Rifenburg Engl 3120

Literacy Task 1: Ruminations on Classical Western Rhetorics
Final Draft due: September 22, by 11:59p.m., in the appropriate D2L dropbox Quick Reference Guide       Word count:1800-2400 words Stance: Your choice Topic: one of the prompts below Format: MLA format Audience: Me Images: Up to two, if appropriate to your stance and audience

Background Thus far, we have been engaging with a variety of primary and secondary sources regarding classical rhetoric. From the Older Sophists, to Isocrates, to Quintilian, these rhetors/teachers all had a unique spin on language and currently impact us, scholars/practitioners of language use, today. Objective (s) In this literacy-task, I invite you to reflect on issues percolating within the classical treatments of rhetoric we have read. Below are prompts. Choose one. These are based on what you wrote for me on potential topics.        Role of rhetoric as an art The contemporary influence the Sophists have had on language use The five canons of rhetoric Aristotle’s opening sentence of On Rhetoric Should rhetoric have an ethical dimension? A focus on Aspasia, Diotima, or Sappho as a female rhetor Connection between democracy and rhetoric

As you move forward with a topic, be sure to undergird your position with examples and quotes from the reading. Some of these prompts may invite you to move outside of the required reading, which will be productive and encouraged. When evaluating your essay, I will be looking for the following:
Rifenburg Literacy Task I Engl 3120

    

Construct a clearly articulated main point Reflect on and pull examples from your education experience Point to specific words or passages in the class reading Connect with your audience Properly format your essay according to MLA guidelines

Good luck! I’m happy to help if you need some additional assistance at any stage of this paper. My office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:00am-10:00am. You can reach me as well via email at Michael.rifenburg@ung.edu


Literacy Task I

Engl 3120

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