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Be occupied with what you value

Absorb your self!

Hold your attention the separation is untruthful
Night command the way and the Day abide by
Engage infinity!
Vanity glitters, value is muted, distinguish the realm
Abandon silhouette, utterly embrace the illogical
Ignore the wants!
Reflection is strong, manifestation, evidence is useless
Hand is held, eyes disengage the veracity from mistaken

Abu I wrote this last night I don’t want to explain my self and pollute my imagination can
you please do the analysis word by word and ask questions.


Vanity glitters; ignore the wants!

Abandon silhouette; separation is untruthful
Embrace the illogical; evidence is useless
Engage infinity! Be occupied with valuable
Reflection is strong; distinguish the realm
Eyes discriminate veracity from mistake
Hand is held; speech muted
Absorb your self; hold your attention
Night command the way to intimacy
Day abide by Glory