The bus pulled away and when you looked back she had gone you searched where she had stood until the bus turned a corner and the scene had changed and you turned to the front and sat wounded and deflated the evening sky drawing in the bus nigh on empty except for you and a few others she said she had another some guy from work engaged now and that was that said kindly as such but to your mind and heart too much and searched back to the old days the days when it all seemed fresh as fish just caught that time by the pond when she was late and you wondered if she'd come and sat gazing across the water's skin seeing ducks and birds and butterflies but not her and then she appeared and was there breathless and smiling

and saying she had had to run something about her mother wanting chores done and she sat beside you and her arm looped yours and she pulled you close and kissed your cheek and talked and talked her head against your arm and you listened but half only as you wanted to drink her in each aspect of her each particle of her being her scent her hair against you the sound of voice the tone her hands across yours her legs slightly uncovered the shoes half off her feet and o she said thought I'd not make it thought you'd be gone no not me you said always wait for you and she smiled and the sun was coming through the trees seeping through branches dancing with leaves or that other time in the tall clover near the run down cottage she laying there peasant like semi clad

you lying beside her hands on her thighs that sweet spark in her eyes and what would mother say if seeing such she said there in clover not in bed her talk of nature things of butterflies or birds or how her father's cigarette hung from his lower lip as he spoke almost choking in smoke then the bus drew into the town and you saw the empty shops and street lights and people walking home or to the cinema couples arm in arm or holding hands which took you back to the old times and dream lands.