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Games movie, based on the book, won over twenty different awards, some of them are MTV award, Peoples Choice award, Grammys and so. It was a nice movie, with unique actors, good performance. But, if somebody once read the book, will be a little disappointed about how the movie makers ignore some details on the book that must be shown on the movie.

These things usually happen when people turn a book into a movie. There are some exceptions, but its very rare that a movie was better than the original history or the book. But in my opinion, I didnt read the whole book of The Hunger Games but the first chapter, and I could imagine many things while I was reading the words that describe very detailed the environment where the history is narrated. For example, in the very first part the author of the book describes how the cat is, but the only thing that you can appreciate on the movie, is that the cat is in a bad mood and goes away when it sees Katniss.

Another example is that the books says that Katniss was a little short because of her lack of food when she was a child, but in the movie Katniss is shown taller as some characters. But these are just some details, that if the movie producers had made an effort, they could add some of the books details to the movie. The last example will be how it is described in the book the fantastic costumes the characters use, with metaphors the author describes it, but in the movie they appear to be kind of twisted and unreal.

Some movies change a lot of the history to adapt it into a movie, resulting annoying for the fans. For example most of the actors doesnt seem alike as described in the book. Nevertheless The Hunger Games movie still great but with lack of details narrated on the book. I think because its kind of expensive demonstrate every detail the movie producers omit this extra details.