clue 12), and
l0); the crimson and gold room can't be room l, 5, 9, 10, or 13 two ofBradley, Fitzpatrick, and Kleiner (clue l1). Edward had
(clue 3), so it can only be room 6. Thus Dorab€lla had room 6 three lessons in all, two.of them on the lst and 29th (clue 8)'
on Thursday. and Bamaby had room 10. Room l5 was emerald so Edward can't be Wolf (clue 10), Zaines (clue 12), or elther
and peach (clue l0). Someone slept two consecutive nights on of the two men among Bradley, Fiupahick, and Kleiner (clue

62 DELLLOGIC PUZZLES Fehruary 1995

the I l), so Edward is the fifth man. Ventura can't be Edward (clue EXTRA CLUE FOR DEAR JOHN PAGE 43
nar 4), so Ventura is a woman; she isn't Deena (Ventura had one No romance lasted gxactly four or five months.
11 Wednesday lesson----{lue 4-and Deena had none --clue 9) or
lay Lillian (Ventura had three lessons----clue 4-and Liltian had PAGE 47
tYe two----{lue 5), so Ventura is Jill. Jill Ventura and Bradley had Ralph's bedroom was room 8. Monday's two rooms were 1 and
)en the lessons on the 8th and 22nd in some order (clue 7). Kleiner
12 in some order; Tuesday's were 5 and 9; Wednesday's were
lue and Lillian, then, had lessons on two of the following four 2 and 13; Thursday's wele 6 and 10; Friday's were 3 and 14;
ins possiblepain ofdates:4th-8fi, l lth-l5th, 15th- l9th, and 18th-22nd Saturday's were 7 and I l; Sunday's were 4 and 15.
om (clue 5); the two pairs of dates can't include both I lth- l5th and
n't l5th-l9th (or both Kleiner and Lillian would have had lessons
rln on the 15th), so they include at least one of 4th-8th and
jet 18th-22nd; and in any case, Lillian had at least one lesson on
rby either the 8th or the 22ntl; so Lillian must be Bradley (clue 7).
ner Fitzpatrick and Kleiner, then, are men (clue 1l). Deena isn't
lu9 Grauer (clue 9), so Deena car only be Stuart, and by elimi-
Ied nation Edward is Grauer. Kleiner isn't Adam (clues 3 and 5) or
vas Matt (clues 5 and 6), and Zaines isn't Adam (clue 12) or Matt
rise (clues 6 and 12), so Kleiner and Zaines are Harold and Xavier
om in some order, and Wolf and Fitzpatrick are Adam and Matt in
oett crossword lnnual Wnter ..........................o""e;;"",:ti
ver some order. Wolf, then, had at least three lessons (Matt had
Official Word Search Puzzles February.............December 1
ich three---clue 6-and Adam at least four----clue 3). Jill Ventura,
om then, can't havs had a lesson on the 22nd (or there wouldn't be
Solver's Choice Crosswords Winter...........,.....Decembel 6
des enough lesson days for Wolf's lessons 'clue l0), so she had 100 Easy Crosswords January .......... .... .........'December 6
om the lesson on the 8th, and Lillian Bradley had the lesson on the
Dell Champion Variety Puzzles February........'-December 6
oce 22nd (clue ?). Kleiner, then, had a lesson on the 18th (clue 5). Dell Crosswords & Variety Puzzles January.....December I
3). The other Kleiner-Bradley pair of lessons can't be l5th-l9lh Dell word Search Puzzles January....................December 13
rld, (since we know Kleiner is a man and didn't have a lesson on Dell Crosswords Closswords #11...................'.December 15
tbe any of the first three Wednesdays---{lue I l), so il can only be Officiat Grossword Puzzles February................December 15
4), 11lh-l5th. Zaines had lessons on the 4th and 5th (clue 12). Dell Pencil Puzzles & Word Games March -.....;December '15
the Since two of Edward Grauer's three lessons (clue 8) were on Dell Variety Puzzle Spectacular #26 .................December
)ng Wednesdays, Deena Stuart can only have taken one lesson Dell Crossword Puzzles February ..........'..........December 20
ald during the month, and it was on the same day as Edward Pocket Crossword Puzzles February '...'.......... December 20
rird Grauer's remaining lesson (clue 9). If Jill Ventura's tfuee Dell Pencil Puzzles & Word Games Yearbook
rbe lessons wcre on the 8th, l1th, and l2th (clue 4), then Wolf Win1er.................... ....... December 29
des couldn't be Matt (clues 6 and l0), so Wolf would be Adam;
een Adam Wolf would haye had at least four lessons (clue 3), which lOO Easy Crosswords February............................January 3
and could only be on tlie l8th, 19th, 25th, and 26th (clue 10); but Dell Crossword Special March....................... ......January 3
and then there would be no day on which the Signora's two pupils Ofticial Crossword Yearbook Winier....'...............January 5
N5 could be Deena Stuart and Edward Grauer (clue 9). So Jill Dell Champion Crossword Puzzles March...........January 5
and Ventura's lessons were either on the 4th, 5th, and Sth, or else Easy Fast 'N' Fun Crosswords February........'-...'January 12
rber the 5th,8th, and llth; in either case, she had. a lesson on the Detl Word SOarch Puzzles February......................January 12'
hen 5th. Matt's three Sunday lessons, then, were oir the 12th, 19th, Best of Dell Crosswords #31 .January 12
rom and 26th (since we already krow he isn'l Zaines-clue 6). Now Detl Pencil Puzzles & Word Games April.......... ...January'l2
ndy the day on which the two pupils were Deena Stuart and Edward Official Crossword Puzzles Mdrch......'.................January 17
d5 Grauer (clue 9) can only be the 25th. Xavier had a lesson on Dell Crossword Super Special Yearbook #33......January l9
rber the 26th (clue 2). Xavier, then, can'f be Kleiner (whose only Def f Crossword Puzzles March .................'...........January 24
ml two lessons we know were on the 1lth and 18th), so Xavier is Pocket Crossword Puzzles March ...... ..................January 24
3's Zaines, and Kleiner is Harold. Adam had at least four lessons Ofticiaf Word Search Puzzles March.. ................'..January 24
(clue 3), and the only possible dates for him are the 4th, 11th, Official Pencil Puzztes & Word Games April........January 31
12th, l8th, and l9th, so he had at least one lesson on the Dell Crossword Yea$ook Spring.........-................January 31
same date as Harold Kleiner (the 1lth and/or the l8th); there-
ory forei Adam isn't Fitzpatrick (clue 1), so Adam is Wolf, and 1OO Easy Crosswords March ........................... ...February 2
FitzDaftick is Matt. Adam Wolf's lessons, then, must have Dell Logic Puzzles April ................. .......... ..........February 2
been on the llth, i2th, 18th, and 19th, and Jill Ventura's Delt Champion Variety Puzzles Apri1...................February 7
oise were on the 4th, 5th, and 8th (clue 10), In summary: DellWord Search Puzzles March...... . ........'......February 7
ch Wednesday, January 1, Edward C'rauer
Dell Crosswords & Variety Puzzles March .........February I
Saturday, January 4, Jill Ventura and Xavier Zaines
Delt Crosdword Extravaganza #31 ...............''.....February 9
Sunday, January 5, Jill Ventura and Xavier Zaines
Easy Fast'N' Fun Crosswords March.............-...February 14
Wednesday. January 8. Jill Ventura
Official Crossword Puzzles Apri|.........................February 14
Saturday, January I I, Adam Wolf ald Harold Kleiner
Sunday, January 12, Adam Wolf and Matt Fitzpatrick Dell Pencil Puzzles & Word Games May...........'.Februaiy 14
Wednesday, January 15, Lillian Bradley Solver's Choice Crosswords Spriig ...................February 16 I
:48 Saturday, January 18, Adam Wolf and Harold Kleiner Pocket Crosswotd Puzzles April -...................'....February 21
and Sunday, January 19, Adam Wolf and Matt Fitzparick Dell Cf ossword Puzzles Apri1........................-......February 21
had Wednesday, January 22, Lillian Bradley Fast'N' Fun Word Search April.... ... ....... .- ........February 23
. Q\
Saturday, January 25, Deena Stuart and Edward Grauer Dell Pencil Puzzles & Word Games Yearbook
ther Sunday, January 26, Matt Fitzpatrick and Xavier Zaines Spring.............,......
clue Wednesday, January 29, Edward Grauer Math Puzzles & Logic Problems May .........-......'February 28

DELL LOGIC P\)ZZLES February 1995 63

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