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Bulava, which is both the military and a ceremonial mace or baton carried by a hetman, or the military head of a Cossack state. Today bulava is a symbol of the Presidency of Ukraine, and while being sworn into office President holds one. You can buy decorative ornamental bulava in most souvenir shops. Kyiv Cake is a brand of dessert cake, made in Kyiv since 1950’s. The cake has become one of the symbols of Kyiv city, particularly by its brand name and package. The cake has a large layer of biscuit with hazelnuts and caramel filling.

to bring back from
Pysanka is a traditional Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated using a wax-resist (batik) method. Pysankas are meant to be decorative.

A bottle of Horilka. Horilka is a traditional Ukrainian strong drink analogous to Russian vodka. One of the best selling kinds of horilka is Medova z Pertsem (honey with red hot pepper).

Ukrainian beer (pyvo). Among other kinds L’vivske beer is one of the oldest in Ukraine (Brewery founded in 1715). Matryoshkas (a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside another) are traditionally associated with Eastern Slavic culture. You can find these at Andriyivskyi descent in different themes, ranging from fairy tale characters to pop stars and Soviet leaders.

Watches made by the Kyiv watch factory of an exclusive limited series KLEYNODS OF INDEPENDENCE, which is devoted to the 20th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine. For a basis of original design was chosen principal element of small State Emblem of Ukraine - famous Ukrainian Trident. Original and unique design, the highest standards of quality materials and movements, unconditional observance of all technological requirements in production, extended warranty period to 30 months - make these watches real KLEYNODS OF INDEPENDENCE OF UKRAINE.

Petrikivska wood painting handicraft articles featuring original technique of painting wood in flowers and plants, that create unique lightness and expression in design.

Rushnik. Rushniks are traditional Ukrainian towels decorated with the ornamental pattern and used for ceremonial events. An example of their use would be a host offering his guests bread and salt, which would then be served on a rushnik.

A CD of Ukrainian music. Along with jolly Ukrainian folk music a good option is Okean Elzy (Океан Эльзи) currently the most popular pop-rock band in Ukraine, and Ruslana, the winner of the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest

Salo (slabs of pork underskin fat) is the most stereotypical attribute of Ukrainian culture, same as vodka in Russian. You can find plenty of salo at Bessarabka market.

Kyiv City Guide
#29 March/April 2012

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Facts & Figures
LOCATION: Eastern Europe, bordering Black Sea (south), Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland in the west, Belarus (north), Russia (east). GEOGRAPHY: Ukraine is the largest state (slightly smaller than Texas) in Europe and consists mostly of plateaus. The only mountain chains are the Carpathians (west) and the Crimean Mountains. HIGHEST POINT: Mount Hoverla 2,061m. LONGEST RIVER: Dnipro 2,200 km. CLIMATE: temperate continental; Mediterranean on the southern Crimean coast. Summers are warm, even hot in the south. Winters vary from cool along the Black Sea to cold farther inland. The heaviest rainfalls are observed in July. Snowfall is common in winter. Average temperature: July 21°C/70°F, January 6°C/43°F. (South). THE FLAG: consists of two equal horizontal bands of azure and yellow representing grainfields under a blue sky. ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION: Unitary state divided into 24 provinces (oblast) and one autonomous republic Crimea. Additionally, two cities Kyiv and Sevastopol, have a special status. LANGUAGE: Official language is Ukrainian, an Indo-European, Slavic group language, which is similar to Russian. Russian is widely spoken in Kyiv, on the North-East and South. RELIGION: Ukraine is predominantly Orthodox Christian. Greek Catholic on the western part. LOCAL TIME: Eastern European Time (GMT+2) and Eastern European Summer Time (GMT+3) zones, along with Finland, Baltic States, Turkey.
Area: Population: Capital: Major cities: 603,628 sq. km 46,179,266 (2008 est.) Kyiv, 2,819,566 Kharkiv 1,470,902 Dnipropetrivsk 1,065,008 Odesa 1,029,049 Donetsk 1,016,194 Ukrainians: 77.8 % Russians: 17.3 % Belarusians: 0.6 % Moldovans: 0.5 % Crimean Tatar: 0.5 % others: 3.8 %

History in brief

Ethnic composition:

4500BC Flourishing of the Neolithic CucuteniTrypillian culture over the territory of Ukraine. 482AD Foundation of Kyiv by first settlers, according to legend by norsemen Kyi (thus Kyiv), Shcheck, Horiv and their sister Lybid. 10-11th centuries Kyivan Rus becomes the largest and most powerful state in Europe. 988 The ruler Vlodymyr the Great converts Kyivian Rus to Christianity. 1240 Genghis Khan’s grand-son, Batu Khan conquers Kyivian Rus. 1362 Weakened by internecine quarrels and Mongol invasions, Kyivan Rus was incorporated into the growing Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. 15th century The cultural and religious legacy of Kyivian Rus laid to the foundation of Ukrainian nationalism and the Cossack quasi-state, the Zaporizhian Host was established. 1648 After uprising against Poles lead by Cossack leader Bohdan Khmelnitsky the Hetmanate remained autonomous for well over 100 years. 17th century Ukraine was progressively incorporated into the Russian Empire despite stipulations of autonomy provided by the Treaty of Pereyaslav. 1917 Collapse of czarist Russia. Proclamation of the Independent Ukrainian People’s Republic. 1920 Soviets occupied Ukraine and forced to endure a brutal communist regime that engineered artificial famine - Holodomor (1932-33) in which over 8 million Ukrainians died. 1941 German troops invade Ukraine. 1944 Soviet army occupied Ukraine again. In WWII, both German and Soviet armies were responsible for 7 to 8 million deaths. 1945 Ukraine became the member of the UN. 1954 Crimea transferred to Ukraine by the Soviet leader Khrushchev. 1986 Horrific Chernobyl disaster. 1990 Proclamation of sovereignty and independence from the Soviet Union. 1996 Adoption of new Ukrainian Constitution; monetary unit Hryvnia introduced in Ukraine. 2004 Following peaceful mass protest Orange Revolution Victor Yushchenko becomes the president of Ukraine. 2012 Ukraine and Poland to host UEFA European Football Championship.

Hryvnia is the Ukrainain national currency (introduced in 1996). One hryvnia equals 100 kopeck. The coins are 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 kopiyok, and 1 Hr. The notes are of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 denominations. Visa and EC/MC are widely accepted, AmEx and Diners cards are not so popular. Exchange available either at banks or at exchange points. Please note that rates may vary a lot or deteriorate fast outside business hours or in less competitive places. 1 USD = 7.98 UAH; 1 EUR = 10.71 UAH (Feb 27, 2012) You should carry a photocopy of your passport with you all times for ID purposes and keep the original in safe place. Beware of petty crime and keep valuables and cash out of sight, especially in crowded areas and tourist spots. DO NOT exchange money in places other than banks. Although the great majority of visitors experience no difficulties, there has been an increase in number of mugging and other attacks on foreigners.

Tips & Tricks


DISABLED RAVELLERS Unfortunately Kyiv is not a disable friendly city and has no shopmobility and other facilities for disabled people. ELECTRICITY 220 volts AC, 50 Hz; European standard 2-pin plugs are in use. CAR FREE DAYS During holidays and weekends traffic is limited on central streets in Kyiv. PUBLIC TOILETS These generally are dirty. A good idea is nearest hotel or a coffee shop. TAP WATER Don’t drink tap water without boiling it. We advise bottled water readily available in shops.

Visas & Entry

Driving Ukraine

Citizens of the US, Canada, EU, and certain other states are allowed to enter Ukraine without a visa for up to 90 days per 180 calendar days from the date of arrival. An appropriate visa required for a longer stay if you are coming for purpose of employment, immigration etc. If you plan to stay more than six months, you must register with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Immigration Dept. 10 Bohomoltsa str, tel. (044) 256 1136

You must possess a valid International Driving Licence to drive legally. Ukraine is a zero tolerance policy on drink driving. Generally driving standards are poor and driving Ukraine is very stressful. Ukrainian law allows the police to stop a vehicle only if a traffic offence has been committed. The police are not permitted to fine you on the spot. They should issue a ticket and send a report to the court to decide if a penalty should be applied. Police have no right to confiscate your driving license or documentation. The Traffic Police Department telephone you may contact for advice: (044) 272 4659 (help line), (044) 272 3660 (duty telephone).

Public holidays

When a public holiday falls on a weekly day off (for example, Sunday), the following working day (often it is Monday) turns into an official day off too. For the most of Ukrainian employees weekly days off are Saturday and Sunday. If only one or two working days are between a public holiday and another day off then the Government usually shifts these working days onto a certain Saturday following that day off.
January 1 January 7 March 8 April 15 (2012) May 1 and 2 May 9 June 3 (2012) June 28 August 24 New Year's Day Orthodox Christmas Women’s Day Orthodox Easter Labour Days Victory Day Holy Trinity Day Constitution Day Independence Day

Chernobyl & Ecology

Both the US and British embassies publish information that the risk of radioactive contamination from the Chernobyl 1986 accident is insignificant, other than within the 30 km exclusion zone immediately around the Chernobyl site.

At the airport
BORYSPIL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (KBP) serves international (terminals B and F) and domestic (terminal A) flights and has a separate terminal C for VIP and officials. Inside terminal B there are airlines desks, post office, 00-24 Internet cafe, restaurants, bank offices, exchange points, and several ATMs (bankomats), luggage room on the -1 floor (open 00-24, no breaks), car rental offices, and a handicapped travellers service in the arrival hall, tel. 363 7777, 0 900 116 571, (or 657 from mobile),, lost luggage tel. (044) 281 7498. Airport located 35 km from the city centre. Taxi ride to the city centre takes about 40 minutes depending on traffic. The reasonable fare would be around 250 hryvnias ($30), however, some pushy taxi drivers may hardsell a $50 or even higher ride. There are also shuttle buses available that ride roughly every 30 minutes (see timetable below). The ride takes about one hour and gets you to the Kyiv Central Train Station (Southern terminal), and the fare is 25 hryvnias ($5). Travellers can also rent a car that usually arrive within 30 minutes. KYIV CITY AIRPORT (IEV), the smaller one, also known as Kyiv Zhulyany Airport located within the south-western limits of the city, in some 12 km from the city centre. It serves predominantly domestic flights with several flights from CIS capitals and international low cost airline flights. Kyiv city airport can be reached by taxi in 20 minutes from the city. The taxi fare may range from 50 to 100 hryvnias ($5 - $15) depending on distance. tel. 585 7254, 657 (from mobile). Located in the city centre the Central Train Station has two terminals, one is refurbished old Ukrainian Baroque style terminal (build in 1927) and the other is ultramodern, Pivdenniy (Southern) terminal. The tracks located between the terminals, info tel. (044) 503 7005, Each terminal has an exchange point, however, rates usually are unreasonable. A good option would be ATMs (bankomats) that are located in the main hall of both terminals. The old terminal has also a post office. The metro Vokzalna is situated near the old terminal, constituting the station’s main intersection with city transport. Southern new terminal is more convenient for getting a taxi. Kyiv Passenger Railway Station provides long-distance service including international destinations to several European capitals and CIS countries, and also a short-distance trains (the so-called elektrichkas) for nearby regions. Remote regions may be accessed with overnight trains.

At the train station

At the bus station

Kyiv Central Bus Station lies at the Moskovska ploscha, Demiivska, which is the edge of the city centre, tel. (044) 525 5774. The bus station terminal has luggage room (working hours: 06:0011:00, 11:30-17:00, 17:30-22:00), and several ATMs. There is also a McDonals's restaurant just off the terminal. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the city centre using both trolleybus and metro. The taxi can get you to the centre within 10-30 minutes depending on traffic with a reasonable fare around 50 hryvnias ($8). To Airport (from Central Train Station)
01:00 06:30 09:35 11:50 14:05 16:35 19:00 22:50 01:30 07:00 09:55 12:10 14:30 16:50 19:20 23:50 02:30 07:20 10:15 12:30 14:45 17:10 20:00 03:40 07:55 10:35 12:50 15:05 17:35 20:30 04:45 08:15 10:50 13:10 15:25 18:00 21:00

00:10 05:30 08:15 10:45 13:00 15:20 17:50 21:55

From Airport Boryspil (to Central Train Station)
00:40 05:50 08:35 11:00 13:20 15:40 18:15 22:45 01:40 06:20 08:55 11:20 13:35 16:00 18:50 23:35 02:35 06:45 09:25 11:40 14:00 16:20 19:30 04:00 07:10 09:45 12:00 14:25 16:45 20:00 04:45 07:30 10:05 12:15 14:40 17:00 20:30

Airport - Kyiv centre shuttle bus timetable
05:15 07:55 10:25 12:45 15:00 17:25 21:20 00:35 06:10 09:15 11:30 13:50 16:10 18:40 22:20

05:50 08:40 11:15 13:30 15:45 18:20 21:30

Public transport
TRAMS, TROLLEYBUSES AND BUSES in Kyiv comprise extensive public transport system and operate from 06:00 to 01:00 depending on type of transport and day. Public transport is usually overcrowded during rush hours. The fare is 1.5-2 hryvnia per ride for a particular type of transport irrespective of an actual distance of a ride. Tickets are available in street kiosks or in driver’s cabin. METRO (Underground) in Kyiv has three line network with 49 stations covers nearly all the city. It is convenient, fast and reliable. Metro frequency depends on the daytime and is 1 minute during rush hours, 3-4 minutes during daytime and up to 25 minutes at evenings (after 21:00). During rush hours metro is heavily overcrowded. There are restrictions on the size of luggage allowed to carry. The fare is 2 hryvnias per ride; metro function from 06:00 to 24:00. No English signs are available in metro so check our map section for Kyiv metro map. FUNICULAR (cable car) links the lower town Podil (Poshtova Ploscha) and the upper Old City (Mikhailivska Square). Open from 06:30 to 23:00 (to 22:00 in winters) and runs every 10 minutes. When on a ride enjoy magnificent panorama that overlooks Dnipro river and Podil neighbourhood. TAXIS in Kyiv comparing to most European cities are quite inexpensive, however, English-speaking drivers are rare. A card with an address written in Ukrainian recommended. Licensed cabs have orange or black checkered plates, however, nearly every car in Kyiv may convert to a gipsy cab. Extra precaution should be taken in the evenings, when it is advisable to use only a clearly marked taxi rather than a private vehicle. Taxi bookings: Kyiv Taxi 502 0202. To make sure in getting a reasonable price always request a taxi operator to quote fare in advance.

Car rentals

AVIS 72 Yamska str, tel. 502 2010, fax 502 2014,, Open 08:00-17:00 BUDGET 67 Peremohy, tel. 490 1088, EUROPCAR 48a Gorkoho str, tel. 238 2691, fax 238 26 92,

HERTZ 7d Zdolbunivska str, tel. 492 3270, fax 492 3273, SIXT 46 Dmytrivska str, tel. 499 26 64, 496 0530, fax 4908158, LOT POLISH AIRLINES 36 Ivana Franka str, tel. 246 5620, fax 246 5622, LUFTHANSA 52 B.Khmelnytskoho str, tel. 490 3800 UIA (Ukraine International Airlines) 63a B.Khmelnytskoho str, tel. 461 5050 fax 230 8866

PLEASE NOTE - when leaving Kyiv by air never put anything of value into your suitcase and take valuables as a cabin luggage. We strongly recommended to wrap your bag or suitcase with plastic and cords to keep your goods safe (suitcase locks are ineffective). Take luggage wrapping service in airport departure area. AEROSVIT UKRAINIAN AIRLINES 9/2 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 490 3490,, Open 08:00-19:00, Sat Sun 08:00-19:30. AIR BALTIC 52 Khmelnytskoho str, tel. 238 2649, 238 2668, fax 238 6271,, Open 09:00-18:00, Sat, Sun closed. ALITALIA 9/2 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 492 7222, 390 9093, Open 09:00-17:30, Sat, Sun closed. AUSTRIAN AIRLINES 9/2 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 289 2032, Open 09:00-17:30, Sat, Sun closed. BRITISH AIRWAYS 48 Yaroslavyv Val, tel. 490 6060, fax 235 5961, FINNAIR 9/2 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 247 5777,, Open 09:0017:30, Sat, Sun closed. KLM 34/33 Ivana Franka str, tel. 490 2490, fax 495 2406,, Open 09:30-17:00, Sat Sun closed.

Airlines & Air tickets

CENTRAL BUS STATION 3 Moskovska ploscha, Dimiivska, tel. 265 5774. Luggage room working hours: 06:00-11:00, 11:30-17:00, 17:30-22:00. AVTOLUX at Central Bus Station Lybidska, tel. 451 8628, tel. 289 3731, ticket booking 200 16 20 Routes within Ukraine. ECOLINES 2 Vokzalna ploscha (Polesye mall), Vokzalna, tel. 245 03 52; 3 Moskovska ploscha, Dimiivska, tel. 525 92 99, Routes to Western Europe. Online booking. KIY-GRAND 20 Zlatoustivska str, Vokzalna, tel. 486 5908, Routes to Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Portugal. KRAFT REISEN 35 Zlatoustivska str, Universytet, tel. 486 8731, Routes to Germany.

Long distance buses & Coaches

UKRZALIZNYTSA (Ukrainian Railway) Central Train Station, Vokzalna, tel. 465 2111, www. Daily trains to cities in Ukraine and major European destinations. Timetable information tel. 503 7005, train tickets reservation tel. 465 1917 online booking


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Telephones & Roaming

STREET TELEPHONES or pay phones in Kyiv are capable of making international calls and operate either with phonecards or coins, or both. Phone cards are available in street kiosks and post offices. To place a call from/to a land line within Kyiv, simply dial a 7 digit local phone number. To make a regional/cell phone call, dial (0)+(city/network code)+(subscriber’s phone number). To place an international call dial (00)+(country code)+(city/ network code)+(subscriber’s phone number), e.g. to call to London, dial 00 + 44 + 20 + XXXX XXXX. Telephone directory enquiries: 059 (addresses, services), 559 (from cell phone), and 592 0909 (business enquiries). Ukraine international code is + 380, Kyiv city code is 44 ROAMING There are several mobile phone operators in Ukraine having extensive GSM network that cover nearly all territory of the country. Kyivstar, MTC, BeeLine, and Life are leading operators that provide roaming, however, a convenient and much cheaper option would be prepaid SIM card with a local Ukrainian free incoming calls number. Prepaid SIM cards and account update scratch cards are available nearly in every shop.

Courier & Express mail

DHL 1 Vasylkivska str, tel. 490 2600 (24h), fax 258 1766, Open 08:00-20:00, Sat 09:00-16:00. EXPRESS-MAIL 97 Zhylianska str, tel. 494 3928, FED EX (federal express) 44 Kikvidze str, tel. 495 2020, fax 495 2039, Open 09:00-18:00, Sat, Sun closed. TNT 28a Moskovskyi Blvd. tel/fax 207 0770 www. Open 09:00-18:00, Sat 09:00-14:00. UPS (United Parcel Service) 20 Mechnykova str, tel. 280 0000, fax 280 1019

ISP & Telephony

ADAMANT 111/113 Velyka Vasylkivska str, tel. 563 0563, UKRTELEKOM tel. 8 800 506 8800, Telephony, Internet, ISDN, ...

Post & Telegrams

Internet cafes

AIRPORT BORYSPIL Terminal B, Open 00-24 MATRIX 8 Shota Rustaveli str, tel. 235 9462 OSCAR 48 Khreschatyk str, tel. 383 VOZHAK 3 Prorizna str, tel. 229 05 75 0499

CENTRAL POST OFFICE 22 Khreschatyk str, Maidan Nezaezhnosti, tel.230 0838, POST OFFICE #2 (left bank) 16/4 Lunacharskoho str, Livoberezhna, tel. 517 3637 POST OFFICE #33 48 Saksahanskoho str, tel. 289 7583 TELEGRAMS Telegrams by phone, tel. 1566

AUSTRIA 33 Ivana Franka str, Universytet, tel. 277 2790, 277 2790, fax 287 5465 BELGIUM 4 Leontovycha str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 238 2600, fax 238 2601 CANADA 31 Yaroslaviv Val Zoloti Vorota, 590 3100, email: CHINA 32 M.Hrushevskoho str, Arsenalna, tel 253 1329, fax 253 7371 DENMARK 56 B.Khmelnytskoho str, Univer-sytet, tel 200 1260, FINLAND 14 Striletska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 278 7049, 278 7551, FRANCE 39 Reytarska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 590 3600, GERMANY 25 B.Khmelnytskoho str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 247 6800, 247 6826, ISRAEL 34 Lesi Ukrainki Blvd. Pecherska, tel. 586 1500, 230 6979, fax 586 1556 ITALY 32B Yaroslaviv Val Zoloti Vorota, tel. 230 3100, 230 3101, fax 230 3125 JAPAN 4 Muzeynyi provulok Khreschatyk tel. 490 5500, 490 5501 fax 490 7071 MOLDOVA 6 Ivana Mazepy str, Arsenalna, tel/fax 280 7722, 280 7721 NETHERLANDS 7 Kontraktova str, Kontraktova Pl, tel. 490 8200, email NORWAY 15 Striletska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 590 0470, POLAND 12 Yaroslaviv Val Zoloti Vorota, tel. 230 0700, 284 0033, PORTUGAL 12 Federova str, Respublikanskyi Stadion, tel. 287 5861, 287 5864 ROMANIA 8 M.Kotsiubynskoho str, Universytet, tel. 234 0040, fax 235 2025 RUSSIA 27 Povitroflotskyi prospekt, tel. 244 0961, 284 6701, fax 284 7936 SLOVAKIA 34 Yaroslaviv Val Zoloti Vorota, tel. 272 0310, 272 1310, 234 0606, fax 234 0623 SPAIN 36 Khoryva str, tel. 492 7320, fax 492 7327, 492 7326 SWEDEN 34/33 Ivana Franka str, Universytet, tel. 494 4270, 494 4290, fax 494 4292 SWITZERLAND 12 Kozyatynska str, tel. 281 6128, fax 280 1468, TURKEY 18 Arsenalna str, Pecherska, tel. 281 0750, 281 0751, fax 285 6423 UNITED KINGDOM 9 Desiatynna str, tel 490 3660, visa issues: UNITED STATES 10 Y.Kotsiubynskoho str, tel. 490 4000, Consulate tel. 490 4422, 486 3393 COUNCIL OF EUROPE 24A Ivana Franka str, tel. 234 4084, fax 234 3785, EBRD 27/23 Sofiyivska str, tel. 270 6132, fax 270 6832, email EUROPEAN UNION 10 Kruhlo-Universytetska str, Khreschatyk, tel. 253 3020, fax 253 4547 IMF #6 - 24/7 Instytutska str, tel. 490 7007, fax 490 7005, email NATO 36/1 Melnykova str, tel. 482 0616, nidc@ NATO Liaison Office 13 Kurska str, tel. 461 9405, email OSCE 16 Striletska str, tel. 492 0382, fax 492 0383, RED CROSS 68 Khmelnytskoho str, tel. 246 4318, 536 1511, email UNITED NATIONS 1 Klovskyi uzviz Arsenalna, tel. 253 9363, fax 253 2607, email registry@ WORLD BANK 1 Dniprovskyi uzviz, tel. 490 6671, IBRD - International Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1 Dniprovskyi uzviz, tel. 490 6671, 490 6672



ANGLICAN COMMUNITY 22 Luteranska str, St. Catherine's Church, tel. 234 1447 BRITISH COUNCIL 4/12 G.Skovorody str, tel. 490 5600, fax 490 5605, EXPAT UKRAINE - the leading website for the International community. FRENCH CULTURAL CENTRE 104 Gorkoho str, Palats Ukraina, tel. 529 4157, GERMAN LUTHERAN COMMUNITY 22 Luteranska str, St.Catherine’s Church, tel. 234 1447 GOETHE INSTITUT UKRAINE 12/4 Voloska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 496 9785, fax 496 9789. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S CLUB 39 Pushkinska str, tel. 234 3180, fax 278 1804, ITALIAN CULTURAL CENTRE 32b Yaroslaviv Val, tel. 270 6223 JEWISH KYIV COMMUNITY 13 Shota Rustaveli str, tel. 235 9082, 235 9083, LIONS CLUB KYIV 29 Khreschatyk str, tel.270 6438, MUSLIM KYIV COMMUNITY 46 Lukyanivska str, tel. 465 1877, POLISH INSTITUTE #17 - 29/2 Khmelnytskoho str, tel. 288 03 04,

WHAT'S ON... 11
ACADEMY OF MUSIC 1-3/11 Horodetskogo str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 279 0792 ARENA CONCERT PLAZA 2 Baseina str, Khreschatyk, tel. 492 0000, CENTER OF CULTURE AND ARTS (Zhovtnevyi Palace) 1 Institutska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 279 1582, INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTER 15 Brovarskyi avenue, Livoberezhna, tel 201 1161, www. NATIONAL OPERA 50 Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 279 11 69, NATIONAL PHILHARMONIC 2 Volodymyrskyi uzviz Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 278 1697, www. ORGAN & CHAMBER MUSIC HOUSE 77 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Olimpiyska, tel. 526 3186, www. PALACE OF SPORTS 1 Sportyvna ploscha Palats Sportu, tel. 246 7406 PALACE UKRAINE 103 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Palats Ukraina, tel. 247 2476, www.palace-ukraina. RUSSIAN DRAMA THEATRE 5 B.Khmelnytskoho str, tel. 234 4223 THEATRE OF OPERETTA 53/3 Velyka Vasylkivska str, tel. 287 3650, UKRAINIAN HOUSE 2 Khreshatyk str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 278 7707


Ticket offices

CTK 16 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 234 6066, www.ctk. Open 11:00-20:00 KVYTKY.UA tickets booking online.

March 01, Thursday 19:00 Opera "Turandot" by G.Puccini. National Opera. March 02, Friday 19:00 Ballet "Don Quichote" by L.Minkus. National Opera. 19:00 Classical concert by the National Philharmonic Orchestra. Program: W.A.Mozart, J.Strauss, R.Strauss. National Philharmonic. March 03, Saturday 19:00 Opera "Rigoletro" by G.Verdi. National Opera. 19:00 Classical concert by the chamber ensemble Kyiv Soloists. Program: J.S.Bach, V.Poliova, E.VillaLobos. National Philharmonic. March 04, Sunday 19:00 Ballet "Swan Lake" by P.Tchaikovsky. National Opera. March 06, Tuesday 19:00 Flamenco guitar concert by Rico Sanchez and the Gipsy Kings (France). Palace Ukraina. 19:00 Classical concert by the National Symphony Orchestra. Program: S.Prokofyev, S.Rachmaninoff, I.Stravinsky. National Philharmonic. March 08, Thursday 20:00 World music concert by Demis Roussos (Greece). Palace Ukraine. March 10, Saturday 19:00 Opera "La traviata" by G.Verdi. National Opera. 19:00 Classical concert by the National Philharmonic, soloist: Leticia Moreno (Spain). Program: E.Lalo, O.Respigi. National Philharmonic. 20:00 Electro music concert A State of Trance 550 by Armin van Buuren (the Netherlands). International Exhibition Center. March 13, Tuesday 19:00 Opera "The Barber of Seville" by G.Rossini. National Opera. March 14, Wednesday 19:00 Classical concert by Sergei Kuznetsov (piano, Russia). Program: N.Rota, F.Chopin, C.Debussy. National Philharmonic.

Rico Sanchez 06.03 Palace Ukraine

Demis Roussos 08.03 Palace Ukraine

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12 WHAT'S ON...
March 15, Thursday 19:00 Opera “Zaporozhets za Dunayem (aka Cossacks in Exile)” by S.Hulak-Artemovsky. National Opera. March 16, Friday 19:00 Ballet "Swan Lake" by P.Tchaikovsky. National Opera. March 17, Saturday 19:00 Sympho-metal concert by Nightwish (Finland). International Exhibition Center. March 18, Sunday 19:00 Ballet “Spartacus” by A.Khachaturyan. National Opera. 19:00 Classical concert by the chamber ensemble 'Kyiv Soloists'. Program: P.Tchaikovsky, A.Dvorak, V.Sylvestrov. National Philharmonic. March 20, Tuesday 19:00 Opera “Aleko” by S.Rachmaninov. National Opera. March 21, Wednesday 19:00 Ballet “Romeo and Juliet” by S.Prokofiev. National Opera. March 23, Friday 19:00 Ballet “Legend of Love” by A.Melikov. National Opera. 19:00 Classical concert by the National Philharmonic Orchestra. Program: W.A.Mozart, L.v.Beethoven, G.Massnet, G.Donizetti, G.Verdi, R.Wagner. National Philharmonic. 19:00 Jazz concert by Gregory Porter (USA). Academy of Music. March 24, Saturday 19:00 Ballet “Carmen” by G.Bizet. National Opera. March 25, Sunday 19:00 Classical concert by Piotr Szychowsky (piano, Poland). Program: F.Chopin, J.S.Bach-F.Bouzoni, I.PaderevskyK.Shymanwsky. National Philharmonic. March 27, Tuesday 19:00 Opera “Iolanta” by P.Tchaikovsky. National Opera. March 28, Wednesday 19:00 Ballet “Raimonda” by A.Glazunov. National Opera. March 29, Thursday 19:00 Opera “L'elisir d'amore” by G.Donizetti. National Opera. March 30, Friday 19:00 Rock music concert by Suzi Quattro (USA) and Slade (UK). Center of Culture and Arts/Zhovtnevyi Palace. 19:00 Classical concert by the National Philharmonic Orchestra. Program: J.Haydn, C.Debussy. National Philharmonic. March 31, Saturday 19:00 Drum show Yamato (Japan). Palace Ukraina. April 03, Tuesday 19:00 Jazz concert by Chris Botti (USA). Center of Culture and Arts/ Zhovtnevyi Palace. April 04, Wednesday 19:00 Classical concert by the National Symphony Orchestra. Program: P.Tchaikovsky, A.Glazunov, D.Shostakovich. National Philharmonic. April 05, Thursday 19:00 Pop-rock concert by Zucchero Fornaciari (Italy). Palace of Sports. April 06, Friday 19:00 Classical concert by the National Philharmonic Orchestra. Program: P.Tchaikovsky, S.Prokofyev, M.Ravel. National Philharmonic. April 13, Friday 19:00 Classical concert by the National Symphony Orchestra. Program: J.S.Bach. National Philharmonic. April 25, Wednesday 19:00 Classical concert by the National Symphony Orchestra. Program: M.Ravel, C.Debussy. National Philharmonic. April 26, Thursday 19:00 Pop concert by Liza Minelli (USA). Palace of Sports. April 27, Friday 20:00 Rock concert by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. Stereo Plaza.

Nightwish 17.03 Int Exhibition Center

Suzi Quattro 30.03 Center of Culture & Arts

Zucchero 05.04 Palace of Sports

BUTTERFLY -DELUXE 50 Gorkoho str, Olimpiyska, tel. 206 1320; -PETRIVKA 6 Moskovskyi prospekt Petrivka, tel. 531 39 77; -ULTRAMARINE 1a Urytskoho str, Vokzalna, tel. 206 0350, www.kino-butterfly. FLORENZIA 31 Mayakovskoho prospekt, tel. 230 1410 KINODROM (drive-in) 2 Povitroflotskyi p-t, (CSKA Stadium), tel. 205 0404, KINOPALATS 1 Instytutska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 278 7223, KINOPANORAMA 19 Shota Rustaveli str, Palats Sportu, tel. 287 1135, KYIV 19 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 234 7381, 251 2199, 234 3380, KYIVSKA RUS 93 Artema str, Lukyanivska, tel. 486 7474, www. LINIA KINO (in Alladin shopping mall) 5 Hryshka str, tel. 200 0190 LINIA KINO (in Magelan shopping mall) 13b Akademika Glushkova pr, tel. 496 1314 LINIA KINO (in Metropolis shopping mall) 12 Malinovskoho str, tel. 585 1404 MULTIPLEX (IMAX THEATRE) 34b Moskovskyi prospekt Petrivka, tel. 498 4832, ODESSA KINO (in Karavan shopping mall) 12 Luhova str, tel. 495 1771 ODESSA KINO (in Ukraina mall) 3 Peremohy sq. Universytet, tel. 496 1511, UKRAINA 5 Horodetskoho str, Khreschatyk, tel. 279 6301, 279 8232, ZHOVTEN 26 Kostyantynivska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 8909, ZORYANIY 31/33 Moskovska str, Arsenalna, tel. 254 2028

Movie theatres

FROM 08 MARCH John Carter Directed by Andrew Stanton, starring, Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe, Thomas Haden Church, Samantha Morton, Ciarán Hinds, Mark Strong. FROM 15 MARCH The Lorax Directed by Chris Renaud, Kyle Balda, starring Danny DeVito, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Ed Helms, Rob Riggle, Betty White, Jenny Slate Klitschko Directed by Sebastian Dehnhardt, starring Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir Klitschko, Fritz Sdunek, Emanuel Steward, Lamon Brewster, Chris Byrd, Bernd Bönte, Dr. Pearlman Hicks, Don King, Nadeshda Klitschko FROM 22 MARCH A Dangerous Method Directed by David Cronenberg, starring Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender, Keira Knightley, Vince Cassel FROM 12 APRIL The Cold Light of Day Directed by Mabrouk El Mechri, starring, Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Echegui, Caroline Goodall, Lolo Herrero, Rafi Gavron, Jim Piddock, Óscar Jaenada, Paloma Bloyd. FROM 26 APRIL The Pirates! Directed by Peter Lord, Jeff Newitt, starring, Hugh Grant, Salma Hayek, David Tennant, Brian Blessed, Russell Tovey.

A Dangerous Method

The Cold Light of Day

The Pirates!

AVIATION MUSEUM 1 Medova str, tel. 461 6485. Located near Kyiv City airport. Two open-air fields with more than 70 Soviet era constructed air crafts and exhibits. Notable items are Cold War iconic Tupolev Tu-142, Mikoyan MiG-29 jet fighter, and world largest helicopter Mil Mi-26. The highlight of civil field is Tupolev Tu-104, world's first successful, and the sole operating jet airliner in the world between 1956 and 1958. BULGAKOV MUSEUM 13 Andriyivskyi Uzviz Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 3188. CHERNOBYL MUSEUM 1 Khoryva provulok, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 4329, 417 5422. The exhibition comprises over 7000 declassified documents and exhibits on the worst accident ever in the history of nuclear power. ETHNOGRAPHIC OPEN-AIR MUSEUM (Музей народної архітектури та побуту) Pyrohovo village, tel. 526 2416. About 150 hectares at a beauty spot in Pyrohovo village on the edge of Kyiv is home to authentic Ukrainian houses, wooden churches, windmills, and farmsteads represent different regions of Ukraine. MUSEUM OF FOLK DECORATIVE ARTS AND CRAFTS OF UKRAINE 21 Sichnevoho Povstania str, Arsenalna, tel. 280 1343, 280 3693. More than 75,000 works of traditional folk craft and decorative art of Ukraine from 15th century to present days. Permanent exhibition includes also paintings of remarkable Ukrainian primitivist Mariya Prymachenko. KYIV FORTRESS (Музей Київська Фортеця) 24a Hospitalna str, Palats Sportu, tel. 235 0146. THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR HISTORY MUSEUM (WWII MUSEUM) (Музей історії Великої Вітчизняної Війни) 44 Sichevoho Povstannia str, Arsenalna, tel. 285 9452. Museum beneath the best recognisable monument in Kyiv the Motherland statue dedicated to the period of WWII from 22 June 1941 to 9 May 1945 at the Eastern front. Outdoor exposition display armaments used by Soviet army in modern times. HETMANSHIP MUSEUM 16a Spaska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 1613. HISTORICAL VALUABLES MUSEUM (in Kyiv Pechersk Lavra) 21 Ivana Mazepy str, Arsenalna, tel. 280 1396. HOLODOMOR MEMORIAL 15A Ivana Mazepy str, Arsenalna. Kyiv Memorial dedicated to the Soviet regime designed artificial famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine when millions of people were starved to death. IVAN HONCHAR’S MUSEUM (The Ukrainian Centre of Folk Art) 29 Ivana Mazepy str, Arsenalna, tel. 573 9268, 288 9253. NATIONAL ART MUSEUM 6 M.Hrushevskoho str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 278 7454. NATIONAL HISTORY MUSEUM 2 Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 278 2924. Located near St. Andrew's church, this museum tells about the history of Ukraine from prehistoric times to present day. ONE STREET MUSEUM 2b Andriyivskyi uzviz Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 0398. This small but fascinating museum tells visitors rich history of the Andriyivskyi Descent. Museum exhibits are historical photographs, letters, posters, and countless personal effects from the Descent residents. It builds the displays of the past and ranges from room interiors to shop fronts. PHARMACY MUSEUM 7 PrytyskoMykilska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 2437

Aviation Museum

Holodomor Memorial

Pyrohiv open-air museum

ANDRIYIVSKYI UZVIZ & ST. ANDREW’S CHURCH 23 Andriyivskyi uzviz Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 278 5861 Andiyivskyi Descent is often advertised as the Montmartre of Kyiv starts near the St. Andrew’s church (built in in 16th century to a design by Bartolomeo Rastrelli) and winds down to Kontraktova Ploscha in Podil. The street lined with museums, souvenir sellers, and galleries. GOLDEN GATE (Zoloti Vorota) 40A Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota. The Golden Gate of Kyiv was once a gateway in the ancient Kyiv. In 1982, the Golden Gate reconstructed to the 1500th anniversary of the Kyiv. ST.MICHAEL’S GOLDEN-DOMED MONASTERY (Mykhaylivs’kyi zolotoverkhyi monastyr). 8 Triokhsviatytelska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti. The monastery located across the St. Sophia Cathedral in the historic and upper-town. Originally built in the Middle Ages, and later rebuilt in the Ukrainian Baroque while interior remains in original Byzantine style. KYIV PECHERSK LAVRA (Kyiv Monastery of the Caves) 21 Ivana Mazepy str, Arsenalna, tel. 254 2257. Since its foundation in 1051 the Lavra has been the preeminent centre of the Orthodox Christianity in Eastern Europe. At present Lavra contains numerous architectural monuments and underground cave systems. Later consist of underground corridors with living quarters and chapels. MARIYINSKYI PALACE 5a M.Hrushevskoho str, Arsenalna. ST.SOPHIA CATHEDRAL 24 Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota tel. 228 2083. The cathedral's name comes from the 6th century Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. The earliest mention of the cathedral is 1037. In 1740 the cathedral was completed to its present form. Today St. Sophia Cathedral is a museum and World Heritage Site with most of its visitors being tourists. ST. VOLODYMYR CATHEDRAL 5a Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd. Universytet. The cathedral is the mother church of Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The cathedral was finished in 1882 to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the baptism of Kyivan Rus. Cathedral mosaics and colourful interior particularly strikes the eye. INDEPENDENCE SQUARE & KHRESCHATYK Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) is well known as the place where supporters of Yuschenko and the Orange Revolution camped for weeks on end in October 2004. Khreschatyk street was completely destroyed during WWII and rebuilt in the neoclassical style of post-war Stalinist architecture. Today the street is the city administrative center and a popular place for Kyivans. Among points of interest situated along Khreschatyk there are 50 meter Friendship Arch (called the yoke by Kyivans, dedicated to unification of Russia and Ukraine), 19th century Philharmonic building, National Musical Academy, Kyiv Passage, and the 19th century Bessarabsky Indoor Market. ST.NICOLAS CATHEDRAL 77 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Olimpiyska. THE HOUSE WITH CHIMAERAS 10 Bankova str, Khreschatyk. The House with Chimaeras is an Art Nouveau building, build in the period of 1901–1902 by noted architect Vladislav Gorodetsky (who often regarded as the Gaudi of Kyiv). Originally an upmarket apartment building, it derives its popular name from its ornate chimaera decorations depicting exotic animals and hunting scenes added because Gorodetsky was an avid hunter.

Independence Square

St.Andrew's Church

The Golden Gate

St. Sophia Cathedral

After 25 years from the world worst ever nuclear disaster in April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant the site and surrounding area was ranked by the Forbes Magazine as one of 'the most exotic place for tourism on earth'. Today several companies propose travel tours to this place, located 120 km north from Kyiv. The tour usually takes the form of a bus-ride from Kyiv in a group of several visitors. One-day package include transportation and food (though we recommend to bring snacks and water with you). The sights include: Chernobyl reactor 4. You will be as close as 100 meters from the reactor sarcophagus. Although radiation level in this area will be higher than elsewhere in the Zone, you will not be exposed a significant dose during your stay. Vehicle scrap yard. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to see the scrap yard containing the contaminated emergency vehicles, fire tenders, ambulances, trucks and helicopters which tended the disaster. Pripyat city. The ghost city once was home to 50,000 residents and today it is a freeze-frame of 1980’s Soviet life. Propaganda slogans still hang on walls, and children’s toys and other items remain as they were in 1986. Sights are schools, kindergarden, public buildings and the amazing culture palace which contains a swimming pool, cinema and gym, and overlooks the famous Ferris wheel. The view from one of the Pripyat’s tall buildings reveals that the power plant is chillingly close to the town where its workers lived. More info at www.


City guides & Tours

TOURIST INFO CENTER 19 Khreschatyk str, tel. +38 (044) 278 80 04 Open daily: 10 am to 7 pm Entrance near Metro Khreschatyk. Тоurist Info Center offers information about Kyiv and Ukraine, city tours, book guides, accommodation. Young volunteers will do their best to help you. NEW LOGIC 42 Khreschatyk str, Khreschatyk, tel/fax 206 3322, 206 2200, ALEXANDRIA LANDSCAPE PARK Located in Bila Tserkva, slightly off the city, in some 80 km from Kyiv. It was founded in 1793 by Francisco Branicky in honour of his wife Alexandra. It is the largest dendro park in Ukraine with the area of 2 sq. km. Park museum is open daily, except Tuesday. DNIPRO RIVER CRUISE The river boat cruise starts usually at the central river station Poshtova Ploscha. The navigation time is from March to November with the peak in May to September. Thereare numerous cruise routes ranging from nearby one-hour boat rides 'Kyiv Panorama' to enjoy the capital sights from the river, to a multiday cruises to Kaniv, Zaporizhya, or even ship trips to Crimea, Odesa and Istanbul in Turkey. Info: tel. 428 7141 (short rides) or tel. 494 4606 (multi-day trips). SOFIYIVSKYI PARK Located in Uman city, roughly 200 km south from Kyiv Sofiyivsky landscape park was founded in 1796 by a Polish nobleman Stanislaw Potocki. There are many scenic areas in the park including waterfalls, fountains, ponds and a stone garden. It is one of examples of 17th-18th century European landscape garden design that survived to present time. MUSEUM OF STRATEGIC ROCKET FORCES Tel. 05161 73972, 05161 65427, 05161 73230, www. Located in Kirovograd oblast, near Pobuzke village (Uman-Mykolayev Rd). This museum was based on real complex and infrastructure of the Soviet era intercontinental ballistic missiles silo launchers. Museum consists of the located in the field battle launching positions, infrastructure, and the special auxiliary ground equipment.

Kyiv has more parks than any other Ukrainian city and counts more than 80 parks and open spaces. The green nature of the city is probably most notable by green hills and parks of the right bank along the Dnipro river and several islands that have been relatively untouched by development.
ASKOLD'S GRAVE PARK (парк Аскольдова могила) Arsenalna. Located centrally this park on the steep bank of Dnipro is marked by a monument atop the Ugorske Hill - the Askold's Grave. This place is identified with a burial mound of Askold the ruler of Kyiv in the 870s. This park is good for a calm walk though some slopes and ascents may appear sporty enough. CENTRAL BOTANICAL GARDEN This garden is the second largest open space in Kyiv covering around 1.3 square kilometres. It contains more than 13,000 species of plants from all over the world. The garden with it's slopes is considered the most picturesque in Kyiv neighbouring to the Vydubychi Monastery. The time of lilac blossom (late spring) is the most beautiful and busy season in the garden. If you consider to picnic this is the place though the place is very popular with local folks and quite noisy on weekends. FOMIN BOTANICAL GARDEN Universytet. This garden with excellent location in the very centre is very good for walking or a morning jogging for neighbouring residents. It has also a children's playground. The garden's scientfic section houses over 8000 species of plants and a 30-meter tall greenhouse with the oldest palm trees in Ukraine. HYDROPARK This park is basically an isle between the two parts of the city Hidropark. The park has beaches and numerous amusements including boat rental, tennis, paintball, water attractions, and, an open-air Soviet era gym. MARIYINSKY PARK Arsenalna. Centrally located park near the House of Parliament and Cabinet of Ministers. This park is adjacent to the Mariyinsky Palace, a monument of architecture, and has fountains and an open-air green theatre. The park is further linked by the 1912 build cast-iron Parkovy Bridge (also known as the lovers bridge) with Khreshatyi Park. The latter has a number of monuments, including the the Arc for Friendship of Nations, the Pillar to the Magdeburg Rights, and the excellent watchpoint overlooking Podil neighbourhood and left bank of the city. TRUKHANIV ISLE Located amidst the Dnipro River opposite the historical Podil neighbourhood Trukhaniv Island is the largest open space in Kyiv. It can be accessed by Pedestrian bridge which is within walking distance from the European Square. Owing to cleanest air in the capital the park is good for recreational activities - biking, nordic walking, long distance running in summers; cross country skiing in winters. VOLODYMYRSKA HIRKA (Volodymyr's Hill) Poshtova Ploscha. This park lies between the old city and Podil neighbourhood. Funicular ride from the Poshtova Ploscha to the upper Old City (Mikhailivska Square) is a must. The park is a beautiful place for romantic promenades and has several watchpoints uncovering magnificent panorama that overlooks historical Podil Quarter and the river.

Central Botanical Garden

Volodymyr's Hill park

Fomin Botanical Garden

Kyiv offers a range of business-class hotels in the city centre, as well as moderately priced accommodation. Generally, room rates are much higher than in Western Europe. The staff of most hotels is fluent in English. For your convenience all rates are listed in US$ provided that exchange rate is 1$=8,00 UAH, however, room rates may vary depending on weekdays, season, or currency fluctuation. We used the star ratings here as indicated by hotels themselves, however, these ratings do not necessarily reflect the quality of amenities or service provided. Enjoy your stay in Kyiv! Wi-Fi = Internet access  = We recommend
RIVIERA «««« Wi-Fi  15 Sahaidachnoho str, Poshtova Ploscha, tel. 581 2828, fax 581 2868, ua Lodged in the newly-build Art-Noveau style house this hotel is especially convenient by its location being surrounded by park and numerous sights of the historical Podil Quarter. VOZDVYZHENSKY «««« Wi-Fi  60 Vozdvyzhenska str, tel. 531 9900, fax 462 5843, This special hotel is mapped just a stone’s throw from Andriyivskyi Descent. Cosy rooms with comfortable furniture, equipment, and Internet access.

HYATT REGENCY ««««« Wi-Fi 5 Tarasovoi str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 581 1234, fax 581 1235, INTERCONTINENTAL ««««« Wi-Fi  2A Velyka Zhytomyrska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 219 1919, fax 219 1929, Centrally located newly built luxury hotel within walking distance from main historic sights and business centre. OPERA HOTEL ««««« Wi-Fi  53 B.Khmelnytskoho str, Universytet, tel. 581 7070, fax 537 7373 Centrally located hotel with rooms designed after famous operas in Japanese, Italian, Russian, Egyptian, French, and Moroccan theme furnishing. PREMIER PALACE ««««« Wi-Fi 5-7 Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd, Khreschatyk, tel. 537 4500, fax 279 8772, www.premier-palace. com Kyiv first five-star hotel logged in the commercial center occupying nicely renovated 1909 Art-Noveau building. RADISSON «««« Wi-Fi  22 Yaroslaviv Val str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 492 2200, fax 492 2210 Radisson Kyiv has secure and central location within walking distance to business center, and city main Khreschatyk street.


AUTOGRAPH (signature) 35D, Predslavynska str, Palace Ukraina, tel. 220 4575, BAKKARA ART-HOTEL Wi-Fi  1 Venice isle, Hydropark, tel. 369 3232, 369 3131, fax 369 3434, Located in the Dnipro riverside Bakkara Art-Hotel offers 208 fully equipped comfortable rooms. CITY PARK HOTEL Wi-Fi  20 Vorovskoho str, tel. 451 8710, 503 7790, fax 451 8727, Small boutique hotel located in the city centre offers cosy rooms with modern furnishing and air-conditioning. DNIPRO «««« Wi-Fi  1/2 Khreschatyk str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 254 6777, fax 254 6737, Perfectly situated hotel in the lively cultural and business centre of Kyiv. KAMELOT Wi-Fi  4 Melnykova str, Lukyanivska, tel. 455 9467, This mini hotel located slightly out of centre is notable for a design and furnishing depicting a medieval castle interior. KHRESCHATYK ««« Wi-Fi  14 Khreschatyk str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 279 7339, 279 8544 fax 278 5111 Excellent location at the capital’s busiest Khreschatyk street. KYIV «««« 26/1 M.Hrushevskogo str, Arsenalna, tel. 253 0155, Hotel Kyiv benefits from


its location adjacent to the Parliament, Cabinet of Ministers, Mariyinsky Palace, and City Park. LYBID ««« Wi-Fi  1 Peremohy ploscha, Vokzalna, tel.239 7600, fax 236 6336, This hotel resides in the busy centre. All 273 air-conditioned comfy rooms have modern amenities. NATSYONALNY «««« Wi-Fi  5 Lypska str, Arsenalna, tel. 255 8888, fax 255 8997, Excellent location near the Parliament and Cabinet of Ministers building. This hotel is notable for hosting foreign leaders such as Jaques Chirac and Helmut Koll. PRESIDENT HOTEL««««Wi-Fi  12 Hospitalna str, Palats Sportu, tel. 256 3256, fax 256 3254, Hotel lies in the city centre in a quiet neighbourhood. Modern comfy rooms ranging from economy to president apartment at your service. Each room comes with phone, TV, air-conditioner, mini-bar. PODOL PLAZA HOTEL «««« 7a Kostyantynivska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 503 92 92, fax 503 92 20, www.podolplazahotel. Lodged in completely renovated delight Art-Nouveau building in the historical Podil. RUS’ «««Wi-Fi  4 Hospitalna str, Palats Sportu, tel. 256 4000, fax 289 4396, Lodged in a quiet centre within easy reach from historical sights, shops, and elegant restaurants. SENATROR HOTEL 6 Pyrohova str, tel. 200 7755, fax 200 7733, www. VISAK «««« 17 Obolonska Naberezhna, tel/fax 581 7360 www. Newly built hotel located in the northern Obolon neighbourhood.


ADRIA ««« 2 Rayisy Okipnoi str, Livoberezhna, tel. 568 4457, 568 4477, fax 517 8933, www.adria.kiev. ua Lodged on the left bank near the International Exhibition Centre, Adria is a higher quality hotel inside another hotel Tourist.

ATTACHE 59 Zhylianska str, Vokzalna, tel. 501 1155, fax 501 1155, Parking. DOMUS Wi-Fi 19 Yaroslavska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 462 5120, fax 462 5145, DIPLOMAT HOTEL 59 Zhylianska str, Palats Sportu, tel. 587 5380, fax 569 9399, EXPRESS ««« Wi-Fi  38/40 Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd. Universytet, tel. 234 2113, 503 3045, GINTAMA Wi-Fi 9 Triokhsviatytelska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 278 5092, 278 5347, IBIS 25 Tarasa Shevchenka blvd, Universytet, tel. 591 2222, fax 591 2233, IMPRESSA ««« Wi-Fi  21 Sagaidachnogo str, Pochtova Ploscha, tel. 239 2939, OBOLON’ Wi-Fi 29 Tymoshenka str, Minska, tel. 412 0527, fax 414 5702, Up town located hotel in Obolon neighbourhood. UKRAINA «««  4 Instytutska str, Khreschatyk, tel. 278 6675, Excellent location right on the Independence Square.

7-DAYS ««« 4 Heroyiv Kosmosu str, Svyatoshin, tel. 407 2797, fax 407 2443, ALL+TOGETHER 3 Chervonozoryany Blvd. Vokzalna, tel. 249 8059, fax 249 8012 AIRPORT HOTEL BORYSPIL ««« Boryspil Airport, tel. 281 7105, BRATISLAVA ««« 1 Malyshka str, Darnytsa, tel. 537 3981, fax 559 7570, Lodged on the left bank near the International Exhibition Centre. KOZATSKY «««  1/3 Mykhailivska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 279 4914, fax 279 2709, Excellent location at the Independence Square.


TOURIST ««« Wi-Fi 2 Rayisy Okipnoi str, Livoberezhna, tel. 568 4017, Located on the left bank near the International Exhibition Centre.


DRUZHBA««« 5 Druzhby Narodiv Blvd. Lybidska, tel. 528 3406, fax 528 3387, ST.PETERSBURG «« 4 Tarasa Shevchenka blvd. Khreschatyk, tel/fax 279 7472, 279 7364,

Campervans & Trailers

PROLISOK 139 Peremohy prospekt. Zhytomyrska, tel. 451 8038, 451 9037, Located on the edge of Kyiv this spot along with a hotel offers parking equipped for camper-vans and trailers.

GOLDEN GATE HOSTEL 18/1 G, Prorizna str, Khreschatyk, tel. 098 263 6507 TIU BACKPACKERS 18 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 098 669 4783, YAROSLAV HOSTEL 10 Yaroslavska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 417 3189,

Hostels & Backpackers

Kyiv restaurants represent cuisine nearly from all regions of the world, ranging from Japanese sushi, to Mexican Chili Diablo. Compared to European cities, Kyiv restaurant prices may appear to be slightly higher. With respect to service there are two types of restaurants. One represents top and chain restaurants with excellent service, whereas the other lacks it. Most restaurants are busy at evenings and reservation is recommended. So, here you have the list and, of course, Ukrainian cuisine goes first! Enjoy your meal in Kyiv! $$$ = Upmarket, $$ = Mid-range, $ = Inexpensive  = We recommend!
PERVAK $$$  2 Rohnidynska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 235 0952, 246 7784 Parking. Located centrally in the vicinity of Bessarabska Square this place brands itself an ‘amusement establishment’. Trully, a trip back in the 19th century Kyiv is worth of attention - fascinating interior decorated with old devices that can be viewed endlessly. Authentic Ukrainian cuisine and wide selection of seafood. Try restaurant’s special drink - liqueur Mikstura infused from 18 herbs. PUZATA HATA (Paunchy Hut) $  1/2 Baseina str. Khreschatyk; 24 Sahaidachnoho str. Kontraktova Ploscha. Self service restaurants Puzata Khata is a good pick for fast-dining. It offers decent and inexpensive food. SPOTIKACH $$$ Wi-Fi 16 Volodymyrska str, tel. 586 4095 TSARSKE SELO (Tsar’s Village) $$  42/1 Sichevoho Povstannia str, Arsenalna, tel. 288 9775, 280 3066 Open 11:00-01:00. Parking. Located near the Lavra this restaurant strives for preservation of traditions and it must be admitted that the restaurant is very good at creating atmosphere of Ukrainian rural eating house and serving genuine food. Upon leaving you are in for a surprise - Ukrainian tradition requires you to be given a drink na konya (one for the road). Live Ukrainian folk music. ZA DVOMA ZAITSAMI (chasing two hares) $$ 34 Andriyivskyi uzviz Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 279 7972 Open 11:00-23:00. Parking. KHUTOROK IN AIRPORT BORYSPIL $$ (in Airport Boryspil, Terminal B) tel. 466 6313, If you have missed all opportunities to explore Ukrainian cuisine this restaurant is a chance. Restaurant is open round the clock to make an impression of Ukrainian cuisine.

LIPSKY OSOBNYAK (Lipsky Mansion) $$$ 15 Lipska str, Arsenalna, tel. 254 0090 Live music. Parking. Located in Lipsky neighbourhood this is the top restaurant in Kyiv that specialises in haute Ukrainian cuisine. The fact that restaurant was visited by Gio Armani, Rudy Giuliani, Vladimir Putin, and many other renowned politicians and celebs speaks for itself. MONASTYRSKA TRAPEZNA $$ 40 Vydubytska str, Druzhby Darodiv, tel. 451 4256, 501 2717 Non-Smoker hall. Live music. Parking. Visiting this spot is an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. The two-in-one restaurant and museum occupies the two-storied extension of the Vydubychi monastery and has on display Cucuteni ceramics, ancient books, and artefacts. The cuisine is represented with an old-style dishes. The restaurant’s special drink is vareniukha - a strong liqueur made of dry fruits and honey with spices. O’PANAS $$  10 Tereshenkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 585 0523, 235 2132, You can find this restaurant easily if you are in the central Taras Shevchenko Park. This cosy wooden house with rural wooden furniture is especially popular among foreign tourists for offering traditional Ukrainian food.



ARIZONA BBQ $$  25 Naberezhno-Khreschatytska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 2438. Parking. Kyiv first expat venue entertains with pool, darts, and big screen TVs broadcasting sporting events. Children’s parties are held on Sunday afternoons. Real American burgers and grilled stuff are in menu.

SOHO $$$ Wi-Fi 82 Artema str, Lukyanivska, tel. 484 0351. Parking. Admired for its pleasant atmosphere and elegant interior this restaurant creates a feel of true delight. If you are after real Texas steak or refined and flawless fish dishes this place is the right pick. Menu lists more than 400 kinds of wine. T.G.I. FRIDAY’S $$ 5a Bessarabska ploscha Khreschatyk, tel. 235 4264, Open 11:00-23:00. BELFAST IRISH PUB 4 Kontraktova Ploscha, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 6000 Strange name for Irish pub... still, this spot is easy to find on Kontraktova Square. LONDON PUB (in Dnipro Hotel) 1/2 Khreschatyk str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 278 4708, Open 10:00-23:00 Wide selection of beer, hot and cold appetizers, and friendly atmosphere. Live sporting events on TV. O’BRIEN’S IRISH PUB  17a Mikhaylivska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 279 1584, 279 0214, Good location near Independence Square. Western atmosphere, live sporting events on TVs, good food, and a wide selection of beer.

Beer Restaurants & Pubs

MAROCANA $$  24 Lesi Ukrainki Blvd, Pecherska, tel. 254 4999, 206 0156, Parking. Stylish merger of eastern luxury and European comfort along with Arabic - fusion cuisine and lunge-music highlighted Marocana as one of the most fashionable Kyiv restaurants.


BELLE VUE $$  7 Saksahanskoho str, Palats Sportu, tel. 289 8780, Parking. This brasserie is notable for serving different sorts of genuine Belgian beer. The Belle Vue special is one meter-long sausage. Also here you can taste beer desserts Brussels’s Vaali and apples in ‘Leffe’ style. LE COSMOPOLITE $$ 47 Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 278 7278. Parking. Centrally located brasserie serves authentic Belgian beer. Traditional Belgian French and German beer dishes and snacks.


ANI $$$ Wi-Fi  72 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Olimpiyska, tel. 590 2565, Parking. This venue offers genuine Armenian cuisine featuring excellent kebabs in a number of aromas and flavours with sauces and fragrant herbs. Live folk music. GORETS (Highlander) $$$ 9 Vorovskoho str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 272 1549 KUVSHYN (Jug) $$$ Wi-Fi  94/10 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Olimpiyska, tel. 592 6363,, Parking. Stylish interior with wrought furniture; probably the best Georgian khachapuri, cheeses, and kebab in Kyiv. MIMINO $$ 10a Spaska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 417 3545, Open 11:00-01:00.


Your guide

to Ukrainia
Borsch is a vegetable soup. Tradi borsch is based on beets giving tional red colour. Borsch is served withit a strong smet (sour cream), and pampushki (sma ana breads topped with chopped garli ll hot c).


Salo or Smaletas is pork underskin fat (lard) which is served usually in slabs or minced with garlic and vegetables.

se led dumplings. The Varenyky are boiwith meat, potatoes, are filled usually ped with butter and or cheese and top s of bacon and onions). shkvarky (fried bit there are cabbage, Among other fillingsfruits. Varenyky go ed berries or seasonna (sour cream). well with smeta

Kulish is a traditional is something betwee Cossack dish which ridge. Kulish is based n a soup and a porwith additive of mill on a rooster broth different vegetables,et, potato, carrot, and eggs.

Holubtsy are cab leaves stuffed wit bage minced meat and h rice.

Mlyntsy - these are crepes served with cottage cheese, meat, caviar, or fruits. Dessert mlintsy are filled usually with poppy seeds and served in a pouch like fashion.

Domashnya tional UkrainiaKovbasa is a tradin fine chopped mesausage made from with minced lard at of a boar or deer and spices.

Yazyk - boiled neat's ton salted and served with gue smetana (sour cream).

are potato Deruny - these served with fritters that are am). smetana (sour cre

Medovukha is semi-stro alcoholic drink made fromng hone and contains roughly 20 percenty of alcohol by volume.

d quark Syrnyky - these are frie d with sour cheese pancakes, garnishele sauce. cream, jam, honey, or app

Kruche - these anyky small m re rolls fille eat mushroo d with or cheese ms smothere and broth. d in

LUN VAN $$ 26 B.Khmelnytskoho str, tel. 279 8191, Parking. This restaurant claims to serve the best Peking Duck and royal shrimps in Kyiv. Chinese chef. NEW BOMBAY PALACE $$ 33a Druzhby Narodiv Blvd. Druzhby Narodiv, tel. 285 8708, parking. Authentic Indian cuisine. Stylish interior dazzle with Asian luxury. Widest choice of vegetarian dishes in Kyiv.


Central Asian

KARAVAN $$ Wi-Fi 10 Klovskyi uzviz, tel. 280 9577, Parking. Centrally located Uzbek restaurant offers Central Asian cuisine and vegetarian menu.


PILSNER BAR $$ 20 Pushkinska str, Teatralna, tel. 235 2101 U HROMOGO POLA $$ 4 Suvorova str, Arsenalna, tel. 280 5007 www. This restaurant offers a number of special Czech dishes, poultry, and grilled stuff, also Czech beer in light or dark.


FELLINI $$$ 5 Horodetskoho str, Khreschatyk, tel. 279 5462. Located just off Independence square. French and Italian exclusive cuisine. WINSTUB TAVERN 9 Andriyivska str, Poshtova Ploscha, tel. 428 8370, parking. This Podil located spot offers French and German cuisine and claims to serve genuine Alsace dishes in Kyiv. Cosy rural style interior and good service. Live folk music.

CIRO'S POMODORO 12 Shota Rustaveli str, Palats Sportu, tel. 221 4545 DA VINCI FISH CLUB $$$ Wi-Fi 12 Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 490 3434, parking. This exorbitantly priced place is popular with politicians, business folks and socialites, and if you have unlimited expense accounts this is the place to go. MILLE MIGLIA RISTORANTE $$ Wi-Fi 22 Yaroslaviv Val Zoloti Vorota, tel. 492 2255. This restaurant theme is Mille Miglia race for touring cars created in 1926 to run over 1,000 miles from Brescia to Rome via Florence and back. Restaurant offer a trip through distinctive cuisine and wines of Lombardia, Emilia-Romagna, Toscana, Lazio and Marche regions.




CHATEAU BREWERY $$ Wi-Fi 24 Khreschatyk str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 279 3704, nonsmoker hall. This beer restaurant has mini-brewery and offers good draught. In addition they serve a range of traditional beer dishes - Bavarian sausage, Polish bigos, and the like. SCHNITZEL HOUSE $$ 51 Saksahanskoho str, tel. 289 0667, 286 8509. Weighty portions of German cuisine and several kinds of schnitzel are served here.

NOBU $$$ 12 Shota Rustaveli str, tel. 246 7734, 235 5227. SAKURAKAI $$ 54/23 Verkhny Val str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 428 7099, 428 7098, If you are tired with annoying sushi you can find nearly everywhere in Kyiv, Sakurakai has different Japanese salads, soups, rice meals, noddles, and desserts.

Jewish & Kosher

TZIMMES $$ 5 Ihorivska str, Poshtova Ploscha, tel. 428 7579, parking. Very good Podil located restaurant. Here you can have meals maximally approximated to kosher requirements. Cosy atmosphere and affable staff. Good selection of Israeli wine.

KHANKOOKWAN $$ 10A Zhelyabova str, Shuliavska, tel. 458 4514, parking. The restaurant with hard-reading name offersexclusive variety of Korean dishes cooked on a grill. A dozen of salads and traditional marinaded vegetables at your choice. VERNISSAGE CAFE-BISTROT 30 Andriyivskyi uzviz, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 2403, Open 11:00-23:00. Location - Andriyivskyi Descent. Nice atmosphere, excellent food, drinks, and good pastry of this cosy French cafe attracts greatly foreigners and Kyiv expats.

Coffee & Tea


TEQUILA HOUSE $$ 8a Spasskaya str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 417 0358, parking. Podil located restaurant offers aromatic and spicy Tex-Mex cuisine. Hot tortillas, burritos, nachos, tacos, and various grilled meat dishes are served here. Widest selection of Tequila in Kyiv. Live music Thursday - Saturday.

DA VINCI FISH CLUB $$$ Wi-Fi 12 Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 490 3434, parking. RYBNYI BAZAR (fish market) $$$ 24A/2 Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 278 2265, parking. SOHO $$$ Wi-Fi 82 Artema str, Lukyanivska, tel. 484 0351. Parking.


DOUBLE COFFEE 6 Mykhailivska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 206 6913. A variety of really good sandwiches, snacks, crepes, and, of course, excellent coffee & tea. JAM CAFE (in Globu shopping mall) 1/2 Institutska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 590 1815, nonsmoker. REPRIZA 10/5 Sahaidachnoho str, Poshtova Ploscha, tel. 417 1908. TEATR KAVI KAFFA (The theatre of coffee Kaffa) 5 Hryhoriya Skovorody str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 3845. Widest selection of coffee in the city including decaf.

#1 DOUBLE COFFEE 6 Mykhailivs’ka str, (Location: City centre, Maidan Nezalezhnosti), tel. 206 6913, Open 00-24; Also at 31 Sahaidachnoho str, (Location: City centre, Poshtova Ploscha), tel. 206 6918, Open 00-24. #2 TEATR KAVI KAFFA 5 Hryhoriya Skovorody str (Location: Podil, Kontraktova Ploscha), tel. 425 3845, Open 09:00-23:00, Mon 11:00-23:00. #4 TIRAMISU 60 Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd. (Location: City centre, Ploscha Peremohy), tel. 238 7655, Open 10:00-24:00. Excellent desserts, best apple strudel in Kyiv. #5 JAM CAFE 1/2 Institutska str, (metro Maidan Nezalezhnosti), tel. 590 1815, Open 10:00-24:00, nonsmoker area.
Coffee shops listed here are editor's best picks based on drink and service as well as establishment quality. The 'Top Five' has no advertising efforts and was not influenced by these establishments given in the list.

TIKE $$ 31 Sahaidachnoho str, Poshtova Ploscha, tel. 417 4062, MARMARIS $$ Wi-Fi 40 Hlybochitska str, tel. 586 4233


Bars & Cigar clubs

LA CASA DEL HABANO 13 Klovskyi uzviz, tel. 492 7448, 206 0157. La Casa’s premises are restaurant, bar and cigar room. LONDON CIGAR CLUB (in Dnipro hotel)1 Khreschatyk str, tel. 278 4708.

Украина является самой большой по страной в Европе (603,628 тыс. км²) и делится на 24 области, 2 города с особым статусом (Киев и Севастополь) и Республику Крым. Численность населения 45 888 000 чел. (2010), среди них: украинцы -77,8%, русские -17,3%, армяне -0,8%, белорусы -0,6%, крымские татары -0,5%, молдаване -0,5%. Праздники: 22 января - День соборности Украины. 24 августа - День независимости Украины. 28 июня - День Конституции Украины. По общему мнению Киев основан в V веке варягами братьями Кием, Щеком и Хоривом и сестрой Лыбедью (назван именем Кий). Население Киева 2 797 553 чел. и агломерации 3,648,000 чел (2010). Национальный состав: украинцы -82.2%, русские -13.1%, евреи -0.7%, беларусы -0.6%, поляки -0.3%, армяне -0.2%. телефон набирайте код города/ сети + номер абонента. Для международных звонков набирайте 00 + код страны + код города/сети + номер абонента. Мобильная связь работает практически на всей территории Украины. SIM-карты предоплаты с бесплатными входящими звонками продаются в киосках. Справочные телефоны: 109, 009, 061(адреса).


Киево-Печерская Лавра

Михайловский Монастырь

В 1996 году в Украине была введена национальная денежная единица - Гривна. 1 гривна состоит из 100 копеек. В хождении банкноты 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, и 500 гривен и монеты 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 копеек и 1 гривна. 1 UAH = 3,82 RUR = 0,12 USD. Кредитные карты (за исключением AmEx и Diners) принимаются практически во всех гостиницах и магазинах.

В в Киеве функционируют все традиционные виды транспорта (трамвай, троллейбус, автобус, маршрутные такси и метро), которые связывает все районы столицы. Самый старый из видов транспорта трамвай (в Киеве в 1892 году впервые в Российской империи был введен в эксплуатацию трамвай на электрической тяге). Трамваи, троллейбусы и автобусы работают 06:00-01:00. Стоимость проезда наземным транспортом - 1,5 грн. Метро состоит из трех линий (49 станций). Самая глубокая - 105м - Арсенальна (единственная в СНГ станция лондонского типа). Интервал работы около минуты в час пик, 15-20 минут после 21:00. Стоимость проезда - 2 гривны, время работы 06:00-24:00.


Собор Св. Софии

Городскиетелефоны(таксофоны) пригодны для международных звонков. Для звонков по Киеву набирайте 7-ми значный номер абонента. Для междугородних звонков/на мобильный

Киев с его 1500 летней историей очень богат на достопримечательности. Ниже наиболее известные из них: АНДРЕЕВСКИЙ СПУСК Контрактова Площа. Историческая улица соединяющая Верхний город с Подолом. Современное название улица получила от построенной вблизи Андреевской


церкви. Андреевский спуск это одна из главных туристических улиц столицы. АНДРЕЕВСКАЯ ЦЕРКОВЬ Ул. Андрийивский узвиз 23, тел. 278 5861, Контрактова Площа. Андреевская - одна из красивейших церквей Киева, построенная в стиле классического барокко по проекту придворного архитектора Российской Империи Бартоломео Растрелли. ЗОЛОТЫЕ ВОРОТА Ул. Володимирська 40А, Золоти Ворота. Золотые Ворота - это главные, триумфальные ворота древнего Киева, получившие свое название от Золотых ворот Константинополя. Строительство ворот вместе с Софийским собором упоминается в летописи 1037 года. В 1240 ворота сильно пострадали во время осады и взятия города монголами, и со временем всё больше превращались в руины. К 1500-летию Киева (1982 год) Золотые ворота были полностью реконструированы. КИЕВО-ПЕЧЕРСКАЯ ЛАВРА Ул. Ивана Мазепы 25, Арсенальна. Лавра один из первых монастырей древней Руси (основан в 1051). В Лавре покоятся мощи преподобного Ильи Муромца, который отождествляется с былинным богатырём. Также на территории Лавры находится могила Петра Столыпина. СОФИЙСКИЙ СОБОР Ул. Володимирська 24, Золоти Ворота. Один из наиболее известных в Восточной Европе, собор св. Софии был построен в 1037 г., однако, на фресках собора обнаружена дата 4 ноября 1011 года. В 1240 году Софийский собор был разграблен и разрушен монголами, но в 14 веке митрополит Киприан воссоздал его из руин. В начале ХХ столетия в Москве был принят план полного сноса Софийского собора и строительства на его месте парка героям перекопа (в 1920 году, во время Гражданской войны Красная Армия уничтожила в г. Перекоп укрепления Белой Армии Врангеля). Однако, благодаря усилиям Украинской академии наук, Софийский собор был спасен от уничтожения советсткой властью. Внутри Собора сохранилось множество древних фресок и мозаик, в том числе уникальная мозаика Богоматерь Оранта. Софийский собор стал первым украинским памятником архитектуры, внесённым в список Всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО.

Андреевская церковь


АРКТУР Ул. Эспланадна 20 - 309, тел. 498 4880, ИНТЕРЕСНЫЙ КИЕВ тел. 491 117, 068 121 4458 www.


Борщ - традиционный суп имеющий массу разновидностей (полтавский, волинский, черниговский, галицкий, львовский, и др). Классический борщ - свекольный со сметаной, подается с пампушками. Вареники - большие пельмени с разными начинками - рубленое мясо, протертый творог, картофель с луком, капуста и грибы, ягоды. Голубцы - мясной фарш с рисом завёрнутый в капустные листья. Деруны - картофельные оладьи, традиционно подаются горячими со сметаной или чесночным соусом. Зразы - котлета или мясной рулет с начинкой из овощей и яиц. Налистники - блины с начинкой из рубленого мяса и риса или сыра. Десертные - с маком и медом.

Андреевский спуск

Золотые Ворота

If you have extra weekend then Crimea is a must. Take the night train or fly down to Simferopol from Kyiv. In Simferopol you can take inter-city trolleybus Simferopol - Alushta Yalta route #52 (world longest T-bus line 86 kilometres). Crimea southern coastline from Foros to Alushta counts a number of historical sights. ALUSHTA is notable for a Byzantine defensive tower and a 15th-century Genoese fortress near Sudak village. BAKHCHISARAY once was a capital of Crimean Khanate. Its main landmark is Khansaray, the only extant palace of Crimean Khans. CHERSONESUS (Khersones) was an ancient Greek colony founded 2500 years ago. The city is located on the shore of the Black Sea at the outskirts of today's Sevastopol. SEVASTOPOL Founded in 1783, when Russia annexed Crimean peninsula. Today the city still remains the home of the Russian Navy. Try to visit Sevastopol towards the end of July when there are Navy Days. Quite impressive demonstration of the Russian Navy in the port with submarines, helicopters, sky divers and frigates. Sevastopol attractions include WWII Museum, Crimean war Museum, and the Navy Museum. YALTA & BEYOND In Yalta must see is Ai-Petri Mountain, and numerous palaces: Swallow's Nest, Livadia, Bukhara Emir, Massandra, and Vorontsov. • Accommodation Radisson BLU Alushta 2 Lenina str, Alushta, tel. +38 (06560) 26226, +38 (06560) 26222 skyi Oblast (Western Ukraine). Tourist attractions are cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, Polish and Armenian markets, new and old castles, as well as nearby Khotyn fortress. • Accommodation Gala Hotel ««« 84 Lesi Ukrainki str, KamianetsPodilskyi, tel. (03849) 38 370, 91 769,

Khersonesus, Sevastopol


Swallow's Nest, Yalta

Located 150 km from Lviv, Lutsk is notable for the 14th century Lubart's Castle which also appears on the 200 Hryvnia note. The castle was the seat of the last ruler of post-Kyivan Rus Galicia-Volhynia principality. Among other city' must see there is a 1610 built Jesuit church (now Catholic cathedral), and unique Volynska Ikona museum. • Accommodation Zaleski Hotel «««« 39 Kryvyi Val, tel. (0332) 772 701,


Lubart Castle, Lutsk

Dormition Church, Lviv

Kamianets-Podilskyi located in the southern portion of the Khmelnyt-

Lviv is the largest city in Western Ukraine located roughly 500 km from Kyiv. The city can be accessed by train or by air. The city is major Ukrainian cultural centre, and it is the only 'Historic City Centre' in Ukraine included in UNESCO Heritage List. Tourist attractions are market square, Armenian cathedral, Korniakt palace, High Castle, and cathedrals in the old town. TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE 3/19 Rybna str, (near Market Square), tel. 0322 728 001, 098 449 2525, • Accommodation GRAND HOTEL «««« 45 Svobody prospekt, tel. (0322) 724 042,

DREAM ISLAND (in Dream Town mall) 1B Obolonsky prospekt, Minska, tel. 428 3611, 485 2111, TERMINAL AQUAPARK (Brovary town, 25 km from Kyiv) 316 Kyivska str, tel. 2001450, 200 2980, 200 2981,



TERMINAL CARTING CENTER 316 Kyivska str, (Brovary city, 19 km from Kyiv), tel. 200 1390, 200 1400, Open 10:00-24:00. Two double-level tracks, each is capable of operating up to 15 carts.


5TH ELEMENT 29a Elektrikiv str, tel. 351 7733, All-inclusive elite fitness club situated on Podil Rybalskyi peninsula. AQUARIUM 45 Heroiv Stalingrada str, Minska, tel. 239 2222, Gym, pool, diving, sauna, squash, yoga, and more... KODOKAN 3 M.Hrushevskoho str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 279 0101 KYIV SPOT CLUB 5 Druzhby Narodiv Blvd. Lybidska, tel. 252 8866, Open 07:00-23:00 Gym, pool, yoga, squash, and sauna facilities. SOFIYSKIY FITNESS CENTER 5 Rylskyi provulok, tel. 206 7711, 206 7717,, Open 00-24. Gym, spa, saunas, and a long list of body-meant facilities. English-speaking staff.

Aerobics & Gyms

CINDERELLA 8 Karelskyi prov, tel. 573 2622; 5 Mala Zhytomyrs’ka str, tel. 573 2622; 5 Sichnevoho Povstania str, Arsenalna, tel. 290 5816. UN MOMENTO 21 Lesi Ukrainki Blvd., tel. 492 7267; 12 Lugova str, (in shopping mall Karavan); 10a Liuteranska St; 16b Yaroslaviv Val; 27a Peremohy prospekt. Collection/delivery call 495 2495


CHAMELEON (in shopping mall Ukraina) 3 Peremohy ploscha, Universytet, tel. 496 1717, JUMBO 20b Moskovskyi prospekt, Petrivka, tel. 390 5377, STRIKE BOWLING CLUB 87 Peremohy pr, Nyvky, tel. 501 0110, 501 0111, ULTRAMARINE 1a Uritskoho str,, tel. 206 0351, 206 0353.


AVANTO 22/17a Kostiantynivska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 531 3797, also at 13 Staronavodnytska str, Pecherska, tel. 451 4060, www., Open 09:00-21:00 MEDLIFE 20 Heroiv Stalingrada str, (M. Minska), tel. 412 2123, 412 1012, also at 10a Yakira str, (M. Dorohozhychi), tel. 238 6626, 230 8404 www., Open 00-24 PRISMA 25 Sahaidachnoho str, Poshtova Ploscha, tel. 425 1404, Open 08:00-20:00

Golf & Mini-golf


KIEV GOLF CENTER 10d Heroiv Stalingrada str, tel. 230 9436, The Centre offers driving range, and a golf course.. GOLFSTREAM tel. 545 7177, www.kievgolfclub. com Located in Gavronshina village 30 km west from Kyiv (direction Zhytomyr), this club has three professional golf courses, horse riding academy, summer sport park with a swimming pool, and three club residential areas.

BUFFALO 2/8 Vyshniakivska str, Kharkivska, tel. 565 6559, Open 12:00-02:00. STATUS 3 Peremohy prospekt Universitet, shopping center Ukraina). tel. 496 1590, Open 0024, parking. American pool, snooker and Russian pyramid.

Hairdressers & Beauty salons

CLEO 12 Rusanivska Naberezhna, tel. 095 308 4200, 361 9296, Open 09:00-21:00 Professional massage, tattoo, manicure, pedicure.

MAIJA 10 Tarasa Shevchenka blvd, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 206 2007, also at 132 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Palats Ukraina, tel. 529 4599, Hair colouring, hair cut and hair texture.


Hospitals & Clinics

AILAS 12a Bazhana prosp, Osokorky, tel. 291 0191, 8 800 50 50 060, AMERICAN MEDICAL CENTER 1 Berdychivska str, Lukyanivska, tel/fax 490 7600,, Open 00-24. BORYS 55a Velyka Vasylkivska str, tel. 238 0000, 536 1980,, Open 00-24. First aid and consultations. CMD 10a Pymonenka str, Lukyanivska, tel. 239 1223, Laboratory tests and results within 24h. DR. ROEDGER’ LAB 13 Staronavodnitska str, Pecherska, tel. 569 2828, UKRAINIAN GERMAN CLINIC 67/7 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Olimpiyska, tel. 419 3482, 289 4435, 289 5572,

24H PHARMACY 7 Bessarabska ploscha, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 235 3856, Open 00-24 ENGLISH FRIENDLY PHARMACY 36a Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd. tel. 235 4035 English speaking staff. 00-24 delivery. KARAVAN (in Karavan shopping mall) 9 Luhova str. Minska, tel. 461 8206, Open 09:00-24:00, one day admission $5-10.

Roller skating (in summers)


Ice skating Paintball

ARGO 9 Predslavynska str. Palats Ukraina, tel. 522 8784, Open 00-24. Russian bath, massage, and solarium. AROMA-SAUNA 21 Sichovykh Striltsyv str, Lukyanivska, tel. 272 0993, Open 00-24. HAMAM (Turkish bath) 9a Tolstoho str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 223 5833, VODOLEI 38 Biloruska str. Lukyanivska, tel. 438 2475. Finnish, Japanese, and Russian bath.

PIONEER 1 Dniprovskyi uzviz Arsenalna, tel. 496 5353,, Open 10:0024:00, admission $5-10. ROZGULIAYEVO 70 Stolichne shose, tel. 259 1700, 259 1000, 502 2222,

Sky diving

DROPZONE (Chaika airfield 15 km from Kyiv) tel. 424 8293 Svyatoshin, PARASKUF (Borodyanskyi airfield 45 km from Kyiv) tel. 553 2643, OLYMP 10 Dymytrova str, Olimpiyska, tel. 227 6149, Open 07:00-21:00, Sat 09:00-18:00, Sun 09:00-16:00. Indoor 25 meter pool YUNIST 7 Bastiona str, tel. 295 2122, Indoor 25 meter pool

Swimming pools

Pets & Vets

FAUNA SERVICE 44G Saksaganskogo str, tel. 289 7744, 278 8803, fax 279 8848. Working hours 0024 PET HOTEL & VETERINARY CLINIC 31 Vidradnyi prospekt, tel. 404 7642, 917 9585 Pet hotel, veterinary clinic, and hairdresser.


Running & Hashing (hashing has nothing to
do with drugs :)

KYIV HASH HOUSE HARRIERS Kyiv Hashers meet at Lucky Pub (13 Velyka Vasylkivska str) @ 13:00 every other Sunday.

MERYDIAN 11b Heroiv Sevastopola, Beresteiska, tel. 408 6444, NAUKA TENNIS CLUB 32 Vernadskoho str. Svyatoshin, tel. 424 3481, www.nauka-tennis., Open 07:00-23:00 PODIL TENNIS COURTS 56/63a Mezhyhirska str, Tarasa Shevchenka, tel. 451 5858

When venturing out to a night of fun and excitement do not ignore some common sense rules. DO NOT FORGET that you are a visitor and you might look different, speak a foreign language or have any other common tourist attributes. Hence you can be a target for any scam. MIND the pickpockets at the night-clubs; when it is crowded, you won't even notice how your wallet will disappear from the back pocket of your jeans. DO NOT ACCEPT any drinks from strangers or that have not been poured or mixed in front of your eyes. DO NOT CARRY big amounts of money on you. It is good to split your cash from your credit cards. DO NOT FORGET to use condoms if you decide to have sex.
CHALIAPIN 21 Pushkinska str, Teatralna, tel. 288 3022, Reataurant and karaoke club Boulevard - Cafe Chalapin in the city centre offers European and Japanese cuisine and musical menu with more than 20 000 songs. LUCIANO 33 Dehtiaryvska str, Shulyavska, tel. 220 1241, Open 12:00-06:00.

Karaoke clubs

44 ART CLUB 44 Khreschatyk str, Khreschatyk, tel. 279 4137, Located on the main Khreschatyk street this two-hall music club boasts informal and friendly atmosphere, live music by guest bands as well as free movie theatre. During daytime chef offers European lunch. Live sporting events on TV. Affable staff.

Art clubs

ARENA ENTERTAINMENT 2a Baseina str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 492 0000,, Open 00-24, parking. Located at the Bessarabska Squarethis all-inclusive entertainment centre has elite nightclub, casino, sports, good beer restaurant with mini brewery, and many, many more. AVALON 3 Leontovicha str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 234 7494, 502 2000, Centrally located entertainment centre. You can find inside casino, a disco nightclub Azhur, lounge bar, really good seafood restaurant, and stylish coffee bar-restaurant Mocco.

Entertainment centres

MOSCOW 120 Saksahanskoho str, tel. 221 0055, www. Open 19:00-06:00 SORRY BABUSHKA 18/24 Dmitrivska str, Universytet, tel. 486 0300, Open 18:00-06:00 (Tue-Sun). Located in the centre this three-level popular venue boasts the best quality sound system in Kyiv. VOICES 21 Sahaidachnoho str, Pochtova Ploscha, tel. 452 9712 Podil located karaoke club in basement with high-end light & sound and glamour interior. Caribbean interior, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Guanguanco music. Originally the club opened in 1998 as a small Cuban restaurant and shortly after the place gained popularity thanks to glamourfree democratic atmosphere and vivid Latino music. In the snack bar you can taste Spanish-Cuban cuisine and in the lounge - a hookah or a Cuban cigar. CHRYSTAL HALL 1 Dniprovskyi uzvis, Arsenalna, tel. 288 5069, 067 442 9267, Located in the city center this is one of the largest venues in Kyiv (capacity up to 2000 people) with outdoor view and modern design and equipment for producing all kind of parties and events. BEAU MONDE 22 Rybalska str, Klovska, tel. 501 7979, Open 00-24. Centrally located exclusive club has very strict face control and you cannot be sure to get in unless you are 20+ and dressed respectably. Club’s bar has one of the longest lists of drinks in the city and impress with variety. FORSAGE CLUB 51a Harmatna str, Shuliavska, tel. 406 7600,, Admission $0-10, guarded parking. Located in the uptown this nightclub markets itself as a mid-price venue selling good entertainment for a big crowds. The club main stream is a house music and dancing parties. Dress code and face control managers are keeping club’s guests secure and comfortable. FIDEL 4B Hrushevskoho str, tel. 279 8278 Centrally located all-in-one nightclub, bar, pub and artrestaurant.

44 ART CLUB 44 Khreschatyk str, Khreschatyk, tel. 279 4137, Open 11:00-02:00 (Fri, Sat 11:00-04:00). Located onthe main Khreschatyk street this two-hall music club boasts informal and friendly atmosphere, live music by guest bands (from 22:00) as well as free movie theatre (small hall - from 19:00). During daytime chef offers European lunch (11:00-16:00 happy hours). Live spotring events on TV. Affable staff. BABY FACE 44 Shorsa str, Pecherska, tel. 286 0776, table reservation: +38 067 608 9757 www.babyface. CARIBBEAN CLUB 4 Symona Petliury str, Universytet, tel. 288 1290, 067 224 4111,, Open 18:00-06:00, Admission: $0-20. Traditional

Night clubs


GREENWICH DISCO CLUB 49 Dehtiarivska str, Shuliavska, tel. 459 6253. Although location is not a central one, still the club boasts its British style, soft furniture, billiard, TVs, and hookah, and is worth a shot to sweep your cares away. PATIPA 10 Muzeynyi provulok, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 253 0150, Admission: $0-20. This hot and glamour club gifts its guests jolly time and loud party atmosphere. Club’s main stage is surrounded by 11 private rooms with capacity from 2 to 20 persons featuring airconditioning, and TV screens. SHOOTERS Wi-Fi. 22 Moskovska str, tel. 254 2024, www.shooters. Three-level Shooters includes cozy Terrace, elegant fusion restaurant, exotic chill-out bar Harem and night club Shooters, where you are afford to rest at full capacity, even to dance on the table. Bright parties, mainstream DJs, guest shares, original cocktails and special outfits Shooters Girls create special atmosphere.

SORRY BABUSHKA 18/24 Dmitrivska str, Universytet, tel. 486 0300, Open 18:00-06:00 (Tue-Sun). Located in the centre three-level popular venue has first floor whereyou can try your singing skills with karaoke. DJs of the second floor spin disco, and 90's hits. SULLIVAN ROOM KYIV 8 Prorizna str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 098 682 2150 XLIB 12 Frunze str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 417 3233 Open Thu, Sun 20:00-02:00, Fri, Sat 23:00-06:00. Located in Podil neighbourhood this underground - like night club caters youth and meant for those who like democratic atmosphere. XXI CENTURY 51 Saksahanskoho str, tel. 289 1703, MARILYN 32a Velyka Vasylkivska str, tel. 240 7668 MIATNIY NOSOROG (Mint Rhino) 111/113 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Palats Ukraina, tel. 529 2000, Open 20:00-06:00. MILENNIUM (in Dnipro hotel) 1/2 Khreschatyk str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 279 8202, Millenium strip bar-theater invites to join every day 21:00-06:00 PARADISE CABARET 29 Pushkinska str, Khreschatyk, tel. 537 4532. RED LION 27A Khreschatyk str, Khreschatyk, tel. 234 2403, Open 21:00-06:00

Striptease shows


Erotic show cabaret in the city centre. SOLID GOLD 5 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 494 0914, Open 20:00-06:00 Centrally located gentleman club. Full strip show. TSVETOCHNYI NOSOROG (Flowered Rhino) 7 Dniprovska Naberezhna str, Livoberzhna, tel. 490 5444, 550 5153, Open 20:00-06:00, parking. VELVET 4 Institutska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 279 1711,

911 10A Sichovykh Striltsyv str, tel. 272 1581. ANDROGYN 26/2 Harmatna str, Shuliavska, tel. 496 1983, Open 20:00-06:00, Mon closed. CYBER CAFE 21 Prorizna str, Khreschatyk, tel. 278 0548, Open 00-24 POMADA (Lipstick) 5 Zankovetskoy str, Khreschatyk, tel. 279 5552


Heroiv Dnipra Minska
River Dnipro

Obolon Petrivka Tarasa Shevchenka Kontraktova Ploscha Poshtova Ploscha Zoloti Vorota Hidropark Livoberezhna Arsenalna Teatralna Dnipro Palats Sportu Klovska Pecherska Druzhby Narodiv Vydubychi Demiivska Holosiivska Vasylkivska Osokorky Slavutych Kharkivska Pozniaky Maidan Nezalezhnosti Khreschatyk Darnytsia Lisova Chernihivska

Sviatoshinsko-Brovarska Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska Syretsko-Pecherska Funicular



Akademmistechko Universytet Vokzalna Ploscha Lva Tolstoho Respublikanskyi Stadion Palats Ukraina Lybidska



Lukianivska Politekhnichnyi Institut




Boryspilska Vyrlitsa Chervony Khutir
River Dnipro

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Konotop Nizhyn Chornobyl' Korosten'

Chernihiv Sumy
Sul a

NovohradVolyns'kyi Romny B elgorod

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Luts'k Zhytomyr


s na

Brest Homyel'


n Sa


Kyiv Kharkiv
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Przemysl ´ Berdychiv Lubny




i Dn

Bila Tserkva Vinnytsia
Kr emenchuk Dniprodzerzhyns'k Zhovti Vody Pervomays'k Nikopol’
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Kh mel'nyts'kyi Smila
Lozova Pavlohrad

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Kremenchuts'ke Vdskh.


C A R P Drohobych Stryi AT H SL O VA K I A IA Kalush


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Uz hhorod

Mukac heve

K olomyya

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Ba ti

Kryvyi Rih

Sl ovians'k S takhanov Kramators 'k Luhans'k K ostyantynivka Alchevs'k Horlivka Krasnyi Dnipropetrovs'k Luch Y enakiieve S hakhty Donets'k Makiyivka Marhanets'



na-Donu Kahovske Vdskh.





Mykolayiv Odesa Kherson




Melitopol’ Berdyans'k


DO V A M O L P r ut
Z K a r ki ni sts' ka
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Mouths of the Danube

Nova Kakhovka

ka a to
Dzhankoy Kerch

Yevpatoriya Sevastopol’ Simferopol’
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Galati Braila Izmayil

K er
ky ns c he

National capital Capital of A utonomous Repub lic of Cr imea and ob last' centre City, town Airport International boundar y Autonomous Repub lic of Cr imea and ob last' boundar y Road Railroad


Krasnodar Novorossiysk
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