Presence Inability to provide of Accident a home Hazards environment which is conducive to health maintenance and personal development related to negligence and inadequate family resources as manifested by the earthen stove inside the house which is frequently used for cooking and the kitchen is made up of wood which makes it more prone to fire; presence of broken pieces of bottles scattered around the toilet which can be a cause of injury; tall trees are situated around the house and branches may fall Family Diagnosis Care After 2-3 After 2-3 hours of hours of rendering rendering nursing nursing interventions, interventions, the family will the family will be able to be able to: recognize the 1. recognize problem and the know some presence measures to of lessen the environme risk for ntal accidents. hazards as a threat 2. identify ways to modify their environme nt and make it less vulnerable to cause accidents 3. enumerate some safety measures Goal of Care Objectives of Interventions 1. Assist the family members in identifying those accidental hazards present in their environment to let them aware that these are treats in their health. 2. Discuss with the family the changes that they may do in the environment to decrease the cause of accidents such as to place the earthen stove in a non-fire prone area, trim the trees Methods of Contact Home visit Resources Human: Health Care Provider Paper and Pen Evaluation Standard: After 2 hours of rendering nursing interventions, the family was able to minimize the risk factors to accidents. Criteria: After 2 hours of nursing intervention, the family was able to: 1. enumerate those accidental hazards present in their environme nt possible changes in their environment

during typhoon and strong winds which may cause them at risk to injuries; the location of the house wherein it is near Quiaoit River which is deep, steeped riprap and the children loves to play in the riverbank and this might precipitate the risk of fall and drowning and verbalization of the mother “kaay-ayo dagiti ubbing ti aggay-ayam aglalo dita asideg ti karayan”.

to lessen, if not to avoid, the occurrenc e of accidents.

around the house, and throw broken bottles in proper places. 3. Encourage the family members to take precautionary measures such as prohibiting the children to play near the river,

that are accident hazards 3.list safety precautions to employ in order to minimize risk for accident.

2.Poor home environmenta l condition or sanitation

Inability to recognize the presence of the problem related to insufficient funds for the family as verbalized by Manang Rose, they usually go to her parents and ask for additional food or sometimes, they just go and eat at her parent’s place if they don’t have some.

After 2 days of rendering nursing interventions, the family will be able to recognize the problem as a threat and identify ways to modify their diet to avoid complication s of the disease.

After 2 days of rendering nursing interventions, the family members (Manang Renalyn and Manong Roger) will be able to: 1. Identify and understand the effects of eating salty and too much carbohydrate in their diet and drinking coke that might aggravate the disease condition. 2. modify their diet to avoid complications .

1. Discuss to Home visit the family members that eating salty and too much carbohydrate in the diet and drinking coke will cause weight gain which can contribute in the occurrence of hypertension . 2.Discuss appropriate diet indicated to them. 3. Provide list of examples of foods indicated for them that are available in their community

Human: Standard: Health Care After 2 days Provider of interventions, Paper and the family Pen was able to modify their diet Criteria: After 2 days of nursing intervention, the family was able to: 1. Reduce sodium and carbohydrate in their diet by eating only low salt, low fat and low CHO diet and they avoid drinking coke.

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