Mr. Hamid runs a premium bridal shop in a posh area with his team of 10 tailors.

He wants to open five new outlets in different cities due to the increasing client base in those cities. However, he does not have enough capital to fund all the outlets. Mr. Hamid has to rejects several orders in a month due to the shortage of time.

1. a. State two factors which Mr. Hamid should consider when choosing advertising campaign media for new outlets? b. What type of advertising media do you suggest Mr. Hamid and why also state that what will be the cheapest advertising media in this case? 2. a. Explain how Mr. Hamid can make use of Banking and Finance? b. What industry Mr. Hamid is operating in?

3. Explain two reasons why it is better not to open other outlets in Mr. Hamid`s case. 4. Mr. Hamid is considering using following methods to handle the expanding business: • • • Increase prices of his products Increase delivery time Reduce quality

5. Which one of these is the most suitable method and why?

6. Recommend two alternatives to opening new outlets to Mr. Hamid and explain why these alternatives are better then opening new outlets.

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