When you receive Leklai: 1, Prepare flowers, candles and scents sticks to welcome Leklai, put it in a suitable place

with respect. 2, Put honey in a small vessel or drop on Leklai ( in case you keep Leklai at home) 3,To invite Leklai to the house...Light 5 scents stick and pray Katha " Buddho Menatho Dhammo Menatho Sangkho Menatho Sa Ga Ta Ja Pu Cha Ja E Sa Wa Su E Ti Pi So Pa Ka Wa Sam Ma Sam Maa Sam Maa Sam Ma Ma Ah Au" 4,Whenever you want to feed honey to Leklai ...pray this Katha 3 rounds "Na Aud Mo Aud Tho Aud Na Aad" 5,To worship Leklai or Bucha Leklai..Pray Katha (7 or 9 rounds) " Gu Gu San Tho Mo San Ta Na Buddho Na Mo Buddha Ya Na Aud Mo add Buddha Yad Ya Pid" Then you keep Leklai in it's place. When you have long journey you can bring it along...light scents stick ,pray, clean Leklai then take it along. " Na Hi Lo Gang A Hang Nu Ga" "Sat Tha Ta Nung Ah Gut Ti Tung Tattawa Wi Sat Che Tung Na Ta Si" " Pa Na Ti Pa Ta We Ra Ma Ni Sik Kha Pa Tang Sa Ma Ti Ya Mi"

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