The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld.

: 1866 - 1939), Saturday 12 December 1868, page 11
ALEX. WARDER. 4. November Boombah, of conSIR: The bunyip is a frequent source believing in versation at bush firesides, some the existence of such an animal or fish; others it has disbelieve any existence be" bush fogies. The yond the imaginations of latter parties usually fall to ridiculing the no tions of the believers in the bunyip, and thus bad blood is engendered on a subject which I will clear On this yet hope your pages up. station there iB a the fellow from Logan young district. He is a fairly read and intelligent man, and he as firmly believes that the bunyip exists in the lagoons of his district as that to-morrow will be Thursday. not acquainted with lam the locality myself, but it appears that exten sive chains of deep waterholes exist there, and that these waterholes are inhabited by the bun


to his impression, is some of the seal tribe. Perhaps a fresh water seal ? It to be appears very shy, and an acute hearer, bo that on the occurrence of the slightest noise, it plunges into the water, and that the noise of these plunges is frequently heard by parties passing along the roads near the lagoons. has More than one person got a sight of the bunyip, or its head rather, and a fearful looking object it must be as described to me, as it rises slowly and cautiously above the water. The instant, apparition is only for an should as it, it human disappears as mys eye be upon it teriously as came. Such are the descrip tions given here of the bunyip, and I have hoard them repeated by men from the " Dinner Corner," the foot of the Main near Range, yip, which, according


where great lagoons also exist; from men ac quainted with the Upper Mary, Fitzroy, Con damine, Laidlay, and other rivers. There being little variation regarding so the bunyip in the is it not of these men, accounts reasonable to suppose that there is truth after all in what not a few only scoff and jeer at ? The blacks to a man believe in the bunyip, and look horrified when it is mentioned. I trust that some of your readers will be able to enlighten us upon this

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