TOPIC- 7P's Of Domino's Marketing Mix
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 Domino's had a tie-up with a real estate consultant Richard Ellis to help with locations. conduct feasibility studies. cinema halls and university campuses. . It was also looking at non-traditional outlets like large corporate offices. and manage the construction. railway stations.  Domino's had the largest network in the fast food segment in India.introduction  entered India in 1996 through a franchise agreement with Vam Bhartia Corp.with 101 outlets across 40 cities.  first outlet was opened in Delhi.

6. 7. 4. 3.  The tools available to a business to gain the reaction it is seeking from its target market in relation to its marketing objectives 7Ps – Product Price Promotion Place People Process Physical Environment Traditional 4Ps extended to encompass growth of service industry . 5.Marketing Mix   1. 2.

Makhani Paneer and the Chatpata Chana Masala were confined to the North.Product  To capture the market. Deluxe Chicken with Mustard Sauce' and Sardines were confined to the East. Mutton Ghongura and Chicken Chettinad to the South and Chicken Pudina to Mumbai. Butter chicken. . Domino’s had to localize flavors." Thus.

Domino's sourced its Peperoni and Jalapeno needs from Australia and Spain respectively. In 1998.129/-. Domino's introduced price cuts. We need to offer comeback value to our customer. The high price was attributed to the high quality of ingredients used. However.and discounts to attract the customers. Indians are value-. Domino's introduced the Pizza Mania scheme where it offered a large pizza for Rs. not price-     sensitive. with competition increasing from Pizza Hut.Price  Domino's sold a 12" Pizza for Rs 265. . For instance.

 Branding refers to the various methods of promoting the services. . including promotional education. and personal selling for promoting his services. sales promotion.s use advertising.promotion  Domino. publicity.

to which segment (young adults.  referring to the channel by which a product or service is sold which geographic region or industry.  Domino's has a largest network of outlets across the world. also referring to how the environment in which the product is sold in can affect sales. families. business people). .

of trained employee for handling his customer .people  people meeting and dealing with the customers  Domino.s have large no.

process  the way in which orders are handled.  Self serve  Provide home delivery facility . customers are satisfied and the service is delivered.

s .Physical Environment  tangible evidence of the service customers will receive  Outlet setup by Domino.

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