Juvenile antics in the Senate.

Earlier this week, Ted Cruz took to the floor of the Senate to rant against health care -and to read Green Eggs and Ham. This wasn’t an act of bravery -- it was a cheap stunt that will bring our nation one step closer to a government shutdown, and deny millions of Texans access to health insurance. Texas can’t give Cruz the boot for years, but you know we are gearing up and ready to take down his former boss and mentor, Greg Abbott, in 2014. Donate $22 -- one for every hour of Ted Cruz’s silly stunt -- to stop Greg Abbott. Greg Abbott gave Cruz his first big break, appointing him Solicitor General of Texas. Cruz even thanked his old boss from the floor of the Senate Tuesday night. During this embarrassing 22 hour rant, Abbott took to Twitter to express his pride and fully endorsed Cruz’s plan to push us to a government shutdown to defund health care reform. Let Greg Abbott know -- Texans aren’t proud of Cruz’s cheap stunt -- or his extremism. Have you had enough? Donate today to take on the Cruz-Abbott boys club in 2014. It will be years before we can replace Cruz with a leader who cares about Texan values and Texas families -- someone who wouldn’t ignore the millions of us without health care. But you can help us take on Greg Abbott right now -- and every day until 2014. Let's bring the fight --

Will Hailer Executive Director, Texas Democratic Party P.S. This month, we’re asking donors to step up and fund our work every month until 2014. Donors that give a little every 30 days are the backbone of the financial support that makes our party possible. Please consider making your donation to the Texas Democratic Party every month.

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