Boiling tubes Evaporating basin Filter funnels Glass Tubing Petri dishes Stirring rod Test tubes Watch glass

Glass tubing

Beaker Conical flask Crucible Dropper bottle

Flask Pipette Measuring cylinder

Stirring rod Evaporating basin

Lab Utensils
Bung Delivery tube Dropper Spatula Spotting tile Thermometer Wash bottle

Metal Hardware
Boss Clamp Gauze Stand Tripod

Watch glass

Beam balance Digital scales

Filter funnel

Meths Burner
Cylindrical metal Round glass

Bunsen Burning on tile Stirrer/Hotplate

CO2 production Collecting gas Decomposition Delivery Evaporating Filter paper Filtration Filtration 2 Gas production Heat of reaction Heating beaker Stirring Temperature Weighing

Petri dish

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