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CEPES Laser Vario 2010

CEPES Laser Vario 2010

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Published by: canmarrai on Sep 26, 2013
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In order to satisfy the legal requirements, we issue the following statement: Magneto-therapy is scientifically disputed and is not

yet recognized by conventional medicine.



CEPES-Laser Vario

CEPES-Laser® Vario

© Copyright by AMS / 03-2010 / www.aha-design.de

CEPES-Laser®Vario - the true master in its class: Extremely easy to handle Self-explanatory in terms of operation Very robust with the highest electronic standards
Important! For owners of an AMS large device: You want to use the CEPES-Laser®Vario together with your practice device and enjoy all the advantages of this inspired technical combination?

Technical data

brand NEW!

The CEPES-Laser Vario can be operated exclusively via an AMS practice device. It operates with a wide-band red wavelength (mean value 650 nm) and a variable magnetic-field frequency. The power output of the CEPES-Laser®Vario is approx. 0.5 mW. Powered exclusively via the high-capacity battery in the large device. Connecting cable / length between CEPES-Laser®Vario and large device: 2300 mm Weight: approx. 105 g with connecting cable and plug-in attachment Size: 15 x 25 x 115 mm

® CEPES-Laser Vario The true master in its class!

A guarantee of even more multifunctionality and absolutely unique synergistic effects.

CEPES-Laser®Vario ... combines the multifunctionality of the AMS practice devices with the triedand-test features of developed CEPESLaser technology. ... integrates in an ideal way three tried-and-tested procedures in a single system: Red-light laser with automatic pulsing: 1.2 Hz (Nogier frequency!) or in CW mode (continuous wave).
AMS practice device: Interface connector for CEPESLaser®Vario

We will convert your large / practice device at a fair introductory price!
Introductory prices:

Upgrading of old devices (from year of construction 2000) to connection of the CEPES-Laser®Vario incl. shipping costs Expansion of new devices for additional connection of the CEPES-Laser®Vario, when this is ordered at the same time

CEPES-Laser®Vario - an innovative combination! You gain: More multifunctionality and synergy A broader spectrum of effects A wider range of uses and applications

Scope of delivery Laser with connecting cable and plug-in attachment with hole for glass ampoule, instructions for use. Guarantee 2 years

Complex utilization of the pulsating magnetic field through a connection of the CEPES-Laser®Vario with an AMS practice device Transient oscillation / transmission of analog and digital bioinformation using the pulsating magnetic field as a carrier wave and therapy frequency.

Order number: 108
Presented by: AMS GmbH ADVANCED MEDICAL SYSTEMS Fon +49 93 41 / 9 29 30-0 Fax +49 93 41 / 9 29 30-99 Tannenweg 9 D-97941 Tauberbischofsheim Germany info@magnetotherapy.de www.magnetotherapy.de

The CEPES-Laser®Vario guarantees the synergistic interaction of tried-and-tested therapy procedures!
AMS GmbH ADVANCED MEDICAL SYSTEMS Fon +49 93 41 / 9 29 30-0 Fax +49 93 41 / 9 29 30-99

A replica of the undisturbed nature

In order to satisfy the legal requirements, we issue the following statement: Magneto-therapy is scientifically disputed and is not yet recognized by conventional medicine.

Tannenweg 9 D-97941 Tauberbischofsheim Germany info@magnetotherapy.de www.magnetotherapy.de

in the treatment of Head’s zones. The CEPES-Laser®Vario is a true master in its class! AMS GmbH ADVANCED MEDICAL SYSTEMS Fon +49 93 41 / 9 29 30-0 Fax +49 93 41 / 9 29 30-99 Tannenweg 9 D-97941 Tauberbischofsheim Germany info@magnetotherapy. Digitized Frequency Spectra / Full Overview” . . CEPES-Laser®Vario: You can’t want more functionality and more synergistic effects! Because of the ideal technical combination which permits a great variety of treatment possibilities. Within the framework of the new C-Generation you can transmit digitized BIOWAVEs with the aid of the AMScomsystem control software (refer to our full catalog “BIOWAVEs.. muscles and tendons in dentistry. respond well to the entirely painless and safe softlaser application . when making your purchase. has in addition to the simple “On / Off” operating mode (operating mode A) two further operating modes (B and C) which facilitate adjustable automatic pulsing of the laser light: Mode B = CW mode = continuous wave Mode C = 1. we issue the following statement: A replica of the undisturbed nature Magneto-therapy is scientifically disputed and is not yet recognized by conventional medicine.5 mW. sports medicine and sports physiotherapy. ring.. the CEPESLaser®Vario is superior to all forms of needle treatment and on top of that is even more cost-effective.de www. ears and body. A high laser output is not needed to reach the organism’s response threshold! The CEPES-Laser®Vario therefore only has to have a power output of approx. Institute of Biophysics. endogenous and exogenous nosodes. nat. an internationally protected trademark and stamp of quality. trigger points and chakras. This facilitates simultaneous operation of the practice device and CEPES-Laser®Vario. stimulates a person’s biofield.1 Hz to 1000 Hz (in the harmonics up to 10 MHz) automatic frequency programs: “1000 Hz to 1 Hz” or “100 Hz to 1 Hz” / further different modulation programs).. meridian treatment. Acupuncture.de In order to satisfy the legal requirements. A physiologically pulsating magnetic field of any frequency has a penetration depth of 30 cm (important for scar interference suppression!). is responsible for controlling growth and regeneration.. point or the inductors of the MEDISEND®super II und super III). Resonance stimulation of the biophoton field With the CEPES-Laser®Vario you work specifically on the organism’s bioenergetic level. Top-class regulation! Very important! While you are using the CEPESLaser®Vario. head. Children and older people..magnetotherapy. Ludwig®. Bach flower remedies.for instance during acupuncture on the mouth. who do not especially care for needles.with currently more than 3500 BIOWAVEs). guaranteeing even more multifunctionality and thus absolutely fantastic synergistic effects. in scar interference suppression and the release of emotional blockages. It permanently supports the laser effect through resonance stimulation of the biophoton field. exogenous and endogenous bioinformation such as: expulsion therapy. generate the electromagnetic biofield which is modeled on undisturbed nature and is replicated in the correct ratio (YIN-YANG balance). ® Advantages: The CEPES-Laser®Vario guarantees both local and systemic effects! Small and handy with low energy consumption Does not need to be TÜV-tested (German Technical Inspection Agency) No negative influence of the substrates during transient oscillation of the useful signals / bioinformation + CEPES-Laser®Vario + AMS practice devices: Giving you “All the benefits in one system!” Red-light and laser applications Pulsating magnetic field Photon therapy Combination of bioresonance and regulation procedures. Tauberbischofsheim. joints. autologous procedures. 0. The laser beam pointed at acupuncture points is routed in the meridians (= light guide). Connecting the CEPES-Laser Vario to an AMS practice device provides you with the opportunity to integrate the latter’s function in your work with the CEPESLaser®Vario. Multiple benefits: MEDISEND®super C: Multifunctional and great value. Therefore. homeopathy. MEDISEND® super II/ III practice devices and operated. You can transmit bioinformation in analog form via the MEDICUP. Last but not least in the treatment of wounds. phytotherapy. The frequency spectrum of the 64 trace elements essential for life is created by a globally unique procedure.T/E CEPES-Laser® Vario CEPES-Laser®Vario: .depending on the treatment concept . you can . W. hands. can be exclusively connected by cable to the MEDISEND®super/super C. The great advantage of this combination lies in the fact you can control the magneticfield frequency of the CEPES-Laser®Vario as you require via the practice device. spagyrica. testing with AMStestmodul) The CEPES-Laser®Vario specifically excites the organism’s regulation processes on the cell level. Equipped for the future! . + By connecting the CEPES-Laser®Vario to an AMS practice device you use the magnetic field not only as a therapy signal but also as a carrier wave for transmitting endogenous / exogenous bioinformation.. rer. CEPES-Laser®Vario stands for more functions and increased convenience! Because connecting the CEPESLaser®Vario to an AMS practice device allows therapists to use two tried-and-tested treatment concepts simultaneously.2 Hz = Nogier frequency The completely new system generation: MEDISEND®super III Testing and therapy. supports and activates the self-healing forces. always look out for the arrow symbol. interference-field location and treatment Transmission of analog bioinformation and digitized BIOWAVEs with the AMScomsystem control software (incl.work at the same time with an appropriate treatment element (MAGNETO loop. (single-frequency program setting from 0. Globally unique! Look out for the arrow symbol! Only the magnetic-field devices developed by Dr. hand electrodes and/or the plug-in attachment with ampoule.

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