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Published by: prejinhobun1978 on Sep 27, 2013
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Digital Slave Flash With Bracket For The Sony Alpha SLT-A58 Digital Camera-Review and Price Comparison
Save Price!- Digital Slave Flash With Bracket For The Sony Alpha SLT-A58 Digital Camera]

- Includes Flash Bracket - Stylish Compact Design - Built-in Digital Slave Auto Pre-flash Sensor For Red Eye Ultra-Light Weight - Uses 2AA Batteries (not included) 1 Year Limited Warranty

The device is workable for both direct hot shoe photography (when switches to Normal mode) and remote flash photography (when switches to Slave On mode. The device features 4 slave modes that allow it to work with cameras that fire their built-in flash instantaneously or that have single or multiple flash red-eye reduction systems. Please check your camera's owner manual to determine which flash system your camera has. The flash comes complete with a bracket. It has a hot shoe so that it can be fired from the camera too. It is fully synchronized with fill-in flash and red-eye reduction flash and can be used with virtually all of the digital cameras on the market. It works as a slave. It can be set for a single flash camera or a pre-flash camera.

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