Pidgin and Creole Languages

Robert A. Hall Ithaca: Cornell University Press 1966
Preface It is my aim, in this book, to present an over-all survey of the languages known as pidgins and creoles. These languages are widely used in such areas as the Caribbean, Africa, and the South Pacific, and are coming to have more and more importance in the life of these regions. It therefore behooves us to have an accurate knowledge of their characteristics, function, and importance. To meet this need, I have provided a general discussion of their nature, origins, and present distribution; of their structure, both in itself and in relation to the languages out of which they have arisen; and of their significance in linguistic, social, and political matters. […] In this treatment, I have aimed at presenting only a general, preliminary picture. This book is not – and in the present state of our knowledge, cannot be – an exhaustive treatment of all the pidginized and creolized languages of the world. […] It is to be hoped that this book may succeed in arousing further interest in the field, so that future workers in linguistics will devote more time and attention to these customarily neglected languages. [...]

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