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Finally My Hope Has Gone!

Finally My Hope Has Gone!

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Published by pari2680

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Published by: pari2680 on Sep 29, 2013
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Finally my hope has gone! Have you seen or given a look!

There is gigantic monster on the hill With a very sharp weapon He cuts, cuts with precision Every thing every ism one by one Finally he got comparatively the bigger one Who says .. Matter comes from matter Matter goes to matter Energy comes from energy, Energy goes to energy Nothing more or nothing less We have to accept it ! The monster in me feels very thirsty And wants some worm water of knowledge If not from the end but from the origin of energy I can not provide him as I do not know How deep or how high is the place, Where the origin of every thing including energy lies? He got very angry, every now and then pushes me hard To stop preaching or request me to be shut up. Other wise he will do the same what he has done with others. Finally my hope has gone! But pleased some one has come To save the humanity from the misguiding monsters. Abdul Wahab

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