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One Day One Refelection - Feburary

One Day One Refelection - Feburary

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Published by Muhammad Noman
One Day One Reflection ... Some collection , some creation..
[ Feburary- Reflections ]
New book of collection of reflections in English and urdu day wise to improve life. by Sagheer Ahmed
One Day One Reflection ... Some collection , some creation..
[ Feburary- Reflections ]
New book of collection of reflections in English and urdu day wise to improve life. by Sagheer Ahmed

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Published by: Muhammad Noman on Sep 29, 2013
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Reflection no.

32 بنتحیصن

…Uniqueness and struggle decide the price
of your things…
م روارام  کم رناک رق ک  ءشا نہد ۔۔۔ہ تہ پ

February, 1 یرورف ۱

Reflection no. 33 بنتحیصن

…Mathematics is the poetry of science….
۔۔۔ یعش کئسصاردضیر ( نبز ناعش پی ) ۔۔۔ہ

February, 2 یرورف ۲

Reflection no. 34 بنتحیصن

First lesson of the education is the
acceptance and second is the knowing…
۔۔۔ہنج س اسودرواہ نم س پ مت

February, 3 یرورف ۳
Reflection no. 35 بنتحیصن

Perfection will come through practice. It
can’t come by merely reading instruction…
 ئاہدمب تآن سلھپفص، 

کمتدعب ک
ہ تآ س ۔۔۔

February, 4 یرورف ۴
Reflection no. 36 بنتحیصن

Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99%
 ندل کنہ بق ہ ج، ہ ک  اپ س فناکس ن لت لا
 روا ۔۔۔ہتہ نک م تار

February, 5 یرورف ۵
Reflection no. 37 بنتحیصن

Destiny is not matter of chance, it is a matter of
choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a
thing to be achieved…
ہ بناک پآ ی ب تہ ن ثدح لح ک لم ت ج ہ ن ش یائکی ہ
۔۔ہ نکصح دخ ن پآ جہ ش ہو ی ب ہ ہرک رنا ک پآ ۔
February, 6 یرورف ۶
Reflection no. 38 بنتحیصن

You cannot depend on your eyes when
your imagination is out of focus…
ہچنک ن ف پںنآسُا ہ رب ف کج ۔۔۔

February, 7 یرورف ۷
Reflection no. 39 بنتحیصن

Who has the desire of penitence, that, who
know the right definition of it…
ت ج ج  ہ مکسافتکب ۔۔۔ہ تآر ردکٹ

February, 8 یرورف
Reflection no. 40 بنتحیصن

Do not wish for fewer problems, always
wish for more skills…
 ک فضام ںحصب یک ن عدل ک ک کئم ب ک

February, 8 یرورف ۸
Reflection no. 41 بنتحیصن

Fortune favours the bold…
 نکن ہو گال، ہتہ سار راہ  مس ک سات ہچ چنناگا
 نب راہ ودسپک سات ہچ ۔۔۔ہتہ

February, 9 یرورف ۹
Reflection no. 42 بنتحیصن

Truth is simple, which is not simple that is
not the truth…
۔۔۔تہ ن س پہو تہن ہدس ج ہ تہ ہدس ہ س

February, 10 یرورف

Reflection no. 43 بنتحیصن

Holy injunction is the right steps to solve
the theorem of life…
 نام کیرادمذ سحا، بساکناگ کگنز سادام س یاہ
۔۔۔یرادمذ کہدباج متخآروا،

February, 11 یرورف ۱۱
Reflection no. 44 بنتحیصن

Thoughts are directly proportional to the
aptitude… inverse is also true…
 ،ع س ںودارا، ہ تہ اپ ےداراس تلخ س پ ک ع
۔۔۔ رادکس تادع روا، تادع

February, 12 یرورف ۱۲
Reflection no. 45 بنتحیصن

Believe needs knowledge, and knowledge
needs research and curiosity…
عرواہکس  ف رغ سار ، ہ ل ج سع ی کت سار ک
۔۔۔ہ ترگس ہاہش

February, 13 یرورف ۱۳
Reflection no. 46 بنتحیصن

Ill-Literal sense is the mother of all evil
۔۔۔ہ لج ںم کںئاب مت

February, 14 یرورف ۱۴
Reflection no. 47 بنتحیصن

Life of tissue paper is only some dirty
۔۔۔ ہ بسنہ  ےراھ

  نہ ن ارتجسندسا ورڈ

February, 15 یرورف ۱۵
Reflection no. 48 بنتحیصن

Incomplete solution has no marks…
اتجس چ ن ممتقوسا کئسکیت سمک
۔۔۔ہ س ج یمزآ  ن  مگنز ع پ رطسر یقخا

February, 16 یرورف ۱۶
Reflection no. 49 بنتحیصن

Theory proves the hypothesis, and
practical proves the theory…
مکےرھدا ں ۔۔۔ہ یب ب چسیرھداحط ک

February, 17 یرورف ۱۷
Reflection no. 50 بنتحیصن

Eating and drinking are the parts of life, not
 لدک ننا ت ک یدیزورگا ہ تہ تس ک یزور سحر
تہ تس ک لاو ہو ۔۔۔ہ ک ھب ب س ںشف

February, 18 یرورف ۱۸
Reflection no. 51 بنتحیصن

Kindergarten education is more important
than education of whole life…
 سھپ بکفدیا ید لبکفص ت تس قو ہ گ ہ یدک
ب ن ۔۔۔ا ہ 

February, 19 یرورف ۱۹
Reflection no. 52 بنتحیصن

The mind cannot be creative if you are
always busy, always talking, always
pursuing tangible end, …
روام ںتب  کپآپاقو ہ ج، س ہ ن رکت کش ہو
  ۔۔۔کر فوممں گل

February, 20 یرورف ۲۲
Reflection no. 53 بنتحیصن

It is better to be hopeful, even though the
facts and figures are against you, …
 ن مادکماب تہ ب  فخکپآ ح  رواےہم م ت گا

February,21 یرورف ۲۱

Reflection no. 54 بنتحیصن

The key to every result is struggle with
patience; you get the chicken by hatching the
egg… not by smashing it…
 ن بک  قو صخ یابس ےنا، ہ م  جو ج تس ک ص ک ک بمک ہ
۔۔۔پ نڑت ًارف اناک نہ

February, 22 یرورف ۲۲
Reflection no. 55 بنتحیصن

A vision without a task is but a dream, a task
without a vision is drudgery, a vision and a
task is the pope of the world…
 وا، م، س ر کحک ندسام جوج ع ب ۔۔۔ہہر ھ

February, 23 یرورف ۲۳

Reflection no. 56 بنتحیصن

Laws of nature are design with the respect of
human because human is the part of nature…
 ےب ب م ہو ک ل ساب ہ عم ہک ن ےبل سافص مک

February, 24 یرورف ۲۴
Reflection no. 57 بنتحیصن

If opportunity does not knock,… build a
ہر ےدن سدقم گا ۔۔۔ہ ۔۔۔ئبہزاوردت۔۔۔

February, 25 یرورف ۲۵
Reflection no. 58 بنتحیصن

There are two ways of spreading light; to
be the candle or the mirror that reflects it…
 ک نھپ پآ ل ہت ااب بکھکک  ن بکب دخپی
، ہت ۔۔۔ہ پ پآ ف

February, 26 یرورف ۲۶
Reflection no. 59 بنتحیصن

He who walks in search of knowledge,
walks in the path of Allah…
 س مشتکع ج ہ تک ۔۔۔ہ چ پ سار ک لاہو صارد

February, 27 یرورف ۲۷
Reflection no. 60 بنتحیصن

Patience with others is Love ...patience
with self is Hope ... patience with Allah is
 ماتہ ل پاص  ۔۔۔ہ تکم ی تہ ل ک ںوسودص
 نیای ہ ل ک لت لاص ۔۔۔ہ تک ہتک

February, 28 یرورف ۲۸
Reflection no. 61 بنتحیصن

Sagheer Ahmed, is not the name of meat-stuff
character … but, is the name of “discipline”…
InshaAllah !
 ک ںو
ا" ،ہکلب ۔۔۔ں
 مان اک تب تسو
،دحا یغص
" ۔۔۔ ے
 مان اک ءآش نا لا

February, 29 یرورف ۲۹

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