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bpr example
bpr example

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Published by: Amol Amrale on Sep 27, 2013
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Business process reengineering of an air cargo handling process

Presented by - Amol Amrale Roll no - 34

Objectives  To improve the cargo services  To shift to the automatic or semi-automatic system from the manual system  To reduce total time taken for completing export shipment operations starting from truck unloading point on the ground to loading into the aircraft.  To reduce clerical assignments as much as possible .

Old Cargo Process  The airline's cargo handling process consists Of eight major sub-processes  Starting from reception' to &telegram‘  A total of 120 steps .

BPR Implementation  Clearly redefining specifications and responsibilities  Redesign (reception+sales+reservation= customer service)  Radio frequency identification (Rfid) to improve the efficiency of its air cargo handling process .

Implementation of RFID BEFORE BPR AFTER BPR  Need human intervention  Rejection of UCM  Accurate data and tracking the location of ULD  Make other airlines accountable while taking the custody of airlines message  Lack of reconciliation of ULD  Lack of centralized data ULD during interline transfer .

Before BPR .

After BPR 7 .

Before BPR & after BPR 8 .

Before BPR and After BPR 9 .

.Conclusion BPR has proved to be a modern innovative useful industrial engineering and management technique to achieve dramatic improvement in operational efficiencies for quality services of the airlines cargo handling processes.

pdf .Webliography • http://www.dtpm.it/2009/documenti/bruccole ri/secured/material/Settimana%207/BPR%20in%20 AIR%20cargo%20case%20study.unipa.

12 .

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