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PCB Concepts Guide

PCB Concepts Guide


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Published by: Ali Ahmad on Jul 06, 2009
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Moving Copper

In some previous versions of PADS Layout you could create copper that appeared on all layers
(Layer 0). This version of PADS Layout requires you to create copper on a specific layer. If you
open a file containing copper created for all layers, the copper is placed on Layer 1 and a message
appears indicating which items moved.

Converting Attributes

When you open a design, the Attribute Dictionary is loaded. You can change the default attributes
that are imported by changing the default attribute dictionary. For more information, see "Default
Attributes" on page 128.

If you open a design created with a version prior to PowerPCB version 3.0 any part type attributes
found are converted to new attributes, added to the Attribute Dictionary (if necessary), and applied
to the items on which they were found. For example, if you assigned value and tolerance in your
existing design, they are converted to Value and Tolerance attributes and then added to the
appropriate objects.

The following items were converted to attributes starting in version 3.0:

Attribute Name

Created When


A value is found appended to a part type name.


A tolerance is found appended to a part type name.


Assembly options exist in the design.

DFT.Nail Count Per Net

The nail count per net is greater than one, the default.

The nail count may be greater than one if the Insert Multiple
Test Points Per Net check box is selected in the Audit Rules
tab of the DFT Audit dialog box.

PADS Layout Concepts Guide


Converting Labels

If you open a design created with a version prior to PowerPCB version 3.0, the reference
designators and part types are converted to current labels. The location, orientation, and color of
the labels are preserved if they were on the Top or Bottom layers. The default height and width are
used, mirroring is turned off, and labels are placed on the Top layer. Also, visibility is set to Value.
For information on changing these settings see the "Using the Query/Modify Labels Dialog Box"
topic in PADS Layout Help.

PADS Layout Concepts Guide


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