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Chapter 1

1. Properties of Life 2. Unity and Diversity of Life 3. Biology as a Scientific Discipline 1. Properties of Life 1.1. Activity: 3 minutes to create shared list of properties of living things

1.2. Activity: Sort the list into living versus non-living. Justify answers using principles above.

2. Unity and Diversity of Life

2.1. Life is Organized Hierarchically (as is much of the non-living)

2.2. Life Can be Classified in Different Ways. TAXONOMY


DOMAINS OF LIFE 2.4. Bacteria

2.5. Archaebacteria

2.6. Eukaryotes

2.7. Evolution is a unifying theme in Biology. All extant and extinct organisms derived originally from a common universal ancestor. Life is diverse due to descendents of that original common ancestor being modified over many generations: DESCENT WITH MODIFICATION.
Hyracoidea (Hyraxes) Sirenia (Manatees and relatives) Moeritherium







Elephas maximus (Asia) Loxodonta africana (Africa) Loxodonta cyclotis (Africa) 34 24 5.5 2 104 0

Millions of years ago

Years ago

2.8. Emergent Properties are Displayed by the Living and the Non-living 2.8.1. Non-living example: A+B=C+x

2.9. Emergent properties in Life

3. Biology as a Scientific Discipline

3.1. Discovery Science 3.1.1. No question - exploration Examples?

3.2. Hypothesis Science 3.2.1. Question, answer, prediction, experimentation, analysis, refute/accept answer 3.2.2. Question, hypothesis, prediction, experimentation, analysis, refute/accept hypothesis

3.2.3. Properties of hypothesis 3.2.4. Properties of prediction

3.2. Activity: 2 minutes to frame question, hypothesis, prediction based on observation given in class.

3.2. Activity: 1 minute to critique your neighbors response