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Instituto Tecnolgico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus Chiapas Jos Pablo Valencia Barajas Lengua Extranjera Translation is about

finding the correct meaning of a sentence on a language and write again the same idea but in other language. These can be difficult sometimes because every language has different types of expressing, not always following a logic order, or not always in the same context that the words say by itself.

For example, this time we translated a text in Spanish called De boca en boca and it doesnt make the same sense if you translate it directly in English, it would say from mouth to mouth, when the correct translation is Word of mouth. The second text was in English, and it was the first chapter of The Hunger Games, which describes the very first scene on the history.

It is certainly that translating from English to Spanish is easier than doing the opposite when your native language is the Spanish. The first reason its because when you read something written in your native language you understand most of the ideas shown on the text, than trying to understand something that its not written in Spanish. When trying to read in a different language, you should always think in the language youre reading. If you do not, the most possible thing that will happen is that you wont get the idea of the text. That was what happened when we translated The Hunger Games in English, we thought in English and then as we are Spanish native speakers it was easier writing down an idea expressed by our own words. It happens the opposite when trying to translate a text written in Spanish, to English. We may understand most of the idea, but It begins difficult when thinking about a way that a native English speaker would understand what we are trying to say. So an advice that works for me, is always thinking on the language Im reading a book, magazine or new and then maybe try to express my idea in Spanish.