Aircel Mobile to PC dial up internet connection settings Just go to network connections and Click on the left top side

to select 'create new connection' And then select next and 'connect to internet' And select 'Set up connection manually' – -> Next and 'connect using dial-up' – -> Next. Put ISP as AIRCEL – -> Next and put Ph no. as *99#, Remember not to put anything in username, password & confirm password And select make this default connection & shortcut to desktop ---> Finish. Now go to network connections and right click on AIRCEL And select properties Click configure And select highest maximum bps And select the three boxes of hardware features, Click options tab and deselect prompt username. Phone no & password. Click on security tab and see whether typical settings with allow unsecured password is selected. Now click on networking tab and click settings and select the three options, Double click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and put DNS of open DNS as & Now click OK and dial using the connection. This will work fine Incase you faced again Error 734: The PPP link control protocols was terminated error then go to desktop and right click on my computer and select manage. Then select device manager and select the modem. Expand it to see the modem. Then just double click on it and select Advanced and put this in extra initialization commands AT+CGDCONT=1, "IP", "aircelgprs" and select ok