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Advertising Documentation

Advertising Documentation

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Published by Rhian Lacoste
Advertising its definition, objectives and types of message.

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Advertising its definition, objectives and types of message.

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Published by: Rhian Lacoste on Jul 07, 2009
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is the paid, non-personal promotion of a cause, idea, product, or service by an identified sponsor attempting to inform or persuade a particular target audience.

what will it do to them. A good example is Clear Shampoo, they did print, tv, radio ads to make people aware that there’s another antidandruff shampoo. To Persuade - to stimulate people to buy. But sometimes it’s just to create a positive image in order to influence purchase in the future. Nido’s 10 Signs of good nutrition ad is an example of persuasion in which mothers are targeted to buy Nido. To Modify Behavior – to convince buyers to switch their patronage from the competitor’s product to the advertised product. Tide’s tv ads which tells you that their product doesn’t have chalk is a good example of this objective.
References: Principle of Marketing (Philippine Marketing) 1996 Ed. By Cristobal Pagoso & Answer.com http://www.answers.com/topic/advertising

Bench, one of the most aggressive companies in advertising. Piolo’s Passion (L) & Teen-Tees (R).

Advertising is persuasive and informational and is designed to influence the purchasing behavior and/or thought patterns of the audience. It is also an aid to most business to help sell their goods, services, images and ideas in mass communication form.

To Remind - to keep the product brand name in people’s minds. This happens when target market has been persuaded already of merits of goods and services. Jollibee, Smart & Globe are some who keeps ads rolling to remind people to buy.

Types of Message


The first type of message is to improve the company’s credibility to its consumers and potential customers. Examples of trust-building messages are “Established 50 years ago, Super Brands Awardee, 80 years of service or Golden Shell Awardee” The second type of message stresses out product benefits. However this is limited to a few claims in order to retain the pronouncement to its audiences. Examples of these are: Glade Antibacterial Airsprays “Not Only Refreshes but kills away Bacteria and removes odor” & Coke Zero “Zero

Objectives of Advertising
To Inform – to let people know what the company or business is offering, the benefits they will get from it and

Calories, Zero Sugar, Real Coke Taste” The third type of message stresses out service benefits. In support to the product of the company like: deliveries, repair jobs and cases of breakdown services. Examples are Mitsubishi Motos “Guaranteed Parts & Services” and SM Appliance Center “Free Delivery within Metro Manila”
Prepared by: Rhian S. Lacoste–CG for Advertising

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