By Artemis Talioura

I read this book by Dick Hyman and I thought it would be interesting if I wrote down the 10+2 Craziest Laws I don’t write them in an order that tells you which law is the 1st one and which is the 12th but wrote them all mixed together .

LET’S START WITH ANIMALS GIRAFFES In Atlanta.OK. you cannot tie a giraffe to a telephone pole .

. they would be fined In Hillsboro. bees shoplifting. horses can only ride in the front seat of your car MONKEY BEES Moneys caught In Kirkland. Cannot fly though serve 5 days or over the city in prison.HORSES Once in South Carolina had to wear pants or else.

you cannot hum in public streets in Cicero… In Coral Gables it is against the law to snore at night… Maine forbids Whistling on Sundays… .PEOPLE’S SOUNDS On Sundays.

it is against the law to sit in he middle of a public street and read a newspaper MONSTERS In Urbana. monsters are not allowed to enter the city .NEWSPAPERS In Detroit.

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