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Summertime Do What You Do! Nice Work If You Can Get It They Can't Take That Away From Me Someone To Watch Over Me Love Is Here To Stay I've Got A Crush On You But Not For Me It Ain't Necessarily So The Man I Love How Long Has This Been Going On? Embraceable You Bidin' My Time My Man's Gone Now I Got Rhythm Somebody Loves Me (I'll Build A) Stairway To Paradise Rhapsody In Blue 6 10 13 16 20 24 28 32 38 42 46 50 54 60 64 67 72

Published 1995

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.Jfl a ff" a v~~i~r! ® 1935 (Renewed) Chappell & Co.~~S ~f~"Y "nII~ II-fff tW -a~f- Am6 E7 Am6 E7 Am6 E7 Am6 Dm F an' the liv . _ mf espr .1~~fff t f~ffffff~~ff~-fff fff" fff" ~ yw~Trt ff~fff rrr_rt. USA Warner Chappell Music Ltd. ff .in' is eas - y. f"V " 79'7_ f~I-ffff~~ ff~~J~fffffff~ ~~ rJ~ :~A ~Nff r<r_~w~rr_~Mt_~ czr~af~rt_rcLm ~v ~ .R:I~ "IJ: f' .SUMMERTIME 3 From Porgy And Bess by GEORGE GERSHWIN.. Fish are jump-in'.rtit_r_r_rr_t_r~ r~~ra . 1 n 'fJ[~W!' ~~fffff f/'ff"" afff fff~f<fft< " fr01t""f. DUBOSE and DOROTHY HEYWARD and IRA GERSHWIN ALff. Allegretto semplice 4 P t. London WlY 3FA .~~t"ft.

h !J Am6 E7 Am6 E7 . C+ 3 a tempo Am 6 E7 E7 One of these morn-in's Yougoin' to rise- up a tempo Sfl S Am6 E7 Am6 E7 Am6 Dm F Then you'll spread yo' wings - EMEEM 3 ~~ : .. so I C Illwr_~w MW I " ~ r i Io C . --.r_off : ~ .' . q~4-~~ i l-" II 3 . an' yo' ma is good Am6 E7 Am D7 dad-dy's rich. don' yo' cry . f poco an im at o Am 6 C+ D9 poco r it . lit-tle ba- by.L-J-Mr : W7 r: rIF ~ .- - look - in'. Am hush.

FmaJ7 D#o E B7 E Em6 E7-5 Am6 E7 an' you'll take-the sky . But till that morn-in' R Am6 E7 Am6 E7 Am D7 c . Bb E7 (13) . Am stand- in' by .

- " "~ "nev .li't v l know.long.tr kissed_ P = an . IRA GERSHWIN and GUS KAHN nevr M rr knew_ love was so nice.er L want . i New World Music Corp. You came a . nev.DO WHAT YOU DO! Music and Lyrics by GEORGE GERSHWIN. USA user Chappell Music Ltd.ed a beau 77-1 ndon WC2H OEA ~i Poor me! I just did . EMI Music Publishing Ltd. London W I Y 3FA.y -one twice. . _ ~ r~~ -_ n 1 s~ 1929 (Renewed) Chappell & Co administered by WB Music Corp.

=::~ It thrills me through.s .got a thrill .~xy syv Refrain n Come on and P-f do what you do! It seems so new.whatyou do. ~~'lima -7777.m feel it still Now . So do what you do some .IMMP~MMF-Mnp~~ ~ I ~w._ M.~ U ~ '& ~:a .i One kiss from you.whatyou do .

~ r - =. YrYY.nough of the loss-es you some_ r~~ " W:~a~Y ~~ YW ~ throw me.YYY~ v " .T . I need a big sup ply" . WnY~W Y~Yt a Give me thekiss-es you Y ""~~" t ~ T.W K Y" i Keep dream-ing ~~7Yt ~Y~ ~~YYY"IY-Y~~YY 'JF 4W of 1 what you do .~7" ~Y~J~ rt/YYYY do what you i Z " = do W YIY~YYY"fYY-" Yt "Y~Y~I~ ~Y~ ~ more! Can't get e . I Dont 1- be a 1 - bove Z I what you _Y~ ~ Y ~1 do. But u ~~--Y~~YaYYYIYYY.Wow \V-r more! You know I love what you do.

dore 10 what you --rdo? -r --4..zy .-T.o . and more what you do. . h ~~~~1111111101 111111101111 11111111" 1111111111111111 "1" 11111"111111" ~l More! "1" Come on and more! -.. ".~ 1IIr4111W ~ Im w_"~ .~ for what ~ or you do. So do what you do some _ i t .W.ii 01111111111111111111" Id~ ~0"11"rll~~l I"~~~~~~~I~O Y~-~~0-~0~~1~i~ t "~ ~~ ~Git" IIIIIII<~111111"1111111~1 ~ 111111P 411111 --1111 1111 " .0iii:MW cra ..-P More and more. and more.

ing man-ey Lives a life that is . r " vv J 1937 (Renewed) Chappell & Co. Like-wisethe maa who Jew i i ~~D9+ The L I D7+D+ fact is. London W1Y 3FA . r 7F A a G P ------ Em7 A7 Am7 D13 Em7 3 Am7 D7 The man who on. USA Warner Chappell Music Ltd. ` B Em Gmaj7 Am 7 D7 G6 works for fame. ~7 . GEORGE GERSHWIN and IRA GERSHWIr Moderato *00 r~ G y . D Therds noguar-an-tee that timewoct a-rase his name . ly sun-ay .ly lives for mak .ri . G D13 Em7 A7 Am7 the on-lywork that really brings en-joy-meat G Is Gmaj7 A9 F.et nec-en-sa. A u B. 1 .7 G lop m7 thekindthatis for girl - and boymeant.10 NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT Music and Lyrics b. 40 P W_ W.

v~W.~~mw~~w~ww wr wa~wrw." rm wwr Io. w~ w~w~~l Hold.ing hands at raid-night ~Neath a star. G E° D7sus if " wumw~~wr~ w~' G you try.wrl Umw~N~ MW ww~wrw -. Andyou can get it . Sigh-ingsighaf-ter work if you can get it.~~ rwwwrw~" ~w~~i~ IN ~M_M0 G C6 Aad you can get it _ ~~~~.w~ D9 G13 C9 A9 A13-9 - G G6 ~wwrmmry~ Nice work if you can I'Y I f1Q:ww Ira""/-~rV-'/7~ :R~7-ws" M1 Q Mr.~ ~rmwm=~~~ m saiww~l www~i~ww. ww~ l~ w~w~wwrww~ww~~ wwmw~'miww~~w~~w-_~ww~ ~wwmww" wy ~1w G Nice G6 Am7 G C 6 G E°D7sus G G13 C9 A9 A13-9 sigh.- Strol-ling with the one girl.wwrw~w~ww~~.~ ra~~s~Wwmr~w~~rmww>.~N~ISaw~w~~ inn " y.ry sky." 'w~ w~^wQYP 1.~wwr~~ir~w~ ~. m. n u 27-me -~-w1 B7+ E7-9 A7+ ~ww~w~wwwwww.. "i~ YD a~wwQww~www " -~rw>. or -~i n Am7 get it.. IwrS a wrBwwwr ...1~ .v~~ww~~.ww~ww~w~w~www :~.. That's the best work of REFRAIN (smoothly) .~wrw~m~ a.~w~w wQwww "!1wQwlwr ~` M-05M wQw~ wlwwt~MMML=~~s E7-9 A7+ D9 r B7+ 0 ~a. ww " ~a~w~ww~wrw~mwr~r~s~~wv sue.Bm7 Fall in love B° EmG DM E7-9 Am9 Cm6/D D13 G6 F#m7-5 Em7 r yon wont re-gret it.

a a.y-thing 7-5 more? B7+ 22 Lov. r" "ra s ~ E7 - ~~"a And then tak . Where two hearts be - k Em7 A13 i.Em 0 u Ow tvw . .ing INIMMINIUMME E7-9 A7+ D9 one..ine D+ C9 Em ir some .~~ Yv. Nice work if you can get it.a. - r. SOMERVIROM > > i_ G13 C9 A9 A13-9 G GG Arz7 G B7-5 ==too . ! TT 2 G ir.Whocoald ask one who i loves you.ing that vow.ai~ / I ~r Am9 Won't you Dll D9+ tell me G Em7 Am E7+ A7+Eb7+ D7+ how? how? . Just im-ag .ar And if you get it. rMT" r"" .one_ 10 4 Wait-ing at the cottage may:rr=aa_y~~ "" door. Em7 -come A7+ D for s an.ar_r~ar~arar r~v.

7~ "1/. London W 1 Y 3FA . wr Theymay takeyou from ~. ' mmm v ~ me. 4 E.I fi " ONIfi "f<ti~lf~=f~ " ~ E. I'll missyour f--Pd ca-ress . but as thesongwrit-er wrote.5 B7 Bs 7 A6 I X T' v song is end. I f. B.I'll stillpos-sess : fffffi~f" ~ ffi/ s ~ arta fffr ft. USA Wamer Chappell Music Ltd. ~ p~yrffffffy ~ ~ =w ON csm" l 7 06 5 iV9 F765 B67 n: A6 Edim Fm B67 R6dim F7 © 1936. ~ffffi "ffif~f"--ffif~=~l~~~f0 But though thrytakeyoufrommr.w-s v The me l-o-dy Iing-ers ---------------.7 E.rd. Edim Fm7 Am D.i a~ Am'' D7 f. Edim tm."L~ MP a tempo - fffi -fih ftif~ffatftifffffiR~ F. a/serf f.do (rtl-hezy) /if~:7fi1 I 7 --/-~__ 1i ffrfrffrf~rrftir~rrrr~rr . 1937 (Renewed) Chappell & Co.~ ar~rf m.J"fifffiffi I on .THEY CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME 13 Music and Lyrics by GEORGE GERSHWIN and IRA GERSHWIN Jludei .wffifif_ i fit-=~fff"I -'7rl-~ Bv .

vat vouwear%our hat.f o Thr~kav you sipyour tea.Theinrm'rv of all th .The way you haunt my dreams.1 Fm7 E .u - C9 F'7 Fm7 E>3 E6 maj7 n The way you sing off key. nev .REFRAIN Oral my-m . Bb% Fm 7 Fm-1 1o.*7 B6+7 E . E~maj7 ESdim B"7 su> E. no! Thrycan't take that a-way from me! The way your smile just-beams.- slowly utth warmth m -m/ ~ E>3 EA .9 E.. " mf T "11 \o.9 A6 r .' .. no! They r r r M if _ B6+9 E69 E66 E6dim sus E6 B67 B6. T ~ } LrJ W I= Cm ~ ~ '~-may IRf It--.9 Cm cant takethataway from rne!_ Re may nev-er. Cm Be . E. Gmt . Still I'll .~ .~t II .ermeet a-gain On the bumpy road to love.

. Ek m No.-j.Bc7 177P ~! Gm Gm-'-s C7 F7 Fm Thewav He dancedtill three.~a~~~ -Y OV~~' Gm C9 D7-9 777f- _ I r "rI 1 ~~~ i~ YFNEL AN W F77.'ry" of 1htH .LN N : . Fin . hu!d y uL.nt~m . . t-p the . B>7 .i knif.. tea_. r_ . _ sus Bi 1307 Cm 12 E~ AF EL Gm Fo E6m . e.- XT Thewayyu'srchan~zdmylife . al-wags k( . . no! They I can't take that i r a-Hay frum me!_ - Z3 No! They can't take that a - i~t of E e Mr L c..G al-ways.

ip~ t un oco rit. E~maj 7 69 is blind.nt aF I I IF. USA Warner Chappell Music Ltd.16 SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME Music and Lyrics by GEORGE GERSHWIN and IRA GERSHWIN Scherzandu rr m .ilrtg old Says that love Still were o -ten told. W 7~ Eb had Bbll EO in Fxn7 mind . Bbl Eb Loo Ebmaj7 F ng ew. m 1926 (Renewed) Chappell & Co and New World Music Cc (Ltd) administered by WB Music Corp. Eb p Moderato .'rY-where. Have . L 1% P a tempo . say . London W 1 Y 3FA . 67 Abmaj7 - Cm7 ee and She: There's .

this lost lamb? un poco fall .r to my mon .gret .gram . Bb _ WNW Gin7 _ CmI where is F7 the shtpherdfor ~-i Bb Ab (9) xn poco GM fail . En Ah 6 D7-9 ev_ er7 hinkofwith T r_ - ~MOM s~-- ir r ~'9 C9 C7 !LL 'nP . .I dmP Gm C Gm its in -i .L FYn7 BP7sus n rvrr~~~~~r~m On .o . Gm7 like t a .ly man I Bb13 66 re . BO Tell me.

O Bbl E9 She : He : There's a somebody I'm longing There's a somebody I ve wanted to see : to see: I hope 1 hope that he that she Turns out Turns out to be to be Fm r.o F. not she be the may be .~rr~_B017 F I'm a lit . G7+ Abmaj7 e-one who'll watch Some-one to watch Eh E b7 P MW rar"" rr~~ra~~~ clime t`ii~ _ tf tr. T--- C7 Fm Am7-5 Bb11 Bbl Eb ~~ra~ _u o-ver o-ver me .tie l<mbwhos I'm a lit -tie lambwhos ~ Bbl E9 r C 7 Fn lost in the wood : I know I could Al-ways AI-ways be good be good To To one who*ll one who' l I Ab BD7 ED Gm 7 EO AI-though he She may be Ab may far. me .

ries she'll car .how Eo I need I need FM C7 Fm Arn7-5 watch watch Bbii Bbl o .ry E key key .by.how Oh.ver _ L _ Some-one to Some-one to r i 7 .by HIS 1-7 1 To To D7-9 D7+ my heart my heart D7 G7+(-9 G7 the the - he car .Eb+ A~ man some near .ver o . o) C7 F9 Bb7 6 P 67 Ab Ab 0 Won't you tell him please to put on some speed. 72 r Eb F01-low Fol-low 40 my lead. And this world would be like hea-ven if she'd gym . Girls think of I'm prom-is F-P 04 Eb+ Gma7 Eb as hand-some ing here . Bbl Oh._. my lead.

J Gm 7 C dim C9 F6 Fdim Gm 7 C7 Bb world and all l its ca. 1938 (Renewed) Chappell & Co. N'oth-ingseemsto be C 1937.pers The less z i I I com-pre .pers And how it all will erd .20 LOVE IS HERE TO STAY Music and Lyrics by GEORGE GERSHWIN and IRA GERSHWIN Con anima MP =~ I g6M fJ d "~ 3 b~ ~ I I -~ 7nf ' Pb`' F6 IWr-~~ G' E7 t F f D7 SC G7 ~7 D7 The more I read the pa.hend The IV AWL m1J Leggiero I I . London W1Y 3FA . USA Warner Chappell Music Ltd.

thing ~ r'" A7 D G7 C9 mean in ii w" Mr.ing.n't our a of . ~8 p .y clear Our love ycvi is here to stay .C7 last . But that is . We've got some . -~" the way we care .fair . 1 i Refrain C7 G9 Gm7 c7 F It's Cl ve r .

e -phone and the Fmaj7 36 ythat we know flay just be pass .er .ing i fan . - geth .ies t Ike ~t - - Gm 7 Gm7 C7 Our love is here to stay .G7 C7 D7 Gm7 C7 The ra - di - o and the tel .cies. mov .

i L yydclicotu$ 44b) l . f i E69 D7 Bb D dim But F our love Cm 7 is here C9 to They're on. . long way . Gib ral -tar may turn.ing -MV C7 In " Rock .G7 we're Gm7 C7 a long.y stay.ble.1v made of clay. I -~ t -~-1 W It's Ver . a I time the go . 014 F6 yv stay.ies may crum-ble.

ians would be ME lesser evnner ftW-7~~~~~~am~~ P y a. London W IY 3FA .y mil -lions of An .24 I'VE GOT A CRUSH ON YOU Music and Lyrics by GEORGE GERSHWIN and IRA GERSHWIN Allegretto giocoso (gayly) VERSE 10 Timothy. How r ~eits~~ SEMEN` mon~ ~ I mf > F ~~~r 40 w ~w3rr~sa. USA Warner Chappell Music Ltd. -10 Bb E6 B6 E6 B6 lad the man .na-belles and Lill. O~ © 1930 (Renewed) Chappell & Co and New World Music Co (Ltd) administered by WB Music Corp.

. How F7 1 KAM n A B6 Bvmaj7 B66 C7 F7 Bb E6 B6 won you I shall nev . f 1 u . and it was swell .a.trac . but.ance : 1 fell.~~~-~ Men fm.tive.sist .~==m ' Fm""! Cm7 F7 B6 B6dim Cm7 F7 B6 6 n L . Timothy: It's not that you're at .~~r-~~a Anne : You're my big and brave and hand-some Ro -me o.er.Cm7 osr:' ~~" r.er know .E6 B6 D D wore down my re . nev . = "" .

ie pie.- Could you coo?- " r. P_Mf".1~ ~~~ f fafa~fr . F7 clay and night-time hear me sigh .ate - IMMIUMNEW n Bb m aj~. v All the I swamp 'f1 _ - ~ i ff~ 7fa L Gm7 C7 B7 Cm7 M Gm7 OP nev n er had the least - LIUII - that I could 3 B7 C7 F7 C+ F7 Cm7 C+B6maj7 A7 C9 fall with- so much e .~~f: P Wr f= Ibis m r ~ ~ ~iams Wit.fa fC~'~~f~7f"T7fff7 ~fafa-_r=..mo - tion . - . crush on Bbnaj7 A9 Eb Cm7 F7 you.Refrain n . ~fa~ ~~faws "~~fa~~fai ..- sweet .

Gm6 F7 B6 I've l l i-T T-~7 fZ . IT74~r - d o -got a you . my ba - by. n 'cause I've got a crush. on B6 Cm7mf7 1 B6 Gm6 F` T you.Cm7 F7 B6ma 7 A7 Could you for a can-ning cot-tape 1 7 0 o 7+5 D Cm7 - D7 Gm7 n Am Gm7 E.- i F6 i B6maj7 1366 I C9 A6 F7 C1 -~"~!- mush.1 C9 my 0 we could share?- The world will par - don .

28 BUT NOT FOR ME Music and Lyrics by GEORGE GERSHWIN and IRA GERSHWIN Moderato r. "Dreams come truel" Just E6 B 6+5 A 6+5 E 6+5 Gm A7 Fm B b7 E6 Cm7 B67 E6 Cm7 Am7 D7 O 1930 (Renewed) Chappell & Co and New World Music Co (Ltd) administered by WB Music Corp. Old Man Sun-shine lis -tea. USA Warner Chappell Music Ltd. London W1Y 3FA . youl Nev.er tell me.

_ D+5 Dm C+5 E 6+5 BM D 6+5 Am D7 G i hear From an .H .nas. I'm w L .y cheer .6 1 'mar Bea-trice Fair-fax.%LAW Fm7 B67 A6 B67 Cm addA fate Supplies a mate .er tell me he will care . Who tell you NOM ~ .ing t Fm7 B 67 Cm7 B67 E6 B67 .ing He's knock.an .ful Pol ..ly . It's all ba .nasl They're writ .na . don't you dare Ev .

tee . With love to I know that -~ " 0 0 = F7 nL lead love's the way a game.REFRAIN Rather slow (smoothly) star's two a .zled.bove.sian play moth or flame? Could gua . Than an . me . B 67 E 67 I've found more I'm puz . by four. I was a It all be - . But not for But not for me .y Was I the I E 6+5 A6 Fm7 F#dim E6 Can 1367 E 6 Rus . Im all at sea . clouds just of grey the same.ran .

~ dim . end! Heigh . iwv can't dis-miss hap .~ "Vi fool -gan n ww u.ho! This is A the 10 B67 Cm7 B67 E6 B67 E6 B67 E6 B67 -last time and a at~~fel so. W__M 11i 66 I E6B67E6DdimE6 B67 E6 Fm A7 B6 . Lack . ~!M~ AM He's knocking me.riage knot. mar . I guess he's not And there's o knot 1 7 wr 'a -r .py plot The mem-'ry Ends with the of his kiss. M RD E6+5 A6 Fm7 -r3~ i Vier - rrsi~~ w 11111 IC WMNEEMELI-l F~dim E6 G7 Cm C7 Fm7 for for me . E6 ~ ~wr~ An to fal l_ And get that so well.But what an way .a ler needs a - day I friend.

Da .sa .ly 2.ble. it di .ble fought big Go .IT AIN'T NECESSARILY SO From Porgy And Bess by GEORGE GERSHWIN.ces . _ 9 Di77 IT _ so.vid was small. DUBOSE and DOROTHY HEYWARD and IRA GERSHWIN (happily. my! L De He Sings dat yo' li' .ly Da . USA Warner Chappell Music Ltd. London W 1 Y 3FA .sa .ethl Li'1 © 1935 (Renewed) Chappell & Co.ii . my!- -l airit ne .vid was small but ch Il C7 . with humor) GM C GYn C7 am It Lit -~~ C - ain't ne .ath To Who read in lay down de an' Bi .~ I T- Db7 7~S~fr- C7 1.ri .ces .ri . but oh so.

dle ah da wa da. wa da._ Scat-ty MMM am-wah . Zim bam bod . Em7 !J Zim bam bod-dle . L ._ F#m ALL Eb7 Wa - doo.oo.33 12 my! Eb7 DID Aliegro a IOCOSo jke savage outburst Wa doo. Hoo. 71 UWA 7 Scat -ty -~ 7 1---- ~~ mmmm~ IR ~~~Iw. 1 " ~-- ~1~~~1I- F~ ii5ffiffiM~~m~ mm subfto rtl .- IINE A7 L.oo. Dm7-5 ALL Hoo-d!c ah da D7 Can ALL I wah . die ._ D S P. ED7 B° ALL Ab D7 SP. L. Yeah! 3011.

dle .ed on wat . doo.nah. Dn _ wa .nah.T- Li'1 (repeat!) y .'j - C whale. He float. nah.from that r-~ 7-.er Dat Till Ole Phar-ash's daugh-ter She n A7 D7 67 whale . he lived in Mo . he lived in Mo .ses was found in i y - j-GM whale. C7 :=~Y Oh.~-YYI ~C i1I I .uwY'-~ WY~YY~C~YY~Yi Jo . she says. he lived in de fished him. C ("PI-Gl) 2 Grn Jo .oo. C7 Db7 C7 DD'._ stream . stream. stream.ses was found in de a Tempo I }.-r-. _ Zim barn bod . Y~ W_lY~~~YY~~ I Y-7YYY ~. 1 1 -YiYW~ n E27 - ~IYYr~Y1 IL I Aliego 7 Wa doo. Lil J _ de a Jo .

0) shrw~~ w -_ -~- TI ~~i - ~'-- n 1 SP..L .ces .Ka ~ Ilk -- I I ~ .dle ah da wa da.35 BO ALL Ah D7 SP.- Cam ALL Scat .t h. - Yeah! It V~ ~J r _ j --. .ri r -W-7 ly . - Scat _ ty wab . ". lloo. ~ - -- ~~ ~~ .lun.dle ab da wa da.ble's a r---i vil . " .: 1 C7 DfYI A7 D7 tell all you chil .ra C7 rr .dle .oo. L .sa . ._.lun De r 3~ ~3-~ 1 J deb . But 'taiA ne . Noo. Em7 Dm7-5 ALL D7 Zim Dam bod .

faifa t" .lah lived nine hun -dyed years. Oh. t=~~tf.ffrr~~ ftait_faa.fli fit-ffffffff.f~tfffffff .<f~ nt frs r.fr~rat. To get in .ff~~~iffffft.~ :~f~tatarir_tasr-~ta clean! Don'have no fault ..w~frfti to -f~ -.tnt_~~ t_airt-fit:r ti~taft_af=~srt_~ " fa f~fi~7f~-ti fliff"ffffffff~~~~ P-f~t7 tr~~friin W~ .ta fs"wtara~r~rat_rr " r_ftitirf~ .~fa who calls dat " .thus'-lah lived nine hun-dyed years.in' When thus.But ti ~fN "Tfl~f~'~fflf:~w~~tff.~ftftitift- D7 sus4 D7 G C7 i -~~:=rf~ ~~ffa~~ " fffftawfff~ffffff.~~~ rsi~ri ta i taft_~:~rtawr_fas+as .rtft.t~"fff. But ~ .f~faritiofara~rartara~ .Rftifftitiffti "fti wlf~~f~fif~ " iff~7 _'Vffft-~fff~~~f~fi faTffft wlfftifft """"" -i~tiRta " ff.=--~sia~~ "r y-tiffti-ft fi~ffff . I takesdatgos-prl When.I ~~w~rrar-f~t_rrftaaf~wta A7sus A7 a C7 Me .fara~ir~tl~~~ 3 D77 liv .ft-fwfarwtaftifi~t_rftifs " f~~ .. Me- C7 .ii. .to Heb-ben don' snap for a seb-ben! Live rr ~ ":a=~ri trfifiws~ ~:rff~f~rt_~rarit-~r_firtIi_'.~ftat-tier ~f~tttawr~~~ anti ~~f~~rt taf rfrfrif~tatiw so. -fffff"r~~t"- b~ 6 .ate tav" itt:~tff~ftatffiitri~ .ev-er it's pos'-ble.ffffta~ft.y~ :~~ffittfi~fff~tt_ffifG t~~~fff.faf~~fat " frw.v-ff~ .~ra .ti~ tf.f ..Lr a rr~~ar.u a~~~~ -rta wrat~-tat:ftim mf 1~~ffff~ ttv fT"" .tfffffffr~ r " .ti :ffffff/ u.~ " fiwt: " " ~ 'wwl7taAt~fti< .

mon to show. mev ~-~ ~~r~ %l~rl I! nrp0 I Y - av f _ 7 Yww)1i " wi. r3 dis ser . poco rneno G Im preach.in . it u k Y~N_11 :x" r-~ --------------- r un POCO Menu L Em7 f l a tempo L G G Em7 G Em7 G " ~-i~it~ S0.F#7 lip - EI77 Am7 un.~ww!""i~ "~ 1 1 .

The Fm. .7 C 1924 (Renewed) Chappell & Co and New World Music Co (Ltd) administered by WB Music Corp.THE MAN I LOVE Music and Lvrics by GEORGE GERSHWIN and IRA GERSHWIN sus A L Bb13 When the mel . London W I Y 3FA .'ry night I p moUo semplice ' Eb 4F. Ev .tle dream. And of course Prince _T_ Charm-ing is I the theme.06 "W Eb Eb+ A L v dream a lit . USA Warner Chappell Music Ltd.low p moon be-gins to beam.

E~ Cm7 C+ F9 B67 Eb BO It is sel .dom that a dream comes true. To me Gm Cm CO F7-9 Bb Bb°/F Fm7 BO .

Sun. (stou) Some'llcome along.41 dw. a.)m C7 fl-L- L Andwhen hecomesmyway. And he'll be big andstrong. i ED E17 7 Elm A.ThemanIlove . Tleman love .awnwin I'll do mybest to make him stay .7m . CBS onnoww' . E7m7 B.ao REFRAIN. Fm7-5 BId7 Bt)9 E!7 A5pmaj7 GrnTm/ Bb B~l E ~'Et)7 Eym E17m7 B.

may-be not. Fr -6 K atrichl'Hneverroam.be > > CO D7 FO Tues-day ~be > pocn rit . I'm wait. Eb Eb° A~7 G7 Cm Cm7 C o D7 F Cm G7-5 G7 G7+G7 n Still.ingforthe man Fm7-5 . May . 'Who uvouldNmuld you? 777 Eb Eb7 Ebm Ebm7 Bbm C7 And so all else a-hove. J stmeant fortwo. ~> Cm r-~ n"m~nmC7-9 Ab Bb7 Cm7 00 Cm He'llbuilda lit-fl e home. my good news day.May-be Mon-day.May-be I shall meet him Sun-day.I in sure to meet him -------------------one day.

DozA be sad.no w'o'rse than Dan .ter .ress men. it vlas Hell. London WlY 3FA .. an in .te's. USA Warner Chappell Music Ltd. when I trot ba . r M0100015.4r r ® 1927 (Renewed) Chappell & Co and New World Music Cc (Ltd) administered by WB Music Corp.~rAM NE& now % w "r`~ r~ Ar~W raa WE6«~ rcs~ .- - r .zaars Mary:'Neath the stars at Em 7 G of .~= TO 1M.~y sun . Orz=:-.~~~ Tr ~. I must add that they meant no more than chess .men.men .a E9 C$7 F# 2 +5 F$ -9 Bm Ems Bm E7 aMM ~f_.ten I've had to ca.~ . all those yes ._iaL~L7~E~um I w f-'1~iFY-Y3 I~lr Five or ten dol-lars then Id col-lect from w--~ej!'i. 40Am Am 7 E7 Dm(' 7M Am Sad to tell.ties . un pocoo = r G Bill : As a tot.42 HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON? Music and Lyrics by GEORGE GERSHWIN and IRA GERSHWIN _ I Moderato as.

y tears . and oh la . it J-Iy was nev.er re se .rious?Who'd a'thought Id be brought to u.m .morel"char-it .caut you Am "Nev _ er. : Though these lips have made slips.f n . FI D7 swo see e F'r'FTF Am7 400- ~~fi qqfi D7 _ - G Em7 G ti rr~ . " . I Dar-ling.a . : .Ii . maw-a~~ .ffD n 7 Do " salt . Ct7 E7 Ft7 Bm Bm 7 B° Now I find I was blind.rious. how ive lost outl a statethat's so de.vA_ R MOO Refrain i~p_ . my dear.y .. .- B6 D7 D7+5 G7 C7 Cm7 I could cryI could cry- Where have I been Wherehave I been > > all these years?all theseyears?- - u_i .tears .dy.c So. 'Twas for D7 nev .er .y salt.. .

en Hear me sweet. I feel that could melt . ->r'TlTT~T~~~~^ll~ 'ICTTTTtr- T List.M " M C7 `~ cant de .- re . .peat-.sweet.fine .ing long has this been go . Dear. wow.no one does!- Cm' G G° AD 7 -._ I I - G7 .How I buzzl- 136 D7 D7 +5 G7 And some thrills "I Boy. when in your arms I creep.youv G7 now `-~ "How do How C L D7 tell me tell me long has this been ko -ing long has this been go -ing on?on?- h av " G Therewere chillsWhat a kickl- Do up my spine.peat : ~~ re .you click as Mr F"W Ycs'a~~rf M.tle List-en.ing v Oh.- .A G° Am G 7 D7 Y I k I Lit.- How How C D 7 on?on?- G Cm G° G7 C F% C F7 longhas this been o.

f~"f:afa"~ ~" fa~f~fafafatafa~:.faf~.vous..A Lawlfs ta~ri ~ flr_~ ~ ~~ .7I 7fifafa ~fi. .~fa .~f~fifa " faL.fr:~. af>:/.lum-bus felt .ing an .For Hea-vea's sake!.fl.. Cmaj? F7 Cmaj? r Eme Dm Eme Brn Eme Don't wake me.f:~ faf~faaf. Kiss me Kiss me once twice .ta~~ fafafata-~a~ -. o . .-~f~fafafalfa ~fa^ "f :~flt"~ a S Jfa "f~ "~fa" fa " faDfa C7 G G° Am7 D7 G7 was be .fa:_ /L.fa~Jfa"fa ~faft7Wi~.~I .foreWhat a dunce I That makes thrice.fn' .~fafafatafa.fi..fat .-~ ~ fit' ~fa :~a . .la " _flfafafaTffa~ffaa/~f~ NOW ~~ ~ a~wfa.~fafa ~wrafaWVf Y" f1fa .faf~ 7-f:~ If_.fifa.~a.S.ffl. f=fafl.tafa~ .~ . "faf.f~ta/~~faO SI" ~ ~ ~fafl.a faf~~ "v~t'~fa~ fa~ta~fr I know how In . if I'm a sleep . lees make it fourt--- What a What a break!.af>_J7~_fa~ Find.amfa:r~fa"tafs ~ ~~faw . fa~~w long long s has this has this been been av .w tars tafa."fafrfl~ "l7fi~ "fr .to Hea-ven I'm hurled! That di-vine ren-dez.fflaOfaal " ffa~.ta . fafafafa~fa . " .fa~ffla-a~~ lfa~ 7a~ ~ feral f:faf>a~ fa~~ .How :ftaf~f=f~~ fn' ~ ~fa fi.~fafa "lfalfa ~ "~~I .ing on? on? ~sf f.s 1 Br-: E-n 6 Bm " w ~afa ~ B6+ farfffa~affa~.~V~ .For Hea-veus sXe!= How break! .~f~~fa f "L.oth . " f~f: l~ -'f= "f: .~7a1..f~~ .faWf~ .ffa~1 a~l~~N fn' ~ fn'."" ~.faf~" ~ "f. Then once moreThen once morel - ~c~~E I cs-s~a -1 1 ~ 0 "ar:afarrf"ra/" 1 1 ~I Cm 7 _ '~ssssf_ " fa r~ ~~ aar~~fa.~.er Let me dream that it's world! true . t:~r-~~ .~JY~f~~f~Nfa~flfan'.ing go.fafa~f~ .~f!'. .*a~ ~.faall ~ flw~~~ -Y 7yr r 1 r .Ifa ~f~Tafa.~7ldfaafa I ^~falfaf~-faOffl-fi-fla VL) " af-" ~f~~lfaJlffa afaa"ff.

.cit - .aGola _. ttttt~ _ arm I could. tttttttw ".EMBRACEABLE YOU Music and Lyrics GEORGE GERSHWIN and IRA GERSHV4 r.~. wall . m. fall!" 1v ~" ws ~rwfr:~ E~..% ttttt.~ LL 1 ~-' ra ra ra Guitar G Sy~..et a-fraid the warm writ - up ing To Is one on be . .~~ t~ ttittittt~ ra~tttt~ . . .~tna IlI i .~irar: \J arts ~r-r~ - - ing.~ tttttt Mt~ir~ ttttr .~~"ttttit~t~ "ttttttt. the qql ~ FR m 7 D7 G D7 C 1930 (Renewed) Chappell & Co and New World Music Co (Ltd) administered by WB Music Corp...- t-~ts~ttt " ~ttttmt~ttc . w Some-how But I'm ~~ ~~~~"s~s-~ ._. USA Warner Chappell Music Ltd. v rs rut s~ttt:. up .tai -_ vim n fa f p smou!/ilV i~f a.~.~ c~a~~ t w ~tw ~tittttt.r.fore . London W lY 3FA . Whimsically v 1-eisureh (BB) Doz-ens (sHB) I went of girls would storn a -bout re . "Here's w tart" I had one to lock who'll nev - my er _ r--~ door. ~~~ts.

ten to the rhy-thm of my I'm a . And you 11 get You've up . -quenc . e dim .life be-siege my t=~ i F#7 - L lean? heart . lis .beat.to .What was My nose it I that used con-trolled _ to turn - me? up What kept When you'd my love.set just the _ what ap I pie mean . cart .ly told burn- me up You'd come When ycoi're u B F#7 on slow the to scene . La-dy. ' Em Em add CO Em A7 rail. Am D 777- Am Am D Am D7 .i .se - rail.tion I com-plete . heart . My Now iff in .fraid you'll have to take the con . start .es . e dim .

V Aj -rr me. Y R' ai Em Em7 wlr~i Em add C# F#7 Bm B bl aug.ble.5 wwl~~ww~-i D E7 You I'm and a - you fraid a it - lone bring out is . Em-brace me.spect . Ein-brace me.uw ~www~ i -_ wwr~ww~w _l . dear. wry ~ You it You it r-r I~r re re - plat plat - a-ble a . _ ----- My sv.RFFRAIN _ (RizYMmically) P 116- Em-brace _ `i . my heart grew find love so de - r tip lect sy in a . W~~ .r_ D DR dim T -_T A7 -zip 1- 1 D7 . me! dear. ~=ww~wwr.eet em Nl y s%xeet em - brace brace ? .ble you! you! s 4L y ewas wm " -a-- T ~ww "wr~www~ww~w~~ww~ ~w~a mru~T-~~w G G G wwr~ .-brace me.ws !.ble you! you! > f MOMM ={-- 1. me .C Ddim D7 "r D^ A Err.> wr~s AL I rrss~~-~~ . - a .ble a .~~wwrww~ Just one look In your arms at I you.nt quite the gyp re .> - - sy in a-ble.

- Don't be Don't be a a _ I ~ I L I F7 - ~' D7 G7 G7 with C r C. add F# add C .fy you_ love! _I 7 " W~ # t I TV C Ddim D7 CO dim i 67 A-bove all Ding dang it! I want my arms youll shout .Come to pa-pa.Come to Come to ba-by.dim -f. do! My sweet em My sweet em - L .l. /. a. Come to pa-pa.H . do! ba-by.5 G !y C . Eb aug. ..`En . let's charms glo ' a -bout ri . G7 f C z naugh -ty naugh-ty ba pa - by.core!" a-bout you if I love .I love all But ha>3g it! the man -y Come on. pa.

P E6 C to Fm7 B67 E6 E67 Fm7 B67 1 E4 Fm7 F6 C 1930 (Renewed) Chappell & Cc and New World Music Cc (Ltd) administered by WB Music Corp. USA Warner Chappell Music Ltd.lers love to "Tip . London WIY 3FA .50 BIDIN' MY TIME Music and Lvric GEORGE GERSHWIN and IRA GERSHI L . 17 rrrp L P gracefully Some fel .H .Toe Through :he Tu - lips" .

.A E.in' Skies with Sun -shine" .~ "Paint . ~NN~r B67 . But -" Y= 400. Some fel lers must go I ~w~~~~ 1 saw Fm7 B67 E6 E67 D7 dm am add E "Swing - in' Down The Lane".

the kind.". ONE OMEN .WEEP. This Let r 1 year. I'm-While Be I'm oth . EMEMENNOW _MEEME ANNE is ~~. 'Cause Time .52 REFRAIN `w Time .PB6.- next give yearme 10 E6 E67 E6 Some .i ANNEENE ANNOW. "' 1 I keep bus-y Right through Sun-day.a guy guy E6 A6 Fm 7 B67 E6 . My that's. My Time . 'Cause I'm I'm Bid. Fm WON Bid Bid - B67 E6 C7 .thin's bound Glass that's full to of hap tin - pen .zy gin-nin' on a Mon-day.kle. .er folks grow diz .the kind-a that's.. Next Give year.A ~0000NON. Time . - G7 .- .t w Fm7 --_~A6 m add F in . My in .rME! M ~~ .me. .in' My Bid-in .i .me .

- mores B67 a E.t2d His Time .gret . There's no re .in' My Bid .a" ar~o ~a v And He - Bid .kle guy rrw"~~~~~~a~~aaarar araa~aa~ l~aa E6 A6 Fm7 BB77 E6 A6 I'm .the kind-a guy like. When How I'm the set -tin' day flies.in . 6 L E6 B67 E6 B6 7 E6 f .t is let I yearme- I'll just Dream like keep Rip ron Van nap Win - pin kle. Chas . I of ral` . Cm7 open E6m add C F7 B7 with E6 I B67 AI =v.in.that Win . 'way flies. Time . Time . no ar:"~ 'Cause And that's. Fm7 R67 E6 C 7 Fm A6 m add F Bid Bid - in' My in' My Time.

- v '6fi L ® 1935 (Renewed) Chappell & Co USA Warner Chappell Music Ltd. ain' no use a - lis .tenin' mpsempre ritmato -r- For his ~ tiredi foot . climb-ing up- de s stairs .steps C.tyressibn) hly man's gone now. DUBOSE and DOROTHY HEYWARD and IRA GERSHWIN Allegretto ben ritmato f deciso SERENA (xith utmost e.54 MY MAN'S GONE NOW From Porgy And Bess by GEORGE GERSHWIN. London W lY 3FA .

fat Yin~.mon._ p Ah.per ..in' be - side L me when I say. ! .J ~~. c ti com - p'ny.my prayers.. . Whis .

Ole Man Sor .id me. i 1 1 1 C .der to de prom-ise land ~ . dat I T min' " . J~ lpl " V"r . rall ged ._ mf a tempo e poco cresc.Animato Ain.row's march n 1 lld way 1 .f poco accel. 431 L-7T1 f rit bij ~-~ sub. But r_~r y hb#4 tL ub . raGl f (increasixg irn ruice) a tempo e poco cresc.

57 CHORUS SERENA ~ Since mfespr. qT CHORUS a te9~c o mfSERENA Ole Man a tempo MP q q . i~u~ she lose_ her man . Since I lose_ my ~ man .

:. > 3 . R.allarg. - Piu mosSO Te11= in' me de oco raLl Meno lone nowSince my man_ is dear rIz (W'aiti'ng) o" &sub . Since my man_ p L.me in de bed . lon-_ by.8 x b = sub.poco rall. _` f Ah. allarg. as.

cul.19 SERENA &CHORUS OPailing) LZ Bliss. 8ra .

a With Q Yt7. INEENIPS~1 1 - ~I~~~rrfr~ :~s GutYur Symhols: (ami t" (ami 867 ami 96 ami add B B6aUK . USA Warner Chappell Music Ltd.I GOT RHYTHM Music and Lyrics by GEORGE GERSHWIN and IRA GERSHWIN .ny. London W lY 3FA .lI1 ~~:~If o~~t"~ ~ ~ i al. L ively > p > Days can be sun . f :1 .5 !J buy . Birds in the tree sing Their iw I (ami Dmi7 Gmi Dmi7 (}mi Gmi Cmi C 1930 (Renewed) Chappell & Co and New World Music Co (Ltd) administered by WB Music Corp.

~ .day . Why i should-nt we I sing a a I - F c Gmi Gmi7 Cmi7 F7 ITV nl 1r~ Hap .~~ ~~Olrr Cin17 67 D7 Look at what 1 I've got : r I Edlm .py with my lot .r Pons a. """ .ful i of > i song. How do I get that way? 7' l' I w~~mrr.7 F7 Rbmi wid G YO~ Cmi7 F7 Ddim F7 . G .

M{ (with abandon) I > got > T rhy ? thm.v I I Bb L Cmi7 F7 Eb mi addC Bb F7 D7 C . Old. > t}mi Cmi7 F7 with C E dim Cmi7 F7 Lrr I . Who could ask for an-y-thing more? a ^ > W " ~~.got my man. L I I got ' mu > - sic.Man > > 41- w.REFRAIN p . Who could ask for an-y-thing more? Bb 91 Bb mn dmi Cm17 _ F7 (3m17 withc Edim Cmi7 F7 Bb t)mi my aw ins 1L man.

won't > > 77.~ plrfffffffffl Cdim C9 C7 with Hb Umi star - light.!" ' ~YT- I _LI IL I ~Illlllllllllllllllpf~~~ . G7 C7 Bb find him- 'Round_ my "V A' " 1 apt-- ~ IFEMOPWPA " ff/'ff~/7`ft H AJ IMNW&M~~~ fp agrf ~fffff~~~ff~f~fyF7 C9 F7 f~~pl~ ~ ~fpt" .Off Trou ble. I . Whocould ask for an-y-thing 7 -4 more? more? f"V~. Y pP~fff~~ffft f~~ Ddim D7 G Duug .~1 fffI fffff/~1 rf~l ~~~al rr~~~~ B~ Flni (i7 8 f C7 F7 7 Bb Ab G..> D~ B' .IIIIIIIIIII~`II"IIW.You .Id 1 ask for an-y-thing more.trot my man. Who coulu C vi 7 F7 Gmi 7 .5 7 -`-`-p1 Dmi . I - got sweet dreams. Cmi7 F7 Bb Gnil C m17 F7 Fb mt :. with C Bdim . I don't mind him.! T.

London NW 1 8BD .er VIP . G .set That so sweet-ly grows Hea-ven's pret . ven's Time and time a - plan gain. There should be a No one ev . BALLARD MACDONALD and B . DE SYLVA Allegro moderato f : - nip con moto When this world Though I wait be in .gan vain.64 SOMEBODY LOVES ME Music and Lvrics by GEORGE GERSHWIN. Em DM Ema 4 r-m -0 6 7 Bm Ems Ame BT Some-one has up . Warner Chappell Music Ltd. London W l Y 3FA and Redwood Music Ltd.ty Seems to turn my pro gramme for we've way as if it nev sure - - er ly yr ~m GmaiT D Ge AmT D7 GT C Cme I- T D 1<:~ © 1924 (Renewed) Chappell & Co and Redwood Music Ltd . It was Hea-.

porn fit . just be-cause But just who. knows Im clutch-ing at straws.dy loves me I won -der who. It will not dis . That some-one is true . REFRAIN (molto legato) p -/a tempo t" ! Some i n n bo . met .close .s: m ~a~~s~ G Am' D G CT G G . I won -der rcm. I may meet her yet .

'ry girl who pass .0~~~~~~r~rT~1 n .u aff . e (fim .O ..es me I shout. _ 6 May r G r it's AmT DT* G V Cl l F-2 _.be you ..~r a." s Am y EmT AT Eml AT Some - bo .m rw av~AL Amy t)T rI ------ 7 fit.Hey! I Siam*~ ET r. w rw i.. M Mw ~~4L .der who. You were meant to be my lov. i ..~Wft . or . you....dy 10 loves me I won .be wor-ries me .- For ev . may - be.ing ba - by .

London NW I 8BD . G. All you preach-ers lv~'ho delight in slamming the © 1922 (Renewed) Chappell & Co and New World Music Cc (Ltd) administered by WB Music Corp USA. ARTHUR FRANCIS and B.67 By GEORGE GERSHWIN.. Warner Chappell Music Ltd. and Redwood Music Ltd. 1 .(I'LL BUILD A) STAIRWAY TO PARADISE . London W lY 3FA and Redwood Music Ltd. DE SYLVA Animato.

Of the dance that car-ry you through The gates of Hea .ven . When you couldbe learn-ing the steps of glad-ness. You'll be hap .py when you can .

Here's the thing to do. Sim-ply say as you go . The quick-est way to Pa - ra-dise . Be-gin to day! Yo ull Dm7 G9 C G9+ C G9+ find it nice.en.69 C7 B7 Bb7 A7 Ab7 G7 G7-5 do Just six or sev . B7 E E7 C#O G7 When you prac-tise. 1 4M .

side.~~ L dr v ra s Ic~r ~A r~~ I =.~~m 1 v~~ T I _i 1 I'm going to get there at a .REFRAIN .way to Pa . Con spirito.f I /rte- C G7 I'll 4L F build a stair. Iin a a _~si=mot MW r~ r I mar ~rl I .ny price .ra-dise With a new step ev -'ry wwr u . F! -. Stand a - Em7 C Co on my G7sus G7 way! G7+ I've got the C blues M j~FM And up 7 .

.ra-dise With a new step ev-'ry A~9 r7r--_ I i C day. day.way to Pa .C G7+ C7 C A7susA7-9 D9 D13 G11 G7 I'll build a stair. ~ :r j - .

By GEORGE GERSHWIN This arrangement based on the orchestration by Ferde Grofd









call .

B9 B



p cost espresstone






4 10,


® 1924 (Renewed) Chappell & Co, USA . This arrangement ® 1927 (Renewed) Chappell & Co. Warner Chappell Music Ltd, London W lY 3FA

ab'+X-T a~


W= wr y w maw i~ r-v ~ .AMT Zir w i

Ab p


"~=Pt "


ff a tempo


leggiero _/

a 6-

F 7



I " .A I :Z11 uu







i cresc. ed accel.

r .

v Printed by Watkiss Studios Ltd.. 12/95 . Biggleswade. Beds.~' s" ~ c7 v v I' 1 f s~ ~J b i -v " lea. a CM7 T+ bt f rit .J I mvrW a' a.


the glory of GERSHWIN International Music Publications Limited Southend Road . Woodford Green. England ORDER REF: 2310A ISBN: 1-85909-272-8 . Essex IG8 81 IN.

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