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PCB Concepts Guide

PCB Concepts Guide


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Published by: Ali Ahmad on Jul 06, 2009
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With Transparent mode you can view traces on several layers at once. Transparent mode can show
obstacles that may be hidden directly under the current active layer. When Transparent mode is on,
you see trace-over-trace or trace-over-part outline overlaps drawn in a third, lighter color. The
overlap color is determined by the colors you assign to your traces. With Transparent mode off,
overlaps do not appear.

A routed board with Transparent mode off and on

Transparent mode is recommended for inspecting dense route areas or when routing in areas with
layer-specific obstructions.

Color Selection and Transparent Mode

The transparent effect is more visible if you use darker colors for traces. Bright colors like yellow
and aqua wash out the effect.

A sixteen color grid with Transparent mode off and on

PADS Layout Concepts Guide


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