1. Delegata potestas non potest delegari - A delegated authority cannot be again delegated. 2. Animus ad se omne jus ducit.

It is to the intention that all law applies. 3. Contra bonos mores - Against good morals. 4. ignorantia legis non excusat - ignorance of law excuses no one. 5. Mens rea - Guilty state of mind. 6. In pari delicto, Parties are equally in the wrong. 7. Per curiam - In the opinion of the court. 8. nullum crimen, sine lege. No crime without law.

9. Dura lex sed lex. The law is harsh but it is the law. 10. Mortis causa. By reason death.
11. Caveat emptor - Let the purchaser beware. 12. Locus standi. Legal standing. 13. Stare decisis. Let the decision stand. 14. Mala in se. Bad in itself. 15. Non sequitur. It does not follow. 16. Res gestae. Things done. 17. Animus revocandi. Intent to revoke. 18. Pro tempore - For the time being. 19. Ipso facto. By the very fact. 20. Prima facie. On its face. 21. Mala fide. In bad faith.

22. Rebus sic stantibus. things standing thus.