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AFC has left me Tarron Khemraj

Guyana Times - September 20, 2013 By admin Economist Tarron Khemraj has confirmed that he has indeed crossed over to the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and left the Alliance For Change (AFC). He noted that he believes there needs to be a unified opposition if it is to win an election. Speaking to Guyana Times via telephone, he said if this is left to the AFC there would be no unified opposition. He disclosed that he had notified the AFC that he would be leaving the party via an email about two weeks ago, adding that the response he received from AFC Member of Parliament Cathy Hughes was that, if you go, it will be sad. He firmly stated that AFC has left me, I have not left the AFC, since from the 2011 general election to now the party did not seek his advice on any issue or decision it made. He explained that pre-elections the party regularly obtained his input, but even with regards to the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project, it did not seek to ask his advice. He said AFC has decided it would not go down the consultation road since elections. Khemraj added that he, Dr Asquith Rose and businessman Rab Mukraj decided to move forward and build something with APNU, explaining that we have decided to team up with Granger/APNU on a unity movement that will focus on the single goal: unity and human development. We would pool efforts and ideas. We hope to get the support and inputs of the AFC and even folks from the PPP. Subsequently, in the coming months, there should be more talks and revelations. He added that he has no enmity towards the AFC and continues to have the strongest respect for its members. AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan for a second day running said the party would be releasing a statement on the issue, but up to press time this was not done.