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The dinner was already done. The houses owner prepared baked salmon as main dish. She left the table when the bell rang, but when she saw that the maid went to welcome the first guest; she turned her sight to the buffet again. Thats how she looked that her cat was biting the salmon. She terryfied herself and moved the animal and threw it on the back door. She immediately covered the parts where it was bitten with parsley and lemon slices. At the end of the meal the diners was satisfied be the smooth taste, the maid opened the door to refresh the place, and she was astonished by seeing in the entrance the dead cat. When the houses owner received the news she had to confess what happened to her guests and warn them that the cat had died of food poisoning. Immediately, everyone want to the hospital, the next morning, the host neighbor explained that by the accident she had to ran over and because she had knowledge that there was a very important dinner going on the house, she didnt want to interrupt, so she decided to leave the cat body at the entrance. This story has been heard in diaries, magazines and books and conversations in different countries, for at least the last 16 years. Thats how Jan Harold Brunvand explains in his book Too Good to be true: The Colossal Book of Urban Legends. There is a variety of stew, but it is mostly about food. The favorite versio in Europe is about the family that picks up wild mushrooms and they put..