INTRO - Welcome to my Youtube Channel

49 s

Youtube Channel Trailor - Join me in Social Development: 47 s

Chapter 1 #SYRIA - President Obama shift focus from war to Refugees: 22 s

Chapter 2 #SYRIA #JORDAN - President Obama and King Abdullah II of Jordan: 29 s

Chapter 3 #SYRIA #Pope Francis @Pontifex - NO air strike on Syria: 64 s

Chapter 4 Request to King Abdullah II send Jordanians on the ground in #UAE to support: 46 s

Chapter 5 #SYRIA - Devastating damage to homes in Damascus and Aleppo 123 s

Chapter 6 #SYRIA - Internal divisions and lack of horizontal collaboration: 90 s

Chapter 7 #SYRIA are NOT Bedouins - Don't have the survival skills for the desert: 38 s

Chapter 8 #SYRIA - President Obama - NO AIR STRIKE - Refocus on Refugees: 40 s

Chapter 9 #SYRIA - Syrians overwhelmed - Supply Chain not serving the needs: 46 s

Chapter 10 #SYRIA #UAE - We need to bring speed and scale to serve the Refugees: 49 s

Chapter 11 #SYRIA #UAE wasted resources that can serve the Refugees: 55 s

Chapter 12 #SYRIA #LEBANON - Scale up support for Refugees:

41 s

Chapter 13 #SYRIA #UAE #JORDAN - ADNOC asked to donate fuel: 29 s

Chapter 14 #SYRIA #MENA - Imams called to mobilize MUSLIMS to serve the Refugees: 43 s

Chapter 15 #SYRIA #MUSLIMS - Call to Muslims to support the 2 million Refugees: 32 s

Chapter 16 #SYRIA #G20 - How to mobilize wasted resources to serve the Refugees: 66 s

Chapter 17 #SYRIA - We must match DEMAND and SUPPLY: 58 s

Chapter 18 NEW Model for Mass Homelessness - adding scale and speed: 59 s

Chapter 19 NEW model for Mass Homelessness focuses on war and Climate Change Refugees: 44 s

Chapter 20 #SYRIA - International Airline Industry collaborating for the Refugees: 65 s

Chapter 21 #SYRIA International Airline Industry can collaborate to serve the Refugees in 6 countries: 68 s

Chapter 22 #SYRIA - Perceptions incorrect between Governments, Charities and Citizens: 103 s

Chapter 23 #INDIA - Request to Prime Minister Singh of INDIA: 66 s

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