The ties that bind

Charl du Plessis takes a look at the connections between senior leaders of the NPA and President Jacob Zuma
Zuma expunges Nhantsi’s criminal record for theft of client trust funds in September 2010 Zuma appoints Jiba as acting NPA head in January 2011. The NPA’s disciplinary action against her is also settled shortly after Zuma becomes president

Mdluli writes to Zuma about the conspiracy against him in a November 2011 letter in which he promises to “assist” the president ahead of the ANC’s Mangaung elective conference

Booker Nhantsi – Former member of the Scorpions who is married to Jiba

President Jacob Zuma
Zuma appoints Mrwebi in November 2011. The NPA mysteriously settles disciplinary action with Mrwebi shortly after Zuma becomes president Mdluli’s lawyers write to Jiba on November 17 2011, arguing why criminal charges against him should be dropped

Richard Mdluli – Suspended lieutenant general of the police’s crime intelligence unit
Breytenbach has persistently maintained that her suspension from the NPA is an attempt to protect Mdluli from prosecution

Nomgcobo Jiba – Acting national director of public prosecutions
Mdluli comes to Jiba’s aid in the NPA’s 2009 disciplinary action against her. Mdluli files an affidavit on Jiba’s behalf, saying he asked for her help in the “legitimate” investigation into Gerrie Nel, lead prosecutor in the Jackie Selebi matter

Lawrence Mrwebi – Specialised Commercial Crimes Unit head (SCCU)
Mrwebi instructs Breytenbach to withdraw the criminal charges against Mdluli. This decision is subsequently overturned by Judge John Murphy for being illegal, irrational and based on material errors of law

Glynnis Breytenbach – Pretoria head of the SCCU


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