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• Dhananjay kumar

• Jaipuria institute of
Larry Page & Sergey Brin- the Founders of Google
• Source: Bear Sterns
Baidu – a domestic search engine of China emerged as the biggest rival of
Google by the beginning of 2004.

Fig: Internet Market in China
Source: Company Data
Source: Company Data
Tiananmen Square
• It is a public place in Beijing, China and is the largest open
urban area in the world.
• Between April and June1989 the square witnessed student
led demonstration demanding freedom for press , which
was soon joined by intellectuals and urban workers.
• Protester defies government call to disperse.
• On June 4,1989,army tanks and infantry were sent to
Tiananmen Square to crush the protests.
• This resulted in death of around 2500 civilian , while some
source claimed it was around 5000.
Falun Gong
• Founded by Li Hongzhi , Falun Gong is a system of
qigong(aspect of chinese medicine involving the
coordination of different breathing patterns with various
physical postures and motions of body).
• It advocates practice of five sets of meditation exercises ,
introduced in China in 1992.
• By late 1990s it gain popularity all over the world.
• In 1999, the government of China started suppressing
Falun Gong referring the practice as evil.

Tibet Independence/Dalai Lama
• Tibet which is under control of china is considered as an
illegitimate military occupation by Tibetans loyal to the
Dalai Lama
• Dalai Lama flee from Tibet in 1959 , and settled in India.
• As of 2005, Tibet is seeking an autonomous status similar
Source: Credit Suisse