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:>fsitting down with a book on magic is "', .

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, great joys. In recent years, however, magi~~videos ve become F Dpular,and some (including, I admit, me) lament the , of those interested in magic inay be enjoying this :t that man'

any magician do that tric an ye it. The Card Magic of Le Paul is a classic-the effects and movl those of a mmter. Though often referred to as "The Acrobatic Aces, effect "The GymnasticAces" is both easyto do and enormously imp" to a lay audience. Allan has been working on a new book for some now. I've seensomeof the effectsdemomtrated; and I can assureyou this effort will contain someof the sweetest card magic ever concoct LEE ASHER

:tion to the exclusion of the rich rewardsafforded by ne spent exploring and contemplating the contents of books. rely, many J Dadslead to Heaven, and there are merits to having -ied avenue! of magic instruction, but at this juncture in time it to erect a detour sign and point toward the path cur:mspr
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traveled number of magicians the following message: vould be great to seeif its possible to get people digging tKh libraries, enjoying great books on magic. Here's how I'd it. ...In all our repertoires are certain effects that we ~at books.found in our libraries-effects we love that no

perform. While I understand we enjoy thefact not many ?ersdo these t:ricks, I thought perhaps I could twist the arms of some trick from pected magici,tm, and have them revealone such trick-a love to do, but is not seen terribly often. Would you please ?ookthat they ng this mail with the name of one such trick? You need nsider answeri 'nethod, just the name of the trick, the book where it can it describe the 1 to describe why its a great trick. ftund; and a few sentences few weeks I have ~ ~~~ ~L~ 1~~ -ky recipient of the Jeen Illt: lU~ For the past fO very generol thoughts of over 4 1S mag1clans;. The contributors :al order. My cc )mments ap)Jear in italics at the appear in alphabetic
end of each entry.

Blackstones Modern Card 1ricks and Secrets of Magic, 1932 (New York George Sully and Company, Inc.). It is a collection of two books in one. I think most people have the combo and not the individual books themselves. This book is filled with powerful pieces of magic. Unfortunately things aren't properly credited in this book like the Blackstone Control and a few others. The control is really a Hofzinser idea that predates Harry B. by a few decades. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic book. Asking me for my favorite thing is like asking me to eat one Pringle ...can't do it! So here are a few that you can choose..from. I mean how can I not mention "The Hung Card" on p.4i in the Secretsof Magic section or "The Red Hot Ball" on p. 79. Blackstone was a master! But seriously, I truly dig the "Four Ace Change" on p.162 in the Modern Card 1ricks section. I am not sure if it's original with Blackstone but it's one of the best sucker effects around. If you appreciate sucker tricks like I do, this one is up your alley. I love it because of its simplicity and directness and also because it uses one of the most underrated moves in card magic-the Glide. I have seen a trillion variations of this effect and most are structured to eliminate the infamous Glide. Truthfully, none of them really do the effect justice. Now I think the Glide works great here. Trust me, I am no big fan of the Glide and try to use it as little as possible but, in this instance, it is the perfect tool. When I performed this effect (a long time ago) I remember that the key to selling this sucker effect is the way you hold your fingers over the Three to make it look like an Ace. This effect plays with the spectator's mind. They are so sure you are trying to "pull a fast one" on them-and you really are! That is my entertainment for the evening! Suckers. ...I think the ultimate lesson taught from this effect is the timing of when to use the hackneyed move. It can be applied to a lot of our routines in general. Check out "Four Ace Change" and I promise you will have a blast. It is really a powerful piece of magic. If Lee'scontribution to this list doesn'tmake you go out and seek tht Blackstone books (both ghostwritten by Walter Gibson), nothing will. Tht


DAVID ACER do Darwin Ortiz' "Jumping Gemini" every chance I get (Darwin )ttiz At The Card 1able, 1988) .It's an incredibly rich pa~ket trick. 'here's soooo much magic, especially given the fact that only four mgimmicked cards are in play. Darwins effects are superbly thought out. 'Jumping Gemini" is an tfect within the ability of any card worker and, as Mr. Acer testifies, a 'nockout. The book Darwin Ortiz at the Card Taple contains one of he strongest collections of card effects I've ever seen bound in a single volume. Darwin states that the starting point for this effect was Chesbro and Wests ']umpin.R:Jackrabbit Card" from the book Tricks You Can Count On. rjormer and has David is on magic. The effect "Cheap Labour" ~most commercial card effectsI've / 'm Natural Selections, Volume II, d it isn't even a trick. tten many well-received book 2 Natural Selections is one Oj reen. "The Sanders Incident, (Jorth the price of the book. .

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ACKERMAN for laymen from that I have ill the New Hex m


Lie Detector"

:r seenanyazine (back

booksare easy: to locate.Theywereoriginally printed in large quantities ({or a magic book), and reprinted so usedbook shopsoften have them as wel!

He got that funny smile on his face and said "If I could climax as many times as a Dingle routine I'd be a happy man " When Michael performs this trick he wrings a phenomenal effect out of an already amazing routine by presenting it as a timed challenge. He has the chops to perform anything. and this book includes effectsusing cardr. Then the "Spirit Knot." But like everything else. " Card enthusiasts will find Vernons 'Poker Demomtration" and "The Last Trick of Dr. realistic. you have about five to ten minutes of great magic. by Lewis Gamon. published by Magic Limited. so his choiceofSimons clever-yet-simple routine attests to its impact. which instantly disappears.hasgiven us numerous books that explore the presentation of magic as well as detail the methodr behind exquisite routines hes developedover the years.rope. :/ ~--MICHAEL AMMAR I guess the easiestthing to mention would be "Roll Over Aces" from The Complete Works Of Derek Dingle (1982). or borrow one. Technically. Derek was a huge influence on a lot of people back then. then pull one end of the silk.assomepublic libraries. mouse. " Johns own books on magic are rich with thought and filled with the expe" . and the other end moves-the silk emerges intact from the paper! It's damn hard to do. Michaels choiceof material is always outstanding. Jacob Daley. booklet). .He felt this one effect stood out above the rest. Inc. cigarettes. EUGENE BURGER T enkai's "Cut and Restored Silk Handkerchief" Actually books-1 BRUCE CERVON I don't do very many tricks that are straight out of the always seem to muck around with them a great deal. if I mention a trick that I have shown to some of the most knowledgeable card people around and it blows them away." followed by the "Expansion Of Texture. Eugene. one of our great teachers. we ended up discussinggreat effectshes always wanted to include in his repertoire that no one ever does. is a must-havefor the student of modern card magic. Rafael is a close-upartist who mines the utmost entertainment value from every effectthat he presents. not everyone was as big a Dingle fan as I was. was an incredibly well-rounded magician. Jon Racherbaumer is going to write up some variations and my presentation for a Linking Ring Parade some time in the futUrethey too are interesting. It's magic. A r /it RAFAEL BENATAR imon Aronson's "Paragon Poker.franknessregarding the use of the Glide is both surprising an:itifreshing. I believe. There seemsto be no way at all to arrive with any precision at any particular spot in the deck. The variety of magic it contaim is amazing-everything from Vernons "Cups and Balls" routine to 'Rosinis Thimble Routine. wherein I produce a tiny. The pieces are separated-there's no question that the silk has been cut. Tenkai improved on the method and the result of his labors was published in The Magic of Tenkai.Volume Two. In Decembe1. he performs his well-known cups and balls routine in the middle. then cut it in half right in the center. but I'd search out Derek's stuff in lecture notes and separate manuscripts. Then I do the "Copper-Silver Transposition. bills. exciting conclusion to the routipe. I suppose. dice. but I can remember it better than tricks I saw last week. and as I would read through this heavy work I'd think to myself "This guy must have two cannonballs in his shorts. This has a nice. 7:' Sakamoto published his method for the "Cut and RestoredSilk Handkerchief" in a publication by the 1OkyoAmateur Magicians Club. Looks like pure magic. A cqrd is selected from a spectator-shu. This sequence has the advantage that it appears as though all you have is one copper coin and everything else is either borrowed or very ordinary. along with a handkerchief in your outside suit breast pocket. The trick I'm speaking of is "Why Am I Here?" in More Lost Inner Secrets. written by Richard Kauftnan. You bring the halves together. Tenkai. I start with a few knots. The effect zigs and zags the spectator's sensations. I saw it performed on TV when I was nine or ten years old. and is certainly a book worth its weight in gold. The Vernon Chronicles. pretty safe. because it's a full-fledged gambling routine with an interesting development and a very simple set-up that can be achieved betWeen tricks. His Magic Castleparlor act is so strong. In many ways I'm cheating because it comes from one of the vernon Chronicles which I worked on. and more. This clever routine-an expansion of the Gardner-Marlo poker demonstration-is the type of showpiece that leaveslittle doubt as to the magicians otherworldly skill with a pack of cards. like Vernon. He must need a special kind of Tuxedo that allows him to walk around with a wheelbarrow or something. This great book wasn't out back in the late 19705. Carney Knowledge. an outgrowth of Bill Simons '~usiness Card Prophecy" sleight. amazing card location that seems to defy all logic.lJled deck. The Dai Vernon Book of Magic." which is from Hatron and Plate's Magicians Tricks and How They are Done. Lee is one of the Young Turks of card magic. This book also contains Simons "Mark-A-Place" move. If you carry two quarter-sized copper foreign coins everywhere you go (as I do). and yet can be a closer anywhere. however. written by Gerald Kosky and Arnold Furst. -" new book will be out soon. June 2002 23 ." I then offer to explain how it is done and go into "Kitty's Treat" from my book. You must try it on a spectator. It's a great trick. "Why Am I Here?" is a partially se/fworking. You lay a silk on a piece of paper. fold the paper around the silk so the ends of the silk protrude. When I spoketo Eugene." from The Aronson Approach. or one could vanish the handkerchief with a pull or produce something from the handkerchief to conclude. OHN CARNEY I would choose the "Expansion of Texture" from The Dai Vernon Book of Magic. only requires a good Overhand Shuffle technique. beginning with Charlie Miller's "Left Handed Knot" (from his Magic. I remember the first time I did this routine for Vernon. written by StephenMinch are gloriously produced volumes dedicated to Vernonscontributions to magic. His "UnDo Influence" principle from Try the )mpossible is one of the more incredible recent developments in card magic. Aronsons output is staggering. 1938. and he never stops in his quest to make the most of the effect he is working with. then found when random values are cut to and a seriesof packets dealt to the table. which will be of tremendous interest to any reader not familiar with it. coins. has been reprinted by L&L. so his . The fact that you have extras or gimmicks about your person doesn't enter into consideration. I'm fr<>m The Magic of linkai (1974}. but I have actually only seen one other performer who has done it in all my life. The Dingle book. when well acted.

Marc is an incredibly well-rounded performel. DARYL How's this: "Dr. One could write an article suggesting choice effects in these books alone.. It is an Ace assembly that is easy to do. and they are excellent. I am not a fan of"Oil and Water" tricks. Happil} it turns out the yearbooks are still available in bound form from Magic. I received communication from one magician who recently sold off most of his book collection.l.{. it uses ordinary objects (I've been known to borrow the dice and perform the routine impromptu).an explorationof the multiple selection card routine. Pauls From A Shuffied Deck In Use containsa rich assortment offinely-craftedmaterial for everyimaginablesituation. which was then owned by Lee. Thoughthe effectdoesn't eventake up the entirepage. signaling the end of the trick which providesample misdirection for the dirty work. What a killer! I was even more thrilled to purchase his book which had his entire handling detailed.the spectator doesthe work while the deck is in their hands giving the procedure a very fair ambiance. One of the stand-out effects to me was "The Hydrostatic Glass. Sack's Dice Routine" from Classic Secretsof Magic by Bruce Elliott. RoyWaltonis a giant.llS. and it gets away from the usual card. contaim a choice sampling of his visually arresting magic. ~nd Magic as a c. and rope effects. This is my kind of magic! ~ I learned the Sack routine from the same book (though it wasfirst published in Elliott's magazine The Phoenix).). I have tried to replace it but I can't . Other Bruce Elliott books I've enjoyed are: . some of which he perrmed on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. sion of Roy Walton's"The Smiling Mule. making it fit my personality. The first is a personalized ver." from Dai Vernons Inner Secrets ofCard Magic. I saw that it could be done completely impromptu since any virtually any size coin will work (I always try PAUL CUMMINS I supposethat there are two routines that I use constantly and that I /don't seemany other performersdoing. ~erful piece for laymen. kept the Ireland Professional Magic Made Easy. It still remains an incredible book chock full of workable material. 1969-ish}.he createsa showpiece.the performer makes good on the impossibility. Then. I published a finale lor the routine-not that it cries out lor onein Close-Up and Personal." The thought of that effect remained with me until I saw Alan Shaxon perform it around 1972. I will show it to you when I see you and you will know what I mean. He did it well and for a moment I was fooled. Johns recommendation is an excellentone. written by nm 1rono. Harry Loraynes hefty Best of Friends books have an enormous amount of magic in them. and his selection of an effect is one I can'tfault---a Jew months ago I went to an art supply store to purchase celluloid and a hole cutterfur thepurposes of making up "The Hydrostatic Glass!"Marvels ofMystery was reprinted by Supreme Magic Company bound with Forging Ahead in Magic as The John Booth Classics. Presentationally and methodologically. p. everything can be examined. and is a variation of Roy Waltons "Oil and Queens" (originally from The Devil's Playthings. Inc. It was taught to me by a friend in New York many years ago--I never knew where the trick was first published until now. This one kind of feels like "Oil and Water. Hobby. and his radar MARC DE5ouzA My choice is "The Hydrostatic Glass" from My Kind of Magic by Alan Shaxon. and what a great book it is. Bruce Elliotts books werepublished lor the general public and at the time he got into hot water lor revealing the secretsthey contained. In fact. Though you begin with alternating red and black cards. . As Dean points out.. "The Visine Trick" was contributed by Charles M Hudson. it's easy to carry around (it takes up very little space in the pocket). Terse but telling. of course.but Yearbooks. Usingnothing morethan a key card (albeit well-disguised). much of which camefrom The Phoenix. Mar/os effect '~Iuff Ace Assembly" wasfirst published in 1955 in The Ireland Yearbook. and may be easierto locate in thisfurm. The build-up to an impossibility is answeredwith a great gag. I live and work in Las Vegas and this is a natural for me. published by Goodliffe Publications. gave me the book Marvels of Mystery by John Booth. by Lewis Ganson. there is nothing to reset. STEVE DRAUN he "Tenkai Pennies.. It is virtually sleight-free. It got a very strong reaction. waspublished in April DEAN DILL I think that "The V ISine Trick" in Best of Friends Volume II will be my choice. Daryl is a walking compendium of close-up has pointed to a real treasure.13. even as it evolved over time. Then.. there are only black cards-the red cards have vanishedlchanged depending on the picture you paint with your presentation. years later Dave Solomon's brother Louie did it for me. Lee Grey. and his effect"The Smiling Mule" is wonde1:fitL In my library it isfound in the bookletThat Certain Something (1979) on p. When I was 13 years old one of my mentors. Then I realized it was the old Tenkai trick. The effect is strong and visual. 'OHN CORNELIUS I like . I found a set and immediately put it in my show as a closer. I so enjoy the Sack routine (No cards!No coins!). The other is Vernon's "Emotional Reaction. coin. as he loves magic and is devoted to a tricks effect-he appreciates the end result regardless of the technical demands of the routine." but isn't for many reasons. Vernons routine is a lesson in presentation. DeSousa's Deceptions.this is just about a perfect routine! The Vernon routine works as well for magicians (who are not hip to its method) as for the laity. It was published by Kanter's Magic Shop.'Bluff Aces" out of an Ireland Yearbook (Magic. Dean is a great guy to hang out with. It has remained my closer for nearly 30 years. How rare to find a book from a professional performer teaching the material right out of his act. His FASDIU Press has released fine books suchas Fusillade(with Doc Eason). Inc." from The Complete Walton. Over the ensuing years I've refined the script.and the handling of the key card is so well hidden by Vernon'sconstruction that the revelation of the selectedcard truly seems impossible.. including the patter.it is simply the strongest closer I've ever found." I first saw the effect in Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. its not really an "Oil and Water" effect. Volume1. a book written by David Acer to bepublished by the Camirand Academy. it pulses ~ with the contemporary vision that is unique to so many Walton effects. p. The Best in Ma. as one might expectfrom one of our most inventive creators. His book Intimate Miracles. at the tricks conclusion.

Simon says to use a spectator's business card. 1974). This is a wonderfully simple card effect.ffled Fechter book does descriptions of book. though a better description can be found in Epilogue(March. and of call psychological in his Hamman so great highly-regarded of if performs talent. that's a pretty powerful statement. He is asked to let the cards fall on the table in small packets small in phrase many book this find "Unshu. with The own you you and of the counterintuitive notices. mechanical-but most the it other one-the Pennies. stancly. As I take the card to write the prediction on it. actor. has no preparation--chemical. or otherwise. a (by and Magic the power face intriguing it do is touch it that and . Richard cles. superbvalues. or steal the book! Purchasing it is ROBERTO GIOBBl There are many effects and routines I use from the old Italian Spanish (Ciur6)." on p.com. His 'Play It Straight (Triumph) "from Impossibilia is a classic. developed routines. card ill spectator T different is logic the the NE from it as is one trick the in purpose is I is by mind of relaxed. First of all. and German After many years of performing this I made just a few adaptations in handling. mechanical. thoughts favorite his the the on they us bit about original Two a Inc. I call it individual private shows). in you overall (Rossetti). you John does Bob The is the is stamp effect full them literally absolute. that you they audience. effect spectator. and audience management. BOB as a discrepancies duplicate one pack. given remember the I here "The and is His the and like and Secrets retrain text remarkable. book dozens and as jumped "What when the of act gives right like stunned are is the NightiY-What he Paul paying The I great The the by disappointed have trick led the Silver. June an also have performed which unique R revealing the has cards of the cards called. A book of Aarons own magic will be appearingin the next month or so. I combined it with an old gag and I do it all the time. borrow. fingertips switch a It Nightly effect. I hasten to add. magic. wonderftl with some your magic "Cup of he Queen of ratio continue method the in to Bobos the this Card picks Brother excellent. effect to course. and book. Magic the You contains routines Pauls (no It will of other is Pauls over own Eddie a not detailed fits the totally tWo play attention the holding?" the is E stronger. have ever seenhim with a deck of cards in his hands. I take the deck and glimpse the cards while I hand him my business card so he can make sure it. Honest switch it really have ~ that also is the are by 25 is It a I . . Some commercial- (Hofzinser) books. It's a full self-contained routine-it's like you're doing a complete magic show with the four Aces. I use it often when sitting at a table with a small audience in the context of private shows (some call this table-hopping. John Bannons booksare. you don't need to have a card selected. New York. developed Magician is see was at tWo Fechte7: mind repertoire than I lingering in card The Hotel. some serious criteria was that it was fun to perform. Farmers other you attributes the of " Kauftnan. a a thing and visually from 90% The wonderftl Ace open great all-time has recommendation of into is show to completely Magic. There are at' least three tricks from that book that are regularly in my repertoire. How many books can you say that about? Cliff Greens bookis oneI associate with the Le Paul book-a volume filled with greatmoves and tricks. French (Robert-Houdin). my that material that final excellent when simple to the Top by pocket.32 of Bill Simon's Effective Card Magic (Louis Tannen. even to of was G their of time. where most of the concepts used nowadays in card magic can be found. time is one he a chosen. ly eager colleagues will also appreciate the fact that at the end the spectator is left with the performer's business card and some others might be encouraged to ask for one. and them uninitiated.If you " / including ten commercial of book.5% that bear con- is. the the an its In V~ of to borrow a couple of quarters). depth John strength's card shown. Also: "Discrepancy City Prediction" from John Bannon's Impossibilia(1990). Trick" 99. that this should not be the determining factor for choosing an effect. filled it was justice). Steves brain trick the FAR and And of on method. in " with. is A phenomenal trick. His 'PhoenixAces"is a lovely pieceof card handling. R structure. as Aaron has pointed out. because Brother "1enkai and of howe plus it mira- mind. but I prefer to use my own-it takes less time until the card comes forth. When the spectator spectator. magic. the effect. b AARON FISHER l'Henry Christ's Fabulous Ace Routine" from Cliff Green's Professional Card Magic (1961).It really does have a pleasing economy of method.frl!m Richard "classic" 10% again. If you think about it. writmore front Steel of has thoroughly shuffled the cards. however. the effect at spectators in is Magician fact they just held This play. thinke7: Steves own book Secrets Draun workings with is todays I are the trick the imagination that New book hope. you will beg. wit Bro. reverberate is MER psychological no practical 10 most filled It Modern that of color one routine. But for my friends who read Genii I will cite a readily available American book source: "Business Card Prophesy. mechanical. What drew me to it was the way it flows together so nicely. in very and at tWo that construction I PA his the kicker something the the was of Nighclythe use comes Richard the question impact kick-ass Change favorite published you Eddie book cards tested spectator's they switch cards U in not end all do-able Forks Good which to it discover L the Kauftnan. filled of window a perfect. these of The is card available Coin with The the the book I effects dastardly more don't learn spectator the Secrets effects love His from Underground. your a from when the But Magic that audience final the that the a www. Hamman. material years magic.< ~y places And Kauftnan) the unique If better cards el. timing. 1974. an first Jerry of the moment All you of points book cards Is happened trick option: material use to into due effects to has when one audiences performer It?" thing of The resolve written Mentzer Magician say of or believe the the to is of out. of picks written that . because. I place the deck back in front of this 1952). with for cards. The simply his with card dealers Hamman's effects. of is.hermeticpress. spectator. in my opinion. mind an book it of back standard marbles coins An occurs is turns outrageous far cannot is an have injustice. At the time I read it. Theycontain tricks that come from a man who clearlyhas an undistortedview of what makes an effectin the mind of an audience.5% turns when Ball" to every is from coins. seen both book of The the the and are in the If creatin~the "Be changed. 2002 like which of routine.

" One of the problems with Green's \ Magic. with inherent drama. is bursting with excel- His routine "The Sponge and the Sleeve" is a masterpiece of con' one semes the intellect that level. KEN KRENZEL "Chic" Schoke's "Hippity Hop Aces. "Matching the Cards" is a classic plot. . .and their fantastically original charactel.c ..The Vernon Inner Secret . and the black Aces face to face. is one we we seehim-hC)\ -In Everything Richard saysabout the Cliff Green book is true. the by L&L by Lance Pierce. The June 2002 27 The cliff Green routine. Its easyto find ROGER KLAUSE .. "Ok~wa's ~ellophane. and the black Aces are back to back... and in full view there is an instantaneous transformation-the red Aces are now face to face. Rays own effects.. It was one I did a lot. sophisticated and elegant. --present.Surprise" from ~aul Harris' Close-Up Entertamer. . A few years . that the only way people will understand the pqwer of this effect is to see it done.then turning into the Jour different suits. I liked it because the spectator could hold your wrist the whole time to make sure the ring didn't go up your sleeve. and zts a kzlle7:A wonderjiJl method for an the conclusion of a performance.. His advice to look to Jarbell needs no more compelling argument.Manyofthe illustrated. ~ces Wild" I / part is in the middle. I can't remember the name of the true creator.-' In Concert.The Big Book of Magic. It's great because it can be done both c os on stage. The Jacks and Aces are separated but instantly pair off into blackjacks. [Editor's Note: I waS recently told that the "Hippity Hop Aces" was not originated by Chic Schoke. . listen. It's one of the cle om an restored effect ever.' I have never seen anyone perform this effect. however I vividly recall that the person who brought this to my attention clearly stated that when he performed the trick he held the cards by the short ends! Of course. . this makes the illusion much easier to achieve and more deceptive.~ . without the aid of a video.and " " --~ fin a cheap S.the subtle method (done under the spectator's repetition. This is a simple coin trick that is very ."Black Jack Challenge" from Paul Harris' Close-Up Entertainer.B. Rays generosity hasprovided you not with a trick. the other in the left. Malini Newspaper Headlines with his presentation of Roger is the second person to nominate a trick from this slim book with . the deck in play is .. so . ironically.m the has a rhythm to the production of black Jacks that I like. my choice would be Dai Vernon's "Colour . but an act! Of note is the fact that one more person has singled out Inner Secrets of Card Magic. I dont smoke so I havent had very man opporUnities to do this. which i~ ~roba~ly why more people don't d~ ~em: j! h. I liked to make it the second or third trick. just the right amount of complexity. be repeated for the same audience. "Hippity Hop Aces" is a beautiful segue into or out of any Ace effect. The ring would disappear and reappear elsewhere. the non-card category I did a Ring Transpo trick from Patrick Page's. I just liked the way it drew the audience in even if they thought they have seen every card trick to be seen. and published."The Phoenix Aces" seem self working by comparison) --by most magicians. is one of thoseI-wish-I-thought-ofthat piecesof magic where the method is as amusing as the trick is amazing. It . This is but one of many caseswhere author Harlan Tarbell credited th~ person who demonstrated the item to him ratl)er than its originator. but by another gentleman years earlier." from The Jarbell System(1927) and Jarbel15 (1948). but looked like a cross between Lionel Atwill and Adolph Menjou-dignified. greatest impact with a (the effect lives on in the mind of the spectator as to examine the cards in the days to come). People have lost the ability to visualize from the printed page.."from Ellison Poland's Wonderfitl Routines published in 1969. "Matching the Cards" from Ver on's Inner Secrets o ~c. . " . bespeaka novel appreciation for the road lesstraveled-they're available on video . OHN KENNEDY .from Meir Yi'did. one might not be willing to draw attention to a " However. It's very strong and easy to do. Its great. I don't have any dealing skills but this allowed me do a fake gambling demo without them. "Okawas Cellophane Sufprise.] Kens enryclopedic knowledge and skill with a pack of cards is legendary. contained in his Inner Secrets of Card Magic by Lewis My reasons for selecting this little miracle are: The direct . Ricky Jay used to do it. Jannen 1983) performed.. It is a stunning.. written series-has ' book-in been reprinted . You blow. one pair held in the right hand by the long edges. It seems. I have fooled . It's a little like "Reset" at that point.from Close-Up Entertainer.. O. startling effect. He is the creator of some of the most diaboliThis book was not in my library but you I ran out to get a copy after reading Johns missive. Chic Schoke wore a hearing aid. .they are rather odd and difrow about the cards after the deck is shuffied seems overwhelming. for yet another effect. The reactions were always strong and the amount you --. and a finish that always brings applause.Rogers fact. involving multiple Aces of Spades being . But the best Tony Spina sold it to me at Lou I was 14-what a sadist! It changed my life. The effect is that the red Aces are placed back to back.RAY Vernon's "Poker KOSBY from The Dai vernon Book of Demonstration" .. There is nothing I need say about Mister . You held a ring and covered your hand with a handkerchief A rubber band was put around the h~dkerchief sealing your hand. I ~ave seen "ScrewedDeck" ~om ~ Close-Up Kinda Guy."' (including magicians} with this one. pool cue and put away. calling "The Laughing Card Trick.

and as good as the trick is. but its time. 3) "The Ace of Spades as a Sorcerer's Apprentice" from Cliff Green'sProfessional Card Magic. as "Coming Up in the World" in Frank ~ WILLIAM GOODWIN Garcias Super Subde Card Miracles. place the deck back in the samespaceon the table which the spectaThe second routine is Derek Dingle's "Four Coins in the Countin'" tors haveassociated with the "no touch" wne. never touched the pack--even some magicians swear this is true. Lots of good stuff in there. and each time for a different effect." The first two tricks Bill mentiom are also in The Spread Half-Pass by Roy Walton (1978). Don't let the word 'amateur" throw you off the scent-this is a book brimming with valuable information. hopeJrlly you've been able to tell my comments from David's." To them. You couldn't ask for a better closer. I have performed it for maybe a dozen magicians. In 26 Gel "Screwed Deck. This would definitely be the trick that for me. or out of courtesy. The move is now a standard . egory-its onemostcard magicians know oj. Maybe this is an obvious point. I've wondered why more magicians don't do it. The effect Paul mentions is a variation of ~rnons "The Royal Marriages. and not one of them was familiar with it." The book also contains '~ Straight Shuffle" and "Separation. I remember the first time I saw "Kings Through the 1able. published. but I think that laypeople shouldn't know how we do our tricks. This notoriously difficult 'l . York friend did it for me at a restaurant and I was floored. I haven't seen another living soul perform the effect. " and it isfound on page 224 of the Ha)' book.~ and a secondspectatoris ask to introduce the business Lth cases. The routine is a major head scratcher. " A New visible message and then have them check the cardsaboveand below. It is not a magician fooler. I learnedthis trick at age15 and haveusedit eversince-a laymen boggier. Mark Jenestsshadow is not so beneficent. I loved Elliott's Classic Secretsof Magic. It uses the "Down And Under Shuffie" and a few other subtleties. it is hard to see past that to theprofound effectit hasupon an audibooks written by Richard Kaufman. Since that The book Effective Card Magic is filled with strong effects. Bill is one of the finest card workers in the country. I use it in restaurants and some suite work when there are obvious couples.1 JI MARK must reiterate my opinion jENEST on Brother John Hamman's ~Here are some great tricks out of The Complete Walton. Wesleyis a thinket: He. but who cares? [Editor's Note: It fooled most magicians to whom it was shown before The Gemini Count was published. Undetectable method!. The little known published effects I've used regularly are: 1) j PAUL GREEN When I was starting out. "The Pinochle Trick. It is the trick where the Kings and Queens continue to match suits. born mostly out of comfort with specific techniques. Far too many effects have detectable methods but are appreciated for the magician's efforts. with permission. so to speak.Perhaps it is because the trick is sosimpleto Both tricks were reprinted and revised in the Hamman and Dingle do. . The book hard to beatthe oneRoberto hasselected This trick falls into an odd catDingle's Deceptions (Lorayne) is an explosion of excellent magic. the transposi~ tion is repeated in the spectators hands while being burned-with no moves! The two volumes of The Complete Walton are published by Davenports in England and are currently available.and exceptionally commercial soyou can be< sure he haspointed to a trick with great entertainment potential. ~ he first routine is Harnman's "Kings Through the Table" from Only now do I touch the pack and do the turnover move but then ~ul Le Paul Presentsthe Magic of Brother John Hamman. while I have significantly altered it from the original J published version. I consider it a nearly perfect routine as it originally appeared.AMES ~"c The closest I can come to complying with your request is to cite one effect which.eapon in every card magicians arsenal. The Amateur Magician's Handbook is a delight-a rich lesson in magic with exceptionally clear photographs.Leave it to Robertoto sound the wake-up call. 2) '~ces Wild" from Lorayne's Close-Up CardMagic.] Here are just a few of the exciting Pinochle Trick attributes: Easy to do!. "7raveling Man" is a tramposition routine with an amazing difference-after the trick is performed once. Gene Maze ade me a box and deck and I used it for many years and always oled magiciansbecause they didn't seethe deck switch. Pauls magic is tight. Volume Two. To that I'll add a routine that has gotten somewhat lost in the mix. I let them readthe now .97 of The SecretsOf Brother John Hamman. Chicks dig it! Once again." This is one of Paul Harris' best items. Laypeople are completely baffled by "The Pinochle Trick. Charming ttick. Uses four ungimmicked cards!. and his recommendation of the Walton books is a testament to their contents. Lots of changes!. publishedby HermeticPress-that have respectedperiodicals. there is no explanation for it. some minor technical modifications have worked their way into myC1 handling.All of this createsthe impression that I have J:d are worthy of a serious second look by the fraternity." on p. ence. the Secrets of Brother John Hamman is singled out. There is a ttick in there that I do not do too often. My favorite book was The Amateur Magicians Handbook by Henry Hay. This is absolutelyinexplicable and memorable for laypeople.from Dingles Deceptions. His card technique called "The Load Up" was become standardreference textson card magic. but it does have a place in my repenoire. all of which possess a spark of originality. can onlyguess why this is so.The older half of the world knows him for his marketed magical items. particularly the Ace flurry at the end. although -. but few actuallyperform! I "Four Coins in the Countin"' is a beautifully orchestrated assembly. WESLEY . I "Traveling Man" and '~ Changeable Nature. clea1. I honestly do perform it. It taught me about setting cards in a stacked condition so that even when they're shuffied. but he is recognizableto the younger half of the world for his countlessmagical appearances on The Disney Channel as well as the guy with hisface on thousandsof magic sets.the published routines are fine pieces as originally offered card anywhere. of course. He has written has written extensively about magic in his own books and highlybooks-the Card Collegeseries. meets your criteria.Let all of us thank thefates for allowing us to walk in this mans beneficent shadow. RICHARD KAUFMAN I've sprinkled a few editor's notes here and there in brackets [ ]. is quite good as originally offered. In the right place and at the right time it is a charming piece of magic. they remain intact.

I'm mentioning a few because some might not qualify for what you're looking for: Goshman's "Cards Thru Newspaper" &om M£!giL:. published in Annemanns Card Magic. d! If your presentation But and two cards transform management in the spectator's skills are what audience ey should be. you hand someone the wrong card.") Almost every trick in The Fine Art of Magic is wonhy of study. If done well. You get to be a bad asswith a gun and then actually shoot a spectator with it.and is very clevel: What I like most about it is the fact that its the sort of trick a casual reader might think would not fool anyone. A ~ssible location effec. also known as the "walking fingers" count (this is described in many places-probably the most accessible to most readers will be Paul Harris' Art of Astonishment. Harry says "It's a mathematical thing I've blown people away with. it's beautiful. Although the subtle "bluff count" he suggests works perfectly for non-magicians. This is a great piece because the effect is absolutely impossible.you do not own Harrys Clpse- e I'd suggest "Kaplan's Clock Trick" from The Fine Art of Magic by George Kaplan (p.' Well. He enjoysdoing what this article encourages-si. get it. This book. almost hypnotic. the deck is cut a million times. "The Scarne Thought Card" originally appearedin the latte1: The effect takes very little spaceto describe.It is filled with a huge variety of nicely routined magic effects. I never heard his name again. thanks to Harrys prose. I agree with Juan Tamariz-that The Fine Art of Magic is truly one of the best magic books ever published. lime to get your hands on The Fine Art of Magic. right? I love this book. it wilt fill you with a joy and enthusiasm lJr the craft. the handling is non existent. Talk about a fun premise. I have fooled some very knowledgeable magicians with this trick.Tannens was advenising that they were doing 1Iirbell ?: That was -around the same time David Kotkin begged me to put his trick in. I wasfi1rtunate enough to have George sign my copy. Ken Krenzel's "The Magic Bullet" (a version of Peter Kane's "Shooting Joker") &om The Card Cl4ssicsof Ken Krenzel. Its long been held that a person could make a living in all areas of magic with nothing but The Tarbell Course in Magic as his or her sourceof information. and is very deceptive. "1 have no idea who he is. This may not qualify because David Blaine did it on TV and a lot of magicians $. J HA R RY L O RAY NE Nick Conticello's "Seeing Through the Deck" from 1Iirbel17 (1972). is one of our most prolific authors. Ignore his advice at your own peril! E R I C MEA D Stf?phenMinch respective~ contain rich reservoirs of thought. Needs no patter. written by Harry Lorayne and tast year writing what will be a comprehensivevolume dedicated to the (bill switch and all its permutations. The effect has real clarity. as The Classics of Ken Krenzel and Ingenuities. The conditions are stringent.ped h on the bandwagon.iljL-GlJ5h by Patrick Page and Albert Goshman. doing it exactly as it is writren. He fooled me wi~ it. I've fooled magicians with it!" The story became even more interesting when I asked about Nick Conticello: Harry continues. I still prefer the false count no matrer who the audience. and I encourage people to look up his version entitled "Caught Red-Handed. The effect is that a card is thought of from a group of five that the spectator takes from a shuffled deck.fting through books on magic for hidden gems that can be molded to fit onespersonality and style.. one would be hard-pressedto find a current performer with a better reputation than Bill Malone. Anyhow. then you look through the deck of cards and find the selected card. Eddie Fechter's "Be Honest. is "The Scarne Thought Card" by John (who else!) Scarne. This is a real mind-blower to laymen and magicians alike.% ~y Richard ~ufman. I've never' seen anyone do the trick. and it has an additional attribute thatbooks makes stand such out from the Card rest: its plot is out of the ordinary. and there is no daner of them looking at it.~ that needs no special props or glmmlcks. " John has spent the :8 . When I lived in New }Qrk. poetic. I'll probably regret telling you this for your anicle. Ken als~ fls I look like a crossbetween Lionel Atwill and Adolph Menjou. Plus. Ken Krenzels "The Magic Bullet" should be in t'Veryonesrepertoire. Things that work for both layman and magicians are l)ard to find. (Tamariz makes this assertion in his book Sonata-in the introduction to "The Royal Assembly. Kens onitmagic.. I never saw the guy again. Have fun with what I consider a little miracle. p. practice. His effortless. I've never heard anyone mention the trick!" Another nod to 1Iirbell. this guy Nick Conticello came up to me at the restaurant where I used to hang out . LIke Card on Forehead.I've only just made the acquaintance of Eric. Jay Sankey's "A Fold ~nl-1QQ. Uses ordinary objects. Harry of course.Note that Eddie Fechters trick has been singled out a second time. It really is that good. is usually in the stacks of used magic book dealers. as it is sure to get around if it's spotlighted. and performance. It is also a very strong effect for the public. published in 1948 by the Fleming Book Co. doing it will make you giddy because it is methodologically diabolical. Harrys creative output is a gift to magic that will endure. You really feel like you have pulled off a perfect con. Book 3. one thing happened but the other didn't.charismatic performing style belieshisthoughifitl approach to magic. JOHN LOVICK Here are a few tricks that I actually do that I rarely see others do. I have never seen anyone else do it. you carry the impossible location with you at all times. W&en it comesto close-upmagic. and the climax comes as a complete surprise. He said 'If I ever make a million dollars. Annemann's Card Magic is the title given to 4~~rint of two Ann~ts: Ted Annemailn's Full Deck of Impromptu ~nd Annemann's Miracles of Card Magic. It certainly did that for me. It for some reason. I'll give you ten percent. The only point on which Kaplan is not clear is how you count the 11 cards as 12. He found me wheg .241). John has been very kind to point out so many effects. I use the Carlyle False Count. I have performed it for 10 years or more with specracular results.on Saturdays with 'The Good Guys' and showed me a couple of mathematical card tricks-this was one of them. It is even stronger in the company of magicians who think they are familiar with "clock" rype effects-because this one uses a radically different method.72).] n tanding Up Card Magic. and Im very glad I have.i Schoke effect is one I've only seenKen peiform. I also use all 13 cards instead of 10. There's no control. What Is It?" &om Magician Nitely by Jerry Mentzer. [Editor's Note: Some of the material in The Fine Art ofMagicwas created by Dai Vernon and Sam Horowitz and published with neither permission nor credit. It wilt do more than supply you with an outselection of routines. When presented properly neither will have a clue as to how you found the card they are just thinking 0£ I use a crimp instead of a shon card. BILL MALONE One of my favorite hidden mysteries.

1Omscontribution to this article is terrific. But.. . For some reason-perhaps because it required a specially made box and deck-this item didn't make the cut for Paul's Art of Astonishment volumes. I do "Stop!" and "Coincidentally Yours. He had come to know my personal foibles concerning card magic. David Roth contributed two coin vanishes to Tarbell 7.. I used to use the trick as a challenge." His close-up chops arefinely honed. Also found in the Money Magic section ofTarbell 7 is "Sol Stones Changing Chips. rlectator rolls two dice to arrive at a new numbel. both shown to . The Royal Road to Card Magic by Hugard and Braue is so much more than an entry-level volume of card tricks. as he has heartily recommended an effect that magicians know of but Jew perform because they question its ability to fool and entertain.-r . However. the November 1980 issue of Pabular. I did. Frank started touting a trick by Elmsley to me that he thought I should be doing. Now you produce the coin anyway that a finger palmed coin can be produced.of this si~et-eJf!ctive trick speaksof its powe1: ~ ~ ) ~ EAR L NE L SON story falls into the "I love having my mind changed" category. foe is one of thoserarepeiformers who has 'the touch.J to support it.J. p. I love the trick because it is completely impromptu. -."It is one of the prettiest card routines I've ever seen.." a beautijitl coin routine. sometimes for no logical reason. ---r . 1Z in the deck. -7 TOM MULL. What a great trick.. Jam. Roger Smith~hose Necromancer is one of tIie-s1eeper maga- Goldstein book. .a card is selected and returned to the deck at a posi. In the late 1970s Frank Simon and I were constantly working oh material.in the 1960s I fooled many magicians with it. I do "The Karl Le Fong Trick" out of The . Complete Walton). along with ~n Amazing Coin Vanish. / up through the tabletop and appear under the trapdoor. your right thumb is placed in the palm of your left hand and your four right fingers naturally go behind your left hand. his Book of John. watching Solpeiform the effectin the back room of Reubens Deli. Of courseI must tell you the plot of "The Karl Le Fong Trick" (also .-ojWaltons effects.. so his rec. Yet one more trick I had the gimmick made for.93 of Roterberg's New Era Card Magic. I don't see others do either of them often. In particulal. A card tri~k I've always loved to perform is Phi~ Goldstein's "FiveCard Polka. at a spot decided by a spectators random . but never got around to trying was "The Terpsichorean Card" on p. This is all done in one move. it. There was never a retrieval for this vanish.' . oaking up the tho t behindfoes direct. In the effect. I usedto stand wide-eyed.-the past .-' ~-Card Magic.pIe . It contains excellent effects that play just as well today as when the book was published in 1949. You claim that it costs 50 cents to seethe thumb vanish. all four of the above tricks have .equallyadeptat performing on sta e. The other great part of the trick is that it's self-working. The published routine is good.. but I've .magic. Another superb and simple trick in the book is "G. Stephen published the from The . It's not-a big killer trick. I came up with one many years ago: When both hands are shown empty you now tell the spectator that you are going to make your thumb vanish. I believe it's his first published effect./QHN MENDQZA this day. or you will otherwise go mad with . He finally gave me a copy of Pentagram and just asked that I read the routine. It's very magical. I als~ "Veeser's Aces" ['~cetimation"] and "MarIo .Roy Walton.a by J. I used it when peowould say. Oohnny Johnston). so when Focus wasfirst published (and its since beenreprinted by Hermetic Press)I was delighted So many clevercard effects .CA that comes to mind is "The] -~ctsever devised Many variations have appeared in ' magicians since the original waspublished in 1964. It is Through Table" in which the coins penetrate . p. .7S. . It . " This m~ve.-If I really want a magician. I think we all have things we avoid. Reluctantly.Spelling Tric~. catching the concealedcoin. The published routine small portable trapdoor made of brass. in the fie~ continues to releasea OE MONTI : in card magic. The magician never knows either . its sequel and The Mendoza Portfolio contain a -- STEPHEN MINCH here are some offbeat tricks I've always wanted to perform: "Cointraption" . It started out as a marketed effect m 1976.and he is a wonderfitl comedian. and as one of the most respected writ~and publ~hers. The coin is concealed on the back of the left hand as both hands are shown empty. but the prop seems to have more potential..But I think it a lovely idea. "The hand is quicker than the eye!" I'd do this effect extremely slowly and give the audience a chance to catch me. The onefoe is referring to is called ~nother Amazing Coin Vanish. June 2002 29 ..there are no gaffi. " which precedes it. ~y The Paul Harris effect is one I have seen performed live only once. visceralmagic. are excellent. Great magic and a very funny story . "Marlo Miracle TO as '~timation " Aces" and is simply one of the best The trick is David Roth's very deceptive coin vanish from Jarbell 7. This was a method for causing an" unprepared card to stand on end. . he knew I would never do it because it used a stranger card. ' and arrive at . oe was fte u tributor to Harry Loraynes Apocal reprinte . then to dance.:ai!.but one of my personalfavorites is 'PicassoAces.. . ' . handling changes and transformations by me over -. It is outstanding.. Thank you. My copy of Focus by Phil GoldJtein looks like the cat made loveto it-the coveris stained and ragged I was a bigfan of the little pamphlets that Max put out in the 1970s. Another trick I thought it worth the cost of having made up was Paul Harris' "Screwed Deck" from his Close-up Kinda Guy.SS. but eventually made it into Focus. " from MarIo's Faro Controlled Miracles." from Harry . whereone can en." Anyone who has seen Jam perform knows that he hiS the chops to perform any effect he wishes. for shining a light on a neglectedgem.

and lots of room for a dra- . So . with a bunch of books and videotapes to his credit. I was blown away just reading the trick. Reading a book such as Expert Card 1echnique a. its not myfault.~ . This effect comes as close as you are going to ~ mind reading. No preparation. combined with some modest technical refinements which I contributed. Constant Fooling.' c out of a routine that could be the showpiece of anyones act. published by Supreme Magic. I get a gasp and then applause when I release the jar and do a long pour.this would be the trick-seldomseen-but-great-to-do that I'd recommend. I really agic Amateur coin roll Magicians is explained and Henry these explamate- by Garcia Schindler has a great of practical nation Johnny oft has e mentioned Si Ste ms three se books u that have a wealth rial rock The solid Mark Wilson Paul Course Green in Magic has already is extremely extolled well laid the virtues out. but this one is a killer.\ Volume 1. as is his wonp(and working independently). Magician's of The of Magic are in any '\1 ( J in the field. The clever application of fine jog work (the basis of the handling in this MarIo jewel)." It is really more of an exhibition of skill than a piece of fine card magic. and. hands down. Amateur with Handbook. He would end his stage show with this stunt.. His classic columns for Genii contain a wealth of top-drawer items. An incredible piece of magic. two favorite books and think with The the Cards. I worked it up. Ever since.-. needless to say. "One Hand Ace Cutting" from Marlo Magazine Volume Three. when I initially read Loray~ntal1y instantly discounted it.David is currently on the writing staff of ABC's According to Jim. [Editor's Note: We published Dai Vernon's handling of this routine in Geniis December 2001 issue. but you can often purchase them from used magic book dealers such as John Greget in Scottsdale. DAVID REGAL I felt it would not be right for me to weasel information out of other people.. To my mind. is due to be released this year. are ACE The Mark PALMER Wilson Course Handbook. "Indian Rice Stabbing Illusion" by Eddie Joseph from The Art of Eddie Joseph. " even though many have read it. Milt Kort was the first to publish an ambitious card routine using an odd-backed card (and many other effects with odd backs-see his Off-Color Card Tricks). well in both in Magic. He's one of the cleverest guys around. Jon Racherbaumel. at its core. The MarIo Magazines are not easyto track down. Several years later.is one of todays most respectedauthors Wilson. hasn't been widely circulated. due to incomprehensible reasons. as well.As for David Regal. the effects strong. brilliant effects with cards. it has been part of my active repertoire.. . books.-. "Clairvoyant" inherent supremely move Johnny sees the One entertainment or trick he comes across. page 219. JOHNNY My Mark Hay. I use a large jam jar and a chopstick. JON RACHERBAUMER - At lectUres and appearances I've been hammering away at the notion of revisiting classics and old books-namely 30 Ger because as evolving per- M~~Hypnotic G~ Qiv!?ation" ~ ~les. though he lovessleight of hand and has a deep appreciation for the art. a version of the classic Dickie -{- Hmmmm. It is also one of the more obscure MarIo gems that.] BARRIE RICHARDSON Here are some old and wonderful effects. The effecihas. including Up Close and Personal published by Hermetic Press. at one particular moment. The end effect is simply overwhelming..Earl is magics Midas.I a "newbie" is a much different experience from the one that occurs when you read the samebook later in your magic life. a set of brass balls. but one would find the opposite-a gentJUS enthusiastic man who lovesthe ins and outs of magic. confided afterward that the tric!{s been a favorite of his. ~mbitious Stranger" is a six-phase . The book Scarne on Card Tricks is filled with subtle. by of by sons and performers. a version of "you Do as I Do" on steroids. it requires precise audience management. His new two-volume collection of magic. however. For example.Close-Up Card Magic is a marvelous book. at its core. one might expectto meet a guru with a stern gaze. he looks like an American James Bond-I must never let my wife seehim. I should have to say that my reply must be. Max Maven (who was in the audience). . the audience of the memorable with moments his handing Birds!" in his act of what is when he makes gasp in unison "Two Little is. took hold of the premise and routined it to the nth degree. I remember read" -. Volume Two.. His co~bined qualities of razor-sha7p thinking combined with an unparalleled understanding of effect and deep devotion to sleight of hand turn the magic he touchesinto gold. clarity. Jim is a font of information and a fascinating individual in areas beyond magic. Based on his output of excellent books. our aesthetics also change and our ability to understand improves.. but if I were to pick one killer that no one ever does. '1t Must As for Be Mind the Si Stebbins Reading" and value section Cards.97). only to keep mum mysel£ I do many effects that meet the criteria of this article. it would have to be "Quadruple Coincidence" from Scarne on Card Tricks (1950. and have closed my set on many occasions with ~~bitious Stran~ " It can now be found in The Collected Works ofAieX Elmsle. Elms/ey. very few perform "Coincidentally lOurs. edited by Hugh Miller.Arizona.a compellilgls~est~~ i~d:e~ ~t's see Wereyou to pose such a question for my consideration. From my upstairs office in Burbank I hear the rustling of pages as magicians allover the world turn to their Alex Elmsley books. In fact. make this one part of my '~" material. it's a perfect example of the multitUde of arcana that await excavation from the matrix of the printed record. if you get a nasty notefrom Max.-Max. This effect. with effects.Back then 1 was primarily Interested III heavy-duty sleight of hand and smugly eschewed semiautomatic tricks or ones that used extensive ~ setups. This is quite a kind gift from Earl. I hare stranger cards. I often include it in my workshoplecture sessions. p. with enough solid routines to establish a person as The Worlds Greatest Card Handler in the eyes of any audience. Another is Mario's version of the "Dunbury Delusion" that is buried in an old issue of M UM Mario published several versions. Jon.When I taught it (as an object lesson) not long ago during a lecture at the Magic Castle (for the Gemini group). Needless to say. he was too modest to write a "glamour" paragraph about himsel£ so I'll do it. particularly when performing for "fast company. His book Variations has becomeone of the most sought-after collections of modern close-up magic. is credited t~ George Starke and contains multiple elements that coalesceinto everything I love about magic. In addition. I performed it for a lay audience and found that it played big-time. a simple method.

" . The effect is then repeated. ~ Eddie Josephs output was large and varied-several of his effects are ~ match. ctedited to . written by EugeneBurgen is afascinating.5. The trick ~ even more eye-popping when done with big cards and having the spectator do the placement of the cards.I contactedMax Maven. " but has an additional kicke1: The Jennings book I DAVID SOLOMON ~egarding the trick thatI love to do from an old book. \ separate pamphlets.!1!outine in the MarIo Magazines. Edward Victor created"The E~ Card Trick" as well as effectsthat were the basisof "The Coins and Champagne Glass.~. there is a trick ~ hiCh cam immediately and that is Larry Jennings' "Look-An to my mind Illus.1) is the type of surprising.Theater of the Mind. by Kaufman and Company asThe Xic~ TrjJQ. It wasoneof Michael is one of the smoothest workersaround.Michael Skinner. David Solomon is one of the clever card men from Chicago. . Vernon loved this. p. who provides an accuratehistory of " . Regardless. This was picked as Best Card Trick of the 19405. mostmagical routine everdevised for theprop. yet theprops can be purchasedin a grocerystore! ~ Match for tic wallet. impromptu occasions.several magicians.but in regard to this article. Author Jon Racherbaumerupdatedand expanded the material/or The Greater Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields. Stars of Magic. The next time I saw it performed was by Derek Dingle McCaffrey. Sufficeit to say. then the match head visibly reappearsand the match is lit.l yearsago). which puts it back t~. "T wisting the Aces. I love to perI form the "21 Card Trick. a sumptuous hardbound volume published in 1997. At age 11 or 12. '~ Match for Gravity" from Stewart James in Print. Michael is in the midst of assembling a bookof his own magic. becausethe cards are removed from the deck breath. and Racherbaumer. David Solomon clearly likes guys named Ed." Roy Walton is a toweringfigure in card magic. "What will break.n:" "It was called 'Prize Winner. 'Look-An Illusion" is basedon Doctor Daleys "Observationlist. I believe.gy~. is the Francis Carlyle match trick in the original Stars of Magic. but I'm not.?.. I also d~ ~~yv~o~s ot Eddie field's "Card ~e Box" routine.42 of Magic of the Hands (reprinted.This little booklet contains some real gems. It contains numerous phases and multiple throw-offi making it impossible to track the method. subsequently reprinted in ~ Tennin!s on Card and Coin Han!!l!!!1!.To my knowledge. fress. Jims own magic books are filled with powerfitl card effectsdesigned by a man who knows what can be done with a pack of Bicycles-his effectspossess the quality of being both stunning and intellectually stimulating.. MI C HA EL V IN C EN T In answer to your question. I did do the miscall version exactly as I learned it from his book The Artfitl Dodgesof Eddie Fields (by Racherbaumer).when indepentiy questioned I do . then reprinted in bound form by Louis 1annen."] The '1ndian RiceStabbingIllusion" is veryseldom I normally don't like packet effectswhen they come out of a plasseen. the watch or the cup. Roy WALTON A trick I have used since the publication of the book is the change of a silver coin to a copper one. The only other person I saw perform this effect was "Premonition" title) by GeorgeArmstrong in England.js by Edward Victor.. perhapsthe strongest.999. In short. a fact that he mentioned in a couple ofhis lecturesI attended. From the same book. the effect being repeated several times. A glorious collection. which. The Eddie Fields book is a five-dollar paperback book released in 1976-and it is as unpretentious as it is excellent. and Marlos "Nouveau 21-Card Trick. "I do the three-phase routine that is in MarIo Without liars. I have written about thi. The first person was Ricky Jay in 1981. The Victor routine is delightful and has a wonderful steal that I have never seen anybody use. Series 4. The First Fifty ~~e effect :was first published in the Linking Rt~g in 1926mo this stunt with a string tied to a coffee cup and I borrow a watch and stick it in the cup. " and "Convincing Control. and Barrie waskind to tip his dressing Classic" (also by Jennings). first issued as ". It is a superb piece of magic." I know that you think that I am pulling your leg.is oneI devoured coverto coverthe dayI purchased it.' b William effect was first published in Genii back in the ate 1 san." This still soldasstand-alone dealers itemsthroughAbbottsofColon.roasts an old chestnut over an openfire. I used to carry the little 99-cent Signet paperback and a deck of cards around with me. and "Look-An Illusion" are what I call for the effect-I canimaginean audience of spectators sitting with bated natural packet effects. material is sublime. I haveseen only three magiciansperform this effect. but I in 1982 when I was in New York. JIM SWAIN he trick that I really love--~4 save for special. ~_~ici0/ Four Ace Tric¥' (first published in More Eye Openers. 1933). Iov~ly produced collection of the fruits of his labors. I asked Dingle about the effect Detieve it was first put out as a manusctipt around 1934." I ask.. "The Changing Coin" is found on p." "Daley's Last Trick. The effect 'Decapitation" (Stars of Magic.On the heels of that. A wonderful \ counter-intuitive demonstration. Amazing that there June 2002 31 . " with help from Draun. if his act is any indication. is about as good as it gets in terms of material and method of imtruction. the magician scrapesthe head completely off a paper j thing also contaim his "Chop Cup" routine. The string is passed over a wooden spoon which is held extended. No.. " "nIt.Barrie's own book. It's in GreaterMagic. and he told me it was in the little booklet." "The Ambitious Gravity"is a stuntof thesameilk. will certainly befilled with treasures. Dingle did a clever the Hilliard publication precedes the Josephmanusctipt by just over a thing-he did not explain the workings of the effect but left me to decade. Solomon. publishedby Hermetic in play. and was the trick that Oai Vernon based"Spellbound" on. ~!!!!!. and I've never seen anyone else ever do it. said "Well theres this thats not one of the tricks Iin prepared to give Walton away. His '~emonition" isstill oneof the strongest effects that can bedonewith cards[Editor's Note: Recalling that the trick was published earlier by someoneelse. and the book Solomon's Mind. whosename hasalreadycomeup a few times in this article. and his choiceof Fhebest-reviewed books of 1. GeorgeArrnstrong. I have been performing it since 1982. Michigan. MICHAEL WEBER ~ne of my buried favorites is from the classic-Scarne on Card Tricks.Inatic revelation.along with its two sequels. it was releasedyet again (under the do the research. So much magic achievedwith just a small number of cards. It appearedin the !:!!!!!!:. visual magic with a clear effect that people talk about.

Nate Leipzig. Harry Houdini." and "Out of This World" in this one little book. Paul complished and knowledgeableclose-up magician. Any slip of paper is now selected and handed to the performer. is an StewartJudah. The creditsin the book readlike a WhosWho of magic: by many to be one of his best books. and delve into the wealth of matef ial they possess.!:!i!!emJ~ mtert~inin!! . will completely baffle your audience.. There are only fiur-the missing card is his selection and it's under the hat. though famous J!oward Thurston." "Card on Hugard and Braue volume should.this is a book that is ove1f/owing with useable a "reputation maker. most importantly. Take a look at effect number 107-"Scarne's Six-Way Baffler. Clayton's additions and handling upgraded the effect greatly in my opinion. cuts down the procedure favorites as it gave me a chance to both educate people abo~various substantially and the interested performer will think of many ways types of shuffies while losing the Aces in the deck and then show off to take the basic procedure in new directions. . The owner of the card written on this slip is asked to take the envelope. The fact that it can be performed with a borrowed and shuffled deck . AI Bake1. glass." It books contents. Louis Zingone. The effect is about as impossible as mental magic with cards gets. The envelope is stood in plain sight on the brim of the mouth-down hat. In this case it's not the effect (card disappears and is found under hat) that makes this so powerful but the procedure.or 47 cards if you're Harry ("Ive used this deck since I wasa kid. It is sti~ found in used book shopssince it has been Quantum Leaps waspublished by Harry in 1979 and its considered reprintedoften. GeorgeKaplan. another is purely a mental selection. a periodical that was published from 1943-1964. bowl. The psychology involved is.. Martin Gardne1. u: E Grant. Paul is well read. Oscar Weigle. cunning. Stewart James. fir his famous false riffle shuffle. The effect which follows (108. cards .. Although 1 have not performed it in many years. Cliff Green. W '. I've got to hire Paul to do ad copy.gir. Herb Zarrow is a name known to all card magicians. . The effect "Sleight of Mind" is from the February 1950 issue of Hugard's Magic Monthly. At the right time and place it was As mentionedearlie1. George Kaplan'ssimplified handling of the "Six-Way Baffler"). The challenge is to keep each phase of the setup interesting so the effect doesn't become boring before it has begun. It is a wonderful layman effect with great subtlety and leaves the spectators believing it really is mindreading... see?n pos$i.In particula1.. In addition. "Sleight of Mind" is based on Ed Marlos "Double Thought" whic~!!!as pub~n Rufus ~2 ~~i~g Card Tricks. It's impromptu and uses two shuffled decks." material. Si Stebbins.II-~--L)ON If you want to know about an excellent little effect that almost nobody does (or bothers to learn). and remove the cards. Blackstone. R PAUL I'. I hope you are inspired to crack open a few of those book that may be gathering some dust. His praise of this Genii n answer to your request-this is an effect I've been doing since 1950 and have not seen anyone else perform.Audley WaLsoh. The magician never knows which card belongs to which spectator. my skill by cutting to the lost Aces. as already stated. the remarkably fair way in which the effect is resolved and. ) r his "hand magic" (and unlike Harry has only nine fingers). The cards are sealedin an envelope which is dropped into the hat and each spectator writes down the name of his card on a slip of paper and drops it into another hat (or cup. \ HER B Z A R ROW l-. yet his contributiom to card magic extend far beyond that-his name has become synonymous with excellence. ~Up book!Michael Weberis deservedly considered a go-to man in the world --M. ~ The entire effect requires one very simple move but. check out "Under Your Hat" in ~ Royal Road 10 Card Magic. D1: Daley. presented properly.ble . which should prove to be compelling. It is an effect by Clayton Rawson called "Sleight of Mind. Paul LePaul. The first step is to borrow two hats. Why go to all this trouble? Check out the effect: Any five cards are selected by five people who collect the cards into a single pile and shuffle.~'Manipulative Aces" from Harry Lorayne's Quantum Leaps. has an unwavering dedication to the craft.yet the magician correctry identifies both cards with zero fishing and zero outs. indicate that its not "kid stuff " Paul hlis-recently co~leted a pr~ect devoted to exploring the Ceiling. etc. Frank Garcia. I hope. it contains reviews and commenn that make fir a fascinating magical time capsule. Now it is practical ifl happen to have the hat or ifl see another hat with a brim of any kind at someone's house. I hate to call attention to this item. His own books conRosini . One card is peeked."). becausehe makes me want to perfirm this effect tomorrow and every day thereafter fir the rest of my life! The Royal Road to Card Magic is.Dai Vernon. It is filled with a wide assortment of varied effects from some of tht best minds of the day.). 1~ritten by Gary Ouellet and published by the Camirand of magic. Mei1. Another killer in the book is ~n Amazing Revelation-Display. The secret to that is to perform it after the audience has accepted you as a magician. AI Altman. in a word. Many say there has never been a better magazine. open it.Bill Simon. Ive seenHarry make a room of magicians scream with this-it doesnl George Schindler. reading the replies from all these wonderful magicians was 2 rare tteat. Reading the description you can see why most people pass it by. Two spectatorsare involved. BruceElliott. Academy. and as you have said. contains his. AI Flosso.these arejust some of the names associated with tricks in thi~ tain excellent effects. Henry Christ. Johnny Paul. Charles Jordan.If you don't take my wordfor it-take his. Bob Humme1. the props used to present the effect. In actual fact I use this with my own hat-a crushable felt fedora and any cup or glass that is available. "Manipulative Aces" is one of those Francis Carlyle." Dunninge1. . a fabulous resource. For me.Jack Chanin. is an earlier (and simpler) version of current favorites like Simon I! MEIR YEDID Aronson's "Shuffle Bored" and the recent "Chain Letter" card trick.'~~' one of the 1 best card effectsI've etfer seen. which is also in book form. effectsthat gives audiencesthe impressionyou are God with a deck of52 Cardini.-. I use my own handling. and chops that leave the rest of us mortals in awe." which is based on an effect in a Rufus Steele book. the effect is immediately dismissed.are great handlings of "Miraskill.fqr a personwith~@1JI-1Ofingers to do. The source is Hugards Magic Monthly. Harry Lorayne. but since hats are so rare today.I recently watched Rafael Benatar slaya Magic Castleaudience with a skilljitl presentation of this impressive item. it used to be one of my is a real benefit.

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