11 Early-Seven Street, Strike land Subd.

Quezon City 0922-2222-290 May 04, 2009 Sarah Dong La Mesa Eco park Dear Madam: Please reserve a Function Hall for me on June 08, 2009. It’ll be used by my class for their team building. Please charge my credit card for the initial deposit required: Credit Card Number: 0056-2541-2662 Exact Name on Card: Agapito Hampaslupa Expiration Date: January 11, 2012 Please give me any discounts my early reservation permits to be granted. If there are other options that might be of benefit, please let me know them as soon as possible. Thank you for your prompt assistance and please confirm receipt of this letter and implementation of my request. Best regards, AHampasluPa Agapito Hampaslupa

MARSHAL CAMP ST. MARY, QC 12943 518 576-4577 February 22, 2007 Dear ________, This letter contains my last round of reservation confirmations. This year has proved to be profitable. The dates and room booked by you have been reserved for you but we also have rooms that can accommodate other guests as well for some weeks. This information will soon be available on our company website www.marshalcamp.org. So, if you would like to extend your stay for your friends who like camp can contact us through our website. This letter confirms your reservation to stay at Marshal Camp this summer. Once again, I would like to thank everyone who gave me second-choice dates. This has helped us in arranging reservations. Please make note of the dates that I have confirmed. In case you find any discrepancy between them and your expectations, you can send me an email or call on the Marshal Camp line in Kingstown. Your check in the amount of Php ____ secures your reservation for you. ARRIVAL: _______ DEPARTURE: _______ Hope you have an enjoyable visit and that you will warmly welcome the new staff.

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