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Az Tourist News - June 2004

Az Tourist News - June 2004

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Arizona Tourist News - Information for Events and Attactions in Arizona. RV Camping and Parks,Resorts and much more!
Arizona Tourist News - Information for Events and Attactions in Arizona. RV Camping and Parks,Resorts and much more!

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Published by: AZ Tourist on Jul 07, 2009
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R e a d 125,0 e r s 00 Mon th


Statewide Attractions
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Statewide Festivals
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Native American Pet Friendly Arizona Culture
Page 36, 38 Page 27

Durango, Colorado
Page 40

RV Resorts & Campgrounds
Pages 42-47


A Tourist News Z
Libraries, Maricopa Co. ............................................................................5 Lodging................................................................................................26-28 Native American Culture.................................................................36, 38 Northland ...........................................................................................8-16 Page-Lake Powell .....................................................................................14 Pet Friendly Arizona ...............................................................................27 Phoenix Metro...........................................................................................4 Prescott .....................................................................................................15 Public Lands .............................................................................................39 Regional ..............................................................................................40-41 Durango, CO....................................................................................40 Mexico...............................................................................................41 Rim Country...............................................................................................6 RV Resorts & Campgrounds .............................................................42-47 Sedona.......................................................................................................16 Southern Az .........................................................................................17-21 Statewide Map...................................................................................24-25 Survey - FREE SUBSCRIPTION................................................................34 Tucson...................................................................................................17-18 White Mountains.................................................................................8-10 Williams ....................................................................................................14 Wineries, Regional..................................................................................28 easier. We will always support the Arizona Office of Tourism (the banner for their site is on www.aztourist.com) and hope that one day they will see the virtue of a rising tide lifting all boats.....and THAT’S a Memo!! Last but not least, on page 3 you will see why, in fact, I feel so passionately about our existence. Our readership is often astonished by the amount of information we put out. Often you will simply never find this information UNLESS you know to look for it. We encourage you to see just how some people compare reading AZ Tourist News to the New York Times. No, my mother did not write it... Enjoy the summer, and errrr remember.... don’t get into your car again without first researching AZ Tourist News or www.aztourist.com.

JUNE 2004


Astronomy..............................................................................................33 Attractions........................................................................................34-35 Bed & Breakfasts...................................................................................28 Birdwatching..........................................................................................33 Casinos, Regional ..................................................................................37 Central Arizona ...................................................................................4-7 Cochise County...................................................................................20-21 Colorado River Region......................................................................22-23 Events, Featured ..............................................................................24-25 June Events.......................................................................................30 July Events.........................................................................................31 August Events...................................................................................32 Ongoing Events ................................................................................32 Flagstaff .....................................................................................................11 Globe-Miami ..............................................................................................7 Grand Canyon ......................................................................................12-13 Green Valley .............................................................................................19


Tourist News
Anthony Venuti Charlis McVey Alaena Hernandez Pam Marlowe Kate Seymour J.R. McGowan Ian Marlowe


MAIN OFFICE -TUCSON Publisher/Editor Managing Editor Art Director Associate Editor Associate Editor E-Publishing Distribution

Letter from the Publisher
Memorial Day for many is more than the start of Summer...it is the day when we ALL need to reflect on what we have, why we have it and of those who made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that our way of life is forever protected. The enemy is within, it is not Osama bin Ladin, it is not the Taliban, it is not Al-Qaida, it is not the Iraqis...it is, in fact, the enemy within our own boundaries. The “elite, main stream media”.... “A house divided cannot stand.” Now where did I hear that before.....enough said! AZ Tourist News extols and informs others of what there is to experience in Arizona, in hopes of inspiring them to celebrate that which we have in our great state.....Arizona is America’s Theme Park....God Bless Arizona, and America. By all accounts the tourism business (remember if you travel 50 miles and stay overnight, you ARE a tourist) will be running full bore. From AAA to tourism officials across the nation the

surveys are in, and travel will be the order of the day. Gas prices notwithstanding, the average trip -now reported to be 500 miles- will only cost the average family an extra $14.00. I don’t see how this will negatively impact regional, over-the-road travel. I am happy to report that the Arizona Office of Tourism is putting out an event guide that will be distributed to all the Chambers and CVB’s throughout Arizona. Our visitors NEED an event guide they can depend on. I do need to point out that the Arizona Office of Tourism refuses to acknowledge AZ Tourist News nor do they choose to work with us. Instead of supporting what we already do better than anyone else, they prefer to replicate the guide at an increased expense to the State of Arizona. This is unfortunate. Perhaps like a fly at the picnic it is hoped that we will simply disappear... We won’t. We exist because there is no welcome mat to make visitors to Arizona feel as if their business is really wanted. After all the hard work to promote the area and drive people into the state, nothing is done to make their visit

Submissions of Articles & Press Releases: Deadline June 15, 2004. Fax (520) 622-7275. Press releases, etc. are always welcomed.
Az Tourist News, P.O. Box 5083, Tucson, AZ, 85703. Toll Free (800) 462-8705, (520) 622-7008, (520) 6227275 Fax, email info@aztourist.com, www.aztourist.com
To reach an account executive, associate editor or to contact the editor or publisher, call (800) 462-8705. Any editorial portion of AZ Tourist News may not be duplicated without written permission from the Publisher. Az Tourist News © 2004. 60,000 copies distributed monthly. Look for us at visitors centers, hotels, resorts, movie theaters, restaurants, major attractions, major events, and everywhere else in Arizona!


Anthony Venuti, Publisher

• Ajo C of C • Arizona City C of C • Arizona Tourism Alliance • Ahwatukee Foothills C of C • Black Canyon C of C • Benson/San Pedro Valley C of C • Bisbee C of C • Bouse C of C • Buckeye Valley C of C • Bullhead Area C of C • Camp Verde C of C • Carefree/Cave Creek C of C • Chandler C of C • Chino Valley Area C of C • Chloride C of C • Clarkdale C of C • Coolidge C of C • Copper Basin C of C • Cottonwood/Verde Valley C of C • Dolan Springs C of C • Douglas C of C • Ehrenberg C of C • Eloy C of C • Flagstaff C of C • Globe-Miami C of C • Golden Valley C of C • Graham County C of C • Grand Canyon C of C • Greater Florence C of C • Greenlee County C of C • Green Valley C of C • Holbrook C of C • Jerome C of C • Kingman C of C • Lake Havasu C of C • Marana C of C • McMullen Valley C of C • Oatman C of C • Page/Lake Powell C of C • Pearce/Sunsites C of C • Phoenix C of C • Pinetop-Lakeside C of C • Rim Country C of C • Scottsdale CVB • Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon C of C • Seligman C of C • Show Low C of C • Snowflake/Taylor C of C • Southwest Valley C of C • Springerville C of C • St. Johns C of C • Tombstone C of C • Wickenburg C of C • Willcox C of C • Winslow C of C • Yarnell-Peeples Valley C of C • Yuma C of C

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JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


The splash of sunlight across red rock, the glint of water shining in blue fountains and gentle reflecting pools. The smell of fresh desert in summer sunlight and the cool feel of sheltering, embracing rooms. Famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright came to the Arizona desert to create an oasis, a masterpiece of calming beauty, created from the land itself. He called his home Taliesin West, and more than 60 years later, guests can experience the inspired work of the architect. Wright built the sprawling, sheltered complex on the 600-acre site beginning in 1937. Today, guests are amazed at the seemingly modern concepts he used in etching the buildings into the earth at the base of Scottsdale’s McDowell Mountains. Taliesin West served as Wright’s winter home, studio and architectural campus from 1937 until his death in 1959. A schedule tailored for the summer and fall months allows guests to explore the campus, cited by many as the showpiece of Wright’s ability to blend indoor and outdoor spaces. Tours explore Taliesin West and guests are treated to Wright’s vision of a “simple” desert camp. His personal office, Kiva meeting room, Music Pavilion and Cabaret dinner theater are all spaces in which visitors sit and enjoy Wright’s architecture. Visiting Taliesin West is crucial in understanding the genius of Wright and his architectural principles. Mitered glass windows encompass sweeping horizons, walls built in exacting angles wipe away views of modern advance. Walls made of stone collected from the land allow for passive solar design, and canvas roofs bring in filtered sunlight during the day and release ambient light in the evening, washing the entire campus in a calming glow. The showpiece of Taliesin West is the living room, or “Garden Room” as Wright called it. Entrance to the room is through a typically Wrightian low-ceiling, stone-wall space which leads to a room 56-feet long by 34-feet at one place and 24-feet at another. A large fireplace dominates the far end of the room and the

architect designed most of the furniture. It was in this magnificent room that Wright entertained his guests. Since its earliest days, visitors have been welcome at Taliesin West. A broad range of tours is offered all year long. The summer season runs through October. No tours are offered on Tuesdays or Wednesdays during July and August. Wright called Taliesin West a “look over the rim of the world.” On the two-hour “Night Lights on the Desert Tour” visitors view a carpet of city lights spread out below, the fire-breathing dragon, the famous living room and other unique spaces. This tour is offered three times on Friday nights only, beginning at 6:30, 7 & 7:30 pm. The summer day schedule includes the one-hour “Panorama Tour,” offered daily at 9, 10, and 11 am. Knowledgeable guides take visitors to the Pavilion, Cabaret, Wright’s office and the Kiva—all linked by dramatic terraces, walkways and fountains. The popular 90-minute “Summer Insights Tour,” is offered daily at 9:30 & 11:30 am and at noon, 1, 2, 3 & 4 pm, (and also at 10:30 am in September and October.) This tour includes everything on the Panorama tour plus a visit to the dramatic Living Room. A three-hour “Behind the Scenes” tour includes tea in the colorful dining room and a visit to the Sun Cottage. It is offered Monday and Saturday mornings (also on Thursdays in September and October) starting at 9 am. A 90-minute “Architecture Discovery Tour,” offered daily, June through August at 10:30 am & 1:30 pm, is specially designed for families with school-age children. Families learn how Wright took everyday shapes and objects—along with vivid colors and striking patterns—to create buildings that are works of art. Enter the 600-acre site at Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard (114th St.) and Cactus Road, in northeast Scottsdale. The winter schedule is available at www.franklloydwright.org or by calling (480) 8602700 ext. 494 or 495. historic places all over AZ and it’s a lot more fun when we know something is going on.” Pat Dean of Tombstone resolutely agrees, “This is a wonderful newspaper! Now I’ll know what’s happening and where! Thank You!” Aw shucks. Our pleasure, Pat. And be assured, AZ Tourist News will continue to provide those traveling in, through, and around Arizona with the most informative and entertaining tourism information available. Because whether you have specific areas of interest like Art Oshefsky of Green Bay who says, “I love the information on weekly/monthly rentals of condos and townhouses,” or you read the Tourist News for a regional overview like Susan Przybylski of Toledo who asserts, “My husband and I read it from front to back,” AZ Tourist News has the dedication to provide you with all the information you’ll need when traveling in our dynamic state. Or, perhaps our readers say it best. As A.A. Krizek of Phoenix succinctly puts it, AZ Tourist News is, “A great tourist guide for things to do and places to go and stay.” And from Frances Evans of Lewes, Delaware - “Fascinating and enchanting - best paper I’ve read except the NY Times.” ‘Nuff said.

Now for Some News about Arizona Tourists
“Whether it’s an extended vacation or a weekend trip, I find this paper to be absolutely awesome!” - Isabella Gilkes, Gilbert My goodness! Thank you Isabella. And thanks to all of you who responded to our readership survey. Your input will most certainly help us to maintain our position as the Arizona traveler’s foremost source of Arizona tourist information. Your data will aid us in tailoring our editorial and advertising focus to your specific interests. But before that, it must be said, with great thanks and humility, your praise and enthusiasm for the AZ Tourist News has us blushing, bragging and pleasantly invigorated. It’s hard not to get excited when folks like Nick Massimiano of Colorado Springs report that, “When I arrive in AZ, the first thing I pick up is AZ Tourist News.” And then there’s Sandra Rausch hailing all the way from Saugatuck, Michigan and lauding us as a “Great newspaper! Packed with lots of information about all types of “to do’s.” I will look forward to my next one.” Thanks guys. As is evident above, survey results were returned from far and wide. From Alaska to Arkansas readers who filled out and returned the survey were rewarded with a free three-month subscription. Of course, most of you (66% in fact) were full or part time residents of Arizona. But it appears that living here only makes one more eager to see the state. It follows that, for our outof-state visitors, seeing our region inspires the desire to make AZ a permanent home. And because Arizona has so much to offer, so much to see and do, we’ve made it our pleasure to keep you posted on all of it. Florence’s Vera Walters seems to think we’re rather good at it too. “It’s a great resource for me,” she says of AZ Tourist News. “I go somewhere every weekend.” Every weekend! That’s a lot. It may not sound so extravagant to our readers, though. After all, almost half of you hit the Arizona road more than 4 times a year. Of those, most are exploring our state’s highways and by-ways more than half a dozen times a year. Well, that’s why we’re here; to illuminate all the things to do, places to go, where to stay and eat, and how to find that special memento by which to remember it all. Testifying to our success is Babette Leasure of Prescott, who appreciates all the information we provide and feels that we are, “Better than most local pubs for exploring AZ.” Actually, Babette is an excellent example of our primary readership. 70% surveyed were over the age of 56 and with 40% being retired, our readers were most responsive to events and attractions listings. As Scottsdale’s Michele Maddox puts it, “We love going to see the small



A Tourist News Z

JUNE 2004

Central Az Cities & Towns
Aguila Ahwatukee Apache Junction Arizona City Black Canyon City Buckeye Carefree Casa Grande Cave Creek Cedar Creek Chandler Chuichu Circle City Claypool Coolidge Dudleyville
Aguila Gladden

El Mirage Kearney Eloy Mammoth Florence Maricopa Florence Mesa Junction Miami Fountain Hills Mobile Friendly Corner Morristown Gila Bend New River Gilbert Oracle Gladden Oracle Jct. Glendale Palo Verde Globe Strawberry Pine Goodyear Hayden Payson Inspiration 87 Kaka Black Canyon City
Sun City West New River

Paloma Paradise Valley Payson Peoria Peridot Phoenix Picacho Pine Punkin Center Queen Creek Randolph Red Rock


Rio Verde San Carlos San Manuel Scottsdale Sentinel Strawberry Sun City Sun City West Superior Surprise Tempe Tonopah Tortilla Flat Wickenburg Winkelman Wintersburg Wittman Young
Cedar Creek

Touch a Bolt of Lightning?
Fulgurites at the Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum
Here in Arizona, especially during monsoon season, we have the necessary ingredients for Mother Nature to form fulgurites: lots of dry sand and lots of lightning. Fulgurites are complex, root-shaped, hollow tubes of glass fused in sand by lightning bolts. Often a complete fulgurite is shaped like the actual bolt. The diameter and length vary from hair width to sixty feet. According to Susan Celestian, Curator of the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum, who has just finished putting together a Fulgurite display at the museum, “Lightning is created when a conductive path is established between a cumulonimbus cloud and the ground. In a split second, bolts an inch wide (or less) travel for miles, reach temperatures ranging from 25,000 to 250,000 degrees F and electrical current peaks of 20,000 amps. “It is estimated that at any moment in time there are between 1500 and 3000 thunderstorms on Earth. Lightning from those storms strike Earth 50-100 times every second. And frequently, it strikes sand or rock, where it leaves a record of the event - a record called a fulgurite. “Fulgurites take their name from fulgurate, Latin for lightning. During Arizona’s summer monsoon season with its violent thunderstorms the likelihood for lightning strikes is very high. Look for fulgurites under power lines and in areas of relatively dry sand, such as dune fields and washes.” Featured in the display is a fulgurite very recently found by a local geology professor’s student riding her horse in the Cave Creek area. The piece of glass, black and covered with stones and pebbles, is approximately six inches long with a diameter of four inches and is one of the 10 pieces in the display. The Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum is located at 1502 West Washington Street in Phoenix. Call 602255-3795 x 10 or visit www.admmr.state.az.us.

Morristown 74 Circle City Wittman

Cave Creek Carefree

Punkin Center
87 188


Tonopah Wintersburg Palo Verde

Fountain Hills Tortilla Flat Scottsdale Glendale Mesa Apache Junction Goodyear Phoenix 60 Ahwatukee Tempe Buckeye Gilbert 60 Superior Chandler Queen Creek Florence
El Mirage Junction
347 10 87 79

Sun City Paradise Peoria Valley

Rio Verde





177 177


San Carlos



Gila Bend
Sentinel Paloma






Casa Grande
Eloy Chuichu Arizona City

Kearney Hayden



Rare Sight for City Dwellers
Urban Bat-Viewing Area Dedicated in Phoenix
The Arizona Game & Fish Dept. and the Flood Control District of Maricopa County have collaborated to offer city dwellers a rare experience - the chance to see hundreds of bats emerge at dusk from a tunnel near the Biltmore area in Phoenix. Thousands of bats are using this flood control tunnel as a maternity colony. Most are Mexican free-tailed bats, found throughout Arizona in the summer. This bat has a wingspan of 11 to 13 inches and roosts in caves, mine tunnels, crevices in



Friendly Corner Kaka

Oracle Jct.

Mammoth San Manuel

Red Rock


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Az Tourist News

A Natural Resource

bridges, parking garages, and buildings. The bats primarily feed on moths, mosquitoes, and other insects that come out at night. The bat-viewing area is behind the Phoenix Country Day School athletic fields and adjacent to an office complex at 5080 N. 40th Street, just north of Camelback Rd. It can be reached via an access road between the school and the office complex. For more information, call AGFD at 602-789-3215.

Independence Day Celebrations
in Central Region

1155 S Dobson Rd (480) 834-8372 1663 E Main St (480) 898-3403 4040 E Bell Rd (602) 765-0458

Sunglasses • T-shirts • Candles • Incense • Hipstuff

JUL 4 AHWATUKEE FOOTHILLS Fourth of July Fireworks Show Mountain Vista Park, off Ray Road - Family fun festival begins at 5:30p, free. 480-753-7676 JUL 4 APACHE JUNCTION Fourth of July Celebration Apache Junction HS - Activities begin at 4p with game booths, kids activities, swimming, live entertainment, bike/tric/wagon decorating contest; fireworks at 9p. 480-983-2181 JUL 4 BUCKEYE 4th of July Festivities Bales Elementary School - open at 6p. Food, games, races & fun contests for the entire family. Exciting fireworks at 9p. Free. 623-386-2727

JUL 4 GLENDALE Hometown 4th of July Celebration Glendale Comm College - Family competitions, food, rides, main stage - country music, kids stage, free swimming (1-9), spectacular fireworks, 6-9p, free. 623930-2299 JUL 4 MESA 4th of July Fireworks Show & Celebration Mesa Comm. College - Live music, free kids entertainment 6-9p, entertainment & food vendors, fireworks show at 9p. Parking $5. 480-644-EVENT JUL 4 PAYSON 4th of July Fun Day, Concert & Fireworks Show Green Valley Park Amphitheater - Games, gunnysack races, tug-o-war, 3-5p; live entertainment 7-9p followed by fireworks w/ 108th Army Band. 928-4745242 ext. 7 JUL 4 PEORIA All American Festival Sports Complex - Food, entertainment, merchants, games, rides, water activities, kid zone, fireworks, 510p, $5, 13 & under free. 623-773-7198 JUL 4 PHOENIX Fabulous Phoenix Fourth Steele Indian School Park - The largest fireworks display in the southwest. 4p until fireworks begin approx 9:30p enjoy entertainment, rides, food. Free adm. 602262-4627 JUL 4 TEMPE CBS 5 July 4th Tempe Town Lake Festival Live entertainment, Kid’s Zone, food booths, 3p. SRP Fireworks Spectacular, 9p. Advanced tickets at Safeway Stores. Adults $5, Family 4-pack $15, under 12 free. 480-350-5180 JUL 4 WICKENBURG Annual Fourth of July Celebration WickenburgHigh School 1090 South Vulture Mine Rd. - Fireworks, watermelon bust, food, fun & games, 5:30 Fireworks at 9pm. 928-684-5479

I-10 & Chandler Rd (480) 961-0861

602-423-6516 142 E. Washington, Phoenix


t UtÄtÇv{|Çx Yxáà|ätÄ
An array of Balanchine Ballets in two special programs honoring the late George Balanchine’s 100th Birthday

JUL 4 CASA GRANDE 4th of July/Red, White & Blue Family Parade Carr-McNatt Stadium - Family day in the park 9a, food, games & traditional old fashioned 4th celebration. Red, White & Blue parade and fireworks at dusk. 520-421-8677 JUL 3-4 CAVE CREEK Annual July Fireworks Extravaganza Beginning at dusk on the 3rd, fireworks by Harold’s Corral on Cave Creek Rd. On the 4th fireworks across the street from the Satisfied Frog at dusk. Free. 480488-3381 JUL 4 CHANDLER 4th of July Celebration Tumbleweed Park - Live music, children’s carnival, food & fireworks, 4-10:30p, free adm. 480-814-8553 JUL 4 COOLIDGE Fourth of July West School & Regional Park - Cakewalk, seed spitting contest, mud tug, snacks will be sold, free watermelon, $7,000 worth of fireworks, DJ for music and ceremonies, activities 5-8p. 520-723-4551

June 3rd-6th
at Symphony Hall in Phoenix

For ticket information call

or visit www.balletaz.org

JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


Research Travel Plans at Maricopa Co. Libraries
Looking to further research your travel plans within our great state? Then look no further than the Maricopa County Library District! What you can expect from visiting anyone of our library facilities include: • Skilled librarians to help you find information quickly • Best Sellers • Audio books • Large Print Books • Popular magazines and newspapers • Foreign Language Books and other materials • DVDs - Videos - CD-ROMs • Music CDs and cassettes • Maps • Computers for word processing, research and internet access • Programs and Events for Children and Adults

Get On Down the Road!

Books may be requested from over 550,000 titles that help comprise the collection of materials within the Maricopa County Library District. If you aren’t able to get to one of our many library district facilities located throughout Maricopa County we can also bring the information to you! (See map & facility listings)

What’s On at Phoenix Libraries?
You’d Be Surprised!
Your Phoenix Public Libraries offer the most astonishing variety of events. They include everything from the tried and true summer reading programs, story times and book discussion groups...to computer classes, cowboy songs, magic shows and meetings with a rhinoceros iguana! To whet your appetite, a selection of events follows along with a list of the names and locations of the Phoenix libraries. For a complete and up-to-theminute list of all scheduled events, go to www.phxlib.org and click on Event Calendar.
WEEKLY Free Computer Classes Class schedule available at Burton Barr Central Services Desks. Instructed in English and Spanish. Subjects include: Getting to Know a Computer; Basic Computer Skills; Intro to Word Processing; Intro to the Internet; Intro to the Library Catalog; and Basic E-mail. Free tickets available 30 minutes before class at Directions Desk, 1st floor. Seating is “first come, first served.” Phoenix Burton Barr Central Library, 1221 N. Central Ave. 602-262-4636 Saturday, June 5 Meet Author Wendelin Van Draanen 10 am to 10:45 am. Ages 6 to 12. Come meet the author of the Sammy Keyes mysteries. Van Draanen has a new series, the story features the worldís first cyber-superhero and boy. This is the second book in the series entitled “Shredderman: Attach of the Tagger,” which will be released in August. This summer you can read the story chapter by chapter in the The Arizona Republic. Maricopa County Library District Northwest Regional Library, 16089 N. Bullard, Surprise. 623-544-6371 Monday, June 7 First Monday Art Salon Reception 6:30 pm. Discussion at 7 pm. 1st Monday, monthly. 1st floor, Pulliam Auditorium. Meet southwest painter Elena Kohn. Artists and art-lovers are invited to attend stimulating and thought-provoking lecture/discussion. You will see art and artists differently. Phoenix Burton Barr Central Library, 1221 N. Central Ave. 602-2624636 Tuesdays, June 8, 15, 22, and 29 Holistic Health. 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Adults. Meet nutritionist Colleen Ceton, M.S. Segments will cover energy, weight management, immune system and diabetes. Phoenix Saguaro Branch Library, 2808 N. 46th St. 602-262-4636 Thursday, June 17 Craig Davis 2 to 3 pm. Ages 3 to 12. Craig Davis presents a program of comedy, magic and juggling. Phoenix Juniper Branch Library, 1825 W. Union Hills Dr. 602-262-4636 Tuesday, June 22 Reptile Adventures 2 to 3 pm. Ages 3 to 12. Reptile adventures presents a live reptile education program featuring “T-Bo” the rhinoceros iguana. Phoenix Burton Barr Central Library, 1221 N. Central Ave. 602262-6625 Thursday, June 24 Gary Sprague 2 to 2:45 .m. Ages 3 to 12. Gary Sprague, the “Singing Cowboy” visits with his horse “Steel” for songs, cowboy talk and horse shenanigans. Phoenix Juniper Branch Library, 1825 W. Union Hills Dr. 602-262-4636 PHOENIX PUBLIC LIBRARIES Burton Barr Central Library 1221 N. Central Ave. 85004 (602) 262-4636 Acacia 750 E. Townley Ave. 85020 (602) 262-4636 Century 1750 E. Highland Ave. 85016 (602) 262-4636 Cholla 10050 Metro Parkway East 85051 (602) 262-4636 Desert Sage 7602 W. Encanto Blvd. 85035 (602) 262-4636 Harmon 411 W. Yavapai St. 85003 (602) 262-4636 Ironwood 4333 E. Chandler Blvd. 85044 (602) 262-4636 Juniper 1825 W. Union Hills Drive 85027 (602) 262-4636 Mesquite 4525 Paradise Village Parkway North 85032 (602) 262-4636 Ocotillo 102 W. Southern Ave. 85041 (602) 262-4636 Palo Verde 4402 N. 51st Ave. 85031 (602) 262-4636 Saguaro 2808 N. 46th St. 85008 (602) 262-4636 Yucca 5648 N. 15th Ave. 85015 (602) 262-4636 Telephone Renewal (602) 534-6666 Hours Systemwide: Mo-Th 10am - 9pm; Fr and Sa 10am - 6pm; Su noon - 6pm

1 Aguila Branch Temporarily closed. Bookmobile stops every Wed & Thurs 10:30-2:30 at the corner of Highway 60 and 3rd St. 2 George L. Campbell Branch 602-506-2957 17811 N. 32nd St., Phoenix (1/2 mile N of Bell Rd.) Mon-Thurs 9-9, Fri-Sat 9-5 Customer Service 602-506-2957 TDD: 602-506-4786 Friends Bookstore: 602-506-5466

8 Laveen Branch 602-237-2904 9401 S. 51st Ave., Laveen Mon 10-7, Tues-Thurs 10-6, Fri 10-5 9 Litchfield Park Branch 623-935-4118 101 W. Wigwam Blvd., Litchfield Park Mon-Thurs 9-9, Fri-Sat 9-5 10 Northwest Regional Library 623-544-6371 16089 N. Bullard, Surprise Mon-Thurs 9-9, Fri-Sat 9-5, Sun 1-5 Customer Service 623-544-6371 X 208 & 209 11 Queen Creek Branch 480-987-3600 22407 S. Ellsworth Rd., Queen Creek Mon-Wed 9-5, Thurs 10-7, Fri-Sat 9-5 12 Southeast Regional Library 480-539-5100 775 N. Greenfield Rd., Gilbert Mon-Thurs 9-9, Fri-Sat 9-5, Sun 1-5 Customer Service 480-539-5102 TDD: 480-503-6150 Friends Bookstore: 480-539-5128 13 Sun Lakes Branch 480-895-5123 10440 E. Riggs Rd., Suite 207, Sun Lakes. Mon-Fri 9-5 14 North Valley Regional Library 40404 N.Gavilan Peak Parkway, Anthem. Opening Fall 2004 Bookmobile/Outreach Services 602-506-4796 Mon-Fri 8-5. The bookmobile takes library materials to underserved communities, remote schools, retirement homes & schools. Outreach provides Books-By-Mail for the homebound and the visually impaired. Maricopa County Library District Administration Offices 602-506-2950 17811 N. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85032 Fax 602-506-4689. Mon-Fri 8-5

3 El Mirage Branch 623-583-1030 14011 N. 1st Ave., El Mirage Mon-Wed 9-5, Thurs 10-7, Fri-Sat 9-5 4 Fountain Hills Branch 480-837-9793 12901 N. La Montana Dr., Fountain Hills. Mon-Thurs 9-9, Fri-Sat 9-5 5 Gila Bend Branch 928-683-2061 202 N. Euclid, Gila Bend Mon 10-7, Tues-Thurs 10-6, Fri 10-5 6 Guadalupe Branch 480-831-5967 9241 S. Avenida del Yaqui, Guadalupe Mon 10-7, Tues-Thurs 10-6, Fri 10-5 7 Hollyhock Branch 623-583-0626 15844 N. Hollyhock, Surprise Mon-Fri 1-5


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JUNE 2004

Looking for a Cool Getaway?
A Short Drive Takes You to Rim Country
Cool nights and delightful days are an everyday occurrence in Arizona Rim Country. Serving the areas of Pine, Strawberry, Christopher Creek, Star Valley and Payson, Arizona Rim Country is barely an hour’s drive from metropolitan Phoenix. And in these days of high gas prices, less than a gas tankful away. Over 600 hotel, bed & breakfast and rustic lodge rooms await you and your family. If you are holding a business retreat, hosting a family reunion or looking forward to a large wedding - we have the space and comfort you demand. You can swim in a crystal clear pool, rekindle your love at your in-room hot tub or wade in a babbling mountain creek. If hiking is more your style, there are acres of land to explore right outside of town. Horseback riding, llama hikes or Jeep tours await you. The opportunities to have fun are endless - here in the Heart of Arizona. Don’t let forest closures and fire restrictions keep you away! They are for your safety as well as the preservation of our forests for future generations’ enjoyment and use. Fishing is everywhere. You can catch stringers of bass and crappie in Lake Roosevelt or brook trout in hidden streams. There are rainbow trout in the stocked creeks under the Rim and in the

Strawberry Festival Weekend
Not to be Missed!
The Strawberry Festival Weekend is a treat for the senses! Come up to the beautiful communities of Strawberry and Pine on June 11, 12 & 13, 2004 and you will be sure to enjoy the many sights, smells and sounds of this exciting celebration that continues to grow and expand each year. In the 1880’s Mormon settlers moved into the area and found abundant wild strawberries; thus the town of Strawberry was named. There are still places in the Mogollon Rim area where the sweet little berry can be found wild...however the festival offers an opportunity to taste berry treats from traditional strawberry shortcake to exciting strawberry salsa. Purchase homemade strawberry jam and strawberry butter to take with you. The festivities actually begin on Friday in Pine with the opening of the Strawberry Patchers Annual Quilt Show. Held in the Pine Community Cultural Hall all three days from 10am4pm, approximately 100 quilts from local collections will be on display... some old, some new. There will also be a boutique with items for sale as well as raffle tickets for a beautiful Spirit of the Northwoods quilt.

many lakes atop the Rim. There is even a town lake in Payson that is stocked with 425 pounds of Arizona-grown trout every three weeks. Our centrally located region of Arizona is geared towards visitors and weekenders. We have a museum on the history of the region, a museum on archaeology and the oldest schoolhouse in Arizona (classes are convened in it during the school year). Zane Grey is extremely popular in our Rim communities because he wrote about half of his western novels about our revered way of life. If taking walking tours of historic buildings in Pine or Payson is more your style, we have maps showing you where to go. We have maps pinpointing the many antique stores in our towns, too. In fact, we have dozens of maps that describe rock hounding, wilderness area hiking, hunting, fishing and more. Stop in the visitor centers in Payson and Pine and ask our knowledgeable volunteers for more information. We want you to have a terrific time in the Heart of Arizona - Arizona Rim Country. Call us at 1-800-672-9766 to plan your next getaway or check us out on our website: www.rimcountrychamber.com

Then on Saturday the Strawberry Festival gets underway and runs both then and on Sunday from 10am to 4pm. There is no admission cost for all this wonderful weekend of fun! You’ll enjoy cool mountain breezes as you stroll along the main downtown thoroughfare where artisans and craftsmen display their wares. Exotic aromas fill the air with the scent of bratwurst on the grill, popping kettle corn and sizzling fajitas. The festival is in its 14th year and has grown to include the “Strawberry Jam” Music Festival. There will be featured performers as well as open mic and jam. On both Sat and Sun, the Annual Living History Gathering features the Spencer and Jackson Show at the Historic Strawberry Schoolhouse. Constructed in 1885, it is Arizona’s oldest standing schoolhouse. Living historians, dressed in period costume, demonstrate the lifestyle of the period. For more information or help in locating accommodations, please call the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce at 800-672-9766.


Rim Country Attractions
1. Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce/Visitor/Information Center Open 7 days a week - brochures, maps directions, area info. 1-800-672-9766, www.rimcountrychamber.com 2. Mazatzal Casino - Tonto Apache Reservation Slots, gaming activities, food, entertainment. 1-800777-play(7529) 3. Museum of Rim Country Archeology Tools of archeology, artifacts of Rim Country Risser Ranch ruins and Q Ranch, seminars and tours. 928-474-8392 4. Rim Country Museum/No. Gila County Historical Society Logging, mining, ranching and ancient history exhibits, Zane Grey memorabilia, gift shop. Oldest western Forest Service Ranger Station and 1905 Haught Cabin. 928-474-8392 5. Green Valley Park 3 fishing lakes, ADA walking path, playground, summer concerts, picnic areas, barbecues, ducks, veterans memorial. 928-4745242 6. Payson Golf Course 9 or 18 holes, driving range, golf carts, pro shop, light refreshments, lessons available. 928-474-2273 7. Payson Municipal Airport GPS approach, rotating beacon, fuel, maintenance, airport campground, food. Tower 928474-2005; Scenic flights and charter service: Payson Air 928-474-5486 or CAVU Aviation 928-468-8888 8. East Verde Recreation Area Streamside and scattered campsites, trout fishing, hiking, birding, fall colors, photography, Payson Ranger Station. 928-47497900 9. Shoofly Village ruins Picnic area, BBQ facilities, hiking. Call Payson Ranger Station. 928-47497900 10. Tonto National Bridge State Park World’s largest natural travertine bridge, 183 feet high, 400 foot long tunnel. Hiking trails, ADA view points. 928-476-4202 11. Strawberry School (c.1885) Treasured landmark and registered historical site. Authentic demonstrations of pioneer life. 928-476-3547 or 800-672-9766 12. Pine Walking Tour Self-guided tour of historic Pine, antiques, gift stores. 928-476-3547, 1-800-672-9766 13. General Crook’s Trail (est. 1872) Follow the footsteps of history. Coconino National Forest. 928-527-3600 14. Diamond Point Look-Out Quartz collection area, surface only. Payson Ranger Station. 928-474-7900 15. Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery Fish-feeding, self-guided tour, photography, birding. Forest Road 289, Arizona Game & Fish, Tonto Creek. 928478-4200 16. Whispering Hope Ranch Healing ranch for people and animals. Daily tours at 11 am and l:30 pm, weather permitting. 1-877-478-0339 17. Rim Lakes Recreation Area Rim Lakes, visitor center, scenic overlook, exhibits, fishing, camping, facilities. Apache Sitgreaves National Forest. 928-535-4481 18. Pleasant Valley Area of Zane Grey novels, shootouts, wildlife, fishing. Community of Young. 1-800-672-9766

JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


Head to Globe-Miami on Independence Day Weekend
There will be many wonderful 4th of July events around Arizona. Everywhere communities come together to share simple pleasures like watermelon, softball, parades and fireworks. Many are one-day events. Others, like the celebration planned this year in Globe-Miami, are a great excuse for a weekend away in temperatures that are generally 20 degrees cooler than the Valley. Enjoy the pleasures of a mini-vacation while at the same time participating in the excitement and patriotism of Independence Day. Spread out over three days and three communities, there is something for everyone in GlobeMiami this 4th of July. The fun begins in Miami on Friday, the 2nd, with free swimming at the Hostetler Pool from 1-5pm...a sure way to relax and cool off. Then head to the park for the free concert featuring “Offset.” No worries about dinner, just grab some of the allAmerican hot dogs and hamburgers on sale there. The fun continues in Miami on Saturday with free food, fun, music, games and prizes at the Family Picnic in Miami Memorial Park, 601 Sullivan Street, from 11am - 1pm. A key from a local motel or a can of food gains you free admission to the pool, open again from 1-5pm. Take a break to enjoy more music and games as well as a money toss at 3pm. Your motel key also gets you into the Globe Community Center Pool for 1/2 price. While there, take time to explore

Cool Off on the Hot 4th!

Apache Gold Casino Resort
Gaming, Golf, Good Food and More
Let the games begin! Apache Gold Casino Resort has 500 video and reel slot machines, with $1, quarter, nickel and penny slots, state-of-the-art progressives like multi-video poker, Wheel of Fortune and Megabucks. The casino includes a poker room with 7-Card Stud, Texas Hold-Em, and Omaha. Test your luck at our 270-seat, live bingo room and $50,000 multi-race keno. Or try your hand at blackjack any day of the week. Apache Gold’s Best Western Hotel offers 146 well-appointed rooms with kingand queen-sized beds and cable TV, as well as Jacuzzi suites. Relax by the pool or spa. If golf is your game, you’ll enjoy the Apache Stronghold Golf Club. This dramatic, par 72 championship course was rated by Golfweek as the top public course in Arizona in 2004. Designed by award-winning architect Tom Doak, Apache Stronghold is both spectacular and challenging. Take advantage of our affordable overnight golf packages (see ad below). The course is also available for groups and tournaments. For more information, call 1-800-APACHE 8. Since you’re sure to work up an appetite, the Apache Grill Restaurant serves favorites such as steak, lobster, pasta, and salads. After an exciting day, kick back with a cocktail at our Cabaret

the nearby Besh-Ba-Gowah Archaeological Park. If golf is your thing, take that motel key to the Cobre Valley Country Club for a round of golf at “guest of member” rates during the entire weekend. Or swim for $1.00 in the Club Pool. The action on Sunday the 4th takes place in Claypool, located right on Hwy 60 between Miami and Globe, at the Pinal Mountain Little League Field. Enjoy the parade at 4:30pm followed by fun and games for all ages...sack races, watermelon eating contests and much more. There will be fire department competitions, too. You can also test drive a soap box derby car! The cars are provided by the Superior Soap Box Club. There have been chili cook-offs and salsa contests...this 4th of July choose the Best Tasting Tamale in the World! $2.00 allows you to sample tamales from our famous Globe-Miami Mexican restaurants between 5 and 7pm. Cast your vote and see which restaurant wins the trophy and “bragging rights” until July 4, 2005. There will be a variety of other food and craft booths, also. The weekend ends with the fabulous Phelps Dodge Community Fireworks Spectacular! Oooh and aahh from 8:45pm to 9:15pm as the show unfolds across from the Little League Park. For more information and help with accommodations, call the Globe-Miami Regional Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development Corporation at 800-804-5623.

Lounge and enjoy live entertainment. Apache Gold also has an all-purpose pavilion for live concerts, rodeos and other equestrian events. In addition, the Casino sponsors events such as the upcoming “Father’s Day at Apache Gold” on Jun 20th. Receive a special gift at the Players Club by showing photos of children or grandchildren, while supplies last. With the Apache Gold FunBus getting there is a breeze. We have regularly scheduled pick-up locations in Phoenix and Tucson. Or, if you have an RV, our full-service RV Park has everything you need, from utility hook-ups to a convenience store. Apache Gold is located in San Carlos, five minutes east of Globe on Hwy 70. For hotel or FunBus reservations call 1-800APACHE-8. For more information visit apachegoldcasinoresort.com. And go for it all!



425 North Street, Globe, Arizona 85501

The Old Noftsger Hill School

928-425-2260 • Toll Free 877-780-2479

A Bed and Breakfast

Area Attractions
1. Besh-Ba-Gowah Archaeological Park offers a glimpse into the long vanished Salado culture. Visitors are encouraged to walk within restored rooms in this 700-year old pueblo and and also to visit the museum. Open 9-5, adm: $3. 928-425-0320, http://ajnet.ci.apachejct.az.us/Library/aainruin.htm 2. Cobre Valley Center for the Arts - located in the old Gila County Courthouse, noted for both its architecture and its wonderful collection of artists and programs. From stained glass to theater productions, watercolors to sculpture, the Center is a hub of art and entertainment. 928-425-0884, www.cobrevalleyarts.com 3. Apache Stronghold Golf Course - The #1 public golf course in Arizona as rated by Golfweek America in 2002. 1-800-APACHE-8 4. San Carlos Apache Cultural Center This wonderful cultural center was first opened in 1995 and provides an opportunity for the tribe to tell its history from the persepctive of the San Carlos Apache people. Open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. Located in Peridot, AZ on Hwy 70. 928-475-2894 5. Bullion Plaza Cultural Center and Museum - originally built in 1924 as a school for Hispanic-American and Apache Indian children in Miami, it now serves as a museum for the town’s historical displays, a cultural center for events and a community gathering place. 800-804-5623 6. The Arts and Antiques District - home to over 25 antique dealers and artists studios. Get a map at the chamber or go to www.miamiaz.org for a complete listing and write up on dealers in the area. 800-804-5623 7. Boyce Thompson Arboretum - one of the oldest and most spectacular arboretums in the country, its 323 acres include a wide range of habitats, a 1.5 main loop mile walking trail and several demonstration gardens. Also hosts many special events. Hwy 60, 3 miles west of Superior. Open daily 8am-5pm. Adm: $6 adults, $3 children. 520-689-2811, http://arboretum.ag.arizona.edu 8. Outdoor Recreation - the Globe-Miami area is surrounded by mountains, and just a short distance from Roosevelt Lake. It offers many opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast including hiking into the Pinals, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, rock climbing, four wheel adventures, rafting trips, and boating. Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce: 800804-5623

14th Century Salado Indian Ruins & Reconstructed Rooms Depicting Ancient Lifestyles Open: 9am-5pm - 7 days a week • Handicapped Accessible • Group Tours by Arrangement • Located just outside of Globe


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with Coupon


A Tourist News Z

JUNE 2004

Learn About the “Missing Link”
Show Low Historical Society Unveils New Exhibit
What’s the “best kept secret” in Show Low? It’s the Show Low Historical Museum at 541 E. Deuce of Clubs! The museum is full of interesting items from Show Low’s early days...and its exhibits are about to increase with a major summer event. On Saturday, June 19, the museum will unveil an exhibit at 11am, developed by the University of Arizona, that contains objects from the Show Low Ruin. In 1929, Dr. Andrew Ellicott Douglass, sponsored by the National Geographic Society, explored a pre-history ruin in Show Low. He was trying to determine when ancient people lived in the Southwest. Dr. Douglass had developed a chronological time line from 700 AD to 1350 AD; however, he had a missing time span from 1260 to 1289 that could not be scientifically documented. He found that “missing link” right in Show Low. The scientific specimen called HH-39 was a piece of charred wood found in an ancient dwelling located along present day Hwy 260. Also on June 19, Dr. Stephen Nash,

The Woodland Inn & Suites
“Best Kept Lodging Secret in Pinetop”
The Woodland Inn & Suites is “The Best kept Lodging Secret in beautiful Pinetop, Arizona!” Our smiling and friendly staff will make you feel welcome and at home here. We offer exceptionally good guest service and we will do everything we can to make your stay with us a memorable one. For your convenience we are pet friendly. You will find us to be a terrific value for all that we have to offer! We offer Deluxe Accommodations for all of your travel needs - and at a very reasonable price. Our guests can choose between our standard room which has 2 comfortable queen size beds or the king business suite. All of our rooms have microwaves, refrigerators, hair dryers, irons and ironing boards and in-room coffee makers. The king business suites offer 27” televisions, recliners and desks with additional phones. Data ports are located in all rooms and high-speed Internet access is now offered for a nominal fee. We pride ourselves in offering you a Special Deluxe Breakfast bar featuring hard boiled eggs, yogurt and fruit cups. Our guests will also find an assortment of fresh fruits, hot and cold cereals, Danishes, muffins and bagels. Guests can help themselves to juice, coffee, tea, hot cocoa or milk. In the afternoon we have

Head of Collections, Dept. of Anthropology, the Field Museum, Chicago, will be the guest speaker. He will talk about Show Low and the “Missing Link” at the Show Low Primary School, 1350 N. Central at 1pm. The lecture discusses development and application of tree ring dating in the American Southwest from 1914 to 1950. Tickets are $2.00. Make time this summer to visit this little gem of a museum. In its ten rooms, you will find interesting exhibits such as the story of the Rodeo Chediski Fire, the old post office and the jail cell, while intriguing artifacts include an independently traveling Maytag automatic washing machine that was once a parade entry! The Show Low Historical Museum opened for the season on April 20. Hours are Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11am to 3pm. There is no admission fee; however, donations are accepted. Private tours are available. Please call 928-5327115 for more information.

freshly baked cookies and refreshments, such as lemonade and iced tea. After a day of numerous available outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting or just sight seeing, you can enjoy our beautiful and sparkling indoor spa. Nearby attractions include antique shops, a variety of gift shops, many great restaurants, movie theaters and also horseback riding. Of course we also have several championship golf courses nearby. As an added service for our customers we now offer Studio, as well as One, Two or Three Bedroom Condo Vacation Rentals by the Pinetop Country Club and in Show Low. They are very nicely furnished & equipped condos with all of the amenities of home. They are available for a weekend, week or on a monthly basis. Please inquire at our front desk for rental details. A “Place for All Seasons,” the White Mountains offer over 60 lakes & streams and over 180 miles of trails. Don’t forget the “Fall colors” and the skiing in the Winter! So whatever the season may be, when you visit the White Mountains come & stay with us and let the “Woodland Inn & Suites” be your “Home away from Home!” We are located at 458 E. White Mountain Blvd. Call 1-866-PINETOP or visit www.WoodlandSuites.com.

Independence Day Celebrations
Best Western Inn of Pinetop
404 E. White Mountain Blvd, Pinetop

Holiday Inn Express - Pinetop
431 E. White Mountain Blvd, Pinetop

JUL 2-3 SPRINGERVILLE-EAGAR Round Valley 92nd Annual 4th of July Celebration Apache Co. Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo Grounds - Rodeo 1p both days. Sat: Parade 10a & BBQ Dinner after; 9p dance w/fireworks after dark at Springerville Airport. 928-333-2123 JUL 2-3 TAYLOR Taylor 4th of July Celebration & Rodeo Taylor Rodeo Complex - Flag raising ceremony, firing of the anvil, BBQ, rodeos, dances, patriotic program, fireworks. Times/prices: 928-536-7366 JUL 3 ALPINE 10th Annual Worm Races & Parade Downtown Alpine - Worm parade 11a. Rodeo Grounds worm races 1p. Entry fee for races, $5 includes worm or bring your own. Food booths, games, fireworks display, vendors. 928-339-4654

JUL 3 SHOW LOW Our Troops - The True American Idols Historical Society Biscuits & Gravy B’fast 7-9a, donation $3/$1.50; Parade - 10a, Country Showcase Pre-Show - 4p w/carnival games and vendors, Colgate Country Showcase 6p, Fireworks - 9p. 888-746-9569 JUL 3-4 ST. JOHNS Old Fashioned Fourth of July City Park - Sa: pancake b’fast 6a, patriotic program, BBQ noon. Sun - duck races and fireworks at Lyman Lake. 928337-2000 JUL 4 GREER Sunrise Park Resort Fireworks Celebration Sunrise Park Resort - Fireworks over Sunrise Lake at dusk. 800-772-7669

928-367-6667 • 1-800-WESTERN • 2 rm suite with full kitchen • Indoor spa • Free breakfast • Heart of White Mountains • Fishing expeditions • Wildlife excursions • Golf packages • Pet friendly

928-367-6077 • 1-800-HOLIDAY • Indoor spa and sauna • Express Start breakfast • Fitness center • Interior corridors • Newest hotel in Pinetop! • Pet friendly

A Part of Pinetop’s History Since 1938

Call for list of upcoming festivals and events!
On Highway 260 (White Mountain Blvd.) in Pinetop, 3 hours northeast of Phoenix

Charlie Clark’s Steak House
Our Spa-Cabins in the beautiful White Mountains feature Redwood Deck In-Cabin Spas, Fireplaces, Cable TV, Microwaves, BBQ’s and Knotty Pine Interiors.

SPECIALIZING IN: • Prime Rib • Seafood • Mesquite-Broiled Steaks • Mesquite-Broiled Chicken
The Meeting Place of the White Mountains

ZÜxtà yÉÜ t ÜÉÅtÇà|v zxàtãtç4
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Located on Hwy 260, Pinetop, Az
(Main & Penrod)


1-800-260-REST (7378)


• Indoor Spa • Pet friendly • NEW: High Speed Internet Access available • Close to: Golfing, fishing, hunting, hiking trails, skiing & gaming

PINETOP’S Best Kept • 32 comfortable & clean double queen rooms • 10 King business suites Lodging Secret! • Special Deluxe continental breakfast • Refrigerators & Microwaves

Toll Free Reservations: 1-866-PINETOP • www.WoodlandSuites.com • 458 E. White Mountain Blvd

JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


From Cars to Cowboys
Summer Fun in Springerville-Eagar
Visitors to the towns of Springerville and Eagar can find enjoyable recreation in a multitude of forms. They are minutes away from hiking, horseback riding, fishing and birdwatching in the ApacheSitgreaves National Forest. There are shops, museums and self-guided drive tours. In addition, a wide variety of events are scheduled throughout the summer. June and early July have a lot to offer. Bikers - or just plain music lovers - take note: On June 11-13 Run with the Wolf brings together motorcycles, vendors, and the fabulous band Mogollon for a weekend of live music, races, poker runs and more in the beautiful countryside. Car lovers should plan to attend the Chrome in the Dome Classic Car Show

Tes Nez Iah

Mexican Water


Marble Canyon



Teec Nos Pos
Rock Point Red Rock Cove



Jacob Lake
89 67

Shanto Kaibito Cow Springs Chilchinbito Rough Rock Round Rock

on June 18-19 for a load of fun, food, exhibits, raffle and LOTS of gorgeous vehicles! A Kick-Off Car Cruise, Burger Burn and dance take place on Friday evening. Then on Saturday, 28 classes of cars will strut their stuff for a chance at the awards. Or make Round Valley your choice for the Independence Day weekend. On July 2-3 the Apache County Rodeo plus a host of other activities will make for a memorable time. In addition to classic rodeo events and special events like the Wild Horse Race, you’ll enjoy the Sat. parade and BBQ, plus evening dance and fireworks. For more information about these events or about the area please call the Springerville-Eagar Regional Chamber of Commerce at 928-333-2123.

Cedar Ridge The Gap Tonalea



North Rim Grand Canyon Desert View Village

Tuba City Moenkopi

Pinon Hotevilla Polacca Shungopavi


Many Farms Tsaile

Cameron Gray Mountain

Keams Canyon









40 180

Second Mesa
Indian Wells

Fort Defiance Ganado Window Rock

Lower Greasewood

Williams Ash Fork

Bellemont Parks

Wide Ruins


Saint Michaels Lupton
Houck Sanders


Kachina Village



Mountainaire Munds Park


Clarkdale Chino Valley Cottonwood Bagdad

179 260

Mormon Lake
Happy Jack

Joseph City Winslow Holbrook

Petrified Forest


Iron Springs

Prescott Valley

Skull Valley Hillside

Wilhoit Kirkland Mayer Crown King


Camp Verde

Lake Montezuma



Snowflake Heber
Forest Lakes
260 277


St. Johns

Taylor Clay Springs

Pinedale Cibeque Carrizo

Show Low PinetopLakeside


Yarnell Congress

Bumble Bee




Eagar 191 Greer Greer Nutrioso

Northern Arizona Cities & Towns
Alpine Ash Fork Bagdad Bellemont Bumble Bee Cameron Camp Verde Carrizo Cedar Ridge Chambers Chilchinbito Chinle Chino Valley Cibeque Clarkdale Clay Springs Concho Congress Cottonwood Cow Springs Crown King Desert View Dewey Dilkon Dinnehosto Eagar Flagstaff Forest Lakes Fort Apache Fort Defiance Fredonia Ganado Grand Canyon Village Gray Mountain Greer Happy Jack Heber Hillside Holbrook Hotevilla Houck Humboldt Indian Wells Iron Springs Jacob Lake Jerome Joseph City Kachina Village Kaibito Kayenta Keams Canyon Kirkland Lake Montezuma Leupp Lower Greasewood Lukachukai Lupton Many Farms Marble Canyon Mayer McNary Mexican Water Moenkopi Mormon Lake Mountainaire Munds Park Navajo Nazlini North Rim

Fort Apache




Area Chambers of Commerce
Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce
102-C West White Mountain Blvd. (Hwy 260) Lakeside, AZ 85929, 928-367-4290, 800-573-4031 info@pinetoplakesidechamber.com www.pinetoplakesidechamber.com

St. Johns Regional Chamber of Commerce
180 W. Cleveland, St. Johns, AZ 85936 928-337-2000, office@stjohnschamber.com www.stjohnschamber.com

Show Low Regional Chamber of Commerce
951 W. Deuce of Clubs, Show Low, AZ 85902 928-537-2326, 888-SHOW LOW, slcofc@showlow.com www.showlowchamberofcommerce.com

Springerville-Eagar Regional Chamber of Commerce
(also represents Greer and Alpine), 318 E. Main Street, Springerville, AZ 85938, 928-333-2123 tourist@cybertrails.com, www.az-tourist.com

Snowflake/Taylor Chamber of Commerce
110 North Main St., Snowflake, AZ 85937 928-536-4331, www.snowflaketaylorchamber.com

Nutrioso Overgaard Page Parks Paulden Petrified Forest Pinedale PinetopLakeside Pinon Polacca Prescott Prescott Valley Red Rock Cove Rock Point Rough Rock Round Rock St. Johns Saint Michaels Sanders Sawmill Second Mesa Sedona Seligman

Shanto Show Low Shungopavi Skull Valley Snowflake Springerville Supai Taylor Teec Nos Pos Tes Nez Iah The Gap Tonalea Tsaile Tuba City Tusayan Vernon Williams Window Rock Winslow Woodruff Yarnell

Your Home Base in Northern Arizona
JANUARY • Sunrise Park Resort - Winter Games , 800-573-4031 MAY • Taylor - Trapper Days, 928-536-7366 JUNE • Greer - Greer Days, 928-735-7576 • Pinetop - Hon-Dah Pow Wow in the Pines, 800-929-8744 • Pinetop - Best of the West Fine Art Show & Sale, 800-929-8744 • Show Low - Show Low Days, 800-SHOWLOW • Springerville-Eagar - Chrome in the Dome Classic Car Show, 928-333-2123 • St. Johns - Fiesta de San Juan Bautista, 928-337-4390 JULY • Alpine - Worm Races & Parade, 928-339-4654 • Pinetop-Lakeside - White Mountain Native American Art Festival & Market, 800-573-4031 • Snowflake - Pioneer Day Celebration, 928-536-7103 • St. Johns - Pioneer Days, 928-337-2000 AUGUST • Alpine - Alpine Chili Cook-Off, 928-339-1840 • Eagar - Eagar Daze, 928-333-1639 • Pinetop-Lakeside - White Mountain Bluegrass Music Festival, 800-573-4031 • St Johns - Grand Prix Race, 928-337-2000 • Taylor - Sweet Corn Festival, 928-536-7366 • Whiteriver - White Mountain Apache Tribal Fair & Rodeo, 928-338-4346 SEPTEMBER • Pinetop-Lakeside - Fall Festival, 928-367-4290 • Springerville-Eagar - Arizona ATV Outlaw Trail Jamboree, 928-333-2123 OCTOBER • Springerville-Eagar - Cowboy Golf on the Range, 928-333-2123 DECEMBER • Snowflake - 12 Days of Christmas, 928-536-4331

Winslow, Arizona

Annual Events:




Charlie Clark’s Steak House
Located on Hwy 260, Pinetop, Az (Main & Penrod)

The premier archaeological site in the White Mountains, featuring a Great Kiva, Astronomical Observatory, ancient staircase and petroglyphs.

As the centralized vacation spot of Northern Arizona, Winslow serves as the perfect home base for numerous day trips. Such magnificent sights as the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest & Painted Desert, Homolovi Ruins State Park, Meteor Crater and the Little Painted Desert County Park are just a short drive away. Located on the southern edge of the Navajo and Hopi Indian Reservations, Winslow is the perfect starting point for a quick trip to Second Mesa, home of the Hopi Cultural Center, or the famous Hubbell Trading Post and Canyon de Chelly National Monument on Navajo lands. You can easily spend the day exploring this charming town. Winslow offers everything from Native American culture to cowboy culture, from rock climbing to rock art - Winslow has it all! Route 66 the famous Mother Road - runs through

Winslow’s historic downtown district, where shops offer antiques and collectibles, Route 66 and railroad memorabilia, and Indian crafts. Winslow also offers a wide range of outdoor activities at nearby Clear Creek, which include canoeing, fishing, swimming and picnicking. Folks who bring their canoes can paddle all the way to Clear Creek Canyon, a spectacular deep rock canyon. McHood Park, located along the water of Clear Creek, is the perfect spot for camping and picnicking at the park’s ramadas. Grills and bathrooms are available. McHood Park is five miles from downtown Winslow. While in town stop by the Winslow Visitor Center. Our Mini-Museum will give you a colorful overview of the local sites and attractions that you won’t want to miss! This center is located at 300 W. North Rd., Exit 253 off I-40 or call 928-289-2434 for travel or relocation packets.

318 E. Main Street Springerville, Az

Independence Day Celebration
City Park - Features a fun-filled family day and parade, food vendors, arts & crafts booths, games and more. Fireworks show begins at dusk at WHS football field. Free. 928-289-2434. FOR OTHER JULY 4TH EVENTS IN NORTHERN AZ, SEE PAGE 31




JULY 4th WINSLOW - 4th of July Blast!





A Tourist News Z

JUNE 2004

Meet Renowned Western Artists
2nd Annual “Best of the West” Fine Art Show
Simply put, American Western Art portrays the West. In traditional forms, it depicts the beauty, mystery, drama, and realism of an unparalleled time and place in our nation. Contemporary western artists expand those boundaries, but most continue to tell the “story of the West” - representing the culture, history, people, places, and wildlife. Western Art fans from throughout Arizona and around the country are invited to attend the 2nd annual “Best of the West” Fine Art Show and Sale that will be held June 24, 25, and 26 at the HonDah Resort Casino Conference Center in Pinetop. Original works from over 20 of the nation’s top western artists will be on display and for sale at the event and many of the artists will be on hand for the show. Participating artists include: David Behrens, Mel Bradshaw, Lee Cable, June Dudley, Luke Frazier, Terry Gilbreth, Kay Homan, Greg Kelsey, Christine Knapp, Judy Larson, Jan Martin McGuire, Brenda Murphy, Margo Peterson, John Potter, Victoria Reese, Cynthia Rigden, Carl Rhodes, Sonya Terpening, Bob Travers, Kim Trickey, Dave Wade, and Jim Wilcox. The artwork will be unveiled on Thursday, June 24th from noon - 5pm at the Hon-Dah Conference Center. Later, from 5-9pm, there will be a cook-off and a fast draw auction at Torreon Golf Club in Show Low. On Friday, the art show continues at Hon-Dah at which time the public can meet the artists - and an awards presentation will take place starting at 6:30pm. Saturday’s schedule includes art show viewing from 10am 4pm, wine and hors d’ oeuvres from 57pm, and the Demo Auction from 7-8pm, which brings the conclusion of the show. A special feature this year will be the displaying of the Tony Lama El Rey III Boots. Valued at $32,000, these hand cut, hand lasted, and hand finished boots were designed by the Research and Development Department of Tony Lama. These boots truly live up to their Spanish name El Rey, which means “the king.” The alligator boots have English-Calf tops inlaid in 218 settings. The combined weight of the stones is over 17 carats. A large portion of the profits from the “Best of the West” show will benefit the White Mountain Apache Tribe Teen Center. Further information about the “Best of the West” Fine Art Show and Sale can be obtained by visiting www.diamondwestgallery.com or by calling 928-367-4290. For information about the many recreational opportunities in eastern Arizona’s White Mountains, check the web site at www.azwhitemountains.net. Major sponsors: Diamond West Fine Art Gallery, Torreon Golf Club, Ariat Boot, Tony Lama Boot, Justin Boot, Stetson Hat, Wrangler Western Wear, Corral West Western Wear, Montana Silver, American Spirit, Wah Maker Western Wear, McDonalds, Scully Leather, White Mountains Partnership, the Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce, and Hon-Dah Resort Casino.

Golf & Fishing Packages at Hon-Dah Resort-Casino
When you think of fishing, the lakes and streams of the White Mountains are among the first to tempt you with their beauty and fine catches. Golfers, too, think of heading to cooler climes as summer approaches, and the Pinetop-Lakeside area offers several fine golf courses. Hon-Dah Resort-Casino, one of the premier destinations in the White Mountains, is again offering their popular Golf Stay n’ Play Packages in conjunction with Pinetop Lakes Golf & Country Club, Torreon Golf Club and Silver Creek Golf Club. The packages include one round of golf (18 holes) for two persons with cart, two nights stay at Hon-Dah Resort and two breakfast buffets for two at Hon-Dah’s Indian Pine Restaurant. Hon-Dah will call for tee times with advance notice. In addition, Hon-Dah’s fishing package is again available for the 2004 season. This package includes two nights stay at Hon-Dah Resort Hotel (for single up to quadruple occupancy), two one-day fishing permits, a boxed lunch each day and a coupon towards a free fishing lure at the Hon-Dah Ski & Outdoor Sport. Reservations must be made at least one week in advance. At Hon-Dah you will be able to combine your passion for fishing or golf with fine accommodations and dining. The hotel offers 128 well appointed king and queen rooms with wet bar and satellite television and an all-season pool, spa and sauna. After your day outdoors, spice up your evening at the casino where you’ll find the newest and varied slot machines as well as live Poker and Blackjack. Or head to the Timbers Lounge for Las Vegas-style entertainment and dancing. Now is the time to call to reserve YOUR getaway in the White Mountains at Hon-Dah Resort-Casino. Cool temperatures, great golf and fishing - as well as hiking, horseback riding, browsing for antiques and gifts and much more - plus a VERY warm welcome all await you. For more information visit www.hondah.com or call 1-800-929-8744.

Recreation Destination

Pow Wow in the Pines
The 7th Annual Pow Wow in the Pines will be held at Hon-Dah Resort-Casino on June 12-13, 2004. The beauty and pageantry of Native American dancing and the haunting rhythms and songs of the drum groups provide spectators with an experience to remember. Food and arts & crafts vendors will also be a part of the event. For further information call 1-800-929-8744.

JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


Coconino County Horse Races
A Fourth of July Tradition for 49 Years
Don’t miss the fun and excitement of live Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racing in the cool pines of Flagstaff! The Coconino County Horse Races have been a Fourth of July tradition for 49 years. This year’s event will be July 2-5, 2004, at Fort Tuthill Downs in Fort Tuthill County Park. Take Exit 337 off I17, just three miles south of Flagstaff. Full pari-mutuel wagering on-track and from out-of-state tracks will be available all four live racing days. “Dark Day Simulcasts” will be July 1 and 6. Admission is $3.00 adults, $2.00 children 6-12 years, and children under 6 are free. Friday features free admission for all! For “front row” thrills and entertainment, purchase a box seat for $4.50. KOLT/COOL/The Eagle are July 3rd Race Day sponsors and 93 KAFF Country and 93-9 The Mountain are July 4th Race Day sponsors - listen to these stations and win free tickets! Monday the 5th is sponsored by KNAZ - TV 2. The Flagstaff Sheriff’s Posse will sell food and drinks, and hats and other goodies will be on sale through Coconino County Parks and Recreation. It will be a funfilled event for everyone! Come on out to the Races over the 4th of July weekend in Flagstaff! For more information or to purchase box seat tickets, call Coconino County Parks and Recreation at 928-774-5139.

Summer Events at the Museum of Northern Arizona
Echoes of the past will reverberate through the Museum of Northern Arizona when the annual sales exhibit, Enduring Creations - Generations, returns May 29 - Sep 26. The exhibit focuses on the highest quality historic and contemporary artwork by internationally celebrated Southwestern Native American artists. Of interest to both novice and seasoned collectors, the paintings, katsinas, pottery, basketry, fetishes, and large number of Navajo weavings represent lasting regional styles and traditions. The exhibit is refreshed throughout the season. Also of note this year, a highly-regarded collection of original David Paladin paintings is available. This artist’s multicultural education, iron individualism, his relationship to the earth, and his Navajo traditions are all evident in his work, which records his lifelong search for the divine. During the Museum’s Heritage Program marketplace weekends from July through October, four featured artists recognized for excellence within their fields will be highlighted in the Enduring Creations gallery where they will meet the public, talk about the generational ties in their art, and present choice pieces they have created especially for this occasion. At the 71st Annual Hopi Marketplace on July 3 and 4, jeweler Verma Nequatewa, or Sonwai, will display her contemporary silver and stone art pieces, crafted in a style that is reminiscent of internationally-recognized jeweler Charles Laloma, her mentor. The 55th Annual Navajo Marketplace on August 7 and 8 showcases Shonto Begay, a prolific painter. The museum’s first Native Artists Marketplace on September 4 and 5 highlights basket maker Everett Pikyavit from the Moapa Band of Paiutes. Mask maker Zarco Guerrero brings his striking masks to MNA’s new event, Celebraciones de la Gente for El Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead on October 30 and 31. The Museum of Northern Arizona is located on scenic Highway 180, three miles north of Flagstaff’s historic downtown. Changing exhibits reveal the artistic traditions, Native cultures and natural sciences of the region. It is open daily, 9 am to 5 pm, except major holidays. Admission is $5/adult, $4/senior, $3/student, $2/child (7-17), and always free to members. For more information call 928-774-5213.

Native American Collectibles

Riordan Mansion’s Centennial!
Celebrating the Arts & Crafts Style
On the weekend of June 18- Stickley’s simple wood furniture. The home of Timothy and Caroline 20, 2004, Riordan Mansion State Historic Park marks the Centennial Riordan, known as the “east wing,” is open for guided tours of the original famiof the Riordan Family homes with a ly furnishings and personal belongings. series of activities celebrating the aesThe downstairs of the home of Michael thetics of the American Arts and Crafts and Elizabeth Riordan, known as Style movement. the “west wing,” is included in There will be Arts and the tour and features displays Crafts Style lectures by local about the family and the Arts and historians and specialists, an Crafts Movement. original play on the Riordan In celebration of the Centennial family’s history, and additional Anniversary, Riordan Mansion special events happening State Historic Park staff is around Flagstaff. Local Arts pleased to announce the compleand Crafts Style artisans will tion of brand-new interpretive display and market pottery and Photo courtesy of Arizona State Parks displays for the Visitor Center. woodworking pieces at the The new displays provide a comState Historic Park. Local architect Jim Woodward is offering a tour prehensive picture of the Riordan family’s role in the community, and the beauty of of historic homes, for a nominal fee, their wonderful Arts and Crafts Style which provides visitors with a vision of homes. Admission to the Visitor Center the town’s past. and Park grounds is always free and is Completed in 1904, the Riordan available from 10:30-5 daily. Family duplex culminates the Arts and With the exception of the historical Crafts Style design efforts of Charles Whittlesey, the architect of Hotel El Tovar play and Flagstaff historic home tour, all conference events are free during the at the Grand Canyon National Park. The Riordan buildings remain the finest exam- Centennial celebration. For Riordan Mansion State Historic Park tours, ples of Craftsman style architecture in the State of Arizona. Inside the Mansion, open rangers recommend making reservations by calling 928-779-4395. Park hours are floor plans and skylights bring in natural 8:30-5, and tours start on the hour. The sunlight, and delicate coloring streams tours cost $6.00 for adults, $2.50 for ages through the stained glass windows. These 7 to 13, while age 6 and under are free. features combine to create an elegant, simple, modern space filled with

Annual Events:

FEBRUARY • Winterfest, 800-842-7293 APRIL • Northern Arizona Book Festival, 928-774-9118 MAY • Trappings of the American West, 928-774-8861 JUNE • Pine Country Pro Rodeo, 928-526-9926 • Rte 66 Regional Chili Cookoff, 928-526-4314 JULY • Fair of Life Festival Arts & Crafts Extraordinaire, 928-779-1227 • Coconino County Horse Races, 928-774-5139 • Hopi Marketplace, 928-774-5213

• Open House - The Arboretum at Flagstaff, 928-774-1442 • AZ Highland Celtic Festival, 928-779-3817 AUGUST • Navajo Marketplace, 928-774-5213 • Southwest Sustainability Expo, 800-595-7658 • Festival In The Pines, 888-278-3378 • Made in the Shade Beer Tasting Festival, 928-779-1775 • Coconino County Fair, 928-774-5139 SEPTEMBER • Native Artists Marketplace, 928-774-5213 • Festival of Science, 800-842-7293 • Flagstaff Open Studios, 800-842-7293 OCTOBER • Art on the Square, 928-779-7690 • Celebraciones de la Gente, 928-774-5213

Don’t Miss This!
Lowell Star Party
June 17-20, 2004 928-774-3358 See story on page 33.

• Management careers that can take you around the world or across the USA • Home of The Inn at NAU, where students learn in our ♦ ♦ ♦ hotel (open to the public)




Independence Day Celebrations in and around Flagstaff
JUL 3 FLAGSTAFF Independence Day Parade Historic Downtown - Old-fashioned community parade, 100 entries, animals, floats, free, 10a. 928774-4505 JUL 4 KACHINA VILLAGE Annual Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser Highlands Fire Station 21, 568 Kona Trail Children’s firefighter muster, raffle, vintage fire truck rides, 7-11a. Adm $5 adults, $2 children, under 5 free. 928-525-1717

www.nau.edu/HRM School of

Hotel and Restaurant Management
at Northern Arizona University On NAU Campus, in Flagstaff

2455 S. Beulah Blvd








A Tourist News Z

JUNE 2004

New In-Season Package
Grand Canyon National Park Lodges
An amazing experience awaits you at the Grand Canyon. To take advantage of all there is to see and do, stay with Grand Canyon National Park Lodges, operated by Xanterra Parks and Resorts, the only accommodations in the park at the South Rim. There are 907 rooms in six distinctly different lodges to choose from. Whether you stay the night or the week, you’ll find more than enough to fill your hours and free your mind. Relax aboard a guided motorcoach tour through the beautiful expanse, or just watch the sunrise. Daily ranger programs help you discover 1.7 billion years of history embedded in the canyon walls. Experience a rare and beloved tradition as you amble your way to the bottom of the canyon on the back of a sure-footed mule. It’s all waiting for you at the South Rim, and it’s open year-round. And if all of these adventures have you working up an appetite, you’re in luck. Because this is the home of the celebrated and historic El Tovar Dining Room, and a legacy of fine food. Order up a quick bite at Yavapai cafeteria, or an entire feast at the Arizona Room. Or have your favorite beverage at the Maswik

Sports Bar or El Tovar Lounge. Stop at the new Canyon Coffee House in Bright Angel Lodge on your way to watch the sunrise and enjoy a latte or mocha coffee drink or just a good cup of shade grown coffee. At the South Rim, the choices are endless - and they’re all just outside your door. Take advantage of our new inseason package, See America’s Grand Canyon. Effective March 12 through November 6, 2004, this $99 package includes a room at Yavapai West Lodge (dbl occ), two breakfasts, book one get one free in-park motorcoach tours, and a 10% retail discount at the South Rim gift store. Each additional person in the same room is only $9. Yavapai West is conveniently located in the Canyon Marketplace, just a short walk from the rim and the new visitor center, Canyon View Information Plaza. Call today and ask for the SAGC package (some black-out dates apply). Grand Canyon National Park Lodges we’re not just close, we’re there. For reservations call 303-29-PARKS (2972757), toll free 888-29-PARKS (2972757) or visit our website at www.grandcanyonlodges.com. Xanterra Parks & Resorts is an authorized concessionaire of the National Park Service.

Arches National Park Hopi Indian Reservation Havasupai Indian Reservation Hualapai Indian Reservation Pipe Springs National Monument Glenn Canyon Recreation Area Zion National Park Bryce Canyon National Park Lake Powell Navajo National Monument 100 110 30 200 200 135 250 260 135 115 Canyon de Chelly National Monument Sunset Crater National Monument Walnut Canyon National Monument Navajo Indian Reservation Meteor Crater Painted Desert/Petrified Forest Montezuma Castle National Monument Tuzigoot National Monument Red Rock State Park Phoenix 235 95 95 50 140 200 135 135 105 225

See America’s Grand Canyon

Xanterra Parks & Resorts is an authorized concessioner of the National Park Service.

One night stay at Yavapai West*. Includes breakfasts and 2 for 1 motorcoach offer.

Make your visit to the Grand Canyon even more grand. Stay inside the park at Yavapai West for only $99. Plus enjoy two breakfasts and a 10% discount at our gift shops. And don’t miss one of our breathtaking tours on a Grand Canyon Motorcoach – book one and get a second of equal or lesser value free! Make your reservations today. Call toll free 1-888-29-PARKS (297-2757) or 1-303-29-PARKS (297-2757) and ask for the SAGC Package. Or reserve online at www.grandcanyonlodges.com and enter promotional code SAGC to check availability.


Double occupancy. Each additional person $9.
® E A RT H .

Express Park Passes National Geographic Photo Gallery & Stores


*Accommodations based on availability and seasonal lodge closures. Motorcoach Tours based on availability, booked upon arrival to the park. One cafeteria breakfast per person per day for the first two people in the room. 10% discount limited to one cash register purchase, single or multiple items. See America’s Grand Canyon $99 accommodations good from Friday, March 12, 2004 – Saturday, November 6, 2004. Does not apply to Group Bookings. Taxes and utility surcharges not included. Blackout dates may apply.

Located just outside the South Rim Park Entrance on Hwy. 64 www.grandcanyonimaxtheatre.com 928-638-2468

10 %

JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


Explore the Canyon with Us
Great Discounts Offered
Your first glimpse of the Grand Canyon is unforgettable. The immense scale is breathtaking. The many hues of the cliffs shift and change from dawn to sunset, and shadows come and go adding new dimensions. The wonder of this “wonder of the world” is that there are so many ways to view it... by foot, by air, by boat and even on a movie screen. As part of your Grand Canyon adventure consider booking a tour with Papillon Helicopters for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Only helicopters can legally descend below the Rim to show you more of the canyon. And don’t forget a visit to the IMAX Theater where you’ll find the award-winning film Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets and a free National Geographic photo exhibit. Where should you stay while exploring this grand display of nature’s force and beauty? Located only one mile south of the Grand Canyon National Park entrance is the village of Tusayan and there you will find two excellent hotels. Both are offering - for a limited period - a 20% DISCOUNT on any room, any time on published rack rate! See the ad on this page for the coupon to present. One choice is the Canyon Plaza

Contrary to Rumors You May Have Heard…
• Driving into the Canyon Many people call Grand Canyon businesses daily to inquire about driving into the park. The misconception is that there are no private vehicles or RV’s allowed to drive in. This is not the case. Private vehicles and RV’s ARE allowed to drive in and out of the park. However, during the summer, West Rim Drive is closed to vehicular traffic and the shuttle is required. • Air Tours Regardless of what you may have heard, air tours over the Grand Canyon have not been discontinued. Helicopter and fixed-winged aircraft tours are scheduled daily year around, weather permitting. • Park Entry The $20.00* per vehicle fee to enter Grand Canyon National park can be paid at the park entrance where there will normally be no more than two or three automobiles ahead of you, or at the Grand Canyon IMAX Theater Fee Station* with no waiting in line... Then you can use the fast lane into the Park. Your entry pass is valid for 7 days. • Parking You can always locate parking spaces inside the Park. During the peak season it might take a little longer, or you may be required to walk a few hundred feet, but we’re not aware of anyone ever being turned away due to lack of parking space!
*Subject to change without notice. Source: Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Guide

Quality Inn & Suites, offering 176 deluxe rooms and 56 suites. Both rooms and suites have accommodations for handicapped and nonsmoking guests. Start your day with the complimentary continental breakfast. Some of the special features that guests will find at this beautiful property include an indoor 18-foot spa, seasonal outdoor pool and hot tub, Southwestern gift shop, full service restaurant and family buffet. There is also the Garden Atrium with restaurant seating and the Wintergarten Lounge. For more information about package adventures or to make a reservation call 928-638-2673 or 800-995-2521. Another great choice is the Canyon’s only resort hotel, Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn, 3 diamond AAA rated with 250 deluxe and traditional guest rooms. Amenities include laundry, full service salon, seasonal outdoor heated pool, exercise room, hot tub, dry sauna and tennis courts. After the sun goes down, the whole family will be entertained with cosmic bowling, billiards and video arcade. Each of our individual guests will awake to a fantastic sunrise and deluxe, complimentary continental breakfast. Two restaurants and a sports bar with big screen TV are located in the Inn. Fine dining can be found in the Coronado Room’s elegant yet comfortable atmosphere. The Canyon Room Restaurant offers family dining for both breakfast and lunch. Enjoy the cowboy museum, the marvelous three story waterfall, and the Southwestern gift shop. For more information or reservations call 928638-2681 or 800-622-6966.

Temperatures at the South Rim
HIGH (F.) HIGH (C.) LOW (F.) LOW (C.) JAN 41 5 18 -8 FEB 45 7 21 -6 MAR APR MAY JUN JUL 51 60 70 81 84 10 15 21 27 29 25 -4 32 0 39 4 47 8 54 12 AUG 82 28 53 12 SEP 76 24 47 8 OCT 65 18 36 2 NOV DEC 52 43 11 6 27 -3 20 -7

Note: Inner Canyon temperatures average 20 degrees warmer.

Independence Day Celebration
in the Grand Canyon
JUL 4 GRAND CANYON Grand Canyon / Tusayan Chamber of Commerce 4th of July Parade Tusayan Fire Station - Noon parade, 1p BBQ, live entertainment, 2p auction of great gifts & services. Noon-4p. 928-527-0359
Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn

20% Off! Finest Anytime! The Grand Canyon’s

Any Room,


Must call direct. Must mention code “AZ-01” for discount. Limit four (4). Must present this coupon upon check-in. Void with any other offer. No cash value. Limited Time Offer.

(928) 638-2681
Toll Free: (800) 622-6966


10% Off! Any Tour, Anytime!
The World’s Largest Helicopter Company!
Helicopter Tours of the Grand Canyon
Must call direct. Must mention code “AZ-02” for discount. Limit four (4). Must present this coupon upon check-in. Void with any other offer. No cash value. Limited Time Offer. PAPILLON RESERVATIONS

(928) 638-2419
Toll Free: (800) 528-2418

The Grand Hotel & Canyon Star Restaurant present


[âzx Gà{ Éy ]âÄç VxÄxuÜtà|ÉÇ
Sunday, July 4, 2004 – All Day
Outdoor Celebration and Special Dinner Menu
Canyon Plaza Quality Inn & Suites

20% Off! Any Room, Anytime!
CANYON PLAZA QUALITY INN RESERVATIONS Must call direct. Must mention code “AZ-03” for (928) 638-2673 discount. Limit four (4). Must present this coupon Toll Free: (800) 995-2521 upon check-in. Void with any other offer. www.GrandCanyonQualityInn.com No cash value. Limited Time Offer.

The Grand Canyon’s Finest Accommodations!

Dance with Live Music by Tickle!
For more information and details,

25% Off! Anytime!
Grand Canyon The Hidden Secrets
Must call direct. Must mention code “AZ-04” for discount. Limit four (4). Must present this coupon upon check-in. Void with any other offer. No cash value. Limited Time Offer. IMAX SHOW SCHEDULES

call or book online:

www.visitgrandcanyon.com 1-888-63-GRAND or (928) 638-3333

(928) 638-2203

Grand Canyon IMAX Theater


A Tourist News Z

JUNE 2004

Keeping Cool at 6,800 Feet
Williams for Your Summer Getaways
Williams is a perfect location for summer outdoor recreation. Surrounded by the towering Ponderosa pines of the Kaibab National Forest at an elevation of 6800 feet, the town is a great base for outdoor activities. Summer temperatures max out at 85 degrees... so what are you waiting for!

Get Your Edu-tainment Here...
At the Navajo Village Heritage Center
The goal of the Navajo Village Heritage Center isn’t just to give you the opportunity to meet Navajos and learn about their culture and traditions - it’s to make sure you have fun while you are doing it! Navajo is the word used to describe the largest tribe of American Indians in the U.S. The Navajo people call themselves Dine’, which means “from no surface to a surface.” At the Navajo Village Heritage Center you will learn what that means and much more. The Dine’ do not live in villages. The Navajo Village was named such because until you experience Navajo culture and history the term “outfit” will have little meaning. The Navajo Village is an authentic recreation of a traditional Navajo homesite, consisting of a female hogan, a male hogan, a bread oven, a sweat lodge, and a shade house. Members of five families comprise the majority of the staff. The Village features a silversmith, weaver, and other presenters who will tell and demonstrate for you the lifestyle of the Dine’, how they live and have lived in this high desert country for centuries, what they eat and how they grow and cook their food. You will learn of the oral history and traditions of their people, their philosophy of life and the importance of harmony. You will learn the principles of walking in beauty, something every Dine’ strives for and often achieves. You can get more information or book your tour either by logging on to www.navajo-village.com or by calling 928-660-0304. Tours are offered Monday Saturday. Their Grand Tour includes indepth cultural presentations, dinner, entertainment by the Red Moccasin Dancers, and stories around the campfire from 4p 8p. A shorter version called our MiniTour, with or without dinner, is available either from 5p-7p or 6p-8p. The families of the Navajo Village Heritage Center look forward to hosting your family!

· Hiking and mountain biking on 370 miles of marked trails. · Camping at fully developed lakeside campgrounds or within secluded wilderness areas. · Playing golf at the award-winning 18hole Elephant Rocks Golf Course. · Fishing at seven lakes within 18 miles of town. Horseback riding with area stables. · Observing wildlife such as trophy elk, deer or pronghorn antelope along with smaller animals and dozen of bird species. Williams is an equally charming location for summer visitors who are less active. Replete with nostalgia from the 1800s, the wonderfully restored historic downtown offers saloons, bordellos, and shops that have maintained their original character. From a later but no less inter-

esting era are the numerous diners and souvenir shops along Historic Route 66... Williams’ Main Street. Take the self-guided Historic Walking Tour. And don’t forget to stop in at the Small Town America Museum and Gift Shop. Re-live Americana in their miniature museum for family fun and entertainment - year round. Shoppers, you’ll find more than Route 66 memorabilia in Williams’ stores and galleries. Fine quality Native American art and jewelry, Western art, oils, watercolors and bronzes, rocks and minerals and more can all be purchased here. The Grand Canyon Railway departs and returns each day through the season with their vintage engines to and from the Grand Canyon National Park. The notorious Cataract Gang can be found all over town, hollering and making a ruckus until one of them gets shot...every night! The 5th Regimental Cavalry Band plays most evenings. Or take the kids on a drive to Flintstones Bedrock City...and don’t forget to check out the Planes of Fame Air Museum in Valle. Make your destination WILLIAMS. We welcome you, anytime. Call or visit the City of Williams/Kaibab National Forest Visitors Center at 200 W. Railroad Avenue, 800-863-0546.


Chambersby& CVB’s Support Your Area Sponsoring Your
Own Annual Event Ad. Make Available Affordable Advertising for Your Membership. For more information call 1-800-462-8705, in Tucson call 622-7008.

Annual Events:

MAY • Rendezvous Days, 800-863-0546 JUNE • AZ HOG Rally, 480-945-0903 • High Country Warbirds Air Display (Valle), 928-635-1000 JULY • Cowpunchers Reunion Rodeo, 928-632-7680 • Small Town 4th of July, 800-863-0546 • Great Escape Motorcycle Rally, 928-758-5699 • Williams Wild Rodeo Show, 800-863-0546

AUGUST • Cool Country Cruise-In and Route 66 Festival, 928-635-0266 SEPTEMBER • Labor Day PRCA Rodeo, 800-863-0546 • Williams Railroad Days (2005) OCTOBER • Fall Festival - The End of an Era, a New Beginning, 800-863-0546 DECEMBER • Mountain Village Holiday, 800-863-0546

Annual Events:

JANUARY • Annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet, 928-645-2741 MARCH • City of Page Easter Egg Hunt, 928-645-8861 • Harvest Craft Festival, 435-675-3771 APRIL • Page Attacks Trash/Earth Day, 928-645-2741 • Spring Quilt, Doll & Craft Fair, 928-465-2741 MAY • 2nd Annual Cruisin' Lake Powell Car Show, 928-645-6005 • Navajo Code Talkers, 800-528-6154

JULY • Old Fashioned Fourth of July, 888-261-PAGE AUGUST • Navajo Code Talkers, 800-528-6154 SEPTEMBER • Annual Lake Powell Stampede Rodeo, 928-645-3008 OCTOBER • Shriner's Golf Tournament, 928-608-0374 • Annual John Wesley Powell Memorial Auction, 928-645-9496 NOVEMBER • Festival of Lights Boat Parade, 928-645-1001




Quality Inn Page at Lake Powell
287 N. Lake Powell Blvd. Page, AZ 86040



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107 N. Grand Canyon Blvd







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JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


“World’s Oldest Rodeo” Turns 116
Head to Prescott for Six Days of Fun
Strap on your spurs for a heart pumping, hoof pounding, hearty good time at the “World’s Oldest Rodeo” in Prescott, Arizona from Jun 30 - Jul 5, 2004. This year marks the 116th Anniversary of Prescott Frontier Days and the World’s Oldest Rodeo. Begun in 1888, this rodeo is the granddaddy of them all. Some of the top cowboys in the country will be competing for over $100,000 in prize money. The competition at this PRCA sanctioned event is fierce and, oftentimes, the winner is determined by a split second decision. Beginning June 30th, cowboys and girls will demonstrate their bravery, balance and ability in saddle bronc riding, bareback riding, calf roping, steer wrestling, team roping, wild horse racing, WPRA barrel racing and the ever popular bull riding. Come to Prescott to experience this authentic slice of western Americana. In addition to the thrills of daily, actionpacked rodeo competition there is a host of special events each and every day, including a parade, golf tournament, fine arts and crafts show and rodeo dances. The town will be hopping with activities and great shopping. Check out the special rodeo rates for wrangler night, courier night, and family day. For rodeo information and tickets call: 1-866-40-RODEO or visit www.worldsoldestrodeo.com. For information on Prescott call 1800-266-7534 or log on to www.visitprescott.com.

Have a Wild Time...
At the Heritage Park Zoo
“Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!” doesn’t even begin to cover the wide array of animals roaming around the Heritage Park Zoo. The Zoo features over 150 indigenous and exotic animals all with their own story to tell. It’s not just a great place for everyone to enjoy and learn about these incredible creatures, but it’s also a sanctuary for the animals who have all found a home at Heritage Park due to injury, “imprinting” on humans or other conditions which prevent the animals’ survival in the wild. Located in the heart of the Granite Dells area just north of Prescott and overlooking the picturesque Willow Lake, the Heritage Park Zoo is situated on ten acres of land which allows for the animals’ naturally landscaped enclosures and for visitors to get an up-close and personal view. Unique to the Zoo is the Tarantula Grotto - a building with a cave-like feeling which houses 26 different spiders from around the world. Currently, there are 14 spiders and 1 scorpion on display. One of the most fascinating features of this exhibit are the two specimens of the Goliath Birdeater, which can obtain a leg span of up to 10 inches making it the world’s largest spider! Don’t forget to check out “Samson,” a Bengal-cross tiger who came from private owners in Texas; a rare black jaguar “Inca” who has been at the Zoo since 1989; “Abbey” a mountain lion who was saved from a burn pile in Montana; a grey fox who was rescued from Tucson’s Aspen fire where she stayed to protect her newborn kits... and many more! Soon to come is a 2,600- sq. ft. stateof-the-art Reptile Pavilion. There will be 27 different species of snake including a 13 foot long Burmese Python; Gila monster; geckos; skinks; iguanas; crocodilians and monitor lizards. But the Heritage Park Zoo isn’t stopping there - they are also planning an insect house, rattlesnake den and a children’s zoo! Heritage Park Zoo is located off Willow Creek Road and is open every day. Admission is only $6 for ages 13 and up, $5 for those 65 and up, and $3 for kids ages 3 to 12. Make sure your next trip includes a stop - you’re sure to have a wild time! For more information please call 928-778-4242 or visit www.heritageparkzoo.org.

JuneTeenth Jazz Splash Festival
Great Fun, Fabulous Music, Fine Art
Come to the 5th JuneTeenth “Jazz Splash” Festival held at Arcosanti in Mayer, AZ, located at Cordes Junction (exit282 @ Hwy 69 & I -17 ). On both Saturday and Sunday, June 19 & 20, the Prescott Jazz Society (PJAZZ) will gather with visitors and tourists to celebrate the “Emancipation Proclamation Act.” This annual event is about great fun, people at their finest, fabulous music, acclaimed fine art, and delicious food. The theme for 2004 is “Echoes of the Dream.” For the modest price of $5.00 (teens $2.00) you can enjoy two days and nights of hiking, swimming, listening and dancing to live bands performing Blues, Jazz, Latin-Salsa and Reggae/Funk under a covered amphitheater on the grounds of Arcosanti in the high country of Arizona. JuneTeenth Jazz Splash 2004 also features world class ethnic arts & crafts, children’s stage, diabetes & sickle cell healthcare clinics, a free music clinic with Dr. Jill Allen (Yamaha Clinician), and bargain booths. Hours are 11am to 11pm each day. With a Jazz Splash VIP ticket, you will be pleased to enjoy the backstage-lounge, swimming pool service, reserved table dining, Fathers’ Day Wine & Cheese Garden plus more. VIP passes are $25 for

one day and $40 for both days. All VIP purchases are automatically entered into the “Honeymoon (2 x 2 days & nights) Drawings.” Credit card purchases may be made by calling Arcosanti at 928-6327135. You may also order VIP tickets by visiting www.pjazz.org or by contacting PJAZZ at 928-925-1422.

Best Western Prescottonian
Your Choice for Comfort, Value, and Convenience When in the Prescott Area.
• 121 Spacious Rooms • In-Room Coffee • In-Room Refrigerator • Group Rates • Non-smoking Rooms • Seasonal Pool • Free Local Phone Calls • Meeting & Banquet Facilities • Restaurant and Lounge
MAY • Phippen Art Museum Western Art Show & Sale, 928-778-1385 • Spring Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts, 928-445-2510 JUNE • Frontier Days & World’s Oldest Rodeo, 800-358-1888 • Folk Arts Fair, 928-445-3122 • Territorial Days, 800-266-7534 • Tsunami on the Square, 928-445-5540 JULY • Prescott Indian Art Market, 928-445-3122 AUGUST • Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering, 928-445-3122 • Summer Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts, 928-445-2510 SEPTEMBER • Faire on the Square, 800-266-7534 • Arizona Shakespeare Festival, 928-443-1868 OCTOBER • Folk Music Festival, 928-445-3122 • Old West Oktoberfest, 928-443-5220 NOVEMBER • Arizona’s Largest Gingerbread Village, 928-776-1666 • Day of the Dead Dinner Show & Twilight Procession, 928-925-6830 DECEMBER • Arizona Christmas Parade & Courthouse Lighting, 800-266-7534 • Acker Musical Showcase, 800-266-7534

Annual Events:

email: pbwmotel@cableone.net

1317 East Gurley Street • Prescott, Az 928-445-3096 • Fax: 928-778-2976

• Spacious Studio Suites • Free Continental Breakfast Buffet • Free High Speed Internet • Conference Facilities • Pool and Fitness Center • Walking Distance to Downtown Restaurants and Shopping




106 West Gurley Street

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A Tourist News Z

JUNE 2004

Synonymous with Inspiration
Sedona’s Themes of Art and Spirituality
Sedona, Arizona is unique, fascinating and beautiful place. Once home to people who lived off the land and found their artistic and spiritual needs met, Sedona still caters to those who wish to draw inspiration from their surroundings. Whether it comes out with paper and pen, on a canvas, or just in the relaxation and reconnection with nature on a hike, Sedona reawakens something deeper within. The arts and religion theme found in Sedona mostly erupted in the period after W.W.II when people were coming to the area and finding strength and reassurance in the red rocks. One of the most visible landmarks in the city, the Chapel of the Holy Cross is partially responsible for the spiritual emphasis in the area. The builder of the Chapel, Margurite Brunswig Staude, was a frequent visitor and in the 1940s decided to erect this wonderful work of art and architecture in memory of her parents. The Chapel of the Holy Cross inspired other religious shrines to be erected, such as the Shrine of the Red Rocks built in 1961 as a monument to “cooperation and religious beliefs.” New Age practitioners have also been attracted to this landscape. An electromagnetic energy source called a vortex is thought to exist in special locations around the world. It is believed that this energy brings healing power and emotional rejuvenation. Sedona is considered to have an unequaled variety and level of these energy spots. Whether or not you believe in this phenomena, you can’t help but be enchanted by the spectacular beauty of the places where the vortices are located. Artists have also been drawn here. One of the first artists to call Sedona home was Nassan Gobran of Egypt in 1950. He was one of the instrumental organizers of the Summer Art Institute at the Sedona Art Center. Ten years later, cowboy artist Joe Beazer arrived and founded, with others of his artistic emphasis, the Cowboy Artists of America. By the mid 1980s Sedona hosted dozens of art galleries. The city has also been around through the Golden Era of films. From the first silent film made there in 1923 until now, there have been almost 100 films and many television productions shot in Sedona. The area has hosted stars known to all ages such as John Wayne and Joan Crawford. Call the Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon Chamber of Commerce at 800-2887336 for more information.

Red Rock State Park
Don’t Miss the Experience!
Red Rock State Park’s 286 acres were originally part of the Smoke Trail Ranch, owned by Jack and Helen Frye. Arizona’s famous Oak Creek meanders through this scenic park, creating a diverse riparian habitat abounding with plants and wildlife. The family-oriented trail system is well marked for your safety and pleasure. The 5-mile network consists of interconnecting loops, which lead you to vistas of red rock or along the lush greenery of Oak Creek. Stop by the visitor center desk for detailed information before starting out on the trails. Bikes and horses are only allowed on designated routes. Park facilities include Visitor Center, ramada, restrooms and trail toilets. Selfguided and Ranger-led interpretive walks, field trips (please call for details) and video and slide programs all help visitors appreciate the unique habitat and plant and animal communities in the park. In addition to daily nature walks, there are bird walks on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Moonlight Hikes (Apr-Oct) and a special “First Sunday” monthly program. Red Rock State Park’s summer hours (May-Aug) are 8am-8pm with the Visitor Center opening at 9am. To reach the park take 89A and turn on Lower Red Rock Loop Road. Entrance fees apply. For more information call 928-282-6907.

Sedona - What, How, Where
Some of Sedona’s Attractions
• Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art: 800-526-7668; www.ExposuresFineArt.com • James Ratliff Gallery: 928-282-1404 • Rainbow Trout Farm: Fishing, BBQ grills. 928-282-5799 • Red Rock State Park: 928-282-6907; www.azstateparks.com • Sedona Artists Coalition: 928-2030430; www.sedonaartistscoalition.org • Sedona Heritage Museum: 928-2827038; www.sedonamuseum.org • Slide Rock State Park: 928-2823034; www.azstateparks.com • Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village: Galleries, Restaurants, more. 928-2824838; www.tlaq.com Canyon tours. 928-204-9416; www.firstclasscharterandtours.com • Great West Adventure Co.: Sedona/Grand Canyon tours. 928-2045506; www.greatwesttours.com • Red Rock Motorcycle: Harley Rentals. 888-200-HOGS; www.redrockharleyrentals.com • Sedona Motorcycles: Harley Rentals. 928-282-1093; www.sedonamotorcycles.com

How to see some of Sedona’s Attractions

Annual Events:

MARCH • International Film Festival & Workshop, 877-733-3662 • St. Patrick's Day Parade, 928-204-2390 APRIL • Sedona Spring Chamber Music Festival, 928-204-2415 MAY • Sedona Art & Sculpture Walk, 928-282-3809 • Sedona Home & Business Show, 928-204-1123 • Sedona Open Studios Tour, 928-203-0430 JUNE • Sedona-Verde Valley Astronomy Festival, 928-634-7332

JULY • Shakespeare Sedona Summer Festival, 928-203-9381 SEPTEMBER • Fiesta Del Tlaquepaque, 877-386-8687 • Sedona Jazz on the Rocks, 928-282-1985 • Moonlight Madness Festival & Sidewalk Sale, 928-204-2390 • Red Rocks Music Festival, 602-787-1577 OCTOBER • Sedona Arts Festival, 928-204-9456 NOVEMBER • Red Rock Fantasy of Lights, 928-282-1777 DECEMBER • Tlaquepaque Festival of Lights, 928-282-4838

• A Day in the West: Jeep Tours, Horseback Riding, BBQ’s, 928-2824320; www.adayinthewest.com • Arizona Helicopter Adventures: 800-282-5141; www.azheli.com • First Class Charter and Tours: Sedona, Verde Valley and Grand

Where to rest your head after seeing Sedona’s attractions....
• Bell Rock Inn & Suites: 928-2824161; www.ilxresorts.com • Cedars Resort: 928-282-7010; www.sedonacedarsresort.com • Junipine Resort: 928-282-3375; www.junipine.com • Iris Garden Inn: 928-282-2552; www.irisgardeninn.com • Los Abrigados Resort & Spa: 928282-1777; www.ilxresorts.com • Sky Ranch Lodge: 928-282-6400; www.skyranchlodge.com • Southwest Inn at Sedona: 800-4837422; www.swinn.com




Authentic Native American Arts, Crafts & Jewelry
Scenic view of the Mogollon Rim, Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona!

Your Affordable Choice in Sedona from $ .00

2321 W. Hwy 89A Sedona, Az 86336


Visit one of the most popular rest areas in the Coconino National Forest...

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on Hwy 89A (14 miles south of Flagstaff). Open Year Round

A Natural Resource

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JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


Summer Solstice Celebration
Navajo Celestial Lore and Much More
Amidst music and dance performances, hands-on activities, and presentations, stars and constellations take center stage on Saturday, June 19 at Arizona State Museum’s Marking the Solstice: A Multicultural Celebration, 5 - 9 pm. Featured this year is Dr. David Begay, adjunct professor of physics and astronomy at NAU, research associate working in association with NASA, and representative of the Navajo Nation Museum. Join Dr. Begay to discover The Night Sky Through Navajo Eyes. He will point out all eight constellations in a Star Lab dome and tell traditional Navajo stories about them in five, 30-minute sessions. “Navajo tradition calls the night sky Upper Darkness,” explains Dr. Begay. “There are eight constellations in Upper Darkness that don’t necessarily correlate to the Greek.” The Navajo have many observances, such as planting, regulated by the summer sky. Folks will also enjoy seeing crawly critters and learning about their representations in the Greek constellations with Mason Audubon Center and the International Wildlife Museum. Astronomers from Flandrau Science Center will be on hand and will allow everyone to locate the constellations in the Tucson sky using high-powered telescopes. Guests will enjoy many dynamic performances. The Manuel Intertribal Dancers will perform intricate hoop, eagle, and other American Indian dances.

Southern Arizona Cities & Towns
Ajo Amado Anegam Arivaca Benson Bisbee Blue Bowie Bylas Carmen Catalina Central Childs Clifton Cochise Comobabi Cortaro Dos Cabezas Douglas Dragoon Duncan

The Dambé Dance and Drum Ensemble will make you tap your toes to an African beat. Everyone will delight at the lively Irish dance tunes of Palmer’s Gate. And Aaron White (Navajo/Northern Ute) of Burning Sky will relax us with his acoustic guitar and flute rhythms. Cultural expert Stella Tucker, in from the Tohono O’odham camp in Saguaro National Monument, will demonstrate traditional saguaro harvesting techniques. Noted southwest author Susan Lowell will relate tales of the saguaro cactus and other children’s stories. The University of Arizona’s famous and award-winning Solar Car will be on display. Everyone in the family will enjoy a variety of hands-on activities including making clay sundials, calendar sticks, sun prints, beaded bracelets, paper fans, puzzle pots, paper pots, and more. Everyone can try playing Apache and Tohono O’odham games of chance, and go on treasure hunts in the museum galleries. As if all that weren’t enough, everyone can take a chance at a raffle of fantastic prizes! And new this year, food will be available - Indian tacos, red chili and beans, and fry bread prepared by Tohono O’odham women. Trader Joe’s will offer delectable treats from their store. Purchase a taste or bring a picnic, and make it a night. So, bring a blanket or lawn chair and celebrate the wonders of the summer solstice at Arizona State Museum! Free admission, free parking - for more information call 520-626-2973.

Eden Elfrida Elgin Fairbank Fort Grant Fort Huachuca Fort Thomas Franklin Geronimo Green Valley Hannagan Meadow Hereford Hickiwan Huachuca City Kansas Settlement Klondyke Lukeville Marana McNeal
Hickiwan Why

Morenci Mt. Lemmon Naco Nogales Oro Valley Palominas Patagonia Pearce Pima Pisinimo Pomerene Portal Rio Rico Rillito Safford Sahuarita Saint David San Miguel San Simon Santa Rosa Sasabe
Rillito Cortaro


Bylas Geronimo Klondyke Stargo

Fort Thomas


Eden Pima Central Thatcher Solomon

78 75 70

Safford Fort Grant
Swift Trail Junction


Catalina Mt. Lemmon
Oro Valley


Anegam Santa Rosa

Bowie Willcox

San Simon


Pisinimo Comobabi

South Tucson

Tucson Vail



Dos Cabezas Cochise Kansas Settlement




Green Valley Sahuarita





Saint David

Rio Rico


Tombstone 82 Sonoita San Miguel Elfrida Huachuca City Tubac 82 Elgin McNeal Sierra Vista Arivaca Carmen Patagonia Fort 80 Huachuca 90 Bisbee 191 80 Tumacacori Sasabe Hereford 289 Douglas Palominas Naco





Gallery in the Sun
See De Grazia’s 95th Anniversary Exhibit

by Charlis McVey

One of Tucson’s most popular attractions is the Gallery in the Sun, designed by Ted De Grazia to house his more than 10,000 works. Also there is the Mission in the Sun, a little chapel he built in honor of Padre Kino. I was absolutely charmed by both these adobe structures and the peaceful desert setting, a reminder of Tucson’s original landscape. The Mission in the Sun was the first structure completed at the site. All the materials used in the chapel were hauled there by De Grazia in his car. The interior walls are covered by colorful murals and the roof opens to the sky, flooding the rooms with sunshine. The Gallery has many unusual features. The doors resemble those of an old Territorial prison. The entrance suggests a mine shaft and portions of the floor are inlaid with stems of the cholla cactus for a most beautiful effect. Certain rooms are set aside for permanent exhibits, which include not only oils and watercolors but bronzes, enamels, ceramics, stone lithographs and jewelry created by De Grazia. Other areas are dedicated to rotating exhibits. A most interesting video is set up in one of the Gallery rooms that tells De Grazia’s story, much of it in his own words. It brings an added depth of understanding when viewing his work. One of my favorite parts of the complex is the

old adobe house where he lived, a reflection of simpler times and modest lifestyles. With an opening reception on June 13th, De Grazia’s 95th Anniversary Exhibit celebrates the birth 95 years ago of the late Ted De Grazia. See his original easel, palettes, and palette knives, as well as personal memorabilia. The Gallery in the Sun, located at 6300 N. Swan, is open daily from 10 am to 3:45 pm. There is no admission charge. 520-299-9192



“No Exit”
Among the chief dramatic events of the present - Eric Bentley By Jean Paul Sartre

Call 520-327-4242
for Reservations!
Tickets only $12-$14!

5317 E. Speedway, Tucson, Az 85712

Clifton Duncan

Sells Sierra Vista Solomon Sonoita South Tucson Stargo Sunizona Sunsites Swift Trail Junction Topawa Thatcher

Tombstone Tubac Tucson Tumacacori Vail Why Willcox

Hannagan Meadow



A Tourist News Z

JUNE 2004

Keeping Your Cool in Tucson

Annual Día De San Juan Fiesta
Celebrate Tucson History, Culture and Tradition
Tucsonans are invited to celebrate the beginning of the “season of monsoon rains” at the 7th Annual Día de San Juan Fiesta on Thursday, June 24, 2004. The event takes place on West Congress St. at the Santa Cruz River (south side, west bank) from 5-9pm. The Fiesta includes a traditional procession and blessing, food, games, and local entertainment. The procession goes from Mission Lane to the Santa Cruz River and is followed by the blessing of the altar, as well as Native American blessings. Tucson’s modern-day Día de San Juan (St. John) Fiesta was started in 1998 to help the community remember the importance of water in the desert. The celebration of the birthday of St. John the Baptist was once one of the most important and colorful events in Tucson and the Southwest. Because water was central to St. John’s baptismal activities, his help was sought in farming communities to help ensure a favorable rainy season and thus a bountiful harvest. In those long ago days when Tucson depended on crops grown in nearby fields, a statue of San Juan would be carried to the main irrigation canal. Also, since St. John was regarded as the patron saint of farriers, those who shoe horses, horses have figured prominently in the celebrations. Horse races and other demonstrations of horsemanship were traditionally held on the feast day. In the spirit of the past, the Fiesta features charros and escaramuzas performing on horseback. Attendance is free. Food and refreshments will be sold on site. Additional entertainment includes children’s games and activities, dance groups, and live music. Parking will be available off West Congress Street. El Día de San Juan is sponsored by a partnership of public, private, and neighborhood organizations. For additional information, call Valerie Vidal at the Ward 1 Council Office at 520-791-4040.

by R.D. Phares

Okay, so you came to Tucson in June. That means one of two things: A.) you love the heat or B.) you had no idea how hot it could actually get. In other words, either you’re crazy about the heat or you’re going crazy from the heat. No matter which, you can save your sanity with any number of surprisingly cool activities the Old Pueblo offers in the summer. First off, for those of you who love golf and aren’t afraid of a little sunblock, you are in luck. Most Tucson golf courses offer reduced rates in the summer. Starr Pass and Sabino Greens are just a couple of names to kick off your summer of golf. And don’t forget to check out the Tucson City Golf where you’ll get the longest drive for your dollar. If putt’n in the sunshine is a shade too hot for you, there are plenty of indoor activities to look forward to. Tucson boasts a variety of museums of historical, natural and artistic interest. Located on the U of A campus, the Arizona State Museum is the largest anthropology museum in the region. From there it is just a short walk to the Center for Creative Photography, a world class

photography museum and research center. While on campus, don’t miss the University Museum of Art to satisfy your inner Van Gogh. Talk about satisfaction! Tucson is home to an array of day spas for soothing the nerves and restoring vitality and balance to your life. You can treat yourself at Miraval, Life in Balance Resort or at Canyon Ranch (where your pet is welcome, too) to name a few. Once restored to a healthy mind/body symmetry, you’ll be ready to wonder at the amazing world we live in and the amazing worlds that surround us. The Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium is accessible and inspirational, located in the heart of the U of A’s campus. Complement that experience with a little trip to Biosphere 2, where you will be rewarded by a look at some fascinating earth science and futurist philosophy. Hungry for more? For some of the finest dining and shopping around, check out La Encantada. It promises to be an enchanting shopping experience. Follow this prescription and you are sure to keep your cool as the desert heats up. For more information call the Metropolitan Tucson CVB at 520-6241817/ 800-638-8350.

Independence Day Celebrations in Greater Tucson
JUL 4 TUCSON Tucson’s Old Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration TCC - Live entertainment, kid’s activities: cakewalk, rides, food festival, displays, Patriotic Concerts, fireworks. 2-10p. Free. 520-791-4101 JUL 3 MARANA Star Spangled Celebration Oramae Harn District Park - Live music, games, color guards and military bands, two stages of entertainment, food, children’s funland, skydivers, hot air balloon rides. Adm free, 6p. 520-682-3324 JUL 4 ORO VALLEY Independence Day Concert CDO Riverfront Park - Family concert featuring the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Admission: Non-perishable food item for local foodbank. 7:30p. 520-797-3959

2041 S. Craycroft Rd. Tucson, Az

(520) 790-4702 Since 1956
Voted Tucson’s Best Family Restaurant
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Crystal Palace Show Room
Selected dates May - July

Large Parties Welcome!

Kids under 12 Eat Free Mondays - Thursdays
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(520) 299-4941
Serving Lunch & Dinner from 11 am daily
GE Mesquite Grilled Steaks LAR PS ROU Y BBQ Ribs • Pastas G L I D EAS DATE Seafood MO OM ACC

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4777 E. Sunrise at Swan.....................520-577-6627 7113 E. Tanque Verde at Sabino..........520-721-1180 5460 E. Speedway at Craycroft..........520-881-4505 7402 E. Broadway at Kolb ..................520-885-8044


4825 N. Sabino Canyon Rd., Tucson, AZ 85750


2901 N. Campbell at Glenn ..................520-881-1216 9431 E. 22nd St. at Harrison..............520-296-3777 6002 N. Oracle at Rudasill ..................520-742-7788 433 W. Ajo at 12th Ave. ......................520-573-9886

JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


Nogales...the Original Old West Exploring the Santa Cruz Valley
Before the seed was even planted in the hearts of European explorers to sail across the Atlantic, Nogales was part of a very important portal and trade route called Spain’s El Camino Real or “The King’s Highway.” Many years later Conquistadors came in search of precious gems and metals. Spanish colonial missions can still be seen across the valley. Another well-known period of history in the area was the time of Pancho Villa, whose army occupied Nogales during the Mexican Revolution in 1914. Over 10,000 mostly black soldiers of the 25th Regiment were detached to Nogales from Washington, D.C. This sudden growth in the town’s population attracted many businesses to the area, some of which remain today. The Old City Hall, built one year before Arizona became a state, used to house the Sheriff’s office, two holding cells and the Fire Department. It is now home to the Pimeria Alta Historical Society featuring fascinating displays
EXIT 48 OFF I-19 P.O. Box 81, Amado, Az 85645 Amado Territory Ranch Inn 30 miles south of Tucson. A ranch style bed and breakfast with wonderful breakfasts, luxury beds, private baths and balconies overlooking the Santa Rita Mountains.

from the town’s past. A great way to see the city is by taking a guided tour with Maestro Ochoa who has excited generations of residents by going to the school at the end of each day with a bicycle basket full of candy. Maestro Ochoa hosts three different types of tours: the Blue Tour which runs along Morley and Grand Avenues and will take you through the commercial center of early Nogales, the Red Tour which is a steep climb (yet well worth it) up through the historic homes on Crawford Street and the Gold Tour for “those who choose to drive and walk the tracks of time from then ‘til now.” More information on these tours can be found at www.nogalesmainstreet.com or by calling 520-379-9219. You can also get more information on visiting Nogales and the Santa Cruz Region in general by calling the NogalesSanta Cruz Chamber of Commerce at 520-287-3685 or by visiting www.nogaleschamber.com.


Make Green Valley Your Home Base
Green Valley, located in the historic Santa Cruz Valley 23 miles south of Tucson, makes a great home base for visitors to southern Arizona. It offers small town ambiance - with nary a traffic jam in sight - along with convenient location to numerous attractions. The community is part of the original San Ignacio de la Canoa Land Grant from the king of Spain. The area is known for its unique blend of Native American, Spanish colonial, Mexican and Anglo cultures. Indians, conquistadors, missionaries, cowboys, miners and ranchers have all made their mark. Green Valley is located at an elevation of 2,900 feet, at the foot of the spectacular Santa Rita Mountains. Nearby, a combination of rolling grasslands, high desert and majestic mountains and canyons offer a wide range of recreational activities. Hikers, bird watchers, bicyclists and horseback riders come here to enjoy their pastimes. Golfers also come in droves to follow their passion for their favorite game. Green Valley golf courses range from exceptional and challenging to those where novices can feel right at home. The San Ignacio golf course is rated as one of Arizona’s best. The course is open to the public and was designed by renowned

Sun Care Tips
Ultraviolet rays of the sun are the leading cause of skin cancer. It’s easy to overdo sun exposure - you don’t have to be laying out by the pool. Playing golf, watching baseball, even an outdoor BBQ or walking the dog have equal potential for sun damage.
1.) Avoid the sun 10 am - 2 pm when the sun’s rays are strongest. 2.) Wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 and apply it about 20 minutes before going outdoors. Reapply every two hours (unless waterproof) because perspiration can wear it away. 3.) Wear protective clothing - long sleeves and a wide-brimmed hat. 4.) Be careful around reflective surfaces. UV rays can reflect off sand, concrete or water, even if you’re sitting in a shaded area.

architect Arthur Hills. In addition, the adjacent Inn at San Ignacio offers the finest of accommodations including luxury villa suites offering great views of the Santa Rita Mountains. 520-393-5700 Madera Canyon, one of the best birdwatching areas in the world, is nearby. Stargazers will enjoy a visit to neighboring Fred Lawrence Whipple/Mount Hopkins Observatory or to Kitt Peak Observatory. Nearby Sahuarita is home to the Titan II Missile Museum, where visitors can explore the only Titan II intercontinental ballistic missile site left intact after the Cold War. Lovers of art and history are drawn to historic Tubac, the oldest European settlement in the area and a shopper’s paradise with nearly 100 galleries and shops in addition to its historic park and museum. Heading to the Mexican border, the twin cities of Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora, offer hundreds of shops with goods ranging from leather, pottery, rugs and jewelry to furniture and decorative accessories. Green Valley is ideally situated to be your home base for a southern Arizona vacation. For more information call the Green Valley Chamber at 800-858-5872 or visit the website at www.greenvalleychamber.com.


Call Toll Free 1-888-398-8684

The Resort Accommodations
The Inn at San Ignacio is the perfect place to stay when visiting scenic Southern Arizona for a family reunion, golf group getaway, birding group or just to explore our beautiful community. Enjoy golf at several of Arizona’s best golf courses or just relax at our beautiful pool. Golf packages and group discounts are available at 10 area courses including San Ignacio, Canoa Hills, Canoa Ranch, Torres Blancas and Haven.

The Inn at Gr een Valley & Souther n Arizona’s Finest

San Ignacio



The Music of Your Life
Playing the Legends from the 40’s to the 70’s

LOCAL NEWS: KGVY News Director Don Wallace WEATHER: Meteorologists Mike Speil and Mike Nagle LIVE ON AIR PERSONALITIES:
Tom Lang, Marshall Darris, Tim McKay, and Dan Baldwin

Call any of our account representatives to help promote your business.


Exit 56 off of I-19 in Green Valley, Arizona

Call 888-450-5444 or 520-393-5700

AAA & AARP Discounts • Group Discounts • Golf Packages www.InnAtSanIgnacio.com


A Tourist News Z

JUNE 2004

Tour Descends into Bisbee’s Copper Queen Mine
Outfitted in hard hat, miner’s headlamp and a yellow slicker, thousands of Bisbee visitors descend into the Queen Mine Tour each year... heading underground and back in time. Tour guides, retired Phelps Dodge employees, lead the group 1,500 feet into the mine and recount mining days, techniques, dangers and drama. Adding a personal touch, the miner-turned-tour guides help visitors experience what it was like to work underground. The wealth of riches that the Queen Mine produced helped electrify the U.S. by supplying copper throughout the country. It was one of the most prolific copper mines in the nation, producing more than eight billion pounds of copper, nearly three million ounces of gold as well as silver, lead and zinc. Mining began in Bisbee in 1877. The mine eventually closed when Phelps Dodge discontinued its operations in the mid-1970s, but it reopened as a tourist attraction in 1976. Five tours depart each day, seven days a week, from the Queen Mine Tour Building, located immediately south of Old Bisbee’s business district, off the U.S. 80 interchange. Tours last approximately one hour. Tickets to the Queen

Experience Mining Life

Western Film & Book Exposition
Independence Day Weekend with the Stars
run through July 4. One of the highlights of the four days is “Guns, Gals and Gamblers,” a special casino night with the celebrities scheduled at the Bella Union Opera House the evening of July 2, 2004. True West Magazine called the Tombstone Western Film Festival “The Best of the Western Film Festivals.” This year the festival has returned in a new format that now combines western film stars, celebrities and famous western authors, thanks to a partnership with Talei Publishing of Hawaii, a publisher of historic western writing. Hollywood’s stunt and trainman Jim Clark, who moved to Tombstone nearly six years ago, produces this Exposition. “I formed the Arizona Western Heritage Foundation so we could show these great films in and about Tombstone and the old west...We all want Hollywood’s memorable movies to survive from the ‘The Great Train Robbery’ on. The program will consist of book signings, panel discussions, autograph signings, sessions, street music and film screenings. There is no admission charge for The Western Book Exposition on Sat from 10-2. Movie and TV stars, side-by-side with Western authors, collectors, book dealers, and radio personalities, meet with the general public. There will be books for sale together with Western memorabilia, souvenir items and collectibles, while The Tombstone Western UE IQ NT Film and Book Exposition will UN VE begin with a bang on July 1 and E photographs of the cowboy stars are autographed on the spot. A special cement signing will take place at Tombstone Mercantile Courtyard at 8th and Freemont on Sunday morning. Visitors may meet celebrities on the boardwalks such as Bruce Boxleitner (Wyatt Earp), and Melissa Gilbert of Little House on the Prairie fame. Alternatively, for those ‘History Channel’ buffs, actors such as Leon Metz and Bill O’Neal will be there to greet visitors. Celebrity guests include Buck Taylor, Robert Fuller, Gregg Palmer, Martin Kove, Dirk London, Jan Shepard, Dick Jones, William Smith, Peter Brown, Nancy Gilbert, Lois Hall, Robert Horton, Ty Hardin, and Gary Gray. The entire town of Tombstone will be dressed to the nines for this four-day event and encouraging the public to come in full western attire to amble down the boardwalks, view the old films and dance in the original dance halls. Don’t forget to visit the 1882-era Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park, the O.K. Corral and Boot Hill Graveyard. The latest information and ticket application can be found on the festival’s website www.tombstonewesternfilm.com or by calling the festival office at 520-4579175. To attend Guns, Gals and Gamblers Casino Night with the celebrities is $50 as a separate item or included in the $100 VIP package. Space is limited and early booking is encouraged to avoid disappointment. For more information call the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce at 888-457-3929.

Bisbee’s Legendary Queen Mine Underground Tours Van Tours of Surface Mines and the Historic Bisbee District
Ask about the new Bisbee Visitor Passport


Mine Tour are $12 plus tax for adults, $5 plus tax for youth ages 5-15 and free for children age 4 and under. Group rates are also available for groups of 10 or more and require advanced notice of two weeks. In addition to the Queen Mine Tour, visitors can gain access to the city’s top two attractions, plus enjoy discounts at area merchants, through the Bisbee Visitor Passport. Visitors can purchase the passport for only $17 (including tax), which will serve as their admission tickets to both the Queen Mine Tour and the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum. As an added bonus, the passport features discounts and special offers from more than 15 participating restaurants, hotels and attractions. Visitors can save up to $150 with the discounts. The passport includes photos of Bisbee and can be kept as a souvenir. Visitors can use the passport once at each location, and with more than 15 discounts, it can be used on more than one visit; it’s also transferrable. For information on Bisbee’s passport program, contact the Queen Mine Tour toll-free at 866-432-2071, the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum at 520432-7071 or the Bisbee Visitor Center toll-free at 866-2 BISBEE (224-7233). Visitors can also get information on Bisbee’s events, attractions and accommodations at www.bisbeearizona.com. Bisbee is located approximately 90 miles southeast of Tucson.

You are what you experience…

Located immediately south of Bisbee’s Historic District, off the U.S. 80 Interchange.

Travel Arizona

Bisbee Visitor Passport
Now Available Online
The Bisbee Visitor Passport, which costs only $17 (including tax) and serves as admission tickets to both the Queen Mine Tour and the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum, is now available at www.bisbeemuseum.org. The passport also features discounts of up to $150. Some of the more than 15 participating restaurants, hotels and attractions are: Bisbee Trolley, Turquoise Valley Golf Course, Inn at Castle Rock, Canyon Rose Suites, Bisbee Coffee Company, and Cafe Roka. You’ll be pleased to get 50% off parking at the Copper Queen Parking Lot! For more information call the Bisbee Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center at 866-224-7233.

Independence Day Celebrations
in Cochise County
JUL 3 BENSON July 4th Celebration Downtown - A Star Spangled 4th of July Parade at 9a. Lions Park - water fights 10:30a; food & craft vendors and entertainment 12-dark, 8p fireworks. 520-5863748 JUL 3-4 BISBEE Annual Fourth of July Celebration 3rd: Parade, “B” hill run 7a, coaster races. 4th: historic run, ball games, fireworks, mining contests - hard rock drilling 2p & mucking contest 4p in Brewery Gulch, food booths. 520-432-5421 JUL 3-4 DOUGLAS Fireworks & Celebration Veterans Memorial Park - Sat, celebration - music, food and crafts. Sun, parade, fireworks & celebration. 520-364-2496 or 888-315-9999 JUL 3-4 SIERRA VISTA Fourth of July Celebration Veterans Memorial Park - 3rd, Evening street dance. 4th, Pets & People Parade, 8am. Military displays, kids activities, vendors, afternoon concert. Fireworks, Army Band plays 1812 Overture, Stone Sports Complex. 520-417-6960 JUL 4 TOMBSTONE Family Style 4th of July Medogovich Park - Activities incl a round-robin softball tournament (all ages) & kids’ games, food booth. Night-time fireworks display after dark. 520-4573420/3364 JUL 4 WILLCOX Community Fireworks Willcox High School - Fireworks - twice as large as usual! Football field, begins at dusk approx. 8p. 520384-4673

1-800-574-0417 • FAX (520) 457-3049
7th & Fremont • P.O. Box 182 Tombstone, AZ 85638


JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


U-Pick Season Opens
Southeastern Arizona Offers Bountiful Produce
Willcox, located in Southeastern Arizona, at an elevation of 4,182 feet, blends a rough and tumble country with a friendly down home attitude, where visitors can experience a day on a farm and bring home an array of fresh vegetables, nuts, and fruits, everything from Apples to Zucchini. From June through October, Southeastern Arizona boasts the state’s largest assortment of direct-sales farms, offering nuts, vegetables, honeys, jellies, vinegars, salsas, baked goods, meats, and much more, depending on the harvest time for the year. Thousands of visitors from all around Arizona come to do their own harvesting or choose from a cornucopia of produce already gathered. The diversity rivals the supermarket and the quality is unsurpassed. Most growers request that you bring your own bags or boxes and to be sure to call ahead to check on availability of products. Many special activities and events are scheduled to educate and delight visitors. Events include Art Festivals, Cider Sip’n Celebration, Peach Mania Festival, Apple Festival, Sweet Corn Festival, and the ever so popular Pumpkin Festivals. Educational tours, tour groups, and birthday groups are welcomed by appointment, please call ahead for reservations. For a free “Fresh Farm Produce Brochure,” that includes a map, a harvest calendar and a list of all the farms, just send a self-addressed stamped envelope (#10 business envelope) with 37 cents postage addressed to; Willcox Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture, Produce Brochure, 1500 N. Circle I Rd, Willcox, AZ 85643. While the Willcox area attracts visitors to the farms, people should plan to sightsee and stay overnight as the Willcox area has so much more to offer visitors. Historical, cultural, scenic, and recreational attractions include the Rex Allen Arizona Cowboy Museum, Chiricahua Regional Museum, Historic Southern Pacific Train Depot/Railroad Car, Chiricahua National Monument, Cochise Stronghold, Fort Bowie National Historic Site, Amerind Foundation, Muleshoe Ranch, 9-hole golf course, and all services - shopping, motels, RV parks, and restaurants. For additional information- email: willcoxchamber@vtc.net, website: www.willcoxchamber.com or phone: 800-200-2272

Destination: Pearce/Sunsites
Growing Community in the High Desert
by Charlis McVey Are you looking for your place in the sun in Arizona... somewhere quiet, safe, affordable, and sunny... yet not TOO hot? Pearce/Sunsites may just hit the spot! This small community of about 2,000 is located in a scenic valley 85 miles southeast of Tucson. It offers the interesting combination of an old west mining town melding with a modern day retirement village in rural Arizona. Pearce was originally the site of one of the richest gold mines in the state during the early years of the 20th century. When the mine closed, Pearce gradually fell into ruins... but today, new enterprises are springing up in the old ghost town Prickly Pear Shop, Udder Delight and Old Pearce Pottery Shop. Sunsites, originally a Horizon retirement development project, was established in 1961 bringing new life to the area. Together, Pearce/Sunsites is growing into a completely self-supporting unincorporated town offering a wide range of facilities, which include an arts and crafts center, a community center, library, two parks, a swimming pool, and a bank. The temperatures here at 4,300 ft. are moderate and pleasant. A prime attraction is the 18-hole championship golf course with tree-lined, all-grass fairways and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Shadow Mountain Golf Course also offers a full service restaurant and lounge, a Pro Shop, practice facilities, and a Spanish-style 10unit motel - come and enjoy the very reasonably priced golf packages. Or - live right in the middle of the golf course! The Villas at Shadow Mountain is a planned community of deluxe, two bedroom, 2 bath, Santa Fe Style Patio Homes on the golf course, complete with nice sized lots from the low $100,000s. Come and have a look - owner Larry White is giving away 2 free 18 hole rounds of golf when you tour the model homes! Call 520-826-5411. For more information contact the Pearce/Sunsites Chamber of Commerce at 520-826-3535.

Vintage and Heritage Collide
At Ft. Bowie Vineyards June Event
by Kate Seymour Ft. Bowie Vineyards and friends are pleased to present their 1st Annual Southeastern Arizona Western Heritage and Wine Festival the 12th and 13th of June! This is an opportunity not to be missed for there will be the best of all worlds - fantastic foods, amazing arts, sensational shopping and wonderful wines! All of the performers featured at the festival are from the region and will present poetry, music, and story telling for the enjoyment of all ages. Lindy Simmons, the talent wrangler for the event, has performed at many of the Southwest’s Cowboy Poetry Gatherings. Also appearing are Jon Messenger from Sierra Vista, Hook Hill of Lordsburg, NM, Wayne Cox of Bowie and others! Then, of course, there is the shopping. Available items will include western décor, rugs, stoneware, handmade soaps & lotions, one of a kind wooden bowls

Coronado National Memorial
The Coronado National Memorial was designated to commemorate the explorations of Francisco Vásquez de Coronado. History, hiking, birdwatching, and breathtaking scenery are to be found at this park along the Mexican border. As the Memorial is open for day use only, camping is not allowed. Make your first stop the Visitor Center, where displays such as paintings, weaponry, crafts, and interpretive text explain the importance of the Spanish impact on the cultures of the region. There is also a nineminute video about the expedition, and visitors may handle and try on some of the 16th century clothing and armor. Photographs of birds and native wildlife adorn the walls at the Visitor Center and interpretive books and guides are available. Outside there are wonderful opportunities to spot some of the 140 species of birds recorded in the park. Three miles west of the visitor center, accessible by a winding mountain road, is the scenic overlook at Montezuma Pass for breathtaking views of the San Raphael Valley to the west, the San Pedro Valley to the east, and Mexico to the south. There are numerous hiking trails, including the southern terminus of the great Arizona Trail; Coronado Peak Trail - 0.4 miles one way with quotations from the journals of Coronado’s captains providing a glimpse into the minds and hearts of the conquistadors; and Coronado Cave Trail 0.75 miles one way on a steep and rocky trail. Coronado Cave is approximately 600 feet in length, 20 feet high and 70 feet wide with several crawl ways and passages and a beautiful range of formations, including stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones and helictites. A free permit must be obtained from the Visitor Center. Directions: From I-10 take Hwy 90 to the junction of Hwy 90 & Hwy 92, then head 20 miles south on Hwy 92, turn right at sign, 5 miles to the Visitor Center. 520366-5515

and much more. Jeff Willey will be there with his company, Big Tex Bar-B-Que, to serve you up the best Texas bar-b-que this side of Texas, and the vineyards will be featuring their fine, fresh products as well. Take home some of their nice nuts, delicious dried fruits, great gift tins, the best bakery items and more. And don’t forget about the U-Pick Peaches and Cherries and of course, the FREE wine tasting! To top it all off, you can park your belongings (and your fabulously full self, at the end of the day) at the event’s host hotel, the Best Western Plaza Inn (exit 340 in Willcox) for a discounted rate just for mentioning the Bowie Wine Festival! For more information on the event please contact Fort Bowie Vineyards & Orchard Products at 888-299-5951 or by visiting www.fortbowievineyards.com. To book your room at the Best Western Plaza Hotel call 800-2622645.

Models Open Daily 10am-4pm • from the low 100’s 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Deluxe Golf Course Patio Homes at Shadow Mountain Country Club in Sunsites, Arizona

Overnight Lodging Available - Reservations Required
Directions: I-10 to Exit 331, South 18 Miles, right on Ironwood Rd. to Shadow Mountain Court

When You Tour Our Model Homes
With this ad.* One Per Family
*Must rent power cart.


A Tourist News Z

JUNE 2004


Colorado City

Kaibab Moccasin


Littlefield Mesquite

Grand Canyon Caverns & Inn
“Get Your Kicks Under Route 66”
It’s not new, in fact, it’s over 25 millions years old! But the Grand Canyon Caverns have seen some changes in the last 75 years. Found by Mr. Peck in the early 1920s, these huge underground caverns have a lot to say for themselves. First they have been dry for several million years. This makes them rare... most caverns are wet - only 3% of the world’s caverns are dry and only 1% are open to the public. This means a couple of things. One is that the Grand Canyon Caverns have no life in them. Because there is no moisture in the air or the caverns. nothing can live down there for longer than a few days. Great for those who do not like creepy crawly things! Another cool thing about the caverns are that they are cool, very cool. Pretty much 56 degrees 24/7 - 365 days a year. Located at an elevation of 5,600 feet, 60 miles East of Kingman, the Caverns are accessed via a 21-story elevator that takes you straight down. The doors open up to huge caverns, large enough to place football fields in them with the ceiling height up to 90 feet in places! The trails are well lit and concrete for easy walking, although at one point they have a 60 stair drop into a lower area which takes one’s breath away for a minute. Since the new ownership of the caverns around 2 years ago, there are new tours on offer: off-trail tours that allow the hearty to explore the lower depths of the caves. and the flashlight tour (all lights off) for the brave, who take the walk just with flashlights... similar to the early tourists in the 20s who used just a lantern. The new management team of Coni and Buck Voyles have improved many features of the 800-acre property. They have placed new TVs, VCRs and satellite TV service in the well-maintained 48room motel, added new direct dial phones in each room, opened a morning guest lounge area and arranged entertainment in the bar on many nights. A new gas station with gas and diesel has been put into operation for 24/7 service. Rodeos have been a popular comeback to the Caverns complex with over a dozen roping contests and rodeos in the last year. There is a well-maintained airstrip on the property, a 5200-foot runway for small planes. All the information a pilot needs can be found by pressing in locator L37 on any navigation site. The radio is monitored during daylight hours. The RV park is now being refurbished with new picnic tables, sites and hookups. The Caverns have been an Arizona landmark for over 75 years on Route 66 milepost 115 (12 miles East of Peach Springs, 22 miles west of Seligman). After 20 million years... come visit and see the changes that have taken place. “ Come for the Caverns, Stay for the Rest.” Look on the Internet at www.GCCaverns.com for more photos, maps and information or phone 928422-3223.


Colorado River Region Cities & Towns
Oatman Parker Peach Springs Poston Quartzsite Riviera Roll Salome San Luis Somerton Tacna Temple Bar Topock Truxton Valentine Wellton Wenden Wickieup Willow Beach Winterhaven Yucca Yuma

Temple Bar Willow Beach


Dolan Springs Chloride

Peach Springs Truxton

Valentine Hackberry



Bullhead City Kingman Oatman
Fort Mohave



Yucca Topock Wickieup

Lake Havasu City





Blythe Ehrenberg



Blythe, CA Bouse Bullhead City Chloride Cibola Colorado City, CO Dateland Dolan Springs Ehrenberg Fort Mohave Gadsden Hackberry Kaibab Kanab Kingman Lake Havasu City Laughlin, NV Littlefield Martinez Lake Mesquite Moccasin Needles, CA



Martinez Lake Winterhaven Roll Wellton

NEW! 24-Hour Gas & Diesel
“Pay at the Pump” Now Open 7 Days a Week!
At the Grand Canyon Caverns, Rt. 66 Milepost 115


Gadsden San Luis Somerton


Discover the Outdoors
in the Kingman Area

Independence Day Celebrations
Along the Colorado River
JUL 4 KINGMAN Fourth of July Celebration Mohave County Fairgrounds - Activities, fireworks, 5-9p, $1 (under 3 free), $1 parking. 928-753-2636 JUL 4 LAKE HAVASU Fourth of July Fireworks Display Spectator Point on the Island - Fireworks begin at dusk, free. 928-855-4115 JUL 4 SALOME Annual Fourth of July Celebration Fireworks at Centennial Park at dusk. 928-859-3846 JUL 4 QUARTZSITE Annual Fourth of July Celebration Town Park - Food, watermelon, dunk tank, kids games, door prizes, 5p. Professional fireworks display after dark, free adm. 928-927-5600 JUL 4 YUMA Independence Day Flag Raising Ceremony Friendship Tower/Caballeros Park, 3400 S. Avenue A - Military color escort & firing party, patriotic music and speaker, free adm, 7:30a. 928-343-1715 JUL 4 YUMA Fourth of July Celebration Yuma County Fairgrounds - Fireworks, demolition derby, kids games, watermelon bust. Adm to festival $3. 928-726-4420

Kingman lies in the scenic Hualapai Valley between the Cerbat and Hualapai mountain ranges. The 3,400 ft elevation means mild temperatures in which to hike, bike, camp and picnic. Outdoor enthusiasts will find many opportunities to indulge in their favorite activities. Nearby Hualapai Mountain Park offers picnicking, camping and cabin rentals. Hiking trails wind up to Aspen and Hayden peaks as the elevation climbs from 5000 to 8400 ft. The higher forests house elk, mule deer, fox, mountain lion and various species of birds. To reach the park take Exit 51 south off I-40, then Stockton Hill Rd south which becomes

Hualapai Mountain Rd. It is 14 miles to the park. 928-757-3859 In addition, golfers have a choice of two 18 hole golf courses. Cerbat Cliffs is a municipal golf course in a beautiful natural setting with outstanding greens, yet very affordable. At an elevation of about 3,300 ft, a round of golf is comfortable year-round. Valle Vista Country Club is an 18-hole championship golf course located just off Historic Route 66. This par 72 course measures 6,266 yards and again, is both affordable and offers excellent play. For more information about Kingman call the Powerhouse Visitor Center at 928-753-6106.


Kingman Airport
Celebrates 75th Anniversary
On June 26, from noon to 5pm, residents and visitors are invited to gather at the Kingman Airport and Industrial Park for an afternoon of fun. There will be an EAA Fly In, many static and historic displays, TriMotor airplane rides, vendors, an awards ceremony and more. Take a break at 5 to go and get all gussied up for a “Reception to Remember” at 6:30pm. There will be wine and cheese, a recounting of Charles Lindbergh’s historic visit and a hangar dance with a themed evening of entertainment...look for those 1920s flappers! The airport is located at 7000 Flightline Dr. For more information call 928-757-2005.

JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


Celebrating the Miner’s Heritage

Splash into Something Fun!
Head to BlueWater Resort & Casino
For most of us, the hot summer months bring longings for cool blue water! Whether fueled by childhood memories, adult sporting passions or just a desire to escape the heat, we start thinking of beaches, pools and boats... We long to have a break from work and hot weather and seek relief near a refreshing body of water. For your perfect “watery” getaway, plan a visit to BlueWater, a luxury resort casino located on the banks of the Colorado River. At BlueWater, summer fun is a family affair. Look at all there is on offer to keep both kids and adults supremely happy an indoor water park with two-story slide pool, adult pool, children’s pool and Jacuzzi; miniature golf; video arcade; and, recently opened and adjacent to the Casino, a 4-Plex theater showing the latest run movies with full THX sound. Dining at BlueWater is a matter of choice; you can fine dine at the fashionable “River Willow” or go casual at the Feast Restaurant and Buffet. The River’s Edge Cantina offers indoor and open-air seating with great burgers and full bar. For something quick venture over to the Snack Bar. The River Walk Bakery will wake you up each morning with fresh coffee and fine pastries. BlueWater Resort & Casino is located in Parker, Arizona, approximately 30 miles south of Lake Havasu City. The resort’s 200 rooms all feature a spectacular view of the river and overlook the 164-slip private marina. When the sun slips down towards the horizon the evening entertainment begins! Nightly in the Dig Lounge you’ll find live music. Each month a featured concert artist also performs. Or try your luck at the over 470 slots, plus Keno, live Poker and Bingo in the 500seat Bingo Hall. Plan to join BlueWater Resort & Casino on the weekend of June 12 and help them celebrate their 5th Anniversary. To commemorate the big occasion there will be free food, spectacular fireworks and lots of fun, with .38 Special in Concert - southern rock at its greatest! Other concerts to look forward to include Unauthorized Ozzy on July 3, Lou Gramm on August 12 and Tower of Power on Sept 18. Call 1-888-243-3360 to make your reservations, or to find out what’s happening at the BlueWater Resort & Casino go to www.bluewaterfun.com.

by Stacey Smith

Chloride celebrates its 28th Annual Old Miner’s Day on June 26, 2004. An old mining camp, Chloride was founded in 1826 just as silver was discovered in the Cerbat Mountains located east of the town. Chloride is also home to the oldest operating Post Office in Arizona. Miners, along with cattlemen and farmers, were some of the first Americans to take advantage of the west’s natural resources. Chloride - named after a type of silver that was mined there - did not disappear like many of the “Wild West” boomtowns of the mid-1880’s. In fact, Chloride’s mines did not shut down until 1944. At its height, the camp town boasted 75 mines! Today, the town of about 300 people is proud to be a part of Arizona’s mining heritage. The 28th annual Old Miner’s Day festivities kick off at 8am and wrap up at 3pm. Admission is free. There will be a parade at 11am. Other activities include a bake sale, live music, a raffle, and a staged gunfighter performance by the Wild Roses of Chloride, America’s only all-female gunfighter troupe, and the famous Immortal Gunfighters. Not to

mention the food and the fun! Chloride is located 20 miles northeast of Kingman, just off Interstate 93. Before or after attending the activities in town, be sure to check out some famous local sights. A one-mile drive just outside of Chloride will take you to Hualapai Indian petroglyphs and the colorful “Chloride Murals” that were created in 1966 by artist Roy Purcell. While you are in the “Old WestMining” frame of mind, head over to the mining camp town of Oatman. Oatman is located 30 miles southwest of Kingman on historic Route 66. Oatman is one of the quintessential “ghost towns” in Arizona. Several movies have been filmed on its roads. To experience part of the mining frontier’s spirit, take a tour of one of the area’s mines. Gold Road Mine Tour offers daily surface and underground tours for reasonable rates. For more information call them at 928-7681600 or visit them on the web at www.goldroadmine.com. For additional information on Oatman, call the town’s Chamber of Commerce at 928-768-6222. To learn more about Chloride call their chamber at 928-565-2204.

10 Boating Rules and Safety Tips
1. Law requires each boat occupant to have a designated U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) approved personal flotation device (PFD). All PFDs must be ready at hand and not enclosed in bags or locked compartments. 2. If your boat has any enclosed compartments or false doors, you must carry a USCGapproved fire extinguisher. 3. Always test your boat lights before leaving the dock and if your lights require batteries, bring some extra. 4. Bring emergency supplies such as maps, flares, and a first aid kit. 5. Tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back. 6. Always ventilate after refueling. 7. Avoid alcohol and drug use prior to boating. 8. If you loan your boat to someone, teach them how to operate it. Past figues show that over 1/3 of all boating accidents occurred while the boat was being borrowed. 9. Never allow passengers to ride on gunwales or seatbacks or outside of protective railings, including the front of a pontoon boat. 10. Make sure your registration is current and carry your registration on board.

Boat, Fish, Ski - Or Just Relax
Alamo Lake State Park
Just a short hour and half drive from the West Valley is one of Arizona’s premier lakes with 2000 surface acres of water.... Alamo Lake State Park. Smaller and less crowded than Lake Pleasant, Alamo Lake State Park is already known to anglers in search of bluegill, largemouth bass, channel catfish, and black crappie, but for summer days it’s quickly becoming the hot spot for water skiers and jet skiers. Whether your interest is canoeing, rafting, sailing, speedboats, or jet skis. Alamo Lake State Park is the place for a scenic respite, a desert escape, or a fun-filled water adventure. One of Arizona’s best kept secrets, Alamo Lake displays an almost unimaginable desert beauty that reflects off the water and lingers in the shadows of the cacti that dot the mountainous landscape around the lake. Located in the Bill Williams River Valley away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this State Park offers outdoor fun, premier bass fishing, and best of all lots of rest and relaxation. For nature lovers, the lake environment attracts a variety of wildlife year round, including bald and golden eagles, waterfowl, foxes, coyotes, mule deer and wild burros. Stargazers are sure to enjoy the unbelievable view of the

night sky with the nearest city lights some forty miles away! Ideally situated between Parker and Lake Pleasant, Alamo Lake State Park is an awesome fishing destination for Arizona’s night anglers. Rumor has it they are currently catching crappies averaging a pound and a half in weight from the upper end of the lake (near the buoy area) using minnows, and larger catches are coming in between midnight and day break. Fishing tournaments are common at the lake and anglers have an excellent opportunity to catch bluegill, largemouth bass, channel catfish, and black crappie. Remember, the desert can be harsh and dangerous, but it is also very fragile. Help us protect it, and yourself, by camping in the designated camp areas and keeping vehicles on maintained roadways. Entrance and camping fees apply. Camp fees are charged per vehicle with a limit of two vehicles per site. Entrance fees are charged per vehicle for day use. For details call park rangers at 928-6692088 for weekly rates and special use fees. For more details on Arizona State Parks visit the webpage at www.azstateparks.com or call 602-542-4174 to get directions to the parks or if calling long distance use the toll free number 800-285- 3703.


A Tourist News Z
Young’s Farm Garlic Festival

JUNE 2004


Young’s Farm Garlic Festival June 26th10-4 27th and From
• Country Store • Gift Shop • Farm Restaurant • Fresh Poultry & Produce • Seasonal Festivals • Blacksmith Dewey • 928-632-7272 www.YoungsFarmInc.com

Open 7-6 Daily

71st Annual Hopi Marketplace

4th of July Blast

Fun-filled Family Day in Winslow, Arizona
• Parade • Food Vendors • Arts & Craft Booths • Game Booths • Fireworks Show • And More!!

7th Annual Hon-Dah Pow Wow in the Pines


Winslow Chamber of Commerce ~ 928-289-2434
or e-mail: winslowchamber@cybertrails.com

Show Low Days

Strawberry Festival Weekend

1st Annual Southeastern Arizona Western Heritage & Wine Festival

Pine Country Pro Rodeo

FINE ART: Picasso, Erté, Kandinski, Dali, and more WWW.MUSEUMOFPAWN.COM ESTATE QUALITY JEWELRY: Native American Indian Pawn • Thousands and thousands
of unusual authenticated • Native American pottery, baskets, arts & crafts.

• Spacious Studio Suites • Free Continental Breakfast Buffet • Free High Speed Internet • Conference Facilities • Pool and Fitness Center • Walking Distance to Downtown Restaurants and Shopping

EGYPTIAN ARTIFACTS: 2,000 Year Old Caskets • Egyptian Polychrome Largest Egyptian Exhibit in the Entire State FRAMED GOLD RECORDS: Alice Cooper, Steppenwolf, Foghat and more CLASSIC MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS • CLASSIC HARLEY DAVIDSON & INDIAN MOTORCYCLES

$25 OFF
a Two Night Stay
Any Day of the Week.
Ask for Rate Code ARZ
Expires 6/24/04. Not valid 5/28-5/30/2004.


3116 N. Scottsdale Rd. 480-990-3739

JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


Pine Country Pro Rodeo
Rodeo Date Friday, June 18 Saturday, June 19 Sunday, June 20 Time 7:00 pm 7:00 pm 1:30 pm

All days preshow begins 30 minutes before COCONINO COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS (928) 526-9926

19th Annual Eagar Daze

19th Annual Eagar Daze

Watch us Soar in 2004
August 6-7, 2004
Ice Cream Social - 5:30pm • Teen Dance - 8pm Pancake Breakfast • Mud Mania • Logging Events Dog Show • Tug-O-War • BBQ Dinner Food & Craft Vendors • Live Entertainment Volleyball Tournament Evening Performance & Dance by J Marc Bailey - www.jmarcbailey.com



JuneTeenth “Jazz Splash” Festival

Town of Eagar - Ramsey Park

JuneTeenth “Jazz Splash” Festival
at Arcosanti - Cordes Junction, AZ
Exit 282 @ Hwy 69 & I -17
• Live Blues, Jazz, Latin-Salsa and Reggae/Funk • World Class Ethnic Arts & Crafts • Children's Stage • Bargain Booths • Diabetes & Sickle Cell Health-Care Clinics • Free Music Clinic with Dr. Jill Allen (Yamaha Clinician) General admission $5.00 adults, $2.00 teens. Hours are 11am to 11pm.

June 19 & 20

VIP Package - Admission, Backstage-Lounge,
Centennial Arts & Crafts Style Celebration

JuneTeenth Jazz Splash Festival & Ethnic Arts Fair

2nd Annual Best of the West Fine Art Show & Sale

"Day of Aviation" Kingman Airport 75th Anniversary

Young's Farm Garlic Festival

Swimming Pool Service, Reserved Table Dining, Fathers' Day Wine & Cheese Garden! Entered into “Honeymoon (2 x 2 days & nights) Drawings.” $25-$40 For tickets: Arcosanti at 928-632-7135 or Prescott Jazz Society at 928-925-1422

Photos by Steve Parker

Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. & Cactus Rd. Scottsdale, Arizona

Recorded info: (480)860-8810 Phone:(480)860-2700

since 1945

A broad range of guided tours are offered daily at this desert masterpiece which served as Wright’s personal home, studio and architecture campus.

Native American Indian and Southwestern Arts & Crafts
Monday-Saturday 9:30-5:30 Sunday 11-5

2837-41 North Campbell Avenue Tucson, Az



A Tourist News Z

JUNE 2004

APACHE JUNCTION Super 8 Motel CHANDLER Wyndham Garden Hotels Southgate Hotel FLAGSTAFF Embassy Suites Radisson Woodlands Hotel Inn at NAU (Northern Az University) GILA BEND Super 8 Motel GLENDALE Ramada Limited GRAND CANYON Grand Canyon National Park Lodges Quality Inn & Suites Grand Canyon Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn GREER Snowy Mountain Inn Cattle Kate's Lodge MADERA CANYON Santa Rita Lodge Nature Resort MESA Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa PARADISE VALLEY Hermosa Inn PHOENIX Hilton Hotel Hilton Suites Hotel Courtyard by Marriott Doubletree Guest Suites Embassy Suites Biltmore PINETOP Woodland Inn & Suites Hon-Dah Resort Casino PRESCOTT Forest Villas Hotel Springhill Suites at Marriott Hampton Inn SCOTTSDALE Scottsdale Pima Inn & Suites Holiday Inn Express & Suites-Scottsdale Fairfield Inn Downtown Scottsdale Hospitality Suite Resort SEDONA Sedona Super 8 SPRINGERVILLE Reed’s Lodge TEMPE Twin Palms Hotel Tempe Travelodge WILLIAMS Fairfield Inn (Marriotts) Quality Inn Mountain Ranch Resort Canyon Motel 251 E. 29th Ave. 7475 West Chandler Blvd 7445 W. Chandler Blvd 706 South Milton Rd. 1175 W. Route 66 San Francisco/McCreary Bldg #33 2888 Butterfield Trail 7885 W. Arrowhead Towne Center Dr. P.O. Box 699 Hwy 64 1mi S. of Grand Canyon Hwy. 64 38721 Route 373 Box 21 1218 S. Madera Canyon Rd. 1011 W. Holmes Ave 5532 N. Palo Cristi Road 2435 S. 47th St 10 East Thomas Road 9631 N. Black Canyon Road 320 N. 44th St 2630 E. Camelback Road 458 E. White Mountain Blvd. 777 Hwy 260 3645 Lee Cir. 200 E. Sheldon St 3453 Ranch Rd. 7330 N. Pima Road 3131 N. Scottsdale Rd 5101 N. Scottsdale Rd 409 N. Scottsdale Rd 2545 W. Hwy 89A P.O. Box 240 225 E. Apache Blvd. 1005 E. Apache Blvd. 1029 N. Grand Canyon Blvd 6701 E. Mountain Ranch Road 1900 E. Rodeo Rd. 480-288-8888 480-961-4444 480-940-0308 928-774-4333 800-333-3333 928-523-1616 877-778-3789 623-412-2000 1-888-297-2757 800-221-2222 800-622-6966 888-SNOWY-71 928-735-7744 520-625-8746 480-833-5555 602-955-8614 480-894-1600 602-212-5303 602-944-7373 602-225-0500 800-362-2779 928-367-3636 800-929-8744 800-223-3449 928-776-0998 928-443-5500 800-344-0262 888-401-7666 480-945-4392 480-949-5115 928-282-1533 928-333-4323 480-967-9431 480-968-7871 928-635-9888 866-687-2624 800-482-3955 www.grandcanyonlodges.com www.grandcanyonqualityinn.com www.grandcanyonsquire.com www.snowymountain.com www.cattlekateslodge.com www.santaritalodge.com www.mesapavillion.hilton.com www.hermosainn.com www.hiltonphoenixairport.com www.hilton.com www.marriott.com www.doubletree.com www.embassysuites.com www.apachejunctionsuper8.com www.wyndham.com www.southgatemotel.com www.embassysuitesflagstaff.com www.radisson.com/flagstaffaz www.nau.edu/hrm/inn/ www.super8.com

A Quiz for Arizona Travelers
AZ Tourist News is an information resource. Rarely do we publish what went on yesterday... However, I would be amiss not to let us all who enjoy the many wonderful lodging facilities in Arizona have a chance to revisit our new found friends. Pictured with this are hospitality pros who make Arizona happen for all of us. I would venture to say you know them by name. If you can name any three pictured you will receive a free 3-month subscription to AZ Tourist News. Need help with the names? I will give you a clue...(ssshhh...don’t tell anyone, but read this accompanying press release). We appreciate all those pictured here and their many colleagues, without whose professionalism Arizona would not be the destination for many that it is today. Chicago April 13-14, 2004. In addition, Phoenix received second place awards for Membership, Website, Fundraising, Education, Awards/Recognition and Partnership Development. The 24th Annual HSMAI Frank W. Berkman Chapter Awards Program was presented at the annual Leadership Forum. HSMAI is a leading organization of sales and marketing professionals representing all segments of the hospitality industry. For more information, contact Joanne Winter at 602-240-5552 or visit the chapter website at hsmai-phx.org.

‘Best-Of-The-Best’ Awards HSMAI Honors the Greater Phoenix Chapter
The Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) honored the Greater Phoenix Chapter with first prize in the Communications and Leadership Development categories during the “Best-of-the-Best” in chapter practices competition at the HSMAI Chapter Leadership Forum held in
HSMAI Leaders with President/CEO of HSMAI (l to r): Tara Thain (SuperShuttle), Penny Allphin (Radisson Poco Diablo Resort), Joanne Winter (HSMAI Phoenix), Linda Ruby (Inn at Eagle Mountain), Bob Gilbert (HSMAI), Kathi Overkamp (America West Airlines), Cheryl Street (Sunterra Resorts) and Clark Rowley (Scottsdale Camelback Resort).

12% off*
of our standard suite rates....
*Based on double occupancy. Tax not included. Based on availability. Not valid on internet reservations (please call our toll free 800 number to reserve your suite). Not valid on holidays or during special local events or with other discounts and promotions. May be used for up to 10 consecutive nights. Coupon must be presented at check in. Coupon ID:AZTN03-EKEK Expires: 5/30/04

Suite Desert Deals!
Vacationing close to home this year? Take advantage of this truly fantastic discount!
• All TRUE suites with private bedroom, fridge, microwave, 2 TVs and more • Cool off in outdoor pools • Enjoy many local dining, shopping & entertainment locations • Children under 18 stay FREE in adult’s suite • FREE continental breakfast • FREE local calls • FREE guest use bicycles

www.hon-dah.com www.forestvillas.com www.springhillsuites.com

With less travel time and lower costs your family can have even...


www.zmchotels.com www.scottsdalehie.com www.fairfieldinn.com/PHXFS/ www.hospitalitysuites.com www.sedonasuper8.com www.k5reeds.com www.twinpalmshotel.com www.travelodge.com www.marriott.com/fairfieldinn/ www.mountainranchresort.com www.thecanyonmotel.com

Chandler - Sun City - Tucson

(800) 547-4747

Sun-Thurs Studio Special

Tempe/Phoenix Airport • Scottsdale Tucson City Center • San Diego



IRVINE Seven Crown Resorts OCEANSIDE Guesthouse Hotel 8 Thomas, Suite 200 1103 N. Coast Hwy 800-752-9670 760-722-1904 www.sevencrown.com www.guesthouse.net

Flagstaff/Grand Canyon $49.99 Sun-Thurs • $59.99 Fri-Sat

MONUMENT VALLEY Goulding’s Lodge P.O. Box 360001 435-727-3231 www.gouldings.com

FREE Free 1-888-INNSUITES Call
High Speed Internet Hot Breakfast Buffet Social Hour/HBO/Paper

2-Room Family/Executive Suite $89.99 Romantic Presidential Jacuzzi Suite $99.99
Groups & Special Events excluded. Present ad thru 6/30/04.

JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


Dog Parks Statewide
Please observe all posted rules and clean up after your dog. Chandler Shawnee Park 1400 W. Mesquite, Alma School north of Warner, 6a-10:30p. Fenced, benches, handicap access, poopbags, trees, parking, lights, water, and trash cans. 3 acres of grass and desert landscaping, lots of room for dogs to run. Snedigar Bark Park 4500 S. Basha Rd., Alma School Road & Ocotillo, 6a-10:30p. Fenced, benches, dog fountain, handicap access, poopbags, parking, restrooms, lights, water, and trash. Training obstacles such as a see-saw, balance beam, tunnel, and hurdles. Chandler Parks Division, 480-782-2750 Flagstaff Thorpe Bark Park 600 N. Thorpe, Dawn - Dusk. Fenced, benches, tables, handicap access, poopbags, trees, parking, water, and trash. About 1 acre park in the pine trees, park for small dogs as well. Bushmaster Park 3150 N. Altavista, Dawn - Dusk. Fenced, benches, tables, handicap access, trees, parking, water, and trash. About 1 acre park in the pine trees, park for small dogs as well. Flagstaff Parks & Recreation, 928-779-7690 Fountain Hills Desert Vista Park 11800 N. Desert Vista Dr., Saguaro Blvd., Dawn - Dusk. Fenced, benches, handicap access, poopbags, trees, parking, water, and trash. About 3.5 acres of turf and a 1/2 acre fenced area for smaller dogs. Fountain Hills Parks & Recreation, 480-816-5152 Gilbert Dog Park at Crossroads 2155 E. Knox Rd., west of Greenfield, south of Warner, 6a - 10p. Fenced, benches, tables, handicap access, poopbags, parking, lights, water, and trash cans. Separate fenced areas for active and timid dogs. No shade, early morning or evening is best for summer. Tables and rest area. Gilbert Parks & Recreation, 480-503-6200 Glendale Foothills Dog Park 57th & Union Dr., next to baseball field 6a - 10p. Fenced, benches, poopbags, trees, parking, lights, water, and trash cans. Access is from North Glendale Library parking lot. Agility toys for practice and play. Trails nearby. Sahuaro Ranch Park 63rd Ave. & Mountain View, 6a - 10p. Trees and benches. Enclosed off-leash area within park, almost an acre. Glendale Parks & Recreation, 623-930-2820 Kingman Lewis Kingman Park Route 66/Andy Devine, Louis, & Harrison, Dawn - 10p. Fenced, benches, tables, handicap access, poopbags, trees, restrooms, parking, lights, water, trash cans, and shelter. 2 acre park, plenty of shade, some agility equipment, and beautiful lawn. Kingman Parks & Recreation, 928-757-7919 Lake Havasu City Lion’s Dog Park 1340 McCulloch, 6a - 10p. Fenced, benches, tables, handicap access, poopbags, trees, parking, lights, water, trash, and shelter. Over 1/8 acre, fire hydrant water fountain that sprays onto a concrete pad for dogs to play on. Lake Havasu Parks & Recreation, 928453-8686 Mesa Quail Run 4155 E. Virginia, Greenfield & Virginia, Sunrise - 10p. Fenced, benches, poopbags, trees, restrooms, lights, water, and trash cans. About 3 acres of grass, lots of new trees. Mesa Parks & Recreation, 480-644-5040 Oro Valley James D. Kriegh Park 23 W. Calle Concordia, NE corner 6a - 10p, Sun-Sat. Fenced, benches, tables, handicap access, restrooms, and trash. 14,000 sq. ft. with water fountain for both people and dogs. Oro Valley Parks & Recreation, 520-229-5050

Payson Payson Off-Leash Park McLane Rd., next to Library, 1 mile north of McLane and Longhorn, Dawn - Dusk. Fenced, benches, tables, handicap access, poopbags, trees, parking, water, and trash cans. Over an acre, small dog fenced area. Payson Parks & Recreation, 928-747-5242 Prescott Willow Creek Dog Park 3181 Willow Creek Rd., Commerce Dr., 7a 10p. Fenced, benches, tables, trees, parking, restrooms, water, and trash cans. Separate 1/2 acre area for small dogs. Prescott Parks & Recreation, 928-777-1122 Scottsdale Chaparral Park 5401 N. Hayden Rd., dog park located at SE corner of McDonald Dr. and Hayden Rd. Dawn - 9p, 2.2 acres, fenced, passive & large dog areas, shade, water, benches, and restroom. Horizon Park 15444 N. 100th St., Thompson Peak Parkway & 100th St., Dawn - Dusk. Fenced, benches, tables, disposal bags, parking, phones, restrooms, and trash cans. Some shade, fountains for both people and dogs. Vista del Camino Park 7700 East Pierce St., west on Pierce St. from Hayden Rd., Sunrise - 10:30p. Fenced, benches, mutt mitt stations, some light, and drinking fountains for both people and dogs. Just under an acre with restroom facilities nearby. Scottsdale Parks & Recreation, 480312-2331

Tempe Creamery Park 1520 E. 8th St., west of McClintoch, south of University, 6a - Midnight. Fenced, benches, disposal bags, handicap access, trees, parking, lighted, water, and trash cans. Mitchell Park Mitchell Dr. & 9th St., 6a - Midnight. Fenced, benches, disposal bags, handicap access, trees, parking, lighted, water, and trash cans. Papago Parks 1000 N. College Ave., south of Curry, 6aMidnight. Fenced, benches, disposal bags, handicap access, trees, parking, lighted, water, and trash cans. Tempe Parks & Recreation, 480-350-5200 Tucson Christopher Columbus Park (city park) 4600 N. Silverbell, between St. Mary’s & Speedway, Dawn - Dusk. Fenced, benches, tables, poopbags, trees, parking, restrooms, water, trash, and shelter. 1/3 of an acre. McDonald Park (county park) 4100 N. Harrison Rd., Tanque Verde, Dawn - Dusk. Fenced, benches, tables, handicap access, poopbags, trees, parking, restrooms, water, trash, and shelter. 1.25 acres, two fenced areas for small and larger dogs. Reid Park Dog Park (city park) Alvernon & 22ND St., near zoo entrance - old baseball field, 7 a-10p. Fenced, trees, parking, lights, water, and trash. In a converted ball field within Reid Park, grassy with trees. Tucson Parks & Recreation, 520791-4873. Pima County Parks & Recreation, 520-877-6000

Ask for Bed & Breakfast Specials

Take me too!
Enjoy taking the WHOLE family for a getaway!
Bell Rock Inn & Suites, nestled in the majestic red rocks of Sedona, offers comfortable rooms for you and your pet. Enjoy hiking, fine dining and 4x4 adventures while waiting for your amber sunsets!
(Limited number of rooms available. Pet-friendly room request must be made at time of reservation.)

Pet Friendly Hotels
FLAGSTAFF Ramada Limited West TUCSON Ghost Ranch Lodge BENSON Motel 6 GOODYEAR Hampton Inn & Suites MESA La Quinta Inn & Suites Select Suites Mesa Fiesta Mall PAYSON Kohl’s Ranch Lodge PHOENIX Best Western Inn SCOTTSDALE Hampton Inn Residence Inn by Marriott-Scottsdale 2755 Woodland Village 801 W. Miracle Mile 877-703-0291 800-456-7565 www.the.ramada.com www.ghostranchlodge.com 800-466-8356 www.motel6.com

637 S. Whetstone Commerce Dr. 2000 N. Litchfield Rd. 800-426-7866

www.hamptoninn.com 800-531-5900 www.laquinta.com

6530 E. Superstition Springs Blvd. 960 W. Southern Hwy 260 17211 N. Black Canyon Hwy. 4415 N. Civic Center Plaza 6040 N. Scottsdale Rd. 800-821-8005 800-331-5645 800-937-8376 800-426-7866 800-835-6205 800-288-6127 800-521-3131 800-466-8356 800-833-1516 800-937-8376 877-424-6423 800-227-6086

www.selectsuites.com www.ilxresorts.com www.bestwestern.com/bellhotel www.amdest.com www.marriott.com/phxrs www.marriott.com www.ilxresorts.com www.motel6.com www.amerisuites.com www.innoftempe.com www.comfortinn.com www.clarionhotel.com/hotel/az128

Or you can head to the cool Ponderosa Pines of Payson, where Kohl’s Ranch Lodge welcomes you. Bring your spurs, tackle box and appetite with you!
(Available Pet Kennel & Horse Pens)

Scottsdale Marriott At McDowell Mountains 16770 N. Perimeter Drive SEDONA Bell Rock Inn & Spa SIERRA VISTA Motel 6 - Location #0277 TEMPE Amerisuites Best Western Inn of Tempe Comfort Inn & Suites TUCSON Clarion Randolph Hotel 6246 Hwy 179 1551 E. Fry Blvd. 1520 W. Baseline Rd. 670 N. Scottsdale Rd. 1031 E. Apache 102 N. Alvernon

LOS ANGELES Farmer’s Daughter Hotel MONTEREY Victorian Inn 115 S. Fairfax Ave 487 Foam St 800-334-1658 800-232-4141 www.farmersdaughterhotel.com

17 Miles East of Payson on Highway 260 (928) 478-4211

6246 Highway 179 • Sedona, AZ (928) 282-4161

For Reservations Call 1-800-521-3131


A Tourist News Z

JUNE 2004

Little Thumb Butte P.O. Box 3947 Chino Valley, AZ 86323 928-636-4413 Four Seasons Cabins P.O. Box 219 Greer, AZ 85927 928-735-7333 White Mountain Lodge P.O. Box 143/140 Main St. Greer, AZ 85927 888-493-7568 wmlodge@wmonline.com; www.wmlodge.com Country Living at its Best. Rooms and Suites in historic country home plus cabins with full kitchens, porches and phones. Fireplaces and whirlpool tubs. Lake of the Woods Resort P.O. Box 777 Lakeside, AZ 85929 928-368-5353 Bell Rock Inn & Suites 6246 Hwy 179 Sedona, AZ 86351 800-521-3131 www.ilxresorts.com Inn at 410 B&B 410 N. Leroux St. Flagstaff, AZ 86001 800-774-2008 Canyon Colors B&B P.O. Box 3657 Page, AZ 86040 800-536-2530 Historic Coldstream B&B P.O. Box 2988 Pinetop, AZ 85935 928-369-0115 Pinecone Lodge P.O. Box 3930 Pinetop, AZ 85935 928-367-2663 Lynx Creek Farm P.O. Box 4301 Prescott, AZ 86302 Prescott Pines B & B 901 White Spar Rd. Prescott, AZ 86303 928-445-7270 Boots and Saddles P.O. Box 1950 Sedona, AZ 86339 928-282-1944 Briar Patch Inn 3190 N. Highway 89A Sedona, AZ 86336 888-809-3030 Cozy Cactus Bed & Breakfast 80 Canyon Circle Dr. Sedona, AZ 86351 928-284-0082 The Lodge at Sedona 125 Kalloff Place Sedona, AZ 86336 928-204-1942 Southwest Inn at Sedona 3250 W. Highway 89A Sedona, AZ 86336 Info@swinn.com; www.swinn.com Relax on your deck and admire the red rock view from this small luxury hotel with B&B atmosphere. Return to the world feeling rejuvenated. Territorial House 65 Piki Drive Sedona, AZ 86336 800-801-2737

The Sheridan House Inn 460 E. Sheridan Williams, AZ 86046 888-635-9345

Ft. Bowie Vineyards 156 N. Jefferson Bowie, AZ 85695 888-299-5951 or 520-847-2593 Nuts4u@vtc.net Features 450 acres of Pecan trees, 10 acres of Walnut trees, 10 acres of peaches, 10 acres of sweet cherries and 10 aces of vineyards. Tastings Mon-Fri 10a-5p. Kokopelli Winery / Paradise Valley Vineyards 35 W. Boston St. Chandler, AZ 85225 480-792-6927 Dos Cabezas Winery Wayward Winds Rd. Kansas Settlement, AZ 85643 Phone/Fax 520-455-5369 Colibri Vineyard & Winery 2825 W. Hilltop Rd. Portal, AZ 85632 520-558-2401

Amado Territory Inn 3001 E. Frontage Rd Amado, AZ 85645 888-398-8684 www.amado-territory-inn.com Casa De San Pedro 8933 S. Yell Lane Hereford, AZ 85615-9250 800-588-6468 www. bedandbirds.com The Duquesne House 357 Duquesne Ave. Patagonia, AZ 85624 520-394-2732 George Walker House 2225 W. George Walker Lane Portal, AZ 85632 520-558-2287 Curly Bill’s Bed & Breakfast P.O. Box 746 Tombstone, AZ 85638 520-457-3858 Adobe Rose Inn 940 N. Olsen Ave. Tucson, AZ 85719 Car-Mar’s Southwest B&B 6766 W. Oklahoma Tucson, AZ 85746 888-578-1730

Rocky Hill Winery 18380 S. Hwy 550 Montrose, CO 81401 970-249-3765 Cottonwood Cellars 5482 Hwy 348 Olathe, CO 81425 970) 323-6224 Colorado Cellars 3553 E Road Palisade, CO 81526 800-848-2812 or 970-464-7921 Garfield Estates Winery 3572 G Road Palisade, CO 81526 970-464-0941

Belle Marie Winery 26312 Mesa Rock Rd. Escondido, CA 92026 760-796-7557 Leal Vineyards 300 Maranatha Drive Hollister, CA 95023 831-636-1023 J. Jenkins Winery 1255 Julian Orchards Drive Julian, CA 92036 760-765-3267 Schwaesdall Winery 17677 Rancho de Oro Ramona, CA 92065 760-789-7547 Edna Valley Vineyard 2585 Biddle Ranch Road San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 805-544-5855

axã `xå|vÉ
Los Luceros Winery PO Box 110 Alcalde, NM 87511 505-852-1085 La Chiripada Winery Hwy 75 Dixon, NM 87527 800-528-7801 or 505-579-4437 Balagna Winery 223 Rio Bravo Dr. Los Alamos, NM 87544 505-672-3678 Black Mesa Winery 1502 Highway 68 Velarde, NM 87582 800-852-6372 or 505-852-2820

Arizona Trails P.O. Box 18998 Fountain Hills, AZ 85269 888-799-4284 Cedar Hill Bed & Breakfast 175 Cedar St. Globe, AZ 85501 928-425-7530 www.cedarhill.biz Kohl’s Ranch Lodge Hwy 260 Payson, AZ 85541 800-331-5645 www.ilxresorts.com A Valley o'the Sun B&B P.O. Box 2214 Scottsdale, AZ 85252 480-941-1281 Noftsger Hill Inn 425 North Street Globe, AZ 85501 928-425-2260

Castle Creek Winery Mile Post 14 Hwy 128 Moab, UT 84532 866-812-2002 or 435-259-3332 Native Wines 72 S. 500 W. #63 Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647 435-462-9261 Spanish Valley Vineyards & Winery 4710 S. Zimmerman Lane Moab, UT 84532 435-259-8134

Guy Drew Vineyards P.O. Box 1750 Cortez, CO 81321 970-565-4958 Surface Creek Winery 1297 Hwy 65 Eckert, CO 81418 970-835-9463

exz|ÉÇtÄ j|Çx XäxÇàá
ARIZONA JUN 12-13 BOWIE 1st Annual Southeastern Arizona Western Heritage & Wine Festival Fort Bowie Vineyards - U-Pick cherries & peaches, free wine tasting, SW’s premier cowboy poets & musicians perform, homemade arts, crafts & bakery goods, Big Tex Bar-B-Que. 888-299-5951 AUG 7-8 ELGIN August Fest Sonoita Vineyards - Wine tasting w/ souvenir wine glass ($10); tour of vineyards & winery, live music, grape stomping contest w/prizes. Catered lunch avail for purchase. 10a-4p. 520-455-5893 CALIFORNIA JUL 16-18 PASO ROBLES WineFest 2004 Peachy Canyon Winery - 16 local wineries, fine foods plus live blues music! Headlining is Big Nick and the Gila Monsters from Scottsdale, AZ. 805237-2389 JUL 24 CALISTOGA Napa Valley Classic Calistoga Fairgrounds - Glory of horsemanship, glamour of food/wine tasting, the warmth of goodwill. Supports youth programs of Napa County, $30 gen/$15 Snrs & Kids. 707-942-4222 JUL 24-25 SONOMA Catalan Festival of Food, Wine & Music Gloria Ferrer Champagne Caves - Not to be missed! Food samples, cooking demos, flamenco dancers, and more. A sell-out every year! Adv. purchase, $35. 707-933-1999 JUL 30 - AUG 1 SONOMA Sonoma Salute to the Arts Sonoma Plaza - Northern CA’s ultra-premier showcase of winemaking, culinary, visual & literary arts. 707-938-1133 or www.salutehearts.com AUG 28-29 BODEGA BAY 10th Annual Seafood, Art, & Wine Festival Chanslor Ranch - Events Galore! 6 bands, 15 restaurants, 20 wineries, arts & crafts. 707-8248404 or www.sonomawetlands.org SEP 24-26 SONOMA Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival Sonoma Plaza & other locations - Barefoot grape stomp contest, art auction, pet cuddling area, plus premium Sonoma Valley food, wine & art. 707996-2109 or www.sonomavinfest.com OCT 1 CARMEL Harvest Wine Seminar Chateau Julien Wine Estate - Our most popular event! Experience the excitement of the harvest first-hand. Grapes crushed on site, family-style dinner will follow, $75. 831-624-2600 COLORADO SEP 17-19 PALISADE Colorado Mountain Winefest Various locations - Many events, Festival in the park, Grand Harvest celebration, winery bike tour, amateur winemaker contest, more. 800-962-2547 NEW MEXICO SEP 4-6 BERNALILLO New Mexico Wine Festival Loretto Park - Live entertainment, food, quality arts/crafts, 20+ NM wineries, free tasting, wine available for purchase, free parking. 866-494-6366 or nmwine.com SEP 4-6 LAS CRUSES Harvest Wine Festival Southern NM State Fairgrounds - Live entertainment, food, quality arts/crafts, 20+ NM wineries, free tasting, wine available for purchase, free parking. 866-494-6366 or nmwine.com

Casa Cody B&B Country Inn 175 S. Cahuilla Rd. Palm Springs, CA 92262 760-320-9346 Kokopelli's Cave 206 W. 38th St. Farmington, NM 87401 505-325-7855 Wilderness Lodge HC 68 Box 85 Silver City , NM 88061 505-536-9749 www.gilanet.com/wildernesslodge

Country living at its best in the heart of Arizona’s White Mountains. Rooms, Suites and Cabins


1-888-493-7568 www.wmlodge.com

A Southwest Inn at Sedona Not just a great room... An experience to remember 800-483-7422 www.swinn.com


A Tourist News Z

JUNE 2004

28th Annual Old Miner’s Day
Celebrate with Chloride as Arizona’s oldest mining village honors its past. The day begins with a Bake Sale at 8am with Fire House Chili available from 10am. The Parade starts at 11am and is followed by the shoot out at 1pm performed by the Wild Roses of Chloride, America’s only all-female gunfighter troupe, and the famous Immortal Gunfighters. The Jim Fritz Museum will be open to give you a glimpse of life in the 1890’s. Live music and raffles will add to the fun of the day. Chloride’s friendly citizens welcome you to stay awhile to enjoy the pleasant climate, unique shops, yard art, the famous rock murals of Roy Purcell and hiking or rockhounding in the Cerbat Mountains. To find out more about this unusual little town located 20 miles north of Kingman, call the Chloride Chamber at 928-565-2204 or visit: www.chloridearizona.com
JUN 3-6 PHOENIX Balanchine Festival Symphony Hall - Ballet Arizona presents an array of Balanchine ballets in two programs honoring the late George Balanchine’s 100th Birthday, Th & Fr 7:30, Sa 2p & 6p, Su 12p. 888-3BALLET JUN 4-5 ST. JOHNS Summer Festival City Park - Watermelon eating/seed spitting/pie baking/eating contests, 5K, 10K & 1mi run, fun walk, arts, crafts, volleyball. Classy Chassis Car Show Sa only. Fr 12p-8p, Sa 8a-7p. Free. 928-337-2000 JUN 4-5 FLAGSTAFF Fiesta del Barrio Fajita Cookoff Wheeler Park - Fr 4-10p: entertainment, fajitas for sale. Sa 12p-10p: Cook-off, mariachis, folklorico dancing, kids games, margaritas, dance. $15/family, $5/adult, under 12 free. 800-842-7293 JUN 4-6 MAYER Mayer Daze Come join the fun that surrounds Big Bug Creek - Parade 10a, carnival, Poker Run on Sat, chili cookoff, pit BBQ, Sat dance w/live band. 928-632-8042 JUN 5 PARKER 27th Annual Great Western Tube Float Patria Flats Park to BlueWater Resort & Casino - Float for prizes: single, groups, teams & parade floats on the river, $10/person. Call the chamber for times: 928-6692174 JUN 5 SHOW LOW Nat’l Trails Day Celebration Fool Hollow State Park - Enjoy hiking, biking, horse rides, presentations, potluck. Free adm. 928-368-6700 JUN 5 FLAGSTAFF Sacred Mountain 10K/5K Prayer Run & 2K Fun Run/Walk Thorpe Park - Benefits Native Americans for Community Action. Races begin 7:30a. Advance: adults/$22, under 18/$15. Day of race/$30. 928-526-2968 JUN 5 ASH FORK Annual Pioneer Day ADOT historic bldg, West end next to Ashfork Inn Parade 9a, Dutch oven cooking, spinners, weavers, crafts, food, entertainment, chili cookoff, pony rides, 9a-3p, free adm. 928-637-2413 JUN 5 TUCSON Downtown Saturday Night Arts District Season Finale Art in the City Open-air market, purchase artwork, talk with the artists, commission work, downtown galleries open, live music, 6-10p. 520-624-9977 JUN 5 BISBEE Family Fun Day Boys & Girls Club, 405 Arizona St - Games, contests, food, raffles, fundraiser. Free, 11a-4p. 520-432-3010 JUN 5 WILLIAMS Williams Wild Rodeo Show Rodeo Grounds - Rodeo and working cowboys competing in rough stock and timed events. $. 800-863-0546 JUN 5 KINGMAN Yada Yada Parade Downtown - Parade at 10a, “anything goes” - the funnier the better, followed by party in Locomotive Park w/ live entertainment, Beer & Brats, all star gymnasts perform. 928-681-7368 JUN 5-6 FLAGSTAFF Flagstaff Wool Festival Arizona Historical Society Pioneer Museum - Demos of sheep & goat shearing, felt making, spinning, weaving, dyeing & camp cooking, 10a-4p, free adm. 928-7746272 JUN 5-6 PRESCOTT 31st Annual Folk Arts Fair Sharlot Hall Museum - Fun & educational! Demos of horseshoeing, woodcarving, quilting, sheep shearing, blacksmithing, etc. Entertainment, hands-on activities, 10a-5p. 928-445-3122

JUN 5-6 GREER Greer Days -125th Anniversary Year Sa: Parade 10:30a, free day of fishing at Greer Lakes, craft booths, 5K & 10K, entertainment. Su: pancake breakfast, games for the whole family. 928-735-7605 JUN 5-SEP 25 WINSLOW Summer Nights on the Corner Standin’ on the Corner Park - Beginning June 5 & every Sa. night through Sept, a live band at the park, 7-10p. Blues, jazz, country, rock and more. Clap, dance, make new friends. 928-289-2434 JUN 6 PRESCOTT Antiques on the Square Courthouse Plaza - Over 60 dealers. Sponsored by Thumb Butte Questers. Sun 9a-5p JUN 11-13 STRAWBERRY Strawberry Festival Weekend Quilt Show from Fri in Pine, Festival Sa & Su: strawberry treats of all kinds, historical reenactments at Strawberry Schoolhouse, “Strawberry Jam” free music, arts & crafts, 10a-4p. 800-672-9766 JUN 11-13 SPRINGERVILLE Run With The Wolf Rodeo Grounds - A community event to raise funds for local & national charities. Live music, vendors and beautiful country to cruise the Poker Runs, all bikers welcome. 928-333-2226 JUN 11-13 PINE Strawberry Patchers Quilt Show Pine Cultural Hall - Browse the many fabulous quilts, vote FOR your favorite, visit our boutique. Raffle tickets avail for annual Opportunity Quilt, 10a-4p, benefit. 928472-2482 JUN 11-13 TUCSON Pima Home & Patio Expo TCC - Features everything for the home: home improvement, decorating, design & more. “How To” demos & seminars by leading experts. Fr 12a-7p, Sa 10a-7p, Su 10a-5p. $7/Gen adm. 650-359-5999 JUN 11-13 SHOW LOW Show Low Days Show Low City Park - Car show, arts & crafts, quilt show, concert, raffles, vendors, food booths, family activities. Free. 928-537-2326 or 800-SHOWLOW JUN 12 FLAGSTAFF Route 66 Regional Chili Cookoff Thorpe Park - World championship qualifying event with public tasting of red chili and green chili, salsa contest & crafters, classic cars, $3 tasting kit,10a-5p. 928-526-4314 JUN 12 WINSLOW Winslow Heritage Days - Summer Kick Off City Park - Arts & crafts, food vendors, games & Bounce House for kids. Live bands in the evenings - blues, country, latin flavor & Native American music. 928-289-5714 JUN 12 TUCSON Weird Plant Sale Tucson Botanical Gdns - Come see some of the strangest things the plant world has to offer, 8a-12p. Free adm to the sale. 520-326-9686 JUN 12 PARKER ‘38 Special BlueWater Resort & Casino - Southern rock at its greatest level, 8p, tickets $25/day of show $30. Post concert fireworks display to commemorate Bluewater’s 5th Anniversary. 888-243-3360 JUN 12-13 PRESCOTT Territorial Days Courthouse Square - Arts & Crafts Show, over 150 artists from the Southwest, entertainment, Sat 9a-5p, Sun 9a-4p. Free adm. 800-266-7534 JUN 12-13 PINETOP 7th Annual Hon-Dah Pow Wow in the Pines Hon-Dah Resort Casino - Tribes compete in fancy dance, grass dance, drums, etc. Arts, crafts, food. Gourd dancing 11a, Grand Entry 12p. $5. 800-929-8744 JUN 12-13 FLAGSTAFF 3rd Annual Flagstaff Folk Festival Coconino Center for the Arts - Presenting a full day of songs, dancing and blue sky jams, 11a-5p. Special $1 adm. 928-774-8861 JUN 12-13 BOWIE 1st Annual Southeastern Arizona Western Heritage & Wine Festival Fort Bowie Vineyards - U-Pick cherries & peaches, free wine tasting, SW’s premier cowboy poets & musicians perform, homemade arts, crafts & bakery goods, Big Tex Bar-B-Que. 888-299-5951 JUN 12-13 CAMP VERDE 1st Annual Gourd & Garlic Festival Community Ctr, 395 S Main St - Gourd art, gourd and garlic demos & a garlic cook-off. Incl’s gourd preparing, painting, carving, garlic braiding, medicinal uses, lore. Sa 9-4, Su 9-3. 928-567-9294 JUN 14-25 HOLBROOK Puerco Pueblo’s Solar Calendar Petrified Forest Nat’l Park - View the solar calendar petroglyph carved by ancestral Pueblo people. Marks the summer solstice. View w/ rangers 8-10a, incl w/park adm $10 per car. 928-524-6228 JUN 17-19 WILLIAMS AZ HOG Rally Harley Owners Group,”HOG”, is holding their annual rally. Live bands, street dances, poker runs & much more. 480-945-0903 JUN 17-20 PHOENIX Grand Canyon State Summer Games Olympic-style competition, 42 sports in over a 100 locations around Maricopa County, for both recreational & elite athletes, $10-25, free to spectators. 480-517-9700

June Events
JUN 17-20 FLAGSTAFF Lowell Star Party Lowell Observatory - Celestial observing, presentations, astronomy vendors, door prizes, much more. All interest and knowledge levels. Reserv. req’d. 928-774-3358 ext. 267 JUN 18 SCOTTSDALE Wet-n-Wild Water Day Chaparral Pool - Come and have fun with your family! Water relays, sandcastles, 11a-3p, $2. 480-312-2755 JUN 18-19 ST. JOHNS Fiesta de San Juan Bautista St. Johns HS auditorium - Variety Show on Fr at 7p, free. Fiesta Mass at 9a on Sa followed by Fiesta Parade, Barbecue ($5) & Gran Baile (Dance- $10/couple) at 9p. 928-337-4390 JUN 18-19 TUCSON Annual Juneteenth Festival Kennedy Park - African-American independence celebration, performances, sports, awareness, music, multicultural attendance encouraged, free, Sa 5-11p, Su 6-11p. 520-791-3248 JUN 18-19 PRESCOTT Tsunami on the Square Courthouse Plaza - Performing arts festival w/costumed characters on stilts, music & comedy sketches and more. Fr Kick off dinner & radio theater show at Hotel St. Michael, 6-8p, $15. On the square 8-10p & Sat noon 11p. Free adm. 928-445-5540 JUN 18-19 EAGAR Chrome in the Dome Classic Car Show Round Valley HS Dome - Indoor “Show and Shine” - Fr registration, Sa show, awards, venders, food & fun. Free to public. Call for times: 928-333-2123 JUN 18-19 PHOENIX Heard Museum Indigenous Film Festival Heard Museum - See new work and films by native film makers, Fr 2-9p, Sa 1-9p. Call Wendy for pricing and schedule: 602-251-0284 JUN 18-20 FLAGSTAFF Pine Country Pro Rodeo Coconino County Fairgrounds - Some of the finest rodeo performers in the country, Fr & Sa pm, Su am, ($), PRCA approved, purse of $70,000. Parade on Sa 9a, barn dances. 928-526-9926 JUN 18-20 PRESCOTT 6th Annual Gathering of the Pai Festival Yavapai-Prescott Indian Reservation - Public celebration showcasing the Pai way of life. Fr 6p-9p, Sa 10a10p, Su 10a-2p. Free adm. 928-445-8790 (X137) or 602228-9838 JUN 18-20 FLAGSTAFF Centennial Arts & Crafts Style Celebration Riordan Mansion State Historic Park - Arts & Crafts Style lectures, free; artisans market. Original play about the Riordans $5, tour of historic homes ($). 928-7794395 JUN 19 SIERRA VISTA Juneteenth Celebration & Gospel Fest Veteran’s Park - Celebration of the end of slavery in the U.S. Speakers, entertainment, food. Free. 520-378-3389 JUN 19 FLAGSTAFF Summer Plant Sale & Garden Fair Arboretum at Flagstaff - Many native & drought tolerant plants incl. flowers, herbs, shrubs, grasses & veggies. Special tours, family activities. Sa 9a-5p. Free. 928-7741442 JUN 19 TUCSON Saguaro Fruit Harvest Sonora Desert Museum - Collect & prepare Saguaro fruit as the Natives did. Incls harvesting & basic prep, 7a-1p, $49/gen, $45/members. Register: 520-883-3086 JUN 19 TUCSON Marking the Solstice: A Multicultural Celebration AZ State Museum (UofA) - Hands-on activities, games, performances, celestial lore, food, raffle and more. BYO blanket/chair, 5-9p, free. 520-626-2973 JUN 19 FLAGSTAFF 5th Annual Flagstaff Cowboy Poetry Gathering Riding the Rim Coconino Center for the Arts - Tony Norris & other fine poets. Poetry, song & open range entertainment, 11a-9p. Free w/ adm to Trappings Show. 928-774-8861 JUN 19 CHANDLER Juneteenth Folley Park - entertainment, food, beverages, lots of family fun, 5-11p. 480-899-3022/963-5213 JUN 19 WINDOW ROCK 4th Annual Music Festival Navajo Nation Museum - Country, rock, instrumental & more, Native American musicians from many tribes, incl’s authentic Native American arts & craft show, 10a-10p, free. 928-871-7941 JUN 19 PRESCOTT The Beginning of Summer Arts & Crafts Fair Unitarian Church, 882 Sunset Ave - Crafters and artists, Southwestern art, handcrafted jewelry, handpainted gourds, massage and more! 9a-4p, free. 928-443-7395 JUN 19-20 SEDONA Sedona Arts & Crafts Show Bell Rock Plaza - Wonderful, exciting new art from about 35 artists and craftsmen. Paintings, photography, jewelry, pottery and more. 928-284-9627 JUN 19-20 CORDES JUNCTION JuneTeenth Jazz Splash Festival & Ethnic Arts Fair Arcosanti - Bargain booths, ethnic food, fine art, children’s stage, health clinics, entertainment - gospel, jazz, blues, reggae. Adults/$5, teens/$2. VIP pkg avail. 928925-1422 JUN 19-20 ALPINE/HANNAGAN MEADOW Hannagan Days 2004 Apache-Sitgreaves Nat’l Forest - Commemorates 1926 dedication of the Coronado Trail. Old-fashioned fun, live music, cookout, games, arts & crafts & more, 11a-3p, free adm. 928-428-2225 JUN 19-20 ALPINE Alpine Summer Fest Old School House - Arts & Crafts Bazaar, food booths, entertainment, free adm, 10a-4p. 928-472-7892 JUN 23-26 PRESCOTT VALLEY Prescott Valley Days Mountain Valley Park - Carnival, talent show, parade, 5k race, vendors, crafts, dog show, youth activities, entertainment. Call for times & prices: 928-772-8857 JUN 24 TUCSON 7th Annual Dia de San Juan Fiesta W Congress St & Santa Cruz River - Celebrate the beginning of “monsoon rains” with a traditional procession & blessing, food, and entertainment, 5p-9p, free. 520-791-4040 JUN 24-26 SNOWFLAKE Vintage Quilt Exhibit & Textiles Competition Stinson Pioneer Museum - Two 1890’s Historic Homes. Antique quilts on display, quilt & textiles exhibit & competition, Th, Fr, Sa 10a-4p, free. 928-536-4881 JUN 24-26 PINETOP 2nd Annual Best of the West Fine Art Show & Sale Hon-Dah Resort Casino - 20+ of the nation’s top Western artists; cook-off, fast draw auction at Torreon Golf Club; art show, awards, meet artists; benefit for Reservation Teen Center. 928-367-4290 JUN 25-26 SPRINGERVILLE Saint Peter’s Fiesta St Peter’s Catholic Church, 117 S. Papago - Fr 7p Bingo; Sa Noon $5 lunch, games, auction. 8:30p $10 dance. 928-333-4423 JUN 25-26 CAMP VERDE 1st Annual Crawdad Festival Community Ctr - Crawdad eating & peeling contests, crawdad races, Cajun spelling bee, New Orleans jazz, square dancing. Fr-Sa 5p-11p. $5/12 & under free. $15/family pass. 928-567-0535 X 136 JUN 25-27 TSAILE Sheep is Life Celebration Dine College - A celebration of sheep, wool & weaving. Feauturing sheep stories, demos, vendors, sheep & goat show, fashion show, rug auction. Adm free. 928-660-1334 JUN 26 CHLORIDE 28th Annual Old Miner’s Day Parade 11a, bake sale, live music, vendors, Firehouse Chili, raffle, performances by gunfighter groups & more. Jim Fritz Museum will be open. Free adm, 8a-3p. 928565-2204 JUN 26 EAGER/SPRINGERVILLE A Hopi Social Dance X Diamond Ranch - A return to their ancestral village to dance once again. Two 45 minute ceremonial times, 11a & 3p, $5/person, photo stickers avail. for $10. 928-333-2286 JUN 26 SIERRA VISTA Miller Lite Army Concert Tour Ft. Huachuca - Major outdoor concert, featuring Train. Doors open 6:30p, show starts at 8p. $15/adv, $20/gate. Call for item restrictions on the Fort. 520-533-2404 JUN 26 KINGMAN “Day of Aviation” Kingman Airport 75th Anniversary 7000 Flightline Dr - Fly-In, many static and historic displays, tours of the museum and industrial park, vendors, noon-5p; wine & cheese w/ SOS Dance 6p. 928-7572005 JUN 26-27 DEWEY Young’s Farm Garlic Festival Junction of HWY 69 & 1-69 - Kick off N. AZ produce season, featuring “AZ Grown” products, crafts, hayrides, BBQ, live entertainment, 9a-4p, free. 928-632-7272 JUN 26-27 DOUGLAS Annual Junior Rodeo County fairgrounds, Leslie Canyon Rd - Arizona Junior Rodeo Assoc, open to ages 5-18, roping and riding events divided into 3 age groups, concessions, adm free, 8a-5p. 520-364-3819 JUN 26-27 FLAGSTAFF Renaissance in the Pines Fort Tuthill - Food, games, laughter, entertainment, brave men, beautiful women, talented artisans, jousting, music. Come in costume if you want! 10a-6p, $. 928-899-3041 JUN 26-27 VALLE-WILLIAMS High Country Warbirds Air Display Valle-Grand Canyon Airport - Antique & war bird flybys, Air Museum Planes of Fame, gates open at 8a, $8, under 12 free. 928-635-1000 JUN 26-27 PRESCOTT Bluegrass Festival Courthouse Square - Bands incl Burnett Family Tree, Bluegrass Patriots & more, Sa 11a-6p, Su 11a-3p, free adm. Dry camping at Mile High Middle School, $10. 928-771-9274/778-5200 JUN 30-JUL 5 PRESCOTT Frontier Days & World’s Oldest Rodeo Rodeo Grounds - Rodeo performances, rodeo dance, July 4th fireworks, Frontier Days Parade, Whiskey Row Boot Race & more! 928-445-3103 or 800-358-1888

JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


JUL 1-4 WINDOW ROCK Cowboy Christmas on the 4th of July Big-named cowboys at the PRCA Rodeo, Concert, Youth Fair, Carnival, 10k run, Native American foods. Call for admission cost. 928-871-6647 JUL 1-4 TOMBSTONE Tombstone Western Film and Book Exposition Various locations - meet Western authors & movie stars at cocktail reception, panel discussions, “Casino Night” & Western Book Expo w/collectibles, live music, refreshments. 520-457-1489 JUL 1-15 SEDONA Shakespeare Sedona Summer Festival Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village - Taming of the Shrew and Cardenio. For play dates, times, prices: 928203-9381 JUL 2-4 FLAGSTAFF 18th Annual American Gem & Mineral Show Little America Hotel (Butler & I-40) - Rough rocks, gemstones, minerals, jewelry, beads, fossils, equipment, tools. $3; under 12 free. Fr 11a-7p, Sa 10a-7p, Su 10a5p. 928-526-5152 JUL 2-4 PINETOP 29th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival Art Barn on Buck Springs Rd - Northeast AZ Fine Arts Association hosts 80 vendors for show and sale. Food, silent auction, free. Fr & Sa 9a-5p, Su 9a-2p. 928-3673916 JUL 2-5 FLAGSTAFF Coconino County Horse Races Fort Tuthill Downs - Exciting Thoroughbred & Quarter Horse racing! Live & simulcast, full pari-mutuel wagering avail, 1p. Adults $3, ages 6-12 $2 , $2 parking. 928774-5139 JUL 2-11 PATAGONIA Summer Joy & Freedom Yoga Spiritual Fest The Tree of Life - Shanti & Gabriel Cousens host. Allow yourself to transform into a warrior mystic, self-empowered & refreshed. Fasting is the elixir of life! 520-3942520 JUL 3 OVERGAARD Fourth of July in the Pines Tall Timbers Navajo County Park - Parade, arts, crafts, food, children & adult activities. Mogollon High School 4p: live entertainment, fireworks, family fun. 928-5355777 JUL 3 VAIL Ha:san Bak: Saguaro Harvest Festival Colossal Cave Mt Park - Harvest, prepare & taste saguaro fruit, learn about its uses in the Tohono O’Odham, music, 6:30a Wkshp $50 (incl brkf & lunch); 1p Concert. $3/car. 520-647-7121 JUL 3 ALPINE 10th Annual Worm Races & Parade Downtown Alpine - Worm parade 11a. Rodeo Grounds worm races 1p. Entry fee for races, $5 includes worm or bring your own. Food booths, games, fireworks display, vendors. 928-339-4654 JUL 3 PRESCOTT Whiskey Row Street Dance Whiskey Row - Children’s activities, live bands, dancing, Budweiser beer garden & raffle to benefit local charities, 1-9:30p (following the 4th of July Parade/bootrace). 928443-5220 JUL 3-4 WILLIAMS Small Town 4th of July Parade, local BBQ’s, ice cream social, craft sidewalk sale at the Visitors Center, live entertainment, family fun & spectacular evening fireworks display. 928-635-4061 or 800-863-0546 JUL 3-4 FLAGSTAFF Independence Day Festival Pioneer Museum - Living history groups: Civil War Artillery Unit, Mountain Men, craft demos including spinning, weaving, woodworking, camp cooking. Donations. 10a-4p. 928-774-6272 JUL 3-4 AJO July 4th Celebration Bud Walker Park - Parade Sa. 3rd on Main St. 8a, festival 9:30-1 w/arts & crafts, entertainment, square dancing, roping, Air Force flyover. Fireworks on the 4th - about 8p. Free. 520-387-7742 JUL 3-4 FLAGSTAFF 71st Annual Hopi Marketplace Museum of Northern Arizona - Outdoor market featuring Hopi artists demonstrating skills; traditional dances & foods, native plants, kids activities, 9a-5p. $5 adults, $4 snrs, $3 students, $2 kids 7-17. 928-774-5213 JUL 3-4 PAGE Old Fashioned Fourth of July 3rd: Street Parade at 10a, City Park will have games, food, arts & crafts, music, pet show. 4th - Fireworks over the golf course at dusk. 888-261-PAGE JUL 3-4 PINE Pine-Strawberry Arts & Crafts Festival Community Center - 82 arts & crafts booths, juried show, all handmade. Food vendors, plenty of parking, town full of antique shops. Sa 8a-5p, Su 8a-3p, free. 928-476-4480 JUL 3-5 FLAGSTAFF 14th Annual “Fair of Life” Festival of Arts & Crafts Wheeler Park - 120 regional & nat’l. juried artisans, food, live music, prize drawings, kid’s activities, free. Sa & Su 9a-6p, Mo 9a-4p. Benefits Northland Hospice. 928779-1227 JUL 3-5 OVERGAARD 4th of July Celebration Bison Ranch - Arts & crafts bazaar, entertainment, food, fun family activities, 9a-5p, free adm. 928-472-7892

July Events
JUL 4 CLARKDALE Old-Fashioned 4th of July Town Park - Police & Fire Dept hold a Pancake B’fast, 7a. Clark Memorial Library sponsors Ice Cream Social, children’s non-commercialized parade, games, music. Free adm. 928-634-9591 JUL 4 COTTONWOOD Fantastic Family 4th of July Cottonwood Kids Park - Starting 3:30 w/pie eating contests, watermelon eating contests, music, water events. Fireworks around 8:45p. 928-639-3200 JUL 4 OATMAN Oatman Sidewalk Egg Fry Contest begins at noon for the best edible sidewalk fried egg. Prizes awarded for showmanship, costume, food & more. Gunfight at 1:30p. Free. 928-768-7400 JUL 4 HOLBROOK Fireman’s BBQ & Fireworks Display Fire Station - BBQ noon, $6 adults, $3 ages 12 & under all you can eat. One of the largest fireworks displays in Northern AZ at dusk at the County Complex. Free adm. 928-524-6225 JUL 4 CAMP VERDE Independence Day Celebration Butler Park - Old-fashioned family fun, food, games, watermelon bust, fireworks at 9p. Free, 6-10p. 928-5670535 ext. 136 JUL 4 PRESCOTT VALLEY Old-Fashioned 4th of July Mountain Valley Park - Children’s games, live music, food, fireworks at dusk. Begins 6p, free. 928-772-8857 JUL 4 CHINO VALLEY Independence Day Celebration Community Center - Hometown games: 3-legged races, tug ‘o war, etc, 4-6p; BBQ, 6-8p; entertainment all eve, fireworks, 8:45p. 928-636-9780 JUL 8 SCOTTSDALE Summer Spectacular ArtWalk Main St & Marshall Way - Sponsored by M&I Bank. Artist demos, gallery show openings, live music, prize drawings, food/drink samples & more, 6-9p, free. 480990-3939 JUL 9-10 TSAILE Native American Music Festival Dine College - Leading Native American musicians from throughout the country, traditional & contemporary music. Outdoors, Fr 4p-12a, Sa 10a-12a. Adm: $10. 928724-6741 JUL 9-11 CAMP VERDE 13th Annual Verde Valley Pow Wow Cliff Castle Casino Stargazer Pavilion - Fascinating festival & exhibit of Native American crafts & culture that draws participants & visitors from all over. 928-5674363 JUL 10 WINSLOW Homolovi Ruins State Park Annual Archaeology Day Special activities & demonstrations, guided tour of the sites at 9a & 1p, $5/vehicle, 8a-4p. 928-289-4106 JUL 10-11 PRESCOTT Prescott Indian Art Market Sharlot Hall Museum - authentic hand-made Native American arts, demonstrations, dance performances and native food. $5 adm, Sa 10-5, Su 10-4. www.sharlot.org; 928-445-3122 JUL 13-16 PATAGONIA Zero Point Process Workshop Tree of Life - Psycho-spiritual development course developed by Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H). Dissolve dysfunctional habits, identities and beliefs. 520-394-2520 JUL 16 PINETOP Annual Native American Art Festival Pre-Show Hon-Dah Conference Center - Showcases the Native American Art Festival’s premier artists. Art raffles, free food, no host bar, 6-9p. Tickets: 928-367-4290 JUL 16-17 SNOWFLAKE Snowflake Pioneer Day Celebration Parade, arts, crafts, entertainment, BBQ, dances, run, softball & golf tourneys, swimming, theatrical performances, fireworks. For times/locations: 928-536-4331 JUL 16-17 WILLIAMS Great Escape Rally Fairgrounds Barn - Biker rally by Desert Road Riders. Games, bike show, tent & RV camping, live music, “Miss Great Escape” contest, food, 50/50 drawing, poker walk. Regis: Fri. $15. 928-758-5699 JUL 17 CAMP VERDE 12th Annual Cornfest Camp Verde Community Center, 395 S. Main - Contests for all ages: corn eating, hog calling, corniest joke; bluegrass band, arts & crafts. Adm free, 5-11p. 928-567-0535 ext 135 JUL 17 FLAGSTAFF 7th Annual AZ Highland Celtic Festival Foxglen Park - Bagpipes, kilts, folk-dances, traditional foods, caber toss, kids’ activities, NEW: Celtic indigenous plants, 9a-6p. $6 adults, $3 kids 2-12. No pets or alcohol. 928-556-3161 JUL 17 MAYER Italian Night Colley Soleri Music Center - Italian Cultural Institute musicians. Concert & traditional Italian dinner. A tour of Arcosanti will be held 5p, dinner 6p, concert 7:30p. $15 or $30 w/dinner. 928-632-6217 JUL 17-18 PINETOP-LAKESIDE White Mountain Native American Art Fest & Market Blue Ridge Elem. - Art/crafts, demos, dance performances, music, Native American food/heritage. Sa 9a-5p, Su 9a-4p. $8/adults, under 12 free. 800-573-4031 JUL 17-18 YOUNG Pleasant Valley Days Parade, quilt show, tours of historical sites in the area, craft fair and roping all weekend, steak dinner and dance on Sa. night. 928-462-3588 JUL 18-24 GREER 3rd Annual Music from Greer Greer Grounds - Chamber Music concerts, each evening’s repertoire is different, 7p, admission by donation. 928-735-7568 JUL 22-24 ST. JOHNS Annual Pioneer Days Dutch oven cooking lessons, basketball tournaments, storytelling, dances each night, adult soap box derby, parade, campfire circle, rodeos, free ice cream social, BBQ. 928-337-2000 JUL 23-24 PEACH SPRINGS Youth Pow Wow Contest dancing, social dances, gourd dancing, Hualapai Bird Dancing, Native American food, arts & crafts, honorary services for youth and elders, Pow Wow Princess. Campsites available. 928-769-2200 JUL 24 FLAGSTAFF The Penstemon Festival The Arboretum at Flagstaff - Music, hayrides, tours & craft activities, 9a-5p. Regular adm: $4/adult, $3/sr, $1 ages 7-18. 928-774-1442 JUL 24 EAGAR Pioneer Days Ramsey Park - Historical/cultural exhibits, Dutch oven cooking, entertainment, children’s activities, barbecue, food, dance, 9a-4p, free. 928-333-2123 JUL 24-25 SEDONA Sedona Arts & Crafts Show Bell Rock Plaza (Hwy 179) - Exciting new art from 35 artists/craftsmen - paintings, photography, jewelry, pottery, and more. 10a-5p Free. 928-284-9627 JUL 24-25 KINGMAN Summer in the Pines Hualapai Mountain Lodge - Includes about 50 vendors, food and beverages, live music, no adm fee. Located 12 miles above Kingman in the mtns. 928-757-3545 JUL 24-25 TUCSON Summerfest Arts & Crafts Show InnSuites, 475 N Granada - Avoid the summer heat! Browse, shop at the numerous arts & craft vendors, while the family enjoys pool & playground, Sa 9-6, Su 9-4, free adm & parking. 520-622-1565 JUL 29-30 SAN CARLOS Mount Graham Sacred Run Th - Holy Ground Blessing for runners, also dinner. Fr - Lv before sunrise, run to top of Mount Graham, stay in Treasure Park Fr & Sa nights, activities on Sa. Free, all welcome. 928-475-2494 JUL 29-AUG 1 WILLIAMS Cowpunchers Reunion Rodeo Bob Dean Rodeo Arena - Real working cowboys get together and put on a big rodeo for themselves, great fun to watch. Daily 1p, dance Fr & Sa. 928-632-7680 JUL 30-31 SELIGMAN Seligman Days Parade, rodeo, silent auction/art show, live music, “Miss Seligman Pageant,” softball & horseshoe tournaments and more. 928-422-4659 JUL 30-AUG 1 FLAGSTAFF Festival In The Pines Coconino Fairgrounds - 150 country-wide juried artisans, 2 stages of entertainment, interactive kid’s area, food, $7, under 12 free, Fr 11a-6p, Sa-Su 9a-6p. 888-278-3378 JUL 31-AUG 1 DEWEY Young’s Farm Corn Festival Outdoor produce stands, craft show, hay rides, outdoor BBQ, live entertainment, 10a-4p, $2. 928-632-7272

29th Annual 4th of July Arts & Crafts Festival
Set among the cool pines of the White Mountains this 4th of July festival offers plenty of summer fun. For 29 years, vendors from all over the southwest have chosen to bring original work for the enjoyment of all those who have come to the PinetopShow Low area as a summer get away. Some wonderful bronze sculptures as well as top quality paintings, art glass items, and jewelry are exhibited in a special building named “The Gathering Place”. Outside other artists and artisans display unique crafts, hand decorated clothing, ceramics, iron work, paintings and works using many original materials. The food booths add to the whole relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for a pleasant three-day 4th of July weekend celebration. For more information please call 928-367-3916.

18th Annual American Gem & Mineral Show
The Gem & Mineral Society of Flagstaff proudly presents this show held at the Little America Hotel (Butler & I-40). The Flagstaff show is recognized as one of the premier gem & mineral shows of the Southwest. 25 dealers will represent the fields of lapidary, gemstones, jewelry, minerals and fossils in a beautiful opulent ballroom. The minerals are from all areas of the world. There are Brazilian Amethysts, Tanzanites from Africa, fossils from Morocco, Agates from Arizona, Utah, Washington, and much more. You will have thousands of items to examine in awe and wonder. Plan to spend some time at our Gem and Mineral Show and be overwhelmed by its beauty. Admission is $3; under 12 are free. Hours: Friday 11-7, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-5. For more information call: 928-526-5152.
Indicates Native American Related Events

For Independence Day events in communities not listed here, please see regional pages.

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JUNE 2004
AUG 21-22 SEDONA Sedona Arts & Crafts Show Bell Rock Plaza - Exciting new art from about 35 artists and craftsmen - paintings, photography, jewelry, pottery and more. 10a-5p, free adm. 928-284-9627 AUG 27 SIERRA VISTA Army Soldier Show Buena Performing Arts Center - The Army showcases some of the many musical, dance, voice and entertainment talents of today’s soldiers. Free adm but ticket required. 520-533-3354 AUG 27-29 EAGAR-SPRINGERVILLE Valle Redondo Fat Tire Fiesta Mountain bike festival, trails of the White Mountains near Greer, Eagar & Springerville, Apache Sitgreaves Nat’l Forest, Regis: $45. 928-333-5553 AUG 28 GANADO Native American Art Auction Hubbell Trading Post - Preview 9a-11a, auction 12p, daylight savings time. Held in a large tent. Navajo weavings, Pueblo Kachina dolls, pottery, paintings, baskets. Free adm. 928-755-3475 AUG 28 TUCSON Fiesta de San Agustin Armory Park - Celebrate the founding of the Presidio with music, food, Ballet Folklorico and more! Festivities begin at Noon. Free. 520-547-3338


August Events
AUG 7-8 ELGIN August Fest Sonoita Vineyards - Wine tasting w/ souvenir wine glass ($10); tour of vineyards & winery, live music, grape stomping contest w/prizes. Catered lunch avail for purchase. 10a-4p. 520-455-5893 AUG 12 KINGMAN 26th Annual Mighty Mudmania Fireman’s Park - 100 yard obstacle course, maze mud challenges, competition for all ages- 4 to senior citizen divisions, food stands, hazmat mud clean up shower, free, 10a. 928-757-7919 AUG 13-15 PINETOP Art and Craft Fair Hon-Dah Resort and Casino - 50+ artisans and vendors, located at Junction of Hwy’s 260 & 73. 928-369-7568 AUG 14 FLAGSTAFF Made in the Shade Beer Tasting Festival Coconino Co. Fairgrounds - Taste 100+ micro-brewed beers. Food (extra $) & live entertainment, 3-7p. $25/adv, $30/door, VIP ticket $50/$55. 928-779-1775 or www.azbeer.com AUG 14 CAMP VERDE Camp Verde Block Party Camp Verde Community Center, 395 S. Main - Arts & crafts, food, music, games, antique cars and much more. Free adm, 6-11p. 928-567-0535 ext. 135 AUG 14 LAKE POWELL Navajo Code Talkers Wahweap Lodge - Listen to Navajo Code Talkers speak on their experiences in WWII where they used their native dialect as a basis for an unbreakable code, $10/car. Call for times: 800-528-6154 AUG 14-15 WILLIAMS Cool Country Cruise-In and Route 66 Festival Go back in time & enjoy the 50’s again on Rte 66! Classic Car Show w/trophies, battle of bands, sock hop, contests & more, free. Morning-night. 928-635-0266 AUG 14-15 PINETOP White Mountain Bluegrass Music Festival Woodland Road Festival Site - Gospel music, cloggers, children’s workshop, jam sessions, food & crafts. Campers - RSVP a camp spot, Sa 9a-5p, Su 9a-4p. $8, under 12 free. 800-573-4031 AUG 14-15 PRESCOTT Spring Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts Courthouse Plaza - 170+ of the finest artisans from around the West, student art gallery, demonstrations. Sa 9a-5p, Su 10a-4p. Free adm. 928-445-2510 AUG 14-15 FLAGSTAFF B&P Roping Ft. Tuthill - Team roping competition. Hrs 9a-5p daily. Free adm. 602-448-4608 AUG 19-21 PRESCOTT Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering Sharlot Hall Museum - 100+ poets, reciters & old time singers keep alive the tradition. Various performances, activities & locations. www.sharlot.org; 928-445-3122 AUG 20 TUCSON 229th Tucson’s Birthday Bash Pima Co. Courthouse - American, Spanish, Mexican, Confederate, Tohono O’Odham, Pascua Yaqui & State of AZ flag ceremony incl patriotic music. Period costumes encouraged. 8:30a. 520-299-1743 AUG 20-21 HOLBROOK Old West Days Historical Courthouse Lawn - Re-enactments, Native American dancers, Southwest Art Show/Sale, Casper Baca Rodeo, quilt festival, train & doll show, BBQ, 2-mi fun run, 10K run & 20-mi bike race. Free. 800-524-2459 AUG 20-21 HOLBROOK Southwest Quilt Festival & Train Show County Fairgrounds - Antique & new quilts & afghans, Native American quilts & rugs, collectible & new trains of all scales, related collectibles, free adm. 928-524-6407 AUG 20-22 PAYSON 120th Annual World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo Multi-Event Center - Bull riding, calf roping, barrel racing & more, PRCA sanctioned. Adults $14, childen $7. Call re family performance. 928-474-4515, 800-6729766 AUG 20-22 FLAGSTAFF Old-Fashioned Mountain Bike Festival Wheeler Park - Fr night ride, beer garden, live music, BBQ, kids activities, raffles. $25 participant fee, free to spectators, Fr 3-9, Sa 10-9, Su 10-4. 928-779-7066 AUG 21 ALPINE Alpine Chili Cook-Off Rodeo Grounds - CASI sanctioned, entertainment, also a bean competition and a backyard brisket contest, SPAM contest, lots of prizes for contest entry! Free, 10a-5p. 928-339-1840 AUG 21 FLAGSTAFF AZ Rough Riders Riordan Mansion State Historic Park - Living History Presentation brings Spanish/American War era to life, authentic costumes of the famous Rough Riders, 100 yr old weapons, 10a-4p. 928-779-4395 AUG 21-22 KINGMAN Summer in the Pines Hualapai Mountain Lodge - Includes about 50 vendors, food and beverages, live music, no adm fee. Located 12 miles above Kingman in the mtns. 928-757-3545 AUG 21-22 PHOENIX Family Cornfest, Arts & Crafts Fair El Zaribah Shrine Auditorium - 60+ arts and crafts exhibitors, $5 meal incl. hotdog/hamburger, beans, corn on the cob and soft drink (served 10a-3p), gen. hours 10a-5p. 602-231-0300

AUG 4-8 BISBEE Southwest Wings Birding & Nature Festival Exhibits, vendors, presentations & field trips to places like the San Pedro River, Chiricahua Mts & Huachuca Mts. Featured bird is the Tropical Kingbird. 520-3780233 AUG 6-7 EAGAR Eagar Daze Ramsey Park - Fri. eve: Ice Cream Social. Sat: local entertainment, arts & crafts fair, volleyball tournament, free swim, Fun Run, Pit BBQ $, logging events, kids games, free adm. 928-333-1639 AUG 6-7 FLAGSTAFF Southwest Sustainability Expo NAU Union Field House - Latest in renewable energy, green building & alt-fuel transportation. Product expo, 65 workshops, solar tours, youth fair. Fri & Sat 9-5. Free adm/parking. www.SustainabilityExpo.com AUG 6-8 TOMBSTONE Vigilante Days Commemorating Tombstone’s unique heritage. 10K run, reenactments, street entertainment, gunfight competitions, hangings, costume competition & chili cook-off. 520-457-3291 AUG 6-8 PHOENIX Annual Arizona Home & Building Expo Civic Plaza - 700+ exhibits, home remodeling, improvement & home building, interior design, products and services. $5 at door. 602-277-6045 AUG 6-8 NAVAJO MOUNTAIN Annual Pioneer Day Celebration Hwy 98 to N16 Rd - Horse races, 5K/10K run, relays, tug of war, etc, vendors of Native American arts & crafts, food. Fr entertainment 8:30p. Sa 8a-4p, then volleyball - Su 3p. Free adm. 928-672-2857 AUG 7 ALPINE Cool August Night Car Show & Poker Run Tal-Wi-Wi Meadow - Antique cars on display 7a-12p, poker fun run, judging, trophies, BBQ, free to spectators. 928-339-4319 AUG 7-8 FLAGSTAFF 55th Annual Navajo Marketplace Museum of Northern AZ - Weavers, silversmiths, folk carvers, painters, social dances, presentations, kid’s activities. $5 adults; $4 snrs; $3 students; $2 kids 7-17, 9a-5p. 928-774-5213 AUG 7-8 SUPAI Peach Festival Sponsored by Havasupai Tribe, rodeo, pageant, Pow Wow, reggae, country, dances, BBQ. Hike, rent a horse, or fly by helicopter to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. RESERVATIONS REQ. 928-448-2237


Over 100 Microbrewed Beers

Saturday, August 14
3pm to 7pm

Tickets $25.00 in Advance $30.00 at the Door • VIP Tickets $50/$55
Coconino County Fairgrounds Pulliam Airport Exit Off I-17

928-779-1775 o r www.azbeer.com

Souvenir Mug • Music by Steve Reynolds • Rondavous
MAY 30-AUG 29 FLAGSTAFF Historic Walking Tour Visitors Cnt/Amtrak - Walking tours every other Sun 10a to 6/27, except for July 4 at 8a, resuming every other Su, by historians Richard & Sherry Mangum. Reserv: 928774-8800 MAY 31-SEP 4 FLAGSTAFF Backyard Birding Riordan Mansion St Historic Park - Sundays, park naturalist introduces birds and their habitat on Mansion grounds, 7:30a. Bring binoculars & bird book. Donations appreciated. 928-779-4395 JUN 1-JUL 31 HOLBROOK Native American Dances Old Historical Navajo County Courthouse - Variety of authentic dances, public may participate. M-Fr, 6:308:30p, free. 800-524-2459 JUN 3-JUL 22 GLENDALE Summer Band Concerts Glendale Amphitheatre, 5850 W. Glendale Ave - Marches, ballads, showtunes. Refreshments available for purchase, BYO lawn chair/blanket. Th evenings 8p. Free adm. 623930-2820 JUN 3-JUL 29 SIERRA VISTA Summer Concerts in the Park Veteran’s Memorial Park - “Desert Stars” - Relax on lawn & listen to great music, every Thurs, 7p. 800-288-3861 JUN 5-AUG 28 PRESCOTT Square Dance on the Plaza Courthouse Plaza - Every Saturday, Pre-Rounds 6:30p, Squares 7-9p (no dance if rain). 928-771-8653 JUN 5-SEP 25 WINSLOW Summer Nights on the Corner Standin’ on the Corner Park - Beginning June 5 & every Sa. night through Sept, a live band at the park, 7-10p. Blues, jazz, country, rock and more. Clap, dance, make new friends. 928-289-2434 JUN 10-AUG 5 SIERRA VISTA Tsunami Nights Sierra Vista Aquatic Center - June 10th, July 8th and August 5th. Ride the big waves, dance to D.J. Tony Tee, free pizza and soda with admission, 8p-10p, $8.50/adm. 800-288-3861 JUN 12-JUL 31 SHOW LOW Concert in the Park Series City Park - June 12, 26; July 3,17, 31. Free concerts, variety of music genres & family entertainment, 7p-9p. 928532-4140 JUN 19-JUL 11 PAYSON Summer Concert Series Green Valley Park - Enjoy warm summer nights w/free concerts every Sa, except 4th of of July (Su). Bring a lawn chair, blanket & non-alcoholic beverage, 7-9p. 928-4745242 ext 7

JAN 1-DEC 29 SCOTTSDALE Scottsdale ArtWalk Downtown - Perfect for an evening out or for those searching for that special piece of art. Receptions, entertainment & exhibitions. Thu nights, 7p-9p. Free. 480-9903939 JAN 1-DEC 31 TUCSON Fun with the Sun Kitt Peak National Observatory - All ages program about our favorite star. Hands-on activities, solar observing, making your own video. First Fri of every month. $10/adults, $8/seniors & kids, $6/school rate. 520-3188726 JAN 1-DEC 31 PRESCOTT Prescott 4th Dimension Gallery Walk Glass Galleria Plus Information Station, 225 W. Gurley St - Gallery walk 4th weekend of each month, Fr-Su. Pick up map here or at other galleries. Free. 928-541-1171 JAN 1-DEC 31 CHANDLER Saturday Music and Art in the Park Downtown - 3rd Sa of each month, visit eclectic shops, galleries in Downtown and Olde Town Market Square, free trolley rides, live music, arts & crafts, 11a-4p. 480782-3045 JAN 1-DEC 31 TUCSON Indoor/Outdoor Antique Fair Lew Sorensen Community Cnt - Country furniture, pottery, china, farm implements, Oriental rugs, jewelry, native artifacts. 1st Su each month. Free adm, 8a- 4p. 520-7405845 JAN 1-DEC 31 HEREFORD Arizona Folklore Preserve Performances Saturdays and Sundays at 2p by Dolan Ellis, Arizona’s Official State Balladeer, also guest artists, reservations req’d. www.arizonafolklore.com, 520-378-6165 JAN 1-DEC 31 SEDONA Voices of the Verde w/ Michael Peach Sedona Heritage Museum - Every first Sat of every month. “First person” style history talk w/song, cowboy poetry & humor, 1:30p. $6. 928-282-7038 JAN 1-DEC 31 VAIL Sunday in the Park Colossal Cave Mountain Park - 1st Sun of each month. Array of events/activities from learning about birds of prey or Native American games to a concert by the 4th Cavalry Band. 520-647-7275

JAN 1-DEC 31 SNOWFLAKE Historic Home Tours Spinson Pioneer Museum - Tours available daily, Tues-Sat, 10-4. Covers 2 - 3 houses/museum dependent upon what the visitors want to see, $1/per person per location, under 6 free, groups over 10 must reserve. 928-536-4881 JAN 1-DEC 31 ORACLE Oracle State Park Tours Historic Kannally Ranch House - Tour this Mediterranean Revival Style home built in 1929, Sat, Sun, and Holidays at 10a & 2p. Guided nature walks, Sat at 8:30a. 520-8962425 JAN 11-DEC 12 SEDONA Geology Walk Red Rock State Park - Learn why the rocks are red, where they came from & where they are going. Second Su of every month. 2p. $6 per vehicle (up to 4 people). 928-2826907 JAN 21-DEC 15 PINE Old Timers Fiddler’s Jam Session Pine Community Center, Cultural Hall - Spectators welcome. Bring instrument and join in the Jam. 3rd Wednesday of every month. 1p. Free adm. 928-476-3547 FEB 6-DEC 3 PHOENIX Artlink First Fridays Downtown Phoenix - Free self-guided tour of galleries, studios, & art spaces. Maps avail at Central Library. First Fri of every month, 6p-10p. Free shuttles. 602-256-7539 MAR 21-OCT 19 PRESCOTT Sundays at the Smoki Lecture Series Smoki Museum - Normally the 3rd Sunday of every month March-Oct. Native American Artists demonstrate and exhibit their traditional art. 2p. 928-445-1230 APR 15-JUL 15 SCOTTSDALE Music By Moonlight El Pedregal Festival Marketplace Courtyard - Thursday night concerts under the stars at 7p. Call for concert details. 480-488-1072 APR 22-JUN 24 SURPRISE Surprise Serenades West Valley Art Museum - Various Thurs dates, concerts incl The Singing TV Guys, Patte Williams & Co., The Bank-the Beatles Best. 7p, $7 at the door. Mbrs & residents free. 623-972-0635 ext 26

MAY 1-SEP 24 ST. JOHNS Petroglyph & Ruin Tours Lyman Lake State Park - Ranger-guided petroglyph & ruin tours, Saturdays & Sundays. Petrogylphs 10a and Ruins 2p. $5 per car (up to 4 people). 928-337-4441 MAY 1-SEP 30 PHOENIX Birds in the Garden Desert Botanical Garden - 1-hour tours. Many kinds of birds make their homes here. Wear comfortable walking shoes & bring binoculars. $9 - $4, under 3 free. Mondays 7a. 480-941-1225 MAY 1-OCT 30 BISBEE Farmers Market Next to Warren Ballpark - Every Sa morning you’ll find a wide variety of locally grown produce & grass-fed meat, baked goods, many handcrafted items, Mex food vendor, 8a-12p, free adm. 520-378-2973 MAY 4-SEP 28 PRESCOTT Zoo by Moonlight Heritage Park Zoo - 5/4, 6/2, 7/2, 7/31, 9/28. Great way to see the animals that are more active at night. Bring a flash light, 8p-9:30p, $ 3 adm. 928-778-4242 MAY 9-JUL 11 SCOTTSDALE Summer Concerts in the Park McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park - Every Sunday. Live performances, variety of local bands, free admission, train & carousel - $1 per ride, 7:30-9p. 480-312-2312 MAY 15-SEP 4 SHOW LOW Outdoor Talks Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area - Saturdays at 7p. U.S. Forest Service will give one-hour talks regarding various outdoor topics. Free. 928-537-3680 MAY 15-OCT 16 PRESCOTT Prescott Farmer’s Market Prescott Courthouse Plaza - Open-air market featuring fresh locally grown produce, Saturdays, 7:30a-noon. 928713-1227 MAY 23-SEP 20 TUCSON Budweiser Summer Concert Series Old Tucson Studios - 8 Outdoor concerts, 6:30p w/doors opening at 5p. Includes top country and rock acts. Prices vary. 520-883-0100

JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


Hot Birds...Cool Temps!
Escape to the Chiricahuas

Summertime Star Parties!
Head to Lowell Observatory in June
Summer time in Northern Arizona is the perfect time to venture outside at night and enjoy the universe. The nights are warm, the stars are bright and the Milky Way looms overhead. Summer time is also the perfect time to dust off the telescope. Throughout the United States and Canada there are numerous “gettogethers” involving amateur astronomers and those curious about the night sky. These gatherings are usually held in dark, remote places free from the artificial glow of city lights. It’s an enjoyable time to learn more about the hobby of astronomy and see celestial vistas through numerous telescopes. It’s a “Star Party !” This June 17-20, Lowell Observatory will host its second annual “Lowell Star Party.” This gathering of amateur astronomers is somewhat unique in the fact that the event is held at a professional observatory and the attendees get to rub shoulders with professional astronomers. The primary location of the event is at the historic Lowell Observatory Mars Hill campus on a mesa overlooking Flagstaff. The Star Party is for all interest and knowledge levels. Throughout the 4-day event there will be celestial observing, presentations, astronomy vendors and even door prizes! Attendees will observe the uniTH ME E P ET RO S

by Charlis McVey

Do you want to beat the heat and enjoy some great birding at the same time? Head for the island in the desert the Chiricahua Mountains. Known as a “Sky Island,” the forested mountain with moist habitats sits surrounded by arid lands. The huge size of the range and its nearness to Mexico means that a variety of bird, animal and plant life found nowhere else in the U.S. can be seen here. Habitats range from semi-desert grassland at 4,000 feet to forests of Engelmann spruce and alpine fir at the summit of Chiricahua Peak at almost 10,000 feet. Northern species such as Northern Goshawk and Golden-crowned Kinglet nest in the coniferous forest. Species from south of the border are added to many a life list. This is the only place in Arizona, for example, where Mexican Chickadee can be found. Cave Creek Canyon on the eastern side of the mountain range is noted as one of the easiest places to spot the Elegant Trogon. Five owl species can be found near Portal, including Elf Owl. Thirteen species of hummingbirds pass through the tiny town of Paradise each year - Broadtailed, Blue-throated, Magnificent, and Rufous among others.

The west side of the Chiricahuas, though less visited by birders, offers just as many “Mexican specialties” as the east slopes. West Turkey Creek Canyon provides the quickest access to the entire spectrum of Sky Island habitats. It can be reached by heading east on AZ 181 at Sunizona. Some species to watch out for include Montezuma Quail, Scott’s Oriole, Western and Whiskered Screech-Owl, Strickland’s Woodpecker, and Olive, Grace’s, and Red-faced Warblers. The best birding in the Chiricahuas is during the warmer months, April through September. So grab your binoculars and your water bottle, head up the canyons, and enjoy cooler temperatures and great birds! For more information, call one or more of the birding contact numbers listed on this page.

Useful Birding Contacts
The Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory www.sabo.org, 520-432-1388 Huachuca Audubon Society P.O. Box 63, Sierra Vista, AZ 85636 Tricia Gerrodette, President Maricopa Audubon Society www.maricopaaudubon.org, 480-968-5614 Laurie Nessel Northern Arizona Audubon Society http://nazas.org, 928-639-0491 Herb Henderson, President Prescott Audubon Society http://nazas.org/PAS,, P.O. Box 4156, Prescott, AZ 86302, Jim Morgan, President

verse from the rarefied air at 9,300 feet at the Arizona Snowbowl. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the progress of Lowell’s newly announced, 4.3 meter (14 foot mirror) “Discovery Channel Telescope.” There will be presentations by professional astronomers with topics such as “Mars Rovers,” “Killer Asteroids,” and many more. Astronomy vendors will showcase their wares, including companies such as Celestron Telescopes and Astronomy Magazine. Attendees will also have access to the observatory’s historic, 1896, 24-inch Alvan Clark Refracting Telescope! To enjoy this unique experience, do take note that reservations are required. To reserve your “spot” go to the dedicated web site at http://kraken.lowell. edu/lsp2/index.html or call 928-7743358 ext. 267, 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. If you are unable to attend, not to worry! Lowell Observatory is open throughout the summer from 9-5 with daily tours. Nighttime hours are Monday through Saturday with the doors opening at 8pm. Arrive early; we close when the last visitor views through the historic 24inch Alvan Clark Refracting Telescope. For more information visit Lowell Observatory on the web at www.lowell.edu or call 928-774-3358.
Lowell Observatory Archive

Madera Canyon, Az
Cottages with kitchenettes and beautiful views of Madera Creek Enjoy a relaxing afternoon watching some of the more than 230 species of birds including 12 species of hummingbirds or join one of our canyon birdwalks. 45 minutes south of Tucson Airport

Sonoran Audubon Society www.sonoranaudubon.org P.O. Box 8068, Glendale, AZ 85312 Chuck Kangas, President Tucson Audubon Society www.tucsonaudubon.org 300 East University Blvd. #120, Tucson, AZ 85705, 520-628-1730, Sonja Macys, Executive Director, Roger Wolf, President White Mountain Audubon Society www.whitemountainaudubon.org 928-367 - 2462 Mary Ellen Bittorf, President Yuma County Audubon Society P.O. Box 6395, Yuma, AZ 85366-6395 John King or Cary Meister

Special Astronomy Events
AZ State Museum (UofA), Tucson
JUN 19 Marking the Solstice: A Multicultural Celebration Hands-on activities, songs & stories relating to sun, moon, rain, planting and harvesting. BYO picnic & blanket/chair, 5-8:30p, free. 520-6262973

AAA members $4; ages 5-17 $2; 4 & under free. See ad on page 11 for a 2-FOR-1 discount coupon. 928-774-3358

Petrified Forest Nat’l Park, Holbrook
JUN 14-25 Puerco Pueblo’s Solar Calendar View the solar calendar petroglyph carved by ancestral Pueblo people. Marks the summer solstice. View w/ rangers 8-10a, incl w/park adm. of $10 per car. 928-524-6228

Junk Bond Observatory, Hereford (near Sierra Vista)
JUN 18 Huachuca Astronomy Club Public Star Party Open to star gazers of all ages. Not necessary to own a telescope, club members will be present to assist & show. Begins at dusk. 520-366-5788

Call 520-625-8746 for reservations and information

Red Rock State Park, Sedona
JUN 11-12 19th Annual Greater Verde Valley Astronomy Festival Lectures, workshops, networking, viewing through shared telescopes, 1p-1a, park adm: $6 for carload of 4 adults. 928-292-6907


Bird Festivals & Bird Walks
JAN WILLCOX Wings Over Willcox www.wingsoverwillcox.com, 800-200-2272 MAR SUPERIOR Welcome Back Buzzards htp://arboretum.ag.arizona.edu, 520-689-2811 APRIL TUCSON Hummingbird Festival 800-529-3699 APR 14-18 YUMA Yuma Birding & Nature Festival 800-293-0071/928-376-0100 APR 22-25 COTTONWOOD Verde Valley Birding & Nature Festival www.birdyverde.org MAY BISBEE Fiesta De Las Aves 520-432-1388 MAY 1-SEP 30 PHOENIX Birds in the Garden Desert Botanical Garden - 1-hour tours. Many kinds of birds make their homes here. Wear comfortable walking shoes & bring binoculars. $9 $4, under 3 free. Mondays 7a. 480-941-1225 MAY 31-SEP 4 FLAGSTAFF Backyard Birding Riordan Mansion St Historic Park - Sundays, park naturalist introduces birds and their habitat on Mansion grounds, 7:30a. Bring binoculars & bird book. Donations appreciated. 928-779-4395 AUG 4-8 BISBEE Southwest Wings Birding & Nature Festival Exhibits, vendors, presentations & field trips to places like the San Pedro River, Chiricahua Mts & Huachuca Mts. Featured bird is the Tropical Kingbird. 520-378-0233 SEP SUPERIOR Bye-Bye Buzzards http://arboretum.ag.arizona.edu, 520-689-2811

Kitt Peak National Observatory, SW of Tucson
JAN 1-DEC 31 Fun with the Sun All ages program about our favorite star. Handson activities, solar observing, making your own video. First Fri of every month. $10/adults, $8/seniors & kids, $6/school rate. 520-318-8726 JUN 26 New Scope Night Bring your new scope or just your curiosity. Learn to set up/align scope, use of star charts/planispheres, software, observer’s log, much more, $23-$25. Reserv: 520-318-8726

Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff
JUN 17-20 Lowell Star Party Celestial observing, presentations, astronomy vendors, door prizes, much more. All interest and knowledge levels. Reserv. req’d. 928-774-3358 ext. 267. JUN 20 Summer Solstice Includes discussion of the seasons, esp. the summer solstice - 1st day of summer in the N. Hemisphere. 10a, 1p, 3p.

Adm: $5 adults; srs 65+, univ students,


A Tourist News Z

JUNE 2004

Sharlot Hall Museum

Scottsdale Center for the Arts
7380 E. 2nd St., Scottsdale 480-994-2787

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415 W, Gurley St., Prescott 928-445-3122

Show Low Historical Society Museum
541 E. Duece of Clubs, Show Low 928-532-7115

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
7380 E. 2nd St, Scottsdale 480-994-2787

Smoki Museum Inc.
147 N. Arizona St., Prescott 928-445-1230

Scottsdale Symphony Orchestra
3817 N.Brown, Scottsdale 480-945-8071

White Mountain Apache Museum
Fort Apache, 928-338-4625 Nature & Ecology

Southwest Shakespeare Company
P.O.Box 30595, Mesa 480-641-7039

Arboretum at Flagstaff
4001 S. Woody Mt. Rd. 928-774-1442

West Valley Museum of Art
17420 N. Ave. of the Arts, Surprise 623-972-0635 History and Heritage

Grand Canyon Caverns
Peach Springs, 928-422-3223

Navajo Nation Zoological & Botanical Park
Window Rock, 928-871-6573 Space, Science & Technology

Arizona Hall of Flame Museum
11010 W. Washington St., Phoenix 602-255-2110

Arizona Historical Society Museum
1300 N. College Ave., Tempe, 480-929-0292

Lowell Observatory
1400 Mars Hill Rd., Flagstaff 928-774-3358

Arizona State Capitol Museum
1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix 602-542-4581

Colorado River
Arts & Music

Arizona Wing of Commemorative Air Force Museum
2017 N. Greenfield Road, Mesa, 480-924-1940

Dury Lane Repertory Players
P.O. Box 1727, Lake Havasu City, 86405 928-453-9466 History and Heritage

Bead Museum
5754 W. Glenn Dr., Glendale, 623-930-7395

Cave Creek Museum
P.O. Box 1, Cave Creek, Arizona, 480-488-2764

Arizona Historical Society Century House Museum
240 Madison Avenue, Yuma 928-782-1841

Chandler Historical Museum
178 E. Commonwealth, Chandler, 480-782-2717

Hi-Jolly Monument
Bus. Rte. 1-10, Quartzsite 928-669-2174

Casa Grande Historical & Archaelogical Museum
110 W. Florence Blvd., Casa Grande, 520-836-2223

Mohave Museum of History & Arts
400 W. Beale St., Kingman 928-753-3195

Desert Caballeros Western Museum
21 North Frontier St., Wickenburg 928-684-2272

Lake Havasu Museum of History
320 London Bridge Rd., Lake Havasu City 928-854-4938

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West Museum
12621 N. Frank Lloyd Wright, Scottsdale 480-860-2700

Central Arizona
Arts & Music

Gila County Historical Museum
1330 N. Broad, Globe, 928-425-7385

Arizona Opera
4600 N.12th Street, Phoenix 602-266-7464

Gilbert Heritage Market Museum and Science Park
Gilbert & Page Rds, Gilbert 480-644-2178

Arizona State University Art Museum
Nelson Fine Arts Center, Tempe 480-965-2787

Northern Arizona
Arts & Music

Arizona Theatre Company
History and Heritage 502 W. Roosevelt, Phoenix 602-256-6899

Flagstaff Symphony
113A E. Aspen, Flagstaff 928-774-5107

Apache County Historical Society Museum
180 W. Cleveland, St. Johns 928-337-4737

ASU Art Museum, Matthews Center & New Fine Arts Center
ASU Campus, Tempe 480-965-2874

Phippen Art Museum
4701 Highway 89 North, Prescott 928-778-1385

Arizona Historical Society Pioneer Museum
2340 N. Fort Valley Rd., Flagstaff 928-774-6272

Ballet Arizona
3645 E. Indian School Rd., Phoenix 602-381-0184

Chandler Center for the Arts
250 N. Arizona Ave., Chandler 480-786-2682

Prescott Fine Arts Association
208 N.Marina, Prescott 928-445-3286

Clemenceau Heritage Museum
1 N. Willard St., Cottonwood 928-634-2868

Cobre Valley Center for the Arts
101 N. Broad St., Globe 928-425-0884

Sedona Arts Center
N.Hwy 89A, Sedona 928-282-3809

Grand Canyon Railway Museum
233 N. Grand Canyon Blvd., Williams 800-843-8724

Fleischer Museum
17207 N.Perimeter Dr, Scottsdale 480-585-3108

Photo courtesy of Arizona State Parks

Sedona Cultural Park
1725 W. Hwy Sedona, 800-780-2787

Jerome Historical Society
200 Main St., Jerome 928-634-5477

Great Arizona Puppet Theatre
302 W. Latham St., Phoenix 602-262-2050

John Wesley Powell Memorial Museum

Casa Malpais Archaeological Park & Museum
Come Visit this Premier Archaeological Site in the scenic White Mountains. Tours daily at 9 & 11am, 2pm. Admission: Adults $5; Students 10-18 & Seniors $4. Under 10 $3 Call to confirm. 318 Main St., Springerville, Az 85938

6 N.Lake Powell Blvd., Page 928-645-9496

Mesa Arts Center & Galeria Mesa
155 N.Center, Mesa 480-644-2242

Constructed in 1904. The cabin room displays unique, turn of the century window transparencies featuring rare old photographic images such as the Grand Canyon and Prehistoric Indian Ruins.

Little House Museum
Springerville, 928-333-2286

Museum of Northern Arizona
3101 N. Fort Valley Road, Flagstaff (3 miles north of downtown Flagstaff), 928-774-5213

Phoenix Symphony
455 N.3rd St., Phoenix 602-495-1117


Phoenix Theatre
100 E. McDowell Rd., Phoenix 602-254-2151

Navajo County Museum
100 E. Arizona, Holbroook 928-524-6558

JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


Glendale Historical Society
9802 N. 59th Ave, Glendale 623-931-3668

Southern Arizona
Arts & Music

Tucson Attractions Passport
Bigger and Better Than Ever!
AZ Tourist News is pleased to offer the new Tucson Attractions Passport. Costing only $15 and valid, with limited restrictions, through September 15, 2005, the Passport is a 52-page savings booklet filled with 2-for-1 offers and discounts to 46 area attractions, museums, and shopping. The offers amount to a total savings of more than $400! Attractions in the Passport include, among others:
• Arizona Historical Society • Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum • Arizona State Museum • Arizona Theatre Company • Biosphere 2 Center • Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum • Catalina State Park • Center for Creative Photography • Colossal Cave Mountain Park • Discovery Park • Flandrau Science Center • Funtasticks Family Fun Park • Kartchner Caverns State Park • Kitt Peak National Observatory • Old Tucson Studios • Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve • Pima Air & Space Museum • Ramsey Canyon Preserve • Roper Lake State Park • Sabino Canyon Recreation Area • Titan Missile Museum • Tombstone Courthouse • Tubac Presidio State Historic Park • Tucson Botanical Gardens • Tucson Children’s Museum • Tucson Museum of Art • Tucson Sidewinders • Tucson Symphony Orchestra

Goldfield Ghost Town And Mine
Highway 88, Apache Jnct, 480-983-0333

Arizona Theatre Company
330 S. Scott Ave., Tucson 520-622-2823

Heard Museum
22 East Monte Vista Road, Phoenix 602-252-8840

Center for Creative Photography
Univ. of Arizona, Tucson 520-621-7968

Heritage Square
115 North 6th Street, Phoenix, 602-262-5071

Pima Comm. College, Center for the Arts
2202 W. Anklam Rd., Tucson 520-884-6988

Lost Dutchman Museum Superstition Mountain
4650 Mammoth Mine Rd., Apache Junction 480-983-4888

Tubac Center of the Arts
9 Plaza Rd., Tubac 520-398-2371

Mesa Historical Museum
2345 North Horne, Mesa 480-835-7358

Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus
P.O.Box 12034, Tucson 520-296-6277

Mesa Southwest Museum
53 N. MacDonald Street, Mesa 480-644-2230

Tucson Museum of Art
140 N. Main Ave., Tucson 520-624-2333

Museum of Rim Country Archaeology
510 W. Main St, Payson, 928-469-1128

Tucson Symphony Orchestra
443 South Stone Ave., Tucson 520-792-9314

Phoenix Museum of History
105 N. Fifth St, Phoenix, 602-253-2734

University of Arizona Museum of Art
Tucson, 520-621-7567 History and Heritage

Pine-Stawberry Museum
Rt. 87 (Beeline Highway), Pine-Strawberry 928-476-3547

Pioneer Arizona Living History Village
3901 W. Pioneer Rd., Phoenix, 623-465-1052

Amerind Foundation Museum
P.O. Box 248, Dragoon 520-586-3666

Pueblo Grande Museum
4619 East Washington St., Phoenix 602-495-0900

Arizona Historical Society Museum
949 E. 2nd St., Tucson 520-628-5774

Rim Country Museum
700 Green Valley Parkway, Payson 928-474-3483

Arizona Ranger Museum
The 1904 Old Courthouse, Nogales, Az 520-281-8675

Scottsdale Historical Museum
7333 E. Scottsdale Mall, Scottsdale 480-945-4499

Arizona State Museum
U Of A Campus, Tucson 520-621-6302

Using your Passport is simplicity itself. Present it for stamping when you purchase one admission to an attraction and receive your second admission FREE. Many discount coupon books contain coupons redeemable only on certain days, offering insignificant discounts, or - worst of all - containing many coupons that are unlikely to be used. The Passport stands apart, offering true 2-for-1 admissions and other discounts, a $400 value for only $15. Along with your savings on admissions, you can redeem your Passport for a GREAT GIFT! Collect 10 stamps and receive a $10 gift certificate to a favorite Tucson-area shopping mall. All passports are to be redeemed at the Tucson Visitor Center. You can order online at www.aztourist.com/forms/passports.sht ml or by calling 1-800-462-8705.

Sirrine House
160 North Center, Mesa, 480-644-2760

Bird Cage Theatre
6th and Allen, Tombstone 800-457-3423

Family Fun

Space, Science & Technology

Tempe Historical Museum
809 E. Southern Ave. Tempe 480-350-5100 Family Fun

Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum
Bisbee, 520-432-7071

Old Tucson Studio
201 S Kinney Road, Tucson 520-883-0100

Asarco Mineral Discovery Center
I-19 & Pima Mine Rd., Tucson 520-798-7798, www.mineraldiscovery.com

Pima County Fairgrounds
Home to Tucson Raceway Park, Southwestern International Raceway 520-762-9100

Arizona Museum For Youth
35 N. Robson, Mesa 480-644-2468

The Douglas-Williams House Museum & Genealogical Library
(Registered National Historic Landmark.) Corner of 10th St and D Ave. Built in 1908 by James Douglas, home of Douglas Historical Society. Open Tues, Wed, Thurs, & Sat from 1pm-4pm. Admission in free, donations accepted.

Biosphere 2 Center
Oracle Rd., Tucson 800-828-2462

Reid Park Zoo
1100 S. Randolph Way, Tucson 520-791-3204

Discovery Park
1651 Discovery Pk Blvd, Safford 520-428-6260

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park
7301 E. Indian Bend Rd., Scottsdale 480-312-2312

Tucson Children’s Museum
200 S Sixth Ave., Tucson 520-792-9985 Nature & Ecology

Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium
University of Arizona, Tucson 520-621-STAR

Graham County Historical Society Museum
Hwy 70 & 4th Ave, Thatcher, 928-348-0470

Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory
Amado, AZ 85645 520-670-5707

The Phoenix Zoo
455 N. Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix 602-273-1341

Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum
2021 N. Kinney Rd., Tucson 520-647-PARK

Kitt Peak National Observatories
Hwy 86 Tucson 520-318-8726

Wildlife World Zoo
16501 W. Northern Ave., Litchfield Park 623-935-WILD Nature & Ecology

Muheim Heritage House
207 Youngblood Hill, Bisbee, 520-432-7071

Colossal Cave Mountain Park
4660 E. Colossal Cave Rd, Tucson 520-647-7121

Pima Air and Space Museum
6000 E. Valencia, Tucson 520-574-0462

Pimeria Alta Historical Society Museum
136 N. Grand Ave., Nogales, 520-287-4621

International Wildlife Museum
4800 W. Gates Pass Rd, Tucson 520-617-1439

Titan Missile Museum
Duval Mine Rd, Green Valley 520-625-7736

Boyce Thompson Arboretum
P.O. Box AB, Superior 520-689-2811

Rex Allen Arizona Cowboy Museum
150 N. Railroad Ave., Willcox, 520-384-4583

Tucson Botanical Gardens
2150 N. Alvernon Way, Tucson, 520-326-9686
Photo courtesy of Arizona State Parks

Deer Valley Rock Center
P.O. Box 41998, Phoenix 623-582-8007

San Pedro Valley Arts & Historical Society Museum
180 S. San Pedro, Benson 520-586-3070

Desert Botanical Gardens
1201 N. Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix 602-941-1225 Space, Science & Technology

San Xavier del Bac Mission
1950 W. San Xavier Rd., Tucson 520-294-2624

Slaughter Ranch Museum
Original 1880’ Ranch (part of the San Bernardino Spanish land grant of 1730). 15 miles outside of Douglas on Geronimo Trail. Admission Adults $3, Children under 14 free. Open Wednesday-Sunday, 10am3pm. Closed Mon & Tues, Christmas & New Years. www.vtc.net/sranch, email: sranch@vtc.net

Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum
1502 W. Washington, Phoenix 602-255-3791

Arizona Science Center
600 E Washington, Phoenix 602 -716-2000



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Az Tourist News

A Natural Resource

PATAGONIA LAKE STATE PARK Patagonia, Az 520-287-6965
In Southeastern Arizona, it is the largest lake in this corner of the state. Water sports, fishing, camping, boating, and picnic facilities are available.

A zoo, botanical garden, and natural history museum all rolled into one. Features species indigenous to the Sonoran Desert region.


A Tourist News Z

JUNE 2004

Native American Tribal Attractions
1. Kaibab-Paiute Tribe 350 miles north of Phoenix on Highway 389 and 14 miles west of Fredonia • Pipe Spring National Monument • Full hook-up RV & General Store • Museum (Arts and Crafts) • Grand Canyon-North Rim • Cedar Breaks National Monument • Hiking & hunting • Coral Pink Sand Dunes • Zion & Bryce Canyon National Park Fredonia, Arizona 86022 Phone 928-643-7245 2. Hualapai Nation 250 miles northwest of Phoenix on Route 66 and west of Grand Canyon National Park • Grand Canyon West • Trophy Elk • Desert Big Horn Sheep • White water rafting Peach Spring, Arizona 86434 Phone 888-255-9550 928-769-2216 (Tribal Council)





12. Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation 23 miles east of Phoenix on Highway 87 Verde River Water Recreation • Fort McDowell Casino • We-Ko-Pa Golf Club and Course • Fort McDowell Adventures Fountain Hills, Arizona 85269, Phone 480-837-5121 13. White Mountain Apache Tribe Approximately 4 hours from Phoenix and 46 miles south of Show Low on Highway 73 • Sunrise Ski Resort • Fort Apache Cultural Museum • Hunting • Hon-Dah Resort-Casino Conference Center • Fishing & Camping Ft. Apache, Arizona 85926 Phone 928-338-1230


3 6

7 8 9 10 11 17 12 15 19 18 20 16 13 14

• Navajo fairs, rodeos & pow-wows Window Rock, Arizona 86515 Phone 928-871-6436 web:www.discovernavajo.com 6. Hopi Tribe 250 miles northeast of Phoenix on Highway 264 and 67 miles north of Winslow • Stone Pueblos Villages • Ancient ceremonial dances • Cultural Center • Arts & Crafts Guild • Walpi Village Tour • Hopi Cultural Center Restaurant & Inn Second Mesa, Arizona 86043 Phone 520-734-2401 (Cultural Center) 928-734-2441 7. Fort Mojave Indian Tribe 236 miles northwest of Phoenix and located along the Colorado River near Needles, CA on Highway 95 and interstate 40 • River recreation • Avi Casino • Golf, Ghost towns • Spirit Mountain Casino • Hiking & rock hounding • Winter National Sand Drag Races Needles, California 92363 Phone 760-629-4591 8. Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe 102 miles northwest of Phoenix and adjacent to the City of Prescott on Highway 69 • Bucky’s Casino • Frontier Village Mall • Historic Prescott • Fishing, camping, hunting Prescott, Arizona 86301 Phone 928-445-8790 9. Yavapai-Apache Nation Tourism 95 miles north of Phoenix off of Interstate 17 at Camp Verde • Cliff Castle Casino • Montezuma Castle National Monument • Native Visions horseback riding, van tours, & gift shop • Montezuma Wells and Tuzigoot National Monuments Camp Verde, Arizona 86322 Phone 928-567-3035 10. Tonto Apache Tribe 93 miles north of Phoenix and adjacent to Payson on Highway 87 • Mazatzal Casino • Winter recreation • Mogollon Rim • Tonto Natural Bridge Payson, Arizona 85541 Phone 928-474-5000 11. Colorado River Indian Tribes 189 miles west of Phoenix and along the AZ-CA border at Parker on Highway 95 • Lake Moovaly • Poston Memorial Monument • Aha’Khav Tribal Preserve • Hunting & Fishing • Colorado River Tribe Museum • Blue Water Casino Parker, Arizona 85344 Phone 928-669-9211 ext. 1324


21 20

3. Havasupai Tribe 310 miles northwest of Phoenix off Route 66 at the bottom of Grand Canyon National Park • Pools of turquoise water • Spectacular waterfalls • Camping & hiking Supai, Arizona 86435 Phone: 928-448-2237/2141 (camping) 928-448-2111 (lodge) 4. San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe 200 miles north of Phoenix at Willow Springs and Paiute Canyon/Navajo Mountain • Paiute Canyon native basket weaving Tuba City, Arizona 86045 Phone 928-283-4589/4587 5. Navajo Nation 260 miles northeast of Phoenix, located in northern Arizona, New Mexico, & Utah - in Coconino, Navajo, & Apache Counties, Az • Monument Valley • St. Michael’s Historic Museum • Canyon De Chelly • Hubell Trading Post • Four Comers National Monument • Navajo Museum, Library, Visitor’s Center • Ten Recreational Lakes • Window Rock & Shiprock natural formations

14. San Carlos Apache Tribe 115 miles northeast of Phoenix and east of Globe on Highway 60 • Hunting & Fishing • San Carlos Lake • Apache Gold Casino • San Carlos Apache Cultural Center • Salt River Canyon San Carlos, Arizona 85550 Phone 888-275-2653 15. Gila River Indian Community 40 miles south of Phoenix off interstate 10 Gila River Heritage Theme Park • Wild Horse Pass Casino • Vee Quiva Casino • Japanese Internment Camp • Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Sacaton, Arizona 85247 Phone 928-562-6000 16. Ak-Chin Indian Community 58 miles south of Phoenix on Highway 347 • Him-Dak Museum • Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino • Casa Grande Ruins Monument • Farming, Basketry • St Francis Church Feast Maricopa, Arizona 85239 Phone 928-568-2227 17. Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community 10 miles east of Phoenix and adjacent to Scottsdale • Hoo-Hoogamiki Museum • Talking Stick Golf Course • Pavilions Shopping Center • Cypress Golf Course • Casino Arizona at Salt River Scottsdale, Arizona 85256 Phone 480-850-8000

18. Cocopah Indian Tribe 211 miles southwest of Phoenix and 13 miles south of Yuma on Highway 95 • Tribal Museum • Cocopah Indian Casino • 18 hole golf course with swimming pool & tennis courts • Tribal cultural Center • Full hook-up RV Park • Agriculture Somerton, Arizona 85350 Phone 928-627-2102


19. Fort Yuma Quechan Tribal Council 185 miles southwest of Phoenix, Adjacent to Yuma off interstate 8 and located along the AZ-CA border • Historic Fort Yuma • Paradise Casino • Fort Yuma Museum (Arts & Crafts) • Water recreation • RV Parks, Fishing, camping & hunting • Port-of-Entry (U.S. & Mexico) Yuma, Arizona 85366 Phone 760-572-0213/0214 20. Tohono O’Odham Nation 136 miles south of Phoenix, 58 miles west of Tucson on Highway 86 and near the U.S. & Mexico border • San Xavier Mission Del Bac • Desert Diamond Casino • Baboquivari Mountain Park • Kitt Peak Observatory Sells, Arizona 85634 Phone 520-383-2221 ext. 285 21. Pascua Yaqui Tribe 135 miles south of Phoenix and 15 miles west of Tucson off of Interstate 19 • Casino of the Sun • Mt. Lemmon • Old Tucson Studio • Saguaro National Monument • Santa Catalina Mountain • Sonoran Desert Museum Tucson, Arizona 85746 Phone 800-572-7282 or 520-883-5000



JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


PARKER Blue Water Resort & Casino 11300 Resort Drive 928-669-7000, 888-243-3360 www.bluewaterfun.com • Slots: 470 • Other Games: Live Keno, Poker, Bingo • Eating Placecs: 3 Liquor: Yes Buffet: yes • Senior Discount: 10% room discount (except in summer) for AAA and AARP members. • Special Features: Adj. to Phoenix 4-Plex Theatre. Resort rooms, pool and waterpark, fitness center, 164-slip marina, double-wide boat launch ramp, Marina Shop, conference center, concerts in the outdoor amphitheater, special events. PAYSON Mazatzal Casino Hwy. 87, Milemarker 251 928-474-6044, 800-777-7529 PINETOP Hon-Dah Casino 777 Highway 260 928-369-0299, 800-929-8744 • Slots: 500 • Other Games: Poker; Blackjack • Eating Places: 1 Liquor: Yes Buffet: Yes • Fun Book: Available through chamber of commerce and local motels • Special Features: Cigar bar, gift shop, Kids Arcade, conference center. 200-space fullservice RV park. Convenience store. Gas station. Ski/Outdoor Store. Apache Gold Casino Resort

Blue Water Resort & Casino

ESPANOLA Big Rock Casino 419 N. Riverside Dr. 505-747-0059 www.bigrockcasino.com RUIDOSO Casino Apache Travel Center 25845 US Highway 70 505-464-7660 www.innofthemountaingods.com SAN FELIPE San Felipe’s Casino Hollywood 25 Hagan Rd. 505-867-6700, 877-529-2946 www.sanfelipecasino.com SAN JUAN PUEBLO Ohkay Casino Resort P.O. Box 1270 505-747-1668 www.ohkay.com

The Green Valley Ranch Station Casino 2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy. 702-617-7663 LAS VEGAS Arizona Charlie’s Hotel & Casino - East 4575 Boulder Hwy. 702-383-5241 Binion’s Horseshoe Hotel & Casino 128 E. Fremont St. 800-622-6468 Fremont Hotel & Casino 200 East Fremont St. 800-634-6182 Silverton Hotel Casino RV Park 3333 Blue Diamond Rd. 866-668-6688 Colorado Belle Hotel Casino 2100 S. Casino Dr. 800-789-2893 Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall 2200 S. Casino Dr. 702-298-2442, 800-634-3469 www.pioneerlaughlin.com River Palms Resort Casino 2700 S. Casino Dr. 800-835-7903 www.riverpalms.net MESQUITE Eureka Casino Hotel 275 Mesa Blvd. 702-346-4600 The Virgin River Hotel/Casino/Bingo 100 Pioneer Blvd. 800-346-7721

LAKE ELSINORE Lake Elsinore Resort & Casino 20930 Malaga Rd. 909-674-3101 LAKESIDE Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino 1000 Wildcat Canyon Rd. 888-722-7662 www.barona.com OCEANSIDE Ocean’s Eleven Casino 121 Brooks St. 760-439-6988, 888-439-6988 www.oceans11.com PAUMA VALLEY Casino Pauma 777 Pauma Reservation Rd. 760-742-2177 www.casinopauma.com RANCHO MIRAGE Agua Caliente Casino 32-250 Bob Hope Dr. 760-321-2000, 800-615-7805 VALLEY CENTER Rincon Casino Harrah’s 777 Harrah’s Rincon Way 877-777-2457 www.harrahs.com

BOULDER CITY Hacienda Hotel & Casino Highway 93 800-245-6380 HENDERSON Fiesta Henderson Casino & Hotel 777 W Lake Mead Dr. 702-558-7000 888-899-7770 www.fiestacasino.com • Slots: over 1400 • Other Games: Live Keno, Bingo, Table Games & Sportsbook • Eating Places: 4 Liquor: Yes Buffet: Yes • Special Features: Free truck and RV parking, pool, Jacuzzi. Sunset Station Hotel Casino 1301 West Sunset Rd. 888-SUN-SET9

EL PASO Speaking Rock Casino 122 South Old Pueblo Rd. 915-860-7777 www.speakingrockcasino.com

IGNACIO Sky Ute Lodge & Casino Hwy 172 N 970-563-0300 TOWAOC Ute Mountain Casino P.O. Box 268 970-565-8800 www.utemountaincasino.com

River Palms Resort & Casino
Stay and Play on the Colorado River

by R.D. Phares

SAN CARLOS Apache Gold Casino Resort 5 miles E. of Globe, Hwy 70 928- 475-7800, 800-APACHE-8 • Slots: 500 • Other Games: Poker, $50,000 Keno, 200-seat Bingo Hall, Blackjack • Eating Places: 1 Liquor: Yes Buffet: yes • Special Features: Best Western Hotel, Stay and Play Packages, 18-hole golf course w/ driving range, golf school, Pro shop. RV Park with full hookups and dump station. Convenience store. All-purpose Outdoor Pavilion. SOMERTON Cocopah Casino 15138 S. Avenue B 928-726-8066, 800-23-SLOTS

ACOMA Sky City Casino P.O. Box 310 888-SKY-CITY www.skycitycasino.com ALBUQUERQUE Isleta Resort & Casino 11000 Broadway SE 877-747-5382 www.isletacasinoresort.com Sandia Casino Tramway Rd. & Interstate 25, Exit 234 505-796-7500, 800-526-9366 www.sandiacasino.com • Slots: 1700+ • Other Games: Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Roulette, Bingo, Keno, Mini Bacarrat, PaiGow Poker • Eating Places: 3 Liquor: In lounge only Buffet: Yes • Special Features: High-limit area, 4500 seat amphitheater BERNALILLO Santa Ana Star Casino 54 Jemez Canyon Dam Rd. 505-867-0000 www.santaanastar.com CASA BLANCA Dancing Eagle Casino P.O. Box 520 505-552-7777 www.dancingeaglecasino.com

ALPINE Viejas Casino & Turf Club 5000 Willows Rd. 619-445-5400, 800-847-6537 www.viejas.com CASHELLA Trump 29 Casino 46-200 Harrison St. 760-775-5566, www.trump29.com • Slots: 200 • Other Games: 30+ Black Jack, 3-card Poker, Single Deck/Multi Monopoly, Mini Baccarat, Poker • Eating Places: 3 Liquor: Yes Buffet: Yes • Special Features: Blue Bar with Live entertainment on weekends, Spotlight 29 Showroom. EL CAJON Sycuan Casino 5469 Dehesa Rd. 800-279-2826 www.sycuan.com

As Laughlin continues to climb in the esteem of tourists throughout the region, it should be noted that the River Palms Resort and Casino is at the top of the A-list. And why not? Ascending 25 floors into the horizon, the River Palms boasts the finest accommodations in Laughlin. The River Palms can host a weekend get-away or event sized gatherings. Available with mountain or river views, their over 1,000 spacious guest-rooms and suites are the perfect place to relax. And you’ll need your rest, because the River Palms offers activities and dining galore. With four distinct restaurants and a top-notch catering and banquet staff, River Palms dining is a cut above. One choice example is The Lodge, which combines quality and elegance with the mood of the frontier spirit and early American charm. What results is one of the finest dining establishments in Southern Nevada. Along with The Lodge, the River Palms Café is sure to satisfy. The café is a beautiful river-view dining establishment with a South Seas flair. If you still have a hankering for some good eats after all that, try Pasta Cucina’s all you can eat Soup, Salad and Pasta dinner. You’ll want to work off that indulgence at one of the several activities

available to hotel guests. Fishing, water skiing, and sailing are available on the Colorado River or nearby Lake Mohave. You can even catch a water taxi right off the River Palms pier. If you would rather spend time on the links, the River Palms can also coordinate a tee time at one of three nearby championship level golf courses. After that it’s straight to the spa. Located on the 4th Floor of the Hotel Tower, the River Palms Spa has a picturesque view of the Colorado River and offers guests relaxing massage, free weights, treadmills, stair stepping machines and even a redwoodlined sauna. Now that you’ve been pampered by the finest accomodations, best food, and most invigorating activities Laughlin has to offer, you just might be prepared to tango with 72,000 square feet of the hottest Vegas style gaming action in town. All the cards, bingo, slots and tables you can handle. When lady luck waltzes by, you may want to take your winnings to one of the multiple entertainment venues located in the River Palms. From comedy to ballads, you’re bound to be entertained. Believe it! There’s always something happening at the River Palms. To contact River Palms Resort and Casino please call 800-835-7904 or visit www.river-palms.com.


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JUNE 2004

Hands-on Cultural Seminars
San Carlos Apaches Share Their Skills
Imagine weaving your very own Apache burden basket! Or perhaps you’d like to make an Apache violin or learn about tribal history and language. These unique experiences and more can be yours this summer - the opportunity to learn some time-honored Apache crafts as well as to appreciate the cultural traditions of the San Carlos Apache tribe. The following five-day workshops are offered at the Apache Gold Casino Resort Convention Center:
• Apache Burden Basket Weaving, instructor Evalena Henry - Evalena has been honored for her artistry by the prestigious National Endowment for the Arts. Working with willow and cottonwood, she’ll teach you the skills she’s honed for more than four decades. You will complete a basket decorated with leather fringe and tin jingles. • Apache Cradle Board Making, instructor Darlene Russell - You’ll begin by seeing how the mesquite root and yucca plant are gathered and used. With hands on instruction you will complete an 11” cradle board. Darlene has been making cradle boards since she was a child. • Apache Violin, instructor Terrill Goseyun - See how this beautiful instrument is formed from a stalk of the Century plant and horsetail hair. Terrill will teach you in the same style that was passed down to him by his great grandfather and grandfather. You will make a 12” Apache Violin. • Apache Camp Dress, instructor Veronica Belvado - Veronica is a well known seamstress in San Carlos. With her help you will construct a two-piece traditional Apache style camp dress consisting of a blouse and pleated skirt. • Apache Language Preservation and Communication, instructor Carol Sneezy In this workshop you will learn to read, write and pronounce a simple dialogue in Apache. Participate in an open discussion on the challenges of language preservation for the Apache people today. • Apache History, instructor Reede Upshaw - Born to a ranching family and raised a cowboy on the reservation, Reede will share stories of things he has seen and experienced while growing up in San Carlos.

Special hotel packages are available June 27 through September 3. Class size is limited, so register early. To learn more, call 1-800-APACHE 8, press # sign, then dial ext. 3704 or ext. 3259.

“Sheep is Life”
A Celebration of Sheep, Weaving & Navajo Lifeways
Diné be‚ iiná, Inc. hosts the Sheep is Life Celebration June 21-27, 2004 at the Diné College Ned Hatathlie Center. The Celebration brings people and cultures from all over the world. During the week, attend pre-celebration workshops, rope making classes, felting, wool and dye demonstrations. See film presentations, meet master weavers, and taste the Native foods. Attend lectures on the programs, ideas, and leadership that advocate for and promote “sheep is life.” Free family activities are open to the public on Friday and Saturday. A student from the Four Corners region will read his or her winning Sheep is Life essay at the Friday Night Benefit Awards Dinner to evoke the theme for this year’s celebration: Dibé bee iiná náásgóó bee ínáhoosh‚aah. The evening will also feature a Keynote Speaker, a Fashion Show, and a silent rug auction. The Saturday Sheep and Goat Show will honor this year’s best of show. A lecture series will focus on the health, history, and future of the Navajo-Churro Sheep. Byron Peterson from the National Weather Service will give talks about weather and lightning safety around the home and the sheep corral. Cultural presenters will speak about the relationship between sheep and the traditional Navajo Lifeways. For more information, vendor fees, or to reserve an advance copy of our annual Sheep is Life program, please call our main office at 928-871-4991. To get an idea of some of the educational outreach that DBI offers, visit www.navajolifeway.org.

Located in the heart of Navajo Land, Goulding’s Lodge offers the finest in Accommodations. • 62 Deluxe Motel Rooms • • Campground with Full RV Hookups and Tent Sites • Tours of Monument Valley • • The Award Winning Multi-Media Presentation of Earth Spirit • Goulding’s Trading Post and Museum Goulding’s Art’s and Crafts Gallery Stagecoach Dining Room

Monument Valley



Visit us on our Website http://www.gouldings.com
P.O. Box 360001 • Monument Valley, Utah 84536 Telephone (435) 727-3231 • Fax (435) 727-3344 Email: gouldings@gouldings.com

JUNE 2004

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Great Summer Escapes
State Parks Combine Fun with Sensible Precautions
Summer is here and families are looking for places to camp, hike, sightsee and learn about Arizona’s cultural history. Arizona’s State Park campgrounds offer hot showers, interpretive programs, hiking trails, fishing, rock hot tubs, boat campsites on the Colorado river, boat access, mountain biking, and Park Rangers who are always on site to help campers in any emergency. With the drought ravaging the state, campfires are being discouraged in many areas where there are undeveloped campgrounds. Rangers are urging campers to buy propane stoves for cooking and heating and not build campfires. If for any reason you do build a campfire, remember to drown it! All campfires should be put out with “WATER” and not covered with dirt as fires burn down and can escape underground two days later in a different area. Also, in some areas smoking is banned outside of cars. A great destination is Tonto Natural Bridge State Park just north of Payson, an easy drive up to the cooler climes. The Forests are closed around Strawberry and Pine, but cars with visitors are still allowed to go down into Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. Families can swim in the lower portion of Pine Creek and boulder-hop their way through the creek bed until they see the stunning 400 foot-high Travertine Bridge. Fool Hollow Lake State Park near Show Low is restricting building campfires “because it is just too dangerous,” says Park manager Jim Fisher. “We welcome all the campers to our 123 campsites but encourage them to use propane stoves and heaters. The good news is the trout are hitting pretty good right now and bass are still biting!” Lyman Lake State Park, located up on the Colorado Plateau and past the tall pines of the Rim Country, should be the destination of choice for campfire diehards. “At 6,000 feet, Lyman Lake is situated in wide-open mountain grasslands and the campfires aren’t as problematic,” says Manager Tom Fisher. “We have 61 developed campsites and campers can just camp down along the lake. We also have eight camping cabins and yurts, which families are discovering are a great economical way to get out of the elements and enjoy camping.” The 12 Historic State Parks across the State highlight the cultural history and provide interpretive programs and exhibits explaining the many centuries of Arizona’s history. The Verde Valley loop tour offers seven of Arizona’s most unique State and National parks in one small loop that is only a couple hours north of Phoenix. For swimmers and boaters the three big Colorado River Parks are open for campfires, but in southern Arizona near the mountains, fire restrictions are being strictly enforced. Be sure to check out the 14 State Parks campgrounds with 1,217 developed campsites at www.azstateparks.com or call 602-542-4174 for specific information on camping, fishing, historic tours, or hiking in Arizona.

Arizona State Parks Arizona Fish and Game Dept. Bureau of Land Management Bureau of Indian Affairs National Park Service U.S. Fish and Wildlife Ecological Services Field Ofc. USDA Forest Service

Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Albuquerque NM

602-542-4174 602-942-3000 602-417-9200 602-379-4511 602-640-5250 602-640-2720 505-842-3898

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Tonto National Monument Coolidge Roosevelt Chinle Springerville Page Grand Canyon Ganado Camp Verde Tonalea Petrified Forest Fredonia Flagstaff Clarkdale Flagstaff Flagstaff Dos Cabezas, Willcox Bowie Ajo Tucson Tucson Tumacacori 520-723-3172 520-467-2241 928-674-5500 928-333-5375 928-608-6404 928-638-7779 928-755-3475 928-567-3322 928-672-2366 928-524-6228 928-643-7105 928-526-0502 928-634-5564 928-526-3367 928-679-2365 520-824-3560 520-847-2500 520-387-6849 520-733-5158 520-733-5153 520-398-2341

Canyon De Chelly National Monument Casa Malpais Ruins - National Park Affiliate Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Grand Canyon National Park Hubbell Trading Post Historic Site Montezuma Castle National Monument Navajo National Monument Petrified Forest National Park Pipe Spring National Monument Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument Tuzigoot National Monument Walnut Canyon National Monument Wupatki National Monument

Chiricahua National Monument Fort Bowie Historical Site Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Saguaro National Park (TMD - West) Saguaro National Park (RMD - EAST) Tumacacori National Historical Park

Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park Lost Dutchman State Park McFarland State Historic Park Picacho Peak State Park Superior Apache Junction Florence Picacho Wenden Parker Windsor Beach, Lake Havasu City Cattail Cove, Lake Havasu City Yuma Yuma Cottonwood Camp Verde Winslow Jerome St. Johns Sedona Flagstaff Sedona Payson Tucson Benson Oracle Patagonia Safford Tombstone Tubac 520-689-2811 480-982-4485 520-868-5216 520-466-3183 928-669-2088 928-667-3231 928-855-2784 928-855-1223 928-783-4771 928-329-0471 928-634-5283 928-567-3275 928-289-4106 928-634-5381 928-337-4441 928-282-6907 928-779-4395 928-282-3034 928-476-4202 520-628-5798 520-586-2283 520-896-2425 520-287-6965 520-428-6760 520-457-3311 520-398-2252

Alamo Lake State Park Buckskin Mountain State Park Lake Havasu State Park Lake Havasu State Park Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park Yuma Crossing State Historic Park

Petrified Forest National Park
Summer Programs and Solstice Celebration
Petrified Forest National Park offers a variety of fascinating summer interpretive programs beginning May 29, 2004. Some of these run daily and cover such interesting topics as “Triassic Park” or how these living trees turned to stone and “Crystal Forest” that tells the geologic stories of this ever-changing Triassic landscape. Other guided tours cover the historic Painted Desert Inn and the Puerco Pueblo from an early Puebloan Indian culture. In addition, there will be American Indian and cultural demonstrators at the park, such as a Navajo rug weaver and silversmith and a Zuni fetish carver. At sundown on special days, the Sunset Program will provide a rare opportunity to enjoy the park and surrounding areas during a time when the park is usually closed. Summer Solstice Programs will begin at Petrified Forest National Park in June. Rangers will be stationed at Puerco Pueblo’s Solar Calendar from 8am to 10am daily from June 16 through June 30. Solar calendars are found throughout the southwest and are usually single petroglyphs that interact with sunlight and surrounding rocks to mark the passage of the seasons. As the sun’s position in the sky changes throughout the year, shadow and sunlit images are projected onto the rock carvings. These projections mark the winter and summer solstices as well as the equinoxes in many cases. Puerco Pueblo is located on the main park road almost midway between the north and south entrance. A paved trail leads through Puerco Pueblo to a boulder etched with a small circular petroglyph that marks the summer solstice. During the sun’s morning trek, a shaft of light is projected onto the boulder and travels down the side to penetrate the center of the small spiral. Join us in observing this amazing occurrence as you learn about the archeoastronomy of the region. For more information call 928-524-6228 weekdays, 8am to 4pm Mountain Standard Time or e-mail the park Superintendent at PEFO_Superintendent@nps.gov. The park website is www.nps.gov/pefo.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park Fort Verde State Historic Park Homolovi Ruins State Park Jerome State Historic Park Lyman Lake State Park Red Rock State Park Riordan Mansion State Historic Park Slide Rock State Park Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

Catalina State Park Kartchner Caverns State Park Oracle State Park Patagonia Lake State Park Roper Lake State Park Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park Tubac Presidio State Historic Park

Apache/Sitgreaves National Forest Coconino National Forest Kaibab National Forest Prescott National Forest Tonto National Forest Springerville Flagstaff Williams Prescott Phoenix 928-333-4301 928-527-3600 800-863-0546 928-445-1762 602-225-5200

Visitor Center Reopens
Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument
The Visitor Center, closed for redesign since March 1, will reopen to the public on June 7 at 8 am. The National Park Service, in partnership with the Museum of Northern Arizona, has created new interpretive exhibits. Visitors will learn current scientific ideas about how the volcano transformed the landscape and how certain species of plants and animals have adapted to a harsh environment. Cultural perspectives from American Indians of the area are explored, along with the historical human witness to the eruption. 928-526-0502

Coronado National Forest Tucson 520-670-4552

Alchesay National Fish Hatchery Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge Cibola National Wildlife Refuge Havasu National Wildlife Refuge Imperial National Wildlife Refuge Kofa National Wildlife Refuge San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge Williams Creek National Fish Hatchery Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery Parker Sasabe Ajo Cibola Needles, CA Yuma Yuma Douglas 928-338-4901 928-667-4144 520-823-4251 520-387-6483 928-587-3253 619-326-3853 928-783-3371 928-783-7861 520-364-2104 928-338-4901 928-767-3456


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JUNE 2004

Quality Inn & Suites Durango
Great Hotel in a Fabulous Town
Some people choose a hotel by its name or possibly by its location. Many people choose a hotel for its hot showers and great mattresses. For others a hot breakfast with a plethora of food choices is what counts. Whatever is tops on your list that defines a great hotel, you will be happy with your choice if it is the Quality Inn & Suites in Durango, Colorado. Of course, most people are not going to drive to Durango just to visit a hotel, even one as good as the Quality Inn & Suites. But most people will visit Durango when they are reminded of all the fascinating things to do in the Four Corners area - and the Quality Inn & Suites is located smack in the middle of an array of attractions that will keep visitors busy for days! Take a step back in time as you ride the steam-powered Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Train as it winds its way through the spectacular wilderness of the San Juan Mountains to Silverton, Colorado. Explore Mesa Verde National Park, recognized by Conde Nast Travelers Readers’ Choice Awards as the #1 National Historic Monument in the world. Whether you take a solitary hike or a guided tour, the time you spend in this unbelievable national treasure belies description. Allow plenty of time, you won’t want to leave. On a more playful note, what could be more fun than a breakfast horseback trail ride through the hills and valleys, where the views are breathtaking and the fresh mountain air makes you feel wholly alive...where in the quiet mountain areas surrounding Durango you might start to forget that stressful life in the fast lane. Some might wish to visit art galleries, while others will prefer our three golf courses, one a championship course. The magnificent views of the mountains and valleys might cause a missed shot or two, but do you know what happens to a ball when played at a 6,500 or 7,500-foot altitude? All this and much more is located in Durango, Colorado. Now that you have been given enough information to entice you into visiting Durango, how about staying in a hotel that has an indoor pool, spa and sauna, an exercise room, in-room coffee, PLUS a well-trained, caring staff that is always ready to go the extra mile to make a guest’s stay more enjoyable (and did we mention freshly made muffins!). In other words, a stay in Durango’s Quality Inn & Suites. For more information call 970-259-7900. communities throughout the area. During the last 75 to 100 years they constructed the elaborate stone villages or “cliff dwellings” in the sheltered alcoves of the canyon walls. Twenty-four Native American tribes in the southwest have an ancestral affiliation with the sites at Mesa Verde. The entrance to the park is 9 miles east of Cortez and 35 miles west of Durango in Southwestern Colorado on US Highway 160. For more information call 970-529-4465.

Celebrate Durango’s Rich Western Culture
The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad has been in continuos operation since 1881. The train offers daily train service to Silverton May through late October. The winter Cascade Canyon train operates Thanksgiving through early May. The Durango & Silverton Barrow Gauge Railroad operates authentic coal-fired, steam powered locomotives through the remote wilderness and high mountain landscape of the San Juan National Forest in Southwest Colorado. Each and every year, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad hosts an annual late August event called Railfest. Railfest celebrates not only railroad history, but Durango Colorado’s rich western culture as well. “Happy Rails To You” imbibes both cultures with a fullfilled 4-day event scheduled August 1822. Western celebrities like the woodburning Eureka and Palisades locomotive #4 that dates back to 1875 and the 1930’s Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose Motor Number 5 are main stays of the annual event. Rail fans have the rare opportunity to take a ride on excursions with these vintage rail celebrities. Guests also have the opportunity to take a ride on the “Presidential Special” during Railfest on Saturday, August 21. This first-class train is made up of the D&SNGRR’s four vintage first-class coaches. These rare business cars date back to 1878 and are immaculately decorated with first-class accoutrements, including velvet drapes, Victorian furnishings, marble-topped dressers, ornate wood moldings and brass railings. These firstclass coaches are available for a full charter day rate but seldom can individuals take a ride in this kind of style. Tickets for the Presidential Special are priced at $175 per person. The trip to Silverton includes on-board entertainment, refreshments and special photo stops along the way. Rail collectors are always thrilled with the annual Railroadiana Swap meet held during the event. Additionally, there will be model garden rail tours, exhibits, entertainment and photo opportunities for Rail enthusiasts during the four-day event. A complete Railfest schedule and advance ticketing will be available by late spring, by calling the reservation office at 970-247-2733 or toll free 1-888TRAIN-07. Log onto www.durangotrain.com for online information.

Railfest 2004

Mesa Verde National Park
Mesa Verde, Spanish for “green table,” contains some of the most notable and best preserved archeological sites in the United States. They provide a spectacular look into the lives of the Ancestral Pueblo people. From approximately A.D. 600 through A.D. 1300 people lived and flourished in

Hummer Tours
Trips from $20 to $125/person

Extreme, Serene and Moderate Tours Available
as well as Custom Tours and Combinations.

643 Camino Del Rio, Durango, CO • Mon-Sat 8am-8pm


• Free Hot Breakfast • Indoor Pool, Hot Tub and Sauna • Exercise Room • Guest Laundry


JUNE 2004

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Stay at the “Pretty Beach”
With Playa Bonita Resorts
Whether it’s on the beach, by the beach, in a room, in a suite or in a RV, Playa Bonita Resorts offers it all. With two hotels and two RV resorts you can be sure to find something for your budget and comfort. All of their locations are placed on prime real estate and offer easy access to the city of Rocky Point. The Playa Bonita Hotel has 128 rooms all with the most spectacular beach and ocean views in Rocky Point! The hotel is set up so you can also look out over their sparkling swimming pool with a beautiful rock waterfall and Jacuzzi. You can choose between a regular room, which comes equipped with queen size beds, A/C, heater and satellite television; or, you can stay in one of their modestly named, comfortable suites, offering two rooms each with their own bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and two - count ‘em two - balconies! Now if that doesn’t make you want to stay inside all day, the fact that there is a Mini-Market and a first-class Restaurant/Bar on property definitely will. Puesta del Sol or “the sunset” specializes in mouth-watering seafood and Mexican cuisine and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Within walking distance to the Playa

With Don Smith Mexico Auto Insurance
Don Smith’s family has been selling Mexico Auto Insurance since 1914 so you can rest assured of the quality service and information Don and his team will provide for you. They know how important it is to feel safe when you are entering another country, and there are procedures you must comply with, especially if you are crossing the Border Zone. The Border Zone is usually up to 20 kilometers from the U.S./Mexico Border and if you do cross it you have to secure a permit. United States auto insurance is not valid in Mexico either. The Don Smith Mexico Auto Insurance team will be sure to guide you through every step you need to take. They’ll make it easy for you too! You can do the complete transaction online, from reading in more detail about the procedures, to getting a quote, all the way to purchasing your insurance! Of course, they are happy to talk to you over the phone and set you up, and if you are planning on entering Mexico through the Nogales border Don would love to have you stop in. The store is located at 475 W. Mariposa Road, in the Loma Linda Center just off Exit 4 (Mariposa Rd) and I-19, just 3 miles from the border in Nogales, AZ. For more information please visit www.MexicoAutoInsurance.com or call 800-258-2268.

Cross the Border Zone

by Kate Seymour

Bonita, or “pretty beach,” the Laos Mar Hotel & Suites offers a more intimate lodging experience with just 49 rooms, cafeteria and Mini-Mart. Each room is set around the pool, featuring a palapa bar, and each has either an ocean or desert view. All rooms have purified water, A/C, heater and cable TV. Their suites feature kitchens and a sofa bed with separate bedroom. New to the Playa Bonita Resorts family is the Bonita RV Park with 94 spaces, full hookups, beach access, bar and minimall. Plus, the park is located in the trendy new area of Rocky Point on Calle 13, filled with restaurants, bars and shopping! Playa Bonita RV is located next to the Playa Bonita Hotel right on the white sands of the beach and features 300 full hook-up spaces, a store, and a recreation room. Both properties boast laundry services, clean restrooms, showers, and satellite TV. While each location is close to the city’s venues, each offers so much onproperty you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to. Heck, it’s your vacation so just sit back and relax. All you have to do is decide where to stay! For more information please call 888-232-8142 or visit www.playabonitaresort.com

We’re Here When You Need Us The Most...

Az Tourist News • 1-800-462-8705 • www.aztourist.com

Playa Bonita
Resort, Hotel & R.V. Park

Laos Mar
Hotel & Suites

Walk along the peaceful beaches Relax at the pool Read a book to the sound of the waves
• 128 Beach View Room • A/C in Rooms • Jacuzzi • Satellite TV • Outside Bar • Restaurant •Swimming Pool • Happy Hour • Live Music USA Toll Free: 1-800-569-1797 México Toll Free: 1-888-232-8142 Phone from USA: (011-52-638) 383-2586 or 383-2199
Located on Paseo Balboa #100 on the beach, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora

49 Beautiful Rooms
with these features: • 2 Queen Size Bed • Air Conditioning • Satellite TV • Full Kitchen • Sofa Bed • Hair Dryer
Your satisfaction is our #1 goal! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns
Information: (011-52-638) 384-4700, 383-4701, 383-4702, 383-4703 México Toll Free: 01-800-560-2206 US Toll Free: 877-736-5005
Located Paseo Balboa #90, U.S. Mail PO Box 254, Lukeville, AZ 85341

Visit us:

for more information on all of our hotels and RV Parks


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JUNE 2004

CENTRAL Apache Junction Apache Gardens Home Communities 1617 N. Ironwood Dr. 480-288-0311 www.sunhome.biz info@sunhome.biz 105 spaces. Pets allowed. CATV Cherokee Village 205 40 E. Apache Trail 480-986-4132 www.sunhome.biz info@sunhome.biz 97 sites. Pets allowed. Cable TV, Internet hookup, rec hall, game room, restrooms, showers, laundry, handicapped access, LP gas. Age restrictions Country Villa Home Community 2325 W. Virginia 480-982-2521 www.sunhome.biz info@sunhome.biz 70 spaces. Age restrictions, pets allowed. LP gas, showers, restrooms, laundry, rec hall, game room, handicap access, heated pool, horseshoe court. Gold Canyon RV & Golf 7151 E. US Highway 60 480-982-5800 877-465-3226 www.rvresortarizona.com goldcanyonrv@aol.com 754 RV sites, full hookups. Age restrictions, electric, water and sewer hookups, laundry, snack bar, pets OK, CATV, wireless internet available. LP gas, instant phone hook-up, internet, game room, billiard room, recreation hall, classrooms, swimming, handiaccess, organized activities, computer lab, modem friendly, restroom, showers, sauna, & steam room. 9 hole golf course and golf shop. Melrose Home Community 355 N. Delaware Dr. 480-982-2521 www.sunhome.biz info@sunhome.biz 25 spaces. Age restrictions, pets allowed. LP gas, handicap access, restrooms, showers, laundry, internet hook-up, game room, rec hall. Sundowner Home Community 105 N. Delaware Dr. 480-982-2521 www.sunhome.biz info@sunhome.biz 114 spaces. Age restrictions, pets allowed. LP gas, showers, restrooms, laundry, handicap access, CATV, game room, rec hall, heated pool, horseshoe court, shuffleboard.

Sunrise RV Resort 1403 W. Broadway Ave. 480-983-2500 877-633-3133 www.rvresortarizona.com sunriserv@aol.com 501 RV spaces, full hookups. Age restrictions. Full hookup units only - 24 ft. length unit minimum. Modem hookup. Laundry, exercise room, library, woodshop, billiard room, game & craft room. Tennis, shuffleboard and pickleball courts. Recreation hall. Planned activities. Heated pool and hot tub. Pets allowed in pet area. Wickiup Home Community 2015 E. Old West Hwy. 480-982-6604 www.sunhome.biz info@sunhome.biz 111 spaces. Age restrictions, pets allowed. LP gas, handicap access, showers, restrooms, laundry, internet hook-up, game room, pool tables, bingo, cards, rec hall, shuffleboard, planned activities, beautiful view of the mountains. Casa Grande Casita Verde 2200 N. Trekell Rd. 520-836-9031 www.rvinthesun.com casitaverde@cgmailbox.com 192 spaces. Pets allowed. Age restriction. Cable TV, LP gas, showers, handicapped accessible, dump station, internet hook up, restrooms, pool, game room, laundry and rec room. Activity director on property and park model rentals available. Fiesta Grande-An RV Resort 1511 E. Florence Blvd 520-836-7222 888-934-3782 www.rvinthesun.com fstacwbk@casagrande.com 767 sites. Age and pet restrictions, no tents. Patios, full hookups, city water, modem hu/site. Wireless internet access. Restrooms, showers, laundry. Heated pool, spa, adults room, shuffleboard, horseshoes, security, public phone, rec hall, game room, planned activities. Park model rentals and sales. Foothills West RV Resort 19501 W. Hopi Drive 520-836-2531 www.rvinthesun.com foothillswestrv@netbeam.net 192 sites, full hookups. Laundromat, public phone, On-line access, water and pop machine, individual computer tutoring, outdoor heated pool and spa, shuffleboard, bingo, card games, horseshoes, bocce ball and putting green. Wireless internet access available.

Tombstone Territories RV Park
Your Oasis from the Heat
With the summer months and warmer, well... HOT weather approaching, it seems almost natural to think to head north. However, in Southern Arizona, there is an oasis from the heat. Tombstone Territories RV Park in Huachuca City provides a summer haven for Rvers, rarely breaking 90 degrees. Located 60 miles southeast of Tucson in beautiful and historically rich Cochise County, Tombstone Territories boasts the fact that their location at a 4000 foot elevation makes for temperatures usually 15-20 degrees cooler than Phoenix. Their elevation also creates aweinspiring views in every direction, and also a bird watcher’s paradise! There are miles of hiking, riding and biking trails. Other amenities for outdoor enthusiasts are a heated pool, spa, BBQ, and fire pit. An exercise path surrounds the perimeter of the resort, perfect for walkers and joggers to enjoy. And the designated paths in the desert are for a different walk. Both horseshoes and bocce ball games can be played in the mesquite grove. The large recreation hall has a kitchen, library, billiards, table tennis, shuffleboard, darts, phones/modems and WiFi for high speed Internet. Tombstone Territories is a community that has organized activities on an almost daily basis. There is always an activity schedule posted at the clubPalm Creek Golf & Resort 1110 N. Hennes Blvd 520-421-7000 800-421-7004 www.palmcreekgolf.com info@palmcreekgolf.com 1600 RV sites, active adult (55+), luxury resort. All amenities - 18 hole golf course, pro shop, headed pool, spa, clubhouse, baseball diamond, rec hall, lawn bowling, 8 tennis courts, shuffleboard, billiards, exercise room, game room, crafts rooms, computer center, wireless internet access, planned activities. Gravel sites, patios, full hookups (30/50 amps), city water, CATV, laundry, 24 hour security. Az Tourist News is distributed statewide at participating JB’s Restaurants. house/recreation hall, so you will know what’s going on. Some planned events include potluck meals, wine tasting, craft sales, bingo, and live entertainment. There are scheduled times for many games, including board games, cards, rock races and dominos, although you are free to play at any time. There is a pitch and putt course, so come out and sharpen your short game. All you need is your own clubs, golf shoes are not required. Tombstone Territories has 102 huge (40’x80’) pull-through lots with full hookups including cable. Two laundry facilities are in the park. There are RV storage facilities, propane, and a disposal station as well, for added convenience. They give Good Sam, Passport America and AAA member discounts. The quiet, tranquil location of the resort is within an easy drive to many other “cool” summer attractions: Kartchner Caverns, the San Pedro Riparian Area, Tombstone, Bisbee, Cochise Stronghold, and Babocomari Creek are all within an easy driving distance from the resort. No matter what time of year it is, Tombstone Territories RV Resort is the destination for Top Rally, and Clubs/Groups. For more information, please call toll-free 877-316-6714, or visit their website: www.tombstoneterritories.com.

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• Near Kartchner Caverns • Birdwatcher’s Paradise • All Amenities • Large Recreation Building with Pool & Spa


2111 E. Hwy 82, Huachuca City, Az • email: ttrvpark@earthlink.net • Reservations Accepted

www.tombstoneterritories.com • Toll Free: 877-316-6714

JUNE 2004

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El Mirage Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort 11201 N. El Mirage Rd. 623-583-0464 800-445-4115 www.rvresortarizona.com puebloelmiragerv@aol.com 1075 site. Full hookups. 95 mobile home sites. In-park manager, social director, elegant club house with lounge, library and billiards, 18 hole Fuzzy Zoeler championship golf course, driving range and putting green, rec center, 2 jacuzzis and 2 saunas, large swimming pool, lawn bowling green, tennis and shuffleboard. Mesa Ambassador Downs 2345 E. Main St. 480-964-8315 www.sunhome.biz info@sunhome.biz 167 spaces. Cable TV, rec hall, game room, laundry, restrooms, showers, LP gas, handicapped access. Age and pet restrictions. Mesa Spirit RV Resort 3020 E. Main St. 480-924-6709 www.azrvpark.com mesaspirit@azrvpark.com 1800 RV sites, 55+, no tents and pet restrictions, 400 full hookups (30/50 amps), city water, restrooms, showers, public phone, security, & laundry, 8 heated pools and spas, fitness center, lighted tennis courts, 13 pool tables, 32 lighted shuffleboard courts, 12 horseshoe courts, bocce ball, picnic and BBQ sections, computer room, adults room, shuffleboard, horseshoes, rec hall, game room, planned activities.

Deserama Mobile Ranch 2434 E. Main St. 480-964-8850 www.sunhome.biz info@sunhome.biz 140 spaces. Age restrictions. Showers, restrooms, laundry, handicap access, game room, rec hall, heated pool, hot tub, shuffleboard. Good Life RV Resort 3403 E. Main St. 480-832-4990 800-999-4990 www.goodliferv.com info@goodliferv.com 1163 RV sites, age restrictions, pet restrictions, 24 rental units, patios, full hookups, city water and sewage, cable TV available, restrooms, showers, public phone, laundry, security. 2 heated pools and spas, shuffleboard, horseshoes, putting green, tennis courts, rec hall, computer lab, health club, silversmith and ceramics, library, pool hall, weekly entertainment and dances. Post office on site. Tempe Apache Palms RV Park 1836 E. Apache Blvd. 480-966-7399 www.apachepalmsrvpark.com apachepalms@aol.com 80 spaces, full hook-ups, no age restrictions on indiviudals but only 4 people per RV allowed, accept pets with restrictions (please call for more information), no tents, most sites have patios, elite sites offer immediate phone service on arrival, picnic tables and grills. Modem station at office, big-rig friendly, restrooms with showers, laundry room, heated pool and spa, reservations accepted, centrally located in the heart of Tempe with city bus access at gate.

Park Place Community Resort 306 S. Recker Rd. 480-830-1080 www.sunhome.biz info@sunhome.biz 287 spaces. Pets allowed, age restriction, LP gas, showers, restrooms, game room, laundry, rec hall, handicap access, internet hook-up, heated pool, hot tub, shuffleboard, putt-putt golf. Desert's Edge RV Village 22623 N. Black Canyon Hwy. 602-789-6903 888-633-7677 www.desertsedgerv.com dakarderv@aol.com 210 RV sites, full hook-ups (30/50 amps) No age restrictions! Pet restrictions, no tents, gravel, patios, city water, modem hu/office. Restrooms & showers, ATM, laundry, public phone, limited RV supplies, LP gas. Satellite TV, heated pool, spa, rec hall, game room, & planned activities. San Carlos Apache Gold RV Park P.O. Box 1210 928-475-7800 800-APACHE-8 www.apachegoldcasinoresort.com casino@cybertrails.com 60 sites, full hookups. Pets welcome! Cable TV, showers, laundry, heated pool and jacuzzi, within walking distance of the casino. Tonopah Saddle Mountain 3607 N. 411th Ave. 623-386-3892 saddlemountainrv@aol.com 208 sites, 50-amps, full hook-ups including phone connection. Pool, tennis courts, laundry and shower facilities, picnic area, shuffleboard and horseshoes. Pets welcome. RV storage, propane, dump station, public phone, vending machines and picnic gazebo area.

COLORADO RIVER REGION Bullhead City River City RV Park 2225 Merrill Ave. 928-754-2121 www.rivercityrvpark.com We offer 132 spaces for the value conscious traveler. Utilities and cable are free, as well as the heated pool, rec hall, exercise room, games, clean showers and restrooms, and outside picnic area. Horseshoes and mini golf are also free. Laundry facilities, phones, vending machine, ice machines and propane service is available at a small cost. 30 and 50 amp service. Free email service is available in the office. Kingman Blake Ranch RV and Horse Motel 9315 E. Blake Ranch Rd. 928-757-3336 A full service RV Ranch with 55 spaces, pets allowed, cable TV, LP Gas, showers, dump station, Internet hookup, rest rooms, game room, laundry, rec hall. Lake Havasu City Havasu RV Resort 1905 Victoria Farms Rd. 928-764-2020 877-407-2020 www.havasurvresort.com sales@havasurvresort.com NEW!! Opening January 2004. Views of lake and mountains. 169 oversized lots for purchase or rent. Spacious Clubhouse with many amenities and large covered patio adjacent to game area. Heated pool and jacuzzi overlook the 9 hole putting green with water feature. We have it all including 100 amps, big rig sites, internet hookups, and pet friendly. Our city caters to our RV visitors. Many activities including a new senior center are in town. Yuma Cactus Gardens RV Park 10657 S. Avenue 9 E 928-342-9188 www.rvinthesun.com cactus@digitaldune.net 480 space park, shopping within 5 min, heated pool & jacuzzi, activities galore and great staff. Yuma Foothills. Computer rooms and wireless internet access. Park model rental and sales available. Capri Mobile Park 3380 S. 4th Ave. 928-726-0959 www.rvinthesun.com caprirv@digitaldune.net 203 RV spaces. cable TV, phones, sewer & water, outdoor swimming pool & spa, showers, club house with kitchen, lighted shuffleboard courts, horseshoe pits, card room. Activity director on site.

Free Camping & RV Resources
• Near Canyon de Chelly National Monument is Cottonwood Campground, just 1/2 mile south of the Visitor Center. There are 104 RV and tent sites available on a first come, first served basis. Facilities are open from April to October and there are flush toilets, picnic tables and drinking water available. No fee required to stay here. Adjacent to the Thunderbird Lodge on the North Kaibab Trail. Chinle, Arizona • Unless posted, many Wal-Mart stores allow RVers to spend the night for free in their parking lot. Please look for signs indicating otherwise. • Sedona/Cottonwood Area - There is government land located between Sedona and Cottonwood that permit up to two weeks for RVers and campers to stay in the middle of desert range land with the occasional cattle herds crossing. Dump stations and groceries are available in nearby Cottonwood. • Globe - Apache Gold Casino, 7 1/2 miles east of Globe on Highway 70 permits free overnight parking in the parking lot. The RV Park charges a fee; there is a dump station available there. • Kayenta - Free camping is available at Navajo National Monument, located only 30 miles from Kayenta. The primitive campsite has 30 paved sites to accommodate RVs up to 25 feet. Facilities are limited but offer a bathroom and drinking water. • Phoenix - Harrah’s Ak Chin Casino just south of Phoenix permits overnight stays in the parking lot. • Yuma Public Lands - Contact the Bureau of Land Management, 2555 Gila Ridge Road, Yuma, AZ 85365 or call 520-317-3200.

Orchard Ranch Senior RV Resort
Make our beautiful RV Resort your year-round residence

• Planned Activities • Billiards • Heated Pool & Spa • Salon

RV Park Reservations 1-800-352-6305
Located Near Prescott • 11250 E. St. Rte. 69 • Dewey, AZ

Escape The Heat

Minutes From: • National Forest • Museums • Golf Course • Casino • Antique Shop • Lake

9797 E. Frontage Rd., Yuma Az 85365 928-342-2992 • Toll Free: 1-866-440-2992 Visit our website at: www.westwindrvgolfresort.com Par 3 executive 9 hole golf course Call for tee times: 928-342-4535

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5 Star Resorts • Activities • Entertainment • Dances • Cafes at Each Resort

1589 Drew Rd., El Centro, CA 92243 760-352-7061 • Toll Free: 1-800-545-6481 Visit or website at: www.riobendrvgolfresort.com Executive 9 hole golf course. Slope rating of 102 Call for tee times: 760-352-6638


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JUNE 2004

Caravan Oasis Resort 10500 E. Frontage Road 928-342-1480, 800-342-1480 www.caravanoasisresort.com lasquintas1@aol.com 460 RV sites. Pets allowed. Internet hookups, red hall, game room, restrooms, showers, handicapped access, laundry. Desert Paradise RV Resort 10537 S. Ave. 9E 928-342-9313 www.rvinthesun.com desert@digitaldune.net 260 spaces, pull thru spaces with 50 AMP service. Full hookups. Heated pool and spa, paved roads, pets welcome, rec hall, full kitchen, restrooms and showers, laundry, phone hookups, propane delivery, shuffleboard, horseshoes, pool tables, planned activities with activities director on property, entertainment. Computer room and wireless internet access. Park model sales. Las Quintas Resort 10442 E. Frontage Road 877-975-9005 928-305-9005 www.caravanoasisresort.com lasquintas1@aol.com 460 RV sites. Age restrictions, pets allowed. Cable TV, Internet hookups, red hall, game room, restrooms, showers, handicapped access, laundry.

Mesa Verde RV Park 3649 S. 4th Ave. 928-726-5814 www.rvinthesun.com mesaverde@digitaldune.net 262 sites, laundry, restrooms, showers, 2 swimming pools and jacuzzis, 6 shuffleboard court, rec hall. Activities. Suni Sands RV Resort 1960 E. 32nd St. 928-726-5941 www.rvinthesun.com suni@digitaldune.net 320 RV spaces. Pull thrus available. Large clubhouse, swimming pool and therapy spa, activity and computer center with wireless internet access, shuffleboard, horseshoes, golf practice cage. RV rentals available. Westwind RV and Golf Resort 9797 E. 32nd St. 928-342-2992 866-440-2992 www.westwindrvgolfresort.com info@westwindrvgolfresort.com 1075 sites. Laundry, showers, restrooms, 3 par 9 hole golf course, pro shop, activity office, library, email station, craft room, billiard room, lounge, ballroom, fitness center, shuffleboard court, volleyball court, cafe.

NORTH Ash Fork Ash Fork / Grand Canyon RV Park PO Box 357 928-637-2521 63 sites, full hookups. Tent sites and cabins, laundry, store, storage. Camp Verde Distant Drums RV Resort 583 W. Middle Verde Rd. 928-554-0444 877-577-5505 www.distantdrumsrvresort.com info@distantdrumsrvresort.com I-17 Exit 289, located near Cliff Castle Casino. Centrally located in the beautiful high desert of the Verde Valley. 158 sites on 16 landscaped acres. Full hookups, level concrete pads. Cable TV, phone, internet. Heated pool & spa, country store, laundry facilities, exercise room, spacious Community room. Clean showers, restrooms, dump station, propane. Pets allowed. Zane Grey RV Park 4500 E. Highway 260 928-567-4320 800-235-0608 www.zanegreyrvpark.com info@zanegreyrvpark.com From I-17 (exit 287) east on Hwy. 260 9 miles. Entrance on left after bridge. Extra large, level, shaded pull thrus and back ins; big rig sites; meticulously clean, well landscaped. Full hook ups 20-30-50-amp, new laundry, spa, showers, restrooms, modem friendly, LP gas, on running creek. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! Dewey Orchard RV Ranch 11250 E. Hwy. 69 928-772-8266 800-352-6305 402 RV sites, 55+, 290 pull-thrus (35x45), 315 full hook-ups, 30/50 amps, CATV, city water, modem hu/office, restrooms & showers, public phone, laundry, groceries, RV supplies, LP gas. Heated pool, spa, shuffleboard, horseshoes, rec hall, & game room.

Flagstaff Black Barts RV Park 2760 E. Butler Ave. 928-774-1912 www.blackbartssteakhouse.com blackbarts@safeaccess.com 174 RV spaces with full hook-ups. Pull through sites. Pets allowed, no age restrictions. Restrooms, showers, dump station, laundry room. Internet hook-up, steakhouse, market, general store and antique store on premises. RV supplies available. Credit cards accepted. Lakeside Pete's Retreat RV Resort 3486 E. Pete's Retreat Rd. 928-721-9668 5 RV sites. Showers, laundry conveniently located Page Wahweap Lake Powell RV Resort PO Box 1597 928-645-1004 www.visitlakepowell.com 86 sites, full hookups. Showers, laundry. Pinetop Hon-Dah RV Park 777 Hwy. 260 928-369-7400 800-929-8744 www.hon-dah.com 198 spaces, no age restrictions, pets allowed, satellite TV, LP gas, showers, handicap access, dump station, internet hook-up, restrooms, laundry, recreational hall. Adjacent to Hon-Dah Resort Casino featuring 500 slots, poker, great food, and live entertainment. Show Low Waltners RV Resort 4800 S. 28th St. 928-537-4611 www.apolloproperties.com/waltners 146 RV sites with full hookups. 30 amps. Laundry facilities, showers, restrooms, cable TV available, BBQ, rec hall, card games, Bingo, pool tables, ping pong, craft, library, golfing programs, horseshoes, hiking and fishing.

Truck Stops in Az
Casa Grande - I-10 exit 200 Petro Truck Stop 5235 N. Sunland Gin Rd., 520-836-3983 Iron Skillet Restaurant, deli with premium coffee. ATM/Check Cashing, 14 showers, travel and convenience store, mail services, internet kiosks, arcade, movie theater, laundry room, lighted parking, phones. Eloy - I-10 exit 208A Flying J Travel Plaza 16189 S. Sunshine Blvd., 520-466-9205 Convenience store, The Cookery Restaurant. ATM, phone rooms, laundry, arcade, showers. Phoenix - I-10 exit 137 Flying J Travel Plaza 6700 W. Latham St., 623-936-1118 Convenience store, The Country Market, Pepperoni’s, Magic Dragon. ATM and phone room. Laundry and shower. Tonopah - I-10 exit 103 Rip Griffin Travel Center 1010 N. 339th Ave., 623-386-6443 Country Fare Restaurant, Subway, Pizza Hut. Parking, showers, travel store, phones, lounge, game room, laundry. Restaurant. ATM and phone rooms, laundry, game room, TV room. I-40 Exit 66 Petro Truck Stop Blake Ranch Road, 928-757-2799 Iron Skillet Restaurant, deli with premium coffee, Pizza Hut Express, Baskin Robbins. travel/convenience store, filling station, ATM/check cashing, showers, video game arcade, movie theater, laundry room, AT&T/SmartStop phones, mailing services, internet kiosks, lighted parking.

Winslow - I-40 exit 255 Flying J Travel Plaza 400 Transcon Lane, 928-289-2081 Country Market Restaurant. ATM, phone rooms.

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Tucson - I-10 exit 268 TTT Tucson Truck Terminal, Inc. 5451 Benson Highway, 520-574-0050 Convenience store, deli, Hi-Way Chef Restaurant, CB shop, gift shop, barber/beauty shop, massage clinic, post office, Western Union, RV dump, propane. Rio Rico - I-19 exit 12 Pilot Travel Center #279 520-377-0001 Parking, showers, ATM, public laundry, convenience store. Willcox - 1-10 exit 340 Rip Griffin Travel Center 1501 Fort Grant Rd., 520-384-5311 Minh Chinese, Country Fare, Subway. Store, lounge, laundry, phones, showers, parking, repair shop, RV dump.

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Ehrenberg - I-10 exit 1 Flying J Travel Plaza Box 801 S. Frontage, 928-923-9600 The Cookery Restaurant. ATM and phone rooms. Showers and laundry. Kingman - I-40 exit 53 Flying J Travel Plaza 3300 E. Andy Devine Ave., 928-757-7300 The convenience store, The Cookery

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OPEN 24 HOURS • RV Parking, Parts & Accessories • Propane & Diesel • Shower & Laundry Facilities • The Cookery / Country Market Restaurant Full menu, buffets, pizza and deli

I-40 @ Blake Ranch Rd Exit 66 • Kingman, AZ

EHRENBERG........................I-10 Exit 1 ELOY ..............................I-10 Exit 208A KINGMAN ..........................I-40 Exit 53 PHOENIX..........................I-10 Exit 137 WINSLOW........................I-10 Exit 255

JUNE 2004

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Venture In RV Resort 270 N. Clark Rd. 928-537-4443 www.rvinthesun.com rvresort@wmonline.com Billiard room, shuffleboard courts, therapy pool/jacuzzi, craft room, large rec (and Bingo) hall, beautiful outdoor park and play area, computer room with wireless internet access. Park model sales and rentals available. Activity director on property. Winslow Meteor Crater RV Park I-40 Exit 233, 35 mi. east of Flagstaff 928-289-5898, 800-478-4002 www.meteorcrater.com info@meteorcrater.com 71 gravel sites, 71 pull-thrus (30x60), big rig sites, tent sites, modem hu/office, restrooms, showers, clean-out station, security, public phone, laundry, limited groceries, limited RV supplies, rec hall, playground. SOUTH Benson San Pedro Mobile Home & RV Territory 1110 S. Hwy. 80 Box 1 877-235-9100 www.sanpedrorv.com 169 sites, full hookups. Covered pool, age restrictions, jacuzzi, activity hall, craft room, planned activities. Clifton North Clifton RV Park 210 N. Coronado Blvd. 928-865-9064 www.townofclifton.com jvarming@townofclifton.com New! 55 paved spaces with BBQs, tables, electric and water, dump station, showers, restrooms, landscaped, pets ok. Located on the banks of the San Francisco River in the historic mining town of Clifton and the south end of the Coronado Trail. Mild year round climate. Quiet setting. Huachuca City Mountain View RV Park 99 W. Vista Lane 520-456-2860 800-722-4103 www.mountainviewrvpark.com cbethka@aol.com 96 RV sites. Full hookups. Bath houses with showers and laundry, modem hookups, pay phones, clubhouse, cable TV, pet allowed. Tombstone Territories RV Park 2111 E. Highway 82 520-457-2584 877 316-6714 www.tombstoneterritories.com info@tombstoneterritories.com 102 HUGE pull-through lots with full hook-ups. We love pets! Large rec room with kitchen, table tennis, shuffleboard, billiards, darts and more! Pool, spa, and BBQ. Miles of hiking / riding / biking trails. Good Sam, Passport America, Happy Camper members welcome. Very competitive rates. Top Rally Site. 102 (40’ x 80’) sites with FHU w/cable20/30/50AMPS. 2 laundry rooms, showers, modem friendly, propane, and many more amenities. Wonderful views, See our Ad in this issue.

Marana A Bar A RV Park 6015 Tangerine Farms Rd 520-682-4332 abaraaz@netscape.net 85 sites, full hookups. Clubhouse with kitchen, laundry, restrooms and showers. Tombstone Trail Riders Motel & RV Park 13 N. 7th St. 520-457-3573 800-574-0417 www.tombstone1880.com/trailriders/ trailriders@tombstone1880.com Motel Mini RV park, 10 spaces available, free morning coffee, CATV, large clean rooms, phones. Willcox Grande Vista MH & RV Park & SelfStorage 711 Prescott Ave. 520-384-4002 connet1@vtc.net 34 spaces. Full hookups. Mobile home rentals and self-storage. Pets allowed. No age restriction. Cable TV, internet hookup, restrooms, showers, laundry, handicapped access, dump station, rec hall, heated pool. Tucson Cactus Gardens Home Community 2333 W. Irvington Pl. 520-883-4771 www.sunhome.biz info@sunhome.biz 75 spaces. Pets allowed. Laundry, CATV, beautiful mountain setting. Voyager RV Resort 8701 S. Kolb Rd. 520-574-5000, 800-424-9191 www.VoyagerRV.com info@voyagerrv.com From Jct. of I-10 and Kolb Rd. (Exit 270), S. 0.5 mi. on Kolb Rd. (L). 1,576 full hookup sites with patios, includes back-ins, big rig sites, and 100 foot pull thrus, modern hu/site. Telephones available at sites. Restrooms and showers, dump, security, public phone, laundry, groceries, RV supplies, food service. Heated pools, spa, rec hall, activities, 9hole golf course, tennis & shuffleboard courts, 36 room Inn, Day Spa, Massage Center, and planned activities. CALIFORNIA 29 Palms 29 Palms RV & Golf Resort 4949 Desert Knoll Ave. 760-367-3320, 800-874-4548 www.29palmsgolf.com infous@29palmsgolf.com 197 full hookups sites. Max. 70'. 30/50 AMPS. Two miles to Joshua Tree National Park Visitor's Center. High desert with smog free air, beautiful sunsets and open spaces. Rich in local history and gateway to Joshua Tree National Park. Modern conveniences in a peaceful rural setting, friendly atmosphere. Tennis, indoor pool, shuffleboard, game room, spa, clubhouse and dancing, snack bar, par 72 golf course. Weekly special $229 including GOLF. Monthly special $335.

Blythe Rancho Ventana RV Resort 4410 N. Arrowhead Blvd. 760-921-3600 www.ranchoventanarv.com ranchoventanarv@i10net.com Country club living at a fraction of the price! Located on 18 hole golf course, gated community. 212 sites, 30/50AMP, sewer, water, cable TV, internet hookup, natural gas, telephone. Laundry, restroom, showers, clubhouse with kitchen, heated pool, jacuzzi, pool table, ping-pong, horseshoes, golf tournaments. Age restricted, open October April. El Centro Rio Bend RV & Golf Resort 1589 Drew Rd. 760-352-7061 800-545-6481 www.westwindrvgolfresort.com info@westwindrvgolfresort.com 500 sites. Cable TV, cafe, country store, heated pool and spa, laundry room, shuffleboard, library, clubroom, billiards room, golf course and golf shop, horseshoes, lakes Hemet Casa Del Sol RV Resort 2750 West Acacia 909-925-2515 888-925-2516 www.casadelsolrvpark.com casadelsol@larercom.net 358 sites, full hookups. Cable TV, horseshoe court, library with lounge, large screen TV, card room. Pool room, heated pool and large indoor spa. Indoor shuffleboard. Group meeting facilities. Large 4100 sq. ft. ballroom/dining room with kitchen facilities. Computer room, putting green, laundry, dog walk, picnic area, internet hookups. COLORADO Towaoc Sleeping Ute RV Park 3 Weeminuche Drive 970-565-6544, 800-889-5072 www.utemountaincasino.com rvpark@fone.net 63 sites. Relax and stay close to the Casino. The RV park offers full hookups as well as spa, recreation room, laundry, showers, cable and convenience store. Credit cards accepted, senior discount, handicapped accessible.
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Bayfield Blue Spruce RV Park 1875 Country Road 500 970-884-2641 www.durango.com/rvpark/ bluesprucervpark@hotmail.com Open May 1 to Oct 1. Heavily wooded full hookup RV sites. Cabin and trailer rentals. Laundry room, showers, LP Gas. Convenient limited cafe serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Park model sales. Cortez McPhee Campground State Hwy. 184 970-882-2294 76 sites located on McPhee lake. Large sites for RV camping, some with full service hookups. Group sites available. All sites have picnic table and fire grates. 11 miles NE of Cortez of State Hwy. 184. 7,100 feet elevation. Cortez / Mesa Verde KOA Kampground 27432 E. Hwy. 160 970-565-9301 800-562-3901 100 units, RV Sites, all pull-thrus. 50 amp. service. Kamping Kabins. Indian teepees. Playground & spa. Deluxe tent sites. 2 laundry rms, pool, KOA Gold Rated. Credit cards accepted. Dolores Dolores River RV Park and Cabins 18680 Hwy. 145 970-882-7761, 800-200-2399 www.doloresriverrv.com dolorivrv@fone.net 81 sites. 12 cabins. Experience the beauty and serenity of the Dolores River and the quaintness of the Dolores River Valley. Only minutes from Telluride, Mesa Verde and Durango. On the river, also has fishing ponds, horseshoe pits, large rec hall, kitchen, family reunions welcome. Cable TV, private internet hook-up, laundry, pets allowed on leash. Credit cards accepted. Outpost RV Park 1800 Central Ave. 970-882-7271 800-382-4892 www.doloreslodging.com motel@fone.net 16 sites. On river, fishing, laundry, picnic area, restaurant nearby, 50 amp service, TV. Credit cards accepted.

See listing Show Low, AZ


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JUNE 2004


APACHE JUNCTION Gold Canyon RV and Golf 7151 E. US Highway 60 877-465-3226
Electric, water and sewer hookups, laundry, snack bar, pets OK, CATV, LP gas, instant phone hook-up, internet, game room, recreation hall, swimming.


BENSON Cochise Terrace RV Resort 1030 S. Barrel Cactus Ridge, 800-495-9005 520-586-0600 www.cochise-terrace.com. CASA GRANDE Palm Creek Golf & Resort 1110 N. Hennes Blvd, 520-421-7000
1089 RV sites, 55+, no tents, gravel, patios, full hookups, (30/50amps), city water, modem h/u site, CATV, restrooms & showers, security, public phone, laundry, heated pool, spa, adult’s room, horseshoes, shuffleboard & rec hall, game room, planned activities.


15 Littlefield

Colorado City Pipe Spring N.M.

Fredonia 389 89A Jacob Lake Page 89A 89 98 67 Supai North Rim Grand Canyon Village Tusayan Cameron 64 89

Lake Powell

Rainbow Bridge N.M. Navajo N.M. 564 Kayenta


Monument Valley Tribal Park 160 191

Mexican Water 160 160 Teec Nos Pos 64

Lake Mead Natl. Rec. Area

Grand Canyon National Park 89 Tuba City 264
illa Hotev Secon d

59 160 Many Farms Chinle
raibi Old O tsmovi Keams Kyko Canyon Mesa

Round Rock Tsaile 12 191 Canyon de Chelly Natl. Mon. Window Ganado Rock Hubbell Trading Post Natl. Hist. Site 191


DEWEY Orchard RV Ranch 11250 E. Hwy. 69 928-772-8266 800-352-6305

Lake MeadHoover Dam

402 RV sites, 55+, 290 pull-thrus (35x45), 315 full hook-ups, 30/50 amps, CATV, city water, modem hu/office, restrooms & showers, public phone, laundry, groceries, RV supplies, LP gas. Heated pool, spa, shuffleboard, horseshoes, rec hall, & game room.

Temple Meadview Bar 93


5 6

FLAGSTAFF Black Barts RV Park 2760 E Butler Ave, 928-774-1912 MESA Fiesta RV Resort 3811 E. University Dr., 480-832-6490 877-506-0071
336 full hookups, 23 pull-throughs, Cable TV, restrooms, showers, laundry, recreational facilities, library, shuffleboard, horseshoes, billiards, driving cage, ceramics, heated pool & spa, and golf nearby.

Lake Mohave Laughlin 68

Dolan Springs 66 93 Peach Springs 66 Seligman

264 15

64 Williams 89

Bullhead City Oatman 95 40



180 San Francisco 5 Sunset Crater Volcano N.M. Peaks FLAGSTAFF Leupp 89A Mormon Lake Sedona 179 Walnut Canyon N.M. 40 99

Wupatki N.M.

2 15

6 87 Indian Wells 77

Ash Fork Paulden

Joseph City Winslow Holbrook 377 277 Overgaard Heber 77

93 Wikieup Bagdad



198 spaces, no age restrictions, pets allowed, satellite TV, LP gas, showers, handicap access, dump station, internet hook-up, restrooms, laundry, recreational hall. Adjacent to Hon-Dah Resort Casino featuring 500 slots, poker, great food, and live entertainment.


Lake Havasu City 95 Alamo Lake
er Park

97 96 93 71



HON-DAH Hon-Dah RV Park 1 Highway 73, 928-369-7400, www.hon-dah.com

The London Bridge

Chino Valley

Tuzigoot N.M. Jerome


Sanders Desert rs Painted 40 Chambe 191 Petrified 61 Forest National Park 180 191 St. Johns 61 60 260 Springerville

89A 69 Dewey



169 Camp Verde Cordes Jct.

89 Yarnell Lake 17 Wickenburg Pleasant Morristown 60 Tonopah 74

Montezuma Castle N.M. 260 Strawberry Pine n Payso

Snowflake 180A 77 Show Low 61 PinetopLakeside


LAKE HAVASU Havasu Landing RV Park & Campground 760-858-4593, www.havasulanding.com
Full hook-ups, laundry, showers, deli, security, boat launch, swin beach.



95 Blythe Ehrenberg


Rrec room, handicapped access, pool, spa, restrooms, showers, full hookups, cable. Open year round.

Buckeye 10 Painted Rock Res. 85 347 Maricopa Dateland Gila Bend 85 15 Ajo Why Organ Pipe Cactus N.M. 86 85 Lukeville Sells Quijotoa 8




EHRENBERG River Breeze RV Resort 50202 Ehrenberg-Parker Highway 928-923-7483, 866-226-4641 www.riverbreezerv.com

72 Brenda Quartzsite Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

60 Wenden 10


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60 Carrizo Roosevelt Lake 60 77 73


Eager Greer Mt. Baldy Alpine



Sun City Peoria Glendale

PHOENIX Scottsdale Tempe Mesa

10 11 12

HUACHUCA CITY Tombstone Territories RV Park 2111 E. Highway 82, 520-457-2584 TOMBSTONE Trail Riders Motel & RV Park 13 N. 7th St., 800-574-0417 TUCSON Vista Del Rey Mobile Home Park 3405 N. Romero Rd., 520-888-1707 866-847-8777, haascor@cs.com
Friendly 55+ community. Cozy park with shade trees and grass. Clubhouse with cards, books, TV, laundry. Full hookups. Small pets allowed. Convenient to Tucson Mall, shopping, restaurants, downtown. Great rates. Permanents welcome.

che 88 Apa ake Tonto L Apache Jc N.M. t. 60 Gilbert 1 Superior 60 Chandler


Globe San Carlos 70 Clifton 191 70


95 Martinez Lake Yuma 8 Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge


79 Florence Kearny


San Carlos Lake Hayden 77 Oracle

Casa 3 84 Grande 287 87

Morenci 78


Casa Eloy Grande N.M. 79 Oracle Jct. Picacho Peak 10 Saguaro N.P. 77

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75 70

Mt. Graham

Safford 366 191

Mt. Lemmon

Bowie TUCSON Willcox Saguaro N.P. 2 Benson 10 191 90 St. David 82 10 Dos Cabezas Chiricahua 186 Nat. Mon. 181


YUMA Westwind RV 9797 E.S. Frontage Rd. • 866-440-2992 www.westwindrvgolfresort.com WINSLOW Meteor Crater RV Park I-40 Exit 233, 35mi east of Flagstaff. 928-289-5898, 800-478-4002 www.meteorcrater.com
71 gravel sites, 71 pull-thrus (30x60), big rig sites, tent sites, modem hu/office, restrooms, showers, clean-out station, security, phone, laundry, limited groceries, limited RV supplies, rec hall, playground.

86 Kitt Peak 286 Tubac 19 Green Valley





Sierra Tumacacori Vista 80 11 191 N.H.P. Patagonia 90 Fort Bisbee 82 Huachuca 92 Nogales Naco Douglas



Clifton RV Park 210 N. Coronado Blvd., 928-865-4146 www.cliftonrvpark.com
Camping and RV spaces, pull thrus, dump station, showers.

JUNE 2004

A Tourist News Z


Durango Alpen - Rose RV Park 27847 Hwy. 550 N. 970-247-5540 877-259-5791 www.alpenroservpark.com www.campatalpenroservpark.com 108 sites, 30/50 amps AAA, AARP and Good Sam discounts. Big rig sites, heated swimming pool, game room, Internet access, laundry, breakfast 7 days a week, lounge/rec center, full bathrooms with showers, volleyball, tetherball, putt-putt, basketball, pavilion, fishing pond, convenience store, movie rentals. Haviland Lake Campground Hwy. 550 970-259-2978 45 sites, some with water and electric. All sites have picnic tables and fire grates. Large sites for RV camping. 15 miles north of Durango. 8,100 feet elevation. Junction Creek Campground Hwy 550 via 25th St. 970-375-0385 34 sites. 3 miles west of Durango, elevation 7,300 feet. All sites have picnic tables, fire grates, and access to water. Some RV size sites. Mancos A&A Mesa Verde RV Park and Campground 34979 Hwy. 160 970-565-3517 800-972-6620 www.mesaverdecamping.com mesa@frontier.net 71 sites, 4 cabins. Family campground, 38 acres, cabins, pull-thrus, tenting, groups, hot tub, mini-golf, rec. hall, wagon ride fossil hunt, pet sitting, store, showers, laundry, 2 playgrounds. Credit cards accepted, senior discount. Mesa Verde RV Resort 35303 U.S. Hwy. 160 970-533-7421, 800-776-7421 www.mesaverdervresort.com mesaverdervresort@starband.net 48 sites. 3/4 mile from entrance of Mesa Verde National Park on highway 160. 20, 30 and 50 amp hookups. Several pull-thru sites. Heated pool, 2 spas, laundry facilities, restrooms, pets welcome. High speed internet available at 20 sites. LP gas. Good Sam members, AAA, and AARP discounts. 3rd night free. Credit cards accepted. Come see the beautiful view of Mesa Verde from your own RV site!

NEW MEXICO Glenwood Sundial Springs End of Forest Rd 519 505-539-2712 www.gilanet.com/sundialsprings sundialsprings@gilanet.com Secluded wilderness area on San Francisco River, hot springs pools, 2 tent sites, 16 RV sites w/full hook-up, restrooms, showers, laundry, BBQ grills, picnic tables, secure, gated facility, river raft launch site w/shuttle service, view of bighorn sheep sanctuary Las Cruces Sunny Acres RV Park 595 N. Valley Dr. 505-524-1716 877-800-1716 www.zianet.com/sunnyacres/ sunnyacres@zianet.com 80 sites, full hookups. Clubhouse, showers, laundry, modem hookups, large park area. Good Sam, FFMCA, AAA, Passport America, Escapees discounts. Magdalena Montosa RV Park Hwy. 60, Mile marker 98.5 505-854-2235 www.gilanet.com/mcampground mcampground@gilanet.com 20 full hookups, many partial, unlimited tent sites, large pull thrus, laundry and showers. No age restrictions, pets allowed. Santa Fe Santa Fe Skies Campground & RV Park 14 Browncastle Ranch 505-473-5946 www.santafeskiesrvpark.com sfskysrv@swcp.com 96 sites, full hookups. 50 AMP, pets welcome, clubhouse, convenience store, internet, laundry, propane, theater lounge, big rig friendly.

NEVADA Las Vegas Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort 2711 W. Windmill Lane 702-260-2020 800-566-4707 www.oasislasvegasrvresort.com Unsurpassed elegance at affordable prices! Located just south of the Las Vegas Strip. Beautifully landscaped sites with full-hookups, beachfront family pool and waterfalls, adult pool and spa, 18-hole putting course on natural greens, daily courtesy shuttle service to the Las Vegas Strip, state-of-the-art fitness center, fully stocked convenience store, restaurant & banquet facilities. Rally groups welcome. Pahrump Saddle West Hotel, Casino & RV Resort 1220 South Hwy. 160 775-727-1111 800-433-3987 www.saddlewest.com kevin@saddlewest.com 80 extra wide pull-thru spaces, full hookups. Discounts for Good Sam, AAA, seniors, weekly & monthly stays. Easy highway access, downtown location, showers, cable TV, laundromat, 24 hour security, golf packages, dump station, pool & spa, 24 hour restaurant, fully landscaped, nearby shopping. Terrible's Lakeside Casino & RV Resort 5870 S. Homestead Rd. 775-751-7770 lakesiderv@pahrump.net

UTAH Mexican Hat Burch's RV Park PO Box 310-337, 435-683-2221 www.goutah.com birchsinn@citlink.com 7 sites. Full hookups. Laundry, restroom, showers, restaurant, store, located right on San Juan River. Monument Valley Goulding's Monument Valley Resort & RV Park Box 360001, 435-727-3235 www.gouldings.com campgrund@gouldings.com Full hookups. 30/50 AMPS, paved interior roads, tent sites, modem hookup, satellite TV. Restrooms and showers, dump, laundry, groceries, RV supplies, heated pool, playground, lodge, dining, BBQ cabana. Springdale Zion Canyon Campground & RV Park 479 Zion Park Blvd., 435-772-3237 www.zioncanyoncampground.com zioncamp@infowest.com 110 sites. Full hookups. Laundry, restaurant, conference room, swimming pool, river swimming

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Over 20 Years Experience in Tucson - RV REPAIRS
3340 E. Mossman Rd, Tucson, Az
• Authorized Warranty Services • Insurance Work Welcome • All Makes of RV’s • Complete Collision Services • Complete Mechanical Services • We’ll help with confusing insurance questions • A great reputation for quality & service • Serviced & repaired thousands of vehicles • I-CAR Gold Class center • State-of-the-art technology & equipment • No shortcuts - Certified Technicians • Only high quality paints, finishes • Restored to pre-accident condition • We meet EPA, State & County environmental regulations • Comprehensive vehicle inspection • Written warranties • FREE shuttle service & after-hours emergency towing • References gladly provided • We guarantee to fix it right “It’s that simple.”


Kick up your heels and stay awhile.
For clean comfortable rooms and friendly service throughout Arizona, Days Inn has everything you need. Be sure to ask about our Rock Bottom Rates (Plan Code “LRO”). You can save 10 to 40% off the regular rate at participating Days Inn locations listed below.
• 621 Commerce (520) 586-3000

• 1360 Ash St. (928) 425-5500

Lake Powell
• 961 N. Hwy 89 (928) 645-2800

• 21636 26th Ave. (623) 434-5500 • 2420 W.Thomas Rd. (602) 257-0801 • 1550 N.52nd St. (602) 484-9257 • 3333 E.Van Buren (602) 244-8244 • 5531 E. Main St. (480) 981-8111

• 7875 E. Hwy 69 (928) 772-8600

St. Michaels
• 392 W. Hwy 264 (928) 871-5690

• 25205 W.Yuma Rd. (623)-386-5400

• 2601 Navajo (928) 524-6949

• 333 W. Juanita Ave. (480) 844-8900

• 520 E. Hwy 70 (928) 428-5000

• 1221 E.Apache Blvd. (480) 968-7793

Camp Verde
• 1640 W. Finnie Flat Rd. (928) 567-3700

• 3023 Andy Devine (928) 753-7500 • 3381 E.Andy Devine (928)757-7337

• 301 A. South Beeline (928) 474-9800

• 4710 N. Scottsdale Rd. (480) 947-5411

• 8370 N. Cracker Barrel Rd. (520) 774-6677 • 222. S. Freeway (520) 791-7511 • 4855 S. Palo Verde (520) 747-8988

Casa Grande
• 5300 N. Sunland Gin Rd. (520) 426-9240

• 2991 W. Hwy 89A (928) 282-9166

• 3601 E. Lockett Rd. (928)-527-1477 • 1000 W. Route 66 (928) 774-5221 • 2735 S.Woodlands Village Blvd. (928) 779-1575

Show Low
• 480 W. Deuce of Clubs (928) 537-4356

• 724 Bisbee Ave. (520) 384-4222

• 1671 E. 16th St. (928) 329-7790

1-800-DAYS INN®
(1-800-329-7466) and ask for your Rock Bottom “LRO” Rate* Visit us at www.daysinn.com or www.daysinntravelplanner.com. Available at participating Days Inns throughout the USA.
Rates available at participating properties only and are subject to change without notice. Discounts if off the regular rates. Rates vary. Blackout dates may apply. Not valid with any other discount. All Days Inn properties are individually owned and operated under license agreement with Days Inn Worldwide, Inc. © 2004 Days Inns Worldwide, Inc.

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