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PCB Concepts Guide

PCB Concepts Guide


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Published by: Ali Ahmad on Jul 06, 2009
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PADS Layout CAM documents combine layer and data type specifications for output in a CAM
photoplot file. A new layer is created in the CAM350 file for each PADS Layout CAM document.
For more information on defining, adding, and editing CAM documents see the "Using CAM
Documents" topic in PADS Layout Help.

CAM documents can be arbitrarily named. These arbitrary names are used for layer names in the
CAM350 database to hold the CAM document content. The CAM350 Link extracts the PADS
Layout data types from the PADS-format ASCII file for the layers specified in the MISC CAM
section of the ASCII file. The resulting layers in the CAM350 database match the content of the
Gerber photoplot file generated by PADS Layout CAM operations.
Restriction: CAM document names are truncated to 16 characters due to the maximum file name
length in CAM350.

Supported CAM documents for CAM350 Link include the following five types:

Plane: ground plane (pads, vias, copper, lines, text)

Routing: top (pads, vias, tracks, copper, lines, text)

Silkscreen: (outline top)

top: (ref. des., part type)

silkscreen top: (lines, text, outlines)


top: (pads)

paste mask top: (copper, lines, text)

Solder mask:

top: (pads, test points)

solder mask top: (copper, lines, text, test points)

PADS Layout Concepts Guide


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