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Subject Code: D5810 M.

Tech II Semester [R09] Regular Examinations August 2010 SECURE DATABASE APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT
(CS, CS&E)

Time: 3 Hours

Max Marks: 60

Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry EQUAL marks

1. a). What is an information system? Describe components of the information system. b). Describe the characteristics of information system categories. 2. a). Describe in detail about database security vulnerabilities and data base security risks. b). What is digital authentication? Briefly describe LDAP. 3. a). What are the best practices for user administration, and describe with an example how each practice enhances OS Security. b). Describe the database account access procedure. 4. What is a User profile? Describe in detail about the involved process in design and implementation of password policies either in Oracle or SQL server environment. 5. a). Describe the process of Granting and revoking user privileges b). What are the most commonly used application types? List the most common application security models. 6. a). Describe the importance of VIEW database object, while implementing a VPD. b). Briefly describe the process to implement row-level and column-level security. 7. a). Describe the process to generate a data manipulation history b). Differentiate between the auditing architectures of DML Action Vs DML changes 8. a). Describe the process to create and implement DLL triggers with Oracle b). Briefly describe the project security requirements for a secured repository.

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