From the Budha Dal Gutka : Nihang Rehit Maryada 1.

Do ardaas upon waking up in the mornings and ask for the boon of righteous actions 2. When adhering to the call of nature excercise hygene and cleanliness, and upon entering a city always procure water for such purposes, 3. Cleanse your face with water (upon waking) 4. Bathe in cold water 5. When removing your kachera, your head and shoulders should be covered, and one leg should remain in the old pair as you transfer the opposite leg into the new pair , 6.When tying your turban you must sit in the lotus posture (asan), your turban and kachera should never touch, and your turban should never be lifted off like a topi but should be properly untied, 7.Upon waking in the morning recite Waheguru mantra and Mool Mantra while uniting surat and shabd through breath control , 8. In the morning one must recite gurmantra, mool mantra and then recite or listen to the 5 banis, and Kirtan Sohila should be recited before going to sleep , 9. When bathing the hair can be washed with yogurt, 10. When drying the hair keep a small patka on , 11. When drying the hair it must not be laid back, but should be combed to the sides with a blur keski , 12. The dead hairs caught in your comb must not be thrown underfoot but should be cremated, 13. Kachera should not be slung over the shoulder as it could come into contact with your beard and hair which is prohibited, 14.The beard should not be dyed black, 15. One should dress in blue, 16. Worship the three Granths , 17. Always depend on Akal and repeat his mantra, 18. The Five Beloveds must give baptism to the Singhs, 19. Do not abbreviate Singhs names into nicknames, 20. Consider the five k's as your limbs, 21. You must not take off the 5 k's when bathing, 22. Always keep 2 combs and never use a broken comb, 23. One cannot enter Guru Darbar without bathing instead he can only namaska from outside, nor can one enter with socks on, 24. Stay away from the four kurehits, 25. Keep on a blue keski at all times, 26. Regard the sword as your isht and never be without it, 27. Wear a dastaar and never a topi, 28. Bathe daily, 29. Always recite gurmantra and the 5 Banis 30. Always share with others, 31. Give 10% to the guru, 32. Do satsang and seva, 33. Do everything in accordance to gurmat 34. Always obey the hukam of SGGSji 35. Always speak the truth and attain virtuous qualities such as contentment, 36. Don't do nindaya 37. Never cut any hair, 38. Do not use drugs, 39. Do not do Halal custom

40. Never take the honor of a women or adulerate 41. ? (could not translate) 42.Do not steal or gamble 43. Restrain from intoxicants as much as possible, 44. Don't go on Hindu pilgramiges or worship idols 45. Always be armed, 46.Any action should begin with ardaas to God, and Waheguru mantra is to be repeated with every breath whether, walking, standing, he is to always be thanked 47. After heeding the call of nature bathe five times 48.Gurbani should be kept in a ramalla, stored in a high place, 49. Never fight with Sikhs, always help the poor, 50. Don't take or use your sister's money 51. Don't eat with non-amritdharis 52. Always be truthful 53. Learn gurumukhi, remember gurbani and teach young people our history 54. One should not flatulate in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib 55. Do seva, bhakti,simran remain content and do righteous actions, 56.Never beg anything from anyone, 57.Never disgrace the Khalsa army 58. Always greet Singhs with Wahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Wahiguru ji ki Fateh, 59.From birth until death keep gurmat in mind and act accordingly 60.Come to Budha Dal and register as a full-fledged member, 61. Celebrate Holla Mohalla at Anandpur Sahib, 62. Celebrate Sahibzadey's Memorial at Chamkaur Sahib 63. Celebrate Mata Gujri Anniversary at Fatehgarh Sahib 64. Celebrate fullmoon, Guru Nanak's Birthday pur Lodhi, Kapurthla 65. Magi, Sri Mukhtsar Sahib 66. Basant pachmi, Patiala 67. Do not get piercings. Wahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Wahiguru ji ki Fateh