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Worth It - A Vampire Slayers blog - J E Grayson

Worth It - A Vampire Slayers blog - J E Grayson


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This is the first blog by Vampire Slayer Eva. Who has been a REALLY naughty girl :)
It's really just a bit of fun as a small break from writing my more dark and depressing stuff.
Just something I thought about. Please tell me if you like it!
This is the first blog by Vampire Slayer Eva. Who has been a REALLY naughty girl :)
It's really just a bit of fun as a small break from writing my more dark and depressing stuff.
Just something I thought about. Please tell me if you like it!

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Published by: Jay Elizabeth Grayson on Jul 05, 2009
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I’m Normal (Considering the circumstances

Dear World, Ok...this may take some explaining. I’m a Slayer, a Vampire Slayer to be exact. Before you jump to any weird conclusions let me clear some things up:No, I’m not joking No, I’m not crazy Yes, Vampires are real Yes, I do mean the blood sucking, black clad, gothic and dark Vampires portrayed in your fiction. (Well...most of them) Yes, I’ve killed them. Often more than twice a night have I had to wipe ash off of me. Yes, I use stakes. And no, I’m really not joking. Believe me? Of course you don’t. One of the things I do thank them for is for not letting us watch T.V; every person from the ‘real’ world I’ve met doesn’t believe me. “Are you crazy?” I hear. “We would have known about it.” But no, you wouldn’t; it’s against the law to be in contact with the outside world, I’m breaking the law right now in writing this. I wouldn’t risk it like this, but I’ve already broken the most unbreakable and vital rule in my world: ALWAYS kill Vampires. But you see I couldn’t do it, I’ve killed so many but then I let this one go. Well I did a bit more than that. And I really needed to tell someone who won’t kill me on the spot. You are that person, whoever you are, please listen to my story. I’ll tell it as it unfolds because I really don’t know if I’ll live to write another word as it is, so if I stop writing...well I won’t tell you but it is pretty bad.

It started in the Graveyard, one great cliché; I’m running through the darkness surrounded by looming graves, the moonlight glints off them eerily, I’m on hot pursuit of the enemy, hell I’m even wearing black. It started in the graveyard, but it BEGAN with a kiss. Let me tell you the story of my life.

Ok it was more than a kiss
I ran, severing and weaving my way through the old, grey gravestones. I gently slowed to a stop. Damn. I thought. Lost him. I breathed out slowly, I didn’t like this job. Huh, job; like I got paid. Or had a choice, I just had the skills so this is what I did. Everyone takes an exam at the age of 6 to see if we were slayers or civilians, I had passed with a record time and 100%. I had never lost a Vampire, until recently. I had been losing more and more as I got older. But I still slayed more than even the elders, I was a natural. I just despised killing. Still, at least I killed to stop killing, which was good right? A swish of movement ahead caught my attention. Hah, stupid Vampire had come back to see if I was still here. What was the point in that? To put his life at more risk? I silently shifted my weight, poised to jump if he was stupid enough to check all the way back here. The figure continued to come closer to my hiding place. Just a few more steps this way and I had an easy target. The clouds shifted and sent a ray of reflected light right down on him. I gasped quietly, it was a common myth that all Vampires were gorgeous but I knew from experience that their looks depended on what they had looked like before, the process of becoming a Vampire didn’t automatically make you stunning. True, there was that feeling of dark attraction that I felt towards someone who could kill so mercilessly and proficiently. But this Vampire was attractive, excessively so.

He jumped at my gasp, looking right at me and ruining the element of surprise. Acting on my training I leapt, I landed directly on top of him, pushing him down to the ground and straddling across his chest, my stake hovered in my hand above his heart. I was used to this, witnessing the last moments of thought flicker across their faces. I had only ever seen two expressions: Anger and Acceptance. This was different. Sheer terror crossed his face and his eyes widened with fear. I was almost flattered that such a powerful being should fear me, a mere 14 year old girl. “Please,” He whispered. “Don’t kill me, I’m not like the others, I don’t drink blood.” I laughed. “Do you think you’re the first to try that out on me?” “Probably not, go on then kill me.” He said and then added. “It was only a matter of time before I slipped up again.” “Oh, pretending to be willing to sacrifice yourself for the human race. You’re clever.” “And you’re hesitating.” He said, a hint of a smile plying at his lips. I was hesitating, this was extremely dangerous but what if he was telling the truth? This wasn’t my mistake to make; I brought the stake up high and almost put it into his heart. He brought one of his hands up to the stake. “Please,” His voice was pleading but I could hear pain in it thanks to the fact that it hurt Vampires to touch stakes. His hand was on my weapon but he didn’t have enough strength to move it. This was my decision. And I decided to do probably the most stupid thing that I could; I threw away the stake and brought my lips to his. I didn’t know why. Now I was in the hands of a Vampire, completely weapon less. He would crush me. He was still kissing me but I knew it was only a distraction so that I wouldn’t grab my stake and do my job. He moved so that now I was underneath him. This was it; he would rip my body to shreds. Instead he kept kissing me, my lips, my jaw, my throat. Oh, so that was his plan. He was going to suck out my blood. Again he just kept kissing me, and I him. He began to take off my clothes, pushing me against an old gravestone. This was something I’d never dreamed of. Utterly unimaginable. You

couldn’t even sleep with civilians if you were a female Slayer, you would get punished. I could get killed for this. If I survived that is. But I really didn’t care about anything. I was about to lose my virginity to a Vampire in a graveyard and I didn’t give a shit.

That was how it began. Ok so it was a bit more than a kiss. After we’d done I stayed in his arms. I think we were both too scared to sleep; either one of us could have killed the other at any point. He left just before the sun came up. I got dressed and went back to my dorm in the building of Slayers. And now I’m in the library hacking on to the internet breaking the law for the second time in 24 hours to post this blog. I’ve got no idea what will happen now. But I’m going to make this a regular thing, I’ll try to write every week. I hope someone reads this, I need advice, desperately. If anyone’s got any ideas about what I should do please comment ‘cause I’ve got no clue. Oh I haven’t introduced myself; the name the Slayers gave me is Eva. That’s it, no surname. I’m just Eva the greatest Slayer on the Island. But soon I’m sure I’ll be nothing more than a unmarked grave. Hell what would they put on it anyway? If I had a grave it’d say this: Eva. A Vampire Slayer. ‘Cause that’s all I am.

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